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The Hidden Slovenian Playmaker | Luka Doncic

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Luka Doncic is one of the best playmakers in NBA history. He can put the team on his back and take over a game anytime. He can score 60 points in a game, and put triple-doubles on the stat sheet; however, do you know how Luka's journey began? Tune in to find out!
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    The 21-year-old Slovenian sensation, Luka Doncic, is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about players in the NBA. With a flashy ball-handling and scoring ability, Doncic is quickly becoming a favorite of NBA pundits and fans alike. In this video, we take a look back at Luka Doncic's history and explore how he's managed to make such a big impact so young.
    If you're a basketball fan, then you need to watch this video! Luka Doncic is a phenomenon in the making, and this video will give you a comprehensive look at his history and how he's managed to achieve such success so early in his career. From his humble beginnings

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  • Jaylen Barnes 2.0
    Jaylen Barnes 2.0 Month ago +7

    Luka Doncic is my Favorite NBA Player Ever he's so talented

  • Big Lou USAF Vet
    Big Lou USAF Vet Month ago

    It's nice to see a fellow Slovenian doing well!

  • Lochlan O'Loughlin
    Lochlan O'Loughlin 2 months ago +8

    Yes he tied James Harden for a 60 pt trp dub but Luka the only player in NBA history to go 60-21-10...

  • DMV Weezy
    DMV Weezy Month ago +2

    Tre young trade wasn't a bad trade. They're both ballin they ass Awwwwf 💯💯💯

  • Skiron
    Skiron 2 months ago +3

    Subscriber Nr. 34
    Very good video, especially for such a small channel. You have great potential.
    The only thing I didnt like was, that the thumbnail said "best european playmaker ever" and, while I disagree (its Jokic imo), I think his playmaking came a little bit short in this video...
    Keep it up 🔥

  • fifi23o5
    fifi23o5 2 months ago +6

    Sasquach has met Yeti and they talk a bit. Sasquach says: "I've met Luka the other day!" And then Yeti: "So he isn't just a myth?"

  • C Antlin
    C Antlin Month ago

    My favorite NBA player!

  • Karuna
    Karuna 2 months ago +2

    Pronounced" Don-Chitch".....

  • LL
    LL 2 months ago


  • USF1
    USF1 Month ago +1

    She won’t release his image rights

  • Srdjan Andric
    Srdjan Andric Month ago

    Ummm, you forgot the Joker

  • cameron wilson
    cameron wilson 2 months ago +2


  • Satchie Is
    Satchie Is 2 months ago +1

    Subscriber nr.3

  • Austin Shannon
    Austin Shannon Month ago

    Luka sucks at basketball. Too many bad plays, loses a lot and no nba finals victory ring. Hopefully he’ll improve. I think he’s capable of getting better at basketball. He’s still young.

  • B Fed
    B Fed Month ago

    Giannis is a European racist, I get that he’s black but still from Greece and I love Luka but he’s not better than Giannis

    • Luis DeLoera
      Luis DeLoera Month ago +1

      The video says best PLAYMAKER not best player luka can pass and create better than Giannis not saying he’s a better player tho it’s all subjective

    • angel rivera
      angel rivera Month ago

      Luka is more versatile and more skilled.
      Giannis is pure muscle and height. Make him shoot and he'll lose. All his scoring is in the paint mostly. He may have won a championship, but wasn't without help from Middletown. This is what luka is missing in his team. If the mavs last year they would have had a player like Middletown, they would have gone to the finals. I don't think that they would beat the Celtics easily but it would have give them a big battle and still get the championship.

  • Momcilo Gavric
    Momcilo Gavric Month ago

    Luka serbian man normal strong🇷🇸💪

    • Momcilo Gavric
      Momcilo Gavric Month ago

      @Niko Cvijic lukin otac je srbin ako nisi znao.

    • Niko Cvijic
      Niko Cvijic Month ago

      svekako ....mama slovenka tata slovenac :) da luka je srb haha