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GR TOYOTA GAZOO RACING Thailand Open 2022 | Li Shi Feng (CHN) vs. Lee Zii Jia (MAS) [6] | F

  • Published on May 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GR TOYOTA GAZOO RACING Thailand Open 2022 | Super 500
    Men's Singles | Finals
    Li Shi Feng (CHN) vs. Lee Zii Jia (MAS) [6]
    #BWFWorldTour #ThailandOpen2022
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Comments • 0

  • Aam Nahid
    Aam Nahid Year ago +176

    LZJ trained himself in this tournament how to get calm in the most nerve wracking & crucial moments.. Big Congrats for his performance...👏

    • Must.Af.aalik
      Must.Af.aalik Year ago

      He has engaged a coach from Indo., probably with financial support from Victor company.

    • Aam Nahid
      Aam Nahid Year ago +9

      @Must.Af.aalik So? what r u trying to say?

    • Must.Af.aalik
      Must.Af.aalik Year ago

      @Aam Nahid SO? That means he did not train himself. He had a COACH WITH HIM. Watch @ 1:19:58 with his coach.

    • TAN
      TAN Year ago +2

      His coach is truly amazing!

    • Phạm Kim
      Phạm Kim Year ago +6

      @Must.Af.aalik but you should remember that players is the main factor. Because they play not their coaches play. OK???

  • Sean Yiu
    Sean Yiu Year ago +68

    LZJ has improved since he left BAM. Credit to him and his coach Indra Wujaya. He has developed a distinct style of wide court coverage with body square (his body length helps) and very early front intercepts for hold and push to back, or very tight net spins forcing opponent to lift, His smash is tremendous and can do off speed half smashes and sharp drops too and he uses more opponent court space than even 6 months ago. This style had just enough to get him over the finish line this time. He will need to develop a stronger all court game and much more deception to get "easy" points and not have to over rely on smashes like he does now. Kudos to Li Shi Feng - he will only get better.

    • Quaithe
      Quaithe Year ago +1

      BAM? what's that?

  • Nurin S
    Nurin S Year ago +74

    Two championships in a month. This guy really bounced back after his controversy earlier this year. We almost lost him. Imagine if this guy was actually really suspended for two years? And what amazed me was his mental strength. Very different from Lee Zii Jia's previous version. You're almost there. Don't forget to be better everyday. Keep up this consistency Jia and welcome to WR5 🙌👏

  • Alia
    Alia Year ago +65

    A very nerve-wracking and interesting final. Both player shows an astonishing fighting spirit. Li Shi Feng plays very well. He is the one to watch for the next time to come .

    • Eddie Harrison
      Eddie Harrison Year ago +1

      He is very young, didn't get the break through before COVID that LZJ did, very soon they will both be dominating.

    • Edson
      Edson 6 months ago

      @Eddie Harrison yup li shifeng is now All England Champion

    • Eddie Harrison
      Eddie Harrison 6 months ago

      @Edson And LZJ got to the Semi-Final! Hopefully they will both continue to do so well.

  • Warkos
    Warkos Year ago +20

    Amazing raw power from both player, huge respect for both of them playing for 3 sets. Net play was amazing, neither wanted to give the high lift since both have tremendous smash power.

  • VDyoJunkie
    VDyoJunkie Year ago +85

    Im crying. Im actually crying. Im so happy for him. I love how he stay calm and focus. Malaysia is proud to have a talented player like you. Thank you!

    • Must.Af.aalik
      Must.Af.aalik Year ago +2

      @VDyo. YES! Malaysia does not acknowledge the love & loyalty from her minority citizens.😔

  • GG GG
    GG GG Year ago +23

    I've never seen cross court smash as powerful and as consistent as LZJ ever

  • chip potato
    chip potato Year ago +209

    I need to admit.. These days lzj has the strongest mentality among MS Malaysia. He really desperate to show Malaysian that his decision to quit from BAM was right. Kudos to u lzj n your team

    • Babushka Basement Beats
      Babushka Basement Beats Year ago +3

      what is BAM?

    • Rohit Kumar
      Rohit Kumar Year ago +5

      Can you explain BAM and why did he quit it

    • Quaithe
      Quaithe Year ago +1

      what is BAM

    • Jumahiah Jumahiah
      Jumahiah Jumahiah Year ago +3

      @Rohit Kumar I kinda heard he left because he was too stressed in there with all the tention.. And he need to join almost all tournament even he was injured so that's why after quitting he is becoming more confident i guess? And he can withdrawn from any tournament so he didn't lose all his energy playing all tournament

      DORNIER SERC TAJON Year ago +3

      @Babushka Basement Beats i think BAM is Badmintion Association of Malaysia

  • Salman syed
    Salman syed Year ago +21

    Just amazing and raw power !!! from both players and especially kudos to LZJ for his mentality and holding the nerve at crucial moment

  • MST
    MST Year ago +167

    LCW never won this title. LZJ is proving that he’s not the next LCW but he’s gonna make his own history. LCW is GOAT and LZJ is on the right track to be another one.

    • Wimz Swimz
      Wimz Swimz Year ago +2

      Thailand open is just S500, so it doesn't matter!

    • Phạm Kim
      Phạm Kim Year ago +34

      @Wimz Swimz nope. Even 500 or 1000, it is still important tournament. You said as if you can won this tournament..hahahah.Stop saying such silly things.

    • MrBoast
      MrBoast Year ago +22

      @Wimz Swimz dude it super 500 and it also top 3 tier event...I mean if you winning all super 500 , you can qualify easily in world tour

    • I'm Alien
      I'm Alien Year ago +1

      why goat?

    • MST
      MST Year ago +1

      @I'm Alien because he’s not a sheep.

  • Lesson Learned
    Lesson Learned Year ago +36

    You have to give credit to LSF. I think after the Thomas Cup disappointment, the coach and him trying to proof they are worthy. A much more aggressive attacking style. But LZJ showed he is the real undisputed Malaysian Men Singles #1 taking the torch from LCW. I like his wise decision to go independent and with an Indo coach, so that he won't be dragged down by BAM politics and stupidity.

    • Wimz Swimz
      Wimz Swimz Year ago +3

      Oh my God!!! LZJ almost became the victim of young chinese MS just like jonatan christie who lost to weng hongyang in korea open S500 as WHY was still 156! Anyway, LSF and WHY really give a very dangerous sign, especially in upcoming major events

    • Phạm Kim
      Phạm Kim Year ago +3

      @Wimz Swimz lose is lose.

    • Wimz Swimz
      Wimz Swimz Year ago +1

      @Phạm Kim You again 😩😩😵

    • Eddie Harrison
      Eddie Harrison Year ago

      @Wimz Swimz They have to pick up where Shi Yuqi left off! It is just like when Shi Yuqi had to pick up for Lin Dan and Chen Long, though Shi Yuqi will be back China can't hope that Shi Yuqi will be back to his Unstoppable form and these young players, WHY, LSF, Sun Feixiang have to try and compete against each other to get those No2 and No3 spots if Shi comes back.

    • MrBoast
      MrBoast Year ago

      @Eddie Harrison shi yu qi have same problems like momota....Bad injuries occur after that lost all his form and never come back anymore....Lot of talented player nowadays , missing and retired early coz of injuries...Bao fangie, Li Jun hui,....

  • Presley M
    Presley M Year ago +3

    44:37 Luck or skill, that net shot is just ridiculously amazing. 🤯

  • Nur Syazwina@Ervina Taket
    Nur Syazwina@Ervina Taket 11 months ago +3

    Good job lee Jii Zia....for winning this game for Malaysia...I'm proud to be a Malaysian

  • shubhanshu arya
    shubhanshu arya 3 months ago

    Fantastic match love to see this game spirit,such an inspiring match as well as player lee Zee jia❤

  • Faezuan Azmi
    Faezuan Azmi Year ago +33

    Comeback is real 🏸
    Congrats Lee Zii Jia 💪

  • I *
    I * Year ago +3

    Молодцы оба! Сколько труда за этим!!!

  • Noel Then
    Noel Then 6 months ago +1

    How we missed LZJ fighting spirit like this match. Sadly this is the last victory for coach Indra Wijaya before his contract was abruptly ended prematurely by LZJ himself the following year, and both will involve in industrial court case in Malaysia over this dispute.

  • J Yu
    J Yu Year ago +5

    LZJ has some crazy power and reflexes in his shots

  • Wimpy Mike
    Wimpy Mike Year ago +17

    amazing match by both of them! great comeback from lzj

  • Kirana Renata Dantec
    Kirana Renata Dantec Year ago +23

    "The World Championships remain Zii Jia's biggest priority this year," - Indra.W
    The world meet will be held in Tokyo in August 2022

    • mega cyber
      mega cyber Year ago +6

      Yeah, I read that article too today. Hope he can win something no other Malaysian has won before, the world championship and Olympic gold medal

    • Sean Yiu
      Sean Yiu Year ago +3

      Indra w hopefully can pace lzj to peak then. Lcw never peaked at Wc and played way too many smaller tournaments. Maybe it was his way to make $$$ so can’t blame him. But if lzj is intent on winning Wc he has to know about pacing himself.

  • erisya natasya
    erisya natasya Year ago

    Well done LZJ ... mental yg kuat..dh jauh ketinggalan tp still calm kejar satu mata demi mata..never give up and finally u r the hero... awesome ...kekuatan pemain bkn hnya pd fizikal tp pd kekuatan emosi dan mental..

  • Hell on earth
    Hell on earth Year ago +1

    What a fantastic game, full of nerve wrecking scenes

  • Jim Yang
    Jim Yang Year ago +8

    Lee isn't performing at his best today with lots of unforced errors. Strategy wise, Li Shi Feng performed better today: knowing Lee is good at heavy smashes, Li really put the attention at the net in the first game, forcing Lee (who is moving back after netting e.g. 17:47, 20:03) to step back in. And just when Lee thought Li is fixated on net play, Li does a lot of flat drive (20:14) to move Lee away from net. This prevents most of Lee's hard smashes. In fact, Lee barely get any big smashes today because of this reason.
    However, that would be perfect if there's no wind condition. There seems to be a court wind in the first game from direction Lee to Li. This causes quite a few flat pushes to go out (same goes for Lee in first game 20:27). This explains why the second game was a nightmare for Li, and why the second half of the third game was a nightmare for him as well. Li can't control the flat drive in good measure, then he can only resort to net play and lifts, which gives Lee a lot more room to take care of the net or just slowly move back and prepare the big smashes (1:06:33, 1:08:19).
    Aside from that, Li's smashes are a little uncontrolled at time (37:51 43:25), and his smash patterns are a bit too limited (1:14:02 he did three hard smashes, forehand, backhand and body smashes. On retrospect he could've do drop shots with better placements).
    Not being able to handle the wind condition and control the shuttle placement is the difference between the two today. Li made a huge improvement already considered he play two more matches just to get into the tournament. He reminds me more of a 2019 LZJ: good physique, good aggression, good stamina, perhaps better mentality, but he still needs some work on details.

    • Ameruddin Ato
      Ameruddin Ato Year ago +2

      Thanks for the nice explanation

    • NNAZ
      NNAZ Year ago +5

      Yup even he said himself and he’s tired physically and mentally, can see his tiredness when he against liew daren but 1 thing he has improve is mentality. He has that champion mentality thats why he won this tournament. For li shi feng, his net play in this match way better than lee zii jia and attacking also good he just needs more experience and polish his skills

    • x
      x Year ago

      Tired can effect your performance skills and judgement

  • Janu Juliyantoro
    Janu Juliyantoro Year ago +12

    Alhamdulillah walau berat pertandingan lawan Li shifeng ,dgn sabar akhirnya Lee zii Jia memenangkan pertandingan ini,semula tak yakin karena set 1 kalah set 3 ketinggalan jauh... 👍👍Akhirnya tersusul dgn dgn selisih angka tipiis 23,21 akhirnya Lee zii Jia yg menang ,aku jauh lebih suka jika yg menang Lee zii Jia,semoga Lee zii Jia selalu fit amin

  • Hell on earth
    Hell on earth Year ago +2

    I really feel for Li SFeng🙏

  • shela lela
    shela lela Year ago +14

    New Lee Zii Jia is born.
    On the other hand, Imo two China youngster has a bright future and gonna be a big challenger in this Ms department.

  • Thoughtful Ai
    Thoughtful Ai Year ago +4

    Fabulous. Mentality, power, net play.

  • Rexdidi S.p.d
    Rexdidi S.p.d Year ago +11

    Lee zii jia ..sudh lawan semua top2 teratas..dan dia akan menuju no 1 dunia..one day.

  • Sugary Suga
    Sugary Suga Year ago +37

    53:44 the slow mo.., the shuttle shattered and turns to 'snow' 🤯 just how fast the smash was? 390kph? 400kph?

    • Yap Julian
      Yap Julian Year ago +10

      That's a jumping slice smash.It's even faster than a straight jumping smash.The reason was slicing the feathers reduces the air resistance of the shuttlecock(bent feathers).The con is damaged shuttlecock and needs changing after this shot.The smash shoots >400kph easily.

    • Sugary Suga
      Sugary Suga Year ago +5

      @Yap Julian wow, just wow .. with that speed, i think its enough to knock me off if the shuttle hit my head 🤪🤪

    • channel name
      channel name Year ago +5

      @Yap Julian slicing the shuttle decreases speed, if he hit straight would be much faster

  • Wee Long Phan
    Wee Long Phan Year ago +2


  • Shadyvoid
    Shadyvoid Year ago +12

    Nice job to both but especially li shi feng we know you tried your best hope you keep improving

  • choc choc
    choc choc Year ago +11

    Congratulations our champ 🏆 our pride 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • Lucas Hamilton
    Lucas Hamilton Year ago +43

    22 years old and Li Shifeng is gradually proving himself to be in the top players. Wish him lots of luck!💪🏻🇨🇳🏸

    • HR W
      HR W Year ago +2

      LSF is always a mediocre player only.

    • Lucas Hamilton
      Lucas Hamilton Year ago +7

      @HR W Gil said that LSF is way better than his ranking. If you have seen him playing and don’t let your biased view step in, you won’t say something like that.😏😏

    • Akash Barua
      Akash Barua Year ago +5

      @Lucas Hamilton yeah same goes for weng hong yang

    • Eddie Harrison
      Eddie Harrison Year ago

      @Mark II Not by much LOL

    • Eddie Harrison
      Eddie Harrison Year ago

      @HR W That is a lie, he has beat Jonatan Christie, he has beat so many other players and he went all the way to this final and very very narrowly lost against LZJ who has beat multiple Olympic and World Champions to date.

  • Đình Thành
    Đình Thành Year ago +3

    Quá tuyệt vời, quá bản lĩnh

  • محمد عبدالله

    In this game we have learned something.never give up until end.calmdown, patient,not celebrate to early, respect opponent..we thont know who's lucky.

  • Mememeeep
    Mememeeep Year ago +37

    Both LSF and Vito failed to convert the 4-11 lead to win the match against LZJ.

    • Eddie Harrison
      Eddie Harrison Year ago +3

      very hard for LSF to mentally convert. He is young and this was a long tournament. He has proved that he can be among the best and in the next few years I look forward to LZJ and LSF meeting in many semi finals

  • denzelnolet
    denzelnolet Year ago +6

    Insanely good final game

  • Mr Chikkie Gaming
    Mr Chikkie Gaming Year ago +1

    Watching this after LZJ lost to zhao jun peng in BWC... similar scores, hope he makes less errors in next tournament🥲

  • Karaoke solo
    Karaoke solo Year ago

    Tahniah lee ji zia! Anda sememangnya layak menang!

  • Pandu Kurniawan
    Pandu Kurniawan Year ago +6

    Superb performance 🔥

  • Sad
    Sad Year ago

    Lee zii jia has a better attack style than lcw honestly

  • Janu Juliyantoro
    Janu Juliyantoro Year ago +4

    Lee zii Jia menang,aku pun ikut senang perjuangan Lee zii Jia yg luar biasa,

  • Cyber Security Specialist

    MALAYSIA BOLEH! Keep winning LZJ!!! Cheering from SYD!!

  • Cahyono
    Cahyono Year ago +10

    A very extraordinary match.

  • Bean Little
    Bean Little Year ago +8

    Kite dh nangis dh 20-20 set 3.X tau nk ckp ape dh.Lzj mental fizikal km memang kuat.LZJ ❤👏👍🔥💪

  • 한나
    한나 Year ago

    This is a fantastic matchhhhh!

  • Junaid world
    Junaid world Year ago +4

    Proud of new generation of lcw that is lee zii jia

  • 陸駿傑
    陸駿傑 Year ago +11


    • Yola Reg
      Yola Reg Year ago +1


    • Thomas Cui
      Thomas Cui Year ago

      @Yola Reg ?

    • 陸駿傑
      陸駿傑 Year ago +2

      @Yola Reg 是的。和我的想法一样,每次都那么用力扣杀消耗体力,但杀球得分率很低,回家要好好练练。

    • Yola Reg
      Yola Reg Year ago +2

      @陸駿傑 他杀球发力肯定有问题,而且杀球角度太正了,完全杀不到边

    • 陸駿傑
      陸駿傑 Year ago

      @Yola Reg 杀球点也控制的有问题,有一个球早早就起跳。杀的球还不贴网…

  • Ron DLH
    Ron DLH Year ago +2

    Amazing skills!

  • Zara Shine
    Zara Shine Year ago +3

    Amazing match !

  • Sainty
    Sainty Year ago +3

    A great match….!!!

  • August
    August Year ago +3

    1:02:12 i will give credit to LZJ's fans... the best.. eventho he lost the points, they still keep scream LZJ name..

  • DrMrhn
    DrMrhn Year ago

    Rindu nk tgk zii jia main dkt court mcm ni

  • Natajohn
    Natajohn Year ago

    i want that winning racket he threw to the fans😭😭😊😊🤣🤣

  • Trường Lê Phương
    Trường Lê Phương 6 months ago

    LZJ truyền cảm hứng như Nadal trong tennis vậy.
    Rất hứng khởi khi xem

  • kthekith
    kthekith Year ago

    reading the comments is a bit funny to me. after everything lzj went through, i think he is doing well now ;)

  • Sam Wong
    Sam Wong Year ago +5

    Bring us a gold The new Lee

  • 777cpsf
    777cpsf Year ago +2

    LZJ game is still littered with unforced errors. Can't remember anor top ten players that make that many unforced errors. U can't give away free points like that. He trail for most of the game but lucky got the break at crucial moment. Seriously need cut down on his mistakes. He won't get the chance playing Victor. But credit to him for his unwavering fighting spirit. Kudos 👏 💐 🥳

  • Someoneprice
    Someoneprice Year ago +1

    bro choked so hard at the end omg bruh

  • Johnhakim
    Johnhakim Year ago +1

    Well done zia

  • D'Kus Chanel
    D'Kus Chanel Year ago +5

    For LSF, first finish the match 2-0 or 2-1 then you can shout celebration. Because your screams in set 1 are meaningless if the next 2 sets you lose

    • Yap Julian
      Yap Julian Year ago +1

      Pre matured happy ending.......🤣🤣🤣

  • Akam Newme
    Akam Newme 10 months ago +1

    Congrats lzj my favorite😍😍😍😍

  • Wombat Xave
    Wombat Xave Year ago +6

    Congrats to Lee and hope the Chinese player can show more sportsmanship in the future. Should apologise when the shuttle hits your opponent.

  • I-ME NAN
    I-ME NAN Year ago +1

    makin minat lzj..daya juang yg tinggi

  • Hasnofriends
    Hasnofriends Year ago +4

    Lee Chong Wei trained LZJ in Malaysia I was there.

  • Neonoply
    Neonoply Year ago


  • Peter Chen
    Peter Chen Year ago +5

    Li just needs more experience, he smash a little more too close to Lee's body.

    • Yap Julian
      Yap Julian Year ago +3

      It's legal and part of strategy to win a point.Body smash are quite difficult to return or defend because of restricted racket movement around the body perimeter.

    • petals
      petals Year ago +1

      It is part of the strategy. Not wrong. Personally i dont like it when a player do that as they might hurt/injure their opponent. Like what if the shuttle hit their eyes or something

  • Trường Lê Phương
    Trường Lê Phương 6 months ago

    Lzj cho mọi người biết cách bình tĩnh trở lại trong những thời khắc quan trọng như thế nào

  • ibnu mustafa
    ibnu mustafa Year ago +7

    If you are screaming during the game, it is signs you will lose

    • TeflonDave
      TeflonDave Year ago +1

      It is not necessary so. Carolina Marin screems all the time and she won everything. :)

    NGUYEN TRAN LUYEN Year ago +3

    in my opinion, he celebrated too soon. he forgot playing with super smash ZJ

  • shebs mohammed
    shebs mohammed Year ago +16

    It is always a treat for the eyes to watch Chinese are being defeated ... Kudos to LZJ and TTY for winning the championship...

    • Kagwang Koh
      Kagwang Koh Year ago +1

      We feel the same hehe

    • Ton P
      Ton P Year ago +6

      What a nonsense.

    • Kagwang Koh
      Kagwang Koh Year ago +1

      @Ton P that’s the way we feel, so it’s not nonsense 😉

    • 陸駿傑
      陸駿傑 Year ago +7

      I feel sad for you

    • Kagwang Koh
      Kagwang Koh Year ago

      @陸駿傑 LZJ won so we are very happy, we feel sad for you because the chinese guy lost. 😂 🤣

  • Mawe Upit
    Mawe Upit Year ago

    Metal lee kuat banget. Gg..

  • Janus Homer
    Janus Homer Year ago +6

    28:58, you can see that his whole celebration thing is an attempt at playing mind games.
    How do like them apples li shi feng?
    1:16:10 lol, premature celebration for just getting back level

    • Yap Julian
      Yap Julian Year ago

      Too young and naive.......followed the wrong peers,crowd and environment.
      Have a long way ahead,to be a better person and player.

    • whatdouknow zilch
      whatdouknow zilch Year ago

      is it playing mine games or premature? it cant be both. oh, if he was celebrating getting back to level, that was not premature.

    • whatdouknow zilch
      whatdouknow zilch Year ago

      @Yap Julian follow the wrong peers? who? the environment? explain.

    • Yap Julian
      Yap Julian Year ago

      @whatdouknow zilch I'm just referring on how a person are molded into......but a person has a brain to think,whether to follows it or not.It's up to him .

    • whatdouknow zilch
      whatdouknow zilch Year ago

      @Yap Julian I knew what you meant. That's why I asked for the specifics: which peers, what crowd and environment?

  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacos Year ago +1

    Congrats LZJ

  • Mung Sawm
    Mung Sawm Year ago

    My heart pump as shit

  • Alfred Merung
    Alfred Merung Year ago

    Asia makin kuat semua, Eropah makkn tertinggal, semakin menciutkan negara-negara diluar Asia uuntuk mengembangkan bulutangkis. Dan bulutangkis semakin mengukuhkan sebagai Olahraga Asia bukan dunia, semakin mundur deh bulutangkis nih, semakin tiidak kompetitif dan tidak menarik karena hanya beberapa negara Asia.

  • zarid shaz
    zarid shaz Year ago

    Confident sangat china tu..kan dah buat error..padan muka....berlagak...tahniah lee zii jia

  • anonymous
    anonymous Year ago

    @22:49 is the shoes Lee Zii Jia wears..

  • 箱推し ♡
    箱推し ♡ Year ago +4

    1:17:00 ziijia's coach 😆😆

  • lupa 07
    lupa 07 Year ago

    Why are u not uploading women's singles final???? Please upload it😭😭😭😭

  • Haff East
    Haff East Year ago


  • anonymous
    anonymous Year ago +2

    @53:44 It's raining feathers!!!

  • Buto Bu
    Buto Bu Year ago +11

    Omg 4-11 to 23-21 come back lzj

  • lupa 07
    lupa 07 Year ago

    Women's singles final please

  • Zakaria Ibrahim
    Zakaria Ibrahim Year ago

    Cj7 22 years old now...!

  • sha
    sha Year ago

    Semoga time yg dia baling raket tu kalau ada kena ssiapa harap" cepat sembuh

  • mysem
    mysem Year ago


  • Lee Shen
    Lee Shen Year ago +1

    The prize money is too little, not enough even for the travel expenses of a player and his team.

    • Syarif x Sana
      Syarif x Sana Year ago

      This is super 500 so it's reasonable

    • Wimz Swimz
      Wimz Swimz Year ago

      @Syarif x Sana But, taipei open S300 provides the grand total of $500,000 while this S500 tournament only provides the grand total of $360,000.i guess hong kong open is still much more generous cuz the winner for single player got $30,000 instead of just $27,000

    • MrBoast
      MrBoast Year ago +1

      @Wimz Swimz well it depends on the crowd ....Taipei open literally always full of people while Thai open barely have fans... Taipei open can rely on crowd ticket and some sponsor money but Thai have to solely rely on sponsor money

  • 箱推し ♡
    箱推し ♡ Year ago +2

    1:15:20 1:16:34 the fanboy in white shirt 😆😆

    • TeflonDave
      TeflonDave Year ago +1

      This is the only exercise he got the whole year. Good for him :)

  • Black Wizardouz
    Black Wizardouz Year ago

    Nanges ah Li Shi Feng wkaakakakka

  • 可可
    可可 Year ago +2


    • gemasri
      gemasri Year ago +1

      that's ancestry root doesn't apply once you have NATIONALITY

    • 可可
      可可 Year ago

      @gemasri your humor=0.

    • Henri Chen
      Henri Chen Year ago

      @gemasri It’s just a funny talk u don’t treat it seriously hhhh

  • Lei Liu
    Lei Liu Year ago


  • boch Zan
    boch Zan Year ago


  • Anh Hoàng
    Anh Hoàng Year ago

    Lee nên về kiêu anh lơn lee chon way dạy bỏ nhỏ nhé

  • icewind7
    icewind7 Year ago +1

    It's lazy Feng vs lazy Jia!