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Building the Ultimate Kemper Rig!

  • Published on Jul 22, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Let's build the Ultimate Kemper Rig for any situation! Live, Home and Studio!
    Kemper wooden end Kaps: www.thatlasershop.com/shop/ke...
    Tone Junkie Loaded Kemper: britishaudio.com/collections/...

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  • Toucan Echo
    Toucan Echo Year ago +4

    I actually think powered Kemper head is underrated as a 'one stop' solution in the real world
    You can play at home through any cab w/wo Kone, record direct into DAW, take to any gig and plug into PA and/or backline cab...
    Like, do any other digital modellers/profilers have that convenience? I think it solves real world problems! Stereo would be the only tricky bit...
    But maybe I'm being too practical for the Kemperverse. 2 Kempers into 2 Kemper Kone full stacks and 2 ipads for my 500 AC30 profiles please 😂

  • Mike Irving
    Mike Irving 10 months ago

    HW, I appreciate your videos very much! You are interesting and entertaining, and your videos are educational and helpful. Keep up the good work.

  • Guitar4astronauts
    Guitar4astronauts Year ago +5

    The Kemper stage was never on my radar until the iPad editor arrived, with my eyesight deteriorating in the nearly 10 years of owned my vintage white toaster, the app has given new fresh life to my Kemper, so glad to have made the Kemper choice.

  • JS
    JS Year ago +5

    I hope kemper will create an hx stomp form factor modeller which is small and compact

  • Criss Liew
    Criss Liew Year ago +5

    Kemper Stage is literally a dream rig. Just one small gear and you can play with your sound wherever you want

  • Gg Man
    Gg Man Year ago

    Great video. Can't wait for the amp v kab a/b shoot out. Great content as always HW!

  • RollersKate
    RollersKate Year ago

    Say you wanted to run it with a few great drive pedals to go form creamy, to ambient, to hard rock? What would be the best pedal platform profile to do with this setup?

  • Gilbert Yslas
    Gilbert Yslas Year ago +1

    Merry Christmas! What a wonderful setup. BTW, The KPS is the cat's pajamas. Thank you for a marvelous job at Tonejunkies>

  • Kirsten Ray
    Kirsten Ray Year ago

    I was freaking out because I thought HW was going to hit the Gibson headstock on the desk! Anyway...
    I initially bought a powered rack and the remote bundle (still have it). I started gigging with it and hated the setup. My particular setup required running multiple cables to and from the pedal board. To simplify my setup I ended up using an Amplifire 6 with some other pedals on my pedal board and it worked well and was incredible easy. As soon as the Kemper Stage came out I bought it. The Stage is easy to gig with and what I wanted. Now that wifi and the iPad app have been revealed it makes the Stage even more convenient. I have a TM112 Hughes and Kettner cabinet that I put a Kemper Kone into and love it, but still have to use the power amp with Stage. Weeeelll, I just bought a Kemper Powered Kab which now has completed my ultimate rig. HW is right this is the best! Kemper Stage, Kemper Powered Kab, and iPad w/ Rig Manager app.

  • That Laser Shop
    That Laser Shop Year ago +1

    Thanks for the That Laser Shop/Kemp Kaps shoutout!! The walnut kaps have definitely been our most popular!

  • David Borges
    David Borges 15 days ago

    As a guitar player, the only thing I think "simulators" have yet to solve, is the "inability" to have feedback when you use in-ears or when you are recording and can't get loud enough to get that. I've used Helix, Kemper, Fractal, Boss, etc, and the only thing I almost always miss from using a real amp is that beautiful harmonic feedback, when you stand next to an amp. If you check the video where Pete Thorn showcases a Trainwreck, you'll see exactly what I mean... :(

  • Shane Wooding
    Shane Wooding Year ago

    Great video!! can you use 2 powered cabs with the head unit?

  • Tan Varma
    Tan Varma Year ago

    HW - The problem I'm finding with this rig is that we cannot do a Wet/Dry setup with the Kemper Kone because Monitor Out is the only option for Output with these :(

  • Natural Order
    Natural Order 8 months ago +1

    Are the Kemper Powered Kabinets loud enough for a rehearsal? I heard a few people saying they weren't loud to hear over a drummer. What do you think? Anybody have any input?

  • Guy Morrell
    Guy Morrell Year ago +2

    Exactly the rig I'm building. Well, with a cheaper iPad. Looking forward to the real amp comparison!

    • ToneJunkie TV
      ToneJunkie TV  Year ago

      Yeah I went a little overboard. I've been secretly wanting one but was looking for an excuse.

  • MW
    MW Year ago

    Will be even better when we can choose one (cloud) location for all profiles - too many TJ profiles to fit on the Kemper! Then this location can be accessed by editors running on different devices.

  • Mik Copley
    Mik Copley Year ago +1

    Would love to hear how it compares to other speakers too, I got the yamaha dxr10 and struggle to get it to sound as good or as responsive as through headphones. Love the profiles and all your content dude.

  • Michael Inloes
    Michael Inloes Year ago

    One downside has kept me from getting the powered cabinet. To my knowledge you can only use with Kemper. I use my hx stomp occasionally and would like an FRFR that could do both

    • Michael Inloes
      Michael Inloes Year ago

      @Somebody Someone That makes sense, but I primarily use my HX stomp when I don't want to bring my Kemper or as a backup in the case (knock on wood) my kemper fails. Have you tried running pod go directly into kemper kab with cab sim still on? I'd be curious as to your results

    • Somebody Someone
      Somebody Someone Year ago

      Been thinking about this same issue. I got a powered Kabinet and I LOVE it. But I agree with your issue... I was thinking, can you run your HX Stomp into the front of the kemper with the amp and effect sections all off. Just use the cab section. Haven’t tried it, but I may try it with my brother’s Pod Go

  • Pete Whitten
    Pete Whitten Year ago

    Hw, I just got a Kemper head and I have it running through Yamaha h5s in a bedroom. It sounds awesome.. what do you think of this kind of set up?

  • 417altavista
    417altavista Year ago +2

    “Modular”. The perfect word to define the Kemper systems.

  • Taylor Venema
    Taylor Venema Year ago +1

    looking forward to the Boss/Kemper collaboration 1:03

  • Alessandro Lucas
    Alessandro Lucas Year ago +3

    Awesome! Now you need a smart case on green kemper color for the ipad.

  • Paul Doyne
    Paul Doyne Year ago

    With just one amp, can you create a wet-dry rig? And, if you had a third powered Kabinet, could you make a wet-dry-wet rig?

    • Paul Doyne
      Paul Doyne Year ago +1

      @ToneJunkie TV Thanks HW. Can you show us how to do a W/D/W please? There is nothing online showing this. I have a set of speakers like your Yamaha monitors, and I'd like to put them either side of me powered Kemper Kabinet. How do I get the monitors to be stereo wet, and the Kabinet dry?

    • ToneJunkie TV
      ToneJunkie TV  Year ago

      I was talking quickly, I was trying to say you can keep adding Kemper Kabs and the keepers routing will let you do just about anything... 1 Kab in Mono, 2 Kabs in Stereo, 3 Kabs W/D/W.

    • Sebastian Schmidt
      Sebastian Schmidt Year ago

      Makes no sense… the Kemper cab has to put in the monitor outs. If you put it in the direct out / master out, you are not able to use the kemper Kone feature :/ would be cool if they would add the feature to the other outputs.

  • Doctor McFarland Studios

    Did you get to try the Trainwreck tube power amp at NAMM? How would this kemper cab compare?

  • Eric Frederich
    Eric Frederich Year ago +2

    Why would you get a Kemper Kab over a full range PA system?... With a full range PA you can play along to backing tracks with drums, bass, etc. Ever since I bought a PA for my music room to run my electric drums into, I've found myself running my Boss Katana's line out through my PA rather than getting sound directly from the Katana.
    Especially since the Kemper has cab simulation, wouldn't it be more versatile to have a full range PA?

  • Wagoo
    Wagoo 5 months ago

    Does someone sell custom overlays or front panels for the Kemper rack, then? I've never seen one in white before..

  • Roger Cler
    Roger Cler Year ago

    My heart leaped when you dropped the Ipad even though I saw it coming.

  • Alper Gürtanyel
    Alper Gürtanyel Year ago

    I tried the app. When I want to change the amp or cab it has a really weird choice of models. Like 10 or so. Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?

  • J Yang
    J Yang Year ago +4

    Building Helix Rig next video? The helix user need it! Great video!

  • Blake Usry
    Blake Usry Year ago

    I have a question. I own a Gibson Alex lifeson axcess and it's number 1 for me. I want to use a kemper with the ghost piezo to blend both outputs. HOW

  • Keith Briscoe
    Keith Briscoe Year ago +1

    And the coolest part of the whole thing is the wood sides and knobs???

  • Bobby O'Dell
    Bobby O'Dell Year ago

    The ipad editor is awesome with my 12.9 Pro.

  • AngelVivarMusic
    AngelVivarMusic Year ago

    I want a kemper now lol

  • A A
    A A Year ago

    didnt you get a qc? how does it compare?

  • rockabillyslap
    rockabillyslap Year ago

    Hey , I have a laney LFR 112 for my kemper currently is an upgrade to the kemper cab worth the change? Does it sound much better?

    • ethandrake
      ethandrake Year ago

      Hey dude, I’m in the same boat as you currently, just wondering which one to get out of the two. I’ve heard the Laney is really loud but the kabinet doesn’t have as many reviews.

  • mistrp13331
    mistrp13331 Year ago

    Does the power Kabinet connect to Kemper unpowered head with guitar or speaker cable like the unpowered Kabinet

  • Geoffrey Merrifield
    Geoffrey Merrifield Year ago +1

    Whatever you do, get the Tone Junkie preloaded Kemper!

    • Bobby O'Dell
      Bobby O'Dell Year ago

      I wonder if you can get the program or if it was manually programmed like one at a time?

  • Keith Briscoe
    Keith Briscoe Year ago

    Has anyone done the math on how much this setup costs? Some of us are wondering, "HW, can anyone else afford this?". Why have 1 powered monitor, when duh... you can have two.

    • Kirsten Ray
      Kirsten Ray Year ago

      HW ended up making a budget Kemper setup, clip-share.net/video/rH-W3BNeGFg/video.html, but let's be real there is no low cost Kemper setup because the Kemper alone is not a budget item. Anyone who can afford a Kemper can likely afford he ultimate setup HW described. You don't have to get everything at once. I have the Rack and when the Stage came out I sold other gear and saved to get it because that was the format I wanted the Kemper in. Later on I got the Kemper Kone to put in an existing cabinet of mine. Then later I got the Kemper Powered Kab. I got the iPad 5 years ago which still works. You don't have to get a new iPad, the old ones work just fine. If you want something you find a way.

  • Keith Briscoe
    Keith Briscoe Year ago

    Is the biggest concern about any rig whether "you have to bend over"? He's talking about reaching "knobs", or something else....

  • Raymond Erazo
    Raymond Erazo Year ago

    Can I only use the iPad to edit and create presets or I have to use the computer also?

  • Richard
    Richard Year ago +2

    Shame Rack Unit has no built in Wi-Fi :(

    • ToneJunkie TV
      ToneJunkie TV  Year ago

      Yeah, you can still use the the network cable out to a router and connect wirelessly to the iPad that way.

  • Bam Baldwin
    Bam Baldwin Year ago +1

    I thought the Kemper kabinet was a passive speaker? or have they put out a powered version?

  • 417altavista
    417altavista Year ago +5

    I nearly cried when I saw that the IPad editor release, WITH WIFI CONNECTIVITY!!!!

  • vance955
    vance955 Year ago

    Can I don’t use the kemper power cab for home set-up. Rather I would plug-in the stage to audio interfacer and monitor via studio monitor

  • The fam
    The fam Year ago

    Why should someone buy the kempler cab over high quality monitors ?wouldn’t any decent monitor be better?

  • Neil Kirby
    Neil Kirby 6 months ago +1

    I see stock charts in the background.... not that it has anything to do with Kemper :P

  • lilmrdr
    lilmrdr Year ago

    I can’t even find the powered kabinet for purchase. Where can I buy one?

  • Ronnierayv
    Ronnierayv Year ago

    I love how all these “content creators” talk like everyone has endless amounts of money. I guess thats their job tho....push push product in order to be comped everything.

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez Year ago

    I got the powered toaster with a kemper kone (unpowered) if I buy a powered kemper kone cab can I run it in stereo?

  • hq72hotmale
    hq72hotmale Year ago

    I'am totally new to all this while I'am never getting out of my old world stuff I have to embrace one off these new systems how.much does all this cost you please ?

    • hq72hotmale
      hq72hotmale Year ago

      @417altavista thankyou

    • 417altavista
      417altavista Year ago

      The Kemper software is all free. The Stage is about 1800 but if you look used you can save a couple hundred. You don’t have to run Kemper Cabs, you can start with your amps and bypass the amp’s preamp then you’re good to go. You can use any wah pedal too

  • Otávio Castro
    Otávio Castro Year ago

    Why not sync with MacBook air m1 Wi-Fi?

  • WolvesAndGuitars
    WolvesAndGuitars Year ago +1

    How can anyone normal afford all this extra stuff. You should do a budget version of this video. a/b ??

    • Kirsten Ray
      Kirsten Ray Year ago

      ​@WolvesAndGuitars That is correct, he did post it AFTER this video, in response to the comments on affordability of the Kemper rig he showcased. Thank you, I will #Stayperplexed. What I'm perplexed about is the idea that there is a "budget" Kemper rig. The lowest entry point is $1700 for the Stage and even more if you get the unpowered Head/Rack with the Remote. My point is, if you got that kinda cash to spend on a Kemper, just to get in the game, what is it to spend an extra $790 on the powered cabinet or getting an iPad so you don't have to bend over. Seems obvious that the only way to save money on this rig is to to buy used or buy alternatives and buy the things you can, when you can, as opposed to all at once. Either way, the pain is in affording the Kemper and if you can do that, you certainly can figure out the rest.

    • WolvesAndGuitars
      WolvesAndGuitars Year ago

      @Kirsten Ray He posted it AFTER I commented. But thanks #Stayperplexed

    • Kirsten Ray
      Kirsten Ray Year ago

      I am perplexed by this question because all the extra stuff is cheaper than the Kemper itself. HW did create a budget rig video though

  • nik zang
    nik zang Year ago

    What crypto is this on the screen? ✌🏻😅

  • Ole's Music
    Ole's Music Month ago

    Aaaah, your trading stocks for a living? 0:23

  • Scott Martinez
    Scott Martinez Year ago +1

    Soooooooooooooo, what about Android users?

  • Edward J. Rodriguez

    Turny things

  • Felipe Ocampo
    Felipe Ocampo Year ago +1

    So.. sponsored vid or what?

    • Felipe Ocampo
      Felipe Ocampo Year ago

      @ToneJunkie TV ha good to know, thanks :)

    • ToneJunkie TV
      ToneJunkie TV  Year ago +6

      No... I've never been sponsored by anyone, I get the question a lot about which kemper I should buy etc. If you know anyone willing to pay me to make videos let me know... LOL.