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This Feels Illegal For Some Reason

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Source: / @sharkboysam
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  • BadGamingXB
    BadGamingXB Month ago +98358

    Scooby got a bit bloated

  • Mango Dango
    Mango Dango Month ago +33661

    The Toy Story characters would be fucking traumatized from seeing this

  • DarkFire
    DarkFire Month ago +2459

    Scooby got hired by DeviantArt.

  • Kryptic Studio
    Kryptic Studio 12 days ago +415

    has a serial killer feel to it

  • Mag
    Mag 16 days ago +280

    R34 artists making characters vore, pregnant or fat be like 💀:

  • Sluggy
    Sluggy 16 days ago +290

    This needs to be added to the clinically acknowledged signs of psychopathy

  • Sacha
    Sacha Month ago +17582

    _the writer’s barely disguised fetish_

  • Tyler Purple
    Tyler Purple 23 days ago +501

    This guy is the real life Sid

  • KITT BlueVenom
    KITT BlueVenom Month ago +197

    Scooby performed assisted suicide after seeing an episode of Velma

  • Zaucified
    Zaucified Month ago +11085

    Random character: exists

    • You Failure
      You Failure 4 hours ago

      "look! it's a furry! let's waste 2 hours of my life drawing a shaded version of this character, but obese!"

    • KrispyHoneyToast :3
      KrispyHoneyToast :3 12 hours ago

      NO 💀

    • Purple
      Purple Day ago +1

      This is why I like ia artwork more.

    • KiryuChannel
      KiryuChannel 2 days ago

      ​@B03 Borlat Aldioneer King M. Thats why anti furries exist

    • FSP RAPTOR 15
      FSP RAPTOR 15 4 days ago

      Too real

  • Ed Herrera
    Ed Herrera 12 days ago +14

    how to become deviantart user:

  • Seekie ze corrector
    Seekie ze corrector 12 days ago +10

    Me after eating at grandmas:

  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake Month ago +11018

    This feels like a mix of Shitposting, fetish material, and medival torture.

  • ☆〜未来ーちゃん〜☆

    My therapist: irl scooby inflation can’t hurt you, it’s not real
    Irl scooby inflation:
    Fur Affinity:
    Deviant Art:

  • Ez Pz
    Ez Pz 8 days ago +17


  • sbp 421
    sbp 421 Month ago +8866

    _"I felt a great disturbance, as if 1000 of Inflation fetishists suddenly cried out in ecstasy, and were silenced."_

    • Ndhehfnfm 10 years ago
      Ndhehfnfm 10 years ago 6 days ago

      @Ikari Noi sub category of gore fetish which is an extremely common fetish

    • Nikki Norman
      Nikki Norman 7 days ago

      I'm sorry- What? 😭😭😭😂🤚

    • Yvonne Oliver
      Yvonne Oliver Month ago +1

      ​@Naveed Im so confused I thought they meant inflation like with the economy. Feeling really dumb over here!! 🤪🤪 I really wondered why everyone was naming all of those fetishes. Yep feeling really slow.

    • Yvonne Oliver
      Yvonne Oliver Month ago

      ​@Nobody XDel Really weird

  • Jaden
    Jaden 14 days ago +16

    “This will only hurt a bit!” *literally explodes*

  • I am too lazy too Edit my profile

    I think this guys primary keyword on the *the hub* is “inflation”

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer Month ago +12085

    look how they massacred my boy

  • Jamzayn
    Jamzayn 20 days ago +29

    Anything’s better than being in the Velma show

  • Jackyboi800Edits
    Jackyboi800Edits 17 days ago +4

    Welp now scobby is a discord moderator and then died from a heart attack XD

  • Haruka Konishi
    Haruka Konishi Month ago +10004

    Still a better fate than appearing in Velma

  • Octolink
    Octolink 15 days ago +9

    You know this is some of that kinky shit

  • Michele Zaccone
    Michele Zaccone 3 days ago +4

    "Why scooby did not appear in Velma?"

  • Long Do
    Long Do Month ago +7125

    Scooby asking for lethal injection after velma season 2 is announced

  • Farflung Clown
    Farflung Clown 3 days ago

    The production of Velma making a public display of Scooby's corpse defiling.

  • 6 Ball
    6 Ball 15 days ago +2

    "Like, zoinks scoob! inflation fetish is one hell of a scenario."

  • Ludgeson
    Ludgeson Month ago +2633

    Scooby Doo being executed by producers of Velma, 2022 colorized:

    • Clint68
      Clint68 Month ago +1

      @Velocity HDMI …WHOOSH…

    • Nathasha Hillary
      Nathasha Hillary Month ago

      @Nikoo nooo

    • Nikoo
      Nikoo Month ago

      @Nathasha Hillary to send all bidoofs to syria

    • Ludgeson
      Ludgeson Month ago +7

      @JP Velma was announced in 2022, they also killed Scooby in 2022, but the video of Scooby's execution wasn't leaked until 2023

    • Velocity HDMI
      Velocity HDMI Month ago +1

      Doesn't need colorized if it's 2022

  • Duckonthecall65
    Duckonthecall65 9 days ago +3

    Rare Achievement unlocked: *Threat to society*
    Discover a weird fetish

  • Artilna
    Artilna Day ago

    scoobys face says it all hes in unimaginable pain

  • Seriously Sushi
    Seriously Sushi Month ago +2437

    This is a great depiction of what HBO did to Scooby.

  • Magic Moth
    Magic Moth 3 days ago

    I physically shrunk away when he stabbed the toy.

  • Jo Viviano
    Jo Viviano 3 days ago

    This looks like something Will Graham would imagine while trying to think of why a killer is exploding people with water.

  • Ella
    Ella Month ago +2638

    Due to the terrible mess that was Velma, Scooby coped via eating too many Scooby snacks on the couch…

    • Blaniac
      Blaniac Month ago +1

      @Michael Cooke that’s not how boycotting works

    • BADShooty KAT
      BADShooty KAT Month ago +2

      not scooby, inflate a Velma instead

    • FoxyPercival714
      FoxyPercival714 Month ago

      ​@Michael Cooke that's impossible. They made Velma too wierd.

    • Brandy Morpheu
      Brandy Morpheu Month ago +4

      @Michael Cooke bruh what

  • Craze&Salts
    Craze&Salts Day ago

    Spoilers for HBO’s Velma upcoming season: they introduce Scooby only to kill him minutes later

  • Kogane Itō
    Kogane Itō 10 days ago +1

    Inflation fetishists just wet their pants from this one.

  • Constant
    Constant Month ago +8062

    Velma executives scrapping Scooby out of the show:

  • DuskyNebula
    DuskyNebula 20 days ago +4

    scooby’s face when he moves back to see the whole thing full of water got me off guard🤣

  • Mars Marsh
    Mars Marsh 6 hours ago

    Rule 34 artist in a nutshell

  • synxx
    synxx Month ago +3159

    The gang accidently gave him the whole shipment of Scooby Snacks

  • Andros Forever
    Andros Forever 9 days ago

    Woody, Buzz and the gang have been real quiet since this guy started posting these videos

  • Evil Grape
    Evil Grape 6 days ago

    Pyrocynical’s Clip-Share feed:

  • Renegade Angel
    Renegade Angel Month ago +1605

    DeviantArt be having a good day with this one 💀

  • jo3l
    jo3l 13 days ago +7

    why they gotta do my man scooby like that 😭

  • Mr Lorpso
    Mr Lorpso 3 days ago +1

    I can just imagine him saying
    "Ruh Roh ragg-" *blows up*

  • Jack The Weirdo Thing
    Jack The Weirdo Thing Month ago +6244

    The most normal kind of person you would meet on DeviantArt.
    (Edit sense this blew up: I’ve been on DeviantArt for years and those fetishes are only the tip of the iceberg.)

    • Gamemaster
      Gamemaster Month ago

      @Jack The Weirdo Thing I disagree. AI art can be bad but as an artist myself, it sometimes help me find inspiration and some generated images are really good. But of course, everything can be abused...

    • Alpaca
      Alpaca Month ago +1

      god no pls no 💀

    • Jack The Weirdo Thing
      Jack The Weirdo Thing Month ago +1

      @Биб Санитар AI Art is just one of them.

    • Биб Санитар
      Биб Санитар Month ago +1

      I want ask: what can be worse than DA fetishes?

  • Ellie toaster
    Ellie toaster 8 hours ago

    Bro got them liver king muscles 💀

  • Jayden Sagastizado
    Jayden Sagastizado 21 day ago +8

    Man turned into Popeyes for a sec😂

  • YTuser45
    YTuser45 Month ago +4332

    R34 artists gonna have a field day with this one.

  • Mila Martens
    Mila Martens 2 days ago

    Scooby aint gonna be laughing no more lmao

  • Starfury
    Starfury 8 days ago

    Pyrocynical is quivering and foaming at the mouth rn

  • Corwin Chapman
    Corwin Chapman Month ago +1423

    good lord this feels like a non-harmful way to release serial killer energy, like if this guy was born in the 30s he'd be the Boston Water Hose Killer

    • GMD_730
      GMD_730 Month ago +1

      ​@Koceto Ciparov nah man this video is weird. That shit takes some real odd ass thoughts, and planning.

    • Koceto Ciparov
      Koceto Ciparov Month ago +2

      I see you haven't had a fun childhood where you do silly stuff like this because it was fun and we wasn't thinking if someone was analysing or judging our behaviour

    • Arion the Deer
      Arion the Deer Month ago

      ​@Queezus Christo Not really lol. Explain the most infamous serial killers' tendencies, then.

    • Iconica
      Iconica Month ago

      ​@Queezus Christo how do you know?

    • Hyper Kitten
      Hyper Kitten Month ago +1

      Unless its toy story, them this would also be messed up

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law 13 hours ago

    that's what he is showing us, imagine what someone like that does behind closed doors.

  • John The Animatior
    John The Animatior 8 days ago +1

    What Doctors Do To People When They Drink To Much:

  • ADIOSal
    ADIOSal Month ago +5762

    this is why scooby didn t appear in velma

    • Selassie Aspen
      Selassie Aspen Month ago

      ​@Whippetha creem That sounds like horrendous fanfiction. Your joking right? 🙃

    • Silenthunter Official
      Silenthunter Official Month ago

      scooby when he sees the Velma show welp time to go into the ground

    • Balloonbot
      Balloonbot Month ago

      ​@Jossue Cabrera I heard they got a real dog in the studio and sacrificed it to the old Gods

    • TimeMaster
      TimeMaster Month ago

      Good. Doodoo movie fr

  • Birthday Opossum
    Birthday Opossum 9 days ago

    Scooby turned into a discord mod 💀

  • SonOfHermes
    SonOfHermes 16 days ago

    He sacrificed a Scooby. Better call the rest of the gang.

  • Ash Ketchum'
    Ash Ketchum' Month ago +1807

    There's no way this isn't fetish material oh my god

    • Gamemaster
      Gamemaster Month ago

      @ReaprG Some people just like to watch something inflate and then explode. I don't understand it either

    • Mr. Stuff Doer
      Mr. Stuff Doer Month ago

      It’s just inflation lol

    • Kevin Malone
      Kevin Malone Month ago +1

      U talking bout urself huh

    • Charles Desmonda
      Charles Desmonda Month ago +1

      Nah you spend too much time on R34

    CAMMI LYNN Inc. Day ago

    I want more happy videos ! Do a daily routine !! Or out and about reactions see if anyone can tell it’s a baby doll I love bringin my baby out hearing whispers

  • Humourless Jester
    Humourless Jester 5 days ago

    We ask if we could, we never ask if we should

  • jjze me
    jjze me Month ago +2369

    Bros got an inflation fetish 💀💀💀

    • lc 4life
      lc 4life 29 days ago

      @Gamemaster lol thats what i said when i first found out

    • Gamemaster
      Gamemaster Month ago

      @lc 4life what the hell

    • Goofy ahh doodle nerd
      Goofy ahh doodle nerd Month ago

      ​@HAVEN THE BEAST 2 bros gonna forget someone even called him

    • No Hablo Emojis, Lo Siento
      No Hablo Emojis, Lo Siento Month ago

      I thought he was just doing what every kid thought about doing but didn't know how, but this is 2023 internet, so you're probably right.

    • Therandomwolfguy
      Therandomwolfguy Month ago


  • Tonito Locito
    Tonito Locito 26 days ago

    “Hopefully a sonic rubber toy won’t exist.”

  • HeaDLites
    HeaDLites 18 days ago +1

    and this is why he never came to the Velma show. thankfully.
    he's now in a better place

  • Tommy L
    Tommy L Month ago +2219

    Can we get ten hours of him slapping critical mass Scooby?

  • Stick Animation
    Stick Animation 5 days ago

    Poor scooby tried to recreate some r34 he found 😔

  • Emogamer666
    Emogamer666 Month ago +1507

    Scooby was put out of his misery after seeing Velma

    • Gieist
      Gieist Month ago +4

      Yeah I pity the parents who put that on for their kids and didn't pay attention

    • Dulvin Jayasinghe
      Dulvin Jayasinghe Month ago +3

      @Emogamer666 yes you were sir 😂

    • Emogamer666
      Emogamer666 Month ago +3

      @Mia C yes

    • Emogamer666
      Emogamer666 Month ago +7

      Jesus 728 likes in just a day good lord I was just stating facts 😂

    • Mia C
      Mia C Month ago +5

      The new Velma?

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 10 days ago +1

    Reverse liposuction be like

  • ꧁☻ѕꚍїꚍҫӊ дҋԁ дҋԍєꙇ☻꧂

    Scooby got that light skin stare 💀

  • Balls989
    Balls989 Month ago +1818

    He was a quiet man, kept himself to himself. No one suspected anything

  • Greenmcclean
    Greenmcclean 3 days ago

    And this is how inflation started kids

  • Gabriel Amandy
    Gabriel Amandy 17 days ago

    Some artists fixing a character design:

  • Ameri
    Ameri Month ago +2787

    And this stills feels more respectful to the Scooby Doo franchise than Velma

    • Reebs
      Reebs Month ago

      Sic burn

    • Ya Boi Avery
      Ya Boi Avery Month ago

      @Jean Kim ikr

    • Sir Bacon
      Sir Bacon Month ago +2

      I really should have added I was talking about the character, not that insipid Velma show.
      I'm not ranking all of the Scooby Doo shows, but here's a couple:
      1. The original show.
      2. The hour-long episodes with guest stars.
      236. Getting hit by a bus.
      237. Scrappy Doo
      238. Velma

    • Travis Ryno
      Travis Ryno Month ago

      Those ppp have no respect for anyone

    • bloop
      bloop Month ago

      That's cause there is a scooby doo

  • Melanie Scales
    Melanie Scales 13 days ago

    Bro Scooby got jacked 💀💀💀

  • Troll
    Troll 10 days ago

    Scooby forgot to use the restroom after eating Taco Bell

  • Rish0
    Rish0 Month ago +911

    R34 artists for no fucking reason:

    • Lionsgamers5
      Lionsgamers5 Month ago

      ​@Aruki Tsukaru SAME

    • Kee W
      Kee W Month ago

      Facts man

    • The Game Squad
      The Game Squad Month ago +1

      @ǝqnʇno⅄ exactly what i was thinking

    • Aaron Emanuel
      Aaron Emanuel Month ago +2

      @Tasmia Islam well youtube doesn't care about bad words on comments but oh well that's how it works

  • PinappleCoin Gaming
    PinappleCoin Gaming 14 days ago

    at the beginning bro got the Popeye muscles

  • StruckTwice
    StruckTwice 20 days ago +2

    So this is what happened to Scooby in Velma...

  • Dani Elle
    Dani Elle Month ago +700

    This feels like a snuff film

  • anakin skywalker
    anakin skywalker 17 days ago

    Scooby just ate the entire crew of Mystery Inc

  • Unicornglitterbabe
    Unicornglitterbabe 3 days ago

    lactose intolerant people after saying: "this cheesy creamy dish won't kill me"

  • Neko Nomina
    Neko Nomina Month ago +941

    This is Twitter fetish in nutshell

    • BrianToons
      BrianToons Month ago +1

      @Gamemaster i know, im just saying deviantart is the most common place for it

    • Gamemaster
      Gamemaster Month ago

      @BrianToons DeviantArt is full of this but it's not the only one. Twitter, Reddit for example contain this shit too. Man, I've seen things I'd love to forget

    • radu stana
      radu stana Month ago


    • Plaguster
      Plaguster Month ago

      ​@rubberman thick thigh pyro mod?!?!

    • Haik Hakopyan
      Haik Hakopyan Month ago

      Don't you mean TikTok?

  • Inferno
    Inferno 21 day ago

    Scoob's face had me dying 💀

  • DatGuyInDaChair
    DatGuyInDaChair 5 days ago

    Somebody dipped into that XL bag of Scooby Snacks

  • Mimick
    Mimick Month ago +1593

    What Mindy did to Scoob to ensure he wouldn't appear in Velma:

  • Zaid Diaz
    Zaid Diaz Month ago +1

    That's Me On Thanksgiving 🤣

  • some swag guy
    some swag guy 5 days ago

    so this is the reason why scooby wasn't in the velma show

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Month ago +1087

    You know this was someone’s sexual awakening

    • Chicken Nugget
      Chicken Nugget Month ago +1

      @l'assaut 6don’t let the internet poison your brain like ours, save yourself!

    • Valthefemboy
      Valthefemboy Month ago +2

      ​@l'assaut 6 oh god please remain pure. You will hate it. Or worse. Like it.

    • l'assaut 6
      l'assaut 6 Month ago +2

      @garf cha this might go down in history as the first time that I take that advice.

    • garf cha
      garf cha Month ago +2

      ​@l'assaut 6 you don't wanna know...

    • l'assaut 6
      l'assaut 6 Month ago +1

      What? Sexual? I don't get it... What's sexual?

  • Tea Au Lait
    Tea Au Lait 22 days ago

    the real reason they didnt put scooby in the new velma show

  • Fun_With_Asita
    Fun_With_Asita Day ago

    Neighbor : Stop it ! Get some help !

  • Moon Shine
    Moon Shine Month ago +2777

    Actual footage of Velma writers treating their characters with their usual respect.

    • Spencer Ellis
      Spencer Ellis Month ago

      @NorthPhillyMorningStar✴️ dude they haven't done that stereotype in like 30 years lol

    • ECW Plays
      ECW Plays Month ago

      @Dave in Japan Forget what I said.

    • Dave in Japan
      Dave in Japan Month ago

      ​@ECW Plays So you can't hate on slavery and racism?

    • Spencer Ellis
      Spencer Ellis Month ago

      Haha so true

  • Ducky
    Ducky 18 days ago

    Bro needs to take a chill pill on them scooby snacks

  • Noah
    Noah 17 days ago

    I think Pyro would like this channel

  • •Rusty!™•
    •Rusty!™• Month ago +1891

    Bro this guy makes Sid look like an angel 💀

    • 3disasterpiece0
      3disasterpiece0 Month ago


    • Lucy Lennon
      Lucy Lennon Month ago +1

      ​@Elise 💕 the kid who tortured and destroyed toys in Toy Story 1

    • Paracuna
      Paracuna Month ago +1

      Man I really hope we get to see grown up Sid in toy story 5, imagine if we grew up to become an engineer or something or maybe he started saving toys from trash because he knows they are alive.

    • Mary HTW
      Mary HTW Month ago


    • YuuriDaFox
      YuuriDaFox Month ago


  • Cafe
    Cafe 7 hours ago

    Somewhere in the world. Someone had discovered new things about themself.

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard 3 days ago

    Someone somewhere has been watching a little bit to much Dexter 😂

  • HipposHateWater
    HipposHateWater Month ago +728

    I feel like this belongs on DeviantArt behind an NSFW tag

  • Carlitos
    Carlitos 2 days ago

    I have been putting this video off for a while, worth the watch

  • Fireisle
    Fireisle 4 days ago

    “Ruh roh Raggy, i rink I my arm is growing a rumor”

  • MrBoby
    MrBoby Month ago +941

    RIP Scooby, Warner bros has forsaken you but you will always be remembered in our hearts

    • ITSytyt
      ITSytyt Month ago +1


    • Piano poops
      Piano poops Month ago +11

      This is why scoobys not in the new Velma show

  • MrB4GS
    MrB4GS 12 days ago

    "Shaggy,i dont feel so good"