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Tesla FINALLY fixed this huge Model 3/Y issue! 😲


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  • Jeremiah Payne
    Jeremiah Payne Month ago +2768

    "That's a brilliant solution to a problem that shouldn't exist"

    • Saga Kolapakka
      Saga Kolapakka 9 days ago

      Always complaining 🙄🙄

    • Jeremiah Payne
      Jeremiah Payne 9 days ago

      @1Unknown1 grab handle, yank hard. If it's really frozen then the Tesla automatic doors still won't open, mechanical doors can still be yanked

    • Jeremiah Payne
      Jeremiah Payne 9 days ago

      @Weece Wunke The Women Respector grab handle, yank hard. If it's really frozen then the Tesla automatic doors still won't open, mechanical doors can still be yanked

    • hry1na
      hry1na 9 days ago

      If they can afford a tesla I'm sure they can afford a garage

    • 1Unknown1
      1Unknown1 9 days ago

      What if ur door don’t open cuz of the ice

  • Zippy Thekid
    Zippy Thekid 25 days ago +2602

    In the olden days, we used a lighter on our key.

    • Penuel Daimari
      Penuel Daimari 4 minutes ago

      2.6k likes and 23 comments??? Lemme fix that

    • Seriously?
      Seriously? Day ago

      @Qhronoz fax

    • Sack
      Sack 2 days ago

      I still do this with my audi a3 05. Its a son of a bitch sometimes

    • MaxBlight
      MaxBlight 3 days ago

      In the olden days cars going 60 mph is unheard off.

    • Viral V
      Viral V 3 days ago

      1.8k likes and 21 comments??? why are you geh?

  • John Darby
    John Darby 27 days ago +939

    when i saw the "only took 5 years" i laughed so hard

    • MaxBlight
      MaxBlight 3 days ago

      You should see how long it took cars to have top speed of 60 mph from its creation.

    • SysOS Tv
      SysOS Tv 6 days ago

      no , if you cant push it the elctric magnit is can't

    • Risky Gamer
      Risky Gamer 7 days ago +1

      lol same

    • cgam
      cgam 7 days ago +1


    • Joseph Arrow
      Joseph Arrow 8 days ago +5

      ​@Zentyx he likely wasn't trying to please you, but rather talking to the OP. chill lmao

  • J K
    J K 19 days ago +862

    "Honey, my water just broke"
    "Fuck, AT&T"

    • Chrollo
      Chrollo 10 hours ago

      ​@Jay he got a slow network so his Tesla app ain't working

    • Jay
      Jay Day ago

      Huh, I don't get it. What does AT&T have to do with anything

    • Raycuro’s Gameplay
      Raycuro’s Gameplay 4 days ago +1

      Underated coment🤣

    • GimmeThatQuan
      GimmeThatQuan 4 days ago +2

      But that's how she got pregnant in the first place

    • Cutie Bunny Amber
      Cutie Bunny Amber 15 days ago +4


  • Stickboy 19
    Stickboy 19 27 days ago +79

    "Just punch it"-Elon Musk The literal CEO of Tesla

  • Mike 1462
    Mike 1462 Month ago +2837

    If the latch is frozen, there's a good chance the door is frozen

    • Abel Mesfin
      Abel Mesfin 3 days ago

      Very clever 👏

    • Utube Watcher
      Utube Watcher 3 days ago

      TY...from the North

    • Kharmn U
      Kharmn U 5 days ago

      Thank you

    • John.S
      John.S 6 days ago

      Don't do that my dude, you're going to hurt the tesla gays, I mean boys feelings

    • cave cat
      cave cat 7 days ago +1

      Common on normal cars

  • D.R
    D.R 8 days ago +44

    If it's frozen over your handle, then the whole door will be frozen too

  • Your Local Shooter
    Your Local Shooter 22 days ago +20

    Doesn’t matter if you get water between the door jam. It’ll be frozen sold. You’ll need a handle to pull on to break the seal.

    • Kingkyle1400
      Kingkyle1400 7 days ago +2

      can confirm all 4 doors froze shut on my buick lesabre i had to pulled on the handle really hard to break it loose

  • Rhino Brink
    Rhino Brink 5 days ago +10

    If it's frozen, that won't help. The door will still be frozen shut

  • CerN
    CerN 20 days ago +12

    Imagine just having a door handle that works all year round....

  • Makayla
    Makayla  20 days ago +22

    Could you imagine. You wake up on a snowy day, and forgot to charge your phone, so you go to your power bank charger for your phone and realize you forgot to charge that too, all while your door handle is frozen shut.
    Ah, the future of the energy world.

  • eric shun
    eric shun 25 days ago +2

    this is what you get when you try to reinvent something that has worked perfectly fine for 100s of years

  • Tony
    Tony 24 days ago

    It was freezing in Edinburgh last week. My daughter almost broke the door while there were ice and snow all over the car. Your video has saved me from having a lot of trouble. Thanks a million

  • Farns Worth
    Farns Worth 5 days ago

    Well done, they made something even more complicated for no reason.

  • colin a
    colin a Month ago +69466

    “Not today bruh my car gotta update”

  • Rest In Pieces RC
    Rest In Pieces RC 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to just make a heated door handle using something similar to how heated seats or defroster lines on rear windows work?

  • ZER0
    ZER0 4 days ago

    It’s honestly pretty cool to see cars getting updates… but they should’ve just stuck to the old handle design

  • TwistedWookie32
    TwistedWookie32 3 days ago +3

    What’s funnier is Tesla not understanding that doors get frozen just as easily as the handles

  • Sam Isn’t real
    Sam Isn’t real 12 days ago

    The engineers on my early 90s car actually figured out a solution to this same problem, thirty years ago and with no electronics.

  • TheTbet
    TheTbet Month ago +4306

    I want see the actual frozen door opening with that app

    • ThatWardrobeGuy
      ThatWardrobeGuy 7 days ago

      ​@scumbag Volkswagen. Das Auto.

    • ThatWardrobeGuy
      ThatWardrobeGuy 7 days ago

      ​@Bearded Canadian that is between the temperatures of the south pole (-49C) and your freezer (15C)
      Those aren't winter levels

    • ThatWardrobeGuy
      ThatWardrobeGuy 7 days ago

      ​@xxx it's not gonna move either way bub. You have to push on the Tesla handle to use it so your point doesn't exist

    • ThatWardrobeGuy
      ThatWardrobeGuy 7 days ago

      ​@ab c are you suggesting that gas cars are so weak that someone could easily steal them by just opening the door forcefully?

    • ThatWardrobeGuy
      ThatWardrobeGuy 7 days ago

      ​@Nova Master I don't know many places that are cold enough to freeze metal

  • Peter Wale
    Peter Wale 26 days ago

    Maybe have heated door handles that measure the temp and defrost them as they charge. On the flip side of that they could have chilled door handles for hotter climates so you don't scold your hand.

  • Fallout Guy
    Fallout Guy 23 days ago +1

    Part of why I like Teslas. Don't have to go in to a shop. Just update it and it just works. Nice AF.

  • killkiss_son
    killkiss_son 6 days ago +1

    Fun fact : you can't open the doors when the handles are frozen on any car ...
    Fun fact #2: you break the ice over the handle and you can open the door
    Fun fact #3 : Tesla had to add this option in the app because people don't understand fun fact number 1 and 2

  • energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged

    Yes, but the water gets in the edges of the door and freezes making the whole door stick. Preheating the car can probably fix that, but it uses lots of energy

  • R R
    R R Month ago +1581

    The fact that you need an app to open your door in the winter is nuts.

    • Nob ody
      Nob ody Month ago

      @Nova Master doubt the latch it self was frozen unless they live in Alaska or something. We get freezing rain here every other year or so. Have a half inch thick wall of ice covering ur car u gotta chip/thaw. Just break it off in sheets

    • R R
      R R Month ago

      @WarrenWeekly Regular handles are meant to be pulled. Unless you're just yanking the shit out of the handle, you're not going to pull it off. Again, i've never once had an issue opening a car door, just need to push the door in and wiggle a little.

    • WarrenWeekly
      WarrenWeekly Month ago

      @R R I live in Canada, believe me I know the cold. And I had fords and Chryslers before my Tesla I have now. Tesla is by the far the best for cold weather and ice because of the app, not in spite of it. The BMW and Infiniti were better built but you risk so much damage without some sort of app like this to defrost the handles.

    • WarrenWeekly
      WarrenWeekly Month ago

      @MicoDossun that breaks it.

    • F Gohnson
      F Gohnson Month ago

      @WarrenWeekly Huh. I’ve driven Infinitis in freezing weather before and they only need a bit of elbow grease to open

  • TV_M@N
    TV_M@N 27 days ago


  • joeyghost
    joeyghost 25 days ago

    The funny part is that ice and freezing temperatures can do alot more than freeze that door handle from unlatching.

  • TipTap
    TipTap 27 days ago +194

    “Only took five years 💀”
    Every game patch in a nutshell

    • TipTap
      TipTap 6 days ago

      Ok I was trying to make a joke and you guys decided to get ur panties in a bunch because of it also if we were to add all your likes together times it by 100 you guys would still have 0 likes in your replies

    • jake
      jake 6 days ago +1

      LMAOOOOOO bro has 100 likes

    • Ibrahim Younis
      Ibrahim Younis 6 days ago +2

      bro you got a hundred likes dont pat yourself on the back 😭😭

    • Ky_Ify
      Ky_Ify 6 days ago +1

      I’m so famous 🤓

    • ThatWardrobeGuy
      ThatWardrobeGuy 7 days ago +1

      Bruh 145 likes is alot of people but it's not famous sadly

  • gercek
    gercek 26 days ago

    “oh lemme update my car”🤓

  • William Deasy
    William Deasy Month ago +5123

    So the handle is frozen but the door isn’t . It’s pure magic.

    • Kaede Schulz
      Kaede Schulz Month ago

      @Dublin Patterson LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Dublin Patterson
      Dublin Patterson Month ago

      @Kaede Schulz I’m a dumb American I would have to look that up 😭😭

    • Kaede Schulz
      Kaede Schulz Month ago

      @Dublin Patterson 20 Fahrenheit? What's that in actual unit's of measurement?

    • Kaede Schulz
      Kaede Schulz Month ago

      @Dublin Patterson Yea well true with such a car i guess. Didn't think of that. Yet when it's cold you are less likely to be tired so you leave it cold till you start driving you are less tired i guess.

    • Dublin Patterson
      Dublin Patterson Month ago

      @Kaede Schulz I mean that’s the argument right the way I see it in that temperature you would rather warm up your car anyway I normally do when’s it’s below 20

  • RiverShark
    RiverShark 10 days ago

    Problem: door handle freezes because of the ice.
    Solution: move away from the north pole possibly towards the south pole.

  • The OpenerMemes
    The OpenerMemes 3 days ago

    "here at tesla we like to create solutions for the problems we created ourselves"

  • Apfel Freund
    Apfel Freund 26 days ago +1

    Imagine needing your phone to get into your car.
    Tesla fan bois are really fascinating. Sounding like a way to late """bug""" fix is a stroke of being genius.
    This shouldn't be never been a true issue

  • Matt
    Matt 13 days ago +1

    Or you know, you could just have the handle outside the door-like every other handle in existence

  • Pilikio
    Pilikio Month ago +6457

    Innovation is when you need an app to use your door handle. What a great future we're living in.

    • Fitzacartoon Now
      Fitzacartoon Now Month ago

      @LiveBreatheTech still can’t catch the sarcasm? Everything is OK?

    • Falcy
      Falcy Month ago

      @LiveBreatheTech they have a lot larger and stronger batteries than iPhones
      So it’s comparable
      Although I’m actually quite impressed how even older teslas manage better this video was another reason why no one should buy this. I’d rather take a delorean without power steering any day

    • Atul Tripathi
      Atul Tripathi Month ago

      Imagine if from the app we can send the location to the car and it will directly go there to pickup someone... Maybe your parents from airport.

    • Delatelin
      Delatelin Month ago

      nah this is lazy

    • Kenneth Jorgensen
      Kenneth Jorgensen Month ago

      AWS is down, so you can't open your door. Sorry.

  • Vivianshubby 💗😊

    I would end up punching the ice to break it 😂

  • Peyton Keeton
    Peyton Keeton 24 days ago +3

    Imagine needing an electric car when you can just use the normal that the door handle doesn't freeze over

  • Delta Six
    Delta Six 3 days ago

    I mean he could've just grabbed a screwdriver and used the handle to gently bump the door handle. I do the same thing for jammed door hinges and other difficult latches.

  • Daniel Schneider
    Daniel Schneider 2 days ago

    My in-laws have a Tesla 3 that they let us use while they're on holiday. Based on our experiences in the last couple of weeks I'll *never* buy a Tesla. It's got all manner of features that will warm the heart of a gadget nerd. but as an everyday car for regular people, it's an absolute PITA Pretty much *everything* about the doors is problematic, especially if you live somewhere that gets below freezing with any frequency, and the whole car is full of solutions to problems that no one as ever had.

    DCCLXXXV Month ago +3010

    “Oh the door is frozen. Well that’s fine i can open the door with my phone”
    The ice in the gap of the door: Hola

    • Flassi
      Flassi 17 days ago

      preheat solve all problems

    • Marc-Andre Lachapelle
      Marc-Andre Lachapelle 17 days ago

      ​@Mr Roque lol not always. I assume you don't live in cold city at all. With some big verglas. Even with handle could be difficult to open door.

    • Ahlex Writes
      Ahlex Writes 18 days ago +1

      @CodingFox everyone has to remember that u can defrost your car from the app too and have the heater and set warmers on from whenever you’d like. This would make a huge difference.

    • Jonalyn Macario
      Jonalyn Macario 20 days ago


      JUN_SENBA 21 day ago

      Hmm...how about a whole frozen door...btw if you have tesla you have indor garage...just have tesla without garage how stupid...

  • Blade Vamp
    Blade Vamp 15 days ago

    The moment I saw those doors...I saw safety issues as well as inconveniences.

  • Mr.Speeed
    Mr.Speeed 25 days ago +2

    anyone who lives in the northern areas will know that every once in a while the doors freeze so much you gotta put a bit of elbow grease into opening it that weak ass door pop ain't gonna fix a thing

  • tbagdaskavenger
    tbagdaskavenger 23 days ago

    Could just run a heating element in the handle to keep it warm like the door seal on a freezer. What if i lose my phone in the snow 😂

    FWAKWAKKA 15 days ago

    neat, i just lift the door handles and it breaks the ice off of my cube van/halfton/buick. glad tesla found a solution to this problem though i mean what if there was a handle you could just grab? non sleek design? lowers TSLA stock price.

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V Month ago +98

    Tesla owners: "Tesla updated the door opening app, so now I can open the door when it's frozen over! How innovative!"
    Me with my 20-year old car: *[Pulls door handle, door opens]*

    • Nova Master
      Nova Master Month ago

      ​@Average Alien "It's evolving... just backwards"

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien Month ago +3

      ​@Lukas Offenhorrendous modern car

    • Lukas Offen
      Lukas Offen Month ago +4

      Tesla already got a solution for this earlier: They said just punch the handle...
      And it works!

  • KonstantinGeist
    KonstantinGeist 24 days ago

    What if it's -30C outside and I don't want to expose my fingers to the cold to use the phone's touch screen (which can become unresponsive if too cold). Such is life when technology is designed in a hot region

  • mc fish
    mc fish 26 days ago

    Or you could buy literally any other car made by a company who knows how to build cars. Corvettes have electric door latches also with one big difference. They still have a hand hold. Something you can grab and put some force into opening a door. How many people daily drive a corvette in winter? Not many. But GM knows enough to know that it’s needed. Tesla apparently doesn’t

  • Austin No. 1
    Austin No. 1 27 days ago +3

    If the entire door is frozen, you still have nothing to grab onto to pull it open and break the ice.

  • Ilkka
    Ilkka 24 days ago

    My thumb felt the pain when I saw him push the ice so hard 😂😂😢

  • AvgFemboy
    AvgFemboy 2 months ago +8334

    You know... I’ve never had this problem with NORMAL DOORHANDLES

    • meeeair
      meeeair 26 days ago

      my mom broke some of the trim around her acura door handle because it was iced over

    • F Gohnson
      F Gohnson Month ago

      @Mechanix I guess it was something with new cars. Sometimes you innovate and it doesn’t take an app

    • Mechanix
      Mechanix Month ago

      Funny, seen it happen to my parents 93 cavalier, 96 Plymouth breeze, 99 sunfire.
      I had it happen to my 97 12 valve,03 Buick,04 ranger....

    • Acidic Smash
      Acidic Smash Month ago

      Imagine buying a car based on its door handles. For you it makes sense bc of your username.

    • SlimeyTheSlimer
      SlimeyTheSlimer Month ago

      @ScreamingLegend with normal handles it takes less than a second lol

  • Yourfavorite_Brunette
    Yourfavorite_Brunette 28 days ago

    They also have the defrost for if it gets to frosty or Icy teslas are incredible

  • Евгений Петухов

    Тэсла открывается с мабилы, удачи.

  • Joey Wiggins
    Joey Wiggins 15 days ago

    That's cool but does it have enough power to do it when the door is frozen because usually if the handle is frozen then the door is frozen as well

  • MooseShower
    MooseShower 25 days ago +4

    Now imagine the power going out and your phone’s dead, but you need to get distilled water from the Walmart 5 miles away

  • ɴᴘᴄ ᴍᴀɴ
    ɴᴘᴄ ᴍᴀɴ Month ago +5781

    “hurry he’s bleeding out”
    “wait my phone is loading”

    • Young Meach
      Young Meach 9 days ago


    • a.little.blurry
      a.little.blurry 26 days ago

      I wanted to say "then call an ambulance" but ☠️☠️

    • ɴᴘᴄ ᴍᴀɴ
      ɴᴘᴄ ᴍᴀɴ 28 days ago

      @KG Ty Any phone that isn’t fast enough to load, or has a bad internet connection, or when you are in the middle of some cold place in the middle of nowhere (no 4G, 5G, and just maybe you’ll find 3G)

    • KG Ty
      KG Ty 28 days ago

      What kind of phone needs to load?

    • Mr Rager
      Mr Rager 29 days ago

      ​@Black-Mikey you are a bot

  • [𝕊𝕜𝕪𝕝𝕖𝕣_𝕆𝕤𝕔!] ◡̈♍️

    Congrats! Your car leveled up.

  • Troy Neal
    Troy Neal Day ago

    What do you do when the whole door is frozen?

  • Savukala
    Savukala 3 days ago

    Highly doubt it being able to pop when the whole door is frozen lol

  • Jeremiah Simon
    Jeremiah Simon 27 days ago

    I used the defrost button in the climate section of the Tesla app when we were on vacation up north in this latest cold snap. It took about 15 minutes before I could open my Model 3 in -10 degree weather.

  • FENG san lian
    FENG san lian Month ago +1424

    Robber: *steals phone
    "It comes with a car too, NIIIIIICE!!!"

    • Aditya Hinge
      Aditya Hinge 24 days ago

      ​​@Bloomn That was ages ago. Now they can remotely access your phone with ease.

    • Denis Deari
      Denis Deari Month ago

      @Smite Playz moron I use Android

    • jin1298
      jin1298 Month ago

      @Smite Playz it‘s ok Bro. Just live your life and don‘t loose your phone

    • Smite Playz
      Smite Playz Month ago

      ​@Denis Deari ya know Androids aren't the only phones? 💀👇🏼 Androids exist. Maybe mention them as well

    • Smite Playz
      Smite Playz Month ago

      ​@Roblox_Vids_Kingdom829 i bet these haters will say "well they will hack the tesla"

  • bananita
    bananita 25 days ago

    how did we ever live before the Car App updated to include Open Door. all those years when no one could drive places in the winter. this is truly the innovation of the century

  • StonersDotCom
    StonersDotCom 12 days ago

    As somebody who lives in a cold climate and who's had doors frozen when the latch is frozen doesn't matter how hard you pull on the door it won't open. Doesn't matter if you unlock you with an app if the latch is frozen it won't open.

  • SinghThing Mechanical
    SinghThing Mechanical 16 days ago

    I thought they must have added some heaters on all 4 handles to defrost 😅😅. Silly me 😝

  • Joseph Warren
    Joseph Warren 4 days ago +1

    Ice sealing the door shut:
    *Am I a joke to you?* 🧊 🗿

  • Big Moose Plays
    Big Moose Plays 29 days ago +93

    Great, new idea never heard of before: *normal door handles*

    • Cutie Bunny Amber
      Cutie Bunny Amber 15 days ago +1


    • DJKJThe3rd
      DJKJThe3rd 17 days ago +2

      @Big Moose Plays all teslas are very quick for being normal people cars

    • DJKJThe3rd
      DJKJThe3rd 17 days ago +3

      @Big Moose Plays it’s to get better aero for range. Look at the model 3 long range and you will see how insane the range is onnit.

    • Big Moose Plays
      Big Moose Plays 19 days ago +11

      @MrMhfreak 1) it's no where near the fastest production car
      2) That's 1 of god knows how many Teslas that are fast
      3) Teslas are a car for executives, not speedsters

    • MrMhfreak
      MrMhfreak 19 days ago +1

      @Big Moose Plays Tesla not built for speed? The Model S Plaid is the fastest production car on the planet.

  • Bok
    Bok 19 days ago +2

    *Them driving their Tesla on 150-200 mph*
    Hackerman: Aight, time to open some doors

  • duane howard
    duane howard 3 days ago

    Tesla can always put a heat source in that doors like they do for the mirrors

  • Jaziyah
    Jaziyah 2 days ago

    Let's be honest what if the whole door freezes and you cannot pop open what do you do now?

  • Steve Cesario
    Steve Cesario 19 days ago

    Finally, is it also for model s? This was one of the reasons i sold my 15 model s

  • Cornelius Eisenheim
    Cornelius Eisenheim 2 months ago +1129

    Imagine needing an app update to open a frozen car door. This is Juicero all over again...
    Edit: Since some people seem to deliberately play stupid on this: The fact that the door handle is so poorly designed is what I'm actually complaining about. The app update is just a symptom.

    • J G
      J G Month ago

      ​@Blu Scout the reason the door handles are like that is for aerodynamic efficiency. It's definitely not great in the icy cold but it's also not the only car that has this kind of handle (see Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, and even the R35 GTR).

    • vibez
      vibez Month ago

      @Borkborknomnom 9000 the point of technology is that if you don't like it then you can do it your way. I bet there are people that complain that some banks are online and they prefer to do it the "old fashion" way.
      So if you want keys then guess what, get a car with keys. Don't mean that this one is badly engineered for having something you don't want.

    • Josh Goodman
      Josh Goodman Month ago

      @Borkborknomnom 9000 ah stupid people being stupid, i must have forgot

    • Borkborknomnom 9000
      Borkborknomnom 9000 Month ago

      @Josh Goodman Do you know how common it is to park cars outside even when people own garages?

    • Borkborknomnom 9000
      Borkborknomnom 9000 Month ago +2

      @vibez The difference is that I can still get in my car if my phone is dead/broken, and with a key I can still get in if the key fob stopped working, which they inevitably do.
      I didn't say it's bad because I don't like it, the reliance on an external piece of technology to open the door is a criticism that is absolutely fair. It's a solution for a manufactured problem.
      Sure your door handles look sleek but that's the only real benefit.

  • blik thepro
    blik thepro 3 days ago

    cant wait to use one of those signal dolphin things to easily open a tesla

  • Drew Matthews
    Drew Matthews 23 days ago

    Bro my 2007 volvo has similar door handles and i just bang on the door so that the vibrations crack the ice enough for the handle to open. Then it’s a matter of not ripping the handle off bc the door is frozen shut lol. Don’t know how Tesla won’t break any mechanical components if that happens, my sunroof bent from the -30 wind chill crap in the Midwest this winter and it doesn’t even have strong new electronics.

  • Choo Chui kian
    Choo Chui kian 15 days ago

    Tesla took 5 years just to release that feature I'm truly diappointed🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  • Lucas Ivy
    Lucas Ivy 26 days ago

    I mean they could have just made the door handles heat up a little bit but I guess that would also make the car more expensive than it already is

  • Andy Winds
    Andy Winds 2 months ago +734

    Other automotive manufacturers also have an "unlatch door" feature. You activate it by grabbing the door handle and pulling, then the door comes unlatched and opens.
    It even works with thick gloves!

    • J G
      J G Month ago

      ​@Konstance Makjavelī I get the glove box button is on a screen, but there is a physical stalk for the turn signals.💀

    • Kena
      Kena Month ago

      @Orgon Sturdin oh no, good car design? why i never. Tesla's are dogshit and you know it

    • Saul moment
      Saul moment Month ago

      @Orgon Sturdin yes tesla owner paid for the minimalistic designs and technology that made lives easier, not for them to have the extra struggles normal car doesn't possess

    • vibez
      vibez Month ago

      @Konstance Makjavelī ^ someone without proof

    • Konstance Makjavelī
      Konstance Makjavelī Month ago

      @vibez you can google it

  • Ronald Rusev
    Ronald Rusev 5 days ago

    I can't even imagine how easy it would be to steal tesla this way

  • Ryder
    Ryder 5 days ago

    What’s funny is your whole car will be covered with ice so your door wouldn’t open😂

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 25 days ago +6

    unless your door is frozen, then good luck

  • An
    An 27 days ago

    But what happens when the whole door is frozen? This happens sometimes with my car

  • Sorry.guys.I’m.not.gay.
    Sorry.guys.I’m.not.gay. Month ago +6559

    “Damn my phones in the car” 💀

  • thank you
    thank you 4 days ago

    I dont think it’ll work on layers of ice either way lol

  • The Tropical Beaster
    The Tropical Beaster 11 days ago +1

    I tried it on my dad's tesla and it worked!

  • Umbri
    Umbri 23 days ago

    Mercedes (a real car brand) also has flush handles. But these just pop out automatically when you’re close to the car with your key

  • Jake
    Jake 22 days ago

    Or they could just add heated handles in newer cars 🤓

  • Bloop Bleep
    Bloop Bleep Month ago +2750

    What y’all gonna do when your door gets frozen over like a little push aint gonna break ice-

    • F Gohnson
      F Gohnson Month ago

      @drcuffe with Tesla you have to forcefully push the handle. With other cars you pull the handle and then it releases.

    • WladPalownik
      WladPalownik Month ago

      @Raman Kaurso you actually don’t need opening option if you can defrost your car and just open it manually 🤔

    • Daddy Vader
      Daddy Vader Month ago

      @Bricen Ray They fixed the issue. The door will open instead of the handle of that doesn’t work you can hit the defrost button. It’s pretty simple. 3 solutions

    • Purple potato
      Purple potato Month ago +1

      @STGeorge yeah but you can at least brute force actual handles

    • Bobby Murphy
      Bobby Murphy Month ago


  • MasterOG
    MasterOG 3 days ago

    Does he not realize that it’s frozen layer over the whole side and slightly inside to keep the door from moving even with that little help the door might just beep telling u hey something is blocking my path 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Justin
    Justin 17 days ago

    How did the engineers not initially consider this. Literally in building any product you need to review the most commonplace use cases... in this context your end users can live in cold climates. "What can happen to our cars under these conditions? Oh! The door handle can get stuck."

  • Nick R
    Nick R 28 days ago

    Tesla simps actually thinking this will fix anything when your entire car is frozen solid

  • Rei~
    Rei~ 12 days ago

    How safe is the software security on that thing?

  • Milan De Clercq
    Milan De Clercq 2 months ago +11348

    Imagine being dependent on an app to open a car door.

    • Riccardo Balbo
      Riccardo Balbo Month ago

      @GalaxyAnimates so? Even worse, you need to take extra steps to open a car door when it's freezing cold outside

    • R C
      R C Month ago

      @steven stovall tesla haters are wearing tin hats today, just like yesterday, and the day before...

    • R C
      R C Month ago

      @Andre Gardner that’s BMW, not Tesla

    • Turre Tuntematon
      Turre Tuntematon Month ago

      Imagine not understanding that this is a feature to use only in rare situations if the door is frozen due to extreme weather.

    • Nubs
      Nubs Month ago

      ​@AppleJuice 174theres a defrost option on the app also but its still dumb never the less

  • Sponge warudo defenitely not a jojo refrence

    With the ice in the first video that door is going nowhere, it would be better if there was like a handle and or door crack heater

  • JakeNiGemma
    JakeNiGemma 3 days ago

    Wow very helpful, i hope they make it on my bike

  • Mike L
    Mike L 3 days ago

    should create some heat for the door to melt the ice

  • lulu 0xx
    lulu 0xx 21 day ago +1

    I’d like to see the frozen door open with that app ☠️☠️

  • YTuser45
    YTuser45 Month ago +1086

    Everybody gangsta till it’s so frozen that the door won’t open

    • SwainEasyCarry
      SwainEasyCarry 24 days ago

      ​@Kaede Schulz check your only transport before last moment and defrost it using function "defrost car" that was shown in the video.

    • Jamey1016
      Jamey1016 Month ago

      L. Even with a car with normal handles these suckers can get so frozen that you can sit there yanking it and it doesn’t even budge. Last year I had to just keep punching my car so I could rip the sheets of ice off.

    • Kaede Schulz
      Kaede Schulz Month ago

      @Kreezz Official I guess the door is leaky then?

    • Maxx BMD
      Maxx BMD Month ago

      Punch the ice

    • Kreezz Official
      Kreezz Official Month ago

      ​@Kaede Schulz other car doors freeze too bruh. I would know, I couldn't get in my monte carlo this morning

  • SpoonfullofSandrock
    SpoonfullofSandrock 26 days ago

    Now just wait for the latch to freeze open.

  • myjetmotion
    myjetmotion 21 day ago

    I was waiting for the satisfying part where the ice cracks or something

  • Fordifly
    Fordifly 26 days ago +4

    If the door is frozen shut that ain’t gonna work either lol

    THE DAY FAMILY 6 days ago

    Never mind entire life have I ever seen somebody struggle to open a frozen door I use a lighter and brake fluid and I can pop mine open pretty easy not only that mine doesn’t have a stupid door handle😂

  • Nathan Goode
    Nathan Goode 25 days ago

    Now they made it 10 times easier to break into your car