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It’s Hard to Believe the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Exists | Car and Driver Road Test


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  • trm4life
    trm4life 2 months ago +245

    You know you have an amazing car when it has recommendations for tire pressure based on what track you're on! That's something more owner's manuals need!

    • miraculouslystoned
      miraculouslystoned Month ago

      @Rick Hammond Are you seriously comparing a vehicle with limited downforce, excessive weight, and can't even run the Nürburgring one lap without going into limp mode to a vehicle that comes FROM THE FACTORY with brake cooling ducts? Car performance is more than just off the line 0-60 times (which it still loses). A model 3 wouldn't even have line of sight on a vette on the ring, or any other track for that matter, after a few turns.

    • French onion
      French onion Month ago

      @Rick Hammond What the hell does a Tesla have to do with this. You seen the build quality of those things

    • Rick Hammond
      Rick Hammond Month ago

      @Tom Traynor Tesla Megapack: Largest Backup Battery System In Europe Has Just Been Activated Tesla launches ‘Tesla Electric’ to become an electricity retailer . 11 Tesla Megapacks were delivered to TERIC Power in November You really should do your research.

    • Rick Hammond
      Rick Hammond Month ago

      @matpsim Get back to me in 5 years when Tesla passed Apples market cap. Nio down -63% Amazon -45% Google -35% Tesla -60% you do not understand the stock market.

    • Rick Hammond
      Rick Hammond Month ago


  • Pike Man
    Pike Man Month ago +2

    This will go down as one of the best combustion engine cars ever made as we unfortunately leave this era into electric.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin Month ago +1

    Great car. I’d like to watch the car a lot more than I want to watch you drive it from a front mounted camera. One of the most beautiful things about the car is the center console, which gets little to no attention from the camera angles. The car is the subject, not you.

  • Dave S
    Dave S Month ago +1

    GM, did a great job!! I like to see it, go head to head with GT40.

  • kawasaki whip two
    kawasaki whip two Month ago +1

    Can you imagine what the ZR1 will be like? (!)
    I read or heard that it may come with two turbos mated to this incredible V8. If that's true, I would imagine an increase of 100 to 150 horsepower. I hope that's true. Because that would be insane. 🤞
    9:56 looks like a drawer full of knives.

  • Vic Loma
    Vic Loma 2 months ago +240

    As a Corvette owner across generations I can only be absolutely blown away from the performance of this car. Excellent job with the engineering and package. My concern on the new ones would be supportability in the future. Also we're at the point where this kind of performance is really way beyond anything that would be mildly entertaining on the public roads unless you live in deserted areas. I learned this many decades ago with 1000CC sportbikes. But it's the ultimate Corvette without a doubt.

    • David Judd
      David Judd Month ago

      @Bry Zeer Well, at least it's not 5 bodies in the trunk.

    • David Judd
      David Judd Month ago

      @DOMINION PIE Statistics show 98.2%

    • Uploader Of Many Things
      Uploader Of Many Things Month ago

      Eh. What made the Corvettes special was they weren't like all the other super cars. They went against the grain with their deep sound V8, were loud, evil and instead of caring about stupid things like being 1sec quicker around a track, they were just fast. That's all we need. You bought a Corvette not because you want to compete with Ferrari or Porsche, but because you didn't want anything like a Porsche or Ferrari, or any other car manufacturer for that matter. The Viper is the only car which came close to what the Corvette was.
      The C6 ZR1 was the best and looked awesome. The C7 started to look like a toy with its extra puffy bits and slits. But the C8 has gone full toy - it looks like all the other mid engine supercars, like a wannabe NSX but to stand out it had to go even further with puffy bits and slits that the C7 started.

    • Lebron James
      Lebron James Month ago


    • Giovanni Giorgio
      Giovanni Giorgio Month ago

      @Bry Zeer straights are for talent-less casuals, which this car was not built for.

  • Hot Chihuahua
    Hot Chihuahua Month ago

    An odd question I would like to know . If you drove this car as your only daily driver , driving it sanely . Taking care of it and doing all the factory maintenance required . Would it be as reliable and go 200 plus thousand miles ?
    That would be even more impressive if it could !

  • Nic McMinn
    Nic McMinn Month ago +2

    "Those downshifts are fantastic!!" ---- if only the driver was making them.

    • Jim Delgado
      Jim Delgado Month ago

      Exactly. I was thinking there is something wrong with the sound of the engine and the decoupled driver

  • Retron
    Retron Month ago

    And you already know its a historic vehicle with that engine.

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins Month ago

    I saw one of these park in the street and they look like a hypercar... they really nailed that design

  • Cesar Alvarado
    Cesar Alvarado 2 months ago +28

    I have to admit that they appeared to have stepped up their game from the first wave. This is impressive. All these tracks look actually pretty good and the mixes sound great.

  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott Month ago

    Can we all imagine for a second. What the ZR1 could be?

  • Hallison Rodrigues
    Hallison Rodrigues 2 months ago

    gotta love Carlos Lago. Dude is awesome

  • supertrucky
    supertrucky Month ago +1

    Looks like he's chill'n while he's racing! True drivers' car!

  • bigbarrettbob
    bigbarrettbob 2 months ago

    If the car looks great, sounds great and feels great... you got a great car. And I'm a Ford guy!

  • pretendtobenormal
    pretendtobenormal 2 months ago +331

    I believe this is the first time I've seen a C8 Z06 in black. Looks freaking hot!

    • Billy DaBaus
      Billy DaBaus Month ago

      @Brown Whale Yep. When fully spec'd out, the C8 Z06 with the Z07 package is around $187,000 USD. That's literally the entry price for the Acura NSX type-S in 2022. The pricing of this generation's Z06 is in borderline Supercar territory.

    • Rick Hammond
      Rick Hammond 2 months ago

      Tesla is killing GM.Long Tesla 2019

    • iamjakehill 2
      iamjakehill 2 2 months ago +1

      yep. so annoying seeing bright red, yellow or blue all the time

    • Kay Zhao
      Kay Zhao 2 months ago +2

      @강서구 Sale price is above Ferrari Roma here. So suck on that?

    • Brown Whale
      Brown Whale 2 months ago +15

      @강서구 anyone who can truly afford one of these is NOT poor

  • MCOLE442
    MCOLE442 2 months ago

    When it starts winning races like the C7 did, then it'll be the best Vette ever...... 🤔

  • Luke Meier
    Luke Meier Month ago

    Would love to put that engine in my C5....

  • peachtree Wa
    peachtree Wa Month ago +1

    A few years back, a Corvette won at the 24 hour Le Mans in France. But when you went to the showroom to buy one, it had more horsepower than the winner at Le Mans due to racing restrictions.

    • French onion
      French onion Month ago +1

      They won lemans like 5 times in there class since 2001

  • Joe Kerry
    Joe Kerry 2 months ago +127

    I see so they benchmarked it to one of the greatest driving F cars of all time. Seems like a solid idea.

    • RetroCompaq
      RetroCompaq 2 months ago

      @noncog1 if you add torque to a miata, the car lost everything good it has, the chassis is not that good, its just balanced very well with everything else, if you upgrade one thing, you have to upgrade everything else to the same level, its not easy task and no factory honda engine will turn it into a lemans killer that simple

    • Chad Boutchyard
      Chad Boutchyard 2 months ago +1

      There's actually a pretty cool picture that circulated a few years back of the GM car hauler truck with the Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and the Corvette all on it together. That kinda gave it away that GM was benchmarking this car against the world's best.

    • Ams Rocks
      Ams Rocks 2 months ago

      @Ronnie Nasci na I actually mean thrusting the best crowd killer ever

    • Ronnie Nasci
      Ronnie Nasci 2 months ago +14

      @Ams Rocks lol nah your thinking of the Viper ACR! The best D Car ever produced

    • Ams Rocks
      Ams Rocks 2 months ago +10

      You all are wrong they benchmarked it against the hellcat the greatest d car ever

  • harpersneil
    harpersneil Month ago

    Imagine if they could have dropped a manual in it too... someone needs to do that.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago +1

    If my Patent gets accepted I'll be buying my Dad one of these 🥲 and a matching V-Escalade

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk Month ago

    Is there a setting that lets it to automatic downshifting or not if you want it?

  • Ramy Anthony
    Ramy Anthony 2 months ago +3

    Absolutely love the fact they’re so high revving. The cool sound that creates was the last thing the American car couldn’t produce to compete w the European super cars. That car with a custom exhaust would be outrageous

  • robg112
    robg112 Month ago

    Hope these owner's take to the track and not just Cars and Coffee.. Looking forward to seeing Nürburgring Nordschleife track times.

  • Total Robot
    Total Robot Month ago +1

    It only took the Corvette team like 15 years to figure out that young people aren't into the old stingray curvy body type.
    It finally looks like a respectable American supercar.

  • Special K
    Special K Month ago

    Never been a fan of modern corvettes but still nice. Hot rods for life no matter what kind ❤

  • Jason Genova’s last Burger King

    If you think that’s hard to believe wait until you see the dealer markup😂

  • stilgar2007
    stilgar2007 2 months ago +4

    I'm not a Chevy guy, but have to give props to their engineers. The performance and that sound are world class. I want to see this American supercar beat the rest of the world racing.

  • Bill Sparling
    Bill Sparling Month ago

    Great car but GM allowing the insane markups and lack of availabilty is the biggest screwing ive ever seen, at MSRP the car is amazing but the overall quality for the 200+ true prices, nope not there yet. Yes at msrp id buy one tomorrow

  • Brandon E
    Brandon E 2 months ago

    Top end speed is kinda low for such a powerful car

  • TT Innovations
    TT Innovations Month ago

    love to buy a stripped out version of it

  • Ruben Harris
    Ruben Harris 2 months ago +212

    Congrats to the Corvette team! The C8 (including the Z06) is showing what American design and manufacturing is truly capable of. Well done!

    • Timothy OShea
      Timothy OShea Month ago

      @Steven as much of a Corvette fan as I am, i was just thinking the same thing. So, which is the correct statement: The best Corvette is a cheap Ferrari or The best Ferrari is an expensive Corvette.

    • Terry Dixon
      Terry Dixon 2 months ago

      @Honda Rally 300L Cadillac and GM invented the Flat Plane crank V8 engine in 1923. Learn your history before you make a comment of who's copying who.

    • Todd Ready
      Todd Ready 2 months ago +1

      And yet it’s still crap !

    • Terry Dixon
      Terry Dixon 2 months ago

      @Steven You do know Cadillac introduced the first flat plane crank V8 in 1923? And Ferrari used GM magnetic shocks? Everybody copy others.

    • Bry Zeer
      Bry Zeer 2 months ago

      @Montucky Man Have you been ignoring my other posts? The fastest cars on a track on the planet are EV or Hybrid cars.

  • jimmyboy131
    jimmyboy131 Month ago +1

    The new Z06, the Viper, the Dodge Demon, these are things that happen when car guys are running projects instead of Marketing Research or Corporate types. And you know they're giggling like maniacal super villains while they're bolting this stuff together.
    "Hey what if we took a small block and gave it big heads and let it rev like a pro stock engine? No no, what if gave it 4 valves and dual overhead cams and made it of aluminum?? Yeah!!"
    "Do you still have that hemi crate engine sitting in the shed? What if we gave it fuel injection. No no; what if we gave it fuel injection AND put a massive supercharger on it?? Yeah!!"
    "How fun would it be if we put a big V8 in a two seater frame? No no, even better, how cool would it be if we put a BIG V10 in a two seater?? Yeah!!"

  • Noah Bailey
    Noah Bailey Month ago +1

    Sounds like a legit 458 im surprised Ferrari hasnt went after them 😂

  • Th3Hammer
    Th3Hammer Month ago +2

    Love the car, don't love the weight. That thing is an absolute boat anchor. A Boosted Civic with 400hp would eat this car for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Rusty Bearden
    Rusty Bearden 2 months ago +46

    Kinda want to buy two, put one away and enjoy the other - this will sadly, probably be the end of an era. I drove a friend's 2022 base model convertible recently and it melted my face. Ungodly fast, yet docile enough to let your mom drive it. Incredible!

    • Rusty Bearden
      Rusty Bearden Month ago

      @Don Johnson Unfortunately, the end of the ICE is a reality - it's only a matter of time.

    • Don Johnson
      Don Johnson Month ago

      EVs are not gonna take over if thats what u mean

    • No Name
      No Name 2 months ago

      Have you ever drove a built golf r? That will melt your face off around corners

    • Rusty Bearden
      Rusty Bearden 2 months ago

      @Anthony DeFabees exactly

    • Anthony DeFabees
      Anthony DeFabees 2 months ago +3

      Well you missed the boat.. The Z07 is already going for $110,000 over sticker. So $173,000 + $110,000 now. On a car you should ordered a year ago. The Z06s will be far and few between at MSRP ever too.

  • YoungBeezy
    YoungBeezy Month ago

    Damn it looks so good in black

  • Jasminder Bharij
    Jasminder Bharij Month ago

    The Z07 best bang for the buck? Wonder what the Porsche 911 GT2 Turbo costs though?

  • Gerald Good III
    Gerald Good III 2 months ago

    Currently it is unobtainable and costs more than a new 488.
    Man.. I love the new z06
    I like the c7 z06 too tho
    But the NA screamer in the c8
    Holy hell

  • Gem Journey
    Gem Journey Month ago +1

    Try all you want but it's still a "Cheby"...Lol!😆
    From the "Fast and Furious!"
    Dodge Bros.🤙😎

  • 7891ph
    7891ph 2 months ago +8

    I probably heard this thing lapping when they were at Grattan Raceway. It's a great track, and it's only about 6 miles N/NE of home. GM still does a lot of testing there (my problem is I'm always on a time crunch when the camo test car's roll through the neighborhood).

  • ToRmEnToR XL
    ToRmEnToR XL 2 months ago

    What a beautiful track!

  • D.E.B. B
    D.E.B. B 2 months ago

    Basically, this is what the corvette should have been 50 years ago, when Ford brought the Pantera to market.

  • RenR70
    RenR70 2 months ago +651

    Can we get Randy to do a lap at Laguna already?

    • Edward Spiegel
      Edward Spiegel 8 days ago

      @khristoferyan plzzzz??

    • RenR70
      RenR70 Month ago

      @Harold Byrd I wanna know what kind of lap time it can do, why else?

    • Harold Byrd
      Harold Byrd Month ago


    • DC Steve
      DC Steve Month ago

      @No Name I've been driving cars at the track for over 30 years. I used to compete in the NMCA. I'm not necessarily a professional but Randy is, and I understand the mindset having been around tracks with professionals like him all this time. You haven't done anything, nor do you have any empirical data let alone citation to prove your position. His name like others are trusted for a reason, and it's because he doesn't allow himself to be biased, so deal with it kid,

    • No Name
      No Name Month ago

      @DC Steve ok so now you're a professional car tester? Lol ok I definitely believe you.

  • J573
    J573 2 months ago +25

    I have a fully straight piped 458. This is the first Vette ever that’s truly awesome. They should’ve been building them like this all along. Bravo to whoever had the sack to green light this. Now if Ferrari would stop this green madness!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 15 days ago

      @Nationalist My dad owns Ferrari and he said your poster is fake smh my head

    • Nationalist
      Nationalist  16 days ago

      As a Ferrari poster owner I can also confirm this is the best Corvette to this day

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      First awesome Vette? Weird take

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker Month ago

      The problem is that Chevy execs always tried to limit the Corvette. Also check out the C7 ZR1

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker Month ago

      @siler7 Threat on the track? Absolutely. Financially? Probably not

  • tempestofruin
    tempestofruin 2 months ago

    And to think a ZR1 is still on the way

  • Tiree Admoltis
    Tiree Admoltis Month ago

    GM needs to keep making this. So people can keep buying it. We may never go to all electric anyway. A power plant in each car just makes good practical sense, v batteries,. At least for for cars and genorators and large independent freedom loving machines. Peace.

  • Marcin K
    Marcin K 2 months ago +5

    Super cool! I've been doing HPDE/open track days at Gtrattan for nearly a decade now. I have a Camaro SS 1LE now, and my current record is 1:26.4 on stock tires. 1.25 is entirely feasible. Looking forward to see the Z06 in very low 1:20s soon

  • Anuranjan Mondal
    Anuranjan Mondal Month ago

    Basically a budget Ferrari 458

  • truenoguy4159
    truenoguy4159 Month ago

    How do you expect me to believe the opinions of a person that drives a sports car on a race track in automatic mode?

  • mebeingU2
    mebeingU2 2 months ago +2

    Good review. Wouldn’t the 0-60 times have been better also with less tire pressure?

  • Mariano Deocampo
    Mariano Deocampo Month ago +1

    Amazing car

  • Vincetagram
    Vincetagram 2 months ago +3

    The z06 might be my favorite car under 200k right now. Chevy is doing what Ferrari engineers wish Ferrari corporate would let them do.

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart Month ago +1

    Finally at the point where I have the cash for one of these, but not the time nor the garage space :(

    • Ron  retired
      Ron retired 9 days ago

      Just sell one of your other vehicles to make room. I sold our C8 Stingray to make room for the ZO6.

  • Michael Odom
    Michael Odom 2 months ago +4

    Great car of course, the new model isn’t my style but with performance like this I’m sure it’s here to stay.

  • MrSlimeMan1
    MrSlimeMan1 Month ago +1

    I am a die hard ford fanboy and always will be but goddamn, hats of to Chevy for this absolute masterpiece of a car, the next one may be a hybrid but I’m still interested to see just how far they will be able to push this platform

    • Ron  retired
      Ron retired 9 days ago

      Hybrid and turbos are coming to the platform.

  • imcnblu
    imcnblu Month ago

    Imagine how ridiculous the ZR-1 will be.

  • Darren Buttery
    Darren Buttery 2 months ago +13

    WOW! What a sweet car. I have loved Corvettes my entire life, starting with the C3 generation. I currently own a black on black 2000 C5 Convertible with a stick. To think how much more improved and how much faster this car is compared to mine blows my mind. What blows my mind even more is the 170K price tag on the most expensive 2023 Z06 package. That blows my mind because that was the exact amount I paid for house just a year and a half ago, LOL. I guess you have to be rich to afford a new Z06.

    • Lt. wreck
      Lt. wreck 2 months ago

      For some reason I love the look of the C4.

    • MomentOfZen
      MomentOfZen 2 months ago +4

      You can live in your car, but you can’t drive your house. I’d sell the house. 🤣

  • Clifford Purk
    Clifford Purk 22 days ago +2

    I been tellin folks for years if GM ever did an engine like this the power would be insnane being N/A. This car is incredible.

  • ThinkerThunker
    ThinkerThunker 2 months ago

    69 Vette was the best ever - period. And it has nothing to do with sheer power.

  • Anthony DeFabees
    Anthony DeFabees 2 months ago

    Stradman has the Z07. 2nd one delivered in the world. He went track with Triple F collection yesterday and lost 6 races in a row to a variety of cars in 1/4 mile. Granted it was 25 degreees and he had thr Triple R tires and other cars were all wheel drive for most part.. But he couldn’t get it to stick 1 time with traction control on. They gotta be able to put the power down despite the temperature imo.. Sweet ass car tho.. His came out of the demo mode while he was driving onto track lol. The 500 mile demo mode literally rolled over when he passed through the track gate l😊ol

  • David Wolf
    David Wolf 2 months ago +3

    I really enjoyed watching YOU enjoy this experience! If I could afford the new ZO6, I'd order the convertible.

  • Unlawful Order
    Unlawful Order 2 months ago +276

    The beautiful thing about corvette is that every model at some point has been called the best corvette ever made. They have all been spectacular and will continue to be the best.

    • Roo H
      Roo H Month ago

      @ExploreAz it was never sold

    • Roo H
      Roo H Month ago

      @Comrade Everclear thank you for showing everything i said was correct, captain obvious, next time learn to read

    • ExploreAz
      ExploreAz Month ago

      @Roo H yes there was a Corvette sold in 1983. It just happened to be an '84, but was sold in March of '83.

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker Month ago

      @von Richthofen not true

    • Conner Broeker
      Conner Broeker Month ago

      @Roo H 🤓🤓🤓

  • RecklessFables
    RecklessFables 2 months ago

    I can't wait to drive it in a racing sim. I hope they get the sound right :)

  • popeyepanther
    popeyepanther 2 months ago +1

    Im so happy for you guys(americans) that you got your stuff together finally! Its looks like you have a great car right there!

    NOTMYNAME 2 months ago +6

    This car is just amazing! Given any amount of money, I’d probably choose this. Maybe a LaFerrari, but maybe the z06. That’s really saying something given the almost $5m price difference!

  • Nicholas Frisch
    Nicholas Frisch Month ago

    Ignition on MT used to be my favorite car show. MT has gone off the rails. I am ecstatic how much this new Car and Driver formula with Carlos mimics the old school Ignition I used to live for.

  • Herbal Warrior
    Herbal Warrior 2 months ago +18

    Love seeing you guys at Grattan, great place to give a real test.

    • Andy Harman
      Andy Harman 2 months ago

      @Homerlovesbeer2 Far from it. Grattan is a nasty old junkyard dog of a racetrack that will bite you in 3 different places.

    • Homerlovesbeer2
      Homerlovesbeer2 2 months ago +2

      It looks like a nice golf course 😂

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago +1

    I've never really liked Corvettes until the C8 and I'd actually buy the Z06. The only issue is the ridiculous markup and wait times - please please please ramp up production to meet demand so dealers will sell me one for MSRP and not 2 to 3 years out. Love this car and so proud of the Chevrolet engineers.

  • Redlineshift
    Redlineshift 2 months ago

    this is exactly how the progression of the corvette needed to go. be if pushrods or overhead cames as always sounds incredible.

  • David Nicholson
    David Nicholson 2 months ago

    Great video! Brilliantly shot, presented and edited. What a car.

  • Mark McKinney
    Mark McKinney 2 months ago

    Great review. It's good to see Carlos again. I think the last video I saw him in, was the dodge challenger, and him getting apple pie.

  • Rosco
    Rosco Month ago

    Does this guy know we can see his speedo ?

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    I've seen the testing cars everyday for the last 3 years when I'm omw home from work. They sound so good & look so menacing

  • Cbus Low Rider
    Cbus Low Rider 2 months ago +1

    Truly incredible car. Well done, Chevrolet.

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 2 months ago

    What I love about this car is they knew what they wanted it to feel like. It's a street legal eudurocar. You feel like you can go to Le Mans stock.

    JESUS CHRIST IS CALLING YOU 2 months ago +148

    I can't afford one, but that's the Corvette I've been waiting for my entire adult life! 🤓 It's actually crazy and hard to believe that it finally exists.

    • Glenn Christie
      Glenn Christie Month ago

      @Ric F That’s not as bad as Elon Musk’s new Tesla - 0 to 60 in 1.2 seconds.

    • Ron  retired
      Ron retired Month ago

      Don't forget the C8 Stingray is also NA. Maybe it could fit your budget. I predict miles and miles of wonderful driving is probably in your future.

    • RetroCompaq
      RetroCompaq 2 months ago

      you will able to afford a salvaged title in few years not all is lost lol

    • TheThreeLeggedChair
      TheThreeLeggedChair 2 months ago

      dont worry the problems of the last one .........

    • lilmixdboy
      lilmixdboy 2 months ago +1

      Gamble on draft kings you may hit big and be able to afford one

  • Katrina Paton
    Katrina Paton 2 months ago

    Id like to have seen the car actually be pushed to see how it responds. Is it easy to catch or does it suddenly snap into a spin and dance off into the trees? I guess it has enough electronic wizardry for it to be the former than the latter but perhaps it just requires a more confident driver to find that out. Ido however find it very easy to believe the car exists though, having seen another beautiful road car that Praga has just released which will have similar levels of power in a car thats less than 60% of the weight. Sure, you'll be able to buy ten of these for the same price but hey, you can only drive one car at a time.

  • Andy Stevens
    Andy Stevens 2 months ago

    This car does the same 1/4 mile as my purpose built C5R Monster did, when it was set up for drag 😮

  • Peter Hemm
    Peter Hemm 2 months ago +10

    I kept wondering why you weren’t shifting yourself; I’m blown away how well you could lap a track in D!

    • Jim Stenlund
      Jim Stenlund Month ago

      @matthew kühl Hey, let’s make it completely self-driving next !😴

    • matthew kühl
      matthew kühl 2 months ago +1

      @Jorge Velez Too lazy for even _paddles?_

    • Jorge Velez
      Jorge Velez 2 months ago +2

      I asked myself the same….like, really? Just automatic through a track?
      Grandma driving…

  • AKMC
    AKMC Month ago


  • ED Fasted
    ED Fasted 2 months ago +78

    I just can't get enough of this car. Thanks to GM for allowing their engineers to build a real-world class sports car.

    • TheGlenGarrys
      TheGlenGarrys Month ago +1

      And thank GM for all the pos’s before that people were suckered into buying too. What a racket they got 🤣.

    • Zebzilla
      Zebzilla 2 months ago +1

      Awesome car! Just wishGM would put the same effort on their other vehicles. They are not very appealing. Just a mediocre job at best with R&D , design and engineering.

    • cyberspectre
      cyberspectre 2 months ago

      @LateNightCable 100% right. Each time a new generation comes out, I wonder if it'll be the last time people say "Wow, GM has actually built a supercar this time!" But they keep saying the same thing, like they just forgot about the last gen. They said it in 2001, 2006, 2015... The Z06 has been blowing the doors off supercars for a really long while now.

    • Lynx Actual
      Lynx Actual 2 months ago

      @SinoopsYou can’t buy a C8 Zo6 for less than $200k either right now….

    • Mr2MUCHHH
      Mr2MUCHHH 2 months ago

      "SUPER-CAR" not a sports car SUPER nothing basic SUPER 🤦🏽‍♂😒

  • Garrett Smith
    Garrett Smith 2 months ago

    No manual transmission is a hard no. I don't need a supercharger, either. It's a pass for me, a street driver. I don't drive tracks; I drive road.

  • John Butterworth
    John Butterworth Month ago

    Back in my days of buying the vette they were affordable. Chevy should make a basic version for the average joe.

  • Vlad Pavlov
    Vlad Pavlov 2 months ago

    Awesome everything, now I know someone might say get with the times, but if they actually figured out how to keep a manual option with the auto rev match system going, This would be my dream.

  • AngryVikingGod
    AngryVikingGod Month ago

    Best Vette ever isn't a very high bar

  • Don Lee
    Don Lee 2 months ago +1

    I like how GM goes to great lengths to look the part, shaving weight with fancy carbon wheels and carbon square steering wheels... yet the car still weighs a ginormous amount. The lightest version is 3721lbs , almost 500-600lbs more than a new 911 GT3, or 600lbs more than a C6 Z06 which had a 7.0L NA engine.

    • clubracer6
      clubracer6 Month ago

      100% agree! So damn heavy. 400lbs heavier than my M3, which admittedly is not cool or as fast as this, but can haul 5.

  • Andy Harman
    Andy Harman 2 months ago

    The exhaust note still leaves me underwhelmed. I think it's possible that GM goes to a 2-plane crank on the ZR1.
    The presenter was just cruising the track during his commentary. The last lap at the end of the video was aggressive, though.

  • DM
    DM Month ago +1

    incredible video. you guys are doing an amazing job!!

  • Paul D'Ascenz
    Paul D'Ascenz 2 months ago

    Dream car for all of us performance nuts!
    I wish I could afford one!

    CHRISTOPHER ROGERS 2 months ago +19

    What a feat of engineering, and the best part is they are just getting started!! I think for the first time we may get more than on Corvette at a time with a different body style much like Ferrari and Lamborghini do..

  • shelley king
    shelley king 2 months ago +1

    The 8-speed shift programming is music to the ears. Drive it hard, and it makes it SOUND like YOU know how to blip downshift like you were using a clutch to do it. This thing looks like it sticks through a turn so hard your eyes will pop out and stick to the side windows. Bravo GM, THIS is the car.

  • g4do
    g4do 2 months ago

    Probably will never happen (because gm/Chevy are incredibly slow) but I'd love to see this vehicle with forced induction and an electric motor between the gas engine and the transmission. This will turn this car into a 170k monster.

  • Pappadappa Carhauler
    Pappadappa Carhauler 2 months ago +6

    It’s like a work of art! And that sound is intoxicating.

  • Russ Ingersoll
    Russ Ingersoll Month ago

    Nice Ferrari copy 👍

  • Vishnu Vijayan T
    Vishnu Vijayan T 2 months ago +6

    that exhaust note is something i never expected from 2022 era performance cars. Good job chevy. Sounds like a 458 ,in a good way.

  • Dakota Christianson
    Dakota Christianson 2 months ago +1

    That could have been such a timeless classic design with round or oval tail lights and a double cowl style dashboard rather than the interior looking like Battlestar Galactica

  • dubsessed
    dubsessed Month ago +1

    This might be the only american car that excites me. I think this may be the best example of american car production. Muscle cars are dumb and clunky, THIS is a real racecar.

  • Noe Cazares
    Noe Cazares Month ago

    Imagine technology would get cars to a hovering level like Back to the future.

    • Noe Cazares
      Noe Cazares Month ago

      @advanceddarkness3 well the Japanese have a hovering type motorcycle.

    • advanceddarkness3
      advanceddarkness3 Month ago

      Im waiting for just the hoverboard to become a reality still.....