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How This Big Dozer Recovery Told Me I Should Buy An Abandoned Gold Mine

  • Published on May 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • HeavyDSparks
    HeavyDSparks  Year ago +221

    Download State of Survival now: statesofsurvival.onelink.me/AcDU/HeavyDSparks
    Use my code: HeavyDSOS to redeem an in-game starter pack, valid until June 21st.

    • Torger Maxfield
      Torger Maxfield Year ago +18

      That game is a money suck. I played it. Unless you dump a crap ton of money on it. It's lame. Definitely pay to play

    • dellywip
      dellywip Year ago +5

      I hope you guys hit 2 mil before the end of the month I love you guys keep it up

    • Jackdorkcy Isapedo
      Jackdorkcy Isapedo Year ago +4

      Thank you for introducing me to Anchor Brand Ranch! You are GOLD!

    • Israel Davis
      Israel Davis Year ago +2

      @Torger Maxfield qq+

  • Total Land Management
    Total Land Management Year ago +1229

    That opening scene must have been a $5,000 fuel stop.

    • narwhal
      narwhal Year ago +73

      Close too it lol filled up my company's rig in Utah 2 days ago and it was just under 1200 bucks
      And with the DEF BS ur only getting 8 mpg, 10 MPG empty

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda Year ago +34

      yeah, and only 1 truck was getting fuel. 🤣

    • Big Flubba
      Big Flubba Year ago +34

      I would have loved to seen the pumps and total of all the gas expenses.

    • 87bones87
      87bones87 Year ago +19

      5k just for the part in the video lol

  • Mike Saxman
    Mike Saxman Year ago +187

    I would really like to see you guys take over the mine and run it for awhile and really show and explain the process, the equipment and the findings for the time and effort you put in. People like gold mining...it's the HUNT, the CHASE and the WHAT IF factor. Please do it.

    • Lilpat
      Lilpat Year ago +5

      Yep was really hoping to see ya run some material....
      Total bummer I'm sure would have made the ladies day...

    • illtroop
      illtroop Year ago +4

      Definitely get that gold mine going. Would love to see it

    • Gary Johnson
      Gary Johnson 9 months ago +1

      Ya you should try mineing see what left if you need help I'm willing to learn

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.”
      ‭‭Luke‬ ‭22‬:‭19‬-‭20‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Vikingsandra
    Vikingsandra 8 months ago +24

    I would have never in a million years imagined that I'd be avidly watching recovery videos but here I am 😄 Can't stop won't stop, you guys are too awesome for words!

  • No Cake For Susan
    No Cake For Susan 10 months ago +28

    The editor of these videos is amazing! Great cutaways, segues, fades, hilarious outtakes woven into the video, seamless storytelling, thoughtful music choices.

  • Eric Challender
    Eric Challender 9 months ago +12

    Incredible. So cool how the team works together getting after it.

  • Ralph Buschman
    Ralph Buschman 2 months ago +3

    HeavyD I have to say it again, the audio and video on the close is as good as any else I've seen. Kudos to the editors and drone operators, shows really where you guys go, and conditions where you live your lives.

  • Zack Adamec
    Zack Adamec Year ago +322

    Definitely didn't think that telehandler was going to lift that dozer. Impressive

    • southernracing24
      southernracing24 Year ago +10

      I didn’t think it would either, I need one lmao

    • Alphonso Tate
      Alphonso Tate Year ago +12

      The data plate on the telehandler tells you how much you can lift at different hinge pin heights from load center the plate on the old iron has it weight on it also great way to get it out just pick it up and put it on the trailer I love it what a great start up on the large loader it was fun to watch thank you Heavy DSOS😃

    • southernracing24
      southernracing24 Year ago +7

      @Alphonso Tate I heard him say it was a 12k machine but that old dozer had to be close to 12k lol

    • Vaneps0
      Vaneps0 Year ago +3

      Those little dozers don’t weigh much. 8000 would be pushing it

    • Jeremy Brown
      Jeremy Brown Year ago +5

      I build buckets and all that for construction and agriculture stuff and those telehandlers as long as you are boomed fairly tight are almost as hard on stuff as a excavator from my stand point building and fixing the stuff

  • KARLY💔Justice For Abby& Libby💔& Summer Wells

    Dang wish I would have known about HeavyD and his team before a week ago, so I could have been watching some awesome videos of such caring loving wonderful team of men! And when I say men, these are not your typical average men; these guys are real life hard core bulldozers, strong minded, hard working, very intelligent men! But also at the same time this team of men are soft as teddy bears at heart! They believe in having healthy bodies, working out in the gym, being true to others and self, caring about everyone's community, believe in each other , trust each other immensely with each others life......I could go on and on at the greatness! I just love all you great men! Wish the men around my area were like your team!

  • Caje1962
    Caje1962 5 months ago +4

    I enjoy watching (with envy) your recovery videos. The "Drott" trackloader that you're referring to appears to be an ol' International TD 6 or 9 with pre-60's Harvester red paint. Drott made attachments for International and other manufacturers way back then. Please keep the recovery videos coming.

  • Dallas Crane
    Dallas Crane 8 months ago +9

    I love seeing you and your team working on old machinery and old trucks .

  • Sean logie
    Sean logie 11 months ago +18

    One of the coolest videos I've watched in a very long time . Getting old iron running is my passion ....Awesome job HeavyDSparks. Do the mining series but please guys keep it real ,unlike other over dramatic gold mining crap that's on Discovery theses days .

  • Daniel Bagley
    Daniel Bagley 11 months ago +1

    Ya'll are so great in watching all your adventures! I only wish I could be there to help or at least be gopher for you and learn from the experiences. Thanks again!

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman Year ago +70

    I was an heavy equipment operator for damn near ten years and you can pretty much throw anybody on any piece of equipment and they can track it anywhere you need them to, operating them is a different story. Dave is one of those guys that has to do everything, he needs to chill and sit back and watch for once, he has a good crew.

  • harleycharley
    harleycharley 10 months ago +3

    it's good to see craftsmen at work....knowing what they're doing and not just playing around..You guys are very entertaining AND educational!!! Thanks!

  • Lockout
    Lockout Year ago +3

    Is diesel Dave as nice and chill as he really seems on these videos? Always seems to be in the best mood 👍

  • Francine Allred
    Francine Allred 9 months ago +3

    I think it would be very exciting to see you and your crew do some gold mining. This maybe a once in a lifetime experience👷‍♂️

  • Tarnished Angel
    Tarnished Angel Year ago +1

    I love how you guys show the landscapes around where you're driving/working.....all the drone footage is so pretty. Totally different views than we have here in Kentucky.
    It was kind of nostalgic watching your new lift. I drove a similar one in the Army, and I loved it.

  • Red Dye
    Red Dye 9 months ago +5

    Man these cats have to Love having Allen around. Dude is Clip-Share gold.

  • David Elack
    David Elack Year ago +142

    Love your enthusiasm brother! Buy the mine!!!!! Too bad the town is all but gone.Your parents raised you right : hanging with good, caring people. Your hearts in the right place. On the Lords errand

  • Lyna mae
    Lyna mae 11 months ago +3

    Love the humor and enthusiasm on every project you take on.

  • Peter Erickson
    Peter Erickson Year ago +4

    I'm on board! Sounds like a great next venture for you, your company, and your fan base!

  • Justin T Diesel Tech
    Justin T Diesel Tech 11 months ago +2

    Can’t get enough of these recovery videos

  • Guillermo
    Guillermo 3 months ago +1

    Estos cuates de H.D. son a todo dar, son muy empáticos con los latinos, y sus trabajos son de primera, ojalá que les vaya muy bien en su negocio, suerte chavos.

  • AngryDINGUS
    AngryDINGUS 10 months ago +1

    It's always so exciting when you get a 50 year old engine that's been sitting in the weather to turn over for the first time in ages.

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas Year ago +211

    More than two videos there’s not enough a day from Heavy D and Diesel Dave

  • Elsy Bolaños telles
    Elsy Bolaños telles 3 months ago +1

    Hola Heavy! Haces unos rescates portentoso de máquinas muy valiosa, echas para durar toda la vida. Hay están tu y tu equipo para hacer esos grandes rescates y volverlas a la vida.ADELANTE!

  • Nos Moking
    Nos Moking 10 months ago

    love the spirit you have for learing and a challenge. Wish I had not lost that. Stay Strong!!!!

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor 10 months ago +2

    Absolutely what an interesting kind of thing to learn about and we're excited to see what you got going on and we wish you success

  • William Burnett
    William Burnett 6 months ago

    I enjoy each and every episode. A big thank you for all the help services you guys do for recovering out back trash and souls in need . Giving back makes for good programs -

  • Troy Vaughan
    Troy Vaughan 10 months ago

    I find that all the variety of filming yall do is awesome. I never know what I'm gonna see on your videos or what you are going to be doing. Thanks for providing great informative videos. 👍

  • Owl
    Owl Year ago +92

    I like this channel because instead of just flexing cool stuff you actually help people.

    • MrDoss89
      MrDoss89 Year ago +14

      What better way to flex your cool shit.

  • Coral Aune
    Coral Aune Year ago

    Yes, yes, yes... I wanna see you get this old mine workings up and running again.. I've panned for gold and the excitement you feel with that first little flake/nugget is awesome!!!

  • Ty
    Ty Year ago +43

    "We cant just keep running it on starting fluid alone, that's terrible for it" .... 2 cans and 15 minutes follow of... starting fluid =) Seriously cool stuff and great work from the team! Except Diesel assaulting people with batteries. =(

  • Pasler Andrew
    Pasler Andrew 11 months ago

    Would love to see all that stuff involved with the century mine and all the equipment refabrication remanufacturing things to make them work

  • J Gentry
    J Gentry 6 months ago

    Love your showgram. Getting the work done while showing the comradery, the knowledge base and the BS. The editing is pure genius. Best to you all.

  • Dyana Mullican
    Dyana Mullican 6 months ago +1

    Loved the video and now a machine is on it's way to home base. Great job guys.

  • Sunrise Crawlers
    Sunrise Crawlers Year ago +13

    You know some of us would REALLY love to have some of that old equipment


    I like hunter from what I seen in all the videos I seen of y'all.. he is a hard ass dedicated worker. I can tell just by these vlogs he is a good ass dude props to him all all his hard work

  • PirateStyle2013
    PirateStyle2013 11 months ago

    I hope it is not to late to convince you to get that mine up and going.... I have always wanted to do that myself.

  • Qsaws
    Qsaws 11 months ago +5

    It's crazy how much stuff you guys do

    • abhigejf
      abhigejf 8 months ago +1

      Good old having money.

  • Amy Stukalo
    Amy Stukalo Year ago +2

    Heck yea!! Would love to see ya'll gold mining! You guys rock! Keep on keeping on!!!

  • Danielle Gibson
    Danielle Gibson 10 months ago +2

    Love this! Michelle's dad would have loved seeing those machines up and running, he loved that mine!

  • Ty
    Ty Year ago +44

    I’ve always thought how cool it would be to see you guys on Gold Rush or do something very similar, even on your own. You guys are my favorite Clip-Share channel, and I watch a lot of Clip-Share. 🤙🏼

  • Rags 2 Wrenches
    Rags 2 Wrenches Year ago +1

    Watching and learning mining stuff is super intriguing to me since theres all these old mines near where I live that have since been barred to the public but I want to see how it done.

  • Sheila Breakfield
    Sheila Breakfield 7 months ago

    Your team work is absolutely amazing, one of my favorite things about this channel.

  • MadClown4208
    MadClown4208 11 months ago

    You guys are Great I'd watch you do just about anything love the fact you went and helped the guy with the house boat and now am in the process of watching all your videos. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Snake Express
    Snake Express 8 months ago +1

    ALWAYS GREAT WORK GUYs from the land down under me and my family love watching your clips great inspirational stuff makes me want to live this way and come and help out great stuff all the time from Dag's

  • Travelamazon
    Travelamazon 11 months ago

    This is my NEW favorite channel. Men in their natural habitat, exploring, building, breaking and fixing sh*t

  • Vicky Vickers
    Vicky Vickers Year ago +66

    I would find it interesting to see you take up gold mining. At 79 I still like learning, so learning how to gold mine along you and your crew would be fascinating.

    • Mark Toney
      Mark Toney Year ago

      Vicky, I'm 67 and I feel the same way. When I watch these videos, it's not like I'm watching for the "coolness" or the thrills, chills, and spills but it's more like "What can I learn from these guys?"

    • David Hudson
      David Hudson Year ago +1

      @erica Lorraine
      I'll suggest you lookup Priscilla Dearmin-Turner, this is her name online, she's now the real investment prodigy since the crash and have help me recovered my loses

    • Ketos Willy
      Ketos Willy Year ago

      Investment now will be wise but the truth is investing on your own will be a high risk. I think it will be best to get a professional👌

  • America Yea
    America Yea Year ago +1

    One thing to be sure of is to make absolutely sure you get the mining rights not just the land. I know a few folks who made that mistake back in California.

  • Wanda Blackston
    Wanda Blackston 6 months ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos especially when you are getting old equipment and get them to run.

  • Karl Ginn
    Karl Ginn 7 months ago

    Not only would I like to see you buy and work that gold mine, I'd love to be a part of it. I love that kind of thing, but obviously I'll have to settle for just watching you do it. Looking forward to whatever you decide to do. Keep upthe good work and videos fellers.

  • Ken M
    Ken M 10 months ago +1

    I absolutely love your videos. I watched the one where you recovered the D7 that had been buried for years and you commented about the difficulty of getting the lowboy trailer to follow the tractor. You guys should design a steering system for the rear wheels of the lowboy, similar to what hook and ladder fire trucks have, but without the need of a steering guy on the back end. With all the geniuses on your crew I’m sure you could come up with a design that worked.

  • shaun Chesnut
    shaun Chesnut Month ago

    Man I would like to meet y’all in person. Has to be a blast to be around 😂 and love the trucks you build

  • Caleb Bowling2
    Caleb Bowling2 Year ago +28

    Would love to see some gold mining content from you and your crew. Getting Fred Dodge involved is solid advice, not only could he give you good info on equipment condition but also how to make it more efficient. He could also give insight into where on the property to mine or where gold should be. Even if you don't go the gold mining route I'll still keep watching your recoveries. One thing tho next time you get under 5+ ton loader arms make sure you have some sort of safety stop. In the vid may have had one on the other side, especially when working with older equipment. Even if it was that awesome telehandler under its bucket just in case. Couldn't believe how beast it was with that smaller crawler. Didn't seem to be too much for it at all. Good content sir keep it up please.

  • Ruth Casteel
    Ruth Casteel Year ago

    new to your cast.i like these stories mostly because ofve the interaction in the crew. thank you for cleaning up the water. I'm from mich. & I remember when people dumped their garbage, in wanted vehicles or those that went thru the ice on the widest part.of the kazoo river. they recently drain the reservoir & found dozens of cars, barrels, etc. thank again for doing what yer doing god bless

  • kevin Snider
    kevin Snider 6 months ago +1

    Love the show guys, Great content as always! Yes you should mine for gold, but you guys 1st should do some videos of you guys doing some testing of the area for gold !

  • Patrick Forget
    Patrick Forget 11 months ago

    Man you have some of the best mechanics around just watching those guys work on this stuff is just amazing how they can actually get it to run

  • Scott Busch
    Scott Busch Year ago +1

    I can't wait for the next videos up there. Gold mining has always intrigued me and to see your crew do it would be awesome

  • Mountain Top HVAC
    Mountain Top HVAC 11 months ago

    Dude, after subscribing and watching a bunch of your videos I have realized that my life is NOT exciting enough. You guys are AWESOME

  • Adrian Pitt
    Adrian Pitt Year ago +5

    Your work ethic is top shelf, and the care for your team and equipment is refreshing to see. Look after your tools and team and they will look after you.

  • RamdogDaddy Powell
    RamdogDaddy Powell 7 months ago

    Very cool guys. Wish I was a younger man. I would come work for you. Love the way your team shows up and immediately starts solving problems.

  • Trenton Tedrick
    Trenton Tedrick 6 months ago

    @HeavyDSparks I'm sure you know and someone has mentioned it before but you could always setup a portable secondary tank with a pump and hoses to hook right into most diesel equipment and just run it off your secondary tank.

  • Bruce Havens
    Bruce Havens 11 months ago

    Hey you guy's I'm so happy that I came across your utub. It's been exciting for the past two days watching you and your team doing all the things that you all do. The best thing Since toilet paper. The best trucks I have ever seen . Greatly appreciate all that you and your team do. Love the Ford raptor. I've wanted one since they came out

  • Dale Gladstone
    Dale Gladstone 9 months ago

    You scored that dozer amazing. You and crew know there stuff.

  • Matt Jensen
    Matt Jensen 5 months ago

    Hey Guys - Love the videos. Was worried to see you guys working under the raised bucket on the komatsu without it propped - its an old unfamiliar piece of gear, could come down any time. Stay safe

  • Diane Mackey
    Diane Mackey Year ago +150

    "Realizing he can't drive both at once." Best comment! Can't wait to learn gold mining with you!

    • Rajesh Upadhyay
      Rajesh Upadhyay Year ago +7

      Well said! I am also here to learn how to invest after listening to a lady on tv talk about the importance of investing and how she made 7 figure in 3 month, somehow the video taught me nothing and left me even more confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas on how to invest for retirement

    • Lezlie Whicker
      Lezlie Whicker Year ago +6

      @Rajesh Upadhyay
      I'll suggest you lookup Priscilla Dearmin-Turner, she's the real investment prodigy since the crash and have help me recovered my loses

    • David Hudson
      David Hudson Year ago +3

      A news host spoke so highly of this💕 woman Priscilla Dearmin-Turner and her loss prevention strategies been trying to get to her ever since

    • Jewell Walker
      Jewell Walker Year ago +5

      @Lezlie Whicker
      i just lookup her name online and found her accreditation on FINRA and SEC, she seems really solid. I leave her a mail on her webpage🙏

    • Dr.ervin Galen
      Dr.ervin Galen Year ago +2

      Paid off $992000 loan within 7 months, all thanks to Madam Priscilla! So happy we are finally onto baby step 4, 5 & 6! Amazing! 🇨🇦

  • khcopter
    khcopter 11 months ago +1

    Most impressive videos!!! Thank you for making them. Your videos are totally addicting!!

  • Thomas Arrey
    Thomas Arrey 11 months ago

    Awesome guys never get tired of seeing what you guys are up to next be safe keep up the good work

  • Sniptaclar 55
    Sniptaclar 55 10 months ago

    Dave’s like a child. I want to drive everything!!

  • RoyalBlueRanger
    RoyalBlueRanger 9 months ago +1

    Wow... Epic! Finally found the story behind "Kroger" when Alec tried to give himself a cool name, but instead got the shame name. LOL [7:51]
    I've been watching the more recent videos and have heard him called kroger a few times, but I did not know the context until now. Well worth it! lol

  • jezrougan
    jezrougan 11 months ago +2

    Glad you've picked up on the scammers Mr D, ive been reporting them to YT... Even had a fake reply the other day on your Lake boat rescue vid... I know not to respond to them apart from calling them scammers....
    Would love to visit from over the pond... Big thumbs up....

  • Numbur9nineIX
    Numbur9nineIX Year ago +25

    The zooms on Jim while he's eating the sandwich made me laugh more than it should have

  • Joy Holden
    Joy Holden 11 months ago

    YES of course you all should operate the Century Mine! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes Month ago

    Again it seems we have multiple interests and i grew up mining in Idaho ! My first hand experience is amazing experience I can’t wait to see more ! You will never be disappointed with digging for gold once you find out if it has gold ! Gold fervor is real ! What a adventure!!!

  • Rose Heppner
    Rose Heppner 10 months ago +1

    Great job boys you all are so funny some times it makes me want to see more. grandma 71 like you all.
    My dad and I took out motors in and put others back in I loved it Like you say you can work on old ones but they make it hard to do that to new ones.

  • Mustang Guy6501
    Mustang Guy6501 11 months ago

    Great video man, so awesome to see the old machine goin so glad I found your channel

  • Shirley C
    Shirley C 6 days ago +1

    You guys are crazy, but fun to watch.

  • Jimmy Waters
    Jimmy Waters Year ago +9

    I really loved this video, I know it sounds weird, but I didn’t want it to end. The mere fact that y’all were going to a gold mine got my attention right away, as well as getting the equipment and loading it. As for the mine, I would say go for it ! You only live once, I would say pack in as much living in this lifetime as you can. Thank you, guys ! Please be safe in all you do.

  • Erik Schmidt
    Erik Schmidt Year ago

    very nice stuff i love all your videos and good luck from germany for more recoverys :3

  • ChristianLab
    ChristianLab 11 months ago

    It's like Snowrunner.....but in real life! =D
    Great job guys.

  • Desi Mora
    Desi Mora 11 months ago

    Nice pick of equipment this trip. Well documented.

  • Geoffrey Stutts
    Geoffrey Stutts Year ago

    Go for the gold, that will make great videos. Thanks for what you do , I enjoy the recovery videos.

  • Timothy High
    Timothy High 11 months ago

    You guys are awesome loved seeing you do a recovery of the Sequoia with 5 ton truck thanks for making great videos

  • Randy Engle
    Randy Engle Year ago +47

    Your guys’ production with setting up shots, transitions, framing etc just keeps getting better and better and better! Can’t wait to see the service truck when you build it!!!

    • Mark Toney
      Mark Toney Year ago

      I'm with you, Randy! I'd love to be a part of that!

    • Rajesh Upadhyay
      Rajesh Upadhyay Year ago +4

      Well said! I am also here to learn how to invest after listening to a lady on tv talk about the importance of investing and how she made 7 figure in 3 month, somehow the video taught me nothing and left me even more confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas on how to invest for retirement

    • Lezlie Whicker
      Lezlie Whicker Year ago +3

      @Rajesh Upadhyay
      I'll suggest you lookup Priscilla Dearmin-Turner, she's now the real investment prodigy since the crash and have help me recovered my loses

    • David Hudson
      David Hudson Year ago +2

      Investment now will be wise but the truth is investing on your own will be a high risk. I think it will be best to get a professional👌

    • Dr.ervin Galen
      Dr.ervin Galen Year ago +1

      @Lezlie Whickeri just lookup her name online and found her accreditation on FINRA and SEC, she seems really solid. I leave her a mail on her webpage🙏

  • Ralph Buschman
    Ralph Buschman 2 months ago

    Wow, I am amazed at the idea of you guys buying an abandoned gold mine!

  • Markk Jackson
    Markk Jackson Year ago +1

    these recoveries are awesome good job guys

    • Clayton Hamilton
      Clayton Hamilton 6 months ago

      Yes I would love to see you run a gold mine and make it work out for you guys

  • Gregory Damms
    Gregory Damms 5 months ago +17

    Go for it. Everyone needs GOLD.

  • Timberline Offroad

    I love the old track diesel content! I just bought a 1959 IH TD-6 and im working on getting it going!👍🏻

  • Scott Osteen
    Scott Osteen Year ago +6

    Team work makes the dream work. Love how well you guys work together. What a group effort.

  • Eric Mathiesen
    Eric Mathiesen 11 months ago

    I really want to see you guys mine for gold! I think that would be a awesome video to do. Keep up the great work guys I'll be looking for the next ones.

  • Darren Hallam
    Darren Hallam 10 months ago

    Gold digging sounds like fun. I to would love to learn how it is done. Great video guys.

  • Tee Pee
    Tee Pee 11 months ago

    You guys make my day , shout out to the editor... love these videos and hanging with the guys .😂😂👍

  • Richard L. White
    Richard L. White Year ago

    I'd be interested on seeing your mining adventures...thanks for all the great content..

  • Dumb
    Dumb 4 months ago +1

    Your videos are awesome. You definitely got a down crew. That definitely get the job done.👍

  • berky1976
    berky1976 Year ago +13

    cool episode guys. I like watching the parts where you bust out the experience of salvage/recovery and using your know-how to get something started or lift it from some place ridiculous. It is a true skill set. Appreciate you sharing. Looking forward to what the future brings for your team.

  • Dan Nicoletti
    Dan Nicoletti 3 months ago

    big thanks to Dave for being one of the few guys who actually know the differents between a track loader and a bulldozer, atta boy Dave

  • Don Miller
    Don Miller 2 months ago

    I will watch you do anything you decide to put out. Love all of your content.

  • State Of Maine Fishing
    State Of Maine Fishing 5 months ago +2

    would love to see gold mine up and running!!!