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Is Samsung too LATE?!? - Galaxy S21 FE


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  • Ebsolas
    Ebsolas 4 months ago +1246

    I gotta say. I love the relationship between LTT and Dbrand. I'm broken in that when I see too many advertisements for a company I'll refuse to ever buy stuff from them. Dbrand has managed to avoid that impulse in me. Good job!

    • Fishybpp
      Fishybpp 3 months ago

      @Michael Yang the cameras are completely different they are a more bright and contrasty look on the pixels and on the iPhone it is more natural and trying to replicate a dlsr the only category where the pixels are remotely similar are in the concept of perfect integration with the os but that is a generic idea that isn't unique to iPhone

    • Glitch TTG
      Glitch TTG 4 months ago

      @Bunny Girls Stop SPAMMING!

    • Boy Khongklai
      Boy Khongklai 4 months ago

      Same! DBrand is great!

    • Jacopo Piscina
      Jacopo Piscina 4 months ago +2

      I remember when Linus was hosting and didn't need ads from anyone, now you have plenty of ads and no Linus, really good job.....

    • Jon van der Velde
      Jon van der Velde 4 months ago

      I'm the same way, too many ads turns me off a product, but the relationship between LMG and Dbrand convinced me to give them a shot, and I love my Grip case.

  • Bryan William
    Bryan William 4 months ago +208

    He forgot to note that the S21 FE is running android 12, which is surprising how fast they can update their software

    • Kais
      Kais 3 months ago

      Just got the update on my A52 5G. I thought it was released back in May with LTT's video on it, just looked it up; general release was in October.

    • Utkarsh Mishra
      Utkarsh Mishra 4 months ago +22

      It launched with Android 12, what do you mean?

  • Nigel Smith
    Nigel Smith 4 months ago +567

    Seeing how much people love DBrand teaches more about advertising than any Business Administration class. I personally can't stand them, but man, they have alot of brand love on LMG channels lol.

    • Ace
      Ace 4 months ago +1

      @SecureB00t believe it or not, it's actually possible to understand something and still despise it. You make it sound like everyone falls in love with capitalism once they really get to know it lol

    • Bishop
      Bishop 4 months ago +1

      Dbrand constantly breaks the number 1 rule.

    • SecureB00t
      SecureB00t 4 months ago +3

      People who are mad about advertising existing have no idea how capitalism works

    • Ace
      Ace 4 months ago

      @ReDHeaDSg1 yes, I watched SW7 and remember that chick. She never bothered me. I thought it was an interesting and creative non-invasive new method of marketing.

    • brakjart
      brakjart 4 months ago

      doesn't matter how annoying they are on social media. All people care about is the quality of their products, which is top notch

  • Jeroen K
    Jeroen K 4 months ago +120

    I remember that $600 were flagship prices and $300 were the budget prices. I don't like where this tech inflation is heading.

    • MozkoŽrout
      MozkoŽrout 4 months ago +1

      @TheFourthWinchester well maybe in your eyes but not in the eyes of all those kids and girls my dude

    • TheFourthWinchester
      TheFourthWinchester 4 months ago

      @MozkoŽrout iphone is the poverty symbol now in my eyes. I own one as well. But I am not a sheep.

    • MozkoŽrout
      MozkoŽrout 4 months ago +2

      @TheFourthWinchester And why do you think everyone wants to have them ? People even buy out the old used ones just so they can have an iPhone. When you buy a case for that phone it is the only brand that has a hole on the back just to show the logo. I know that there are other tempting reasons to buy something Apple but it is undeniable that the brand is a very strong factor and its well recognised. Many people want to seem richer or like someone better because they own an iPhone.

    • TheFourthWinchester
      TheFourthWinchester 4 months ago +1

      @MozkoŽrout Bruh Apple products are used even by hourly wage workers. Its the opposite of status symbol. Everyone has them. But I agree. I got a flagship Google Pixel and when it died after 4 years I got a much much cheaper Pixel 4A which is just as good if not better.

  • RCmies
    RCmies 4 months ago +138

    I don't think the S21 FE is intended for the US market. The Pixel 6 costs 850€ here in Finland and 5G is not supported by local carriers on it. The S21 FE costs 779€ but I got it for 499€ from a loyalty program deal.

    • Uchiha Silver
      Uchiha Silver Month ago

      There’s also the fact that outside of the FE Samsung gives us crappy exynos in Europe xD

    • Marty
      Marty 3 months ago

      Yeah I also got it really cheap here in EU

    • Chris Gousias
      Chris Gousias 4 months ago +1

      U are king i did the same thing . The phone was so worth with the galaxy buds 2

    • irfan M
      irfan M 4 months ago


    • Claudio de Oliveira
      Claudio de Oliveira 4 months ago

      Yes, there's no Google phone device here in Brazil since Nexus 5... so, the choice is Samsung.

  • Moldy Shishkabob
    Moldy Shishkabob 4 months ago +200

    Wait, this isn't tech news. What is this?
    I love Riley's interaction with the crew during the whole of this. It's hilarious! Fun to watch even though I don't plan on getting another phone for another six or seven years...

    • JahnPenguinEh
      JahnPenguinEh 4 months ago +2

      @J D I mean I bought my iPhone XS Max last April and I’m keeping it until it’s done with software updates (total of 4.5 years). It’s the last iPhone with hardware driven 3D Touch. So I’m keeping it around.

    • SatoruNakata
      SatoruNakata 4 months ago +1

      LOL you wish. See you again next year when the new iPhone/ galaxy/ Pixel comes out with those BRAND NEW FEATURES and you impulse buying one

    • J D
      J D 4 months ago +4

      @Wacko I was about to ask the same thing xD Maybe their company buys the phone for them or they are in a sort of rental scenario. Hoping for the answer!

    • Wacko
      Wacko 4 months ago +10

      What phone are you gonna be rocking for all those years? 👀

  • BurningGlory
    BurningGlory 4 months ago +167

    The real question is: Does Snapdragon really know how to have a cohesive naming scheme?

    • Detlas' Legacy
      Detlas' Legacy 4 months ago

      Yeahhhhhhhh no

    • adib afiq
      adib afiq 4 months ago

      Snapdragon sucks!
      Apple Bionic Are Better!

    • Stxrgxzin (Landon)
      Stxrgxzin (Landon) 4 months ago

      Lol I just started working at a cell carrier and this was a question I had! Boss basically said just google it haha

    • FastSloth87
      FastSloth87 4 months ago

      @SSaini They had to change it, they skipped 898, so what comes next if not a completely new naming scheme?

  • DustyTheDog
    DustyTheDog 4 months ago +229

    I have the S20 FE and I love it. I got the 256gb model, so I have 8gb RAM. My main reason for getting it was the expansion slot. It is both dual sim and SD card capable. I use an SD card as a backup of important stuff(4k vids take more space than I have in the cloud). I hope they don't nerf this one too much. They did just right with the S20 FE. Also, how hypocritical of Dbrand to not support the S21 FE. I have a skin for my S20 FE from Dbrand. The black dragon skin, and it looks really nice.

    • Ryan Andes
      Ryan Andes 2 months ago

      S20 FE is way too big

    • ankllkmjd2
      ankllkmjd2 2 months ago

      Mine too.. From s9+ Exynos to s20 Fe sd865 feels like a major upgrade already. Tons of new updates and features better camera more storage. So happy that I made this decision.

    • Infinite Barking
      Infinite Barking 3 months ago

      Got my S20fe on launch day for $599 plus half off galaxy buds live. Still a great bundle to this day and no reason to upgrade

    • Steven Webster
      Steven Webster 4 months ago

      I also got the s20 fe and I absolutely love it. Just the right price to festive ratio

    • DustyTheDog
      DustyTheDog 4 months ago +1

      @Jacopo Piscina The thing about the headphone jack is that it can be replaced. Just use a usb-c to 3.5mm adapter if you REALLY want to use wired headphones. The SD card doesn't really have an alternative for the physical phone. A flash drive isn't as reasonable as a 3-inch extension to the cable you already use.
      It's only posh or illogically lazy people who complain about this; the person who says, "ugh, using an extra part to get the functionality I want? That's just dumb. Just make it do everything all at once for me."

  • T:Bones
    T:Bones 4 months ago +58

    Galaxy phones, presumably the S21 FE too, have had Samsung's version of "magic eraser" before Google even announced it.
    But I guess Google put some marketing behind it and few people know about the Samsung version

    • SnowBowman
      SnowBowman 3 months ago

      Did you see the comparisons? Magic Eraser trumps Object Eraser. (although none of them were really good / usable)

    • KeonXD
      KeonXD 4 months ago

      Huawei already did it 2 years ago or something, so I don't see a reason why Google spend so much time marketing on that feature

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson 4 months ago +1

      @T:Bones Well, yeah. No wonder why they didn't market the feature. Because, it's absolutely useless. Because, once you erase something on pic, that empty spot ends up being a glob of mess and not clean at all.

    • T:Bones
      T:Bones 4 months ago +1

      @Carl Gunderson I've used it in the past, before Google ever marketed theirs.
      Maybe "Magic Eraser™" is an Android 12 thing, but Samsung definitely head their own version a while before that.
      They just didn't think/care to market it hence it's gone overlooked

    • Nigel Smith
      Nigel Smith 4 months ago

      @Carl Gunderson Reviewers get guides of important points to mention, so I'd bet Samsung didn't tell reviewers to highlight the feature

  • RedwoodGeorge
    RedwoodGeorge 4 months ago +96

    "Either way, they're fine" - one of the most honest reviews I've seen in quite some time (and funny as all get-out)

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis 4 months ago +305

    I'm planning to buy a Pixel 6 for a feature no one ever talks about: automatic transcriptions, even offline. I am a journalist and the hours this Pixel-only recording app saves me on transcribing interviews is worth it. I imagine for students it would be helpful too
    edit: To all the commenters, I have a Pixel 3. I use this app all the time and want a phone upgrade and considered a Samsung Galaxy S21, but I can't lose access to this app. No, this app is not available for other Android devices. It's a Pixel exclusive - it's called Recorder and published by Google.

    • Ace
      Ace 4 months ago

      @Carlos Ortiz Dex is wireless between a Samsung phone and a Samsung TV. Works just like screen mirroring.

    • Benargee
      Benargee 4 months ago

      My S10+ has voice-to-text which is the same thing as far as I know. It's in the stock voice recorder app.

    • mewym
      mewym 4 months ago

      @Rachel Davis ah thats nice to know

    • Manas
      Manas 4 months ago

      Bruh my samsung has the automatic transcriptions frature

    • Blusky Design
      Blusky Design 4 months ago +1

      no one talks about buggy software abt pixel phone

  • swirliness
    swirliness 4 months ago +64

    I'm rocking the S10e still and it's good enough for me, however I may be looking to upgrade to the FE model that comes after this one in the future.

    • Christopher Ellis
      Christopher Ellis 4 months ago +1

      S10e here as well. My only complaint is battery life. The fingerprint reader on the power button is the best feature, but I haven't seen that on any of their new phones. I also really like my headphone jack!

    • aoescool
      aoescool 4 months ago

      yeah the s10e is still awesome for me..i wish they made a true successor to it

    • Da14a
      Da14a 4 months ago

      S10e still solid now

    • flameshana9
      flameshana9 4 months ago

      @Burb Paying $1000 to get an 8% performance increase makes sense, duh.
      And some people are like "Yeah, of course it makes sense. What else is $1000 good for?"

    • Burb
      Burb 4 months ago +1

      Why would you upgrade so fast? Didnt the S10e just come out a couple years ago?

  • A D
    A D 4 months ago +35

    Removing the sd card and shipping an empty box is unacceptable.
    The lack of the jack and heartrate sensor sucks too.

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 4 months ago +1

      @RCmies i still using my s9, over 3 years old now and i still have 40% battery after my 9 hour work shift and its playin music on it all the time ( because i always slow charge it on a wireless pad ) and i did a full factory reset few months back and it went back to its 100% optimised speed and storage

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 4 months ago

      @Jan Stromback thats why u get a smartwatch

    • RCmies
      RCmies 4 months ago +3

      @MozkoŽrout S8 was a champ, kinda sad that I broke mine in the army. It's sad they don't make them like that anymore. Although I kind of get it, we don't need a heartrate sensor on our phones when wearables have gotten pretty affordable. But phone prices shouldn't have increased so much when they've removed features from them.

    • RCmies
      RCmies 4 months ago

      @LOL it doesn't, at least not in EU

    • LOL
      LOL  4 months ago

      @epic gamer 23 I live in Brazil. Maybe it is a regional thing.

  • WiZ
    WiZ 4 months ago +57

    with all the issues and bugs reported on the Pixel 6 it becomes a tough buy even though its cheaper

    • Gordon Freeman
      Gordon Freeman 4 months ago

      I had Pixel 6 for few days and returned it.
      I knew of no face unlock so I thought fingerprint unlock will do - well it's horrible.
      Also, the Android is too vanilla for me - I prefer the older oxygen os.

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 4 months ago

      @Varian Rhesa smooth when it works

    • Varian Rhesa
      Varian Rhesa 4 months ago +3

      @girlsdrinkfeck why? Pixel have the smoothest UI i've ever try (android 11)

    • girlsdrinkfeck
      girlsdrinkfeck 4 months ago

      @SSaini wrong ,everyone i know who hadsamsung had no problems ,they tried pizel, they all returned the device within a month

  • Matthew Lemmers
    Matthew Lemmers 4 months ago

    I kind of agree that this device will probably sell quite well simply because it's going to receive lots of carrier deals to move them off the shelf.

  • Kamal Hans
    Kamal Hans 4 months ago +9

    I would have seriously considered getting this phone if samsung had released it here with SD888.
    But for some reason samsung tries to thrust their Exynos down our throats.

    • Antunovic
      Antunovic 3 months ago

      Im from EU and on cpuz it shows that i got a snapdragon but when i google model number it shows exynos

    • Jacopo Piscina
      Jacopo Piscina 4 months ago +2

      the 5nm exynos is as good as the 5nm SD888, samsung make them all, but for some reason you are misinformed

  • Kaz Fiddles
    Kaz Fiddles 4 months ago +12

    Got the regular S21 128gb from Best Buy last month for $500. Happy with that purchase still, especially after the s21 fe launch

  • Howard Liu
    Howard Liu 4 months ago +1

    Samsung 21fe is a big improvement over the Motorla g stylus I had for a couple of years. Also, Att and Costco had the S21fe with 125 costco gift cards.

  • Scott Spittle
    Scott Spittle 4 months ago +83

    Riley is such a laughable fun personality to have on camera, I love it! he makes the products seem better because he makes me laugh when reviewing it and trashin Dbrand

  • TekuJames
    TekuJames 4 months ago +20

    I feel that if you're looking for a less expensive phone, a used Note would be much better. The 9s and 10s still had headphone jacks, stereo speakers, and a good camera with plenty of battery.

    • TekuJames
      TekuJames 3 months ago

      @SnowBowman Gotcha, good to know

    • SnowBowman
      SnowBowman 3 months ago +1

      @TekuJames +1 year because they launch with the next operating system. S21 launched with A11, will get A12 and 13 most likely. S21 FE launched with A12, will get A13 and 14 most likely.

    • Jacopo Piscina
      Jacopo Piscina 4 months ago

      @Michael Biharta "much cheaper"....10% cheaper

    • bubbledoubletrouble
      bubbledoubletrouble 4 months ago

      @Leon Performance is one thing, security risk is another. If you have her phone locked down then it’s not a problem.

    • Michael Biharta
      Michael Biharta 4 months ago

      Yea with 699, that doesnt really make sense. Wierdly, it is much cheaper here in Indonesia, around 626 usd, which I still can justify

  • RJ
    RJ 4 months ago +6

    It's weird that I never buy anything from dbrand but I like their whole schtick. The leather skins single-handedly made me want to get a Pixel 6 that much more, but I can't justify it, especially since the UK version doesn't have the 256GB version, and the recent bugs found turned me off. But when I do finally upgrade from this Note 9, I'll likely get a dbrand skin instead of a case.

  • YST
    YST 4 months ago

    you should definitely go for android if you like really clear, sharp and ultra high resolution display. sure it'll drain the battery faster, but it will come with fast charging ideal for those who stare at their phone all day.

  • Paynewalker
    Paynewalker 4 months ago +82

    Riley, you are my favorite "professional video host". Whatever you do, I will watch. Just as long as you do something that will get me to click on the video, of course.

  • Manuel Caceros
    Manuel Caceros 4 months ago

    Actually, its comes down to ergonomics, given the Samsung Dex options, you can now have a 6gb ram Desktop Experience. Google Pixel's can't take advantage of Desktop Mode at all, as Google has disabled it out of the box. There is no desktop mode on any Pixel devices. Given this, it would seem wise on Samsung to launch a more affordable line with decent specs so that new users can experience this while takin advantage of those features instead of getting a laptop and avoid to purchase an older Samsung S model.
    NOTE: Huawei saw this need since the creation of Mate 10 Pro, Xiaomi Phones now have access to MiUi Desktop and currently, The new Motorola Moto Edge X30 is a powerfull rival for Samsung Dex with their version of Desktop Mode called Ready4.
    Considering the markets new behaviors and tendencies, many new customer will attempt to make these phones their main device. Hope you guys do another videos with that in mind.

  • Corsair Riker
    Corsair Riker 4 months ago +4

    In Australia the S21FE 5G is around $1k. So I went with the S20FE 5G 128GB which is $795 and works great.

  • Ace
    Ace 4 months ago

    I can't speak for the Pixel 6 but as a Pixel 3 owner I have to say, one of the most underrated reasons to buy a Pixel is future Pixel exclusives. My Pixel 3 got every new exclusive feature including the magic eraser. Their new stuff is always backwards compatible. If not officially then by the community.

  • nderitos
    nderitos 4 months ago +7

    got the S20fe earlier last year on amazon for under 500$. That's honestly the only reason I went back to Samsung. Decent 120hz 5g phone with good UI
    Glad they kept this line going. But Christ, at least include a wall plug. I hate that trend... but if they keep this up, might give the S23FE a try (if, as usual, I end up destroying my S20FE by that point, lol)

  • Chris Freeman
    Chris Freeman 4 months ago

    Got myself the s20 FE because i truly couldn't bring myself to spend so much on a new flagship and I honestly fell in love with it and find it to be the better bargain if wanting the flagship phone but not with SO MANY bells and whistles i'll never come around to using

  • Cason Dean
    Cason Dean 4 months ago +1

    I honestly feel like it's a good deal. Get the phone for $699 and use the leftover credit to get galaxy buds for $50

  • Harry Montgomery
    Harry Montgomery 4 months ago +7

    As someone who works for a telecommunications company, I’m actually surprised that you get your phones in the same packaging as we get our demo phones. It’s a constant pain for archiving because we don’t often display all of the phones that we have on offer and as such need to refer to our demo models that we keep in the back for demonstration. It’s a constant annoyance that Samsung (and other companies) often, but not always, send us demos in pretty much unmarked boxes, causing you us to have to sift though multiple white boxes to find the appropriate demos. Also, while I’m at it, Samsung please stop listing your IMEI barcodes on the middle of all the other barcodes, they’re a pain in the ass to scan

    • TheFourthWinchester
      TheFourthWinchester 4 months ago

      @Ilena Starbreeze Most people are not really bright.

    • Harry Montgomery
      Harry Montgomery 4 months ago

      @Federico Milanesi I uh… I feel dumb now.

    • Ilena Starbreeze
      Ilena Starbreeze 4 months ago

      @Federico Milanesi tis was my first thought, who doesnt write whats in it on the box? its like ... not even organization 101

    • Federico Milanesi
      Federico Milanesi 4 months ago +5

      try using a marker on the box, cmon

  • Hotlog
    Hotlog 4 months ago +1

    I wouldn't call either one of these phones, "a value" phone. Now if these phones were under $500? Now, you've got my interest.

  • GrandNebSmada
    GrandNebSmada 4 months ago +2

    Samsung has yet to make another phone as good as the Galaxy S10+

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 4 months ago +1

    I'll take the Pixel 6. Samsung has left me out in the cold too often.

  • codylucente
    codylucente 4 months ago +11

    I have the 20 + 5G and I think from now on Im Going to go more budget with the Fe. Done over-spending. And other budget brands have become much more expensove

    • codylucente
      codylucente 4 months ago

      And I didn't necessarily mean the 21 fe. Could be the 22 fe

    • codylucente
      codylucente 4 months ago

      @σ I did the stupid thing of leasing it instead of buying it outright so I have to give it back when my contract is up otherwise I would. I still think it's a great phone

    • σ
      σ 4 months ago

      then why don't you stick to your s20+ for longer) it's just two years old. continuing using that is more budget friendly than buying a new one

  • Kai Stewart
    Kai Stewart 4 months ago

    Samsung has also had the magic eraser feature for a long while now

  • Full Circle
    Full Circle 4 months ago +8

    Samsung has had their version of magic eraser for 3 or 4 years. It's called object eraser! The Google phones were not the first to do this and it works really good on the Samsung phones!!

  • In a Retro Daze
    In a Retro Daze 4 months ago +164

    I like how Riley just talks directly to Jono

    • -
      - 4 months ago

      I might be alone in this but I don't like the talk to the cameraman thing, Linus especially does it a lot as a not so subtle way of trying to talk to the viewer through the people behind the camera and it makes me cringe. It actually makes me dislike the videos where it's Linus hosting, though most of the hosts do it

  • Andre Brait
    Andre Brait 4 months ago +63

    The S21 FE comes with a Snapdragon here in Europe. That's enough of a reason to pick it over the regular S21 or even the S22, depending on how the Exynos will do.
    Ps.: Even when the Exynos is fast, the Snapdragon will usually run smoother in games and other tasks, and the camera encoder is usually better too.

    • σ
      σ 4 months ago

      exynos seems to be more pover efficient tho. I know the snapdragon / exynos divide is due to patents, but giving consumers both choices on otherwise the same phone would be great imo

    • Andre Brait
      Andre Brait 4 months ago

      @FastSloth87 yeah, but so is the 2100, and the camera DSP is worse. And like I said, due to software drivers and whatnot, most Snapdragon SoCs will end up running apps smoother than their Exynos counterparts.
      Many Clip-Sharers have demonstrated that, in games, for example, while the frame rate might be similar, the Exynos variants often load games slower and have some unpleasant stuttering in-game.

    • FastSloth87
      FastSloth87 4 months ago +2

      @iris not true for the S21 line-up tho, the 888 is riddled with issues.

    • iris
      iris 4 months ago +5

      that was a selling point when i got my s20 fe 5g. had an exynos in my note 8 which was fine in that generation, but read far too many reports of the s20 generation exynos (which is whats sold in australia) being terrible compared to the snapdragon. thankfully the s20 fe was snapdragon only.

  • Nathan Eddy
    Nathan Eddy 4 months ago

    With the S20 Fe last year that I now have. The s21 Fe seems like a massive step back in everything except chipset.

  • Joshlocu
    Joshlocu 4 months ago +2

    I am at amazed at the fact that a 700$ phone is somehow a budget option. I am aware that there are many more expensive phones, but that doesent turn this one into a budget option.

  • Lauri Pulkkinen
    Lauri Pulkkinen 4 months ago

    Dbrand and LTT have the weirdest sponsor - sponsee dynamic out there. I'm eagerly waiting the next character developments between these two.

  • Silent Knight 89
    Silent Knight 89 4 months ago +8

    Agree with dbrand, this phone is DUMB 🤣. Especially because it's samsung's fault on cutting too much already on the regular s21. Plus, the price is barely has any difference from the regular s21.

    • asdfghjkl;'
      asdfghjkl;' 3 months ago

      what exactly did they cut? Bigger screen and battery capacity, plus snapdragon 888 in europe. It's cheaper too. I don't see a reason why you would get the regular s21 at this point

  • Ravisha Weerasekara
    Ravisha Weerasekara 4 months ago

    S21 ultra Exynos version also supports object eraser and it's pretty good in my experience

  • Dat.D
    Dat.D 4 months ago

    As someone who owns a s20fe 5g already, I'm gonna avoid this thing like the plague

  • Name Nachname
    Name Nachname 3 months ago +2

    Just got the S21 FE and i think it is pretty sweet. It feels good in the Hands, and thank god, no bixby Button. The Camera is pretty sweet. Only real downgrade on my side is the missing headphone jack. Otherwise, when you get a good deal on it, get it.

    • Abbie Stephenson
      Abbie Stephenson 2 months ago

      I have Samsung earphones that have a C cable which fits in the bottom.

  • Senketsu86
    Senketsu86 4 months ago

    i have the S21 5g got it launch day. i love it personally. only nit pick is the finger print reader being under the screen it can be a thing some times with a screen protector. But all in all im in love with it

  • Justin D
    Justin D 4 months ago

    Great. I have been torn between which of these phones to get.
    Riley "They are about the same"
    Really helping me make a decision.

  • sirmyself
    sirmyself 4 months ago +1

    The utter chaos Riley implements in his videos is just magnificent. I love it XD

  • Vals9
    Vals9 4 months ago

    $699 is pretty much top of the line price few years back and now it's considered a somewhat budget phone :shrug

  • Vagron
    Vagron 4 months ago +2

    For me it was either this one or the Pixel 6. And I really dont like how the Pixel feels in the hand --> bought the S21 FE. I Like it =)

  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong 4 months ago +1

    I payed $329 for my S20 FE, so this $699 for the S21 FE just weeks before the S22 launch seems ridiculous lol

    • Abbie Stephenson
      Abbie Stephenson 2 months ago

      I've just got my S21 Fe. I'm paying £30 a month which is cheaper than my contract with my old phone which was the S10 lite.
      Yes it's £740 in total but I can swap it after 2 years. That's what I did and the amount to be on the other phone was scrapped

  • Dragos Rachieru
    Dragos Rachieru 4 months ago +1

    Samsung also has their own bloatware installed on the phone, also the google bloatware you have on the pixel 6 and also microsoft bloatware, idk if it still comes with facebook preinstalled.
    And don't forget about *McAfee* Security.

  • Neoxon
    Neoxon 4 months ago +6

    I’m surprised that Samsung took so long with this phone. Not that the phone is bad or anything, but the S22 is on the horizon.

    • AcloYde
      AcloYde 4 months ago

      @Burb actually the international s21 has a chip that is equal or worse than s20. Exenos is a turd and Samsung should be ashamed of it. 20 % worse performance and battery life compared to Snapdragon 888.

    • Burb
      Burb 4 months ago +1

      @AcloYde “S21 was a flop at launch”
      Good. Serves them right for making the S20 worse and then pretending it was better just because it had a new processor.

    • Tony Lancer
      Tony Lancer 4 months ago

      Missed chance for "but the S22 is *OVER* the horizon?

    • AcloYde
      AcloYde 4 months ago

      Samsung is struggling to clear out previous s21 stock, as it was a flop at launch. They didn't want to compete with the full feature phone as the price is almost the same, but for a inferior product that has a better chip(international market got the s21 with a exenos chip that is a turd)

  • Sp3EdStR
    Sp3EdStR 4 months ago +1

    I LOVE the love hate relationship LTT continues to have with Dbrand 😂🤣

  • Cozy User
    Cozy User 4 months ago

    I had been waiting for this particular phone but after it was "cancelled" in October/September I decided to buy A52s. I am glad I did buy it. 21FE is too expensive

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell 4 months ago

    I got an S20 FE 5G a few months ago and think it's great, especially because of the top-end processor. The price was good too. I got it at Walmart for $15/month for two years (on Virgin), plus they gave me a $350 Walmart gift card. Supposedly the actual list price was $800.

  • piwiee
    piwiee 4 months ago

    I still have a poco f1 from 3 years ago. And its stil good as a daily driver. Planning to get a custom Rom on it.

  • Lucas chen
    Lucas chen 4 months ago

    As someone who uses a case their phone, I honestly wouldn't mind to have a plastic back cover

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 4 months ago

    When the S22 ultra launches in the U.K. they will ship it with the Exynos 2200 …. In the past Exynos chips haven’t performed well compared to their snapdragon counterparts though hopefully things will be different this time 🐖✈️

  • Daniele Gyalog
    Daniele Gyalog 4 months ago +1

    OLED and AMOLED should basicly be the same kind of display in my opinion, since there is no point in using a PMOLED Screen in your smartphone. Am I wrong here?

  • Tyra Too OP
    Tyra Too OP 4 months ago +3

    This came out the minute I had just upgraded my phone to the S21 FE from TMobile. Will be here in a few days. I had been rocking a S7 for over 4 years now and the battery is starting to go. Honestly almost went with a Pixel 6 because it was cheaper but I am a Samsung guy so I went with the FE version of the S21.
    Not super big on camera features as I am for speed and memory size. Guessing I could have gone for any real newer phone but I guess I may be future proofing myself a bit by getting a 21FE so I think I'll ne happy with my purchase

  • σ
    σ 4 months ago

    in comparison to the pixel 6 or even the regular s21 which is obv cheaper now than when it was released, the s21fe seems weak and overpriced, but I think it is targeted at (mostly US) consumers who would've just bought like the base iPhone instead. The aesthetics, the spec choices and the prolonged updates, it's all really giving me iPhone competitor vibes

  • FieryEasy
    FieryEasy 4 months ago

    I got an S21 ultra in great condition for 760 bucks including tax just a couple weeks back...worth it imo.

  • rubenrar1
    rubenrar1 3 months ago

    The fan edition devices are actually pretty solid. I think the cheaper form of the phone is good for people like me who may be feeling burnout. It's to the point that we don't really treat a smartphone as a phone and people get mad when you leave a voicemail. So you can tell it's not really about the phone anymore. The way I see it is all devices are going to age the same and companies are releasing new devices quicker and quicker and to me I feel like there's less incentive of getting a flagship. I feel like the premium devices are really for people who are in business or school. I feel like if I go after the next shiniest thing then I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure. People have told me that they get a new phone because the battery gets old despite they could technically get a new battery put in. So that means it's no longer about the battery. There's nothing wrong getting something new if you're going to benefit from it but at the same time I ask myself why. I feel like smartphones are under the same rule of shoes. It doesn't matter how much you pay for shoes because you still have to replace them every 6 months if you want good support for your feet. I hope Samsung keeps The fan edition going and all devices because once in a while it's actually nice to be conservative for once.

  • Doomy_Doomy
    Doomy_Doomy 4 months ago

    I will say this video made me less harsh on the FE. Yet to watch a video from these big channels yet just take a chill stance on it and compare them. I will say for some categories maybe sometimes the $100 may be worth it for the FE. Especially if you like selfies

  • Heimvar the Apprentice
    Heimvar the Apprentice 4 months ago

    Can we all agree that the HTC M8 was peak phone design an the closer the phone is to that the better. Both of these are beautiful

  • aGps44
    aGps44 4 months ago +2

    *points to Jono*
    "Now i got the ultra-wide"
    Offended Jono: "You can't call me that"

  • MrSixty
    MrSixty 4 months ago

    I'm not a fan of either; I'm here for the entertainment value!!
    Thank you for the video!
    #LaughterTheBestMedicine 📱

  • thraldon
    thraldon 4 months ago

    Got the 128gb one for 499€ for my mom who needed a new phone. For that price it seems a solid choice.

    • thraldon
      thraldon 4 months ago

      @AcloYde Few shops/operators sold it for that price as a sale here in Finland. Now its back to the "normal" 779€.

    • AcloYde
      AcloYde 4 months ago

      Where did you get it that cheap? Here it's 750€

  • Daniel Mether
    Daniel Mether 4 months ago

    Me thinking of getting the A52 5G: Oh!! this is SO MUCH BETTER! Then I see the bottom of the phone... Nevermind.

  • amartian2
    amartian2 4 months ago

    Wait - isn't that release cycle exactly what Apple does?
    Also - that aesthetic is pure Zune first generation.

  • Rob H
    Rob H 4 months ago

    Was really annoyed when I got my S21 and realised it did not have a SD card slot for the large SD card I had purchased. Prefer to use SD card for my music and large quality video as it takes up a lot of space. Yeah I can use spotify but no good if you end up somewhere with low or no signal. Also load up films on there too.

  • KrisAlex
    KrisAlex 4 months ago

    Though the review is relatively accurate and fair, to a budget friendly phone positioned in the high end segment, and the information presented is true, i give you that credit, i believe the video was lame, non-professional made and the presenter was clearly out of his place.

  • Watchandlearn91
    Watchandlearn91 4 months ago +1

    I think Riley, Anthony, and Linus are my favorite hosts for any videos. I also like James - I didn't at first but he has come such a long way since then that I also like him too. The only one I don't actually like is Alex but I don't know why...

  • Earnist Se
    Earnist Se 4 months ago

    I got the pixel 6 over the s21 fe. The fe is more expensive and I prefer the software experience google offers. The voice texting experience on the pixel is legendary

  • Ron Albert
    Ron Albert 4 months ago

    I just got the S20 FE 5G for $99 from T-Mobile. Amazing phone for the price.

  • Jonathan Rudy
    Jonathan Rudy 4 months ago

    Holy cow Riley is just on a roll with this XD roasting Google, roasting Samsung, even roasting the sponsor! I love it though, I really appreciate the ability to just be brutally honest about the stuff that's shitty because it makes the beneficial and good points of these devices actually mean something, like who else would be giving some credit to Google's software ideas in a video on a Samsung phone and then turning around and saying Google marketed a new fancy proprietary hardware chip to run that software for nothing since it works just about as well on normal chips
    Also "something made from a dead animal" made me spit take my coffee

  • jose perez
    jose perez 4 months ago

    The leather skins from Dbrand look nicer than what I was expecting!Loved the video 📹 😳 🙃 😅 Riley!

  • GSSwordsmen
    GSSwordsmen 4 months ago +1

    Riley: "Dbrand doesn't make skins for S21 FE because they said it's dumb!"
    Well it's not the first time Dbrand told a company that they were stupid. Certainly won't be the last. I have to admit though, that battle against Sony was legendary. I couldn't tell if they did that for marketing or just because they have no darns to give

  • Mr Muds
    Mr Muds 4 months ago

    3:03 "budget friendly" and "it's got a 120hz display, those were on the flagships a few years ago".......don't forget, the flagship phones just a mere 5 years ago were topping out at what this "budget friendly" phone is being sold for. It's all a total scam, pretty much the same thing as what Nvidia and AMD are doing with their GPUs.

    NOTE G BEATZ 4 months ago

    I have had this phone for a minute (long time) now - LOVE IT

  • Secondarian
    Secondarian 4 months ago +33

    The FE versions have Snapdragon SOCs in Europe and Korea etc. while the regular ones have Exynos SOCs.

  • PatalJunior
    PatalJunior 4 months ago

    I'm glad I got my Mi11 8GB RAM 256GB STORAGE, SD888, a 108Mp camera , 1440p 120hz AMOLED screen, and all for *500$* .

  • Lee Squires
    Lee Squires 4 months ago

    My Samsung s20 fe has magic eraser and 120hz screen. The s21 fe sounds exactly the same as my s20 fe

  • Dane Roschen
    Dane Roschen 4 months ago +7

    I have the S20FE, got it in November 2020, I've liked it so far. Though I did have a decently hard time finding a case, so thanks for nothing, DBrand. (DBrand, I love ya, that was a joke. Never change your trolly self)

    • Dane Roschen
      Dane Roschen 4 months ago

      @Terrobility This case is apparently a Caseology Parallax (Yes, I've forgotten since then so I had to open the case up). I think my mom went with the Spigen. I'm slightly annoyed that Otterbox appears to have come out with their model after I was looking, but this case has been good to me and I know they're not the only company out there.

    • Terrobility
      Terrobility 4 months ago

      Spigen does a good S20 FE case. Nice and thin and really durable too.

    • Dane Roschen
      Dane Roschen 4 months ago

      @Jacopo Piscina I found a case back when I got the phone, just a more annoying process to do so while avoiding Amazon. Even when I realized Amazon was unavoidable, it was still harder than I was hoping. Considering the small market share of the S20FE and future FE's I get the lack of cases, but really the middle phone (S20 non-FE, non-+) should be back to $649 because the pricing then was dumb and that would solve the market share/lack of cases issue.

    • Jacopo Piscina
      Jacopo Piscina 4 months ago

      ​@Dane Roschen sorry, but I would then recommend Amazon for cases, dbrand probably don't think they can sell a case for 45$ (+20$ for the tempered glass) if it isn't for a flagship phone. Spigen cases are great and cost 10-15$, I got one for my s10+ in 2018, I still use it and the phone is perfect :)

    • Dane Roschen
      Dane Roschen 4 months ago

      @Jacopo Piscina A skin is not the same as a protective case.

  • S. Marcey
    S. Marcey 4 months ago

    When Jono made the kissey face I UwU'ed. That man has game. Also I appreciate dbrand making the leather grips. Now you can make things fancy.

  • invidious07
    invidious07 4 months ago +5

    Still sitting on my S8, nothing has changed in phones that makes me want to spend nearly $1000 on a new one.

    • Woozy
      Woozy 4 months ago +1

      My S7 is still hanging in there but looking to upgrade to s22 ultra.

    • Greshgore
      Greshgore 4 months ago +1

      It seems that the S8 and S9 era might be the last perfect spot in phones. While there are features that would make me want to upgrade, everything I buy, I buy used. Even the used market for older phones has gone up so much that it's hard to justify the cost.

    • Greshgore
      Greshgore 4 months ago +1

      @현성은 S8+ user here, so not the exact same use case. For me the phone still performs perfectly, and I've had it since Feb 2018. The battery HAS begun draining a little faster than I would like, but I haven't been able to determine if the problem is the age of the battery or background power use that I haven't been able to track down yet. I've had to use this phone hours a day for work and Recreation since the day I got it and it's still going strong. No burn in etc.

    • 현성은
      현성은 4 months ago

      Is your battery and screen holding ok? Mine had burn in marks and short battery life after 4 years of use. So I moved to s21u this year.

    • flameshana9
      flameshana9 4 months ago +1

      And other comments say stuff like "I guess last year's phone is _good enough_ for now. But I'm definitely thinking about upgrading."

  • dan110024
    dan110024 4 months ago +2

    What I want to know is why it's called Fan Edition? Don't fans want the premium version? So confused

  • Casimiro Chor
    Casimiro Chor 4 months ago

    Id go with the S21 FE over the Pixel 6 with that $100 credit. Get the RAM/ROM upgrade and a case and you've got a better phone for about the same money.

  • Thang Plants
    Thang Plants 4 months ago +4

    I actually really enjoy the FE phone. Mom and I both have a S20FE

    • tobalaz
      tobalaz 4 months ago +1

      My mom has a 20fe and loves it, and I've messed with it a bit and thought if I didn't already have a Pixel 4a 5g I'd have went after the fe instead.

  • Mikey DeVada
    Mikey DeVada 4 months ago

    In my counrty(which is in Europe), the Samsung S21 FE was released just a few months after the S21 released

  • Jacky Ha
    Jacky Ha 4 months ago

    I was at my local best buy looking at new phones because of the looming 3G shutdown in the US, for the record, I was happy with the LG V20 I had and woulda kept using it, anyways, as I was there with the phones best buy had on display, the demo station, I woulda so gotten the S21 FE but no headphone jack.
    A52 5G for me

  • rod hester
    rod hester 4 months ago

    my revvl 5 is 5g and was only 500 a year ago and it is awesome.. pictures are as good as iphones especially close up..

  • Farm Lyfe
    Farm Lyfe 4 months ago

    I bought the s20 fe entirely for the price and flat screen. I have cracked every one of my curved samsung screens.

  • John Bales
    John Bales 4 months ago

    Odd. I got my FE directly from Samsung and it came in a box like the one that Pixel came in. The bubble wrap and everything loose looks like a preowned or remanufactured unit. Otherwise, I'm pleased with my Galaxy FE.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 4 months ago +3

    This phone is one year old. When introduced in Europe it already was too expensive and had a shitty camera to begin with.

  • Walter Flores
    Walter Flores 4 months ago

    At the cellphone store I work at we call those things “SIMCARD POPERS”
    You know… because they pop it out. ☺️

  • Pollux Kwok
    Pollux Kwok 4 months ago

    I am watching with S20FE and the 21 FE is basically the same... It has the same features

  • rorijisan
    rorijisan 4 months ago

    They really are banking in on the S branding huh?
    How is it different from releasing something like this in A lineup? Ya know, the A lineup made for Budget users which has stripped down features???

  • Will Willer
    Will Willer 4 months ago

    I'll never understand the FE. I work at a phone kiosk right now and have no idea how to justify selling something (over other options) that has a higher price tag than comparable phones, will be considered outdated in a month, and has last year's specs. It's still a great phone (I've had my demo since before launch), but it's not the greatest option

    • Edward Tan
      Edward Tan 4 months ago

      its basically for people who would want a samsung phone but dont want to buy into the flagship gig, likewise why I waited for an iphone SE because I saw no reason to get the iphone flagships plus they are smaller than the flagship counterparts making them fit most people's hands better generally speaking plus one of the first FEs were apparently stuck at SEA which makes a lot more sense can't play flagship model and other brands arent that well supported so if your poco phone breaks well shit out of luck