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Line 6 POD GO!! - Honest Review & Thoughts after 6 Months!!

  • Published on Feb 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I've had the POD GO now for about 5-6 months and wanted to share my honest opinions about the unit so far. Hope you enjoy.
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  • chris owens
    chris owens 2 years ago +24

    When I hooked up a studio monitor to it I was blown away. It pissed me off because I could have saved thousands on amps and pedals. With two monitors in stereo it is amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. The katana line is cool but limited. This unit tripped me out.

    • Captain Crunchy
      Captain Crunchy Year ago +1

      Exactly! i already had a banging set of monitors and got the pod go and its been so inspiring for my playing (+ its an AMAZING value in my mind)

  • Jonathan Forsythe
    Jonathan Forsythe Year ago +2

    I am a studio musician that used tube amps when we did conference /church services. I was on the fence because I liked the old 500x but it was more noticeable like a thin drive and almost a hesitation on lead parts but this sounds amazing! And here I thought the M9 was gonna be my only line6 product getting one for my birthday in 2 weeks lol

  • Kill Tuco
    Kill Tuco 11 months ago +2

    If you're gigging regularly, these multi pedals are dope. Way easier to EQ at different venues and way less hassle than a pedal board plus your amp. Analog effects are cool for writing and experimenting but I decided they're not worth the hassle if you're playing live and need an easy to transport all-in-one solution. I still have a tube amp for practicing and dicking around at home but that's a different role altogether

  • MK Sounds
    MK Sounds 2 years ago +8

    I bought the Pod Go in September 2020 to replace my Floor Pod Plus after 10 years. I had been using the Floor Pod Plus in the studio and live sans amp, since I got tired of dragging around a half-stack or my Evil Twin. Best decision I ever made. The Pod Go does more than enough for me without getting too deep in the weeds when making presets. Is it a Triple Crown or a Marshall? Nope. Does it kick ass for 1/4 of the cost of a Kemper or a Helix? Yep. I would recommend it to anybody on the fence about choosing a rig for live or studio. If you want to spend 4 times the money and need a status symbol for your gear collection, by all means get a Fractal or Kemper or Helix. If you just want killer tone and straight-forward controls, get a Pod Go.
    Thank you for the review and all the best from the Bay Area.

  • Phil H
    Phil H 4 months ago +1

    Im looking forward to trying the POD Go with my Marshal 1960 IRs, theyre epic in Scuffham so Im hoping theyre going to be good the POD when it arrives this week. Good vid mate.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  4 months ago +1

      My guess is that if you've found IR's that you love...that's half of the battle right there. The Pod Go has the same technology as the full Helix so the quality and feel is right up there. Enjoy!

  • James Florio
    James Florio 11 months ago

    I’ve had mine about a year now. Tony has the best videos that represent not only the power of the unit but precisely how good it actually sounds. I will say, the biggest difference in the sound of the unit is the IRS. Like Tony did I hooked mine into my Katana Artist return which has a waza speaker 🔈 and the option to change 9 IRS on the front panel and it sounds incredible with the green 3 IR on the Artist cabinet. Plus in a return you get some real air moving. I’ve usin FRFRs and the power amp in with pod go and it sounds great… but the right IR or Speaker will definitely make the bigger difference happy playing 👍🏻

  • Matty Zmigrodski
    Matty Zmigrodski 2 years ago +5

    Tony, this was great! What I loved most about this video was that you played the ambient sounds first. Which I am currently really enjoying. Plus you used the looper. Great stuff man.

  • Leo Knightus
    Leo Knightus Year ago +2

    It took me a while to dial in some settings that I was really happy with. I have been a Helix user and been using it for church services for 4-5 years now, but I was really putting a beating on my Helix. I picked up the Pod Go feeling like for the money, I felt much better about the mileage I would put on it.
    Last week, Line 6 came out with update 1.21. I really think they've ironed out a bunch of the 'digital artifact' and 'chirp'. The new amps and effects are great too, but I am really getting tones that brought my confidence up to using the Pod Go weekly in a live environment.

  • Mike Corey
    Mike Corey 2 years ago +1

    I bought it in October based on one of your videos. I will never let it go. It's fantastic. Most don't need, and will never use everything in the Helix or Kemper. It sound great through monitors. I ran it through a 2 twelve Fender Mustang amp. Sounds like a serious tube amp. Seriously, people, get this.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      Pleased I could help Mike and pleased you like it!

  • Mike Stock
    Mike Stock 2 months ago

    It's incredbile how far amp modelling has come

  • Ray Prevailer
    Ray Prevailer Year ago

    Great review. I am going to get this. Had enough of pedals and patch cords. The sound is fantastic. This should work fine for my needs. Reverb, delay, chorus, and wah are the only FX I use. Thank you.

  • Warren Postma
    Warren Postma Year ago +5

    The PodGo is worth it for people who can't afford the Helix floor or Helix LT, and for me, that makes it perfect. It's amazing. I use a few outboard delays and I use the four cable method, and the sounds of my amp's real tube preamp, and the combination of the modelled amps and cabs, and effects in the PodGo are amazing. Three things:
    1. If you expect the presets to sound good on your random amp or FRFR without tweaking, you need to adjust your HEAD then adjust your presets, bypass every block and tune each block to sound good to YOU.
    2. You need to keep searching to find the useable sounds.
    3. It takes TIME to get good at the Helix or PodGo or any modeller. New person considering buying a PodGO. BUY IT and Give yourself TIME.
    4. It didn't stop sucking at some firmware revision. If you think that, you need to go back and get the old firmware again and A/B. The change was in your skills, abilities, and knowledge, and finally you clicked, and it works as intended.

    • Michael Caro
      Michael Caro 3 months ago

      I can afford LT but it's way too big for use at home. You want to play a bit on the living room, it's very heavy to change place !

  • G S
    G S Year ago +2

    Very useful info - especially given your access to all the other gear. Much appreciated - tasteful playing too!!

  • Michael Greco
    Michael Greco 5 months ago

    Excellent review. Been looking at a lot of reviews and now I’m sold. Going to order mine soon!

  • BigKid
    BigKid Year ago +2

    I ended up doing the same things you did. Bought a helix but wasn’t impressed. Sold that and bought a kemper which I still have and now own a podgo. The thing is amazing for the price!

  • Paul Donovan
    Paul Donovan Year ago +1

    Great video Tony. The Pod Go is a nice pedal. I wish it had maybe 2 more blocks. Other than that I really love it.

    • Paul Donovan
      Paul Donovan Year ago

      @Tony Emery Thanks Tony!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      @Paul Donovan I don't think it's that exact preset, but there's one on my Customtone page that's very similar. Anything with 'Ambient' in.

    • Paul Donovan
      Paul Donovan Year ago

      One more thing...is that ambient preset you are using in the beginning available on your customtone page?

  • Brian Vallotton
    Brian Vallotton 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed your video. I have had my PodGo for about a year. I play it almost every week at our church. I have downloaded some presets from Worship Tutorials and Glenn DeLaune that sound pretty nice. I am going to look into yours as well. God bless you and all you love.

  • Chris De Juan Music

    Great video and review...and nice guitars and playing too! I've had my PodGo for a few months now too, and am generally very happy for the purposes I bought if for, which are to record direct in to my interface without having to mic up an amp, to practice on headphones and to do small restaurant gigs plugging straight in to a small PA without having to carry my guitar amp with me.
    But when it comes to connecting it to the front of my guitar amp I haven't been that happy, as even when bypassing the amp and cab modelling or using the Amp Out jack (which I have configured to tap out just before the amp and cab blocks) the sound is not good at all, it really muffles the actual tone of my amp. I use a Roland JC40 for it's amazing clean tone, but when using the PodGo supposedly as a pedal board, with out the PodGo's amp and cab modelling, it really doesn't sound good... which has put me off using it for stage gigs when I need to use my amp...
    Have you experienced the same thing? Am I missing something obvious or maybe doing something wrong?
    Anyway, thanks again, really enjoyed your video :)

    • Chris De Juan Music
      Chris De Juan Music Year ago

      @Tony Emery Sorry completely missed your reply, never received a notification! Yes I guess putting it straight in to the front of the amp isn't a good idea! I have tried the 4 cable method and also using the effects loop of my amp and wasn't that impressed... but I'm not sure I had the right cables, will have to try that again to confirm! Thanks for your reply!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +2

      @Chris De Juan Music - When you say you've put the Pod Go straight into the front of your amp...that worries me straight off the bat. Have you tried it in the effects loop of your amp (providing you have one)...? Or have you tried it in a 4 cable method configuration? Anytime you put a digital effects device in the front end of your amp, you're going to getting colourization from the preamp section of your amp which is not desirable at all. This is why it'll most likely sound 'muffled'.

  • Cesar marquez
    Cesar marquez Year ago

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Very helpful. Excellent sound🤘🏽

  • Mr Nick
    Mr Nick Year ago

    Thanks for helping me make my decision! I've been racking my brain looking for something like an Ax8 without taking out a second mortgage LOL

  • Jason Carmichael
    Jason Carmichael Year ago

    Great review! Really like the clean sounds as well.

  • Phil Williams
    Phil Williams Year ago

    Great video, quite liked that the playing was kept to a minimum and the focus was on the actual unit.

  • Andy Podowski
    Andy Podowski Year ago

    Great sounds and playing dude! Billy Duffy would love this gear, probably has it but won't tell anyone

  • Natalia Rodriguez
    Natalia Rodriguez 2 years ago +4

    I was worried that it couldn’t do ambient sounds but you obviously proved me wrong, real nice demo there.

  • Christof Kraemer
    Christof Kraemer 2 years ago

    Nice review, I am absolutely with you! 👍🤘

  • accentontheoff
    accentontheoff 28 days ago

    Excellent perspective thanks. Love the sounds I am hearing on the net, but I’m worried that, as a beginner to pedals, I won’t have enough effects blocks to learn, explore, mix and match, try different chains, etc. Does that make sense. Any advice?

    • accentontheoff
      accentontheoff 25 days ago

      @Tony Emery Got it yeah. Thanks.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  25 days ago +1

      I haven't tried it. But it's pretty simple. You would come out of the effects send into *insert pedal(s) here* then come out of pedals back into effect return. Then in the software place the effects loop block wherever you wish.

    • accentontheoff
      accentontheoff 27 days ago

      @Tony Emery If i may ask another one, how simple is it to add an external (physical) effect into the signal chain, via the fx loop (I presume) in case I feel the need for more effects at some point. And how many effects can one add through this method. Is it simple to do, and easy to manage levels, tones etc.

    • accentontheoff
      accentontheoff 27 days ago

      @Tony Emery Thanks yeah. Fair point.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  28 days ago +1

      Well I would maybe suggest if you're a beginniner then the Pod Go is a great choice because the last thing you want as a beginner is to be overwhelmed with too many choices. The Pod Go keeps things simple while also sounding amazing.

  • Frank Vazquez
    Frank Vazquez Year ago +4

    man. people love this thing. Can't find a bad review on it.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago

      Because for what it's meant for and the price it's at...it's awesome!

  • Andrew Collins
    Andrew Collins Year ago

    Yes I just got one of these. Love it. You did a great job.

  • The Lash
    The Lash Year ago

    Great video. The best review I've seen on line for this modeller.

  • Grit's Guitar
    Grit's Guitar Year ago

    Great....just what I needed....thank you for sharing your experiences.

    PRATYUL Year ago

    Hi great video I have two questions 1. Can I run my stereo reverb/delay pedals with it anywhere in block chain and still get stereo signal ? 2. When running external pedals, does it occupy of 4 empty blocks in signal chain ?

    • Zar's Variety Channel
      Zar's Variety Channel Year ago

      Headrush Mx5 9 blocks

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Have you tried looking at the HX Stomp? It has more DSP than the Pod Go. The Pod Go will get you there to a point but your gonna run out of DSP quick with complex reverb and delays. Sounds to me that's what you're after so I would personally look for something with more DSP.

      PRATYUL Year ago

      @Tony Emery thank you so much for reply. So would you say 1. Pod go will be good investment for ambient music with its inbuilt delay / reverbs ? If not I can always invest more in a Strymon delay pedal or TC hall of fame or a TS9 overdrive pedal etc and even then it still cheaper and lesser form factor from an Helix ? Thank you again as no youtuber answers so promptly

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      All external pedals have to go into the FX loop in the Pod Go which has it's own block within the Pod Go signal chain so no, you won't use any of the 4 blocks up. You can't run it anywhere to achieve stereo...I believe you have to run it after the amp/cab blocks to get that. Anything put before those blocks will be summed to mono.

  • Sublyme
    Sublyme 2 years ago +2

    Nice video, thanks man. I have had my Pod Go for a few days and am still on the fence. The stock presets are awful, I have no idea why they would even include them. Creating presets is not intuitive in the least, and many of the presets I have downloaded have lots of fizzy static which renders them unusable. Messing with the amp's master volume helps some, but never fixes it entirely. I've used Line 6 stuff before, and other modellers through the years, this one is by far the worst sounding out of the box. I have already done a factory reset and upgrade, it still sounds like crap. But, maybe a few more days/weeks/months are needed to tweak it.
    Do you play out of an amp, FRFR speaker, or headphones?

    • Kris Gee
      Kris Gee Year ago

      Stock presets on pod go are some of the best I've heard from a modeller, some are good right out of the box and some need tweaking. Some are shit too, true but they're just factory presets and creating your own ones is what this thing was made for.
      My previous amp was a powered kemper profiler at 3x the money and honestly the final results were in the same league with pod go tones, but you had to adjust just about a million parameters to make it sound good.

    • GM IRON
      GM IRON Year ago

      Che k out the custom tones download something close to what ur looking for and build from there that’s kinda what I do it very helpful, there’s people who really know the unit and build great tones it’s lotsa fun to hear what people are doing happy hunting, rock on , and cheers 🍻

    • Sublyme
      Sublyme 2 years ago +3

      @Tony Emery Yes and yes, great questions.
      **EDIT** I downloaded the AC-30 P&W Temp, put a looper in front, and kept the loop going as I played with the components. I was able to remove all the staticky fizziness by lowering the master volume and raising the bias.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      @Sublyme Have you tried different cables and a different guitar?

    • Sublyme
      Sublyme 2 years ago

      Thanks man, I just tried some of your presets and they're pretty nice. I get a little bit of the static on the twin preset, but not the heavier ones. Please know that all of my presets are using amp models, not preamps, with built in cabs.
      I am playing through headphones as well as a Tech 21 PE via the mono out.
      The fizzy sound I am trying to describe is a static on the note's sustain and decay, not the initial attack, and happens more with chords than single notes. It's not really noticeable on high gain presets, because, well, high gain. But on cleaner presets it can be very noticeable. The presets with the most noticeable static are the P&W Temp files from Line 6 Custom Tone.

  • Straight Line Connection / SLC

    Hey this is a great review and I recently got one but have a question that no one can answer. There's a slight delay when you stomp between presets and the change is not 'smooth'. Do you know how this can be corrected? Thanks

    • Peter F
      Peter F Year ago +1

      You should use snapshots rather than switching between presets, then there's no gap and you get spillover of delay and reverb etc between snapshot settings.

    • Straight Line Connection / SLC
      Straight Line Connection / SLC Year ago

      @Tony Emery thanks appreciate it

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Sadly not. It's just down to processing power or lack thereof at this point in time. Quite a few processors have this lag. I've just gotten use to it and I find it's manageable in a live situation.

  • Aman Khan
    Aman Khan 2 years ago

    Amazing video like always Tony. Do you buy your ir's or are there good ir's available for free?

    • Ian N
      Ian N 2 years ago +1

      You have to sign up for them, but Google line 6 allure IR pack. They're completely free and have several different speaker types and I love the celestion v30 one included in that pack.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago +1

      Thanks Aman! For the Pod Go I've only bought one pack which I'm really happy with so far. There are free ones out there. Check out some of the websites some do deals like if you maybe sign up to their newsletter, they'll send you the occasional free IR. Or they might have a 'free' section on their website.

  • BigKid
    BigKid Year ago

    Has anyone figured out how to get a dry DI out signal out of the amp output jack while the main outs are processed?

  • willman100
    willman100 Year ago

    The tone in your patches sound amazing. Which specific IR’s are you using so that I can purchase the same pack ? I know you mentioned Ownhammer, but which pack would you suggest?
    I like the 80’s metal stuff. .
    Your playing is awesome as well.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago

      I'm using the Heavy Hitters pack, but Ownhammer do great IR's so you can't go wrong

  • Amplified Life Forever

    Are drum machine/rhythm loopers included in the pedal ?

  • Dendy Adiluhung
    Dendy Adiluhung 2 years ago +1

    Some folks in the forum just said that Helix are not the same sounding as it first being released in the 2015, so I am quite sure that your opinion and experience about Helix are genuine
    I have watched some youtuber videos that having interview with Line 6 Helix Chief Product Design Architect , Eric Klein, that their team are improving their modeling quality each firmware updates over times, that may also explain your personal experience against the Helix
    I own Helix in 2018 and quite satisfied with how it sounds at that time, absolutely there are some learning curves to it, and now I can make it sounds better than when the first time I own it
    Btw I really enjoyed hearing your personal experience and opinion about The Go that have the same modeling algorithm with The Helix improving over time and what a nice sounding guitar sounds you dialed in there
    Keep the great work Tony

    • エリックEric
      エリックEric 2 years ago

      There's a difference between the Helix and PG.
      It's the input impedance.
      Pod Go and all the Fractal AXE products have it on 1M, where as the Helix has it on auto, which is lower than 1M

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      Yeah. Between 2017 and now, they have DEFO improved the firmware a LOT. It's always been very good and the effects have always been great, but the FEEL of the units has come on immensely! That was the first thing I noticed when I first fired up my POD GO.

  • Christian Lin
    Christian Lin Year ago

    hey man great review! just wondering what gig bag youre using cuz i was finding one that i could put my pod go into! thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Thanks dude. My bag is the Gator G-PG-Acouelect Pro-Go Ultimate.

  • Lucy im home
    Lucy im home Year ago

    Does it have a loop sampler?
    How long is it?

  • Jaime L
    Jaime L Year ago

    Loved the tone and look of your tele-do you have any vids show casing that spec?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Yes there's an unboxing/demo of it just look through my vids and you'll find it.

  • revolucjan81
    revolucjan81 2 years ago +1

    What I really like in your videos is this real honesty. I can feel that, no doubt. You're a decent lad! Thx for your work mate. May I now which part of the UK you are from?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago +2

      Ahhh thanks mate I really appreciate that. Yeah I try to be as honest as I can. I have no reason not to be as I'm not sponsored or anything like that. Although I wish I was 😂 I'm from the North East of England.


    It sounds organic in a good way.

  • Muki992
    Muki992 Year ago

    Hi great video ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Could you please post a link for the specific Gator guitar case you were showing ? I’ve been looking for something like that for a very long time..

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago

      Sorry for the late reply. The Gigbag I use is the Gator ProGo Deluxe series.

  • Jorge Martins
    Jorge Martins 6 months ago

    One of the best reviews that i saw...

  • Cherry Sunburst
    Cherry Sunburst 2 years ago

    Good Tony, the Line6 Pod GO seems to be a fine deal...
    Don't you think it's time for you now, to get a FM3...?
    I know you have already a AX8, but it should be very interisting.
    Cheers from germany!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago +1

      I've been thinking about it. But I'm really tempted by the Quad Cortex. We'll see what happens 😉

  • Morgan Scott
    Morgan Scott 2 years ago +2

    if you ever go to sell your presets, let me know :D im interested in that high gain 80s sounding lead tone and that shimmer clean!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago +2

      I have some on my Customtone page maybe check it out and see if there's anything there you like. 'thetonyemery'

  • Morgan Scott
    Morgan Scott 2 years ago +3

    which clean shimmer effect is that? i cant find it, i LOVE it!

    JHPRS Year ago +1

    That Music Man guitar is sweet, which model is it? :)

  • Portuguese Beer
    Portuguese Beer Year ago

    Awesome tones!
    Did you played with Boss GT-1000?
    Cheers from Portugal 🍺🤘🇵🇹

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Thanks. I have not played through the Boss GT-1000 but from what I've seen and heard from it it's an awesome unit. Back in the day I had a Boss GT-8 which I loved! 😂👍

  • E_Ripley
    E_Ripley 2 years ago +17

    ok.. im almost 50 yrs old. Bought a few months ago .. Best purchase in yrs.. can play most any music i grew up on, and works great at my church through the PA.

  • Ruben Salas instrumental

    Genial 👍 Tony saludos!!!

  • David Kerslake
    David Kerslake 2 years ago +1

    I bought a Helix, spent hours getting a good sound but nothing that inspires me ,it just doesn’t sound ‘ Electric ‘ I find it hard to get natural feedback , the compressor’s just don’t sound like my pedals and maybe it’s just the way I tweak , tho the recent update has given me even more to play with but I like just plugging from the helix into the front of the amp ,have tried into the effects loop it helps but still not what I hear in my head. Maybe Pod go would be the answer .....

    • Joel Cira
      Joel Cira 2 years ago

      Have you tried using the helix with a pair of headphones that way you get the true sound of the pedal itself?

    • David Kerslake
      David Kerslake 2 years ago

      @Tony Emery yeah I tried the no cab sim , a little better, bought a Blackstar club 50 and it sounds better, but the journey still doesn’t inspire. The quest continues,thanks for the advice tho 😀😀

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      If you don't like the Helix, then you won't like the Pod Go. OK I'm assuming you're playing your Helix through an amp? Did you turn off your cab sims? The general concensus is to never go through the front end of your amp with a modeller. Then your amps preamp is going to further colour the tone which is generally undesirable.

  • Chris Gilson music channel

    Any thoughts on connection to a P. A SYSYTEM?? Do away with the valve amp.
    typical 1 man band in a corner of a pub scenario???

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Of course dude just connect it to your mixer it sounds killer through the PA.

  • dfasht
    dfasht 2 years ago +4

    Liked for the accent straight away. The review was nice too :-)

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S 5 months ago

    The only thing I think you're wrong on is your analogy about buying a car with 50 hp expecting to go 300mph... the PODGO is promoted as having 10 effect slots... but what they don't tell you up front is that you cannot replace the EQ with something else. It has to either be an EQ or not. You cannot replace the volume pedal without a hack. You cannot replace the wah (without a hack). So it is advertising bait and switch.

  • shiki shiki
    shiki shiki 2 years ago

    hello, i bought the pod go for a few days,but i still can`t link to my computer(i am useing windows 10) by usb,not only the sound,even interface still can`t use,do you know why?this is big trouble

    • Dave Cross  Video Channel
      Dave Cross Video Channel 2 years ago

      You have probably tried this already, but try a different USB cable, and try a different Windows 10 computer as well, if you can, to narrow it down.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      Are your Windows 10 updates all upto date?

    • shiki shiki
      shiki shiki 2 years ago

      Yes,i try every drivers and firmware,but still not work,windows said the driver have bugs but I don't know what this is

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      Have you downloaded the drivers from the Line 6 website?

  • Mickelly Rodrigues
    Mickelly Rodrigues 2 years ago

    Did you use IRS in any of the presets u used ?

    • Joe Kickass
      Joe Kickass Year ago

      @Tony Emery Im new to the scene. Probably going to get a Pod Go seeing as I don't need a profiler and just want record worthy audio from a modeler. That being said where do you find the good quality IRs? is there a huge difference between paid and free?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      Yes I use third party IRs for pretty much everything at this point.

  • Chris Armstrong
    Chris Armstrong 2 years ago

    Hi, just found this channel. Is that a Danish Pete Purple Tele?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      I don't think Danish Pete has a signature Tele? Anyway, this is a 52' Tele in Purple Metallic. Danish Pete's is also Purple Metallic but mine is a different hue than Pete's 🙂

  • Jens Arnold
    Jens Arnold 2 years ago +1

    Hi, can you share your presets?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      The presets I share I put on my Customtone page. 'thetonyemery'

  • a b
    a b Year ago

    Can I plug in my headphones and phone to play along to music?

    • Harrison
      Harrison Year ago

      Yes there is a headphone Jack and you can plug in your phone for music as well

  • Natanias Dieb
    Natanias Dieb 2 years ago

    Oi Tony legal👍

  • Curt Hansen
    Curt Hansen Year ago

    lead tones sound way to fizzy for me

  • sai htoo
    sai htoo 2 years ago

    Nice one mate ,, r u in London?