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IVE 아이브 'Kitsch' MV

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 73 706

  • kpop kingdom (kookie)
    kpop kingdom (kookie) 2 months ago +78270

    Liz deserves more lines!!

    • ivaxcx
      ivaxcx 2 months ago +417

      @Yu Lo when is the title track

    • VL (YBlvr)
      VL (YBlvr) 2 months ago +3073

      @Yu Lo that still doesn't justify Liz's single line in the song, especially since 1) she's the main vocalist and 2) her voice suits the laid-back vibe of this song

    • Acel Pagao
      Acel Pagao 2 months ago +459

      Ang sakit Lang Sa heart

    • Nina Mayo
      Nina Mayo 2 months ago +236

      Cry 🙄

    • floating bread
      floating bread 2 months ago +1244

      ​@Yu Lo yeah but she hardly ever gets the lines she deserves as a main vocalist. Let's hope this comeback is better though

  • IVE Stats
    IVE Stats 4 days ago +35

    MMA Album of the Year - 60% of the score is dependent on the ULs
    1. I have IVE - 63 mil Unique Listens - 2 months
    2. NCT Dreams Candy - 41 mil unique Listens - 6 months
    IVE has a very good chance to win album of the year please keep support to the album.

  • 정은혜
    정은혜 15 hours ago +15

    why am I falling more and more in love with Jang Won-young, her charm is indeed different. she was born to be a star. IVE, let's be better and stay together in the future🥰

    • hi
      hi 35 minutes ago


  • 윤댕🐶
    윤댕🐶 2 days ago +5

    이서 목소리 넘 맑아😊듣기 좋아❤❤

  • IVE Stats
    IVE Stats 3 days ago +19

    IVE "I HAVE" album has now completed 8 weeks at No. 1 on Melon Album Chart.

  • Kim_medha
    Kim_medha 9 days ago +9

    0:56 my favorite part 🥺💜

  • Robuxify
    Robuxify 2 months ago +23099

    Opinión popular: todos están de acuerdo en que Liz merece más líneas!

    • Zsech
      Zsech 2 months ago +403


    • Dive_2111
      Dive_2111 2 months ago +472

      She gets less than 6s 😭 but still shine anyway 🥰

    • Kongsuni
      Kongsuni 2 months ago +117

      Maybe,bcs this rap....

    • Gabriela Gutiérrez
      Gabriela Gutiérrez 2 months ago +59


    • joy bluu
      joy bluu 2 months ago +50

      of course

  • lofi guy
    lofi guy 9 days ago +23

    Keep on adding more cute idols like rei, momo, sana and so on. Two of my favorite countries! Rei's so cute with her pinky hair ❤

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID - [OFF] ⏳

    When they released Kitsch teasers, I instantly thought GONNA LOVE THE CHORUS

  • angelA
    angelA Day ago +8

    The girls of this band, queens, I love you, I feel like I'm going crazy after hearing the song ❤

  • Gael
    Gael 12 days ago +10

    Obsessed on how rei says "custom fit"😍

  • urutora mkku
    urutora mkku 10 days ago +8


  • Krusty KraeyeahyeahYEAHyeyeah
    Krusty KraeyeahyeahYEAHyeyeah 2 months ago +5756

    The fact that Liz still manage to shine along the girls even though she had the least lines and screen time.

    • Via
      Via 2 months ago +51

      Yh she still shined at the begging

    • Memes From The Net
      Memes From The Net 2 months ago +5

      She is begging?

    • R1S3!
      R1S3! 2 months ago +24

      @Via Beginning ?

    • Memes From The Net
      Memes From The Net 2 months ago +7

      @R1S3! oh no... she is begging at the beginning 🤷‍♂️

      YEONBERRY 2 months ago +33

      @Memes From The Net I think that guy meant Beginning...

  • Lutfan Ramadhan
    Lutfan Ramadhan Day ago +7

    Asli ini lagu keren banget dah, nambah fandom lagi ini mah mana rei sm liz cakepp banget.

  • Gaby Tornay
    Gaby Tornay 5 days ago +10


  • ppxmini
    ppxmini 4 days ago +5

    Pre chorus & chorus part are so addictive!😈💘

  • Putri indriyani
    Putri indriyani 17 days ago +5

    jujur lebih candu pas part nya woonyoung sama liz, suara mereka unik dan enak banget di dengernya

  • lofi guy
    lofi guy 10 days ago +6

    This somg is on fire 🔥 with I am. Banger after banger! ❤ Ive very much. Beautiful 😍

  • temperamental physche
    temperamental physche 2 months ago +1557

    Liz deserves more lines. Her voice is beautiful. Use it, Starship.

    • Te Tu
      Te Tu 2 months ago +23

      Agree so in live song is not lip sync when Liz have more line.. quality

    • south korea monster channel채널
      south korea monster channel채널 2 months ago +10

      Jang Wonyoung: Oppa looks delicious🤤
      me: what? no i'm not food😰
      Jang Wonyoung: Oppa is bacon😆
      Me: no don't eat me😱
      Jang Wonyoung: It's delicious😋
      (my bones) 💀

    • straykids
      straykids 2 months ago +5

      Why is IVE every song a sample

    • alo
      alo 2 months ago +7

      ​@Te Tu las chicas actualmente cantan en vivo y en muchas presentaciones lo demuestran, así q lo correcto sería decir q liz es una d las q más estabilidad vocal tiene al cantar en vivo

  • Renz_Astig
    Renz_Astig 18 days ago +9

    best b'sides song with blue blood, Lips, actually all b'sides song of ive is so good and addictive....

  • Sadia mehejabin Shikha

    Gaeul's rap
    Liz's pre chorus
    Wonyoung's chorus
    Yujin's chorus
    Leeseo's chorus
    Rei's Bridge
    This song has everything!!!

  • 宏美
    宏美 2 days ago +7

    Happy 72M
    IVE Amazing!Our perfect girls
    Let'sgo 80M!Fighting

  • happy gal
    happy gal 2 days ago +6


  • yuu_23
    yuu_23 9 days ago +6


  • Krusty KraeyeahyeahYEAHyeyeah
    Krusty KraeyeahyeahYEAHyeyeah 2 months ago +2545

    That heavenly few seconds of Liz singing is just everything!!

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID - [OFF] ⏳

    I want continuing strrreams but I need working lol Dives I-TINGGG 🎉
    See you all under WAVE MV too~

  • 퍼플키스 수안
    퍼플키스 수안 8 days ago +6

    이 노래는 한국에서 매우 인기가 있습니다.

  • mai di
    mai di 12 days ago +13

    Lets get 100M for kitsch and iam

  • Gurkhay
    Gurkhay 12 days ago +6

    I understand this is tittle track but this is can be main song in album ❤❤❤I love this

  • Nayol
    Nayol 8 days ago +4

    We are so close to 70M dives, keep stre@ming!

  • GoFlau
    GoFlau 2 months ago +4714

    Liz is the MAIN VOCAL. She only has 1 line and less than 10 seconds of screen time?! She deserves to be treated better! JUSTICE FOR LIZ!!

    • maekoh
      maekoh 2 months ago +171

      This is a pre-release, she'll have more lines in the actual TT. Not every song has to be perfectly even in distribution, they plan it out for a reason.
      Edit: no way, it's almost like I called it that she would get most lines in the CB. Stop crying over 1 song, I love her but her fans are pathetic.

    • M Putra Riyadi
      M Putra Riyadi 2 months ago +4


    • YCH
      YCH 2 months ago +68

      side track "not your girl" Liz 25 sec / gauel 9 sec
      and "blue blood"
      lets wait for title song :)

    • M Putra Riyadi
      M Putra Riyadi 2 months ago +22

      @YCH Who need side tracks 😈

  • Nayol
    Nayol 17 days ago +5

    2:37 I love this scene so much

  • yujin's
    yujin's 2 days ago +12

    can't stop listen since the day they release this song

  • Dịu Nguyễn
    Dịu Nguyễn 18 days ago +7


  • Vane Regachuelo
    Vane Regachuelo 29 days ago +7

    Listening to this recently!!! I kinda like this.. 🙂👌🏻

  • MONBEBE Minmoongie
    MONBEBE Minmoongie 14 days ago +9

    Fighting dives
    Kitsch road to 70M

  • peach iyy
    peach iyy 2 months ago +1069

    Liz deserve MORE lines!!!!

  • Nayol
    Nayol 22 days ago +5

    Let’s stream harder dives!!🥰

  • ACEs Russel cloud
    ACEs Russel cloud 15 days ago +8

    This is catchy. Hope soon it will overtake set me free by twice.

  • golden hualian
    golden hualian 10 days ago +6


  • MONBEBE Minmoongie
    MONBEBE Minmoongie 8 days ago +7

    Congratulations for 70M!!
    Fighto dives

  • 23_Ni Made Dita Amelisa

    I really like this group🙈❤️

  • Lavinia Andreea
    Lavinia Andreea 2 months ago +701

    LIZ DESERVES MORE LINES !!! HER VOICE IS ✨️BEAUTIFUL✨️ Please give her more lines !!!!

    • R.
      R. 2 months ago +22

      where was Liz? isn't she the main vocalist?

    • 무나미
      무나미 2 months ago +32

      Except for the first few seconds, I can't see her anywhere. Regretful.

    • 72
      72 2 months ago +11

      agreed 100%

    • emma
      emma 2 months ago +22

      They really gave my girls like 6seconds💀

    • Giulia -fls-
      Giulia -fls- 2 months ago +10

      Literally, another song where they've wasted her potential

  • Tanay Gupta
    Tanay Gupta 16 days ago +13

    Dives please stream as many songs from this album please we are also in contention for Album of the Year.

  • Sadia mehejabin Shikha
    Sadia mehejabin Shikha 23 days ago +248

    Ive is getting better and better. They never disappointed us. What a great song! The vocals, the visuals, and the choreo are all perfect. Let's support them forever 💞

    • Nayol
      Nayol 23 days ago +5


  • riloy
    riloy 10 days ago +13

    May 29th + 319,210 vi3ws
    70M soon keep going Kitsch !!

  • Pearl Corgi
    Pearl Corgi 19 hours ago +4

    Everyone can enjoy singing and dancing with Kitsch!!!
    Kitsch, Kitsch, Kitsch, Kitsch, Kitsch!!!

  • Yixing Balance
    Yixing Balance 6 days ago +4

    i love wonyoung
    i love leeseo
    i love liz
    i love yujin
    i love rei
    i love gaeul

  • siyeon’s wife
    siyeon’s wife 2 months ago +327

    liz’s vocals always serve every comeback, can’t wait until she gets more lines so i can enjoy it even more

    • Chaeri Kang
      Chaeri Kang 2 months ago +10

      I can’t believe she only had one😭

  • 장진
    장진 27 days ago +2

    너무 잘한다❤

  • Navida Marais
    Navida Marais 10 days ago +5


  • staywiz
    staywiz 11 days ago +13

    I've IVE for Album of the Year!

  • suresh kumar sagolsem
    suresh kumar sagolsem 10 days ago +3

    such a light hearted song, loved it.

  • Mr. Y
    Mr. Y 7 days ago +6

    i cant stop listening

    MINETURNNOW Rblx 2 months ago +1298

    Popular Opinion: Everyone agrees that Liz deserve more lines! She deserves it!

    • Minsung’s Daughter
      Minsung’s Daughter 2 months ago +37

      Girl got one line while bein gthe main vocal😭😭

    • julian
      julian 2 months ago +24

      and also screen time

    • a perfect sacrifice
      a perfect sacrifice  2 months ago +12

      Why does Starship hate Liz?

    • RachelMaddowsWife
      RachelMaddowsWife 2 months ago +23

      Yeah, did she seriously just have that one line? I get that Wonyoung is the visual so they want to start the song off with her, but the main vocal should have the most lines, or at least equal.. I like their other songs, but this one isn't doing it for me.

    ÖMER ♡ YASEMİN 10 days ago +4

    My fav song (⁠✿⁠ ⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠)

  • leeneiii
    leeneiii 26 days ago +244

    Who had the idea to make a song like Kitsch, God may bless you this is one of my fav songs it's just amazing

    • pippo pino
      pippo pino 26 days ago +3

      That's bibi 😂 the song was originally hers

    • i like the smell of dead bodies
      i like the smell of dead bodies 23 days ago +2

      @pippo pino bibi??? Who made animal farm???? THE QUEEN??

    • Wareef maghribiun
      Wareef maghribiun 23 days ago

      Are you Arabic?

    • pippo pino
      pippo pino 23 days ago +2

      @i like the smell of dead bodies yes it's her Song, more and more from twice was also her song

    • Mary S
      Mary S 21 day ago +2

      It was written by a Norwegian group they put it on tiktok

  • mai di
    mai di 8 days ago +6

    70M go go go

  • Jms Mung
    Jms Mung 4 days ago +5

    00:10 this part killed me ..... Wonyoung, that hair flip... ❤❤❤❤

  • 먕
     11 days ago +3

    이번 곡도 너뮤 좋고 진짜 짱이에요 ㅜㅜ

  • Renier Alano
    Renier Alano 2 months ago +1668

    Gaeul and Rei getting more screentime and lines that they deserved, meanwhile our Liz got only less than 6 seconds line and her screentime is also little i mean she is the Main Vocalist i repeat she is the MAIN VOCALIST

    • minjeongista
      minjeongista 2 months ago +62

      Rei always gets screentime and lines tho

    • Yu Lo
      Yu Lo 2 months ago +25

      it's a b-side, wait for the title track / complete album release

    • tifa10
      tifa10 2 months ago +77

      @Yu Lo no need to wait we’ve seen this before 😂

    • twiceness
      twiceness 2 months ago +36

      let's talk about Liz

    • remi
      remi 2 months ago +45

      Liz deserves better 💜💜

  • Jennie Ace
    Jennie Ace 12 hours ago +1

    Never get tired of Kitsch I LOVE IT

  • Sadia mehejabin Shikha
    Sadia mehejabin Shikha 19 days ago +249

    True fact :that ive is getting better and better. There songs has something, which attracted people to listen it more. They have the ability to be on top in every comeback they never disappointed. Who will agree with me please raise your hands 🖐️🖐️🖐️


    REI IS BACK !!!!!

  • onetwothree
    onetwothree 27 days ago +117

    how come all ive comeback songs so good ❤the producer really do a good job and also ives voice. so colorful unique not bland. they have their own charisma

    • pippo pino
      pippo pino 26 days ago +1

      The song was originally from bibi, she wrote it, if u search "bibi kitsch" here on Clip-Share you can find a little audio clip of the original demo with the original lyrics sung by bibi

    • onetwothree
      onetwothree 26 days ago +1

      @pippo pino so the producer or company. i don't who choose this song really have good taste in music. that's why they choose thia song

  • Uti Muti
    Uti Muti 10 days ago +7

    Fighting ive. Love you. From your big fans Muti

  • shake_ speare
    shake_ speare 2 months ago +3963

    Liz deserves more screentime!
    Liz deserves more lines!
    Liz deserves better!

    • straykids
      straykids 2 months ago +14

      Straykids are the king of KPOP

    • ÆSPL
      ÆSPL 2 months ago +114

      @straykidssure but Liz still deserves better

    • Hihi
      Hihi 2 months ago +48

      @straykids bts: king of kpop
      Stray: kids

    • Camila Arias
      Camila Arias 2 months ago +18


    • hoanglong
      hoanglong 2 months ago +17

      @straykids who asked

  • John China
    John China 12 days ago +6

    This goes too hard

  • Jungdi lemtur
    Jungdi lemtur 16 days ago +3

    This song such a bob...like I'm obsessed😩💗💗

  • Netty November
    Netty November 9 days ago +4

    Omg..this is a different side of IVE..man thiis is groovy , abit of Rihanna Bad Girl vibe.. you guys are multifaceted ..keep gng girls 💪💪💪

  • Riz Rizu
    Riz Rizu 14 days ago +6

    Beat dropnya kane parahh 🔥🔥

  • DesktopUser
    DesktopUser 4 days ago +5

    Unique music, definitely will be listening to it.

  • Dom-Ran Channel
    Dom-Ran Channel 2 months ago +2680

    I need to spread this don’t you dare skip on me Starship Ent.

    • scrizft nette
      scrizft nette 2 months ago +67

      frr i literally abt to cry seeing her short ass lines 💀

    • seola's universe
      seola's universe 2 months ago +16

      starship will skip you dw

    • Lukii
      Lukii 2 months ago +7


    • bunnies
      bunnies 2 months ago +9

      why did i laugh when i saw liz lines ..

    • rrro pasi
      rrro pasi 2 months ago +13


  • 한빛
    한빛 23 days ago +3

    올해는 아엠도 히트지만 개인적으로는 키치도 대단하네요 ^^

  • 한빛
    한빛 27 days ago +16

    멋진 무대 보여주는 아이브 흥해라

  • I love IVE
    I love IVE 16 days ago +5

    liz looked so good in this mv!

  • 宏美
    宏美 13 days ago +19

    never get tired of listening to KITSCH
    I really love them! Let'sgo 70M

  • 도영김
    도영김 10 days ago +81

    Wonyoung deep voice is heavenly

  • Thiri Htun
    Thiri Htun 2 months ago +501

    Liz’s voice is so beautiful . Please give her more lines . She deserves better .

  • Hom Hom
    Hom Hom 14 days ago +3

    Hope the upcoming fancons boosts up I've IVE album at the level best

  • 안재헌
    안재헌 16 days ago +5

    최고의 kpop 노래

  • yuu_23
    yuu_23 13 days ago +6


  • Nayol
    Nayol 7 days ago +2

    Lindas demaissss

  • Rochelle Perez
    Rochelle Perez 5 days ago +7

    Rei pink hair will always be iconic

  • Katniss Everdeen
    Katniss Everdeen 2 months ago +269

    I barely heard Liz's beautiful voice😭 give her more lines!

  • Wony
    Wony 3 days ago +26

    You have to pay attention to the small details in the production, the instrumental, and the way IVE members deliver their lines. This song is a flawless masterpiece.

  • I
    I 13 days ago +5

    레이 목소리 진짜 좋아..😊

  • Naomi Smith
    Naomi Smith Day ago +3

    I love that song it’s reminds me to express myself to be anything like a rainbow and having a dream like RAINBOW DREAM 🌈

  • 한빛
    한빛 27 days ago +2

    멋진 노래

  • 한빛
    한빛 11 days ago +4

    신곡 키치 아엠 롱런하자 ^^

  • baylee
    baylee 2 months ago +129

    being a main vocal must be hard when you have 6 seconds of lines while your members all have 20+ seconds 😍

    • taeechaee
      taeechaee 2 months ago +22

      Liz is literally the only good vocalist (and a TINY TINY bit Yujin) idk what starship is thinking… didn’t they see the people’s reactions when Liz got fewer lines on after like? Now they give her even less? Yeah starship is just about visuals atp

    • taeechaee
      taeechaee 2 months ago +1

      @휴 6 SECONDS IS STRAIGHT UP HORRIBLE for a main vocalist😭😭the song literally fits her tone well, it’s pretty. 6 seconds for a main vocalist just because “it doesn’t fit her tone” ? No thanks lol 😂

  • AshleyNie Miller
    AshleyNie Miller 27 days ago +3

    This song is reqlly soothing

  • Pearl Corgi
    Pearl Corgi 28 days ago +58

    IVE is really the dream grouip!!!
    Every member is talented, and the chemistry makes every song more fantastic!!!
    Fighting for our IVE!!!^^

  • Aeri Lei
    Aeri Lei 4 days ago +3

    My queens

  • Aya🫶🏼
    Aya🫶🏼 28 days ago +106

    The only girl group whom I like every song Ive never disappoints

    ÖMER ♡ YASEMİN 16 days ago +5

    Keep fighting dive 100 M

  • Xiao Nana
    Xiao Nana 2 months ago +541

    Damn, STARSHIP are you okay? Why is Liz's line division so short. I'm so mad, Liz's vocals are so beautiful she deserves more than a line !

  • Sadia mehejabin Shikha
    Sadia mehejabin Shikha 24 days ago +27

    No matter how many times do you listen it, you can't get bored of it. It's masterpiece ❄️

  • 윤성민
    윤성민 8 days ago +6

    조회수 7천만 축하드립니다~!🎉

  • #Apink_PERCENT PandaID - [OFF] ⏳

    And AN YUJIN still had me under her spell