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Logitech Rally Plus - Overview, Setup and Demo

  • Published on Jul 12, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • The Rally Plus package takes the ample 4K pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to the next level, offering a full meeting room experience for the enterprise conference room, using Microsoft Teams Rooms and other platforms.
    In this video, I provide an overview of the various components that come with the Rally Plus, go over the cabling and setup of the overall MTR system, demonstrate it's use within a Microsoft Teams meeting, and demo the management and use of the Rally camera itself!
    Logitech Rally Plus: amzn.to/3ihHRuz
    Disclaimer: the above link is an affiliate link, and I may be eligible to earn a commission for subsequent purchases.
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Comments • 176

  • Joshua Stevens
    Joshua Stevens Year ago +5

    Great well rounded review. Perfect for people in doubt what “web/conference” cam they need for their business and if it really does what they say! Great job!

  • Patrick Walter
    Patrick Walter Year ago +3

    Thank you for this very well put together video! Keep up the good work!

  • Adam Berns
    Adam Berns 2 years ago +5

    On the dual display. If you are running 2 4K monitors, we offer a very light weight application to fix that. You can reach out to Logitech Support and tell them that you have a Microsoft Teams Room connected to the Table hub with 2 4K monitors. They will send you a little app and a registry setting to make. It can be used on any Windows box, not just Logitech NUCs, so Lenovo, HP, Dell, Etc...

    • DJ
      DJ 9 months ago

      @Adam Berns appreciate it Adam will reach out and let you know the result.

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 9 months ago +1

      @DJ Ask CX for the Set Resolution Rally App. If Tier one have no idea (which they should know about that), ask to be updated to Tier 3, and tell them Adam sent you.

    • DJ
      DJ 9 months ago

      We contacted Logitech support as we have two 4K Sony TVs and they said it does not support dual 4ks that we have to downgrade to 1080p. Please add any additional information so we can contact support again to get the correct solution.

    • Sturdy Boss
      Sturdy Boss Year ago

      Can you provide the package here and other supportive links....?

  • Damian Miller
    Damian Miller 7 months ago +1

    Excellent presentation video and wholesome explanation of the characteristics and working of the Logitech Rally camera.

  • Marcelo Amaral
    Marcelo Amaral 6 months ago

    Vídeo muito bom! Parbéns!

  • Kevin Keoveunexay

    Great video for review in setup for research before wanting to purchase. I do have a question, does the Rally Plus and Tap require the Intel NUC to run or can the NUC be used without it.

  • Mohammad Arabdamaireh

    Great job! I have 2 questions:
    1- Is it possible to use Logitech Rally Plus as sound system for internal meeting? i mean in case no remote conference.
    2- Is it possible to integrate Logitech Rally Plus with another sound system? for example, connect Mic Pods to existing Sound System (amplifier, loudspeakers).

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 9 months ago

      Sorry for the late reply, probably not relivent anymore, but it depends on the size of the room. The speakers or not that powerful. I would recommend use a DSP for a larger space. And use the audio from the PC

  • George
    George 2 years ago +1

    This product is good but when you need to extend the cables you will run into trouble. Check the room you're using it for first.

  • KYspeaks
    KYspeaks Year ago

    Great review, I was wondering if there's a way to configure the RightSound settings? We have similar set up "Logitech Group" but been having issues with background noise esp. when not talking

  • butt lofter
    butt lofter 2 years ago

    Great video Josh. Since you’ve had exposure to several of the MTR hardware sets now, do you have any recommendations - ie Yealink vs Logitech? Just switched over to MS phone system and was about to buy a conf room phone when I discovered that Rooms is a thing now, so I’m looking to outfit our 20-person conf room with a MTR setup. The main TV display and the conf table have a sizeable gap between them. Seems USB cable length limits might be a problem?

    • Justin Thomas
      Justin Thomas 6 months ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Josh, where are we gonna see hot-swappable rooms? Something that feels more PC-based; choose Zoom, Teams, etc... on a whim. I know China has a product, MaxHub (I think that is the name) that you can load Poly Real Presence software, Zoom, Teams, etc.... But, a lot of folks in America cannot use Chinese products, if they are involved in defense sector or anything just at the confidential level.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      I can't really say that I have recommendations of one vendor over the other. However, I will say that that USB Strong cable that bridges the Rally Plus between the front of room and the conference table is not only a sturdy cable, but very lengthy. It might meet the gap that you have to work with...

  • Altin Gjoka
    Altin Gjoka 7 months ago

    is there any way to change the time it takes the camera to auto-zoom/focus?

  • Ted Tabaka
    Ted Tabaka 7 months ago +1

    Very well done! Thank you for the video.

  • Phil Doyle
    Phil Doyle 2 years ago

    Great video! We are looking to upgrade our conference room equipment. The problem we have is we do both Teams meeting and Zoom mostly from outside customers. Is that possible to do with this system? Thanks.

    • Phil Doyle
      Phil Doyle 2 years ago +1

      ​@Expert of Things & Stuff Thanks for the responds much appreciate it. I am going to contact Logitech to figure out the best configuration that will fit our needs.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      Thanks! Yes, this is possible, depending on what exactly your requirements are. You can't just switch back and forth between the native Teams and native Zoom software; it runs with one software type, or the other. However, Microsoft Teams Rooms now allow you join Zoom meetings directly from the Microsoft Teams Rooms interface. Simply invite the MTR to your Zoom meeting, just like you would for a Teams meeting, and the invite will show up on the Tap, allowing you to join just like a Teams meeting. Now, the experience will not be the entire feature set for Zoom, but you do get the some AV participation.

  • Johan Hermansson
    Johan Hermansson 2 years ago

    Hi Josh!
    I've been watching this video and the more recent one on Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500. Great guidance, so first of all - thanks for them both!
    My question now is - is it possible to combine the Rally package with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub? The reason I wonder is, I would like to be able to use the PTZ camera and the extension microphones with the Lenovo Hub. We have heard that, for bigger rooms, the built-in 360 degree microphone might not suffice (and also draw some noise from the hub itself!). But buying the entire package with the screen hub and table hub, seems unnecessary since the Lenovo controls the camera input, HDMI from manual computers etc. But without the screen and table hubs, the microphones might not even be able connect into the Lenovo hub's own input slots, right?
    Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Cheers!

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago

      Yes, Rally is compatible with ThinkSmart Hub. You do have to use the Rally Hubs, If I understand the question right.

  • tesyadar
    tesyadar 2 years ago

    Hi Josh, great video u provided.
    i have several question regarding logitech rally plus with nuc, hoping u could help me :
    1. if my NUC already bundled with Microsoft Teams Room (MTR), can i get back to windows 10 desktop home screen ?
    2. after i setup the account of MTR, i couldnt configure my camera properly. theres an issue notification "the camera not certified". I tried my rally plus connected to my laptop (usb), and theres no issues with the camera (logitech sync). Do u have any idea to solve this issue ?
    thanks in advance. GBU

  • pasiutrial
    pasiutrial Year ago

    Great video, thanks a lot for your effort.

  • Jason Klems
    Jason Klems 2 years ago

    Thank you for the review. We were considering it, but still not sure if we should pul the trigger. Im not why you would need the NUC unless it is being used for a dedicated Conf room PC. Our needs would be for laptop users; both windows and mac os. Do you have any experience setting this up for Zoom meetings?

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago

      Zoom Rooms are supported. This is just a USB device when all said and done. So if you want to plug it just into your laptop like a BYOD into a room, it will work fine. Just remember you will need to let Windows Update bull the Microsoft USB driver (which you probably already have). Nothing to do on the Mac side.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      Unfortunately, no, no Zoom Rooms experience as of this time.

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz Year ago

    Excellent video!. just one question, Is the HDMI cable for laptops to share screen coming from the HDMI In ports of Table Hub?

  • Omar Saad
    Omar Saad 2 years ago

    Great informative review, horrible audio though, I wish if we could have heard the audio from the system in question

  • Fernando Frediani
    Fernando Frediani 2 years ago +2

    Hi, thanks for the video. I bought the Rally plus through your link and I also bought the TAP and NUC but now how do I configure my NUC to work with TEAMS and the TAP. Do you have a video that shows how do I set up my NUC and TAP?

  • pasiutrial
    pasiutrial 9 months ago

    15:10 does sharing through HDMI cable connected to a Tap panel works exactly the same for Zoom native rooms? Do you have to change some kind of setting in order to be able to share audio as well?

  • San San
    San San Year ago +1

    Thanks for review.
    We are considering to use rally plus for Webex/teams/zoom meeting types from PC without a tap.
    Is rally plug auto plug and play in any type of laptop for joining meeting/content sharing?
    or dedicated PC required to standby?

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 9 months ago

      Sorry for the late reply. You probably figured it out by now, but Rally is just a USB device. So it will work on any PC or Mac.

  • Mahneljame Music
    Mahneljame Music 2 years ago

    hi ,the purpose of NUC is for the Logitech camera only (Screen 1) and for presentation is BYOD (Screen 2). meaning we required two screen for this kind of setup we cannot use one screen with 2 split?

  • Brian Lev-Ari
    Brian Lev-Ari 2 years ago +1

    Hi, thanks for the great video, We are using The Lenovo Hub 500 with teams and the Rally in a few CR rooms, we were facing issues where the screens were some sort of disconnecting / booting and then recovering. We were not able to solve it and finally when we took a long HDMI cable to the TV directly form the Lenovo it solved the problem. This means that we are not using the Rally for Video, only using it for MIC's Sepakers and Camerra and the true is that it is a bit disappointing, I would appreciate to know if you have seen this issue? We talked with local vendor and got a few tips such as not using 4K, but we were not able to solve it...

    • Brian Lev-Ari
      Brian Lev-Ari 2 years ago

      @faza fahrizal The intension was that the table Rally transfer the Video to the Wall Rally and then from there to the TV, but it is not working smouthly

    • faza fahrizal
      faza fahrizal 2 years ago +1

      Hi Brian, we do like you done as well.. the table hub can't share the display directly to TV, so we connect the Hub 500 to the TV with the long HDMI..

  • John Massaro
    John Massaro 2 years ago

    Great video.
    1. As far as the "ethernet" cable that connects the display module and table module together, is that just a standard Ethernet cable? In order to make my room clean of wires, I'd need 50 ish feet between those 2 devices. (up wall, over head in ceiling, down wall, through channel, up to table)
    2. This can be used without the NUC and Tap correct? If we just wanted to have presenters bring in their laptops to present, plug n play once all is set up( camera/mics/speakers, and projector) . Or is there drivers it needs on individual computers, or is that where the NUC comes in?

    • Taufik Hidayat
      Taufik Hidayat 2 years ago

      1. you can use ordinary cat6 up to 50m
      2. you can use w/o NUC or TAP, Plug And Play no need driver manual install.

  • Michael Olson
    Michael Olson Year ago

    How do you get the camera to return to the default down position? When we push the video mute the light turns off, but my staff is convinced the camera is still recording.

  • colin kness
    colin kness Year ago +1

    I would like to see a ceiling mount and where to run usb cables for mic pods, Also do you have to use the cat 6 cable like older logitech systems proprietary ?

  • Erick Ligueño
    Erick Ligueño 5 months ago

    hola amigo tengo un problema hay veces que la cámara no levanta cuando quieren tomar una Reunión por teams, que podria ssr

  • Eldar Eld
    Eldar Eld Year ago

    Hi thanks so much for the video!
    Do you know how to turn off the camera's motion sensor? Every time someone moves or talks the camera follows him, even after I have set PRESETS

  • Shahar Ami Mizrahi
    Shahar Ami Mizrahi 2 years ago

    This is awesome! Thanks!

  • IT Mall
    IT Mall 8 months ago

    Which one do you prefer? Rally Bar or the Plus? Also, are you familiar with ow easy it is to remove the bluetooth capability from the Rally Bar or do you all have another sku with no bluetooth and wifi?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  8 months ago

      I am actually no longer at Logi, so you would have to inquire with them about their SKUs and the removal of Bluetooth. As far as I preference goes, I would probably lean toward the Rally Bar, but it is of course all dependent on the needs/requirements of the specific room.

  • Ivan Pereira Rodrigues
    Ivan Pereira Rodrigues 2 years ago +1

    great video man! We must have the tablet or can the meeting be organised by a laptop or computer?

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago +1

      When all said and done, this is just a USB device. As long as your computer supports USB3, you should be set.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago +1

      I suppose that depends on whether you want to go a supported route or not. In short, for a supported documented scenario, you will want to use the tablet.

  • Tom Fisher
    Tom Fisher Year ago

    Can you forego the table hub and run your the mic's directly to the display hub?

  • Raffy Di Francia
    Raffy Di Francia 10 months ago +1

    Great video! Question:
    When buying this product I am on the Logitech website and some photos show the Logitech touch pad (shown at minute 13:50) but then when I go to buy it it doesn’t seem included!
    Can someone please help!

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  10 months ago

      Hello! You can get the complete Rally Plus system here: www.amazon.com/Logitech-Rally-Ultra-Ptz-Conferencecam/dp/B07JGHZKYW. However, to also get the Tap with the NUC (the required PC for Teams Rooms), you can order here: amzn.to/2ADr7gH. Note, that last link also includes a Meetup camera, so if you want just the Tap + NUC, you would want to search for the Logitech Tap Base Bundle.

  • Lucimar Bianco
    Lucimar Bianco Year ago

    Excellent job bro

  • Rob Morin
    Rob Morin Year ago

    Hey Josh, So if i understand correctly, along with this system you also need a PC of sorts? As I am also looking at the Google Meet Hardware kit as a comparison, but that contains a PC with it. Thanks

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      Yes, the PC completes the room. Or if you want Android, Logi is releasing the standalone RoomMate compute for it.

  • Tom Stone
    Tom Stone Year ago

    What software runs on the compute unit to provide what's shown on the displays? I've looked at several videos like this but the 'compute' part seems to be omitted - is it something that's Room System only?

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      Technically it's running Windows 10 Enterprise IOT on the nuc displayed on the tap.

    • Tom Stone
      Tom Stone Year ago +1

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Got it, thank you!

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      The OS on the compute is Windows 10. However, what you see on screen is the Microsoft Teams Room app.

  • Tommy Rihu
    Tommy Rihu 4 months ago

    Hi great job, are where any settings for speakers ?, can feel sound from the speakers feels al little bit as in a aula

  • Alex Fran
    Alex Fran 2 years ago

    Hi. What is main difference btw Logitech rally Plus vs Polycom real presence group 500- 720p w/ee4 wich one you suggest for large rooms

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      Hello Alex! Great question. Unfortunately, I have no real hands-on experience with the Poly RealPresence solution, so I couldn't legitimately weigh in on that one...

  • vcm1992
    vcm1992 Year ago +1

    Awesome video!

  • AJ Fabian
    AJ Fabian 2 years ago

    Hi, may I know what package did you get? Does the Logitech Rally Plus comes with a TAP and NUC also?

    • Joshua Smith
      Joshua Smith 2 years ago

      Hey AJ, I'm part of the Logitech sales team. We do have room bundles available that include the TAP and NUC. Let me know if you want more info.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago +2

      The Logitech Rally Plus does not include the Tap or the NUC. You would have to purchase those separately, or bundle them where available. I obtained them separately.

  • Emanuele Michetti
    Emanuele Michetti 2 years ago +1

    Grate video, thanks!
    I Have two question.
    1.Can i connect the laptop to the Table Hub Via Usb if in my room i can't install a dedicated PC? The real reason is because there are more people who want to use the system with their laptop.
    2.Is the Rally System Plug-and-play like a Logitech Group System?
    Thank you very much!

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago +1

      @emanuelemichetti Yes you can use it as a regular USB device.

    • emanuelemichetti
      emanuelemichetti 2 years ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Yes, I wanted to understand if it is also possible to use the Rally Plus also as a common webcam connected to a laptop, such as the old Logitech Group

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago +3

      For 1., are you asking if you can replace the NUC with user's laptop via USB? If so, not quite - you would need to have a "compute" device in the same place that the NUC is. If that is NOT what you are asking, and you just want to share your laptop desktop into a meeting in the room, then you can do this via the HDMI that comes out of the Tap (as seen in the video.
      For 2. Not sure what you mean by this. Plug & Play in what sense? Do you mean that you can simply plug the Rally & speakers into a laptop and start using it as a camera and speakers?

  • eWhizz - All things bright and technical!

    What does the MIPI port do?

  • NewGen Art
    NewGen Art 2 years ago

    first thanks for the great video. I was able to set it up but am not sure if the camera has auto zoom or frame correction?

  • sicem6
    sicem6 Year ago

    Can the Rally system amplify the person speaking in the room? Such as, if someone is speaking at a podium, can their voice be amplified through the Rally so people in the room can hear them better as well as picking up their voice for remote meeting attendees?
    I can't seem to find this out anywhere... Guessing maybe not but can't find the answer one way or the other...

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      @sicem6 No you have to use all rally Plus components for the system to work.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      @sicem6 the answer is that it may work, but likely would not be a supported configuration by Logitech. Depending on the platform, however, you will find different information. In the Teams world, you can check out these certified peripherals for the room systems, that expand into speaker systems, mics, etc... www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/across-devices/devices/category/room-systems-accessories/73

    • sicem6
      sicem6 Year ago

      One other question I would have… If you know the answer… Can the TV hub be plugged into a third-party speaker system? We have both speakers in our conference room we would like to use and it would be nice if we could interface the rally plus system with those speakers somehow. Guess I’m wondering what the output is on the hub and if it can be plugged into a third-party amplifier if necessary. Not sure if you’ve tried this but maybe you could point me somewhere I could find answers?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      It can not use its own mics to amplify through the Rally speakers, no. If you had the person at the podium using a mic that was being used in another computer that was joined to the same meeting, then it is possible to achieve something like this. But it is more of a workaround than a design of the system.

  • francois Lamontagne
    francois Lamontagne 7 months ago

    Hi Josh. Can I used 3 monitors with the Logitech rally plus ? Imagine that I'm using a BYOD. So:USB-C for the Rally and a HDMI out on my laptop. Can I used the 3 monitor at the same time?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  7 months ago

      If you are talking about having two displays in the room, and then connecting your laptop as the third display, then yes, all three displays will be accessible.

  • Rama Wilyarto
    Rama Wilyarto Year ago +4

    Hi Josh, im just curious if we plug a laptop on hdmi in but not plug usb cable, will the sound still go to rally speaker or tv ?

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      With the laptop connected via the HDMI cable at either the display hub or tap depending on which system you're running, the sound will come out the rally Plus speakers.

    • pasiutrial
      pasiutrial 9 months ago

      Hi, have you found an answer to this, please?

  • DeSibyl
    DeSibyl 11 months ago

    Do you need the Logitech Tap IP or a NUC? Is it possible to simply just plug a computer into the table box and have it run zoom and share meeting to the TV(s)? Also, what OS does the NUC run that allows this setup? Is it a custom OS? Can I simply just get a raspberry pi, or a extra laptop, and setup the OS on there and have it there dedicated?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  11 months ago

      @DeSibyl yeah, they come as part of a bundle. Your Logitech reseller would definitely be the correct point of contact.

    • DeSibyl
      DeSibyl 11 months ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Alright, so I assume you need to get this NUC from the Logitech store or?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  11 months ago

      The only supported path involving the NUC involves a pre-configured image of Windows 10. Trying to make this work with your own custom OS brew is both unsupported, and likely to end up with a non-functional setup.

  • Josimar M da Silva
    Josimar M da Silva 7 months ago

    hello friend, I have a doubt: there are several models of this kit on the market: Logitech Rally Display Hub V-R0009 P/N 839-000539, has the Logitech Rally Display Hub V-R0009 P/N 839-000540, .... I wanted to know if the Display hub is compatible with another kit model....example of these 2 that I sited above ????

    • Josimar M da Silva
      Josimar M da Silva 6 months ago +1

      @Expert of Things & Stuff hello again, I managed to solve it, I bought another used display hub and it worked here, working wonderfully.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  7 months ago

      Unfortunately, I don't have much insight into the part numbers and what they include. I would suggest contacting Logitech Support or a trusted reseller.

  • demand
    demand 10 months ago

    It says the rally is connected as a device but I can't seem to get the camera to show up on Zoom, Discord, or OBS.

  • Danny Tran
    Danny Tran 2 years ago

    Can I connect the Speaker and Mic directly to an Intel Nuc? Or do I need those 2 hubs?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      I don't believe there should be an issue with a direct connection. The Hubs just allow you to spread things out and break them up a bit more, in a tidy way.

  • Dirk Haex
    Dirk Haex 2 years ago

    I just don't get why they introduce an extra strong usb cable for the Logitech TAP when combined with this system. It requires a lot of companies to lay another cable between the meeting room table and display.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      Well, the Tap can be used independent from the Rally Plus, so without the Rally Plus (using something like the Meetup for example), you wouldn't have that eternity cord between the two hubs to deal with as well.

  • Kcriton
    Kcriton Year ago +1

    Thank you, really imformative.

  • DJ
    DJ 9 months ago

    Have the full spec rally plus system including nook installed. Just set up two brand new Sony 4K TVs and cannot get the second screen to work. Logitech tech support said to downgrade to 1080p but I do not find that acceptable...does anyone have a solution to run both screens at 4K?

    • DJ
      DJ 9 months ago +1

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Yes, it's the full-blown rally plus system with both the tap and nook. Will probably have to reconfigure the resolution settings on the Sony XR-8590K 4K TV's down to 1080P to get the system to work.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  9 months ago

      Are you running Teams? The system was only designed to support up to two 1080p monitors. I know with Teams, Teams video meetings only go as high as 1080p. So many certified room solutions are not designed with a spec to support 4k monitors...

  • Ruan Richter
    Ruan Richter Year ago

    Hi great video, is there any device that can support Teams and Google meet?

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      @Ruan Richter I'm pretty sure Logitech now has a Google meet unit available.

    • Ruan Richter
      Ruan Richter Year ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Will check it out now thank you.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago +1

      Unfortunately, not on the native platform, no. Check out my video on the Logitech Swytch for a possible solution.

  • Dave Chitty
    Dave Chitty 2 years ago

    As I understand it the HDMI ports are pass thru from the 2 hdmi ports on the Table Hub. They are not there to connect your monitors to the System. I could be wrong.

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      Yeah it's pretty confusing unfortunately the display hub HDMI pass through ports are very glitchy. It's best to go directly connected to the back of the nuc like he did in the video. I also had to run an HDMI to USB-3 adapter for dual TV screen setup as he did in the video.

  • brian londonio
    brian londonio 11 months ago

    how long is the microphone cable included?

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      It will probably be too short and require an optional mic extension cable for another $200 like my setup did.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  11 months ago

      The cable connecting thevmic Pod to the Table Hub is 9.6 ft.

  • Mayda Lorena Rivas Landaeta

    Hola, nosotros adquirimos rally plus con ctlf chromeboox meet system , el problema es que este dispositivo al parceer solo admite una pantalal 4k y no 2, en este caso tenemos 2 smart tv y solo conecta 1 al sistema de google meet , ayudaaaa

  • Catherine Longo
    Catherine Longo Year ago

    WHat is the best TV/Monitor to use with the Logitech with CEC?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago +1

      There isn't actually an official recommendation on that - it just requires doing a bit of shopping and feature comparison. I use Samsungs, and I know several other that do as well, and some use Dell. There are a good number of options out there, but no official recommendations.

  • IT Cafe
    IT Cafe Year ago

    I use rally with MS Teams but one issue i am having is that Rally cannot remember the preset.

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      You're going to have to download the camera app to configure out of the default and auto adjust off. You can also set the camera presets on the remote watch the full video he discusses it and should answer your question.

  • Joseph Gogan
    Joseph Gogan 2 years ago +1

    Any intention of doing a Logitech Swytch demo?

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Let me see what I can do for you on that front. IM me

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago +2

      I have every intention of doing any demo that a vendor is willing to provide a device for! ;-) If Logitech were to throw a Swytch my way, I will definitely do a demo video at that time.

  • Calvin Chan YS
    Calvin Chan YS 11 months ago

    What OS is the NUC running? Is it a normal Windows OS and with the connection to the tap? Once connected the tap, screen on the tap will just show the meeting scheduler? If I don’t want to use a NUC, can I use any desktop PC to replace the NUC?

    • pasiutrial
      pasiutrial 9 months ago

      In most cases it's running Windows 10 IoT. Yes, Tap will show the meeting scheduler and other controls, it's gonna display MTR app layout. Yes, you can use a regular PC to run MTR app on it.

  • colin kness
    colin kness Year ago

    There are two huge problems with this product as usual with Logitech Cable related. The Display side needs Mic input when a Ceiling install is done you have to route cables under table to table unit, The tap requires USB means i have to exetended my usb to table or put pc under table ! want pc behind tv.... The table top unit should get USB fed to it by the RJ45 feed from the Display thus not requiring the pc to be mounted with Table unit for Tap installs. Documentation sucks for the most part... you find out the hard way the short comings, These two fixes would make it a HOME RUN

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      The documentation is very confusing I've spent way too much time on this and the system is still not 100% working the way I'd like. If you do purchase the full-blown rally plus teams system with the tap and the nuc (pc) it comes with a bracket to mount the nuc behind one of the TVs for the cleanest install. Plug your TVs directly into the nuc as the display hub sucks, as just a pass through that's very glitchy. The tap will need power, the strong USB cable runs back to the nuc, as well as the mic cable connection. You are probably going to need to purchase the extended mic cable option ($200) for the ceiling mounted mics.

  • Heruuu
    Heruuu 10 months ago

    Hi, Please help. few weeks ago my logitech rally bar was able to auto-frame, but now it's not auto-framing

  • Jonathan Swann
    Jonathan Swann 2 years ago

    How do you get these devices? Are these demo units you received?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      Yeah, that is usually the case for the devices that I showcase in the videos. Stuff like the Rally Plus usually needs to get sent back, though, when it comes to demo units.

  • Danilo Martins
    Danilo Martins Year ago

    How do I use WebEx on this system?

  • li ve
    li ve 2 years ago +3

    Great video, I saw a bundle with Logitech Rally plus and Lenovo HUB, how you connect both of this?

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago

      @Daniel _ There is no PTZ within the teams app (we have been working on this with them for a while on this). The end call button should end the call since it just sends a standard HID command.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      @Daniel _ Hello Dan! Unfortunately, I am not able to confirm or test either of those things at the moment. The Lenovo Hub being in the mix as a certified solution should not take away any functionality, though, so you should be good to go with the Hub. Also, I believe that you can indeed control the camera in-meeting with Microsoft Teams, but unfortunately, I am not able to verify at this exact moment.

    • Daniel _
      Daniel _ 2 years ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Do the "end call" etc. buttons work with the Lenovo HUB and the Rally on the remote? Also, can you can adjust the camera from within the teams meeting? I've seen that feature in other hub devices.

    • li ve
      li ve 2 years ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Thank you buddy!

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago +2

      I know there is a solution there, and I am actually getting a Lenovo HUB in today. I will dig in and find out the answer. If it is possible, I might crank out a brief video on that as well!

  • Dadang Wahyu Wijanarko

    Do you know why i can't present something form TAP, when click share button , then there is no devices connected error messages ?

  • Станислав Соколов

    Thank you friend!! Hello from Russia!

  • Dan P
    Dan P 2 years ago

    Rally interested to understand if it supports NDI??

  • Christian Ramos-Angelucci

    Can you install external additional speakers?

    • Adam Berns
      Adam Berns 2 years ago +1

      No. However, the connectors are mini XLR. But the cable length and power for them from the hub is designed for that cable length. However, you could, unsupported, plug that xlr from the displayhub, into an amplifier, but the sound sync may be off.

  • AsapYeti
    AsapYeti Month ago

    Is there an option to turn off the tracking?

  • Abbas
    Abbas Year ago

    Hey bro how can I use this for zoom conference...

    • pasiutrial
      pasiutrial 9 months ago

      Normally, just like for Teams.

  • Randomly Specific

    Hi. What if I don't have the Logitech Tap, can I plug in a laptop to the Table hub to share my screen? Thanks.

    • Randomly Specific
      Randomly Specific Year ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff Thanks. I just found out that you can use the screen share adapter for external screen sharing, without using the Tap. Sorry, newbie here.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago +1

      Without a Logitech Tap, what screen are you managing the meeting from? Essentially, it sounds like a scenario that would be "unsupported", even if you found a way to make things work. A touch control panel is a key part of the setup.

  • FZ
    FZ Year ago

    hey, I just watch your video. I wonder, if you mute one mic pod, will it mute all the mic too?

  • Over 44
    Over 44 Year ago

    how do i connect the rally plus with a macbook? is this possible?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      What is the scenario you are specifically looking for? Connect the Mac during a meeting to share the screen, or some other use case?

  • Assembly Elmer's
    Assembly Elmer's 7 months ago

    I can't understand what kind of software should run the NUC? there is any software to connect the TAP to the NUC ?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  7 months ago

      Whoever you purchase your room system through, the NUC should come pre-loaded with a special, locked down version of Windows 10 IoT, running the Microsoft Teams Rooms app. By default, the Teams Rooms app launches at startup, and there is no way to access the OS unless you have the local admin password. The Tap ships preloaded with what it needs - it will just be seen by the Teams Rooms app over USB as a special external touch display.

  • Hoekstes
    Hoekstes 2 years ago

    For a video reviewing av equipment the sound is below par.

  • Chuck Grigg
    Chuck Grigg Year ago

    My Camera seems to have just stopped working. Is there a way to reset it?

  • eWhizz - All things bright and technical!

    Does the table hub always need power?

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      @eWhizz - All things bright and technical! Poe injectors I've used are 56v the hub needs 120v. Maybe in the next version Poe and or wireless would be an option. This system is a struggle for anyone that likes super clean OCD installs with cable management.

    • eWhizz - All things bright and technical!
      eWhizz - All things bright and technical! 8 months ago

      @DJ Do you know how many Amps are required? Perhaps one of those PoE to DC plug adapters would be good to provide a single cable installation.

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      @eWhizz - All things bright and technical! No poe AC powered required.

    • eWhizz - All things bright and technical!
      eWhizz - All things bright and technical! Year ago

      @Expert of Things & Stuff No PoE?

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
  • Daniel Ib M
    Daniel Ib M Year ago

    Allows H. 323 or SIP video calls?

  • Issaka Maman Lourwana
    Issaka Maman Lourwana 2 years ago +1

    Thank your for that video

  • Iain Macpherson
    Iain Macpherson Month ago

    i found this confusing, what with the workaround you had in place....

  • ebenezer hayford
    ebenezer hayford Year ago

    My touch pad is not coming on so am unable to pair with the code

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      Sorry, what are you trying to pair? And when you say TouchPad, are you referring to the Tap?

  • Matteo Segala
    Matteo Segala Year ago

    They say they solved the problem of cables but I just see cables everywhere. 😂

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      You are correct no matter how good you are at cable management you end up with a spaghetti factory. There are too many devices that require too many different cables. Hopefully with their next system Logitech will eliminate so many cables and offer poe power and wireless option.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  Year ago

      Keep in mind, that in this video, I am not using any of the optional mounts that hide cables under table surfaces, nor have I drilled any holes in the table surface for running the cables "out of sight"

  • Bo Stark
    Bo Stark Year ago

    That's a lot of hubs.

  • Mithaldu
    Mithaldu Year ago

    the sound is absolutely atrocious and you show only camera settings, are you sure you have the sound set up correctly?

  • Oki Dokie
    Oki Dokie 2 years ago +1

    is the quality shitt bc you got it from a screen cap because i swear it looks worse than my brio. this is a 1400$ camera i need to know if its worth it or if i should get a dslr

    • DJ
      DJ 8 months ago

      Just did this exact unit setup in a 12 person conference room. The video quality issue is having to use the USB-3 to HDMI adapter into the nuc that screws up the display quality settings. It's not the adapter itself it's having the adapter connected, as there's only one HDMI port on the nuc. One screen is bright and vibrant the other screen is dull and washed out. Flip flops and it's not the adapter it's just having a second screen plugged into a nuc that doesn't have the dual HDMI ports. It's a very glitchy system there is a lot going on to try to make it right.

    • InCahoots
      InCahoots Year ago

      Very possible that the quality could be getting knocked down from the USB to HDMI converter. I've never seen one in action that worked as well as a native connection. Something to keep in mind.

    • Expert of Things & Stuff
      Expert of Things & Stuff  2 years ago

      Which portion are you referring to the quality about? Where in the video