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Making Of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON - Best Of Behind The Scenes, On Set Visit & Creating Visual Effects

  • Published on Aug 28, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @swdrgn
    @swdrgn  +478

    They spared no expense and it really shows in the sets, costumes, effects. Every scene is like a painting. Well done

  • @nissan_skyline

    Kind of cool to see a few familiar faces who worked on the original Game of Thrones now working on HOT D. I love how grand and swanky everything is in the show. From the sets, to the costume design and hair, it's incredible. The cinematography throughout these last 2 episodes is freaking gorgeous too.

  • @dizman19
    @dizman19  +234

    ‘We’re here to give them what they want just not what they’re expecting’ I like that

  • @mrneutral8423

    I was very hesitant of this show initially, but I'm happy to say every actor and actress nailed it. Great writing, stunning production, cool locations and fantastic costuems. My only complaint is a few pacing issues, but that's trivial compared to the absolutely solid show we got. Looks like the gang had a lot of fun backstage.

  • @RebeccaDelgado1

    I love how modest these actors were before the show was released. They all did so freakin awesome on the show, even fabien LOL. Just shows how you can truly hate a character or love a character because of the actor/actress!! Amazing job HBO and all of the actors/actresses on the show <3

  • @lotus___freedom

    This is the Best Show of the year imo! HOTD IS GREAT, the amount of details and hard work that goes into it is showing. I think the cast is perfect and i was instantly hooked after episode 1, can't wait for episode 3. Bravo!

  • @KillerTacos54

    Man I'd watch a 2+ hour video on the VFX behind this show. It's been an absolute blast

  • @annettemason9439

    Well done to everyone who worked on this incredible show 👏

  • @Virgo555
    @Virgo555  +40

    Great job team , crew , actors , etc! You guys are brilliant. This season is shaping to be great I’m hooked.

  • @jaderrdragonlover764

    "The king eats, they say, and the Hand takes the shit." is the correct saying from the book. No Spoilers but anyone thinking this is going to be a happy ending should remember it is from the same author who wrote Game of Thrones. If they follow the book expect at least 50% of the characters you have already met in the first two episodes to die. And some of the dragons. The book they are adapting is a history of a civil war within a powerful family that has dragons. No one is safe.

  • @SiimKoger

    Costume designs, casting, sounds, colors, camera angles, suspense, dialogue... everything is so on point.

  • @patusbence0907203201

    I had absolutely no faith in this series after the last 2 seasons of GOT, but with the first 3 episodes that are out so far, they proved me wrong. Now i have high hopes for this show.

  • @medusa6446

    When you respect the legacy of the great stories the way they are, you get great results.

  • @ChaseThatHappy

    I've been keeping clear of the show until more surfaces but hearing how good the first two episodes have me clicking. I didn't know Miguel Sapochnik was the showrunner! I am getting more and more exited for this new show and now that a second season has already been confirmed, I have a binge awaiting me of hopefully an amazing show!

  • @amandayvonete9158

    They are amazing, all of them! If The Witcher was directed by those guys it would be amazing, I feel sad for the Netflix show, it deserved so much more!

  • @debbiezito6199

    I love HOTD! This “universe” of game of thrones is new to me. I began watching simultaneously. A lot to take in together. With HOTD I find more interesting without an over abundance creatures, etc. the dragons were so realistic I’m hooked. Thank you for this video. So excited for finale!

  • @damianstarks3338

    This cast is perfect and so are these set designs.

  • @marshmello3227

    I love the (kind of) foreshadowing when they had Matt to voice the trailer for HOTD and now almost every episode is dedicated to Daemon and his character development....it's like they wanted to say: THIS voice is important. Keep it in your mind because THIS person will be important.

  • @chipmunkpark8826

    I'm happy they went with a Targaryen story...in my opinion they are the most interesting House

  • @gavinperry8433

    Miguel Spochnik stayed true to the book, understood what the fans wanted and made us hooked on to the show from the first episode itself