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This Genius has Trollied a Thief ❤

  • Published on Mar 13, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts

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  • AirForceBorn
    AirForceBorn 2 months ago +125033

    How bad do you want the acting to be?

    • Wither5632_YT
      Wither5632_YT 2 months ago +624

      Camera zooming in from far away

    • Alro 12343
      Alro 12343 2 months ago +965

      ​@Wither5632_YTand yet this random guy immediately appears. No change in sunlight. Acts incredibly suspicious as if they we're stealing when it's clearly a lost phone, and just so happens to be holding an object he could drop. Also they weren't zoomed in. The camera pans around a pivot point that's far closer than you'd think. He'd probably be around 20 feet away at most. It's just... Really bad acting.

    • Nichole Stroup
      Nichole Stroup 2 months ago +83

      I thought the same thing. To rehersed

  • SonicandMarioFan1023
    SonicandMarioFan1023 2 months ago +1698

    The cameraman: Glad I used my last invisibility potion for this one 😂

  • sangeeth kaloor
    sangeeth kaloor Month ago +994

    Sad that talented actors are not given Oscars. The blue shirt really deserves it..

    • Jo anne Puno
      Jo anne Puno Month ago

      R u sure?

    • sangeeth kaloor
      sangeeth kaloor Month ago +1

      @Jo anne Puno it's a joke bruh

    • Shadow
      Shadow Month ago

      Wait hes getting a little aggressive...

    • i3atCh33se
      i3atCh33se Month ago

      ​​@Shadow "hey bartender.. *can I get an angel shot..?*"
      *_dramatic ah music_*

  • mAtErIaL gWoL
    mAtErIaL gWoL 2 months ago +11814

    “Acting was invented in 1630.”
    Acting in 1629:

  • Mysterion
    Mysterion Month ago +35

    Bro calls him a thief for finding old lost cell phone in the middle of the dirt

  • heather vestal
    heather vestal 2 months ago +491

    And the nominee for the best performance in action movie goes to ...... the crocodile. He made me believe he was real. I felt his passion in that scene.

    • Kedsy
      Kedsy 4 days ago

      Well deserved

  • Jojo Coco
    Jojo Coco 2 months ago +2394

    Props to the camera man for using his last invisible potion for us 💀

    • SS
      SS 2 months ago +10

      BRO, I DIED 💀

    • Alan Biju George
      Alan Biju George 2 months ago +2

      Bro may be the cam was kept there so he couldnt see

    • Yr_lx
      Yr_lx 2 months ago +5

      @SS i read this as "BRO I DRIED 💀💀"

    • SS
      SS 2 months ago +1

      @Yr_lx bro 💀 💀 💀

  • Im nayeon 🐰
    Im nayeon 🐰 2 months ago +135

    Thank you for explain what happened in the video dude, I was so confused, you really should make more videos like this, wow, you are a genius

    • iztjx
      iztjx Month ago +13

      he might be smoothbrained enough to believe u

    • dnegel
      dnegel Month ago +2

      Maybe he will read your comment explaining your comment

    • Chinaman
      Chinaman Month ago +2

      Yeah he really was unnecessary.

  • Druggy Doggo
    Druggy Doggo Month ago +42

    That’s a reasonably understandable reaction.

  • Ironman is cringe.🤢
    Ironman is cringe.🤢 2 months ago +3172

    The thief needs an Oscar for his acting.

  • PEPITO macondo.
    PEPITO macondo. Month ago +19

    an ex-actor never forgets his glory years no matter how much drugs he takes

  • Danny A
    Danny A 2 months ago +11

    Thanks you for explaining it for us!🙏 Without it i wouldnt be able to understand what happened.

  • Z4U£!
    Z4U£! 2 months ago +8222

    Drinks water, acts drunk. Somebody give this bloke an Oscar.

    • SilkandStones
      SilkandStones 2 months ago +35

      I love how you are sure it’s water. So many clear non alcoholic flavored drinks but it’s water. Good for you! People are always so sure of things when they aren’t there but ask them to make a life choice for themselves…

    • happy_cookie
      happy_cookie 2 months ago +70

      @SilkandStones hey have you noticed that it doesn’t matter in the slightest and you need to chill? The video is fake and has very poor acting, so yeah, it probably was water since it’s fake.

    • w
      w 2 months ago +5

      Plot twist: He has alcohol in that bottle and is actually drunk

    • Dallon Painter
      Dallon Painter 2 months ago +4

      It could be vodka, the bottle reminds me somewhat of absolut

  • Itz_Wog
    Itz_Wog Month ago +2

    that blue shirt guy studied acting skills from Ohio 💀

  • Chuckle Phucks Union
    Chuckle Phucks Union 2 months ago +10

    Imagine if a guy who was just picking it up to find the owner walked by

  • Rolyvir Samodal
    Rolyvir Samodal 2 months ago +2466

    The actor deserves a raise

    • Jinnai
      Jinnai 2 months ago +23

      He deserves a job at Wendy's

    • Hjex
      Hjex 2 months ago +14

      You must be talking about the broken phone, right?

    • MR. KHAN
      MR. KHAN 2 months ago +8

      To pay for his acting classes!

    • Richar J Olivera
      Richar J Olivera 2 months ago +1

      No he needs acting lessons. I mean it's ready for Silent Movies. Lol

    • JoYizPsyKicK
      JoYizPsyKicK 2 months ago +2

      raise to their skillset

  • Wayward Analysis
    Wayward Analysis Month ago +2

    Even if this video was not choreographed, almost any good passer bye would pick up the phone so they could find the rightful owner.

  • Jeolban
    Jeolban Month ago +1

    This is some Filipino TV level acting right here

  • SlightlyMalignant
    SlightlyMalignant 2 months ago +2233

    Damn he looked everywhere but at the camera man right there, what a great actor.

    • J-Storm
      J-Storm 2 months ago +21

      what you mean he has Clip-Share premium makes all cameramen invisible

    • gib.luck.(:
      gib.luck.(: 2 months ago

      cctv exist ☠️

    • broadcast
      broadcast 2 months ago +5

      @gib.luck.(: because every cctv footage is 16k ultra hd

    • Radu Popa
      Radu Popa 2 months ago +1

      Why you call that stealing??? It is on the street is founding not stealing big difference

    • Dedave2
      Dedave2 2 months ago

      ​@J-Storm fr

  • MrBLAQ1000
    MrBLAQ1000 2 months ago +2

    That’s not a thief. That’s a man finding a phone.

    CREAM Month ago +2

    Somebody give this man an Academy Award. Or, give him few more.

  • Endxr
    Endxr 2 months ago +3784

    the actor and cameraman deserves a raise💀

    • Matts07
      Matts07 2 months ago +17

      *Raise their hands up and get arrested

    • poopsiclemcgee
      poopsiclemcgee 2 months ago +10


    • Rick A
      Rick A 2 months ago +4

      you mean a demotion

      DRAGONFIRE 2 months ago +1

      How howww I am gonna say the same

    • KoilVian
      KoilVian 2 months ago

      Its an ai camera

  • Kieran Parrish
    Kieran Parrish Month ago

    That man hit the hardest double take of the entire history of history.

  • Himari-san
    Himari-san 2 months ago

    This acting was so good he owns the Oscar💀

  • The Meme Theory 69
    The Meme Theory 69 2 months ago +2521

    "bro just wanted to return the phone"💀

  • IoriKaîn
    IoriKaîn 2 months ago

    This acting is worth an oscar ngl.

  • Combat Footage Archive

    Best actor in all of Uganda

  • Quinn Reading
    Quinn Reading 2 months ago +1251

    The guy in the blue shirt deserves an Oscar

  • rayne
    rayne Month ago +1

    The thing is, he could have had good intentions. It's honestly worse to think that he was doing something bad, rather than keeping it safe and asking for its owner.

  • Calvin Kimes
    Calvin Kimes 9 days ago

    Wow. Thank you for narrating this video. I would never have thought what was happening.

  • JasonWalker
    JasonWalker 2 months ago +3397

    Cameraman stealth skills are beyond this world 💀

    • JasonWalker
      JasonWalker 2 months ago +10

      @david harris bro doesnt get the joke 💀

    • Herbie Husker
      Herbie Husker 2 months ago +6

      ​@david harris the camera is moving. It is being held by someone.

    • Yukiojiro
      Yukiojiro 2 months ago +4

      ​@david harris bro thinks his onto something 💀

    • BZE3255Officials
      BZE3255Officials 2 months ago +2

      Bro crouched

    • Abigail Masangcay
      Abigail Masangcay 2 months ago

      the camera man is real bro wattab

  • Бојан
    Бојан Month ago +1

    I wouldn't call that guy a thief. The phone was literally outside on the ground.

  • You
    You 2 months ago +1701

    Man, camera man is simply a different breed of human.

    • Henry Rossouw
      Henry Rossouw 2 months ago +1

      Probaly a pre set up camera though.

    • Victoria Vejnoe Lund
      Victoria Vejnoe Lund 2 months ago +2

      @Henry Rossouw That follows the 'thief'? Whilst still staying hidden?

    • TacmuDope
      TacmuDope 2 months ago +2

      Acknowledge their existence they deserve love ✋💀

    • Ijustloveanimalcrossing
      Ijustloveanimalcrossing 2 months ago

      ​@Victoria Vejnoe Lund editing

    • The Stickman
      The Stickman 2 months ago

      @Victoria Vejnoe Lund how do you know the camera man isn’t like, 50 ft away

  • Waldo Bagel Topper
    Waldo Bagel Topper 2 months ago

    "In case a passerby wants to steal this isolated lonely phone by itself on the ground outside... because they are thieves."

  • Rhythmyx
    Rhythmyx 2 months ago

    “An unattended phone with no one in sight… ok” i would’ve done the same thing 😂

  • M Z
    M Z 2 months ago +4600

    Whenever you feel useless, remember this guy and his channel exist.

  • DD Hui
    DD Hui Month ago

    This is a good case for actor/actress trainees to practice their reaction to emergencies😀

  • Sewer Tapes
    Sewer Tapes 2 months ago +2

    Good thing someone stood there and recorded everything.

  • E-123
    E-123 2 months ago +888

    “He looks right and left” I don’t know if he’s noticed but there’s a freaking wall to his right, 10/10 acting

  • Jeff Lines
    Jeff Lines Month ago

    This is why I love such video because they can teach us more than we'd ever imagine

  • TheDiamond9195
    TheDiamond9195 Month ago

    Man that camera man should rob a few places if he can hide from people that good 💀

  • Mayricx
    Mayricx 2 months ago +1288

    Man risked his life doing a cartwheel stunt. Give this man a oscar!!

    • Stanley Bochenek
      Stanley Bochenek 2 months ago +6

      He acts like the whole world is slippery

    • kl0wce
      kl0wce 2 months ago +3

      They say a thief but bro was just grabbing something off the floor

    • Sickman
      Sickman 2 months ago +2

      I’m your 1K like!

    • Sυყα
      Sυყα 2 months ago +1

      Pretending to be drunk is the easiest thing and he can't even do it! What a hero

    • Mayricx
      Mayricx 2 months ago

      @Sυყα FR💀😂

  • kj3n
    kj3n Month ago +1

    Still better than 95% of recent movies...

  • Zarina
    Zarina Month ago +1

    Bro just learned how to do a backflip within 3 secs💀✋

  • Theo _A
    Theo _A 2 months ago +841

    "Thief" bro just found the phone 💀 (also 11/10 acting ngl)

    • quickR8_
      quickR8_ 2 months ago +1

      431 likes and no replies? Lemme fix that

    • Theo _A
      Theo _A 2 months ago +2

      @quickR8_ bro wtf an hour ago this comment had 10 likes 💀

    • quickR8_
      quickR8_ 2 months ago +1

      @Theo _A lol

    • Theo _A
      Theo _A 2 months ago +1

      @quickR8_ bro it keeps going up for no reason 💀

  • Brendon Havener
    Brendon Havener 2 months ago

    Thank you for the narration. Otherwise, I would have missed the man not being able to stand up.

  • Ibrat911
    Ibrat911 Month ago

    I wont call him a thief, more of a treasure hunter.

  • No One
    No One 2 months ago +1859

    "Man, I placed my phone near the sewer, a thief must have STOLEN it."

  • Doodie Berry
    Doodie Berry Month ago

    Give the Oscar to that blue shirt man

  • JoshxIZ
    JoshxIZ Month ago

    The cameraman must be really good at hiding in plain sight.

  • Todd Senters
    Todd Senters 2 months ago +730

    Picking a phone up off the ground isn't stealing it, it's finding it.

    • MarGlo215
      MarGlo215 2 months ago +48

      Right he found that shit 😂😂

    • KeqingMain8
      KeqingMain8 2 months ago +30

      Unless he's trespassing on private property; otherwise people steal your patio furniture right off your yard and says they "found it".

    • Todd Senters
      Todd Senters 2 months ago +13

      @KeqingMain8 And if the phone is red hot, it'll burn his hand. I don't know why we're adding qualifiers.

    • Allan Blount
      Allan Blount 2 months ago +9

      Except the part of continuing to look over his shoulder, makes one think he won't be taking it to the "lostandfounddepartment"

    • calvin holmes
      calvin holmes 2 months ago +13

      Bro found that shit what you mean stealing it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ramen Rains
    Ramen Rains Month ago

    This dude’s soul left his body

  • Sports Productions
    Sports Productions Month ago +1

    Bro's the new Charlie Chaplin

  • MF
    MF 2 months ago +1232

    "he can't even get up"
    Bro already ran 3 miles away..💀

    • Bhomesh Mamodia
      Bhomesh Mamodia 2 months ago +3

      He knew that he got fu**ed up😂

    • 🖤 El chicø gøre 🖤
      🖤 El chicø gøre 🖤 2 months ago

      He ran at the speed of light litterally

    • MF
      MF 2 months ago

      @🖤 El chicø gøre 🖤 Exactly. He was ALREADY GONE

    • 🖤 El chicø gøre 🖤
      🖤 El chicø gøre 🖤 2 months ago

      @MF Honestly, in my case and with my skills, i would straight up throw myself at the speed of light, as some kind of proyectile instead of a guy running lol

    • MF
      MF 2 months ago

      @🖤 El chicø gøre 🖤 100 percent agree, also I would start praying for mercy, happy easter btw

  • Gregory Quint
    Gregory Quint Month ago

    Better acting than Hollywood!❤

  • gravyz2cute4u
    gravyz2cute4u Month ago

    Would love to see a prank like this done at night.

  • Vysion
    Vysion 2 months ago +1181

    Thanks for narrating it I never could have guessed!

  • Renikee
    Renikee 2 months ago

    Cameraman: I'm not even here, I'm just a hallucination

  • LaserGryph
    LaserGryph 2 months ago

    Thief walks around like it's 1925 and he's in a silent film. lol

  • Anson Parkhurst
    Anson Parkhurst 2 months ago +1030

    bro in the blue shirt really needs a Oscar right now. Acting is 10/10 💀

    • Captain Europe
      Captain Europe 2 months ago +11

      Even if he is acting I don't think he is bad. Like if I am seeing a phone randomly fallen ill sure pick it up (and hand it to police 👍)

    • gamerbeast 25
      gamerbeast 25 2 months ago +5

      ​@Captain Europe exactly who leaves a phone in the middle of nowhere and then calls them a thief for taking it.

    • PU2F
      PU2F 2 months ago +2

      John 3:16
      Romans 10:9
      John 3:3
      Matthew 7:21
      John 14:6

    • Anton Lindqvist
      Anton Lindqvist 2 months ago

      @PU2F ???

    • Immanuel
      Immanuel 2 months ago

      ​@PU2F Amen brother

  • al1_ u
    al1_ u Month ago +1

    If you ever feel you useless remember this talking guy

  • Manuel CALMO
    Manuel CALMO 2 months ago

    This man is not a thief, he's a finder

  • spooge33
    spooge33 2 months ago +2065

    The crock is one hell of an actor.

    • treyisgod
      treyisgod 2 months ago +9


    • Kelly R
      Kelly R 2 months ago +2

      What about the camera man?

    • spooge33
      spooge33 2 months ago +2

      @Kelly R Stuntman.

    • Pat19
      Pat19 2 months ago +1

      Croc not crock

    • spooge33
      spooge33 2 months ago

      @Pat19 Ya, him toooow.

  • Daniel main
    Daniel main Month ago

    Ah yes, I love when a thief gets ‘Trollied’

  • fan_112
    fan_112 Month ago

    plot twist: the thief was actually trying to return the phone to the owner

  • Ivan Ruiz
    Ivan Ruiz Month ago

    Cameraman the real MVP!

  • Ohio Citizen 💀
    Ohio Citizen 💀 2 months ago +134

    Actor came straight out of Looney Tunes 💀💀

  • Cuddly Bunn
    Cuddly Bunn Month ago

    That croc charge faster than a blink of an eye.

  • BlackoutZero
    BlackoutZero Month ago

    Bro doesn't need an Oscar He needs an racso

  • Amirr
    Amirr 2 months ago +730

    bro wiped his face like he just won a lottery

  • Levi Paste
    Levi Paste Month ago

    I love it when there’s a guy holding a camera right in front of him

  • TheBeanossians
    TheBeanossians 2 months ago +191

    "Oh hey someone lost their phone, Im gonna return it to them."
    Famous last words.

  • Rocketdog11
    Rocketdog11 2 months ago +2

    My gosh that acting had to be purposely pathetic; no one can act that poorly on purpose.

  • Emassan
    Emassan Month ago +1

    What if the guy actually took it to return it to the owner😂
    Anyways, where you got that invis potion camera man?

  • Mochi
    Mochi 2 months ago +2370

    -I need an angel croc
    -the man in the blue shirt, he’s acting a lil aggressive

    • a_very_interesting_statue
      a_very_interesting_statue 2 months ago +31

      I was about to say something about the angel croc lol

    • banana_vr
      banana_vr 2 months ago +13

      I died reading this lol

    • C43_YUVI
      C43_YUVI 2 months ago +4

      ( ainsi ba la vida X9 ) in the distance 😂

  • Saran Moonlight
    Saran Moonlight 2 months ago

    I can't call this man a thief just because he found a phone on the ground

  • Love Hemp
    Love Hemp Month ago

    Finding something and stealing something is two different things.

  • Bleylock
    Bleylock 2 months ago +46

    Bro reacted to that phone like he was a cartoon character 💀

    • Theo Jose
      Theo Jose 2 months ago +1

      True, u can hear the cartoons goofy sounds in all his reactions 💀

  • OcTaViA
    OcTaViA 2 months ago

    i need to hear the audio of his scream 🙏

  • Lukeisajet23
    Lukeisajet23 2 months ago

    If I’ve left my phone like that, and someone takes it, it hasn’t been stolen

  • Thurse
    Thurse 2 months ago +1843

    Get that man an Oscar.

    • Makoa1013
      Makoa1013 2 months ago +11

      Yes for bad acting

    • Lilmango
      Lilmango 2 months ago +2

      It was perfect

    • Hellif Iknow
      Hellif Iknow 2 months ago

      I know an oscar, he said he wont go to this bad actor

    • WiKa
      WiKa 2 months ago

      I think you mean a Razzie

  • Fqyw Fqke 2
    Fqyw Fqke 2 Month ago +1

    my man drank invisible potion 💀

  • Emerson Ross
    Emerson Ross Month ago

    This guy has the best acting ever

  • Lucas Sinclair
    Lucas Sinclair 2 months ago +1020

    Give that guy an oscar by doing a thumbs up to the cameraman🎉🎉

  • Roger Dunn
    Roger Dunn 2 months ago

    He could have been looking around to find the owner to return it. You can't return something that's lost without picking it up. If the phone was on personal property, that's another story.

  • Srinjoy Mukherjee
    Srinjoy Mukherjee Month ago

    The Blue man does not deserve an Oscar. The man is himself the Oscar 😂

  • Maximus Colina
    Maximus Colina 2 months ago +6542

    Man, you better give that cameraman an Oscar

    • myonlyyoutubeaccount
      myonlyyoutubeaccount 2 months ago +38

      Bruh why does everyone say this

    • Kurt Rodriguez
      Kurt Rodriguez 2 months ago +11

      Nah better give them invincible potions

    • big milk
      big milk 2 months ago +16

      ​@myonlyyoutubeaccount because he is so good that the thief didn't see him

    • Some dude
      Some dude 2 months ago +22

      ​@myonlyyoutubeaccount The reason why people post these annoying cameraman jokes is because they want likes. I'm sick and tired of seeing them as well.

  • Lost in the void
    Lost in the void 2 months ago +1

    Cameraman’s invisibility powers never fail to impress

  • TheMoon
    TheMoon 2 months ago +179

    bro was fucking hammered when they asked him to fake a prank for them 💀💀💀

  • mariagrace
    mariagrace Month ago

    Idk who needs to hear this but God loves you so much, more than you could ever imagine ❤

  • Liboster Gamer
    Liboster Gamer Month ago

    Cameraman is omnipotent

  • cheeky yearen
    cheeky yearen 2 months ago +1527

    The guy who is explaining needs a oscar

    • Phantomfox06
      Phantomfox06 2 months ago +30

      This guy think we're too stupid to understand the video💀💀

    • Gerald Hernandez
      Gerald Hernandez 2 months ago +6

      He doesn't need an oscar he needs a better comment section

    • WTF Tobloy
      WTF Tobloy 2 months ago +1

      That thief too🥱😑

    • average brick fan
      average brick fan 2 months ago +3

      he does NOT need an oscar

  • Neuerbest
    Neuerbest Month ago

    "The Thief doesn't care about the camera man"

  • bunnxi.
    bunnxi. Month ago

    The cameraman drank an invisibility potion, it’s fine

  • Dumple
    Dumple 2 months ago +232

    "Their cameraman needs an Oscar"

  • Ian :'v
    Ian :'v Month ago

    Imagine you do this and the guy only wanted to return a lost phone

  • sunny
    sunny Month ago

    Wow you are a genius. So believable.

  • Rouched
    Rouched 2 months ago +106

    "Give the camera man A Oscar for not being spotted!!!!"

    • Zyz zyz
      Zyz zyz 2 months ago

      That guy makes half the videos I watch.

  • Aayush29
    Aayush29 Month ago +1

    Mark rober gotta hire him

    DAGAMER Month ago

    Bros acting like a cartoon character when he sees the phone💀💀☠️