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What North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See | Super Users

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Blogger Jacob Bogle often receives this warning, “State-sponsored actors are attempting to hack into your account.”
    It’s all because he’s created the most detailed publicly-available map of North Korea, revealing details the totalitarian state would rather the rest of the world didn’t have.
    What started off as a two-month summer project, has now turned into a decade-long endeavour, with over 64,000 entries. Jacob’s forensic analysis has been vital in exposing what’s really going on in the world’s most secretive country.
    In our series Super Users, VICE World News explores the latest technology being used to fight crime, trafficking, climate change and social injustice.
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Comments • 3 596

  • VICE
    VICE  2 months ago +152

    WATCH NEXT ➡Using Maps to Fight the Russian Info War- clip-share.net/video/_Tqw7vHbo_M/video.html

    • Adapter Crash
      Adapter Crash 20 days ago

      That's messed up place in east Asia we aren't allowed to touch them or go there

    • Mr D
      Mr D 25 days ago

      @john doe
      Again switch in your text the word "Korea" to "US" and you`d be surprised how much of this still applies and what doos not applies is done different.
      Us goverment arguably works mafia style.
      The word genocide probably doesn`t apply in korea because it`s one ethnic kind of people. The US planned (and arguably tried to, see the Bari incident) to drop chemical weapons on german population centers, was part of a plan to execute 50k german staff officers/leaders after ww2 (along with all kind of warcrimes the US comitted in that timeframe, just read the hague and geneva conventions or the books from the us leadership level mentooned above about this or the UN genocide convention) and has dropped chemical weapons in vietnam and the atomic bomb in ww2.
      The US still has legal and illegal slave laborers and their "counterfeit currency" is the petro dollar combined with things discussed in "confessions of a economic hitmen" and other things.
      As one of the recent things who blew up the northstream pipeline (which arguably can trigger the NATO article 5)?

    • john doe
      john doe 25 days ago

      @Mr D :: North Korean Regime is a Mafia Style Regime. (not a government) They genocide any opposition in North Korea. They have plans for South Korea to Genocide all of South Korea too. They are a Criminal Regime, making counterfeit currencies and circulating them around the globe, along with Slave-Laborers!

    • Sharptooth Trex
      Sharptooth Trex Month ago

      This is why North Korea, Cuba and China deserve political dissidence forever until the two Koreas unify to a total full democratic Korea.

    • Old Post Reviver 🫡
      Old Post Reviver 🫡 Month ago

      so, NK is pretty much like Dominican Republic?
      as in: the individual doesn't matter, dumping waste into oceans and rivers and so on doesn't matter?
      Well...i actually would say nothing is dirtier and more corrupt than DR, not even India has the level of street trash this country has.

  • Towed Array
    Towed Array 2 months ago +5209

    Google Earth is literally one of the best pieces of software ever made in my opinion. It was cool how that guy used it to do amazing research. What a cool video.

    • Serveck
      Serveck 6 days ago

      @Juanito except theirs is near real-time. NOT 3 year old photos

    • Ralfs
      Ralfs 16 days ago


    • Domenico Trimboli
      Domenico Trimboli 23 days ago


    • Marko Ranković
      Marko Ranković 27 days ago

      @GerFok If you want to be precise then it was by an ethnic Hungarian :)

    • CanadaCommunity Org
      CanadaCommunity Org Month ago

      We clip-share.net/video/6mb7gw9npGk/video.html can make our world a wonderful place for clip-share.net/video/_EkMjTnWk14/video.html everyone to live🧡

  • Crystal Gibson
    Crystal Gibson 2 months ago +1260

    I am lucky enough to know Jacob Bogle and I am not surprised that his work keeps getting noticed. He is a spectacularly intelligent person and I look forward to more of his excellent research.

    • Crystal Gibson
      Crystal Gibson 18 days ago

      @KJB exactly what I meant by saying I know what he likes. I never said it was me.

    • KJB
      KJB 18 days ago

      @Crystal Gibson I know what Jacob is into too. He likes butts. A lot

    • KJB
      KJB 19 days ago

      @Crystal Gibson no, you don’t. Lol

    • Crystal Gibson
      Crystal Gibson 19 days ago

      @KJB you have NO idea what Jacob is in to, but I definitely do... 😘

    • KJB
      KJB 20 days ago +1

      I know him too. He says you’re his girlfriend.

  • jay ernster
    jay ernster 2 months ago +165

    Mr. Bogle is indeed a national treasure. His hard work yielded much in the way of little known knowledge, which I am sure our ‘intelligence’ agencies were keen to learn about. Another great video. Keep them coming, Vice!

    • Splitted Spark
      Splitted Spark Month ago

      I would argue that both intelligence agencies as well as just news agencies enjoy this for a centralized collection of works. Of course, a national intelligence agency may have higher resolution pictures but having everything connected and collected in one point makes the whole thing a lot easier.

    • totdodwotdit
      totdodwotdit Month ago +2

      You realize that spy satellite imagery is better than Google Earth?

  • Darryl Bunch
    Darryl Bunch Day ago

    The most secretive nation on Earth. No problem send in Vice. Incredible job !

  • Faris Akhal
    Faris Akhal 3 days ago +2

    What north Korea doesn’t want you too see: literally everything

  • Stephen Carpenter
    Stephen Carpenter 2 months ago +2511

    This young man is a national treasure. We have so many like him that are fighting our modern war and they often get overlooked as less important than the battlefield soldiers. His work will one day save millions of lives. Well done sir.

    • Decknight FRZ
      Decknight FRZ 4 days ago

      @Swerv Splatt ok but
      who asked

    • Gary Carpenter
      Gary Carpenter 29 days ago

      Hello there "cousin"I live in NC and this guy is a great young man but he needs to be careful about what he says and does that's like walking on crushed glass or thin ice

    • Gary Carpenter
      Gary Carpenter 29 days ago

      @Luis Paredes I wouldn't want to go that far

    • CC
      CC 29 days ago


    • kod3executioner
      kod3executioner Month ago

      @Swerv Splatt swerve bro still thinks videogames are weird even though he is the weird one

  • Rojava 161
    Rojava 161 2 months ago +39

    I have so much respect for this guy and everything he’s worked hard at to keep the rest of the world in the loop about what North Korea are doing he’s a fantastic analyst and I feel very grateful that he’s working hard every day to protect us and to 1 day hopefully be able to help the North Koreans more so they can be liberated from the oppressive regime.

  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread 2 months ago +51

    I think the Kim family knows without a doubt that their rule is incredibly tenuous, that’s why they’re so aggressive. When fear stops working, they will have nothing.
    I’ve become increasingly interested in North Korea and binged all the content you have put out over the years, I’m glad there is still content, although somewhat sparse. Much of the news doesn’t really dig in and go inside NK (literally and figuratively), so I feel like I learn so much more from the bravery of the journalists over at VICE.

    • birb watcher
      birb watcher Month ago

      this journalism is just a part of the anti north korea propaganda.

  • HokiePitcher22
    HokiePitcher22 Month ago +9

    Open source investigators like this guy and the citizen investigators/journalists at Bellingcat never cease to amaze me what they are capable of uncovering. Half the time, they're waaaay ahead of intelligence agencies with billion+ dollar budgets. Truly incredible what they do.

  • Koli Legend
    Koli Legend 2 months ago +9

    Jacob really put things into perspective with me at the end. Even with all his extensive data and hours of work on the Hermit Kingdom, there are people who live their own lives who make do of living in their country. Great Video Vice!

  • ᏟꫀꫀᏟꫀꫀⲊᥴꫀᥒꫀ ᏆᎢ

    I feel bad for the ppl of North Korea. I have so many things that I take for granted here in the US. I believe it helped to handicap me. I don’t take advantage of a fraction of things that I have access to. Seeing ppl needing the things that I seemingly don’t care about really opens my eyes. I have to remember to be grateful at every step of the way all thru out the day.

    • The barbarian
      The barbarian Month ago

      @Meiameia6 okay bud. North korea invaded the South first read a history book. No amount of "evidence" will convince me north korea is any good. Literally a hellscape on earth.

    • Meiameia6
      Meiameia6 Month ago

      @The barbarian said who? media affiliated with the american state? the one that has been agressive to north korea since its dawn? you can easily find pictures from the korean friendship association of commoners enjoying such things

    • Davide De Masi
      Davide De Masi 2 months ago

      They unironically have a better life than you and know much more about the rest of the world than you know about them. You're literally just being brainwashed by this Western propaganda. You've been exposed to so many lies that for cognitive dissonance now you have to find a way to make sense of it and have invented this "rogue" country in your head. The USA is the real criminal. Kudos for the North Korean people. North Korea is just a normal country that doesn't want to be controlled by Washington like South Korea. Hopefully one day South Korea will be liberated.

    • Andrusa Aliiy
      Andrusa Aliiy 2 months ago

      @Mail Human is it really more liberated when you can get killed for watching a Hollywood movie?

    • Seyanu Agboola
      Seyanu Agboola 2 months ago

      @Mohamed Hussein shut up

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea 2 months ago +28

    Hopefully this guy is protected! Actually worried someone would do something to him for his work revealing "too much"

  • nkr dinla
    nkr dinla 2 months ago +7

    I need more on this. I’m damn near obsessed with knowing more about North Korea, whether it’s how it’s changed over the decades or what’s happening there today.

  • Sadie Lyn
    Sadie Lyn 2 days ago

    Well.. you don't ask an atheists about a religion, the same way you don't ask the States about North Korea.. and in my own opinion, if something is a secret they won't let you see it on the internet.

  • secondhandsmoke10
    secondhandsmoke10 2 months ago +2524

    Glad Vice is returning to the kind of content that made them so interesting in the first place

    • Shawn Jones
      Shawn Jones 11 days ago

      You mean nazi media attacking non israelie races?

    • Catcha Predator
      Catcha Predator 20 days ago

      all agitprop

    • God created 🌌 and 🌍
      God created 🌌 and 🌍 Month ago

      @Kin Kan OHHHH SO VICE needs to stay away from pointing out that racism is evil and wicked??? You are not a Christ follower.

    • Kin Kan
      Kin Kan Month ago

      vice needs to stay away from woke culture and all that bullshit

    • NC Hobbies
      NC Hobbies Month ago

      Finally, a reason to resubscribe.

  • TheLeonthalee
    TheLeonthalee 2 months ago +4

    i could listen to this guy for hours, would definitely watch a full documentary with him

  • Dawood Khan
    Dawood Khan Month ago +2

    What a thorough research! It is really an arduous job to fully committed to maps so meticulously and finding every details. Hats off man!

  • ✨KitKhat✨
    ✨KitKhat✨ 2 months ago +2

    I find it funny that Jacob states "I think we do a disservice when we hide things behind walls" but then puts a paywall on his website. First article i clicked on immediately prompted a membership sign-up page.
    I understand it's to fund server costs and research time, but to be so blatantly hypocritical in this way comes across as disingenuous...
    [edit] given the context, this video comes across as a commercial now

  • Ron
    Ron 2 months ago +3

    How they managed to build nukes is beyond me considering all the resistance they received in trying to prevent them from doing it. They had as much if not more resistance than Iran.

    • david cottrell
      david cottrell 2 months ago

      Nukes are easy its the delivery systems that are the challenge. Their nuclear warheads and delivery systems are from Russia in exchange for precious metals, high grade illicit drugs mostly methamphetamine and the finest counterfeit money and government documents on the planet. Their development of a nuclear weapons program was all smoke and mirrors to take suspicion away from the fact Russia has provided them with nuclear warheads and reliable delivery systems as well as a couple of old school nuclear powered submarines with nuclear tipped torpedoes. One is always out and about near Japan at all times
      We have armed Japan with nukes. Now that Trump has provided North Korea with lists of our NOC officers and their Japanese counterparts and a mountain of intelligence documents that reveal our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to protecting Japan, we should see North Korean belligerence go off the scales. Trump didnt sell out American and Japanese case officers he gave them to Kim Jung Un for free. Trump wanted revenge for being denied what he thought would be lifetime control of the United States and Trump absolutely hates the CIA and spycraft in general and he truly likes and admires Kim Jung Un he even admitted to remaining in contact with Kim Jung Un just before we learned about what is a small fraction of stolen intelligence he was finally caught with. Trump was taking top secret documents and giving them away to our enemies and international criminal syndicates in return for their assistance in future matters for most of his time as President. He didnt sell them he traded them for their loyalty to him and to weaken America effectively gauging out the eyes of the American intelligence agencies. Whatever people think Trump did to undermine American security and clandestine abilities the truth is orders of magnitude worse than can be imagined. Now 1/3rd of the American population needs to be.dealt with in the harshest manner but our freedoms make that impossible. Mandating soldiers from taking 17 vaccines to 18 had like every other military organization on the planet had the unexpected effect of triggering Trumpist soldiers (Even though Trump takes credit for the vaccine and wants his cult members to take the vaccine?) to refuse orders and go AWOL. Biden took full advantage offering the anti vax Trumpist soldiers an honorable discharge for refusing the vaccine. Biden was able to purge the military of the most dedicated Trump worshiping insurgents in that one brilliant move. Still 1/3rd of the country now loves Kim Jung Un and despise Biden and Biden's hands are tied when it comes to taking extreme actions upon the millions of traitors and potential insurgents running amok and conspiring to damage our democracy in any manner imaginable. All due to Team Trumps use of mass hypnosis techniques refined by praticioners of black psychology and group dynamics. If there are ever going to be American warfighters on the streets of America it should be instigated by a Democratic President. There will be know civil war but this country will become Northern Ireland in the early 1980's that is almost a certainty.

  • Towed Array
    Towed Array 2 months ago +2630

    These Vice videos are NUTS, quality-wise. Some of the best content I can think of are all Vice videos. This is dripping with hard work, good editing- just awesome. Typical of Vice but still worth noting and thanking them. So - thank you Vice team. Another boomshot here.

    • Rotten Robbie
      Rotten Robbie 14 days ago +2

      Slavery, Colonialism & Colonization are all evil things done by evildoers.
      The West/Christian Europeans are major participants & benefactors of centuries-long global,
      - Slavery,
      - Colonialism,
      - Colonization worldwide, from North/South America to Australia/New Zealand to Siberia/Far-East Asia... Now they are claiming big chunks of Antarctica as well.
      The West would commit and practice a great many cardinal sins, many of them knowingly, such as centuries-long global 'Colonization', 'Genocide', 'Slavery', 'Colonialism', 'Global Warming', etc which benefits them enormously for centuries worldwide; then they would initiate and take a measure to ban those practices worldwide, and take credit for it. [Note: Today's global warming is caused by nearly two centuries of excessive coal burning, mainly in the West.]
      Since the end of World War II, 248 armed conflicts occurred in 153 regions in the world, of which 201 were initiated by the USA-led Capitalist Western bloc.
      Truth is, the Capitalist Western bloc initiated all these armed conflicts for their very own interest, first and foremost.
      [ For instance, Capitalist Imperialist Anglo Western war in Iraq was all about OIL, and 20 years of Afghan occupation was for RARE EARTH MINERALS. About half a million Iraq citizens and over one hundred thousand Afghans died... Their 15 years of war in Indochina was all about RUBBER that the region produced around 80% of world supply in those days. About 5 million innocent Vietnamese citizens and 6 million Cambodians died due to the direct and indirect effect of war.]
      Today, the same old lame old Europeans around the world are increasingly becoming more and more assertive in claiming; 'This is our world'/'The world belongs to us'.
      - Now you (should) know what's coming next, in the future... Ever heard of 'Camel In The Tent' which is already over halfway through, and oh yeah it's bound to happen sooner or later, give or take 500 years at the most.
      Lately, space exploration ventures set up by wealthiest individuals, along with 'Space Force' set up by the USA. So where do all these lead to? So-called 'Explorations' always lead to 'Colonization'.., just ask Native American people.
      The weak get beaten. Obviously, 'justice' doesn't work in the real life world where it's 'power' that rules. If you have power, you can be the honorable jury, the judge and the policeman of the world, even if you are a notorious life-long regular criminal.
      True, the world is full of wolves wearing sheep's clothing, and playing victim.
      These wolves are nothing more than 'Scumbags' who enjoy living off the people of the world's blood & sweat, lands & resources for generation after generation, century after century.
      It's all about their Interests & Hegemony above all else, by all means and at all costs. The rest they couldn't care less. The rest is history.
      Wolf will be wolf; with wolves roaming around, there's little or no chance the poor world will survive, let alone prosper. The world community must be united to overwhelm them.

    • SeaDorks
      SeaDorks 24 days ago +1

      You good?

    • CanadaCommunity Org
      CanadaCommunity Org Month ago

      We clip-share.net/video/6mb7gw9npGk/video.html can make our world a wonderful place for clip-share.net/video/_EkMjTnWk14/video.html everyone to live🧡

    • Rotten Robbie
      Rotten Robbie Month ago +1

      'Slavery, Colonialism & Colonization' are all evil things done by evildoers. 😔
      They need to repent & repay their sins & crimes.
      After all, it's "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" thing.
      Repay and repent for your long overdue crimes and sins.
      A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
      "History is written by the victors." - Napoleon Bonaparte
      Speaking of 'the rule of Law', may I ask where is the rule of law when the Anglo West is practicing centuries-long global Slavery, Colonialism & Colonization?
      - May I ask when will the West face justice for their notorious centuries-long global crimes of Slavery, Colonialism and Colonization from North/South America to Australia/New Zealand?
      Speaking of 'crime'.., remember, it’s only a crime if you lose.
      The Anglo Western bloc had been on the winning side for about three centuries.
      Obviously, they couldn't care less about the "crimes" any more.
      The world is full of wolves wearing sheep's clothing, and playing victim.
      These wolves are nothing more than 'Scumbags' who enjoy living off the people of the world's blood & sweat/lands & resources for generation after generation, century after century.
      That is what it's all about, and the rest they couldn't care less about, the rest is history. 😔

    • tri bai
      tri bai Month ago

      Check out soft white underbelly too

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva 4 days ago +1

    What vice wants to believe about North Korea...there, I fixed that fallacious title for you;)

  • priya gaur
    priya gaur 2 months ago +163

    This man tore apart the most secretive nation without even stepping on it.

    • Nature and Physics
      Nature and Physics 2 months ago

      @No Pasaran USA does nothing but blare.

    • Embedd
      Embedd 2 months ago +2

      @Sweedster he also said county instead of country

    • Sweedster
      Sweedster 2 months ago +1

      @Embedd ah yeah I didn’t notice you were replying to a deleted comment lol

    • Embedd
      Embedd 2 months ago

      @Sweedster he said “The most secretive *county* is the USA Son (laughing emoji)”
      but he deleted the reply to make me seem stupid.

    • Sweedster
      Sweedster 2 months ago +1

      @Embedd the United States? Are you trolling?

  • xim3n4
    xim3n4 Month ago +1

    The dedication and work it took to make the video is so impressive.

  • hadwoo1899
    hadwoo1899 6 days ago +1

    Well, the experience of confronting them with guns in front of me during the two years I served in the Republic of Korea Army might be more realistic than the information that that friend sat at his desk and searched for using satellite maps.

  • okiesoko
    okiesoko 2 months ago +775

    If they are trying to stop you, you are doing something right!
    This is an awesome documentary! ❤️ I’m originally from South Korea and my heart breaks for the North Korean people and the things they go through. I pray for their freedom.

    • Sterlix Ster
      Sterlix Ster Month ago

      _...you make me cry ... then make them come to your home so you will all be happier ..._

    • Keith
      Keith Month ago

      I a❤❤

    • Edward Dibley
      Edward Dibley 2 months ago

      Im japanese

    • david cottrell
      david cottrell 2 months ago

      @DJ Speedy Beats I think that would be a disaster a security nightmare. North Korea has the best counterfeiters in the world not just money but passports and all sorts of documents and the best makers of illicit drugs. There are more special forces in North Korea than Americas entire military. The main focus is on bio and chemical weaponry. They are trained to infiltrate other countries and wait till North Korea is attacked or attacks then they go out amongst the people of the country they are in and desperce biological and chemical weapons upon the population. If America attacked North Korea there will be thousands of these special forces out and about in all our major cities causing chaos and death in a manner incomprehensible to the average citizen of western countries. North Korea needs to remain isolated and treated like a pit viper or some type of venomous creature. There are millions of people in North Korea that cant be allowed to disperse throughout the world in mass it would be a international disaster. To many dangerous people in that country dedicated to a cause in a way that is impossible to quantify. Their motives and expertise make them a kind of threat a democratic nation would be vulnerable to. The western coalition's and asia's interests are best served by keeping the cork in the bottle.

    • Nathen Zuber
      Nathen Zuber 2 months ago

      @Mingshi Li North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship. That is never good.....

  • UpQuark8
    UpQuark8 25 days ago

    Beautiful! I have also always been fascinated by geography and maps, so i understand his passion. I hope that he can somehow also make a living with this work, because he deserves it. I am sure that US intelligence agencies love this stuff.

  • ChooseCompassion
    ChooseCompassion Month ago +1

    Awesome story. Hope the guy doing this incredible work stays safe. I wonder if any of the news outlet has the balls to carry the story. I’d love to know if anyone else is in the store anywhere else. Peace 💫

  • BUZZ
    BUZZ 22 days ago +1

    Super cool and great detailed work! Thank you Jacob.✌🏻

  • Sveasnaar Musik
    Sveasnaar Musik 2 months ago +52

    Sometimes life bums me out. Then I remember I don’t live in North Korea, and I feel much better.

    • S Ali
      S Ali 2 months ago

      where do u live ?

  • Dan Dasilva
    Dan Dasilva 2 months ago +171

    Honestly props to this guy! He seems to love what he does (hobby or not). But also important work that somehow, someway will eventually be useful to some nation. Double win for him. You can see his enthusiasm when he destined 7,000+ hours working on this (let alone mapping the entire landscape haha). Cool to see someone doing what they love while making a super important impact at the same time.

    • DMSProduktions
      DMSProduktions Month ago +1

      @Sterlix Ster Your point?

    • Sterlix Ster
      Sterlix Ster Month ago +1


    • DaPixies
      DaPixies Month ago

      @notfiveo lmao stop. at least trump have balls to step on enemy territory and try to make peace. unlike biden who is failing. korea stop testing nuke after trump talk to kim. now they start testing again to taunt biden. and if trump is in office that wnba star would have been released by now.. but the biggest L biden took is Opec. he literally bend over backwards to fist bump saudi prince just to get a middle finger from saudi. btw i am from south east asia and glad trump lose. under him Usa are getting back on track and its literally bad news for us in south east asia. hope biden will win again in 2024 so we can continue to laugh at murican again and again. lets go brandon

    • DMSProduktions
      DMSProduktions 2 months ago +1

      He DESERVES ALL of those beautiful N Korean women as wives!

    • notfiveo
      notfiveo 2 months ago +1

      After North Korea sent back the US high school student Warmbeer, who was dead, Trump said he fell in love with the dictator.

  • Alessandra Pirelli
    Alessandra Pirelli 6 hours ago

    What's there to see? A desolate wasteland of one the poorest backward nations in history?

  • sulpher bratigh
    sulpher bratigh 2 months ago +23

    I sure hope they keep this man in a safe place

  • DaChicago3
    DaChicago3 2 months ago +2

    Such an informative and necessary video to watch! Keep up the great work!

  • John
    John Month ago +1

    Excellent video. North Korea odd so tragic and fascinating at the same time.
    As for Vice, I know you have gained a bad reputation for focusing on woke garbage but you do some excellent documentaries. Please focus on them. No one cares about pronouns and victim complexes.

  • Fay Private
    Fay Private 2 months ago +4

    Super scary place. You did an immense job in getting all this information. The more we know, the better. Thank you!

  • Oshzz Oshzz
    Oshzz Oshzz 2 months ago +14

    I was stationed in South Korea from 12' to 13'. The information you've provided is stunning. Respect.

    • Jsm
      Jsm 2 months ago

      What information? Respect what?

  • Cale
    Cale 2 months ago +2

    We saw the lies, incompetence and corruption regarding the effectiveness of Russia’s military. Safe to assume china is also far less capable than they claim, as communist or totalitarian states seem to misrepresent capabilities. Imagine how poor the North Korean capability is. Their soldiers are smaller than the south’s bc of malnourishment, how could they build or maintain modern weapons systems and implement high level training.

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris Month ago +1

    What an incredibly intelligent man, hats off to you Sir. Your work will not go unnoticed.

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick 2 months ago +338

    I love you guys at Vice. Thank you for this amazing groundbreaking content! Your hard work is much appreciated. And thanks to Jacob for telling us his story

    • Sally
      Sally 18 days ago


    • Willem Schellings
      Willem Schellings 2 months ago +1

      @Robin Hoode I stay hating

    • Robin Hoode
      Robin Hoode 2 months ago +1

      @Willem Schellings ok hater 🤓

    • Sabz
      Sabz 2 months ago +1

      Please use these hashtags to support Iranian freedom fighters , #mahsaamini, #mahsa_amini, #iran_protests, #free_iran

    • Dario
      Dario 2 months ago

      @Willem Schellings i hate woke media and leftist

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    • saiforos
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      They used biological weapons of mass destruction. The US committed war crimes and attempted a genocide.

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      @Anonymous and Immortal Exactly. "That would never happen in America" even though it's currently happening in the United States today. In Navajo Nation there's a Uranium mine built by the federal that's contaminating their drinking water. Tht US needs to leave North Korea alone.

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      May I ask if you care to know the fact that the Second Amendment in the USA was historically put in place in the American Constitution, mainly to encourage slaughtering indigenous Native American people, in order to take over their homeland.
      Moreover, the hidden mega genocide of indigenous Native Americans population in their motherland, the Continent of America before European Colonizers arrived was around 15 millions, while European population in their motherland, Continent of Europe was around 25 millions.
      Today, Native American population in their motherland is 15 million, while the European population, in the Continent of America + Europe, is a staggering 'TWO BILLIONS'! A sad truth.
      For instance, 200 years ago here in the USA, around 3 million Germans came, and now there are 65 millions German-Americans; while 150 years ago, around 2 millions Irish came, and now there are 45 million Irish-Americans. While 500 years ago there were estimated to be 5 to 6 millions indigenous Native Americans in the USA, before Christopher Columbus arrived, today there are only around 2 million indigenous Native Americans survived.
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      Amazing fact that Indigenous Natives had built such great civilizations as Mayan, Inca and Aztec without outside help, and all from scratch, and all on their own, since they had been cut off from the rest of the world for twenty thousand years. In other words, they actually are great and proud people.
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      In my humble opinion, it's about time to decolonize the Colonized lands, and return it to rightful owners Native American people. Remember, notorious global cardinal crimes the West has committed, and benefited a great deals, such as Slavery & Colonialism had long been over, why on earth is notorious Colonization still lingering on, may I ask? 😔

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    I was also disappointed by the amount of B-roll showing news channels spouting sensational headlines over the years, which became the overtone and narrative of the video by the end of it. What a shame. There is so much of this on the internet, where the whole video is "Wow! This country is CrAzY and wAcKy!" They will gawk at the seemingly cartoonish image of the Kim Dynasty for about 5-10 minutes, and finish up with no real conclusion. If you are reading this and this is your first exposure to North Korean affairs, keep digging for the real content, there is so much to the Hermit Kingdom's plight that videos like this aren't going to show. Jacob Bogle' blog and map is a good start.

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    Great video, and I love what Jake is doing. What a project! The insanity that is the NK government just makes me cringe. One reason is their insatiable desire to control information. Jacobs work is the ultimate slap in the face to their secrecy.

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