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Combat GoPro - Accidentally Fragging Russian Spetsnaz

  • Published on Jan 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #GoPro #Kharkiv #Combat
    Combat GoPro - Accidentally Fragging Russians
    This is part 3 of a single mission in Ukraine. This is NOT my footage, but I was given permission by the owner to edit and post it on his behalf.
    His PayPal - @hja1994
    (He just recovered from a traumatic spinal injury from that mission and recently went to Bakhmut 3 months later. The entire team has my support, feel free to chip in if you’d like, thank you)
    Team Leader’s PayPal - biggestchill1@gmail.com
    (Also heavily injured, and staying in Ukraine to recover and continue his work)
    Instagram of Team Leader - Josh_Lo1
    Instagram of “Stiffy” - st3v3n_prins
    My Instagram: CivDivision

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  • Fishy
    Fishy 4 months ago +7078

    The fact that with the modern warfare you could be running around in panic trying to survive while your enemy is sitting in a chair eating donuts operating a drone from 30km away is terrifying

    • 33wc
      33wc 4 months ago +383

      American war strategy #1

    • SKR ALUCARD7u7
      SKR ALUCARD7u7 4 months ago +166

      Eating donuts? Really? They don’t eat donuts dude! They drink vodka 😂

    • Josh Floyd
      Josh Floyd 4 months ago +146

      @SKR ALUCARD7u7 I'm pretty sure the drone operators run off rage and caffeine 😳

    • SKR ALUCARD7u7
      SKR ALUCARD7u7 4 months ago +7

      @Josh Floyd no bro they kill his own team 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Peter
      Peter 4 months ago +48

      " What you're seeing is Advanced Warfare "

  • Jay Davila
    Jay Davila 3 months ago +1587

    It's crazy to think this was once a normal village with families and kids living normal lives.

    • J P
      J P 3 months ago +29

      Like a little over a year ago at that

    • euphoria
      euphoria 3 months ago +97

      Now it's a COD map.

    • V B
      V B 3 months ago +34

      @euphoria I hate, but this is true

  • chris honeycutt
    chris honeycutt 4 months ago +1420

    I had three spinal surgeries from being in the US army. It's not good to be laying on the ground taking in the sky with steel flying. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your friend!

    • Jordan
      Jordan 4 months ago +102

      It’s not good to be fighting banker/WEF puppet wars either. Easy way to save your spine ;)

    • Broken Potato
      Broken Potato 4 months ago +87

      @Jordan dying for Russian political struggles is a much better way to go out, I suppose

    • Jordan
      Jordan 4 months ago +75

      @Broken Potato once again dying for WEF puppets. The same statement applies to both heads of the same dragon. I think it’s comical. What a waste of life on both sides. It’s almost as comical as the what happened in 2020 when everyone just decided to perform medical experiments on themselves. LOL.

    • S P
      S P 4 months ago +33

      So is no one going to talk about the fact these are American's on the ground in Ukraine fighting Russia? - Its no wonder Ukraine is winning so much, you have freaking American soldiers fighting... the best soldiers on this planet.

  • Nolan sherman
    Nolan sherman 4 months ago +569

    the amount of adrenaline and fear running through your body. Props to these warriors may god protect all soldiers and bring them back safely❤️

    • MR. NDESO
      MR. NDESO 4 months ago

      He is fine ??

    • painstruck01
      painstruck01 4 months ago +2

      they guard you while you sleep

      RUNNERS 4 months ago +8

      @painstruck01 From what? they are in a foreign country

    • Андрей Тёркин
      Андрей Тёркин 4 months ago +3

      какие солдаты? это экстремальный туризм. парочке обычных людей дают пострелять по людям за деньги.

    • aron hayse
      aron hayse 3 months ago +1

      Ms Bliss ya i watched a Russian fearing for his death from these guys at the end the ruskie ate a grenade along with his four comrades for cowering in the corner
      and not surrendering

  • Colten Asher Kulak
    Colten Asher Kulak 4 months ago +962

    I died when buddy said "Ukrainian clear doesn't mean clear"😂 prayers to those soldiers🙏

    • Brightfart2
      Brightfart2 4 months ago +71

      Amazingly tone deaf use of the word "died".

    • binbows225
      binbows225 4 months ago +159

      @Brightfart2 says man named "brightfart2"

    • Synth Boy
      Synth Boy 4 months ago +34

      @binbows225 ok "binbows" ...

    • [REDACTED]
      [REDACTED] 4 months ago +49

      @Synth Boy ok “Synth Boy”

    • Sleepwalker
      Sleepwalker 4 months ago +52

      @[REDACTED] aight "[REDACTED]"

  • Reggie M
    Reggie M 3 months ago +43

    I think this is actually the first GoPro combat footage that had my heart racing a bit! Most of the time, you can’t see anything the guy with the GoPro is firing at or even targeting so this type of footage is usually kinda anti-climactic. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

    • MrKnaives
      MrKnaives Month ago +3

      The thing is if you can see them, they can see you people usually die and those footage isn't released.

  • Nick
    Nick 4 months ago +2769

    This footage is invaluable, just remember that you guys are too. I pray for your safety, and a quick end to this worthless war.

    • C B
      C B 4 months ago +85

      Civ needs to water mark these. People will steal this in a second.

    • MrT49 T
      MrT49 T 4 months ago +1

      Whether house clearing or sweeping PLEASE DONT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE it IS for a reason 🤷🏼‍♂️🥸

    • MrT49 T
      MrT49 T 4 months ago

      🤔 quicker guys 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • derp poo
      derp poo 4 months ago +18

      I pray for both sides I feel sympathy for the Russian privates who have lmow idea why they are there and I pray the conflict ends soon for both sides.

  • Fuzethewholeteam
    Fuzethewholeteam 4 months ago +66

    just wanted to leave a comment to thank you and your buds for letting us in on what's going down and how. the work you guys do on and off the field matters so much to us and we couldn't appreciate it enough.

  • Brasil Dicas Futebol 🇧🇷

    Coloquem legenda para outros países, quero muito entender oque está acontecendo e as conversas. Força guerreiros! From BR

    • V I D R O
      V I D R O 3 months ago +12

      Pelo menos o seu comentário devia ser em inglês, assumindo que quem publica os videos não entende português.

    • Daniel Pedra
      Daniel Pedra 2 months ago +4

      Colica em todas as línguas lkkkkkk preguiçoso aprende ingles, o bagulho ta na sua frente....

    • Konstantin Drost
      Konstantin Drost 2 months ago


  • Kyle Jaynes
    Kyle Jaynes 3 months ago +14

    It is very interesting how the volunteers operate. Tactically, they’re way more lax than a conventional unit, but seem to have enough experience to operate effectively

  • BlueWolfGamingYT

    Imagine how scary would it be, that you're there and you know that every video you film could be the last one you ever make...

  • David Quak
    David Quak 3 months ago +10

    Active search and destroy missions against a well trained enemy in an unknown village is quite frightening.

  • Fennwulf
    Fennwulf 4 months ago +3537

    I still find it fascinating that you can watch a war take place online, when you think back to WW2 none of this would ever be fathomed. Been watching your stuff for a while now, incredible dedication and work you're doing. Be safe out there, all of you.

    • Fennwulf
      Fennwulf 4 months ago +26

      @Sanka Plays No shit, I'm implying that nobody watched a war online. Any war regardless in that matter.

    • Sanka Plays
      Sanka Plays 4 months ago +27

      @Fennwulf Yeah, we didn't have the internet in 1940 ofcourse nobody watched a war. You're also not watching a war now, you're watching one sided videos on Clip-Share.

    • Fennwulf
      Fennwulf 4 months ago +73

      @Sanka Plays Guns are being fired, people are being killed, country is at war. What's it called other then that? Please enlighten me.

    • Elijazfraz Elsassafraz
      Elijazfraz Elsassafraz 4 months ago +71

      @Sanka Plays "one sided videos" really makes you seem like a Russian shill or troll by the way. I dont see how you could watch combat footage from either side and support Russia. It is possible you mean we only see the Ukrainian side from this channel, which is true, but someone who follows this war closely has more than one source. And yes this is a war we are watching.

  • Ugga Dugga
    Ugga Dugga 4 months ago +21

    Some of the actions taken indoors gave me huge anxiety... I suppose operating with a ragtag group of volunteers doesn't allow for as much coordination... you and your buddy conduct a countdown and then turn the corners together. Basically everything about that is great except the countdown out loud. Develop some kind of SOP to allow silent communication in situations like that. If there were enemy in that room they would have known you were both coming 5 seconds in advance, and then gotten a countdown to your entry... they'd have a field day. Moments later, you announce "I'm going in!" and then enter and immediately turn your back to the only part of the room you hadn't seen yet (close corner) which was was terrifying. Again, you should never announce yourself (and never enter alone ESPECIALLY into a room with an uncleared corner and 2 open/uncleared doorways) you should have waited for a buddy to stack up behind you and give you a silent signal to move (shoulder squeeze). Imagine if you had been shot going in with no one stacked on you to return fire. (this all happens just after 5:35)

    • Nairobin
      Nairobin 3 months ago

      The stacked parts a really good point, and so is the countdown. But, I think that the countdown might not be as bad as the stacking mistake, since the enemy probably doesn’t speak English. Meaning they probably don’t even realize what they were saying (still, not a good thing to do lol) also, once they got inside the building the Russians I would assume would have known at that point ( I don’t know 🤷‍♂️). But everything you said was spot on dude. I hope civ div sees this.

    • Jadekong
      Jadekong 2 months ago

      The people who speak English in Ukraine and Russia are not the ones frontlining in a war lil bro, they might as well be speaking alien languages to most of the enemies.

  • Adrian Cadena
    Adrian Cadena 3 months ago +7

    Been in combat in Afghanistan . The fear of losing your life is unexplainable. Just imagine what the civilians who want no part of the war feel.

    • Brian Mead
      Brian Mead 2 months ago

      Imagine how the people in Donetsk and Lugansk feel when they’ve been living that reality for nine years and counting now!

    • Nikita
      Nikita 2 months ago

      ​there are no people in donetsk or luhansk, only separatists

    • Lachausis
      Lachausis 12 days ago

      @Brian Mead That's Russian doing. They were the one launching rockets from apartment blocks, and occasionally shelling civvies to blame on Ukraine.

  • Author Mike Montie
    Author Mike Montie 4 months ago +102

    You are so popular with so many comments you probably won't see this. I found your channel after seeing your interview with Willy. You are an amazing guy, love your content. Thank you for your service to the US, fighting ISSIS, and defending Ukraine. I know from your interview with Willy that you don't consider yourself a warrior or a hero. I believe you are both, and also a journalist. I learn so much more from people like you and Willy, than from the frauds that are "professional journalists." God bless you and your buddies. Stay safe and keep doing what you think is right. From what I have seen, you have not been wrong yet.

    • My school account i totally use for school
      My school account i totally use for school 4 months ago +1

      It’s awesome they can have beards

    • Wash
      Wash 3 months ago +1

      Fighting ISIS was a service to the US fighting in Ukraine serves no purpose for the United States strategic or otherwise.
      This has nothing to do with serving the United States, her people, or the Constitution.

    • Author Mike Montie
      Author Mike Montie 3 months ago +5

      @Wash There is no justification for Russia's invasion or for the way Russia is conducting this war. Civ is helping the Ukrainian people fight for their freedom. That is commendable, and a worthy cause, whether you think it is in the US interest or not.

  • Adrian Padilla
    Adrian Padilla 3 months ago +9

    glad to see you're still here with us man. keep up the work. remember, theres people out there you're doing good for!! keep it up!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 6 days ago

      These videos are propaganda bro
      There are no Russians in that house lol

  • Abbey Karma
    Abbey Karma 2 days ago

    How brave these American soldiers are. You have to have the courage to do that. With the knowledge that your own life could be over in a fraction of a second. I take my hat off to so much courage!

  • MGM_coma21
    MGM_coma21 4 months ago +2731

    That sigh of relief after they cleared the first house......I was holding my breath right along with him. Couldn't imagine being in his place. The courage on display from these guys is incredible.

    • lucifer 81
      lucifer 81 4 months ago +39

      if anything happened he wouldnt be able to post the video or at lease would have to cut or blur images but even then youtube may still delete the video

    • Davoodoox1
      Davoodoox1 4 months ago +33

      Put the link to the comment section where they kill any spetsnaz in that building. I belive it when i see it...

    • lucifer 81
      lucifer 81 4 months ago +8

      @J Woods not always and times have changed i cant even swear without getting banned now a days there is barely any gore on this site lol they all where removed or banned unless you personally work for youtube i digress

    • J Woods
      J Woods 4 months ago +2

      @lucifer 81 you can swear lmfao you just cant earn money from your vids if you do.
      They are more strict about comments then they are about video content.
      The only thing they really take down video wise is anything that talks negatively about certain groups (namely LGBT, certain ethnic groups and Jews) and I assume thats because they now automatically detect what is said in every video uploaded to youtube.

  • RS
    RS 4 months ago +4

    Thank you for posting these videos! Thank you for helping our brothers in Ukraine!
    Ive never imagined i would see a war in detail on Clip-Share, like im there myself.
    Plz keep these Paypal emails in every video decription,
    Thank you and stay safe!

  • Marine Grunt
    Marine Grunt 3 months ago +9

    From this old Marine to you hope you stay safe. That's all I can say.

  • Wardiboi
    Wardiboi 4 months ago +16

    I'm not Ukrainian but thank you so much for what you're doing for these innocent people. I hope y'all manage to return home victorious and safely.

    • Absolutely Mental Gaming
      Absolutely Mental Gaming 4 months ago +1

      That's exactly why you believe he is helping Ukraine. Go and ask a normal Ukranian on the streets about what they think of this.

    • Lulz Alfest
      Lulz Alfest 4 months ago +9

      @Absolutely Mental Gaming shoo. Vatnik. Shoo.

    • Absolutely Mental Gaming
      Absolutely Mental Gaming 4 months ago +2

      @Lulz Alfest It's ironic that you tell me to go away in Russian. Sadge

  • Kasey Smith
    Kasey Smith 4 months ago +7

    I respect all the soldiers and volunteers for doing this, but am awed by their ability to communicate without any mobile electronic communication system, or whatever you call it.

  • xxcdemon08
    xxcdemon08 2 months ago +7

    I used to be at the same duty station with this young man in the same unit. It seems like just yesterday he had several punks (especially one in particular) talking trash about him and how he wasn’t deemed tough enough by some people in our company. Which is definitely false because I always knew he was a pretty tough dude.
    It turns out, this dude has the biggest balls in [REDACTED] Company of [REDACTED]….none of those dudes who talked trash about him are in Ukraine or the Middle East fighting alongside those citizens without the might of the [REDACTED] military. This young man is the one with balls and resolve. One of the nicest damn people I’ve ever met too.
    Proud of you civ div!

    • Civ Div
      Civ Div  2 months ago +4

      Jeez man wish I knew you were! I grew up quite a bit, life is a journey and I’m trying my best. Really appreciate the kind words bro

  • Eric Child
    Eric Child 4 months ago +730

    This is epic footage and just goes to show how difficult communications are within a combat situation. Add the language barriers and things can easily go bad in a hurry. Very impressive how the Ukrainians have grouped and absorbed all the foreign war fighters into effective combat teams while holding it all together. Glory to the hero’s and may God bless them all with 100% victory!

    • Patrick Zzz
      Patrick Zzz 4 months ago +36

      Oh yes fighting a proxy war supporting a tyrannical government while the people suffer, but very glorious for sure!

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith 4 months ago +5

    I remember Vietnam footage showing our combat KIA. Had a major impact on people at home. I also remember watching it on TV, thinking I'd be there in three years when I turned 18. But it ended when I was 15. I enlisted at 19. I know........

  • Mark Marco
    Mark Marco 4 months ago +5

    Hard to believe that communication is still done by yelling, which compromises a persons position. Thanks for posting this video. Peace and prosperity to Ukraine.

  • Денис Фомин
    Денис Фомин 3 months ago +8

    Guys, thank you for your support!

    • Махно
      Махно 3 months ago +2

      Слава Україні!

  • ziumbatista
    ziumbatista 4 months ago +6

    Many thanks for your service and courage. Hats off!

  • Granite
    Granite 28 days ago

    bro. you should do a series. if you can get a few soldiers to share video of a mission, and break it up like this. that would be legendary.

  • ThinkBlue
    ThinkBlue 4 months ago +549

    It's good that you've shown all the footage. The war effort is a lot more than shooting bullets. There's an uneasy feeling in every part, even when it's just walking. You'll never know where the enemies are and I reckon it's even harder with fighters who have limited training together or have different amounts of experience. Thank you for showing this, It's important to document this war.
    Love to Ukraine from Estonia!

    • gooHero
      gooHero 4 months ago +3

      Soldiers are terrifying, but to me it would probably be mines and drones I would be most afraid of. Suddenly you just hear that plop from a grenade landing beside you or maybe you don't hear anything :-s

    • Poncho beats
      Poncho beats 4 months ago +1

      Straight up

    • Poncho beats
      Poncho beats 4 months ago +5

      It's insane to think while they were creeping up onto the BMP a Russian drone could have given their positions away and the got absolutely obliterated that combo should be a practice at all times with armour and recon teams.

    • ThinkBlue
      ThinkBlue 4 months ago +6

      @Poncho beats Goes to show that the Russians aren't that well organized, which is really fortunate for Ukraine. They could've done a lot more damage if they didn't hurry with their training and send people who know nothing about war to the frontlines. Russia is trying to brute force it.

    • ThinkBlue
      ThinkBlue 4 months ago +3

      ​@gooHero I remember being scared to get hit in Airsoft, but with all the traps and your life on the line I reckon it's a lot scrarier, always on the edge. As I've watched more of these videos I've realised how much adrenaline really does. Sometimes people don't even realize they've been hit. It weirdly gives me comfort knowing that hormonal painkillers make dying less painful.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 4 months ago +30

    Really cool guys. Thank you so much! I'm from Kharkiv and I can't even express my gratefulness to you.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago +51

    WHERES THE NEXT VIDEO OMG WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR DAYS. lol. Thanks to you and your friends for documenting/releasing this sort of raw footage. All too often we get combat footage with bad music over it or other added crap, but to hear the breathing, footsteps, break in voice, weapon noises, vehicles in the distance..all that makes it real and raw. Thank you.

    • MrMongoose221
      MrMongoose221 4 months ago +9

      I mean he's back in Ukraine so he's probably put on missions, fighting or worse. Hopefully not the last one though 😬

    • Джентльмен Удачи
      Джентльмен Удачи 4 months ago +1

      soon the Russians will come to your house and you will hear their footsteps very well))

    • TEFFIEzz
      TEFFIEzz 4 months ago

      She died for ZZzzelenski

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago +16

      @Джентльмен Удачи LOL Russian soldiers can not even successfully invade their NEIGHBOR country which had the 37th Army in the world. LOL

  • TheTayz
    TheTayz 2 months ago +1

    A state of constant confusion and worry. The worry that you might hesitate to shoot an enemy, for the even greater worry of them being a friendly. Then the worry you will be killed or get your friends killed for said hesitation. Being able to confirm the enemy ID and engage them from cover is a luxury!

  • Tmb1112
    Tmb1112 4 months ago +9

    Praying for you guys. Thank you for your hard work where the world needs you most.

  • M.R Bro
    M.R Bro 3 months ago +3

    Thank you for helping Ukraine in the struggle for freedom and democracy. We really appreciate you!

  • Civ Div
    Civ Div  4 months ago +3363

    Thank you all for your support. My friends from these videos are incredibly touched by your kind words. Got some comments asking about their injuries, so I’ll explain them here rn.
    The injuries he himself personally received is a piece of shrapnel from an artillery round that skipped off his back plate, bounced off his spine, and shot out above his neck. He wasn’t able to move his head sideways for a couple months, but slowly got more movement and when I came back two weeks ago he was getting ready to go to Bakhmut which he just went to. I was able to supply him, because of all your support on this channel, a drone, a helmet that’s still coming, winter base layers and a Kevlar groin protector. He then took the rest of the stuff I brought and handed them to a unit in Bakhmut on my behalf. He’s just as he seems in the video, a down to earth humble dude. At this point he doesn’t get paid combat pay unless he’s on the front, so he has to pay for gym, apartment, food, and gas out of pocket. I’ll be interviewing different member of this team you see as well as the team leader who had a piece of shrapnel go through his liver and out his lung. Hopefully then they’ll be able to explain the difficulties they’re having, but honestly they’re just absolutely dedicated to helping the war effort they don’t often post on social media and such. Thanks for your interest, and I know this was long winded, but you guys deserve an explanation.

    • Lucy Mealy
      Lucy Mealy 4 months ago +13

      first guy talking on camera, just when shots come in?

    • canal do haga
      canal do haga 4 months ago +77

      You are fucking great! Have my respect. if youtube censors you can create a telegram channel

      FALLEN DEMON 4 months ago +9

      what if one wants to join? what should he do? where to get training?

    • Civ Div
      Civ Div  4 months ago +185

      @Lucy Mealy he’s the team leader, liver and lung were hit. He’s recovering well and continuing work as soon as he gets better.

  • Mahesh Panth
    Mahesh Panth 4 months ago +4

    I hope these gentlemen are safe and secure. It puts tears into my eyes what these brave people are doing to see other people live. They are literally helping us, everybody, fighting the bad guys. Thanks to them, we are living a peaceful life. They should be appreciated at all costs. Hope the government pays them well when they return home, more than enough, they deserve all the money for their help.

    • idontno0
      idontno0 4 months ago +4

      If Ukraine was taken over, it wouldn't affect most of the world... They are fighting for the people of Ukraine, it doesn't affect most countries at all. For the US, is it the same for those fighting in the Middle East? The beaches of the US or England ain't being raided by the Taliban. That war was a joke that so many people were killed and injured fighting for nothing. 20yrs for what?

    • boy toy owo
      boy toy owo 4 months ago +1

      @idontno0 i agree if there's a war there should be reason for people to fight the war in Afghanistan should have had a different goal but there are no bad guys there's only humans killing eachother for no real reason.

    • Rofu
      Rofu 4 months ago

      You should join them instead of chatting about it

    • Akatosh Morgul
      Akatosh Morgul 4 months ago +5

      Ah yes. Bad guys just because the media told you.

  • Johnny Truelove
    Johnny Truelove 4 months ago +5

    Thanks for sharing this intense videos. That's war and not a game. I am praying for these dudes. Stay safe.

  • Steven
    Steven 4 months ago +14

    Thank you for putting this footage out here for history to come

  • Kiarash Keshvari
    Kiarash Keshvari 4 months ago +2

    Walking up to a position with no eyes from either flank must be terrifying. I pray for a swift victory and for as many soldiers to return home as possible

  • Xav!
    Xav! 3 months ago +2

    Whoa this is insane !!!! The adrenaline dump these guys endure is unimaginable

  • Rhoto
    Rhoto 4 months ago +590

    Absolutely fantastic footage, man. Love love LOVE the contextual text when needed. LOOOOOVE that you're showing everything and not just the action. Keep this shit coming, man.
    May God be with the lot of you

    • Django
      Django 4 months ago +10

      I’m sure you’re gonna know the injuries in the next video. He said the next video will be when they make entry and contact with the Russians inside. Said it was all recorded.

    • Civ Div
      Civ Div  4 months ago +148

      Thank you on behalf of him and myself, he was genuinely touched by your kind words.
      The injuries he himself personally received is a piece of shrapnel from an artillery round that skipped off his back plate, bounced off his spine, and shot out above his neck. He wasn’t able to move his head sideways for a couple months, but slowly got more movement and when I came back two weeks ago he was getting ready to go to Bakhmut which he just went to. I was able to supply him, because of all your support on this channel, a drone, a helmet that’s still coming, winter base layers and a Kevlar groin protector. He then took the rest of the stuff I brought and handed them to a unit in Bakhmut on my behalf. He’s just as he seems in the video, a down to earth humble dude. At this point he doesn’t get paid combat pay unless he’s on the front, so he has to pay for gym, apartment, food, and gas out of pocket. I’ll be interviewing different member of this team you see as well as the team leader who had a piece of shrapnel go through his liver and out his lung. Hopefully then they’ll be able to explain the difficulties they’re having, but honestly they’re just absolutely dedicated to helping the war effort they don’t often post on social media and such. Thanks for your interest, and I know this was long winded, but you guys deserve an explanation.

    • John Gorman
      John Gorman 4 months ago +24

      @Civ Div You should move this comment to the top. Thanks for posting.

    • Swojal
      Swojal 4 months ago +7

      @Civ Div holy fuck bro that does not sound fun at all. Can you tell them that I (a random dude on the internet) wishes them a speedy recovery and a successful healing? Much thanks man

    • Seygem
      Seygem 4 months ago +6

      @Civ Div jesus, shrapnel in the liver? i just did a quick search and it gave me a study from the mid 90s where the patients had a 17% mortality rate following "major penetrative liver injuries" and that was a university trauma center in a big city, not a frontline in a war torn country with an ambulance driving over back roads for an hour to get to a field hospital (at least that what i imagine from what i gathered about fighting in ukraine thus far). and a perforated lung on top.
      that guy is seriously lucky.

  • CheckerBlue
    CheckerBlue 4 months ago +13

    there are times where I wish I had the physical ability to be along side those who are there fighting for their home, those who are there. The world is watching and if it were able, Id send you all the energy I have. Keep up the amazing work!

    • david wile
      david wile 4 months ago +11

      Why would you wanna fight a proxy war for the states?
      Maybe Ukraine should consider ending war by agreeing to some terms instead fueling the flames

  • GMEJesus
    GMEJesus 4 months ago +2

    Thank you for these videos. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  • Kneecap
    Kneecap 4 months ago +8

    Sitting here watching people fight in a war from their pov... its surreal. I hope these guys come back in one piece.

    • Махно
      Махно 3 months ago

      Все буде Україна.

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    Keep up the good work... I'm so impressed of you! Slava Ukraini! Greetings from Norway!

  • UnHeardNinja
    UnHeardNinja 3 months ago +1

    The language barrier is for sure the worst when in combat. Is why I am learning to speak ukrainian. Ukrainian family's have moved to canada and I work with some children who do not speak English, so in order to communicate with them I must learn ukrainian to find out there wants and needs.

  • Nathan Tempest
    Nathan Tempest 4 months ago +821

    I served in the British Army, Prince of Wales Own regiment (but never fought in an active conflict) and just wanted to say the professionalism, cool headiness and co-ordination these guys have has me in absolute awe. Hats off to you guys well done!

    • alex chad
      alex chad 4 months ago +35

      Slava UK. slava Ukraini

    • PumpKing
      PumpKing 4 months ago +12

      Absolutely! And the difference to the first videos from Ukraine are astonishing.

    • zubnautica377
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    • Eric Narvaez
      Eric Narvaez 4 months ago +6

      Thank you for your honorable service! May God bless you and your honorable family🙏

    • TheCoolWinterHusky
      TheCoolWinterHusky 4 months ago +10

      Here in Canada, we have Kingston as the PoW's Own Regiment's. Pretty much your counterpart

  • katarjin
    katarjin 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for all the context, hunting armor seems really scary to me because they (well modern ones) can see better than any human and hit you before you know they are there....even better now with drones.

    • scar3xcr0
      scar3xcr0 4 months ago

      Visibility is very poor in armoured vehicles. They have scopes that work well for long distance but you have very nerrow range of vision.

  • Geoff DB
    Geoff DB 4 months ago +3

    eagerly awaiting the next part. hope all members of this squad and you are safe !!

    VITKO MUSIC 2 months ago +1

    Civ div. When i first saw you i thought you're just a youtuber. But after seeing you fight those spetz naz in a building, and receiving a shell after with team injuries then i realized that you're a badass soldier. Not affraid to die. And doing Ukraine good.

  • Fu Gu
    Fu Gu 4 months ago

    What makes me really sad are that this village and other places in Ukraine once was the home for people and their every day joy and problems.

  • Bryce Hamm
    Bryce Hamm 3 months ago +1

    damn dude you where that close before you realized there where enemies, fog of war is truly terrifying

  • CupOJoe
    CupOJoe 4 months ago +581

    God I'm sure that BMP knew how screwed it was deducing that this team who had ALREADY taken out a BMP earlier was still in the area, nice work

    • Chivalry Lives
      Chivalry Lives 4 months ago +10

      The crew of the first BMP looked like it had escaped.

    • dasluder
      dasluder 4 months ago +80

      @Chivalry Lives There is drone footage that confirms atleast one KIA from the BMP. I think there is quite a considerable a time gap between them disabling the BMP and pushing up, since the KIA has been recovered, most likely by the team that dismounted.

    • Diamonds
      Diamonds 4 months ago

      What is BMP ?

    • JustMarkers
      JustMarkers 4 months ago +19

      @Diamonds Look it up. We're not gonna do the work for you.

    • bigratkiller1
      bigratkiller1 4 months ago +62

      @Diamonds BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty, Russian for "infantry fighting vehicle

  • Moose
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    Thank you for posting all of the footage, without cutting out bits. Praying for safety of you are your buddies. Slava Ukraini

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  • Wil Horne
    Wil Horne 4 months ago

    It’s weird to think, the task of clearing those rooms wouldn’t be physically possible to most out of fear. You just rushed around the corners not knowing if a guy was tucked as far back where you couldn’t see him but he could see when your gun comes around. Pure fear dude

  • Loraine Checksfield
    Loraine Checksfield 3 months ago

    Much respect to you all and hope you make it safe home to your loved ones😘

    • Darkz
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    • Loraine Checksfield
      Loraine Checksfield 3 months ago +1

      @Darkz because these people have bravely put thier lives on the line to fight for thier country, democracy and freedom

  • Ripsnorter
    Ripsnorter 4 months ago +3

    Crazy that ww2 and ww1 footage is rare and impossible to obtain even for filmmakers and now modern warfare can be caught on GoPros and even mobile phones. Absolutely insane for some reason.

  • Adam's Arena
    Adam's Arena 4 months ago +3

    I really hope you're okay man. I'm starting to get a little worried. Goodluck to you with whatever you're doing.

  • Da WoLf
    Da WoLf 4 months ago +228

    I pray for you guys and gals everyday . I tried to come over to help but due to some serious back injury’s I sustained (being shot ) in Afghanistan they did not want me to come because they thought I would be more hinderance to operations. Thank you all for what you are doing . You are all constantly in our hearts and minds. I pray this war ends soon and Ukraine gets back all that was taken and all of you come home safely ! ❤❤❤

    • Bear Boy
      Bear Boy 4 months ago +10

      Mostly guys but yes, as do I.

    • John Wiz
      John Wiz 4 months ago +9

      99.999999% guys in the field but yes we agree.

    • NC G
      NC G 4 months ago +4

      If I may ask, what is the back story to your injury in Afghanistan?

    • Bear Boy
      Bear Boy 4 months ago +1

      @NC G I was never in Afghanistan. Where did you get that?

  • Kyote422
    Kyote422 4 months ago +13

    You going to upload the rest of the footage or no? Been checking everyday haha. Great videos, nice to see POV of what they are going through. Stay safe, & thanks for the videos

    • Nobby Nobbs
      Nobby Nobbs 4 months ago +3

      Yeah, I also really want to see what happens next. I'd actually like if he could upload an uncut / uncensored version somewhere else and give us the link. ( - insofar that that is possible; of course anything that might compromise the Ukrainian forces should be cut / censored. That should go without saying.)
      I just think I need a proper reminder of the grim realities of this tragic situation once in a while. I'm saddened by all this pointless fighting, and I want to keep feeling like that. As hard as it can be to watch, it is much harder to be living in these parts of Ukraine right now, especially as a civilian. I think seeing real, uncut footage hammers it home much harder than the media, because when everything is sensationalized, you get numb, and in the end nothing is sensational anymore.

  • M T
    M T 4 months ago +1

    he's not a Ukrainian soldier... the use of the weapon... the procedure... he's a speciality... definitely...

  • Полищук Александр

    You are a big hero
    Thank you very much for what you are doing.

  • Rostyslav
    Rostyslav 4 months ago +120

    Thank for your service bro,as ukrainian i'm really glad to see and appreciate for help of every ex-military or actual military unit. We don't forget your work! And i'm even can't imagin how hard to work with teams on many different languages... That's cool only "on paper",but in real it's sick....I'm just want to wish you luck and stay safe

    • prochsdorogiplebey
      prochsdorogiplebey 4 months ago +18

      Но ведь если бы подобных бойцов НАТО не было в Украине у границ с Россией, так же как перспективы их военных баз, то и СВО бы не было, смысл радоваться тем из за кого все и началось?
      But after all, if there were no such NATO fighters in Ukraine near the borders with Russia, as well as the prospects of their military bases, then there would be no SVO, it makes sense to rejoice at those who started it all?

  • Bill Otto
    Bill Otto 19 days ago

    Where can I find parts 1 & 2 ? They're not listed in the description. Slava Ukraine ! 🫡 🇺🇦

  • rtpimAPEX
    rtpimAPEX 4 months ago +337

    This is the first time in history that this type of content has been shared. So raw. Imagine ww2, and a tiger tank rolling up on you. What if we had that pov footage as well? This footage helps me understand what those who fight in war go through

    • Philly Love
      Philly Love 4 months ago +37

      Syria, ISIL Caliphate, Yemen all had this type of video of not more

    • Kevin
      Kevin 4 months ago +22

      If a tiger rolled up on you,you’d never get a chance to share the footage lmao.

    • Vlad Dracula
      Vlad Dracula 4 months ago +6

      So just like back then, we should have helped the Tiger fight the t34

    • andreksjour
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      This is not where main battles happen.

  • S4V4GE-IV-XX
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    I just wanted to say you are brave, thank you for defending freedom of sovereignty and stay safe!

  • Petter
    Petter 4 months ago

    These videos are golden. Thank you and to your friend and his team for this.
    I'll be sure to donate what I can spare my next paycheck.

  • Karl Müller
    Karl Müller 4 months ago

    Big props to those men and to you, publishing this stuff.
    I still have a question though as I am a total noob in war tactics and stuff:
    Do they have to walk over the open field or do they want to? Because if an enemy saw them walking over to the house, wouldn't he be able to kill all of them easily because of the shortage of cover?
    And how are those troops organised? Do they have a HQ that gives them their info via cell phone and stuff?
    Thanks for your answers in advance and have a nice one, my dudes!

  • Azka Fairuzzaman
    Azka Fairuzzaman 2 months ago +6

    This is the most realistic airsoft game i've ever seen

  • MrMongoose221
    MrMongoose221 4 months ago +826

    It's a shame Clip-Share restricts such historical and interesting videos. This would make a great mini documentary about this particular mission. Hope you and your buddies are safe.

    • Redisia
      Redisia 4 months ago +22

      Yes and No, because i do believe that youtube a website run by popularity and category algorithms can propose these vids to jut about anyone. This being a fighting/shooting video... it might actually derp out and show this video to a random kid who usually just looks for shooter games. I think youtube just takes it safe and tries to keep the extreme videos from their website.

    • Alexander Fink
      Alexander Fink 4 months ago +4

      Maybe you and your friends will be on the other side of the video one day. Would be fun to watch right?

    • MrMongoose221
      MrMongoose221 4 months ago +24

      @Alexander Fink It's interesting and important to document, I didnt say fun anywhere in my statement.

    • Redisia
      Redisia 4 months ago +4

      @Alexander Fink Define 'You' and the obvious answer is nope

  • GorillaTag Kai VR
    GorillaTag Kai VR 4 months ago +3

    thank you for bringin reality to the world, theres a lot of armchair warriors out here that assume to know whats going on. publishing this material not only spreads awareness of the reality of war, but also serves to prove how well the ukrainian army operates.

    • Alex P.
      Alex P. 2 months ago

      Oh yes, Ukraine wins? Didn't she lose 1/5 of her territory?

  • Brad Larrison
    Brad Larrison 4 months ago +3

    I’m surprised at how vocal these combatants are during clearings. I’m a complete pog. But I just always assumed hand signals were used so that hostiles couldn’t take notice of your movement.

    • I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends
      I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends 4 months ago +1

      He explained in the previous video why they're so vocal.

    • Brad Larrison
      Brad Larrison 4 months ago

      @I_Dont_Eat_My_Friends Thank you! I’ll check it out. Also, thank you for not eating your friends.

  • gs
    gs 3 months ago +1

    Much respect, make it home fellas.

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez 4 months ago +1

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  • Зіткела
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    Thank you very much for defending my country!
    Hello from Dnipro❤

  • sam8404
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    I literally just finished the first two videos of this battle and was hoping I wouldn't have to wait long for the next part. I hit refresh and saw this was uploaded about ten minutes ago, thanks dude!
    Also thanks to you and your buddies for your service. If we didn't have people like you (all foreign legion fighters and Ukrainians themselves I mean) defending freedom and democracy who knows how many countries Russia would be invading.

    • Thunder Chunky
      Thunder Chunky 4 months ago +29

      Lol @ "freedom and democracy"

    • sam8404
      sam8404 4 months ago +62

      Found Putin's account ^

    • Niklas Lund
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      Lucky you mate, i've waited for this part since he mentioned it haha.

    • sam8404
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      @Niklas Lund looks like there's at least one more part, going by the current pattern it should be up in no more than 2 or 3 days.

  • zumlog
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    Bad guy with a gun can be only stopped by a good guy with a gun. Thank you for defending us. Stay safe and please dont die. Im sure you can do that. You are hero!

    • J4YXX Records
      J4YXX Records 3 months ago

      Are u sure, who exactly is the bad guy?? Who exactly defending someone??

  • Corey Givens
    Corey Givens 4 months ago +15

    Some of us are getting worried about you brother. Post an update so we know you’re okay.

    • deggis4
      deggis4 4 months ago

      He left Ukraine months ago.

    • Seether
      Seether  4 months ago +4

      @deggis4 he made a video saying he went back, no?

    • Albert Wesker
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      @Seether lol left soon as the fight got difficult. What a coward.

    • dEt1ousㄖ
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      @Albert Wesker Everyone like him does it. But they are still writing how weak Russia is. What a mess...

  • Jay Mac
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    I can only imagine how scary going house to house is 😳

  • J Joł
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    Good luck on the battlefield. You are heroes. Greetings from Poland brothers. 🇵🇱

  • Big Jumbo
    Big Jumbo Day ago

    It makes me sad to see people's pride and joy blown to bits and their once beautiful gardens and courtyards just gone...
    Land which was probably theirs for generations just blown to bits... 😢

  • Inismist
    Inismist 4 months ago +365

    The fact that we are able to see what you guys are experiencing is just absolutely chilling. Thank you so much for sharing everything to us.

    • Vidalsky Ociosen
      Vidalsky Ociosen 4 months ago +1

      And worst part of that is that high numbers of U.S military men’s children are not their’s and saddest thing is suicide among vet soldiers are rising, U.S gov’t should give support to Vet. And paternity test should be mandatory and wife also should be punish.

    • camiel beusen
      camiel beusen 4 months ago +14

      @Vidalsky Ociosen bro what...?

    • Дëмин Александр
      Дëмин Александр 4 months ago +1

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      Правила передвижения групп не нуждаются в красоте и этом показном "альфа-браво пальцами" 🤣 смех
      Когда у твоего соседа снесло калашом пол жопы, а тебе нужно зарядить гранатомёт последнее что ты будешь делать это двигаться так как они на видео

    • Daniel Whyatt
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      @Vidalsky Ociosen Paternity tests!? Whaaaat.
      Don’t troll like this.

  • Diane Knight
    Diane Knight 4 months ago

    Well done guys, great teamwork.

  • Gellande 2
    Gellande 2 4 months ago +2

    Incredible footage so far, very tense. Terrifying
    The quality is very good. Most of similiar videos have bad quality, but this one is like you are there. That's why more terrifying

  • Пабло Эскобар
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    Thank you for saving us♥️

  • Spyro Frost
    Spyro Frost 4 months ago

    So strange to see such a beautiful, modern place in these times looking war torn, these were peoples' homes after all. And even stranger to see current footage from an active warzone.

  • Steven Horner
    Steven Horner 3 months ago

    My heart beat and breathing were almost as if I was doing what these guys are doing just by watching the video 😂

  • Jaime
    Jaime 4 months ago +735

    Even though I could not hate war any more than what I do now, I have to say this footage is extremely necessary for the us public to know the reality of what's really going on and what a soldier goes through every day. It's a plus that these guys are top tier operators and it shows. Incredible footage.

    • Donaldscheid
      Donaldscheid 4 months ago +29

      Nobody hates war more than the soldiers fighting it. Seems like a contradiction, I know, but you can ask other soldiers.

    • Wade Brunner
      Wade Brunner 4 months ago +21

      These western war tourists arent actually on the front lines . They do recon and supoort roles

    • WimsicleStranger
      WimsicleStranger 4 months ago +59

      @Wade BrunnerJust ignore the plethora of videos that directly contradict that and you’ll almost be correct

  • Impostor 101
    Impostor 101 4 months ago

    This aint no gameplay like call of duty where you get shot and then gets another chance for revival .... this is real shit men this is so intense... i hope you guys survive and be safe always

  • Nathan Mayeur
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    Looking for your new vids everyday, it's weird not seeing them coming out. Hope you are ok man...

    • GSicKz
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      Apparently some shit goes down after this so doesn’t seem to me like that footage will ever be released

    • Ron Vitale
      Ron Vitale 4 months ago

      Yes i keep checking too.. thinking he's training

    • CryOfSolace
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      he made a post to his instagram story 18 hours ago so he should be alright, probably just busy unfortunately.

    • MR. NDESO
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      Are you sure??

  • delpinsky
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    Great footage... I so would love this to be just an hyper realistic videogame... but it's a real war. Stay safe guys! ❤🙏 and Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦

  • Lucas
    Lucas 3 months ago +1

    Holy shit the cameraman soloed the bmp! (I know this is war and shouldnt be joked about but as always the cameramans are gods)

    • Alex
      Alex 3 months ago

      Lol I think you'll find that combat veterans tend to have the darkest sense of humor 🤣 it helps you deal with stressful situations and remain calm.

  • Northernbornandraised
    Northernbornandraised 4 months ago +119

    Not many people will feel the adrenaline of sitting with the tension out of your trigger knowing full well your going to take a life, tons of respect for these guys fighting !

    • Sinisteo Soxilano
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      Its insane to even think about it 🙏

    • Northernbornandraised
      Northernbornandraised 4 months ago +5

      @Sinisteo Soxilanoindeed man, yeh CQB is intense but the ending of the video waiting there, tension out of your trigger, knowing the persons life you may take was fleeing in fear. That’s the shit that hits home

    • Deadbeat
      Deadbeat 4 months ago +2

      That feeling must be intense, to potentially end a life. Feels like a different world tbh

    • Forrest Gangsta
      Forrest Gangsta 4 months ago +5

      Ironically it’s war, you’re there to end lives that threaten other lives.

  • anek
    anek 4 months ago

    Respect for a confidence and for fighting for my country you're a hero 💪❤️, good luck and I hope you gonna come back to home alive with your friends after war 💪💪🔥

  • Nicolas R
    Nicolas R 4 months ago +1

    Amazing footage this is what people need to see to understand the situation on the ground. The actual “news” is useless.

  • rejtan
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    Very excited for the next part. This is A1 quality. These guys tough as hell

    • David Van Budgie
      David Van Budgie 4 months ago

      That dude in the beginning with the beard got fucked up pretty bad in the next part. He was interviewed on Willy's channel a week ago.

    • rejtan
      rejtan 4 months ago

      @David Van Budgie how do I find this??

  • Cameron
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    The communication between the squad members is on par with my experience playing Squad the game 😂

  • Peter Röser
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