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Brandel Chamblee: Will pro golf maintain integrity after huge merger? | Golf Today | Golf Channel

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Brandel Chamblee joins Golf Today to talk about the dangers to the PGA Tour’s reputation after unexpectedly agreeing to merge with LIV Golf following a long, outspoken disassociation from the organization. #GolfChannel #GolfToday #BrandelChamblee
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    Brandel Chamblee: Will pro golf maintain integrity after huge merger? | Golf Today | Golf Channel
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  • Patrick Harn
    Patrick Harn 3 months ago +238

    Turns out that the PGA Tour’s moral high ground was actually just a mountain of BS.

    • MarkSmith
      MarkSmith 3 months ago

      Imagine that

    • Bryan Baumgartner
      Bryan Baumgartner 3 months ago +1

      Money. Hmmm Won't watch anymore. Fairyland now

    • Free Scotland
      Free Scotland 3 months ago +1

      That's murica in a nutshell......

    • RJ
      RJ 3 months ago +4

      HAHA, they never had a good argument from the start, it was mostly emotional and not rational... Talking about money and where it comes from is very dangerous because if you look closely you will find Saudi money all over the place

  • PastramiKing
    PastramiKing 3 months ago +63

    LIV has so many star players. Mickelson's performance at the Masters really changed things. Then Koepka winning the PGA was the final straw

    • Lake Ozark REI
      Lake Ozark REI 3 months ago +9

      Had nothing to do with it...

    • Jose Magana-Bedolla
      Jose Magana-Bedolla 3 months ago +2

      They have 5 great players

    • ZenyattaFan1
      ZenyattaFan1 3 months ago +4

      Yes, you are absolutely right. There was this false narrative that LIV had nothing but washed up players. But then when you have LIV players like Koepka winning majors, it proves that the narrative was false. And the PGA Tour is supposed to have the best players in the world. If you want to have a truly great tour, you can't have 30% of the top players banned. People want to see the best players. So in addition to seeing guys like Scheffler and Rahm, we also want to see Koepka and Cameron Smith.

    • C K
      C K 3 months ago +2

      About 5 great players and a few of them father time will eliminate within a couple of years. It had nothing to do with it. Sport has become like governments. Sell your country, your soul for a small few to gain. Look no further than the US president for example. Everything golf before Tuesday is now dead and gone.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +1

      Phil is loving this....Shamblee has defamed Phil for over a year

  • max lawton
    max lawton 3 months ago +191

    Phil was right all along, It’s always been about the MONEY!

    • youdosuck
      youdosuck 3 months ago +2

      It always is

      ONLY LEGENDZ ALLOWED 3 months ago +2

      @youdosuck EXACTLY

    • Goldfishn
      Goldfishn 3 months ago +9

      He was also right when he tried to warn everybody about Monahan and him not listening to the players and doing simply what he wants. Guarantee you Monahan just got a HUGE pay raise and bonus.

    • Clint Torres
      Clint Torres 3 months ago +3


  • Carmon Benford
    Carmon Benford 3 months ago +13

    I'm feeling everything Brandel Chamblee is saying. My Dad and I watched golf together back when he was alive. I'm glad he's not here to deal with this. The legacy of the game is the most important thing as evidenced by the comradeship Dad and I had. The galleries were so respectable. Now neither one of us would dare be a part of any of these galleries these days.

    • Michael Fong
      Michael Fong 3 months ago +1

      I know one group that has integrity. I personally got Rush Limbaugh throw off the golf channel. I'm sure you all remember when Rush was on with Hank Haney.. Rush had mocked Connie Chung with a broken English accent mocking Chinese people. I wrote 17 letters to the Golf Channel including all the on air personalities(Brandel and Rich were included) that someone of his character and racism should not be promoted.
      I figured it fell on deaf ears. A couple of months later I saw my caller ID light up with the "golf Channel". The person then said to me that they got my letters and decided that Rush would never be on the Golf Channel again.
      When the reruns came on Rush was not included.

    • jakefavre
      jakefavre 3 months ago

      @Michael Fong yeah sure ...

  • R Senior
    R Senior 3 months ago +65

    Rich Lerner and Chamblee both in tears right now, and I'm here for it!

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +6

      Shamblee must resign

    • Lone Wanderer 2742
      Lone Wanderer 2742 3 months ago +2

      You sound like you invest in bonesaws? Am I right???

    • Scott
      Scott 3 months ago


    • Michael Fong
      Michael Fong 3 months ago

      I know one group that has integrity. I personally got Rush Limbaugh throw off the golf channel. I'm sure you all remember when Rush was on with Hank Haney.. Rush had mocked Connie Chung with a broken English accent mocking Chinese people. I wrote 17 letters to the Golf Channel including all the on air personalities(Brandel and Rich were included) that someone of his character and racism should not be promoted.
      I figured it fell on deaf ears. A couple of months later I saw my caller ID light up with the "golf Channel". The person then said to me that they got my letters and decided that Rush would never be on the Golf Channel again.
      When the reruns came on Rush was not included.

  • Stogie2112
    Stogie2112 3 months ago +131

    Big money goes around the world
    Big money give and take
    Big money done a power of good
    Big money make mistakes
    Big money got a heavy hand
    Big money take control
    Big money got a mean streak
    Big money got no soul
    -- N. Peart (1985)

    • Dave Carr
      Dave Carr 3 months ago +12

      Digging the Rush reference

    • Stogie2112
      Stogie2112 3 months ago +6

      If we send copies of Neil's lyrics to everyone in power, the World would be a better place.....LOL

    • Jrampino1
      Jrampino1 3 months ago +2

      One of their best albums!

    • Stogie2112
      Stogie2112 3 months ago +3

      I believe there's a ghost of a chance
      We can find (a pro golf league with integrity)
      And make it last....

    • Tyson S
      Tyson S 3 months ago +1

      Big Money Always Wins… Deal with it.

  • Zebman
    Zebman 3 months ago +12

    Greg Norman - not from Europe - had been trying to promote and develop an active, growing International Golf League. Asia, Australia, etc. with Europe. That's how it all got started. PGA Tour kept cutting him at the legs regarding this for years, and not cooperating. So, he went around them with LIV. Nothing evil about it except for PIF money I guess. The problem is the new for profit entity concept is very vague. Since for profit, it is easy to conceive that the biggest money pile will have most of the actual control. European Tour is also Middle East sponsored via DP. Do we really want Middle Eastern countries to control professional golf?

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago +1

      Norman cared nothing about growing the game internationally. He was all about more money for the top players. Hence only 48 people playing on liv. Then they would have relegated the no names as more big names signed up.

    • Michael Hudson
      Michael Hudson 3 months ago

      ​@johnd3230 Greg Norman tried to start a global tour 20+ years ago but the PGA stopped him. They did that to keep the game state side for the tv deal money. Greg always wanted the PGA to return to Australia

  • Manyanyato Kamoto
    Manyanyato Kamoto 3 months ago +108

    PGA players (Rory, Tiger, etal) got suckered into thinking this was a matter of principle when infact it was all about the dough.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +3

      Woods has always been about the money...noone made more money from golf

    • Ted Saunders
      Ted Saunders 3 months ago +4

      Show me a PGA player that turned down the LIV money and then bad-mouthed LIV on "integrity" that weren't already getting rich with PGA related endorsements? It would seem THEY TOO were making decisions based on "money" as well.

    • nvrmnd
      nvrmnd 3 months ago +5

      Ah yes, Tiger 'Infidelity' Woods. A man who's always been about principle.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +1

      @nvrmnd Watch Tiger fall into line with this,,,,he wants his Tiger simulator league as part of the new entity...and make more money

    • xDonJuanx
      xDonJuanx 3 months ago +3

      ​@Paul J Cross No one made more money FOR golf either.

  • ben cowan
    ben cowan 3 months ago +42

    So much for the PGA's 'moral stance'! 😂😂😂 Old Jay cashed in!!

  • The HOF College Football Podcast

    Here’s the deal, the PGA Tour hypocrisy, while clear to some from the start, made this merger inevitable…
    The Tour and Monahan perched themselves on a moral high ground that was flimsy at best, and split the players along imaginary moral lines because of the fact that the PIF has funded all of golf for years in some way or another …
    You owe Phil Mickelson more than just an apology, Jay Monahan, and Tiger, and Rory McIlroy… you owe him an eternal thank you for helping force the Tour to do the right thing for the players - even though it came in such a messy way.
    What a shameful way to go about this merger …. 🙄

  • Alan N
    Alan N 3 months ago +13

    I respect Chamblee. He is one of the few to speak his mind. 👏👏

  • Chris I
    Chris I 3 months ago +10

    In my mind, it protects the DP tour and the Ryder Cup that would have suffered as LIV became more dominant and Europe losses top players. It also puts some of the LIV players back into the PGA fold and enhances majors at the expense of lower ranked PGA members. I'm not a fan of the carnival atmosphere at LIV events but maybe they can run their tour as they want and the PGA can do their thing. Seems like it could be a win-win.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +2

      LIV events are great..targets a younger market

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +1

      The PGAT destroyed DP tour....DP tour fined and banned LIV players

    • cbarch44
      cbarch44 3 months ago +2

      @Paul J Cross no one was going to these events. it was so bad that even the cw network would cut away in the middle of a players backswing to join regularly scheduled programming. they were attracting a bunch of obnoxious young drunks .

    • Adrian Alley
      Adrian Alley 3 months ago +3

      ​@cbarch44in fairness the last two events in the US and the Adelaide event we're very well attended. They haven't digitally created a crowd in the background so you can't deny the traction it was building and that's in 12 months. It's impressive.

  • tdf tdf
    tdf tdf 3 months ago +84

    This was always gonna happen. Just shocked it happened so soon! All sports and business have dirty $$$. Welcome to the real world.

    • Richard Forbes
      Richard Forbes 3 months ago +6

      Agree 100% and as far as dirty money it takes big money to make these sports happen!

    • back2back
      back2back 3 months ago +4

      Facts. It's just that in this case, the dirty $$$ has been on full display instead of just being in the background.

    • La Grange Custom Guitars
      La Grange Custom Guitars 3 months ago

      Thought golf was better!!!! Shame on me.... won't get fooled again.

    • Grant
      Grant 3 months ago

      @Richard Forbes it only becomes the real world when people let it.

    • M Z
      M Z 3 months ago +4

      @Richard Forbes spot on - The saudis have had their hands in global sport for awhile now... it so funny to see Americans so up in arms about it as if the US government isnt in bed with the saudis. Self righteous people are the worst

  • Dan McArthur
    Dan McArthur 3 months ago +37

    The expectation that a 33 year old professional golfer needs to analyze opportunities with respect to how their pay cheques are financed with broader scrutiny than a Fortune 500 CEO is utterly ridiculous

    • Mitchel Ryan
      Mitchel Ryan 3 months ago +1

      very well said

    • Jacob
      Jacob 3 months ago +2

      "The fact that Fortune 500 CEOs sacrifice morality for money allows golfers to do the same."

  • Gen Now Private Client
    Gen Now Private Client 3 months ago +27

    We do not MISS PHIL MICKELSON because WE ARE STILL WATCHING HIM. Never stopped.

  • John Florio
    John Florio 3 months ago +139

    Remember the Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

  • CDLCigarandGolf
    CDLCigarandGolf 3 months ago +6

    This was always going to happen. just a matter of when. I was still watching both and enjoying both because I love the game of golf. So much that can be mentioned when it comes to integrity as it relates to the good old United States of America, and a few have been mentioned on this thread, so I'll leave that there. Big picture? The game continues with it's best players all in one place. In my opinion, that was the end goal anyway

  • Simmo
    Simmo 3 months ago +20

    PGA sold out all of its players, no doubt.

  • BuffaloBen15 Golf
    BuffaloBen15 Golf 3 months ago +3

    I never understood why LIV even started. The greatest showcase of golf on earth has always been the PGA tour. I honestly don't care where the PGA tournaments were held, what the prize money is because it's not like it matters anyway a successful PGA player like Rory, Scottie, or Sam Burns is making more than the average NFL or NBA player, what clubs the pros play... I just wanna watch good golf and shots that make my jaw drop to the floor when I see them. When that tried to be changed, that's when it all started to fall apart. This movement of golf to move from a game of possessing finesse, artistry, a level head, and handling pressure; to having galleries thousands of people strong on each hole so a pro can have his ball found no matter what when he damn well doesn't deserve to have someone look for it, hitting it as far as you can no matter what, and encouraging fans and influencers to display gluttony and foul language (which describes much of LIV quite accurately), is just ridiculous. I honestly enjoy watching old tournaments from 20 years ago like Mike Weir's Masters Win, Ben Curtis's British open win, 2000's Ryder cups where the teams were just toe to toe each time, the Tiger Slam, you name it. Now as much as they try to hype up endorsements, TV, gossip, and rivalries that hardly exist, it takes away from your attention on what those pros are really there to do, which is shoot scores 20 strokes better than the average player on courses with rough twice as tall and over 1,000 yards longer. I bet the PGA pros feel less appreciated and less looked up to than they did 20 years ago.

  • Brian Murray
    Brian Murray 3 months ago +76

    Was Phil right again? 😂 Brandel just got kicked in the balls by the tour he has defended so adamantly.

    • Lake Ozark REI
      Lake Ozark REI 3 months ago

      Ask Phil after he applies for reinstatement to the PGA👍😅

    • Brian Murray
      Brian Murray 3 months ago

      @Lake Ozark REI champions tour better pray he doesn't 😂

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +8

      Phil was right about many things

    • kat king
      kat king 3 months ago +2

      The gymnastics required to give this interview gets a 10 in the Olympics !

    • Golf Fanatic
      Golf Fanatic 3 months ago +2

      @Paul J Cross Phil's gambling issues is what turned me off on his decision to take the money. And we're talking 40M in losses over a 4 year span. He owed Bones money, which, in part, led to Bones leaving Phil so he's certainly shifted gears over the years.

  • A Radcliffe
    A Radcliffe 3 months ago +52

    As soon as LIV got Koepka it was over. DJ and Koepka alone are the reason LIV is is where it is. Let's get real
    The PGA Tour's ratings are absolute garbage without all the top players...Monahan is eating crow and it's just glorious...
    Imagine how pissed Tiger is right now...Monahan won't last another month...

    • Lake Ozark REI
      Lake Ozark REI 3 months ago

      😂Had nothing to do with it...
      Tigers worth a Billion dollars... he could care less.
      LIV literally just got absorbed by the PGA and Koepka and Phil now have to reapply for reinstatement to the PGA .

    • Leo Garcia
      Leo Garcia 3 months ago +5

      @Lake Ozark REI Wow.. That's the spin you are going with? The PGA wasn't going to have a product to promote in just a few years time.

    • Weston Hull
      Weston Hull 3 months ago +5

      My man has no grip on this situation at all lol. The product with zero viewership was/is LIV. Next to no one cared about that league or it’s events & the numbers back that up. The Tour should have remained separate & allowed LIV to continue to hemorrhage cash on a daily basis, but unfortunately Monahan ultimately couldn’t resist the opportunity to line his own pockets.

    • Fool Time Daddy
      Fool Time Daddy 3 months ago

      Monahan just extended his job contract with this merger..he had no choice

  • Todd Heywood
    Todd Heywood 3 months ago

    Besides the issues that Brandle brings up, why didn’t the PGA just wait until the league folded. I understand the backing the league had, but believe me, there’s always a end game to losses. And I think they seen that horizon coming. Then all the legal entanglements would have just dissolved.

  • Ginny Boetel
    Ginny Boetel 3 months ago +1

    I feel for the players who didn't know what hit them. I wonder what they'll do about it, if anything? I think they may loose a lot of viewers now.

  • Brian Pettet
    Brian Pettet 3 months ago +4

    Money has always been a part of PGA. Before points system your winnings were what determined your status on tour. I personally saw the PGA kill a local tournament because they demanded a bigger purse from a sponsor to continue as a tour stop. So it's always been money for PGA.

  • Darrin Kidd
    Darrin Kidd 3 months ago +151

    It kills me when Chamblee pushes this integrity narrative about the PGA and forgets about a time when people of color couldn’t even play on the tour and wasn’t allowed on the grounds of all these so prestigious golf county clubs.

    • Finn OBrien
      Finn OBrien 3 months ago +19

      Damn bro, solid point there ngl

    • Moe
      Moe 3 months ago +23

      One of the main reasons I just dismissed all of the arguments out of these old School PGA mouth pieces when they talk about integrity and legacy of the PGA. Absolutely laughable.

    • David Oh
      David Oh 3 months ago +20

      All while wearing golf shoes made by slave labor.

    • Kevin Hester
      Kevin Hester 3 months ago +6

      While this is true, it doesn't mean we should excuse the actions of the Saudi government and those who profit from it.

    • Ron Davis
      Ron Davis 3 months ago

      And they always played for mobey

  • BigDanT1221
    BigDanT1221 3 months ago +14

    I feel for Brandel, he stood strong for the tour and got rugged just like the rest of the players who stayed strong

    • Leroy
      Leroy 3 months ago +6

      He lied on their behalf. He is a fraud.

    • Stuart Stuart
      Stuart Stuart 3 months ago +1

      He's a shill

  • Adrian Alley
    Adrian Alley 3 months ago +15

    Cam Smith, Brooks, Phil, DJ don't need to have any concern how players who didnt take the bag feel now.
    It has nothing to do with them, everyone made a decision which was the biggest argument going around every time a LIV player advocated for owgr or ryder cup selection or majors selection.
    Players had a choice and made a decision, if you turned down millions the only guy to blame is the one in the mirror, and unfortunately thats just how life works. You take the available information and make a choice, no one's exempt from getting it wrong sometimes.

    • Ding L Barry
      Ding L Barry 3 months ago +2

      kind of similar to what you said, but it was almost certainly never about ethics whether or not a player chose to go to liv. It was a matter of weighing the potential risks with the pros and cons and each player made a decision based on that. I doubt a single player choose not to go to liv because they had moral reservations. Players are already accepting money from sponsors that are located all over the world and they're already accepting pga money which a portion of that money already comes from Saudia Arabia, which is why the moral argument was so hilarious and hypocritical. I understand that the pga was using this as a tactic to combat a potential competitor, but from the sounds of it, people like Chamblee were dumb enough to believe it, unless he's still pretending that it's about ethics to save face.

    • RJ
      RJ 3 months ago +2

      @Ding L Barry @Adrian Alley
      Exactly, well said both of you.... How will mr PGA leader explain why the 911 issue is now all of a sudden okay, The nerve of this guy to take the moral high ground and then do this... Show alot about what it was really about...

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +4

      The LIV players took huge risks...they are pioneers...no sooking from the PGA players who took no risks

  • Cam Mac Master
    Cam Mac Master 3 months ago +31

    17:10 Phil deserves a victory lap and a pat on the walletXXXX I mean back from everyone, including Chamblee.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +3

      Phil should be made PGAT commissioner....100 times smarter than Jay

  • Randall Reece
    Randall Reece 3 months ago +39

    one of the best days of my life...love watching Brandel cry like the wus he is

  • Salvatore San juan
    Salvatore San juan 3 months ago +30

    I'd bet good money that Tiger and Rory were already informed that the merger is happening way before the news broke. So no, it won't be a long day for Jay M. It's gonna be a long day for Chamblee though seeing that he practically bashed LIV non stop since it started - and now, now he could be facing a future where he actually has to work alongside LIV.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 months ago +6

      For sure they knew, they were smart to "save face" now they can cry about how they were wronged and could have made more money but stood by their "morals" the rubes will eat it up. I love seeing Chamblee crying, his act of higher morality was so annoying. As if PGA is so clean

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +3

      NO..he must be fired immediately...the anti-Saudi rants are over

    • Michael Fong
      Michael Fong 3 months ago

      I know one group that has integrity and that is the Golf Channel. I personally got Rush Limbaugh throw off the golf channel. I'm sure you all remember when Rush was on with Hank Haney.. Rush had mocked Connie Chung with a broken English accent mocking Chinese people. I wrote 17 letters to the Golf Channel including all the on air personalities(Brandel and Rich were included) that someone of his character and racism should not be promoted.
      I figured it fell on deaf ears. A couple of months later I saw my caller ID light up with the "golf Channel". The person then said to me that they got my letters and decided that Rush would never be on the Golf Channel again.
      When the reruns came on Rush was not included.

  • ecyranot
    ecyranot 3 months ago

    One thing he left out is the loss of talent to the LIV tour. We just had the Memorial, Jack's tournament, and most people never heard of most of the players in contention. Stars are what people watch, and too many had left the PGA.

    • gallinho
      gallinho 3 months ago

      Never heard of mcilroy, hovland and Scheffler 😂 literally 2 of the top 3 in the world 😂

  • Jim J.
    Jim J. 3 months ago +20

    They never want to talk about golf's dependence on Chinese manufacturing and their human rights issues.

  • EP
    EP 3 months ago +20

    Chamblee is on life support. Keep a life support button next to him

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +1

      He is DONE...even today still bashing the Saudis....gotta go

    • kc
      kc 3 months ago

      He looks like he is going to loose his shit any second 😮

    • Bill Sinclair
      Bill Sinclair 3 months ago

      Someone may need to do a welfare check on him tomorrow!

  • Icey
    Icey 3 months ago +72

    Rory changed his tone towards LIV couple of months ago and JT was nowhere to be found. That could be the sign this was coming.

    • Chip In
      Chip In 3 months ago +22

      Rory looking like the fool he is 🤣⛳

    • WheelerRickTHETIEGUY
      WheelerRickTHETIEGUY 3 months ago

      Ur implying a very large secret, like biggest of all time, was held. That’s a tough one to believe.

    • Corey Simpkin
      Corey Simpkin 3 months ago +1

      I love a good conspiracy 😂 unlucky Rory ..yeeeeea brooksy

    • Conman72
      Conman72 3 months ago +1

      ​@Chip InHe'd only look like a fool if he plays

  • R G
    R G 3 months ago +33

    Brandel Chamblee was completely and totally HUMILIATED by Brad Faxon on the Golf Channel recently. I really do believe that his days on TV are numbered!
    Considering that he was nothing special on the PGA Tour, I wonder what Brandel would have done if he was offered the chance of joining the LIV Tour? I reckon he would have been one of the first to happen

  • Peter Cameron
    Peter Cameron 3 months ago +4

    I hope that the coverage of golf trends more to the DP style , it is so much better to watch than official PGA coverage in the US. Hope the wizards on the cameras find a way to show us in real time the slopes and angles on fairways and greens. The cameras used now flatten the hitting area,despite the best efforts of the commentators to tell us of the difficulties.

    • PS84
      PS84 3 months ago +2

      I hope they don’t have LIV type coverage of “showing more shots” which led to literally showing shots from players who were 15-20 shots off the lead all day long just for the sake of the boring team aspect.

    • Blake Robert
      Blake Robert 3 months ago

      LMFAO. I watch the DP tour on Sunday mornings and it is so damn boring. And nobody is at tournaments. The PGA Tour is a million times better.

  • Dennis Weedman
    Dennis Weedman 3 months ago

    I'll be watching more Rose Zhang and the LPGA. Rose could not have emerged at a more opportune time.

  • G. Wills
    G. Wills 3 months ago +75

    It's so funny watching this video, if people are to maintain their integrity and beliefs they must not be part of the new alliance. He's clearly furious and shocked. The Golf Channel is now The LIV Golf Channel, so funny! 🤣

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +6

      Funny will be when Shamblee gets fired

    • RexyBing
      RexyBing 3 months ago +5

      Chamblee is a clown, its hilarious they have him on the air!

    • ericpaul72
      ericpaul72 3 months ago


  • Stefano Maniscalchi
    Stefano Maniscalchi 3 months ago +79

    Chamblee has understood that it is over for him, look at.....his face😅

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +6

      PHIL cannot stop LAUGHING

    • ericpaul72
      ericpaul72 3 months ago +1


    • MrWookie1981
      MrWookie1981 3 months ago +4

      Good because he is so incoherent in this interview.

    • J M
      J M 3 months ago +3

      He wants the players to become political activist… This was all about politics the whole time. How silly do these people feel

    • X V
      X V 3 months ago +1

      With all the isht he's been spewing, it's guaranteed that LIV will black ball him. Good luck to you.

  • Dark Spectrum
    Dark Spectrum 3 months ago +23

    I am sorry for chaamblee and Damon Hack for defending the pga while getting stabbed in the back by the commissioner. 😮

  • Freddy Brooks
    Freddy Brooks 3 months ago +6

    The game of golf hooked me when I realized it was about integrity. Integrity in the simplest terms by being honest in scoring, rules, etc., and you take that with you all day, all week when you play the game. LIV, in my opinion, just dirties the game up enormously. This really hurts...

  • JFT 777
    JFT 777 3 months ago

    When the 4 majors didn’t support the PGA tour and the corporate sponsors saw the fans except most of the LIV players at these events it was over !

  • Michigan Man
    Michigan Man 3 months ago +21

    People seem to forget that LIV has only been playing tournaments for 1 year this month. That's it. Once people started seeing thru the BS slander talking points and realized thru the majors that these guys are not washed and can compete, I honestly believe it was on the upswing. After a while people will soften on all this Saudi talk and would have started to watch. And more players eventually probably would have left. So good deal to just move forward together with a new plan. Something that could have happened to begin with

    • Stiggs Masta
      Stiggs Masta 3 months ago +3

      They should have seen through it from the start. One minute some guy is the best , greatest swing ever (as the talk is every week on the pgatour) one second after signing a liv contract theyre washed up? These people such as brandell are ridiculous

  • paulwilfridhunt
    paulwilfridhunt 3 months ago

    It is what it is and we have to go with it. It’s complicated. The general public doesn’t really understand it. However we have to make the best of things. We have to forgive and forget and get on with it. I think that the golfers who joined the Liv Tour will have lost some respect. There will be some loss of good will. And thats to be expected and of course it’s a pity. But it’s the way it is. Eventually it’ll all be forgiven and forgotten. The general public see it as disloyal and they aren’t too crazy about the Saudis. And the Liv players need to be understanding of this instead of trying to justify themselves. Just tell it like it is. And admit it was a bit of a disloyal thing particularly if the Saudis were behind 911. Tell it like it is. They couldn’t say no to the money. Be honest. What’s so wrong with that. People will get it in the end. Yes you could say the Saudis are trying to whitewash their reputation. That’s one way of looking at it. But another way is they are trying to make amends. And are the Royal family really to blame? Would they do something that stupid as 911. Probably not. The public understands golfers wanting to get ahead. They understand the money thing. Let’s pour oil on these troubled waters and move on. Forgive and forget. Let’s play some golf huh. Be positive. That’s the ticket.

  • J Matrix
    J Matrix 3 months ago

    "Thomas Jefferson didn’t have the golf industry in mind when he wrote that money, not morality, is the principle commerce of civilized nations, but his observation that a man’s management of his purse speaks volumes about his character can easily be applied to the sport’s leaders"

  • Colleen Dold
    Colleen Dold 3 months ago +2

    Way to go Brandel! I agree with your insights and i hope we all continually speak out against freedoms….and the integrity of golf

  • Dathan Garfield
    Dathan Garfield 3 months ago +93

    Brandel about to cry is pure gold.

    • Dave Wold
      Dave Wold 3 months ago +7

      Biggest black eye to golf journalism is and has been Chamblee.

    • King Ncaba
      King Ncaba 3 months ago +1

      Red eyes 👀

    • kc
      kc 3 months ago +2

      Gonna start a major binder as soon as this interview is over 😮

    • Slim Pickens
      Slim Pickens 3 months ago

      He's going to cry in the car......

  • Stiggs Masta
    Stiggs Masta 3 months ago +15

    Hopefully LIV doesnt change much because of this. Love it, been great to watch so far. Havent missed a round.all of our countries do busines with SA, get over it.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +2

      Yeah, Americans seem to forget what the CIA does

    • Bryan Baumgartner
      Bryan Baumgartner 3 months ago

      ​@Paul J CrossWhat does the CIA di?

    • Joshua Taylor
      Joshua Taylor 3 months ago +1

      Liv product sucks. If you knew anything about business you would realize LIV is dead. The saudis wanted a seat at the big table. Now they have a seat.

    • DanielSong39
      DanielSong39 3 months ago +1

      @Joshua Taylor They wanted a seat at the table but now they own it

    • Mark Hall
      Mark Hall 3 months ago

      LIV was a garbage product, with some good players.

  • Cryptonomics
    Cryptonomics 3 months ago +37

    Great Day in GOLF! PGA Tour wouldnt have been in this situation had it done right by the Players from Day 1.

    • Mike Rodrick
      Mike Rodrick 3 months ago +1

      The players make millions or hundreds of millions over their careers as well as being paid for appearances, millions more from endorsements but as usual, that's not enough. They already live lives of luxury with more money than they'll ever need but again, it's never enough & the Saudis own their souls.

    • Casey
      Casey 3 months ago +3

      ​@Mike Rodrick Everyone on tour doesn't make that money. That Saudi money has been in the game of golf for years. Especially the LPGA. I hope you take a stand on your values. Quit watching golf, if you ever did really watch.

    • Mike Rodrick
      Mike Rodrick 3 months ago

      @Casey The LPGA has nothing to do with Saudi money but they've been talking about it for months wondering if they'll be asked to join. Everyone has their hand out ready to accept the cash.

  • Charles Barry
    Charles Barry 3 months ago +21

    These guys and there blind allegiance to the PGA is disgusting. The tour players bring in the money to the association. Not the other way around.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago

      The PGAT is owned by the players.....

  • MatthewDean
    MatthewDean 3 months ago +12

    Will Chamblee stand on his principles and resign if he is asked to analyze a PGA/LIV event?

    • Jacob R
      Jacob R 3 months ago

      Very true! If he is that concerned with the Integrity of the game and how gentlemanly the sport is it would be the right thing for him to quit. Literally based on his morality.

    • realjonmandude
      realjonmandude 3 months ago +2

      Did he when he analyzed the RBC Heritage? RBC is the same financial group as PIF.

    • Michael Fong
      Michael Fong 3 months ago

      I know one group that has integrity and that is the Golf Channel. I personally got Rush Limbaugh throw off the golf channel. I'm sure you all remember when Rush was on with Hank Haney.. Rush had mocked Connie Chung with a broken English accent mocking Chinese people. I wrote 17 letters to the Golf Channel including all the on air personalities(Brandel and Rich were included) that someone of his character and racism should not be promoted.
      I figured it fell on deaf ears. A couple of months later I saw my caller ID light up with the "golf Channel". The person then said to me that they got my letters and decided that Rush would never be on the Golf Channel again.
      When the reruns came on Rush was not included.

    • MatthewDean
      MatthewDean 3 months ago

      @Michael Fong pro-level trolling, sir.

  • MotoTaco213
    MotoTaco213 3 months ago +19

    As a golfer, principles and self governing are one of the keys. LIV does not align with my principles and self governing of golf, PGA has tarnished it's image.

    • Chip In
      Chip In 3 months ago +8

      Time to Liv it up with Brandel 🤣⛳

    • mike miserendino
      mike miserendino 3 months ago +3

      In what way does the league not align with your values? And don't say Saudi money because our government and plenty of PGA sponsors do business with them daily

    • BUDINO
      BUDINO 3 months ago +2

      Hop on your moto and join the bandwagon of haters….Go somewhere else

  • Marco
    Marco 3 months ago +6

    The game of golf will never be same!

  • Charles R. Aliff Jr.
    Charles R. Aliff Jr. 3 months ago +4

    Kudos to Brandel Chamblee; he is on the right side of this issue. This is a seminal moment for Brandel; history will remember Brandel’s voice on this matter. Golf is on the precipice of losing it’s legacy, tradition, and everything that made it what it is up to this horrid decision.

    • Alan N
      Alan N 3 months ago +1

      He is the only one with balls on this channel to actually speak his mind.

    • Michael Fong
      Michael Fong 3 months ago

      I know one group that has integrity and that is the Golf Channel. I personally got Rush Limbaugh throw off the golf channel. I'm sure you all remember when Rush was on with Hank Haney.. Rush had mocked Connie Chung with a broken English accent mocking Chinese people. I wrote 17 letters to the Golf Channel including all the on air personalities(Brandel and Rich were included) that someone of his character and racism should not be promoted.
      I figured it fell on deaf ears. A couple of months later I saw my caller ID light up with the "golf Channel". The person then said to me that they got my letters and decided that Rush would never be on the Golf Channel again.
      When the reruns came on Rush was not included.

  • FWhites
    FWhites 3 months ago

    This means everybody who shamed players for signing with LIV was full of it. It was always about money, they just figured it out before the rest of them did.

  • tcphoto
    tcphoto 3 months ago +3

    Money has won out over integrity and conscience.

  • eric silika
    eric silika 3 months ago +2

    Funniest part is Brandel was on social media slamming LIV for months. Now he has to eat all those words and welcome back the LIV players. Love it

  • Elvis Maldonado
    Elvis Maldonado 3 months ago +98

    Who thinks Brandel Chamblee will be let go? Any Bets? #yourfired

    • John Drummond
      John Drummond 3 months ago +4

      Brandel Chamblee works for NBC (the Golf Channel is an NBC subsidiary). He's going nowhere.

    • 02nupe
      02nupe 3 months ago +11

      @John Drummond time will tell, we already know money talks and if those with the money want him gone, he is gone. Fake purist and idealist aside, money makes the call.

    • Chip In
      Chip In 3 months ago +13

      Chumplee crying into his slice of humble pie...oh Chumplee it's not about you anymore??...Wow you changed your tune quick 🤣🤣
      You just love to see it ⛳

    • Marc Ip Fook Shing
      Marc Ip Fook Shing 3 months ago +5

      He is gone!

    • Rich McIntosh
      Rich McIntosh 3 months ago +6

      Counting the days with a smirk on my face

  • Donny Torrefranca
    Donny Torrefranca 3 months ago

    The only reason why LIV Golf was different compared to all the other leagues that came up like ones in China.... Is not because it was on the cusp of the Khashoggi murgers, not because of the Sept 11 stuff and blood money... it was all because LIV had a major backing that was a massive threat to the PGA Tour to be a legitimate tour that players will jump ship to. All that other stuff was just propaganda started by PGA Tour to hopefully prevent LIV to become as big as it is now.

  • DAGenao
    DAGenao 3 months ago

    Not knowing the terms of the agreement, I will say that it is a slap in the face of the players who turned down the LIV money. Fully agree with Brandel Chamblee.

  • Dominooch
    Dominooch 3 months ago +1

    PGA Tour got greedy. They could’ve avoided all of this if they just paid the players more from the start

  • CT London
    CT London 3 months ago +20

    The PGA will never be the same

    • RayNLA
      RayNLA 3 months ago +14

      That’s the point!

    • Big Boots
      Big Boots 3 months ago +6


    • John Derington
      John Derington 3 months ago +3

      It will likely get much much better. Competition and need lead to innovation. Can't wait to see what the next several years will bring in the world of golf!

    • Chip In
      Chip In 3 months ago +3

      About time because it is boring...time to Liv it up ⛳

    • Mark Arnold
      Mark Arnold 3 months ago +6

      The PGA will be worse across the board. I’ll just be glad when all the MAGA fans, who don’t know golf anyway, just fade away

  • John K
    John K 3 months ago

    "Will the integrity of professional golf remain intact..." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bamboo Shoot
    Bamboo Shoot 3 months ago +43

    This makes Brooks’ “wellness check on Brandel” even funnier. Dude looks like he’s been crying in the car.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +1

      Great shot Brooksy....Phil must be smiling today

  • Yeo Kian Chuan
    Yeo Kian Chuan 3 months ago

    Pga grew bcos of more sponsors so this is the same n hopefully more games can b arrange so more pro golfers can profit from this

  • josh cunnett
    josh cunnett 3 months ago +5

    PGA Tour claims to be a Players Run Tour. Well it’s quite the opposite. Monahan is all that wrong with that Tour. I’m all for having all 3 tours but the stuff that man said last year. Trump literally called this last year.

  • John Brubaker
    John Brubaker 3 months ago +1

    Excellent interview

  • Russell Kempe
    Russell Kempe 3 months ago +15

    I am not surprised by Brandel's reaction. He fails to see that this merger brings 48 LIV Players back into the PGA Tour mix, which they lost. The PGA Tour lost its credibility during the last two years because the competition is not at the same level as it was in 2020'. Forget about the $$$. The competition is what this is all about.

    • Pickle Rick
      Pickle Rick 3 months ago +2

      Yea they lost a lot of talent and now they cry when they come back, they are all cry babies.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +1

      Brandel doesn't worry about the competition. He won once on tour, never close in a major, peaked at 58 in the world. He's worried about being a loud mouth and trashing the greats of the game, something he's far from.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +2

      The merger will bring huge money into pro golf, and so much better events amongst the best players

    • Lars
      Lars 3 months ago

      Russell, I don't think so. It is always about the money. How deluded you are.

    • Mike Rodrick
      Mike Rodrick 3 months ago

      48 players who are past their prime other than possibly DJ & Koepka. The other 46 haven't won in years which is why they jumped ship. Easy money. Guaranteed money with no cut & 54 holes. Class B at best. The consolation league that can't play with the big boys & no one misses them.

  • Blujay
    Blujay 3 months ago +5

    Without sponsors and volunteers it all falls apart. I'm waiting to see what the tournament sponsors do.

    • Jacob R
      Jacob R 3 months ago

      People don't invest BILLIONS without a plan 😂

    • MaMa Tino
      MaMa Tino 3 months ago

      🤔 - Indeed "arrogance" is out of fashion🥱

    • MaMa Tino
      MaMa Tino 3 months ago

      @Bert Remains to seen...

  • David Brown
    David Brown 3 months ago +12

    The PGA couldn’t hang their hat on Rory since he chokes all the time. Just look at last weekend. Rory can’t play the RBC every week and the PGA knows it. JT hasn’t played at a championship level in 2 years. PGA has Rahm and Sheffler, that’s it. LIV has a lot more younger BIG stars and the PGA knew that. If LIV got a TV deal, it was absolutely over for the PGA.

    • realjonmandude
      realjonmandude 3 months ago +1

      It's funny that you said "The RBC".....the same financial group behind PIF is the same financial group behind RBC

    • John D
      John D 3 months ago

      Rory won the tour championship and fed ex last year while taking the #1 ranking, and JT won a major last year. But, you're right, they suck.

  • Freebo
    Freebo 3 months ago +1

    Tiger and Rory need to be "financially thanked" for their loyalty.

    • Slim Pickens
      Slim Pickens 3 months ago

      Plus all the other rank and file members, but in the end all they recieved was a handshake

  • Rene Jean
    Rene Jean 3 months ago +7

    Don't know why Brandel has so many haters. He talks a lot of sense and makes some great points.

    • Andrew Philips
      Andrew Philips 3 months ago +2

      I'm not a fan because his stance was always hypocritical due to the PGA already allowing tournaments in S.A., LPGA plays there regularly, the PGA China investment..the fact Saudis already had massive ownership of many PGA sponsors etc. etc.
      It was cherry picking human rights issues for a political stance to deny competition of it's right to exist.

    • Johnny Penso
      Johnny Penso 3 months ago +2

      This entire interview is sportswashing 101. The fact that you can't see that is very telling.

    • James Anthony
      James Anthony 3 months ago +1

      His haters go back well before LIV.

    • Rene Jean
      Rene Jean 3 months ago

      @Johnny Penso - lol Trump has taught you that deflection tactic well, I see. Accuse the other side of doing exactly what *you* are doing. Bit transparent this time though, JonnyBoy.

  • john anderson
    john anderson 3 months ago

    BC is Nothing Short of BRILLIANT!!! Good on Him!!!

  • Jeff Rummel
    Jeff Rummel 3 months ago

    The game will never miss Brandel 5:56

  • Clint Torres
    Clint Torres 3 months ago +20

    Integrity? PGA’s been hoarding most the cash for so long and LIV exposed that. Phil was absolutely right all along.

    • Scott
      Scott 3 months ago

      Funny how Brandel talks about human rights issues but doesn't say a word about athletes taking money or doing business with China.

  • Adam FL
    Adam FL 3 months ago +7

    chamblee's legacy...1 win at an event with no top 25 players in it over 30 yrs ago. 👍

    • JP
      JP 3 months ago +2

      and your legacy is - you spent time out of your life to look that up and it is probably the highlight of your golf career

    • Mark Arnold
      Mark Arnold 3 months ago

      What the hell does that have to do with being a golf commentator? You have to win a major to be able to break down golf swings or comment on tour matters? I guess Vin Scully should be looked at as a hack since he didn't play.

    • mac moore
      mac moore 3 months ago


    • Sean Mawson
      Sean Mawson 3 months ago

      😂😂😂go liv

  • Gene McAward
    Gene McAward 3 months ago +6

    18:53 - “this isnt about me” ….what would these massive organizations have to do to make Brandel satisfied ?😂😂😂😂😂😂. And he actually follows up with terms they need to meet. Quite the ego on this one.

  • dttruman
    dttruman 3 months ago

    Chamblee says this whole thing is about the game of golf, but he sure took a lot of shots at Phil and LIV, but he refused to take back what he has says about Phil. He will never apologize. He knows that Monahan is going to get a Big Bonus, so he will be expecting one himself.

  • Michael Ciccarelli
    Michael Ciccarelli 3 months ago +6

    Brandel lets face it you were wrong! Greg Norman wanted to do this 20 years ago and Beaman wouldnt listen to global golf. Phil was Right! Too much greed by the PGA not revenue share w/ the INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS who have the right to choose! Finchem would not listen to the players so now he has to do what was right, merging them all. I hope LiV bands Finchem from being on the board! lol Your fired here is your golden parachute. lol But we all know Finchem had to give into all the big boy sponsors who do tons of business w/ Saudi and they would have lost money if it went public! Brandel you are still a jerk along with the media playing the Saudi card which we all know thats ridiculous because the US does business with all countries even the ones that have horrible human rights,. It is finally nice to see the Man & The EcoSyytem having to do what is right! Brandel this will make the game greater you just cant except you were wrong! LIV is what the players wanted and now the world will get the best golf product ever. I guess Jack now has to recognize Brooks and all LIV players when he said this w/e I dont even consider them!

  • Harrison Gwin
    Harrison Gwin 3 months ago

    this is sad for the PGA, I mean my god, they got bent over, and they used their own players as morality and then just shot them in the back. I cannot believe this just happened....Im guessing LIV was threatening to just buy everything

  • Len Hall
    Len Hall 3 months ago +1

    Agree with Brandel. Horribly sad day

  • George Maurice
    George Maurice 3 months ago +30

    "J" screws the PGA members. If there is justice, he has to go (no matter what his payoff)

    • JP
      JP 3 months ago +1

      He will stick around for a year or two - to save face - but too many people will hate that face for him to stick around long term.

    • Andrew Philips
      Andrew Philips 3 months ago +1

      ​@JP my guess is...
      he'll be sacrificial lamb for deal helping Saudis in door, and already knows and accepts it for a massive compensation amount.
      Will be gone before start of 2024.

  • ExposedRoot
    ExposedRoot 3 months ago

    As a born and raised black women from New York City who does not play golf even I can see strategically this is the perfect example of divide and conquer. If all the players had stuck together from the very beginning and made the man said Chamblee talked about, The PGA would have had more strength And would have one way or another come out on top or at least had the upper hand. The players split there was a lot of infighting, animosity and it made the PGA weak and at that point probably begging for a deal. They sucked up the entire sport of golf in one fell swoop.

    • JP
      JP 3 months ago

      sorry mam - it was always about the money - that is all it was- that PIF has a Trillion $. it is not even conceivable.

  • Silver Ranger
    Silver Ranger 3 months ago +8

    Any day listening to Chamblee is one of the saddest days in my listening to anyone discuss golf.

  • Mark Bryant
    Mark Bryant 3 months ago +4

    This decision by the PGA has forever tainted the legacy of the tour. This is a sad day. It reminds me of when the Olympics turned professional. The product became less pure. It makes me feel filthy. Can’t support it. If the charitable aspect of the tour is harmed. I will stop supporting the tour in any way.

    • Brendan Schriber
      Brendan Schriber 3 months ago +3

      Makes YOU feel filthy??? 😂 you still have to wake up tomorrow morning and go to your job. It’s not like this has any effect on your life to make you feel filth lol

    • b g
      b g 3 months ago

      @Brendan Schriber Drama queens looking for attention.

  • Alan N
    Alan N 3 months ago +3

    Chamblee is the only one at the golf channel with a backbone. I applaud him.

  • Alice Onaka
    Alice Onaka 3 months ago

    Rumors have it, the PGA would have ended up consisting of Rory and no one else. With Brandel commentating.

  • gsgeiger
    gsgeiger 3 months ago +15

    I disagree with Brandel. It is about the players and the commentators. That why I watch. I don't tune-in to the PGA. I tune-in to a player. I want to watch the best players compete.

    • Paul J Cross
      Paul J Cross 3 months ago +1

      The PGAT never cared about fans...but LIV really does...fan focused

    • Mark Hall
      Mark Hall 3 months ago

      Screw the pros, Clip-Share golf much more entertaining. The "best" golfers are those that entertain you the most, whatever their score.

    • gsgeiger
      gsgeiger 3 months ago

      @Mark Hall I watch every Good Good video, and all of their separate channels

  • john clark
    john clark 3 months ago

    would not be surprising to learn that Tiger and Rory were in some way involved with this. Both have been silent for a couple of months. Would explain the mental difficulties that Rory has been going through. Supposedly been under negotiations for about 7 weeks, the week after the Masters.

  • JakubP
    JakubP 3 months ago +2

    Chamblee gets way to much hate,all we want are people in the media to speak there truth and be authentic. And he is one of those people,im a fan even if i dont agree with him on somethings.

  • Jim Zanios
    Jim Zanios 2 months ago

    Well said Brandle

  • Thomas Jaffeux
    Thomas Jaffeux 3 months ago

    Brooks winning the PGA championship put this deal on the fast track. If anyone thinks otherwise your crazy.

  • Guy H.
    Guy H. 3 months ago +1

    The PGA was running out of money. They were going Broke. They knew as of last fall, they were in trouble.

  • Vu Ville
    Vu Ville 3 months ago +95

    Chamblee is disappointed because everything he talked about in the last years was flushed down the toilet.

    • Stefano Maniscalchi
      Stefano Maniscalchi 3 months ago +14

      I think that he is disappointed because he feels that soon he will be...... unemployed

    • Leroy
      Leroy 3 months ago +8

      He shouldn't have lied for them. He should have shown more integrity.

    • Kilo Mike
      Kilo Mike 3 months ago +8

      True. His augments are weak. Just about everything he complained about the Saudi's applies to China. Yet he is ok with the tour being in China.

    • ericpaul72
      ericpaul72 3 months ago +1


  • Mark Schedler
    Mark Schedler 3 months ago +1

    Best thinking on this issue I've heard. Congratulations and thank you, Mr. Chamblee. Boys, we are part of a country with more than its share of human rights violations in its history. Flawed societies have to require more of themselves and their partners - that's how we advance civilization. Golf Channel - teach some history - the role of appeasement that led to WWII and other wars; the creation of the PGA, how and why nations have reformed themselves (Germany?), why would Saudi think this would work (look at our television, how profanity is becoming entertainment, our politics, a generation of entitled people and their parents who just quit working, the erosion of the middle class. Look at the wars that started because the aggressor didn't think they would have a fight. This is what chasing money gets you. Want an example? Ukraine. Let's be like them with the Saudis, bad education, bad media, cheap and tacky television, etc. We could be so much better and if we don't we will be so much smaller.

  • John Labernik
    John Labernik 3 months ago

    If the PGA really had such beef with the PIF, they would have dropped all sponsors that have PIF investment. The PGA obviously is just about the money.

  • Bayou Boy
    Bayou Boy 3 months ago

    Asking because Im not sure. But tis the PGA and The European Tour merged ? or do they just allow the Euros to play here ? I dont see why they had to merge ? They could have just treated it like players form other Tours. If LIV buys the PGA, its over for the PGA. This has the potential to destroy the PGA.

  • Bill Sinclair
    Bill Sinclair 3 months ago +9

    I’m pretty sure, Brandel Chamblee will be looking for a job outside of golf in 2024.

    • Jack Taylor
      Jack Taylor 3 months ago +2

      let's all hope so

    • Jack Taylor
      Jack Taylor 3 months ago

      @Bert no its owned by NBC .. lets see who gets the new contracts ;) if Norman has any say it wont be NBC

    • Bill Sinclair
      Bill Sinclair 3 months ago +1

      @Bert No, it’s because he has bad mouthed LIV and the Saudis. Now they own it all they can exert pressure on ending his career. He created a powerful enemy.

    • Bill Sinclair
      Bill Sinclair 3 months ago +1

      @Bert I don’t want to see him go but the reality is, the Saudis now own professional golf. Maybe they will extend an olive branch?

  • Cole Converse
    Cole Converse 3 months ago

    Brandel Chamblee is the Adam Schiff of Professional Golf

  • Blujay
    Blujay 3 months ago +4

    I have to smile when I think of all the talk about the PGA tour being a monopoly. A merger of PGATour, LIV and DP? Now, THIS is a monopoly.