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When Trash Talking Goes Too Far

  • Published on Dec 29, 2019 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 3 961

  • Proud Brother
    Proud Brother 2 years ago +5074

    KG said “we knew he couldn’t beat all 5 of us”
    Bruh you literally talking about 1 man.🤣🤣🤣

    • Stevve Jobs
      Stevve Jobs Year ago +71


    • Avyukt
      Avyukt Year ago +477

      EXACTLY. I respect KG as a player, but that statement made him seem like a wimp instead of a thug.

    • kevin foster
      kevin foster Year ago +270

      KG clearly the guy who will sneak jump you instead of fighting you 1 on 1

    • peter paul
      peter paul Year ago +27

      We don't do 1v1s

    • Cycle of Life
      Cycle of Life Year ago +42

      KG is responding to the host implying that LeBron alone was beating or could beat his team. All these players have pride and will respond to hero worshipping hosts with the same level of outrageousness.

  • Mr Blueꪜ
    Mr Blueꪜ 3 years ago +9244

    It's crazy how LeBron by HIMSELF has a rivalry with the Celtics franchise no wonder he joined the Lakers lol

    • taco
      taco 3 years ago +52


    • Jaryd Jackson
      Jaryd Jackson 3 years ago +437

      To be fair, who else on that team was the Celtics supposed to beef with? There was never anyone else to beef with!

    • Mr Blueꪜ
      Mr Blueꪜ 3 years ago +51

      @Jaryd Jackson lol true

    • Jimb00
      Jimb00 3 years ago +13

      sharkk 88 hit em with the facts!

    • Jason Jewett
      Jason Jewett 3 years ago +167

      Yeah for real and he’s saying felt like lebron couldn’t beat all of us meaning they needed to 1v5 this man to win lmao why he tryna act hard

  • Rogue Sniper
    Rogue Sniper 3 years ago +3619

    KG should be glad that lebron didn’t leave Cleveland sooner. Imagine an even younger lebron teaming up with D Wade and Bosh

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 years ago +256

      Imagine Lebron going to any of the western powerhouses, and meshing

    • Alex James
      Alex James 3 years ago +191

      Matthew Tyo imagine if lebron joined kobe or smth

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 years ago +53

      @Alex James Exactly, and if they meshed...

    • Cain
      Cain 3 years ago +13

      Lebron still got beat by 2 old ass teams tho in the finals so it wouldn’t of mattered

    • Vacha
      Vacha 3 years ago +9

      For this comment is the of the reason he cant be the goat... he run to a “better team”... now, ima celtics fan , but what lebron had accomplished is amazing, always depending of others...

  • kostismv
    kostismv 2 years ago +863

    Another important point in this argument I think is the fact that two of the Celtics players chose to play with LeBron and actually got a ring with him. I am talking about Rondo and Allen (who even joined Lebron the following season after the 2012 series). How can you say that you broke someone when two of your championship teammates ended up choosing him as their teammate afterwards?

    • Micah Thompson
      Micah Thompson 2 years ago +70

      And Kendrick Perkins thinks lebrons the goat

    • Luke
      Luke 2 years ago +5


    • James Van Meeteren
      James Van Meeteren 2 years ago +10

      Ray Allen didn't join the Heat because of Lebron. He joined because they had just won a ring with a great roster.

    • IceMan674
      IceMan674 2 years ago +98

      @James Van Meeteren who was the best player on that team lol

    • fwayjoc
      fwayjoc 2 years ago

      Facts 😂😂he’s just salty cause he never won

  • ChidiAndy
    ChidiAndy 3 years ago +1873

    "He couldn't beat 5 of us"
    Remember children, there are levels to this KING SHIT.

    • Alexander III
      Alexander III 2 years ago +49

      Bro even MJ cant do win with that team🤣🤣🤣

    • thatfookunte
      thatfookunte 2 years ago +12

      @Alexander III yes he could . If kobe lakers took that team down what makes you think mj bulls wouldn't ?

    • Joaquin Marco
      Joaquin Marco 2 years ago +56

      @thatfookunte i think he was referring to lebrons cavs

    • thatfookunte
      thatfookunte 2 years ago +11

      @Joaquin Marco so allen Iverson can carry a shitty team to the finals but you think jordan couldn't?😂

    • Joaquin Marco
      Joaquin Marco 2 years ago +24

      @thatfookunte Yo what i didnt even say that i just said that i think he was referring to the cavs

  • ddhaiti213
    ddhaiti213 2 years ago +320

    “There is no way he was gonna beat all five of us”, you’re right KG...he was playing 1 on 5 the whole time.

  • Deciding Factor
    Deciding Factor 3 years ago +1316

    KG: Damn they got lucky, we will break him next year
    Ray Allen has left the chat

    • Owen Novak
      Owen Novak 3 years ago +10

      Deciding Factor AHAHAHHA

    • Baby Bruiser
      Baby Bruiser 3 years ago +5


    • Robert Dailey
      Robert Dailey 3 years ago +5


    • Saint Upid
      Saint Upid 2 years ago +2

      allen was traded though, and the other 2 knew about it and that hurt him so much.

    • Jasper Hughes
      Jasper Hughes 2 years ago +8

      @Saint Upid that's just false. He signed despite Boston offering him more money.

  • PeeJayTheGreat
    PeeJayTheGreat 3 years ago +4254

    “He couldn’t beat ALL FIVE IF US” 😅 Take that L KG

    • Jordan Williams
      Jordan Williams 3 years ago +56

      I mean it is a team sport. It doesnt matter how amazing you are personally. You can't play bball with 1 person. we established this when Micheal jordan made all them points thst 1game & still lost. Lebron had to go to Miami with other superstar's win as well..soo

    • Cerdick John
      Cerdick John 3 years ago +148

      @Jordan Williams For the sake of argument, let say LBJ play one on one to any of that 5 celtics player? Who do you think will gonna win?

    • Cerdick John
      Cerdick John 3 years ago +86

      AKA R3IS you're kidding right?

    • M E
      M E 3 years ago +12

      Y’all too simple minded to really understand what KG tried to say

  • John Gladman
    John Gladman 3 years ago +5178

    Well Cell “broke” Gohan and we see how that went lol

    • India Shanté
      India Shanté 3 years ago +340

      I appreciate this comment more than you know! 🤣🤣🤣

    • John Gladman
      John Gladman 3 years ago +161

      India Shanté believe me I do! The fact that you understand is enough to make it mutually appreciated lol 🤣

    • Chris
      Chris 3 years ago +31


    • craig mackssj3
      craig mackssj3 3 years ago +26

      my guy

    • West S
      West S 3 years ago +192

      Yeah but Air Goku is still the GOAT over LeGohan. Gohan choked in the Cell Games and let Cell self destruct and Goku had to bail him out

  • Harris Kellington
    Harris Kellington 2 years ago +533

    It's incredible how Lebron in his 17th season is still putting up similar numbers...KG, Pierce, and Allen, not so much

    • Nicholas Francis
      Nicholas Francis 2 years ago +23

      Those miami doctors got bron right

    • jon nuanez
      jon nuanez 2 years ago +8

      Who is his competition? Plus you can't touch anyone anymore on defense. And then being the face of the nba...you can't touch him. Imagine him facing the Bad Boys' defense.

    • Harris Kellington
      Harris Kellington 2 years ago +48

      Lebron has adapted his playstyle to the current advantages of the NBA's rules. If this was the 80s Lebron would still be the player he is. You cant compare an athlete from the 2000s to one from the 80s and 90s.

    • IceMan674
      IceMan674 2 years ago +21

      @Harris Kellington Respect to LeBron for longevity, but I don’t want to understate KG as a 15 time all star who won MVP and DPOY. Ray Allen was an all star for more than decade, and is the greatest shooter of his era. Pierce was a 10x all star, but had an injury plagued season with 26/5/5 and 3 arguable snubs. This just speaks more to LeBron, seeing how far ahead he is of players like that.

    • Sage Saks
      Sage Saks Year ago +2

      They’re literally all retired and jesus shuttleworth still holds the record for most 3pointers in a career (until curry breaks it ofc)

  • Joshua Frick
    Joshua Frick 3 years ago +874

    Ray Allen is the guy we need to hear from on this topic

    • AnthonyJAvendano
      AnthonyJAvendano 2 years ago +53

      And Rondo too now lol

    • Robin Schmalbrock
      Robin Schmalbrock 2 years ago +11

      By the end of that season Ray Allen created the blueprint for KD.
      If you can't beat them join them.

    • Robin Schmalbrock
      Robin Schmalbrock 2 years ago +1

      Viraj Bansal Ray Allen joining the Heat and KD joining the Warriors broke no rules and I mentioned that mostly as a joke. Superteams appeared in every decade in the history of the NBA so criticizing a player for joining or being part of creating one is utterly hypocritical especially so if someone claims that to be unprecedented.
      Ray Allen's decision was definitely right as one of the most iconic shots in recent history is his.

    • Flyhr
      Flyhr Year ago +3

      @Robin Schmalbrock 100% agree with the Ray Allen - KD parallel. Except the KD situation was worse because KD was widely considered as the 2nd or 3rd best player in the world at the time. While in Boston, neither KG, Pierce, Ray Allen, or Rondo never had a season finishing above 7th in the league in MVP voting. And Ray Allen was never the best player on that team.

    • Robin Schmalbrock
      Robin Schmalbrock Year ago +1

      @Flyhr KG did win an MVP though. And KD's move was legitimate, but he has to live with the consequences as most people put an asterisk on his championships and call him soft.

  • Team G
    Team G 3 years ago +37

    As a Celtics fan this is really painful, particularly when you show him hitting again and again on us in 2012

  • YaBoy Kow
    YaBoy Kow 3 years ago +2452

    “We broke Lebron” is not the same as “Lebron Snapped”

    • Niggalodeon
      Niggalodeon 3 years ago +60

      Kyle Schwarm lmao. underrated comment

    • Julio De la Cruz
      Julio De la Cruz 3 years ago +25

      Kyle Schwarm facts!!!

    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee 3 years ago +38

      Hal Jordan "We broke Lebron" means Celtics broke him. "Lebron snapped" doesn't necessarily imply that the Celtics caused Lebron to break.

    • Kenneth Onyema
      Kenneth Onyema 3 years ago

      Frankie Gregory facts

    • S1 Kicks
      S1 Kicks 3 years ago +15

      Kyle Schwarm the funny part is it takes 5 people to beat LeBron and KG still salty af about losing to the Miami Heat lol!!!!!

  • Christian Huang
    Christian Huang 3 years ago +173

    The way KG and Pierce conduct themselves, you could've sworn the Celtics threepeated or something

    • Ben H
      Ben H Year ago +32

      You’d think Pierce is a top 10 player of all time too

    • Darjan Spasojevic
      Darjan Spasojevic Year ago +1

      Haha great comment man! 🙌

    • Eric Garcia
      Eric Garcia 11 months ago +3

      The 08 Celtics literally have reunions all the time to commemorate it, 🤷‍♂

    • Erik Sutton
      Erik Sutton 4 months ago +1

      U think they were the 90s Bulls way they act and crazy thing they still took 7 games to beat a below .500 Atlanta and a young Cavs team ..

    • Seun Jegede
      Seun Jegede 4 months ago +1

      True. It's exactly what jealousy getting temporary success looks like.

  • DwarfGod
    DwarfGod 2 years ago +396

    This video aged well seeing lebron win another championship yesterday

    • Kristian Dotson
      Kristian Dotson 2 years ago +9

      Bob George I can’t take you serious Bob

    • fucciii
      fucciii 2 years ago +2

      Bob George bro are you delusional

    • connflicts
      connflicts 2 years ago +15

      Bob George he literally averaged a 25+ point triple double on 60 percent true shooting percentage lmaooooooooo sit down nuggets fan

    • Kalyan Meka
      Kalyan Meka 2 years ago +2

      Well Cell “broke” Gohan and we see how that went lol

  • Billy
    Billy 2 years ago +17

    I distinctly remember hearing that KG told LeBron not to allow loyalty to ruin his career, or something to that effect. When they shook hands and bro hugged is when that apparently took place. A few months later, Bron is in South beach. Even in that moment, KG knew LeBron’s situation in Cleveland was very similar to his in Minnesota. KG may have been instrumental in pushing LeBron to Miami.

    • Billy
      Billy 2 years ago +8

      “Loyalty is something that hurts you at times, because you can't get youth back. I can honestly say that if I could go back and do my situation over, knowing what I know now with this organization, I'd have done it a little sooner."-Kevin Garnett speaking about LeBron’s impending free agency.

  • Marcus Boyle
    Marcus Boyle 2 years ago +222

    It’s funny how rondo was on the Celtics at this time and now him and Lebron fought in a title together

    • Stick it In
      Stick it In 2 years ago +1

      Ong 😂😂😂

    • jokerzz
      jokerzz 2 years ago +1


    • J.J Jameson
      J.J Jameson Year ago +1

      And to think he's now fighting for another one with the suns

      YOUNGDON Year ago +3

      Then he won with bron again in the Lakers
      That's a double L for KG

    • Mikael Pecan
      Mikael Pecan Year ago +10

      @YOUNGDON Rondo and Ray Allen got a ring with Bron xD. KG is jus hating

  • SportsFanIGuess
    SportsFanIGuess 2 years ago +99

    “He couldn’t beat all 5 of us” well no shit but him and his friends can.

    • Atomsk Reborn™
      Atomsk Reborn™ Year ago

      no it was him

    • spct0006
      spct0006 3 months ago

      *did. They cooked the Celtics. Big fan of that Boston team, but it’s crazy how KG looks back on it like that.

  • mdwhitebo2
    mdwhitebo2 3 years ago +4574

    “We broke him” nah you just pissed him off😂

    • Antoine Dunklin
      Antoine Dunklin 3 years ago +64

      I literally just said this. Facts

    • Erik Stengel
      Erik Stengel 3 years ago +43

      You realize he lost that series and they won the chip right ? He had to leave Cleveland to win ... so yeah they broke his ass

    • Liberal Judaism
      Liberal Judaism 3 years ago +16

      Granted Lebron cried after this game and resorted to joining any team that’s really good since he can’t win on his own.

    • Granted
      Granted 3 years ago +161

      Liberal Judaism he doesnt have to win on his own. a team wins not just a player. we know he da best in league has been, will be. yall just hatin💀

  • Raisin
    Raisin 3 years ago +15

    Bro your videos are amazing. The amount of effort put in to make these stats, comparisons, and analogies is incredible. Keep it up

  • Yahya Rajaee
    Yahya Rajaee 2 years ago +36

    2012 sport season was totally bonkers. LeBron and the Heat, big 3 Celtics, rise of OKC with their future MVPs always present Spurs for the NBA, Chelsea beating Leo Messi and Barca to ultimately win the UCL and that freaking last minute Aguero goal to snatch the EPL title from ManUtd. Just wow!

    • Zack
      Zack 8 months ago

      That Aguero goal was oil money winning. Not good.

  • Rckt
    Rckt 10 months ago +15

    Sounds like lebron broke the the Celtics when kg said “we knew he couldn’t beat all 5 of us”💀

  • Guy Demi
    Guy Demi 3 years ago +12

    The end to this video was an absolute gem! Great that u also pointed out that the celtics were too a super team, only that none of those players got the same level of hate as Lebron did and does till this day.

  • Charles Alexander Allred

    Bro, I can’t remember the last time I watched a channel that didn’t cry to their audience to like, subscribe, notify, etc. Mad respect to you bro, you know that you’re too good for all that BS. I love it!!

  • NeganThatDude
    NeganThatDude 3 years ago +2020

    Flight gonna react to this and be like "LeBron Choked even when they won"

  • robertohawit_ 11
    robertohawit_ 11 3 years ago +15

    jimmy coming in clutch with content for me after school
    keep up the good work

  • Pao Banaag
    Pao Banaag Year ago +3

    KG and paul pierce always be like "can you believe lebron had to form a superteam to beat us?" meanwhile we just here _not being a superteam_ 🤣

  • Reverie Planetarian
    Reverie Planetarian 2 years ago +44

    "The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong at the broken places."
    --Ernest Hemingway

  • Valorant_Dem0n97
    Valorant_Dem0n97 3 years ago +117

    If KG watched this he probably wouldn’t even be able to understand that he’s being sarcastic in the video

  • Nas Steppa
    Nas Steppa 4 months ago +1

    Bro it’s funny how KG pushed lebron mid air but still got dunked on 😂😂😂😂

  • KidJV
    KidJV 3 years ago +2999

    "..couldnt beat the 5 of us"
    Thats not helping your arguement.

    • The Adventures Of Beef
      The Adventures Of Beef 3 years ago +69

      KidJV he isn’t the the sharpest tool in the shed! Lol

    • ComaAlpha
      ComaAlpha 3 years ago +54

      @The Adventures Of Beef some would say that KG was looking kinda dumb with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L in his forehead.

    • ComaAlpha
      ComaAlpha 3 years ago +11

      @The Adventures Of Beef ....... I'm sorry. I'll see myself out.

    • KidJV
      KidJV 3 years ago +7

      @ComaAlpha hahaha

    • Jordan Williams
      Jordan Williams 3 years ago +15

      I mean it is a team sport. It doesnt matter how amazing you are,You can't play bball with 1 person. we established this when Micheal jordan made all them points that 1game & still lost. Lebron had to go Miami with other superstar's to win & its nothing wrong with that. It clearly shows you need a *TEAM* to win in *TEAM* sports

  • puruman 18
    puruman 18 3 years ago +48

    "We didn't think he could beat all of five of us" remember there are levels to this shit. LEVELS.

  • Botti
    Botti 3 years ago +1

    This is a very very good video, breaking nonsense trashtalk with straight facts, as always, Jimmy you're the best🔥

  • cyanure de potassium
    cyanure de potassium 2 years ago +59

    It's funny how you need 5 of u to take one man down... It's kind of a complement

  • Vittorio Fabregas
    Vittorio Fabregas 3 years ago +1

    They broke nothing, they simply fueled a fire. I don't like LeBron but he has been an absolute force since he started in the League. 5 vs 1 and you still couldn't stop him and almost lost when he was alone. LeBron's accolades completely dominates anything KG has done.

  • Simon Dar
    Simon Dar 2 years ago +1

    This channel is amazing. Been watching on and off for a couple of years. Keep it up Jimmy

  • David M
    David M 3 years ago +859

    “He didn’t think he could beat all 5 of us”
    Aiight imma head out

    • Crizzle Yo
      Crizzle Yo 3 years ago +114

      hahahaha so funny how even nba players are delusional lebron haters.. i laughed when i heared him say that.. like one guy is supposed to beat 5 ppl alone thats how good he is.. even in garnetts
      subconsciousness.. he basicly gave him a compliment without wanting too

    • TD #CSGO
      TD #CSGO 3 years ago +24

      BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K ok boomer

    • NB4
      NB4 3 years ago +14

      BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K calm down bruh we know and nobody cares

  • ƚΞIϽıịıCIΞƚ
    ƚΞIϽıịıCIΞƚ 3 years ago +1

    Your content is worth more than any chart in the world could show. Hands down

  • hold this L ❶
    hold this L ❶ 3 years ago

    I’m so glad your channel isn’t dying man it happens a lot with channels that aren’t cheesy corny challenges and pranks and gaming. Props to u

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez 3 years ago

    Dude thank you for making a boss ass video with nothing but facts. I would you inspire me to make a channel like yours but I would rather watch your bias free fact filled and dedicated content. Keep being a boss my guy keep doing what you do

  • Our Last Sunset
    Our Last Sunset 3 years ago +1

    Bro I'm so glad I came across your channel, you're literally one of the most intelligent basketball fans I've ever seen and I love how sophisticated your videos are and the amount of research that goes into this, good shit bruh!!!

  • Jerome Bound
    Jerome Bound 3 years ago +39

    KG: "Help, we broke him and now he's wrecking the league! "

  • Basketball Gaming
    Basketball Gaming 3 years ago +139

    Took me a second to notice he was being sarcastic at the end when he was saying the Celtics stopped LeBron but he was showing LeBron win Mvp awards and championships

    • KDA
      KDA 3 years ago

      Had no clue

  • User
    User Year ago +3

    KG: "LeBron cant beat all 5 of us"
    KG after LeBron joined a better team: "Nooo thats not fair :("

    PLATA4X 11 months ago +2

    Glad to have worked in the AA Arena during that era. Got to watch all those ECF’s it was amazing

  • Tyrese Thornhill
    Tyrese Thornhill 3 years ago +75

    12:16 was cleaver "they [Celtics] really just handed it to him[Lebron]" and Mr. Celtic Bill Russell gives bron the Finals MVP 😏😜

  • Andrew Nyman
    Andrew Nyman 3 years ago +1

    Lebron had the most dominant game I've ever seen after being "broken" in game 5 lol.

  • pierre hasnt come out yet
    pierre hasnt come out yet 3 years ago +656

    KG:we still gonna broke him next year tho.
    Pierce: of course
    Ray Allen: _well yes,but actually no_

    • Noah 1025
      Noah 1025 3 years ago +6

      I'm only subscribing to you because of your name

    • AT
      AT 3 years ago


    • Runescapewithred
      Runescapewithred 3 years ago

      Ray wasn't on the Heat that year though.

    • Daniel Grigg
      Daniel Grigg 3 years ago

      Ray Allen started to hate Rondo more than he ever hated LeBron.

  • TruthFLA
    TruthFLA 3 years ago

    Would love to see NFL stories as well. Again very well done!!

  • Virgonation09
    Virgonation09 3 years ago +1

    "We knew he couldn't beat all 5 of us" is exactly why none or yall are mentioned in the same breath as him😂😂😂😂

    • Rich Bry
      Rich Bry 3 years ago

      I dont think he gives a shit about the same breath thing.

  • James Barwick
    James Barwick 2 years ago

    the level of research and analysis in these videos are brilliant, sick vids

  • Koeit
    Koeit 2 years ago +2

    Celtics: creates team to beat James
    James: moves to Miami heat
    Celtics: *you weren’t supposed to do that*

    MVP GREEN 2 months ago

    Lebron’s 2008 series versus Celtics was a D- and his 2010 series versus Celtics was like a C+

  • Jimmy Vee
    Jimmy Vee 3 years ago +578

    KG: "We broke LeBron"
    Jimmy: I'm boutta end this mans whole career

    • Nelson Williams
      Nelson Williams 3 years ago +2

      This is beautiful 😂

    • S1 Kicks
      S1 Kicks 3 years ago +2

      GmsStreetSharks I figured since he was fed up with losing with a team where he carried them to the playoffs:/ and decided I cannot take all of these players alone we need two-five players to start teaming up with each other!!!!!

    • KiddKlutch3420
      KiddKlutch3420 3 years ago +7

      Except he made the case that KG was right lol after 2010 the Cs were too old at that point couldnt keep up with the young heatles

    • The Adventures Of Beef
      The Adventures Of Beef 3 years ago

      He already retired my man. 😐

  • manuel rojas
    manuel rojas 3 years ago

    Jimmy, story telling is a unique talent, you've got it my friend. Use your talent wisely
    Love your content

  • TruthFLA
    TruthFLA 3 years ago +3

    This dude making a mint telling NBA stories. Well Done!! Great videos!

  • JOSHUA305
    JOSHUA305 3 months ago

    Imagine your walking down a alley you and your 32+ year old friends see a 25 year old walking alone you jump him and afterwards you go to a bar like "yeah we punked him we knew he couldnt do nothing with the three of us" 😭

  • Gus Goodman
    Gus Goodman 3 years ago

    bro I love how evidence based your videos are, makes your videos so informative and unbaised.

  • Amos Teo
    Amos Teo Year ago +1

    They didn't broke him. They unlocked the God Mode in LeBron

  • What do you mean I’m adopted?

    Kevin Garnett:we broke Lebron
    Some shit ain’t right here

    • Damian Presha
      Damian Presha 3 years ago +70

      It took 5 guys to beat lebron

    • Warren602
      Warren602 3 years ago +61

      Damian Presha if you think about it teams always have to be extra OP to beat Lebron. That’s how good he is.

    • Yung 4
      Yung 4 3 years ago +26

      It’s took dirk 1 man to beat lebron

  • Alexander Vicinanza
    Alexander Vicinanza 3 years ago

    Finally on Air Jimmy!!im so proud of you...I love your videos

  • Julian Gretz
    Julian Gretz 3 years ago

    Man you throwing away that book... I felt that

  • TWM
    TWM 2 years ago

    Gotta love KG. A straight savage

  • Rafael Tavares
    Rafael Tavares 3 years ago +1

    I'm a Cs fan, and we indeed broke LeBron, but then LeBron broke us to rebuilding mode

  • Don Wick
    Don Wick 11 months ago

    Lol he said he couldn’t beat all “five of us” 🤣🤣

  • Jakob Janoski
    Jakob Janoski 3 years ago +269

    Is always a good day when Jimmy uploads!

  • Ron Miguel
    Ron Miguel 3 years ago +9

    KG should have said “We made Lebron to pack his things”

  • CAPCOM49er
    CAPCOM49er 7 months ago

    I love that they act like they were a dynasty team 😂

  • Justwatching77
    Justwatching77 2 years ago

    Love KG but he was in his feelings that day😂

    CRUMP 3 months ago

    12:16 saying “They really handed it to him” as Bill Russel hands him the Finals MVP award is cruel and unusual punishment

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style 3 years ago

    That Celtics team was so damn fun to watch. Idk why but I loved it. KG ain't no joke 😂 Doing knuckle push-ups on the hardwood talking that hot shit lol Good times. Rondo being Rondo. Pierce and Allen knocking down beautiful shots. That Spurs Dynasty was nasty too. Sooo fun to see.
    But break LeBron? Not so much. I'm not a fan of his cause he seems like a certified ass but anyone who denies his ability isn't being honest. Dude went nuts in that game 6 and broke my fuckin heart. Which I'm used to as a NYer 😭

  • Dan
    Dan 3 years ago +1269

    Kg: We BROKE Lebron.
    Nah you just made him want it more.
    So you lost.

    • OG_Mante
      OG_Mante 3 years ago +116

      The west broke KG and made him go to Boston lmaoo

    • Dan
      Dan 3 years ago +7

      @OG_Mante lmao too much for him.

    • Terrohn Jackson
      Terrohn Jackson 3 years ago +29

      Yea it’s obvious that one man can’t beat 5 men so yea he lost

    • Dan
      Dan 3 years ago +3

      @Terrohn Jackson not even mj could do that

  • FRNM
    FRNM 3 years ago +3

    "KG had a monster 26 & 11 night" i almost die at this

  • Mabe'sAngling MN
    Mabe'sAngling MN 3 years ago

    The situation with the Celtics guys and Lebron was a little different.
    Ray Allen and KG were traded for to team up with pierce in Boston, rather than them both deciding to “ take their talents” to Boston.
    In a sense I could see what KG was saying about breaking him down. He couldn’t get past them in Cleveland and decided to bounce to greener pastures. It would
    have a different look if he was traded, but he made a conscious decision to team up.
    He’s maybe the best to ever lace them up, so at the end of the day he triumphed and the Celtics got old and phased out. It’s life in the NBA, and eventually the same will happen with Lebron too.

  • Velha Guarda Tricolor
    Velha Guarda Tricolor Month ago +1

    10:49 pause. Take a look at Lebron James at the left hand side of the picture charging towards the basket as if he knew that ball was going to need some extra help to go in. To this day I can't think of a more amazing put back dunks in NBA history. He is the Chosen One!

  • Christoffer Felding
    Christoffer Felding 3 years ago +200

    Can you plz make a breakdown of all the times Lebron and Kobe have faced each other, like the one you did with Jordan and Kobe.
    Like so he sees this!

  • Gabe
    Gabe 2 years ago

    You got me the way you mentioned KG is a dying "breed" due to his constant trash talk back then.

  • q7
    q7 3 years ago +394

    KG: we BROKE lebron
    Jimmys intro starts playing
    Jimmy 1 second later: I got a chart for that

    • Tito
      Tito 3 years ago

      GmsStreetSharks ok you feel better.

    • Zetsu Tsuletsu
      Zetsu Tsuletsu 3 years ago

      @GmsStreetSharks Jimmy said that in the video. Lebron has always wanted to play with stars. Hes never denied it and has been trying to recruit from the begining. What Lebron haters have been dissing lebron for has never even made him flinch. So its funny.

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 3 years ago +11

    i hope someone else will say that Allen was never on the same team as Payton, they were traded for each other....come on Jimmy

  • topnotch3232
    topnotch3232 10 months ago

    I think lebrons 2008-2010 cavs teams were actually pretty good teams, but they weren’t championship good. But those guys really did play pretty good together, although nobody was close to a 25 point game threat, like 5 different guys were 18 point threats. Granted, a lot of their looks and cuts were generated from focus on Lebron, but go back and watch some of those 08-10 cavs games, pretty solid roaster.

  • dmagebf
    dmagebf Year ago +4

    "That 19 year old couldn't beat all 5of us"😂

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 3 years ago

    Kawhi didn’t leave a horrible franchise. He just wanted to go home and have his own team instead of joining a team with an all star already on it. Not many players like that

  • Darjan Spasojevic
    Darjan Spasojevic Year ago +1

    Jxmy wife was like " honey, take out the trash please.."
    Jxmy " ok, and here is a chart for that"

  • Fastball Films
    Fastball Films 3 years ago +510

    Kevin got broken many times in the western conference 😂😂

    • Misgana Killoh
      Misgana Killoh 3 years ago +62

      BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K okay bro who asked for allat

    • Andjeo Cuvar
      Andjeo Cuvar 3 years ago +34

      BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K yoo I think we just found kg on youtube

    • Jaman Washington
      Jaman Washington 3 years ago +13

      BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K did 22 year old garnett take his average team to finals?? Did paul or ray take his average teams to the finals🤔 yes or no. If I cant get a no or yes answer than your valid reason dosent matter

    • Brow Ming
      Brow Ming 3 years ago +5

      @Jaman Washington Bruh. KG was in the west facing dynastys. Whole different story. Pierce balled time and time again but LeBron still had more help than him

    LEEEER0YJ3NKINS 3 years ago +36

    Damn everyone hates KG in this, he's the damn king of trash talk, half the stuff he says is a joke...I'll never forget what he said to Melo.

    • Randy Neves
      Randy Neves 3 years ago +4

      LEEEER0YJ3NKINS it’s a bunch of Zoomers who never watched early 2000s basketball

    • Bo Stanley
      Bo Stanley 3 years ago +17

      Well, it's just cause he's not making any sense....

    • jon Johnson
      jon Johnson 2 years ago +8

      Melo punked him out tho, he waited for him n KG didnt come out, whether he was scared or told not 2 is irrelevant, he didnt come out

    • Awesomesause 111
      Awesomesause 111 2 years ago +2

      he said "ur wife tastes like honey nut cheerios" to melo LMFAOO

      LEEEER0YJ3NKINS 2 years ago

      Yaboi LilDepresso Stay calm, we're in youtube comments.

  • Ace Santana
    Ace Santana 3 years ago

    Straight Facts Jxmy 🔥 Keep the Vids coming Bro

  • Yeipeih Shanglai
    Yeipeih Shanglai 3 years ago

    He couldnt beat all ‘5’ of us 😂😂😂

  • Christian Ristovski
    Christian Ristovski 3 years ago +11

    That Bron look .. Oh maan .. Oh maan .. Im so happy for him .. The look says it all .. !

  • Big Deagle
    Big Deagle 2 years ago

    My man can tell a story! Excellent story telling!

  • Empathy Trail
    Empathy Trail 3 years ago +1249

    No one:
    KG: We broke Lebron
    Jxmy: Look at this chart

    • SpFlash1523
      SpFlash1523 3 years ago +29

      The Celtics brought out "Hall of Fame 99 MVP Miami Heat Villain" LeBron in '08, '10, '11, '12, '15, '17, '18.

    • GmsStreetSharks
      GmsStreetSharks 3 years ago +3

      The celtics broke lebron he said he went to miami because of them

      THASAVAGECARTEL 3 years ago +2

      @GmsStreetSharks They'll hang you for stating facts and quoting actual people. Not personal opinions hahaha

    • David
      David 3 years ago +2

      NiOptic no one said it but Lebron. Look at the end of the game where Boston sent the Cavs home. He takes his Cavs Jersey off before he gets into the tunnel and throws his jerezy away as soon as he walks in the locker room. I remember seeing it when it happened and knew he was leaving at that point. Actions speak louder than words.

  • mid
    mid 3 years ago

    I was looking at the leagues past mvps and noticed there are only 3 players to ever 3 peat an MVP was wondering if it would be a good video idea for you, you could talk about each players MVP season and break down how dominating there were those seasons, historic/memorable moments that took place then by said player. There's only 3 people to get a 3 peat in the NBA
    Bill Russell 61' 62' 63'
    Wilt Chamberlain 66' 67' 68'
    Larry Bird 84' 85' 86'

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard 3 years ago

    Your channel and take on sports is amazing I watch you over ESPN don't ever stop , and post more!

  • Why so Serious?
    Why so Serious? 2 years ago

    Lol KG is so proud with his words, it makes me think that the warriors took some pages out of his book. #strengthinnumbers

  • Sami
    Sami 3 years ago +59

    They didn’t broke him, they just gave him a reason to leave Cleveland and form a superteam.

    • PaPa-AzK
      PaPa-AzK 3 years ago +10

      they didnt break him, they knocked some sense into lebron and told him to join dwade and destroy their franchise

    • Erik Stengel
      Erik Stengel 3 years ago +1

      PaPa-AzK destroy what franchise ? Man please Lebron has jumped ship so many times it’s not even funny ... destroy ..? Please ... FOH

    • PaPa-AzK
      PaPa-AzK 3 years ago +9

      @Erik Stengel celtics havent reached the finals because of lebron bro, look at the playoff from 2017 and 2018

    • Gus Fring
      Gus Fring 3 years ago +7

      @Erik Stengel lebron only joined 3 teams wdym jump so many ships

    • Jeramithehuman
      Jeramithehuman 2 years ago +3

      Anonymous joining 4 teams because times got hard in your prime is soft. Getting traded is different

  • Alexander The Average
    Alexander The Average 2 years ago

    That Celtics team is hillarious. They won one ring, they talk like they won 10 in a row. The two guys who talk the least (Rondo and Allen) are the two guys who won a second one. Both with Lebron! XD

  • Abd Taleb
    Abd Taleb 3 years ago +196

    Damn this hurt to watch as a Celtics fan 😂

    • TourniquetandDeliverance
      TourniquetandDeliverance 3 years ago +3

      Naw, we good. We got a ring. We still have the most banners. LBJ is getting old, and the C's have excellent young talent. He ran from the East.

    • BuritoYYTrickzooms
      BuritoYYTrickzooms 3 years ago +21

      Jason Bleau “he ran from the east” so delusional 😂... the west will forever be superior😭.

    • BuritoYYTrickzooms
      BuritoYYTrickzooms 3 years ago +24

      Jason Bleau lebron will forever own the east lmao

    • TourniquetandDeliverance
      TourniquetandDeliverance 3 years ago

      @BuritoYYTrickzooms Clippers run the West. LOL.

    • Atwiine Igonor
      Atwiine Igonor 3 years ago

      @TourniquetandDeliverance we will see when the playoffs come🤫

  • GrizzleDog
    GrizzleDog 3 years ago

    I was way too hard on LeBron when I was younger, cuz I grew up in the Jordan era. LeBron did some immature things and he started the Jordan comparisons... but he really is in the conversation of GOAT

  • jmorrow6406
    jmorrow6406 3 years ago +9

    KG's statements were clearly about THAT series alone.

  • ATL lane
    ATL lane 9 months ago +1

    10:30 that game 6 bron turned into a beast fr 🔥

  • Mvrco
    Mvrco 3 years ago

    You make great videos bro! Keep up the good work!!!👌