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M2 MacBook Pro: Why Does This Exist?

  • Published on Jun 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • M2 MacBook Pro is the MOST confusing existence...unless you're an enterprise custom who simply doesn't care
    Bar chart with Apple silicon performance: www.macworld.com/article/5563...
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  • vidIQ
    vidIQ  +11

    The timing was so on point I now actually believe there are 2 MKBHDs

  • Ethan Rose

    In my opinion, and it seems like a lot of comments agree. This is my favorite MKBHD style of video I have ever seen. Forget trying to remain unbiased embrace it on both sides. While I assume this was much more difficult to plan, execute, and edit, it was brilliant.

  • Maya Brown

    I know this wasn’t your intention but you’ve just created the PERFECT, engaging and relevant, example for this English teacher to use when teaching students how to format argument. Plus, you’ve completely persuaded me not to be distracted by “new and shiny”. Awesome job, man!

  • M Bnvnd
    M Bnvnd  +37

    since nobody mentioned anything about this, I'm only considering the m2 because I don't wanna let go of the touchbar. It's been extremely useful in my day to day and if only they made a version of it in the new M1's then I would just go with that.

  • Sonali S
    Sonali S  +81

    I have to say I loved this concept and going over the pros and cons comparing the two, rather the conventional way of listing ‘em and wow I just couldn’t unsee that video clip of the Tesla’s shatterproof glass cracking which was played briefly during this video! MKBHD is definitely scaling up with new video concepts and still keeping that minimalist touch to it!

  • adam pavella

    This is why I chose the base M2 pro over the air:

  • Mikel George

    MKBHD has reached such a level of mastery with tech that he doesn't even need guests for comparisons, he just invites himself to his show! 🤯

  • Michael 0788

    I think this could have been solved years ago by re-introducing the “Macbook” as the budget laptop and moving the Air to the mid tier. I think price and performance wise there’s way to big of a price gap between the new Air and the real “Pro” laptops. I can imagine it now a 11/13” Macbook, 13”/15” Air and 14”/16” Pro.

  • CC_2387
    CC_2387  +17

    I chose the M2 Pro over the M2 air and M1 Pro because i needed something inbetween. I had a 2017 Macbook Pro 13inch and A. I didn't want to miss the touch bar without ever using it (and i really do like it over the keys), the fans which help run programs better and speakers. Also there are so many apps that cut off the top of the screen because of the notch which i was fine with on the iphone and would even be fine with on the ipad but not on the macbook

  • KhakiFantastic

    The editing is always next level! Half the reason I love this channel is how much attention is put into shots and the effort. thanks again for all everyone there does!

  • Adrian
    Adrian  +13

    I absolutely love this video. Your conversation is exactly what’s inside my head for the 2 weeks. I just don’t know which decision is the best. BUT: We really need a behind the scenes!! 😂

  • Sahirr Sethhi

    Love the side by side weigh-in! Would love to see more of this format for future comparisons!

  • Josh Daniels

    This was a really cool review format! You can tell that Marques actually went through this line of thinking himself, and it translated really well into a video! Great job, Marques!

  • Kabelo Ndebele

    I don’t think you get a lot of credit for the type of videos you do. This is an amazing video, well done to you and your team!

  • It's a no brainer aNoBrainerd

    Marcus, you are amazing. You've set the standard and the pace. And you do this with such an awesome level of ease. I'm not referring only to the expertly delivered reviews that have become the digital version of the Michelin Star ratings, but of the exquisitely produced videos that are the envy of everyone here. Kudos Marcus.

  • liquid quick

    this video was really well done. engaging, good pacing, clever mechanic of bouncing back and forth between pros and cons, a final conclusion that while not beating the audience over the head obvious was still decisive, and an effective and fluid use of the side-by-side doppelganger. nice work.

  • Sheldz Whitehead
    Sheldz Whitehead 14 days ago

    Haha love the way you reviewed this with 2 versions of yourself very clever and informative seeing both sides of the reasons to buy it and not to buy it and for who would buy it vs getting the 14 inch pro or air. Love your channel. You are the best when it comes to simplifying pros and cons and making a choice. No one explains Tech better and is so informative with what is actually necessary to talk about.

  • Lamorna
    Lamorna  +4

    I think they should keep this core idea of the same chip as the mba but with a fan, but square it off (while keeping the Touch Bar ) to keep the design language coherent and rename it to MacBook Studio. It just makes sense : the Touch Bar was most useful for the creative uses, so it would be an option for those who need the Touch Bar.

  • The Essential Game Master

    He knows he doesn't HAVE to take videos to this insanely clever and high quality level to be success, earn a comfortable living, etc. Pushing it to this level to just blow everything out of the water in quality and creativity. That's a choice. There are easier roads and this team doesn't take them. And that's why I'll always respect this channel.

  • Cesar Oceano (Euphorian Life)

    I ended up getting it because I do really like the touch bar. Sure, it's not perfect, but once you get used to it, you almost can't live without it. I love the auto correct in multi languages as a tri lingual person. I love having emojis available there. I love having specific toggles in different apps there. So I even sacrificed going from a 16 inch screen to the M1s 13 inch, just to keep the touchbar.