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This Is Why No Nation Wants to Fight the Leopard 2 Tank

  • Published on Nov 24, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • This Is Why No Nation Wants to Fight the Leopard 2 Tank
    The Leopard 2 is one of the world’s most common main battle tanks, used by militaries on four continents. As such, the market for upgrades that bring the older versions up to the latest standards of protection and lethality is large. The primary player here is Krauss-Maffei Wegman, the original designer of the Leopard 2, who markets a variety of kits and new versions of the Leopard 2.
    Before delving into the details of the update kits, it’s important to realize what standard the majority of the world’s Leopards are at. The majority of Leopard 2s operated worldwide are of the Leopard 2A4 standard, which was made between 1985 and 1992.
    The Leopard 2A4 has the characteristic flat turret front, an all-digital fire-control system, an L44 gun, a hydraulic turret drive, and a thermal gunner’s sight. They do not have an independent thermal commander's sight, advanced guns, or add-on armor.
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Comments • 7 800

  • RafaXdenver
    RafaXdenver 7 months ago +169

    1:09 Leopard 2A4
    1:36 Leopard 2A6
    4:07 Leopard 2A7/2A7+ (2A7Q)
    6:18 Strv 122C/D
    10:40 Leopardzie 2SG.
    11:12 Leopardzie 2RI
    11:36 Leopard 2NG

    • kalitouss
      kalitouss 29 days ago

      @Sash L vvvv8 😁
      XwnMY Turbo Diesel FCV20233 pOTin 4×4 🙄

    • lucian lucky
      lucian lucky 29 days ago

      @kalitouss 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Sash L
      Sash L 29 days ago

      4 on the way

    • Nsk
      Nsk Month ago

      still manget to forget to mention the the danish variant

  • Lemon Acid Rounds
    Lemon Acid Rounds 2 months ago +77

    Its amazing how they're producing different variations of it according the requirements of every country. Wonderful machine, very intimidating and advanced but as I always say: I prefer to never see it in real action as no one wants war!

    • Chris McKnight
      Chris McKnight Month ago

      @jotaro kujo in assuming you're done talking.

    • Chris McKnight
      Chris McKnight Month ago

      @jotaro kujo Vietnam the US took over that war from the French. South Korea they ask for our help. Dessert storm helping out allies. And this war between Russia and Ukraine. We would be going in but our president has no backbone plus the threats of nuclear bombs. But the war started cuz Ukraine wanted to become a part of NATO. Russia doesn't want this. So the US and her allies are supplying them weapons to defend themselves. Russia has no business taking over another country. Us hasn't it's in our Constitution we can't take over other countries just help.

    • jotaro kujo
      jotaro kujo Month ago

      @Chris McKnight Okay, about Afghanistan can still be deserved, but the rest of the invasion? Yugoslavia Syria Iraq and the point is not that the US and NATO simply destroyed these countries, the point is that no one condemned them for this But Russia was condemned by half the world, although we all saw what Zelensky said about nuclear bombs, etc.

  • Dave Mi
    Dave Mi 2 months ago +92

    It’s amazing how upgradable they were engineered to be

    • Star Gazer
      Star Gazer Month ago +3

      @Sam Moss - My Mercedes is that way !

    • Matz
      Matz Month ago +3

      @Sam Moss they are!

    • Sam Moss
      Sam Moss Month ago

      wouldn't it be nice if their cars where like that

    • Debbiebabe69
      Debbiebabe69 2 months ago +3

      Look at the Abrams. They can be basically stripped to a bare steel frame for upgrading/repairs....

    • YerDa SellsAvon
      YerDa SellsAvon 2 months ago

      @ΔΜ% 👍

  • Gulo Gulo
    Gulo Gulo 2 months ago

    Andrej, dik, je to vyborne, ako vzdy (mohol by si castejsie, prehodot priority :-) )., aj moderator sa mi pozdava. Pls, kolko stoji najlacnejsi variat leopardu 2 (ak to nie je Desne tajny) ?

  • blueglide1
    blueglide1 2 months ago +36

    I was stationed in Germany from 72-74 the leopard was far superior than the M60 main battle tank I was in. The US lagged way behind until the Abrams came out.

    • Володимир
      Володимир Month ago

      @s.k. 😅❤

    • Jan Ligthart
      Jan Ligthart Month ago

      @Jeremyayers1990 The US lags behind in more than technology of tanks.

    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago +2

      @John Moe The USA couldn't even bring themselves to adopt the best battle rifle of it's time, the FN FAL. Most of NATO countries adopted the FAL, and the pig headed US military forced the M14 upon their troops in Vietnam. Canada was the first country outside of Belgium to adopt the obvious best, despite the US insistance on the 7.62mm cartridge (great for full auto)....One more reason Americans are generally disliked the world over, more so than the French even.

    • John Moe
      John Moe Month ago

      Arg. I remembered wrong. Norway never had M60's. It was A M48 Patton. Still a great story 🙂

    • John Moe
      John Moe Month ago

      @Slingbart I used to command a Leopard 1A5 back in the mid nineties. My company commander told us fresh sergeants a story when he and others where test shooting a M60 after a long time in storage. The procedure required to fire the cannon with a lanyard. Surprisingly this was the correct way to do it. The breech gave in and exploded inside the turret. They survived to fire a tank another day.

  • BronzDano
    BronzDano 2 months ago +77

    Imagine what mankind could achieve, if only we weren’t so obsessed with destroying each other 🤔

    • madstylesnz
      madstylesnz 23 days ago

      It’s a peace tank isn’t it 😂.

    • Kristian Poulsen
      Kristian Poulsen Month ago

      One day, we might. I still have hope

    • Sleprock444
      Sleprock444 Month ago

      Yeah 😢, God gave us hands , perfect for creating

    • Jürgen Erhard
      Jürgen Erhard Month ago

      @David Braaksma "have occoured[sic] during war time"… coincidentally.

    • Hunter M
      Hunter M Month ago +1

      Lol let’s get you a Nobel Peace prize 😂

  • RustyDust101
    RustyDust101 Year ago +238

    The current Leopard 2 may not be the best in all categories, but its overall package offers incredible upgrade capability, flexibility, easy maintenance, very acceptable offensive and defensive capabilities, extremely good fording capabilities, high unsupported climb heights, fairly good fuel efficiency, very good top speed both on and off road, high accuracy, and quite a few other above average to top tier qualities. Yes, there are other tanks that can beat the current most modern Leopard 2 version in some categories, but none of them offer the same package of overall qualities. None of its qualities are truely below average, with maybe the exception of its price tag.
    Yes, if you look for a highly specialised tank for certain highly specific tasks you might better tanks elsewhere.
    But if you want an overall exceptional tank with only a few drawbacks then the Leopard 2 is your choice. If you throw in top tier training and understanding of how to use this tank in a combined arms setting then this beast becomes a real monster.
    Misuse it outside its designated roles, and its qualities drop to mediocre. But that's the case with all misused equipment, be it military or civilian, so nothing special about the Leopard 2 here.

    • Daniel R
      Daniel R Month ago

      ok,sold.Where to order?

    • Евгений Гринëв
      Евгений Гринëв Month ago

      @Джемчик Жэри , я б поверил бы, если б было похоже на правду

    • Джемчик Жэри
      Джемчик Жэри Month ago

      @Евгений Гринëв ну, российского Киева нет, потому что армия РФ задействована на Украине на 15% от её реальной мощи, поэтому твои вбросы тоже ниочём

    • Frank Lerchi
      Frank Lerchi Month ago

      Wenn man keine Ahnung hat einfach mal die Fresse halten.

    • zuendfix 300
      zuendfix 300 Month ago

      @Shakrom I was thinking to say the same, but then I realized that it would be true, but rude. And then again : The "Leclerc" isn't realy bad.

  • nrich51
    nrich51 2 months ago +88

    It should be noted that 50% of a tanks effectiveness will be determined by the training of the crews . That's why the Abrams is considered one of the best - the crew training is extensive. If the Leopard has similar crew training it will be just as effective or maybe better with the diesel engines.

    • Николай Венков
      Николай Венков 14 days ago

      @Steffi Reitsch зверей ждут класно горят ждем повторения 1943

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana Month ago

      @FeverRub So, of course, luck always plays a role. but nobody will seriously deny that a tank needs a good crew, with a bad crew the best tank is precious scrap a not so good tank can deliver good results with a good crew. I often go to racetracks and it's similar there. A really good driver can also make up for a lack of performance. I hope you know what I mean. Greetings

    • FeverRub
      FeverRub Month ago

      @Tony Montana It was a about the comment: The skill of the crew makes always 50% of the effectness. Well in thís case back in ww2 you could be the best crew. If youre outgunned, youre outgunned. Thats what I wanted to say.
      But today its mostly true I guess.
      Sure a Tiger is massivly outdated xD
      88 vs 120 mm... I mean cmon

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana Month ago

      @FeverRub where did you get stuck on it? sherman crews haven't existed for over 70 years, except in russia a lot has changed in the last 70 years. an 88 does nothing for a challenger, leopard, t72, t90.m1abrams. a leopard from the 80 hits up to 5 km with pinpoint accuracy, when driving without stopping. i leave it to your imagination what the leopards can do several generations later.less emojis think more

    • FeverRub
      FeverRub Month ago

      @Tony Montana Tell this a Sherman tank crew that got shot from 2 km away by a 88-Tiger cannon 😆

  • Juan Carlos Reyes S.
    Juan Carlos Reyes S. 2 months ago +18

    No soy experto en lo militar, pero analizando las características de cada tanque se ve que tienen diferentes propósitos: en invierno el T90 supera al Leopard 2, en primavera o verano el Leopard 2 supera al T90. Las armas antitanque son efectivas contra los dos tanques. La estratégia y habilidad es l que define la batalla

    • Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq
      Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq 15 days ago +1

      @General Zed Ну да. надо верить что они справятся

    • General Zed
      General Zed 15 days ago

      @Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq Они легче не просто так их создавали лучший умы СССР с учётом опыта боевых действии 5 миллионной армий у РФ очень большой опыт видение боевых действий на своей территорий 😇

    • Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq
      Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq 15 days ago +1

      @General Zed Т 90 и Т 80 тоже потонят? Ведь это тяжелые танки

    • General Zed
      General Zed 15 days ago

      ​@Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq против западных ))) и тяжёлые танки тонут на русской земле почему думаете русские танки на много легче ? ) это же все продумывалось.

    • Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq
      Mnbvcxzlk Jhgfd Sapoiuytrewq 15 days ago +1

      @General Zed Какого черта!!??? Тяжелые танки очень устойчивы даже против западных противотанковых средств и к тому же Леопард 2 относится к лучшим тяжелым танкам Европы, наравне с М1 Абрамс и Т 90 и Челленджер 2

  • CyberRabid
    CyberRabid 2 months ago +1

    I like the mobility of these Leopards, but I can't help but wonder how much they give up in regards to armor to bring their weight down.
    They do look sexy though!

  • Pidrelas
    Pidrelas 2 months ago +83

    We Greeks have more than about 170 custom Leopard 2 a6s' as they got the parts completed in the end here in Greece..I served in the army, i was in it and i shot with it..Germans make the best tanks for real..Its a masterpiece in all aspects,armor,firepower,speed,range...

    • Pidrelas
      Pidrelas Month ago

      @Willie Willowitch you know it from the inside right?Cause i served for my country and shot quite a few of the ammunition that we "don't have".

    • Willie Willowitch
      Willie Willowitch Month ago

      Ironic that the Greeks don't have ammunition for the many tanks.

    • Richard Modglin
      Richard Modglin Month ago

      Good greif!

    MSM4U2POM 2 months ago +10

    Well I wouldn't argue with one, that's for sure! Whatever moral position you take on instruments of war, you can't help admiring it as a superb piece of machinery.

  • M.E.K.
    M.E.K. 11 months ago +377

    An insane tank!! Greetings from a former rifleman and later commander on the Leopard II A4-A6 Bundeswehr. Ps. And a better or newer version of the tank is not automatically superior to an older version, because a tank is only as good as its crew!!!

    • W. Loczykij
      W. Loczykij Month ago

      Greetings to the wannabe from WoT

    • M.E.K.
      M.E.K. Month ago +1

      @Stephen Tyas why? As a soldier in the Bundeswehr, I can't take part in this war. They would condemn me and imprison me if I would come back to Germany!I was also in Mazar e Sharif Afghanistan twice and fulfilled my goal for my country!

    • Stephen Tyas
      Stephen Tyas Month ago

      you going to Ukraine then.

    • Samuel Stingah
      Samuel Stingah Month ago


    • Stephen Tyas
      Stephen Tyas 2 months ago

      good point,so who is going to operate these tanks in Ukraine.

  • Igor igors
    Igor igors 2 months ago +5

    Any weapon is tested in real combat. I don't think anyone will argue with this. My question is, in what real events with an enemy of equal strength was this tank involved in order to make such conclusions about its superiority?

    • Jürgen Erhard
      Jürgen Erhard Month ago

      Mister Google "no western tanks" But russian tanks were? Where?

    • Jürgen Erhard
      Jürgen Erhard Month ago

      @Chronoscopist No, he just pours on this little parade. ;-)

    • Chronoscopist
      Chronoscopist Month ago +1

      Are you trying to rain on this little parade?

  • ferit bozoglu
    ferit bozoglu 2 months ago +2

    Leopart 2 tankın a ön zırh 122 mm bir top atışı ile delinebilir. Yan zırhları 90mm top atışı ile yine kolaylıkla deline bilir. Kullandığın mühümat ve nereye isabet ettiğine baglı

  • kurtis labelle
    kurtis labelle 2 months ago +2

    its always impressive when you see that much weight bounce,

  • Harry T
    Harry T 2 months ago +4

    I’m impressed by the beauty of their weapons 😅

    • MakiMaxx
      MakiMaxx Month ago

      ​@Andrew H Gal Batash aint bad too. Like a Merkava turret but with an M60 hull

    • Andrew H
      Andrew H 2 months ago

      You didn't see the Merkava Mk4 tank.

  • R Toma
    R Toma 2 months ago +6

    Be interesting to see them in action around April 2023. Since they’ve really only faced 60’s & 70’s soviet era tanks and people who ride camels as a main attack vehicle. Assuming the EU has enough to send that are battle ready.

    • Александр
      Александр 10 days ago +1

      Уже ,один леопард захватили , вместе с отличным польским экипажем под Бахмутом.

    • latinamajor
      latinamajor Month ago

      @beerthug the russia tow-truck pull the 6 T-14 into battle jajajajajajaja!

    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago

      @latinamajor Don't forget about the 6 or so semi functioning T14 Armatas...

  • Carpet Climber
    Carpet Climber 9 months ago +32

    Sweden chose the Leopard 2A5 to upgrade with some modifications because it's the best main battle tank when the most important element is mobility. Sweden made it a bit tougher in protection, improved the sights, added some smoke grenades, etc, basically what the newer variants have added.

    • Big Lebowski
      Big Lebowski Month ago

      Sweden also added some Swedish fish in the Leopard's snack compartment.

    • Spider One
      Spider One 2 months ago

      @Earl Grey All ther best, dork.

    • Spider One
      Spider One 2 months ago +2

      @Earl Grey We have it all already. Stay safe. By the way; Finland might be only country in the world to cover all people (by numbers) in bomb shelters if needed. Deal wit it.

  • Danik piano
    Danik piano 2 months ago

    the leopard projectile pierces 400 mm of armor of any tank, since the armor of a Russian tank is only 350 mm. The extended core of the projectile very clearly flies at the target without changing its trajectory.

    • сергей лавров
      сергей лавров 2 months ago +1


  • Neil Kurzman
    Neil Kurzman 2 months ago +170

    I guess we’re going to be finding out how effective the Leopard and M1 are in combat against the Soviets. This is the adversary both were designed to face.

    • Viktor ASC
      Viktor ASC 27 days ago

      Выяснили уже.😁 Танк оказался плохой. Несёт потери. Ошибки те же что и раньше

    • Vorname Nachname
      Vorname Nachname 29 days ago

      we are all extremely excited about how it will (hopefully) succed.
      As a German I am glad that we at least gave some and then not the museum version.

    • T Harris
      T Harris Month ago

      @Gero Hübner 🤣😂Germans have to remove the spiderwebs 😉Luckly if they still find parts🤫

    • T Harris
      T Harris Month ago

      @Neil Kurzman 😂🤣 or oposit ....all possible.....

    • T Harris
      T Harris Month ago

      @Neil Kurzman first ja got to get it......True that

  • Tobias Herschmann
    Tobias Herschmann 2 months ago +1

    It's the coolest looking tank!

  • Michael Makowiecki
    Michael Makowiecki 2 months ago +1

    As fascinating the technology looks, as far as I know not one Leopard tank was ever been tested in battle, and as far as I am informed, their high maintenance needs would be a hinderance in war.
    If they get to the Ukraine in time, may be will see if they actually "battle worthy"

    • RG
      RG Month ago

      also this tank have 1/3 more weight than T72 tanks.. It will drown in mud.

  • Lorinc Szabo
    Lorinc Szabo Month ago

    What do you think will happen if it hits an anti-tank mine? Is the track not a bomb or is it hit by another tank's projectile? I know they'll just push it home.

  • Timberjac
    Timberjac 10 months ago +6

    Leopard 2A7, SG and NG are upgrades for Leopard 2 A4 so they all share the same vulnerability in the lowest position of the gunner acquisition system, compared to the better-designed Leopard 2 A5, Strv 122, A6, A6M, Hel, A6M CAN, E (a true intermediate step between the leopard 2A6 and the A7+), A7+ and A7Q

    • Resurgent Class Battlecruiser 2916
      Resurgent Class Battlecruiser 2916 5 months ago

      The Leropard 2 A4SG is the version for Singapore the NG is Turkeys domestic upgrade for its A4a and the A7 is the upgraded version of the A6 but it is the least version though newer sub versions like A7 Plus and A7 V exist. A5 is the upgraded version of the A4. Striv122 is Sewdens version of the A5 compatible to early versions of the A6. The Hel Can and E are upgraded versions of the Leopard 2 A6 M Plus variant in service with Greece Canada and Spain. the A6M is the upgraded version of the A6. the A6 Plus and the A6M Plus also exist and are in service.the A7Q is Qatars upgraded Leopard 2 A7 Plus with Urban Operations and Dual Operations Upgrade Packages with are variants of the Leopard 2 A7 Plus. comparing the Leopard 2 A7 to the A4 is likely comparing an Iowa class battleship with USS Monitor. And its about the same in terms of technology and capabilities to the Leopard 2 A7 and A4. The A4 upgraded to A4 M A4 Plus and A4 M Plus while the A5 is the upgraded version of the A4. Mosrt of the tanks in service are Leopard 2 A4s A5 and A6s with some A7s in service with Germany Hungray Singapore and Qatar. Denmark Sewden also have leopard 2 A7 main battle tanks and Norway is also looking at the A7 main battle tank form 2025 and also the K2No main battle tank also form 2025 to replace the A4NO main battle tanks.

  • Mike
    Mike 2 months ago +3

    The German Panther is a completely new design of tank but on the Leparod frame !
    It is an automatic loading gun , with all new electronics meant to outdo all modern tanks !

    • Jürgen Erhard
      Jürgen Erhard Month ago

      Unfinished proof of concept at this point in time.

  • fightingfalcon1986
    fightingfalcon1986 2 months ago

    I knew that french GALIX system also can use 76 mm HE-FRAG grenades for close-in defence against waves of infantry.

  • danny pol
    danny pol 2 months ago +1

    Tough fighting machine, Leopard 2 is one of the very best and elite battle tank ever made. Germans are great in battle tank production. Rigid material, economic fuel, high power ammunitions, easy maintenance, fast and all weather fighting machine, great price, modern version of the Tiger tanks. Putin may not like these tanks rolling in his backyard, Ukraine, once he sees the iron cross which he hates so much. Let us see how russians will deal with these impressived and sophisticated german tanks. Play the song “Panzerlied,” from youtube, fits these german tanks.

    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago

      Never mind the tanks, lets see how they are crewed. That's the difference between comparable tanks!

  • English with Steven
    English with Steven 2 months ago

    Nice tank but it is not the only thing: if the enemy have significantly more tanks and all else equal, they can attack on a wider front, even with rubbish tanks, and those that survive can go around you and destroy your fuel and other supplies. End of game.

    • Andreas Høj Muff
      Andreas Høj Muff Month ago

      thats the old quantity vs quality debate but whats new about modern war is the intelligence that can be gathered on large tank formations making it way easier to prepare for mass tank assault with all the weapons that can destroy tanks now.
      That is what the war in ukraine is showing and gives quality an edge in the debate

  • chris richard
    chris richard 2 months ago

    The front turrent shows a shot trap where the M1 doesn't have such. I would think a country that made the panther and did away with a shot trap would not install it in a modern tank

  • Final Drive
    Final Drive Year ago +40

    Maximizing armor and minimizing firepower creates a lower center of gravity and gives more room for a bigger motor to optimize ramming speed. This creates a tank ideal for close infantry support that is resilient against artillery and can take on other tanks at close quarters-especially in tandem with anti-tank infantry.

    • MakiMaxx
      MakiMaxx Month ago

      Ramming? Close infantry support? The leopard cant work without Marder IFV support.

    • Bob Henry
      Bob Henry 2 months ago +4

      Ramming speed? lol

    • Ghola Tleilaxu
      Ghola Tleilaxu 2 months ago +1


    • А С
      А С 2 months ago +2

      Артиллерия абсолютно любой танк ликвидирует.

    • Gazz
      Gazz 2 months ago +1

      Chainswords weren't mentioned in the video but I'm sure Krauss Maffei will find a way to fit them in.

  • david herrera
    david herrera 2 months ago +2

    Es un Excelente tanque. En Chile hay unos 280 Leopard 2A4 ECH, adaptados a la lucha en el Desierto por ingenieros de FAMAE.
    Personalmente, creo que el Merkava IV es mejor para climas como el del Norte de Chile.

  • H R Lopes
    H R Lopes 2 months ago +16

    German engineering, what can I say... Absolutely brilliant

    • Ed I
      Ed I 2 months ago


    • Jumo Langma
      Jumo Langma 2 months ago

      Why did Hitler lose?

  • Donald Mayse
    Donald Mayse Month ago

    imagine what Rommel could do with these Panzers...

  • Frédéric Martin
    Frédéric Martin 2 months ago +2

    Le saut de léopard en début de vidéo est impressionnant.

  • P-50 Ps5
    P-50 Ps5 22 days ago

    Ah yes the only tank ever to be more gigachad to the M1A2 and is the most giga chad

  • Marcus Franconium
    Marcus Franconium 10 months ago +12

    Leopard 1 and 2 tanks are as adaptable and with room to upgrade as the old Panzer IV tanks . A good design with plenty or room to make improvements or variants. Geppards/PZH2000s Bridgelayers , you name it it has a version using the same components as leopard 1 and 2 tanks.

    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago

      Pretty sure the Panzer IV had reached the limit of it's upgradability, hence the move to the larger Panthers and Tigers. Panzer IV = Stugs.

    • Алексей Б
      Алексей Б 2 months ago

      Танки сделал человек и нет такого танка который был бы не уязвим

    • Ian Hart
      Ian Hart 2 months ago +1

      Challenger II a excellent tank to work alongside Leopards Tank for attack to punch through & create gaps in Russian frontline supporting Leopard Tanks attacks.

    • Алексей Б
      Алексей Б 2 months ago

      В каких реальных боевых действиях этот танк себя проявил? Пиар очередной коробочки,которая в реальных боевых сгорит от старого РПГ 7

  • les sharratt
    les sharratt 2 months ago +1

    One picture of a Swedish tank depicting it's composite armour shows a maple leaf painted on the tank. This suggests it was actually a Canadian tank.

    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago

      @Joost Driesens That's some funny shit!!

    • OneofInfinity
      OneofInfinity Month ago

      @Joost Driesens 😆

    • Joost Driesens
      Joost Driesens 2 months ago +2

      No, it means it has one kill of a canadian tank.. 😄

  • Ricardo Vasquez
    Ricardo Vasquez 2 months ago

    What if the digital-satellite support it’s not available? Is it good only with inferior opponents with not electronic warfare means?

  • Dave Parsons
    Dave Parsons Month ago +1

    Hopefully to be seen around Bakhmut in a month or two.

  • thulomanchay
    thulomanchay 2 months ago +1

    Can the tank still roll when the tracks are blown up?
    I was thinking that's the most vulnerable part of the tank.

  • adrianTNT
    adrianTNT 2 months ago

    0:05 I thought the funny tanker's helmets with padding were for when you rise your head in the tank. But probably more like for jumps like these.

  • Clinton Ortiz
    Clinton Ortiz 9 months ago +29

    The new German Panther tank is even more formidable.

  • Hipolito Cavalcante Florencio

    Agente esquece as noticias da mídia porque a pouco tempo na Síria tanks Leopards foram destruídos como caixas de madeira , outro fato interessante foi na decada de 80 que a Arabia Saudita abril concorrencia e participaram tanks de diversos países inclusive esses Leopards e apenas oAbrans se igualou ao EE OSÓRIO alguem pode dizer mais tudo evoluiu de la pra ca isso, tudo mudou e também as armas ante tank.

    • Michal
      Michal Month ago

      Y que quieres decir con eso.....aunque las armas anti tanque han mejorado mucho,los tanques se siguen utilizando y sabes porque? pues porque ha dia de hoy lo estamos viendo en la guerra de Ucrania, son muy necesarios para apoyar a la infanteria en sus avances .....la clave esta en la modernizacion de los tanques ,en la mejora de blindaje y contramedidas ,sensores,visores etc etc es cierto que los tiempos cambian y todo debe ir actalizandose a los tiempos ,pero todo es dinero para esas actualizaciones .....rusia tambien a utilizado tanques de la epoca de los 80´ y tambien se los han destruido como si fuera de madera y si te informas bien han destruido hasta T90......el dinero manda amigo

  • Nothing ventured Nothing gained

    Also the current modern tanks such as the Leopard, Abraham and the Challenger. Are no miracle weapons and are just as easily eliminated with the current anti-tank weapons / ammunition.

  • 황보
    황보 2 months ago +1

    In Poland, the K2 Black Panther is rated higher than the Leopard 2😀

  • Mix & Cat
    Mix & Cat 2 months ago

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    Steve Olto Month ago +1

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    César A Vega H Year ago +17

    Would be interesting to watch a detailed analisis of Leopards II performance on real battles.

    • Verona Rupes
      Verona Rupes 2 months ago

      @Niels Kristian Brinth (Brinth) You are right, but this tank version was not designed for this kind of asymmetric war like in Syria (IEDs, light infantry, ambushes...) and without proper cover from other troups, each tank is easy to destroy (especially from top). So shame on Turkey military. This why the tanks in Afghanistan and Iraq were modified against such combat situations. And in Iraq more tanks were lost in the asymmetric battles than in common ones. If you want to have a good OOB tank for these battles watch out for Israel's Merkava.

    • David Tomlinson
      David Tomlinson 2 months ago

      Hahaha, 😂 tanks would be destroyed with modern AT4 's and other antitank weapons.

    • misha17422
      misha17422 2 months ago +1

      Throw away any illusions, it’ll burn like any other tank.

  • Parr Snipps
    Parr Snipps 2 months ago

    How does the Leopard match up against the Abrams?

  • SergioAnc YT
    SergioAnc YT 2 months ago

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  • Pavlo Koshelev
    Pavlo Koshelev Month ago

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  • Stephen Parallox
    Stephen Parallox 2 months ago +1

    Watching that opening scene, my first thought was...
    That Leopard looks like the Coolaid Man of the battle field.
    Heading to Ukraine... OH YEAH!!!

  • sven martin
    sven martin Year ago +19

    Man, I remember when they brought out the M-1 and she does her job. But needs updating on her armor,firepower and ease of maintenance. This leopard tank is outstanding. Armor,firepower,crew size. Have been improved over and over. Now imagine this. It is the year 2160 and you need a tank to not only to protect the crew and tank divisions. But take out the enemy on an invaded planet. That was yours. This would be at home with a 160 mm laser-plasma cannon. Firing Range 25 miles. On the battlefield. Inspired by this tank. And, The Tiger Tank Mark 4. And the M1. Thanks for the video.

    • Thomas Buhrkall
      Thomas Buhrkall Month ago

      @beerthug Projectiles and lots of electricity

    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago

      @Thomas Buhrkall A rail gun needs ammo though. js

    • R B
      R B 2 months ago +1

      Better yet, PEACE. No need for guns, tanks, killing. I know I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. Hmmmm... sounds like a song...

    • Antonio Gonzalez
      Antonio Gonzalez 2 months ago

      Deja la droga!

    • Thomas Buhrkall
      Thomas Buhrkall 8 months ago +2

      An Electric tank, one highly protected crew fully automatic with Not a laser Cannon, but a rail gun. Far more lethal...

  • Robert Schmidt
    Robert Schmidt Month ago

    1994 saß ich mal in einem Leo-2. War in einer Panzerkaserne stationiert um meinen Wehrdienst als Panzerschlosser zu leisten. Über 50ig Leo´s waren als KRK (Krisenreaktionkräfte) dort im Einsatz. Wahnsinn wieviel Upgrades es inzwischen gibt. 😏

  • Seb FFT
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  • Mr Kilroy
    Mr Kilroy 24 days ago

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  • Jakob
    Jakob Month ago

    Leo2 has a very powerful turret but the hull is weak, most Soviet rounds will easily penatrate even the front of the hull. Well at least that is how it is in warthunder😄

  • Brandon Reeve
    Brandon Reeve 2 months ago

    Looks like it's got Tiger Tank vibes

  • Jens Dudenhöfer
    Jens Dudenhöfer 11 months ago +27

    The leopard 2 in his latest Version is still a Beast !

    • Михаил Бондарев
      Михаил Бондарев 2 months ago

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    • Ghiocel Huh
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    • Stephen Brand
      Stephen Brand 3 months ago

      @Batman So which countries are the Germans not allowed to sell to??

    • Batman
      Batman 10 months ago

      France is mainly there because Germany is not allowed to deliver weapons to certain countries because of its past, otherwise the tank would already be in use in many other countries.

    • John Wein
      John Wein 10 months ago

      yes it is a beast but wait at the Leopard 3 with Krauss Maffai Wegman in work with france-industirie !!!

  • Hieronymus
    Hieronymus 2 months ago +1

    Ik diende dertig jaar geleden bij het 43e tankbat in Langemannshof. Mooie tijd, geweldige tank. Heb nog ergens het rijbewijs liggen.

  • sjjlp
    sjjlp 2 months ago +1

    The crew just got back damage on the jump in the first clip ,no need for that speed ,anyway the Challenger 2 Has them all covered🇬🇧♥️🇺🇦

  • Sapphire Spire
    Sapphire Spire Month ago +5

    This tank has the same exposed tracks and limited visibility as every other. Blow a track and it's immobile. Then, the enemy calls down artillery, or the crew ends up stuck in a hot or freezing steel box, running out of food and water, and surrounded by snipers they can't see or shoot at.

    • J PK
      J PK Month ago

      @Dan Segelov LOL NATO has no idea how to use tanks anymore... have you even been old enough to know?

    • randomace
      randomace Month ago

      ​@Dan Segelov So as long as you "know how tanks are used", then Leopard 2's and (modernized) T-72's are equally effective is what I understood. Might this be correct?

    • Lone wolf
      Lone wolf Month ago +2

      @Dan Segelov exactly you'll be hard pressed to find a lone tank to pick on.

    • Dan Segelov
      Dan Segelov Month ago +5

      Sure, if you have absolutely no idea how tanks are used by a modern fighting force, what you said might be correct.

  • Ed Dudyak
    Ed Dudyak 2 months ago +1

    Very impressive!!! It can defeat at least an old Golf!!!

  • Павел Коссей

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  • Lanz
    Lanz Year ago +10

    From the Mk 1’s introduction, to the beast known as the Leopard.

  • Silver Kayo
    Silver Kayo 4 months ago +1

    Tanks for millions of dollars say "noooo you can't just destroy us" Modern drones say "hahaha I do BOOM"

  • kreftan
    kreftan Month ago

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  • Mr LOTO7
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  • Alexandr Ivanovich
    Alexandr Ivanovich 10 days ago

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  • Patrick McMahon
    Patrick McMahon Month ago

    How does the most modern leopard protect itself when hit by the most modern anti-tano weaponry? Can we see it hit with a properly devastating modern shell?

  • W P
    W P 11 months ago +543

    I was expecting more of an tactical analysis than a technical one. This is just a list of Leopard versions and upgrades. Not, why no-one wants to fight it...

    • Jack
      Jack 2 days ago

      ​@А С it's not a matter of any tank being indestructible. This is obvious. However, the Abrams is by far superior to both the Leopard and (especially) the T series tanks, for a multitude of reasons. It is not subjective, it is objective.

    • mp3pio
      mp3pio 2 months ago

      Bot narration too 🤥

    • Frank RenewablesCheap
      Frank RenewablesCheap 2 months ago

      Maybe in a couple months, we can ask the Ukrainians.

    • hodenbacke55555
      hodenbacke55555 2 months ago

      This aged well

    • Nathan Clark
      Nathan Clark 2 months ago

      This was an a la carte menu, not an analysis or tactical capability summary. Perhaps no nation wants to fight the Leopard 2 because in typical German fashion every one is a prototype upgrade of the previous one off the assembly line...Lol. Kidding Germans, just kidding! The only good part of this video IMO was watching the tanks actually show off their agility. Quite impressive.

  • jeff alan
    jeff alan 2 months ago

    this a remarkable video \content nice job!

  • Алексей Попов

    А так ли хорош тяжёлый танк? Башня очень хорошо бронирована, но между башней и машиной достаточно большой "заман" , а при попадании туда снаряда башня скорее всего ампутируется.

  • Jens Menges
    Jens Menges Month ago

    Wow, surpirse. Ukraine get also round about 160 Leopard 1 A7 from Germany..just in the news. these Leos 1 are damn quick but have less armor

  • Hugues Levistre
    Hugues Levistre 2 months ago

    Very nice machine, I work on them sometimes.
    But still not combat proved...

    • Mich Pich
      Mich Pich 2 months ago

      @Hugues Levistre You'll read the Turkish Leopards used against Kurdish insurgents in Syria did not perform well against Russian TOW's. Tanks only tend to do well against inferior, lightly armed forces, but if they faced a determined, well equipped and technologically equal force, they will struggle even more, you'll find.

  • murderdogg
    murderdogg 2 months ago +3

    took me a while to figure out what the "too-ret" or "duret" is. I have always heard another pronounciation, but i think you mean turret.

  • paco valderrama
    paco valderrama Year ago +183

    The issue is not the tank , the problem is the way an army uses it.

    • Jerry Partington
      Jerry Partington 2 months ago +1

      @The_Touring Jedi That comment hasn't aged well.

    • Nove T
      Nove T 2 months ago

      The Taliban use these tanks to drive their kids to the kindergarden. They have thousands, its like a normal golf in Germany 🙈

    • The_Touring Jedi
      The_Touring Jedi 8 months ago +1

      And the Russians use them in best possible way showing that their Army is way prepared than any other on the Planet. I assume that if direct clash between US and Russia comes I would bet on Russia and their tactics, cause US never fought against so powerful enemy on ground and air.

    • al Pearson
      al Pearson 9 months ago

      @pliedtka NOT 2A4' 0R 6'S

  • Arifin Sultan
    Arifin Sultan Month ago

    I would love to see your review of Tiger vs T-34 and tell us all how fantastic design of the Tiger tank lead the glorious German army to win the World War 2.

  • Peter Stubbs
    Peter Stubbs 2 months ago

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    • beerthug
      beerthug Month ago

      Crews, crews, crews....Real tankers know what matters!

  • Nikolaj Florentz Mackowski

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  • John Slugger
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    Well it's about to be tested in action. Has it actually been in any combat action?

    • Torniojaws FAWM
      Torniojaws FAWM Month ago

      Turkish Leopard 2's have been in action in the current Syrian war

  • Marco antonio Alvarenga Alvarenga

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  • Zorbec Legras
    Zorbec Legras 20 days ago

    I'm not sure that faced with the Leclerc, the Leopard would have the upper hand.

  • David Ansell
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    Love that he can't pronounce the word 'turret'. Kind of important in a tank review video!

    • OrdinaryWorld
      OrdinaryWorld 21 day ago

      Yep... it took me a while to understand that he was trying to say turret... I was hearing tourette and dourette. Along with tech-know-ledgy in place of technology.

    • Jim Almy
      Jim Almy Month ago

      @John Parnell He also said "kay" for the abbreviation KE, and 2-A-6-Ess for the plural 2A6's. Script reading is hard.

    • John Parnell
      John Parnell Month ago +2

      This is why I'm reading all the comments. Tourette? Don't think so! Holy mackerel dude.

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  • Francisco
    Francisco Year ago +25

    Pois é....como qq veículo, na realidade a maior parte dos MBT's são máquinas fantásticas, o problema está na equipe: comandante, artilheiro, navegador, etc. Sem disciplina, treinamento, experiência de combate e sem saber aproveitar ao máximo o que ele oferece, já era.....

    • Nexoxol
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      @Francisco мало людей сдесь под своим именем и фото. Но дай Бог чтобы и Вы увидели свою не правоту. Мы верим в Бога. В отличии от Вас

    • Francisco
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    • Hudson B
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      @Francisco sim, mais esses equipamentos enviados da otan não vão conseguir parar a Rússia mais Rússia vai sair feia dessa guerra

    • Francisco
      Francisco 11 months ago +2

      @Hudson B grande Verdade, Hudson. Jovens morrem pra salvaguardar os interesses dos velhos (mesmo eu sendo velho, reconheço....kkkkkk) Meu, com relação aos Leopards, eu percebo que as pessoas estão preocupadas com a eficiência dessas máquinas, como já comentamos antes, as táticas, o comando, a logística e o fator humano superam de longe a tecnologia "anunciada". E a Ucrânia tá mostrando isso....

    • Hudson B
      Hudson B 11 months ago +1

      @Francisco problema é que não são pessoas decidindo são velhos e seus interesses, muitas pessoas eram morrer por causa interesse político e triste

    VLASCEANU CORNEL 2 months ago

    But from what I can see only on the field with dust and grass, I don't see it in plowing, how is it going? Otherwise it looks good

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    • hillcresthiker
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