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UFC 5 First Look Trailer | Gameplay & Features

  • Published on Oct 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Jake Sleeps Mayweather
    Jake Sleeps Mayweather 17 days ago +1326

    Anyone wanna bet it’s pretty much UFC 4.5

    • Blue Cheese With Wings
      Blue Cheese With Wings 17 days ago +60

      You'd lose that bet

    • BoyDiscover
      BoyDiscover 17 days ago +127

      @Blue Cheese With Wings He won that, what was the difference 🤣

    • Rev
      Rev 17 days ago +97

      I’m buying a game for the GAMEPLAY, not the f’ing graphics. The gameplay looks the exact same as it did 3 years ago
      Just like FIFA, same old gameplay, few new features that could’ve been added as an update

    • MurdockReckless
      MurdockReckless 17 days ago +12

      ​@BoyDiscoverwhat difference are you waiting for it's a UFC game. Go back and play call of duty

  • Lost_Luis_0
    Lost_Luis_0 17 days ago +436

    I think they might speed up the fluidity of strikes so it doesn't feel slow later throughout the game. My favorite feature is probably the seamless submission it's so good. My flaws are just the speed of the strikes so they don't look robotic and the ground and pound. I saw fluid elbows and hammerfists so I hope it's there. Plus if there are options to different camera angles I'll be happy cuz I want it with that UFC 2 angle view
    Edit: It took me 11 hrs later to see the "Game not final" in the beginning. Smh

    • who the fu*k is ‘that guy?
      who the fu*k is ‘that guy? 17 days ago +31

      They should just remaster Ufc2

    • Razor
      Razor 16 days ago +12

      Exactly what I was thinking, strikes look slow as hell :(

    • ZETAR
      ZETAR 16 days ago +21

      @Razorstriking looks stiff and robotic.. nothing to do with realism. And the animation oh man wow is this bad

    • Robby L
      Robby L 16 days ago +7

      ​@who the fu*k is ‘that guy?They at least should bring back the ragdoll physics. Nothing was better than landing a knee on the chin and watching the other guy do a double backflip 😂

    • Razor
      Razor 16 days ago +14

      @ZETAR Right? It's annoyng because i think striking was slow at times in UFC 4, i was hoping for improvement but it looks worse 💀

  • dhuun
    dhuun 16 days ago +162

    They definitely reused some of the animations, although hooks look a bit cleaner now IMO. Ragdoll KOs making a comeback? Hopefully. I like the whole damage system, the fighters face getting red in a submission hold is also a nice touch. They could lower the opacity of the tattoos, so it doesn't look like the fighters just came out of a tattoo studio. I wish they could add infrequent arm breaks in a kimura for example. That would add that nice oomph to an already cool submission. Also online career mode? Could be worrisome.

    • BendyHD
      BendyHD 16 days ago

      Online carrer mode is announced it might be inside the game

    • soyboy6
      soyboy6 16 days ago +1

      some? more like all

    • BenefitsBrian
      BenefitsBrian 16 days ago

      You gotta remember that some fighters have unique styles and will throw punches differently, so these might just be the best looking ones unfortunately. Hopefully not though.

    • Ethan Cleaver
      Ethan Cleaver 14 days ago

      Yh this game is gonna flop so hard 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Nazario
    Daniel Nazario 13 days ago +7

    I wish they would make a game mode similar to the Universe mode in the WWE games. It would be so fun creating narratives in the mma world, plus adding like scouting and external leagues in. It would be cool

  • Nomad
    Nomad 17 days ago +573

    How can Undisputed 3 still be the best UFC game 11 years later? The grappling alone on that game absolutely blows EAs games out of the water.

    • Andrew Sneck
      Andrew Sneck 16 days ago +40

      Yes undisputed 3 is tuned up for max... control, gameplay

    • Phillyair
      Phillyair 16 days ago +44

      game was way ahead of its time fr

    • ZETAR
      ZETAR 16 days ago +41

      Undisputed 3 and Ufc 2. ufc 2 was the best ea ufc game by far. Everything that came after was a maximum downgrade. It's a shame that they didn't orientate themselves from UFC 2. no words. No matter EA probably won't be the only studio making MMA games in the future

    • Nomad
      Nomad 16 days ago +14

      Agreed, and EA UFC 2 was the last one I consistently played and enjoyed. I just played online, great memories. But still, the grappling even on that game wasn't great. I always think though, what would certain games be like if they just continued to build on the foundation of past games. Like what would an Undisputed franchise be like now if they consistently made games every few years from Undisputed 3 (2012) to now? Just building and improving over the years.

    • ZETAR
      ZETAR 16 days ago +15

      @Nomad yeah but the striking system in ufc 2 was just good👏🏻 fluid, fast, realistic.

  • Highland Farr
    Highland Farr 16 days ago +29

    This game honestly looks like a good improvement, and Im excited for it. UFC games are some of my favorite games, if not my favorite, but UFC 2 was the last one I really enjoyed. I think the best feature y'all have ever added in any of these titles has to be the seamless submissions, even though I love striking, since that has never been in an mma game to my knowledge, but Im a PC player. PC is just a completely better overall experience than console, and im not buyin a console just to be able to play this game, so I hope yall can release a version of it for PC.

  • Sean Reilly
    Sean Reilly 17 days ago +446

    Grappling has always been an issue. They always make something that looks great, but striking in the clinch and on the ground has always been an issue. Undisputed 3 always had striking system that has been very impactful. EA always made it limited. Hopefully that changes here as well as the hard impact slams. And the cage sits.

    • C
      C 17 days ago +26

      Way better. Undisputed 3 was the best out. With pride in it too

      INDIA SUPER CLEAN 🇮🇳 16 days ago +8


    • Key
      Key 16 days ago

      What’s wrong with them, can you elaborate?

    • FallenGrey
      FallenGrey 16 days ago +6

      @INDIA SUPER CLEAN 🇮🇳 Ea avoids making PC ports due to them not having the funds to monitor cheating and hacking. Also alot of SFM models could be used to make adult content which would freak out the female fighters imo maybe some male fighters too.

    • Lance S
      Lance S 16 days ago

      I'm interested on how they do it this time around. Grappling on a controller is tough cause anything can happen, it's not robotic

  • Jshim Da Brim
    Jshim Da Brim 8 days ago

    I’m excited for this!!! I really like the ground game set up; for me it looks more fluid (plus I love BJJ)
    I also like the addition of Valentina in the Career mode!
    Overall I’m excited to play it!

  • MrJayson204
    MrJayson204 17 days ago +12

    My Initial reactions
    For the positives
    + Damage system looks great and I'm excited to see how deep this this mechanic is
    + Seemless submission looks really slick, hopefully it captures the fluidity of BJJ irl
    For the negatives
    - Why do all the fighters have the same body type? Look at Tony at 1:56 why does his body looks so square? Same with Do Bronx @ 2:02 & Valentina @ 3:37 . They all have the same, inaccurate square builds.
    - Gameplay wise (with the exception of the submission game), this...doesn't look that different than UFC 4??? It seems slower and more sluggish but idk, I don't see a big difference
    Overall, a mixed bag. Some of the improvements are welcome sights but honestly, I was hoping for more.

    • Bogdan Shoshyn
      Bogdan Shoshyn 17 days ago +2

      look at Ali short hands lol 4:00

    • MrJayson204
      MrJayson204 17 days ago +3

      ​@Bogdan Shoshynbruh 💀
      Ali ain't floating like a butterfly with that linebacker ahh build

  • AJ
    AJ 16 days ago +20

    It's unlikely, but it would be really cool if for certain fighters their real life coaches accompanied them to the octagon and were on the side giving commentary. For example, Eugene Bareman coming out with Izzy and the rest of the ckb team and Khabib and Hasbulla coming out with Islam (I saw Hasbulla in the trailer, but i think it may have just been a trailer easter egg)

    • Memesandstuff
      Memesandstuff 16 days ago

      Bad take

    • Frank
      Frank 16 days ago +2

      In UFC 2 greg jackson can be heard in Jones,Cerrone and GSPs side

  • Bboy Cosmo
    Bboy Cosmo 14 days ago +1

    Grappling looks great, the impact of strikes also looks like it improved. I’m curious to see how the game feels to play.

  • hjo rydu
    hjo rydu 17 days ago +996

    UFC 4 was 3 years ago. We can wait to have a great game 3 years later, a lot of work.
    But don't forget, it's EA...

    • Matthew Ginther
      Matthew Ginther 17 days ago +98

      It's just going to be UFC 4 on a different engine, with like 3 new features, but 5 older features made worse... but it's on Frostbite!

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson 17 days ago +5

      Yea but they also got that new engine, i wouldn’t be surprised if they had some of the employees who worked on the engine did some of the work too. Just helps is all

    • dillon conners
      dillon conners 17 days ago +15

      ​@matthewginther7382 don't forget, they brought such LOVED features like slow, clunky strike animations that only work in scripted combos, and everyone's favorite, the posture up timer! You know, so you can spend a whole 5 seconds raining down all the hell amd fury of a wet pool noodle on your opponents before the game forces you back to being tied up with the bottom opponent. No skill needed from the bottom player of course.

    • imblkjesus
      imblkjesus 17 days ago

      ​@Matthew Johnsonthey didn't though it's a known fact original devs of Frostbite don't even work for DICE/EA anymore same thing for all EA games that's why almost every Frostbite game that's released in the last 5 years has gotten horrible reviews

  • Jhonatan Rocha
    Jhonatan Rocha 16 days ago +4

    Ansioso para a chegada do UFC 5 , pois o 4 é um ótimo jogo , no UFC 5 espero que o modo carreira tenha mais nomes , pois ficar inventando nome é complicado 🤣🤣

  • MMH creates
    MMH creates 16 days ago

    Looks like an improvement but strikes and grappling transitions should be 2-3 times faster.Maybe it was slowed down in this trailer to showcase the visual fidelity and movement mechanics. Some of the visuals were very impressive, whereas other scenes looked last gen. I am assuming this video/Clip-Share stream engine, is not doing it full justice and It will look better when playable. The new grappling system should be a huge improvement to the ground game. Much more akin to Undisputed 3.Hopefully this is the game that everyone who cares for such things and enjoys MMA want It to be.

  • Hyphan
    Hyphan 17 days ago +49

    To clear up any misconceptions, they should have posted a single match from the game and let people take mental notes. I really want to see how the new system plays out in a match without having to wait until release.

    • Gymbledore
      Gymbledore 16 days ago +3

      Yea it'll be fun seeing the ref step in multiple times to really break up the fun gameplay, ref stoppages are realistic but stupid in game

  • Crazy UFC Fighters
    Crazy UFC Fighters 17 days ago +230

    That's all clear. We are waiting for UFC 6

    • Branarino
      Branarino 17 days ago +42

      I have a prediction for UFC 6. Same game still 😭

    • Anthony
      Anthony 17 days ago +9

      Have to since there's no PC version 😂

    • Zetar Promotion
      Zetar Promotion 17 days ago +14

      Or they can turn on the ufc 2 server, then I will play ufc 2 again 😂

    • who the fu*k is ‘that guy?
      who the fu*k is ‘that guy? 17 days ago +9

      @Zetar Promotionyes, so sad they turned off

    • clmdeprav
      clmdeprav 16 days ago

      been waiting for UFC 5 since UFC 4 release, didn't turn out so well...

  • Christian Garrity
    Christian Garrity 17 days ago +218

    I can't be the only guy who feels like they've taken a huge step back in the graphics department with this one

    • Jbarbaro
      Jbarbaro 17 days ago +36

      Yup looks worse or the same as ufc 4 at best.

    • Penguim Anao
      Penguim Anao 17 days ago +11

      In FIFA, when introduced, frostbite made the game look good up close but worse when looking from afar

    • EverythingEVE
      EverythingEVE 17 days ago +40

      Your blind if you think this and I’m the biggest critic of this franchise.

    • Paulie.Walnuts
      Paulie.Walnuts 17 days ago +31

      ​@EverythingEVE3:22 , you saying that looks like conor?

  • Martin Monroe
    Martin Monroe 17 days ago +4

    I love how they demonstrated the combat with real events. Connor getting calf kicked, Dustin’s ko with Gaethje’s high kick.😀 It made me smile.

  • Bravilor
    Bravilor 15 days ago

    1. What happens if you don't tap out, does the limb break? 2. Is it possible to choose among old fighters like Mark Coleman, Bas Rutten, Gary Goodridge etc? 3. Do the moves you can do reflect that particular fighter's strengths in real life?
    I kinda wish there was a Tekken system where you do advanced submissions by complicated button combinations (maybe it is like that, don't know; didn't look like it in the UI)

  • Shhhhhhhh
    Shhhhhhhh 16 days ago +1

    Looks great team! So pumped for this! The new damage system should balance out the cheese bulldog perk that allows people to walk forward eating shots with no consequences

  • Random
    Random 16 days ago

    Always Love the Behind the Scenes Clips 🔥

  • The Lord of Gaming
    The Lord of Gaming 17 days ago +450

    Bro I actually really liked that seamless submission system looks so smooth and flowy

    • EmanAve
      EmanAve 17 days ago +31

      brooo it looks so clean

    • The Lord of Gaming
      The Lord of Gaming 17 days ago +19

      @EmanAve right? Ea actually did something really good here and I am impressed.

    • Thawhid
      Thawhid 17 days ago +24

      I hope it ain't robotic and timed elsewhere on the ground tho. Hopefully clinching and cage clinching is better. List goes on

    • The Lord of Gaming
      The Lord of Gaming 17 days ago +2

      @Thawhid yea true I hope they have freshened up the animations just a bit

    • Calamity
      Calamity 17 days ago +3

      Their are gonna be people just abusing it.

  • DreAmDocTa
    DreAmDocTa 16 days ago +50

    The cinematic KO’s and referee interactions looks good. UFC 4.5 I’ll wait to play this one on game pass

    • rockstarcrossing
      rockstarcrossing 16 days ago +1

      Same it looks like recycled 💩

    • Ankal
      Ankal 16 days ago +1

      ufc 5 will be on game pass?

    • R
      R 16 days ago

      @Ankal maybe on ea play but not sure. but one can hope !

    • Forex Iskola
      Forex Iskola 12 days ago

      4.5? More like ufc 3.5.2😂

  • Runr Cocar
    Runr Cocar 13 days ago

    Looks gorgeous! I can't wait!

  • Jeremy Gates
    Jeremy Gates 16 days ago +1

    This looks incredible. Game play looks so good. Sub system looks awesome.

  • Keyur Bandodkar
    Keyur Bandodkar 17 days ago +1

    Wooooooooow. It looks great. The hair physics and submission game is great. Also, the referee involvement is a great input.

  • G. Kirchhof
    G. Kirchhof 15 days ago

    The new engine looks good but I hope the striking system glows better than ufc 4 and not so stiff. Especially the wrestling, the takedowns were horrible in 4 so I hope it all flows alot better.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 17 days ago +393

    It looks like they spent the last 3 years porting the game to Frostbite and then focused their development time on flashy visuals that they can easily sell, while the gameplay and animation teams simply tweaked a few things from previous games and then called it done. I really hoped this would be the one to take a major step up, but all signs point to it being another hot, unsatisfying mess of an MMA game just like the rest of the EA UFC games since 2014. I mean, this video says it all… Better visuals, damage visuals/doctor stoppage, referee interactions, KO highlights… All of this is just presentation and for the most part was in Undisputed over a decade ago!!! Then they gloss over what should be the massively important submission system changes, which means that’s probably gonna be whack, while punches still lack any real impact, ground and pound looks terrible, there’s still an awful rag doll jankiness to reactions that makes it look and feel like you’re playing Human Fall Flat, none of the fighters feel unique, and it’s still using a load of old animations. Style vs Substance has been the mantra of this games development since EA took it over, and it’s just utterly depressing. I would give anything to see the series in the hands of another developer, but EA has the money to keep a hold of this forever, or at least until they can no longer be bothered to do the absolute bare minimum anymore and let it go. The UFC itself should be demanding more success from EA to retain the partnership (higher Metacritic score, higher sales, etc.) but it seems like everyone is somehow ok with this never becoming anything more than it is, and that in my opinion is a real f*cking tragedy.

    • Ian Black
      Ian Black 17 days ago +29

      Perfectly said.

    • David carter
      David carter 17 days ago +6


    • Chris Campbell
      Chris Campbell 17 days ago +8

      Couldn’t of said it better

    • Alec Megherdijian
      Alec Megherdijian 17 days ago +14

      Yup, said it all man... the only way to change this is boycotting EA until they bankrupt

    • Andrejs Karpovs
      Andrejs Karpovs 17 days ago +10

      they do the same with fifa, nhl and other franchises. it is so EA

  • BlackWolfTribe
    BlackWolfTribe 17 days ago +1

    Yeah this looks like a much much improved UFC game!! Can’t wait to play it!

  • TebowJitt
    TebowJitt 16 days ago +4

    Love what Im seeing personally. I have over 700 hours on UFC 3 alone, & return to undisputed 3 time to time. I skipped UFC 4 because I hated the way it looked & felt (thank EA for demo lol).
    The majority of my hours are offline, These games have always been a great anxiety/stress/anger reliever for me, especially since my spine injury, UFC 4s presentation was annoying to even look at, & felt about as fluid as cement & lacked quality implementations to justify a purchase.
    So maybe its unfair for me to judge since my point of comparison is UFC3 instead of 4; But still I appreciate what I see, more convincing than UFC4 was, Hope for a demo, As im curious ab the gameplay, especially with engine changes.


    What I really want to know is will there be a comprehensive tutorial with special detail concerning the sub system and new implementations of this game?

    MANIIK 17 days ago +82

    I’ve been playing UFC 4 since launch I am so ready for a new game LETS GO!
    Edit:I am disappointed with the striking but very impressed with graphics and the ground game looks like its going to be good! 🏆

    • hank fradier
      hank fradier 17 days ago +8

      Just keep playing UFC 4, this is basically an updated version of that game it isn't a new one nothing new about it

    • ZIGGY
      ZIGGY 16 days ago +1

      @hank fradieryou didn’t watch the trailer then lmao

    • AGBundyyy
      AGBundyyy 16 days ago

      ​@ZIGGYfr they literally redid the entire ground system idk why ppl are saying it's a reskin of ufc4

  • Andrew Yachovitz
    Andrew Yachovitz 17 days ago +62

    It looks hella fun, not worried about the animations cuz I had no problem with them in ufc 4, glad we get a better damage system, new submission game as well, im excited

    • Sendit414
      Sendit414 17 days ago +24

      not a better damage system. Not a new ground game just a new submission system. You had no problem with the trash ko's?

    • MasteroftheBlaster
      MasteroftheBlaster 17 days ago +2

      I didn't have a problem with them either

    • Andrew Yachovitz
      Andrew Yachovitz 17 days ago +2

      @Sendit414 if they’re trash for u cool, they must not be for me cuz I have 36 days played on ufc 4, so trash for u, not for me as I said in my original comment, oh and I meant to say submission game not grounds game lol

      LOYAL MANNY 16 days ago +2

      Simp 😂

  • Sosa
    Sosa  17 days ago

    Ground game looks beautiful. Striking looks slower. Graphics slightly buffed (which doesn’t matter to me) all we need now is more better / more versatile striking animations, faster pace gameplay and this would have potential for the best ufc game in a while

  • Harrison Crosby
    Harrison Crosby 14 days ago

    Love the new damage system

  • stoneroses8818
    stoneroses8818 16 days ago +1

    I hope we can still have drama and heated rivalry in career mode. that was fun

  • Billy Bearham
    Billy Bearham 17 days ago +2160

    Visually, a massive improvement. But the gameplay mechanics are the EXACT same if not slower? I’m ngl you know they’re coping when they call ‘referee interactions’ a new feature..
    EDIT: 2.1k, wow guys, lets start a movement !

    • MMA NUT
      MMA NUT 17 days ago +196

      Graphics are terrible

    • Billy Bearham
      Billy Bearham 17 days ago +68

      @MMA NUT Would still consider it an improvement though

  • SodaPopisGod🥤
    SodaPopisGod🥤 17 days ago +1

    The grappling looks amazing to me, it gives me a reason to actually use wrestlers now

  • Baine
    Baine 16 days ago +12

    I hope there's more customization options for created fighters like wingspan.

    • isaiah lieberman
      isaiah lieberman 16 days ago +6

      caf broken enough as is wingspan would open an entire new can of worms

  • maui brock
    maui brock 13 days ago +1

    Definitely looks a lot better, I like the way damage over time looks and the ground game looks a bit more fleshed out but other than that it doesn't seem like much has changed about striking, it's pretty much identical to 4 but whatever I'm just excited to play UFC on next gen.

  • Ozyxs Macalinao
    Ozyxs Macalinao 17 days ago +1

    Gives me a ufc 3 vibes but better mechanic and more advance and i love it!

  • SkemeKOS
    SkemeKOS 16 days ago

    Looks stunning! Cant wait!!!

  • Tre_Day
    Tre_Day 17 days ago +116

    The frostbite looks really good. The standup looks very similar to UFC 4. No more mini games on the ground!

    • Kurt
      Kurt 17 days ago +29

      @lawn gnomewhy would they add a rival company to a ufc game? They already got the wfc

    • Eli Merkley
      Eli Merkley 17 days ago +1

      They added easier feints by the look of it when they used Chito which I liked

    • Makhtar
      Makhtar 17 days ago +5

      @lawn gnome Thats like the equivalent of adding Aew on a WWE my career this doesn't make any sense

    • hank fradier
      hank fradier 17 days ago +3

      Stand up is ufc 4 stand up they literally copy and pasted the biggest thing people wanted changed no character ID either so ngannou, izzy and moreno will all strike the same, behave the same its complete trash

    • Kurt
      Kurt 16 days ago +2

      @hank fradier yeah it’s. Really annoying, I really want pereira to have his signature left hook and Strickland to have Philly shell

  • Taquilou
    Taquilou 16 days ago +1

    Don’t expect a better game because I think the silent majority of young kids likes ufc 3 and 4 and they are very happy with improvement like « draw in online mode » (look that the comments). We are not that many to wait for a UFC 2 or even UFC undisputed 3 kind of comeback.
    But the fact they haven’t changed the animations for me it’s crazy.

  • Kevin Poole
    Kevin Poole 16 days ago

    I think this game looks really good. Iv played all the other ufc games. Im looking forward to playing it. Im hoping career's mode is better tho.

  • DaZ
    DaZ 10 days ago

    A story career mode like hunter story in fifa would be very cool i hope they do it someday

  • Jackson Nilo
    Jackson Nilo 16 days ago +2

    Looks great and it would be perfect if you keep working on the striking. Please EA make the dream of the perfect mma game become reality ❤

  • Assholeofyoutube
    Assholeofyoutube 16 days ago

    Never played these games but this looks quite amazing, will be buying this for sure

  • JasonL77
    JasonL77 16 days ago +6

    I hope we also get interview options like we had in the UFC Undisputed games.

    • Carson Warner
      Carson Warner 16 days ago +1

      Bro if they haven’t improved the striking I highly doubt this concept was even thought of. The game looks like ufc 4 with new skins and dr stoppages honestly so disappointing

    MMAFEEN 17 days ago +385

    The damage system looks good 👀 hopefully this doesn't feel to much like 4

    • Dylan
      Dylan 17 days ago +122

      It looks exactly like 4 lol

    • Po1arz
      Po1arz 17 days ago +10

      he didnt say how it looked though. he said feels@Dylan

    • Snooze
      Snooze 17 days ago +69

      @Dylan the striking animations are exactly the same as 4 which is super robotic & stiff, maybe some punches are slightly different but still a huge disappointment in the stand up game especially after 3 years

  • Amayr PatelTM
    Amayr PatelTM 16 days ago

    I think before the game gets released they should try and make the sweat coming off the fighters more like mist than water droplets, most games from ea are actually too smooth. The game needs to look rougher for it to give a realistic effect and to create different scenarios. I'd try to make the game a little more complex in the way you strike in the next coming ufc's something like using the right stick to throw a punch or kick, i mean not every punch should land just because the opponent isn't moving, something like making cuts in the eye increase the sensitivity or randomness to miss a punch too.

  • Joao Carvalho
    Joao Carvalho 16 days ago

    this looks excellent! can’t wait!!

  • Serenity
    Serenity 16 days ago

    This is a game i would like to try before i buy, overall its the feel of the game that is gonna get me going yk, who knows? It probably did drastically change.

  • cartma bra
    cartma bra 17 days ago +2

    There was no better feeling than ko in ufc 2. They need to bring that punchy feeling back man. Every jab that Landed, u felt it in ur hand

  • Tupher
    Tupher 16 days ago +1

    My life is literally on hold when this game comes out.

  • Lassan
    Lassan 17 days ago +5

    Here's to hoping career mode has some legit upgrades and feels like an actual fight week.
    Fighter odds, more interactive training but less training overall, press conferences, social media interaction etc. would seriously put UFC 5 at the top.
    (Obligatory "but it's EA soo..")

  • ThatOneBlackKidd
    ThatOneBlackKidd 17 days ago +1

    I hope the gameplay just feels smooth and there's no Input delays whatsoever like UFC 4

  • Jason Sudeikis
    Jason Sudeikis 17 days ago

    Looks promising. Just hope the actual gameplay is there

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    The frostbite looks really good. The standup looks very similar to UFC 4. No more many games on the ground!

  • Z S
    Z S 16 days ago +3

    I think where they mess up is trying to make every punch and kick look like a balanced strike. It’s still too rigid and choreographed looking imo. I was hoping the striking would like more like fight night did.

  • cajli
    cajli 16 days ago

    Can’t wait man I’m so excited I might get it if I have enough..

  • Snooze
    Snooze 17 days ago +466

    hopefully we get the beta a few days after this trailer 🙏🏽

    • My Friend Tom
      My Friend Tom 17 days ago +6

      I’ve been waiting for the beta so bad

      BYFC MEMES AND MMA 17 days ago +3

      How have you commented on this 3 hrs ago when this dropped 1 hrs ago

    • Snooze
      Snooze 17 days ago +14

      @BYFC MEMES AND MMA I commented during the countdown lol

    • StrataisFunny
      StrataisFunny 16 days ago +2

      put the game on pc

    • My Friend Tom
      My Friend Tom 16 days ago +1

      @StrataisFunny that’ll be great too. They should put it on pc and make it cross platform.

  • Tbone303
    Tbone303 17 days ago +2

    We need the game to play and look like it did for the cinematics

  • bhale38
    bhale38 17 days ago

    Always excited for new conbat games. I want a new fight night game ffs! 🙏

  • Woo Silva
    Woo Silva 11 days ago +1

    I just wanna wait for the career mode!

  • ajay7797
    ajay7797 16 days ago

    Looks pretty good to me can’t wait to play

  • [ROFA] Pink Pirates FC YT

    The models of the fighters look so smooth and realistic,cant wait

  • Mase
    Mase 16 days ago

    Looks crazy 👀🔥🔥🔥

  • Blesive
    Blesive 17 days ago +276

    Man I’m nervous for this based off the recent leaks but hoping we see something goodd

    • RedHarlow
      RedHarlow 17 days ago +70

      Ufc 4.5

    • RAKAV
      RAKAV 17 days ago +8

      Hope the leaks were pre alpha

    • Mackenzie
      Mackenzie 17 days ago +1

      @RAKAVmost likely

    • KEV1909
      KEV1909 17 days ago

      The awesome graphics are enough for me😂

  • EmazingErik
    EmazingErik 16 days ago +1

    as excited as i am i hope they still have time to update the animations cos it looks the same to me just more fluid

  • A C
    A C 17 days ago +8

    I understand the criticism but I'm looking forward to checking it out. Personally I'm not happy until I we get another Fight Night, but until then I'm gonna make the best of it.

    • Jeffrey Solano
      Jeffrey Solano 15 days ago +1

      TBH awhile back there was an email sent to the developer’s staff or something like that saying they paused work on project moneyball I think it was called so that they can just focus on UFC 5 and signs pointed it being a new fight night so let’s hope that it really is

  • Wesley Kennett
    Wesley Kennett 16 days ago +1

    So excited for this game!!!!!!

  • nsalx 45
    nsalx 45 17 days ago +1

    Looks good and I’m glad to hear the new mechanics such as draws, TKOs, and doctor stoppages. Hopefully career mode is way better and also the shorts on Conor look way too long.

    • Cj Boyer
      Cj Boyer 17 days ago

      Career mode will be the same offline basically. Only major changes they made were you can sim training now similar to FIFA and more social media challenges 🙄

  • Sneak-hf
    Sneak-hf 14 days ago +1

    Excited for ufc 4!!!!! 😅 can't wait for ufc 6

  • Isco L.
    Isco L. 17 days ago +72

    So… we’ve been waiting 3+ years for this? C’mon, man 🤦

    • i love Latinas
      i love Latinas 17 days ago +15

      FIFA fans wait every year and all they get is the crowd with different clothes 😹

    • AgX_28
      AgX_28 17 days ago

      @i love Latinas exactly at this point they rather just bring FIFA online or EAFC online, fifa has been a copy for many years nothing change, football games won't be any better than they already are.

    • Isco L.
      Isco L. 17 days ago

      @i love Latinasyeah, I’m a FIFA player as well, but at least in those games you can see the changes every 3 years. UFC has been the same since UFC 3… and they don’t release games every year.

    • Maluco Beleza 🇧🇷
      Maluco Beleza 🇧🇷 16 days ago +1

      Horrible! It's worse than UFC 4

  • Talha Ayan
    Talha Ayan 17 days ago

    I have no doubt that we will experience a great fighting feeling with the Frostbite game engine.

    • ZETAR
      ZETAR 16 days ago +1


    • Titan
      Titan 16 days ago +1

      No you won’t

  • Jovan Lopez
    Jovan Lopez 15 days ago

    The KO camera looks insane 😮

  • Ceijna Khan
    Ceijna Khan 17 days ago +1

    Okay, I was worried for a bit but this is slick and subtle improvement. Color me impressed, I will pre order

    • lexorcism
      lexorcism 17 days ago +3

      You're satisfied by "subtle improvement"?

    • Riven
      Riven 16 days ago

      @lexorcism Gamers having standards challenge impossible

  • Daquon L
    Daquon L 16 days ago

    This transitions look way better hopefully they added more submissions

  • Gunmetal Leech
    Gunmetal Leech 17 days ago +216

    Pros: New Submissions, doctor stoppages, ref interactions, draws.
    Cons: animations look almost identical to 4, Coach Davis (enough said), the ground and pound has not changed.

    • ryeWRLD
      ryeWRLD 17 days ago +13

      coach davisK

    • Arath Hernandez
      Arath Hernandez 17 days ago +6

      I think they added elbow hits on ground pound so it’s very slightly different

    • hank fradier
      hank fradier 17 days ago +8

      Cons: No character ID so everyone the same weight in a weight class, same clunky stiff striking style no matter what got tall players bending down to strike with shorter ones which isn't realistic kmt

    • Ruben Delgado
      Ruben Delgado 17 days ago +15

      Bro the coach davis thing is so stupid. Also, imagine if valentina loses today. Wouldnt that be weird af

      SUCCESSTORY 17 days ago +5


  • Del
    Del 17 days ago +5

    I am actually so hyped

  • Koncept Cole
    Koncept Cole 16 days ago +2

    Can never please people this looks amazing can’t wait

    • Jacobs Animation
      Jacobs Animation 14 days ago +1

      Even if haters could get every single wish designed within a game they would still complain cause they don't know what they want.
      I'm grateful for every single UFC game. I just didn't like thay they tried to introduce ads during replays in UFC 4.

  • Felipe Pavzin
    Felipe Pavzin 7 days ago

    Masterpiece of all MMA Games

  • RagingCookie127
    RagingCookie127 16 days ago +2

    "It really gave me those feelings of stepping into the cage" I don't believe there's a script Daniel Cormier would not read for a dollar.

  • Alfred fishlips
    Alfred fishlips 13 days ago +1

    The blood and cuts actually is what I wanted

  • Matthew Joffrion
    Matthew Joffrion 17 days ago +95

    I thought we were getting ragdoll knockouts looks the same as ufc 4 but graphics and damage looks great the punches and kicks and ground and pound look the same as ufc 4 too

    • Limitless Boy
      Limitless Boy 17 days ago +22

      They sell the same shitty game for 100 bucks.

    • Matthew Joffrion
      Matthew Joffrion 17 days ago +15

      @Limitless Boy I know they had 3 years waited all that time only made a couple changes it's ashame when the old games are better starting from ufc 2 and back

    • Limitless Boy
      Limitless Boy 17 days ago +5

      @Matthew Joffrion exactly

    • BluePhillie
      BluePhillie 17 days ago +5

      ​@Matthew Joffrioncouldn't be more correct👍👍

  • Sosa
    Sosa 16 days ago

    Definitely an upgrade from UFC 4. Its looking like a W

  • Elimane Toure Deruoth
    Elimane Toure Deruoth 15 days ago

    We want brutal k.o like ufc 2 , best physics, And new moves 👍🏾

  • The Forgotten Legend ☯︎︎  ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ

    It don’t look that bad tbh can’t wait for it

  • Bmiller9219
    Bmiller9219 17 days ago +11

    Looks pretty good, punches still look a bit weightless

    • ZETAR
      ZETAR 16 days ago +3

      Put on your glasses, it looks like a cartoon mobile game, PS3 graphics. The fighting is robotic and stiff like UFC4 big flop

  • Alan Sebastian
    Alan Sebastian 16 days ago

    This looks so dam good 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 17 days ago +253

    Let’s go. This looks awesome glad there’s more gore and better ground game and damage and they added draws this is crazy

  • T Reaper
    T Reaper 16 days ago

    This is a step up I’m happy for it

  • Miguel Hooks
    Miguel Hooks 16 days ago

    Looks great hope it feels great!

  • blackheart909
    blackheart909 15 days ago

    Using Connor for the leg kick part and Tony for the doctor stoppage made me chuckle.

  • Matthew gaming20
    Matthew gaming20 16 days ago

    Looks good very excited for it

  • Felipe Pavzin
    Felipe Pavzin 7 days ago

    Amazing Trailer as real as it GETS

  • Darragh McHugh
    Darragh McHugh 17 days ago +78

    UFC 4.5 looking good!

    • hank fradier
      hank fradier 17 days ago +3

      Thank god I not the only one who noticed this kmt, same stiff clunky striking as ufc 4 literally copy and paste parts that require hard work to fix and fit in easier features for fluff they will ask for 100 for the game as well embarrassing, no wonder they won't release on PC they know no one would pay for it, it isn't worth the spend that's why, why not focus on making a game worth buying instead of trying to scam everyone, I hope this is last UFC game made under EA they are trash scammers now and fell off big time

    • Maluco Beleza 🇧🇷
      Maluco Beleza 🇧🇷 16 days ago +1

      Horrible! It's worse than UFC 4

    • Dag dalnoboy
      Dag dalnoboy 16 days ago +1

      I thought they were showing gameplay from ufc 4. And this is ufc 5😂

    • hank fradier
      hank fradier 15 days ago

      @Dag dalnoboy 😂😂😂

  • 1130 Gaming
    1130 Gaming 17 days ago

    3 years same striking animations sadly, but graphics do seem a lot better than 4 and grappling and damage system is nice. The cinematic replay reminds me of the fight night replays that’s a nice touch. I preordered this like a lil fan boy anyway so guess will wait and see🤣

  • Tybalt
    Tybalt 15 days ago

    Things they have to nail:
    Fighters feeling like the actually fighters your players with. Not just what their style looks like but how they actually act in the octogon.
    An actual "seamless" ground game. They say this every year and use this term every year. At least they admitted its been a minigame.
    If i can go into the octogon as izzy and am fighting yoel. I shouldn't be able to double leg yoel really at any point. This hasnt been true for the entire series.