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He Lost All His Muscle In 100 Days

  • Published on Jan 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • He Lost All His Muscle In 100 Days #shorts

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  • Nasty1x -XAIN-
    Nasty1x -XAIN- 2 months ago +115217

    At least muscle memory is a thing

  • FoldedCandle
    FoldedCandle Month ago +6459

    15 years of muscle memory is gon fix it like nothing

    • Erik Jordas
      Erik Jordas 2 days ago

      Naaah bro

    • The Mandalorian
      The Mandalorian 16 days ago +4

      ​@Will Thomas bro had amazing shoulders pecs and traps for his age wdym

    • Maricel Ty
      Maricel Ty 28 days ago +3

      ​@Pie Squared π² ok

    • Will Thomas
      Will Thomas 29 days ago +16

      He wasn’t even that muscular to start he’ll gain it back quickly

    • Luthor
      Luthor Month ago +21

      @Pie Squared ok

    NBA REAL TALK 17 days ago +456

    What people don’t know is that once you’ve reached that level, getting back to it takes a fraction of the time if you get out of shape.

  • josié
    josié 2 months ago +6454

    bro, let's get him to the foot doctor first for those infected toenails

    • Kitten Mimi
      Kitten Mimi Month ago

      ​@strawberrie you don't have to be an expert to see it's like has these weird jagged tears and is yellow and green like you know, not normal. I mean unless yours looks like that too so you thought it's normal...

    • Iain Fraser
      Iain Fraser Month ago

      @terry folds well tell him then

    • Iain Fraser
      Iain Fraser Month ago

      @terry folds I never said it was an infection.
      so, really you wrote to me and said his toenails may or may not smell bad when I never said they did.
      I in fact said they “might” smell.
      So what’s your point?
      Do you want to debate on wether his toenails might or might not smell?
      Or are you just defending the man’s toes?

    • terry folds
      terry folds Month ago

      @Iain Fraseryellowing isn’t an infection and it may not even smell bad.

  • 005Amergin
    005Amergin Month ago +691

    Bob needs to go to a foot doctor asap

  • Black Sheep Welding
    Black Sheep Welding Month ago +167

    I tore a muscle and didn’t go back to the gym for almost 2 years. I was 165lbs 4 months ago and now im pushing 190 on a good day. Muscle memory is amazing

    • Jahbless
      Jahbless 11 days ago

      ​@Hammad Shahid 😂😂😂😂

    • Hammad Shahid
      Hammad Shahid 18 days ago +3

      ​@Black Sheep Welding Thanks for sharing, I'll never do weighted dips

    • Black Sheep Welding
      Black Sheep Welding Month ago +6

      @Victor Cortes weighted dips never again it still feels weird to do unweighted dips

    • Victor Cortes
      Victor Cortes Month ago +2

      How did you tear it?

  • Lxihx
    Lxihx 2 months ago +19788

    He never skipped his leg days what a legend

    • Me1z0r
      Me1z0r 6 days ago

      He did watch the full video

      UCHIHA ITACHI 14 days ago

      19k likes , let me add 27th comment 😂

    • SpunkyMonkeyEUW
      SpunkyMonkeyEUW 21 day ago

      He never skipped juice day until his injury.

    • Just me
      Just me Month ago

      Bro my leg got injured 😭I cant even walk probably

      ABHINAND PAUL M Month ago

      @JH foxen from gym right?🙂

  • AmFy
    AmFy Month ago +40

    The thing about training is- your muscles grow really fast, the problem lies with your joints, bones and ligaments that have to get used to the sport. They take longer to get used to it but they also stay that way longer, meaning all he has to to is get back the muscle, not also get everything else back into shape

  • airu-ザクザック
    airu-ザクザック Month ago +17

    "3leg days a week"
    Bro strong af

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago +15516

    Bro sounds so chill even tho he tore his muscle 💀

    M3TALG0DS 21 day ago +10


  • KiroAmigo
    KiroAmigo Month ago +11

    His body tried to handle the Smash attack movement.

  • Lemuria1993
    Lemuria1993 Month ago +8872

    I mean, after 100 days still looks way more fit than the average person

    • Jordy Kickflips
      Jordy Kickflips 7 days ago

      We are devolving into idiocracy. Just look at all these nonsensical comments trying to one up each other. Crabs in a bucket mentality, good lord.

    • Nukedude 243
      Nukedude 243 9 days ago

      @John You’re European, aren’t you

    • BigMike910
      BigMike910 11 days ago

      Him after he fell off, is looking about like me on my best day😂😂

    • Lazersigma
      Lazersigma 15 days ago

      @John America isn't even in the top 10 fattest countries.

  • missyyxox 🍦
    missyyxox 🍦 Month ago +32


    • Kakaz1
      Kakaz1 Month ago

      "BABES" 🤓

    • missyyxox 🍦
      missyyxox 🍦 Month ago +1


    • seva
      seva Month ago +1

      wtf, there’s only a second or two where it shows his feet and even then you can’t really see anything. why you looking there anyways???? It’s blocked mostly by text

    • 7eventhprez
      7eventhprez Month ago +1

      That’s what I’m saying 😂

  • Parzival
    Parzival Month ago +1

    This really helps me justify not working out, thank you.

  • George Sebastian
    George Sebastian 2 months ago +7833

    If you've been working out for a very long time, you just sneeze and just like that you're back

    • yes
      yes 29 days ago

      @George Sebastian both matters, if you’re on steroids and get off of it and don’t work out, you’re gonna lose muscle at a faster rate than if you’re natty. This has been scientifically proven again and again

    • George Sebastian
      George Sebastian 29 days ago

      @yes it does not matter if you are natty or not... When your brain gets used to the process it's going to be like repeating a class

    • yes
      yes Month ago

      @Bruhl hmm, i guess that was a comprehension mistake on my part, so my bad. but his point was, although you would still lose muscle from not working out as a natural, it’s just much faster as a non natty

    • Bruhl
      Bruhl Month ago

      @yes ok what does this have to do with me. All I said is that being natural doesn’t stop you from losing your muscle mass lol. I have lost my muscle quickly multiple times due to surgeries and had to start over again

    • cTG
      cTG Month ago

      @꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ i know that, my point was different

  • Nathália Isabella
    Nathália Isabella Month ago +8

    thankfully if I ever get injured, I got nothing to lose

  • кנ64
    кנ64 24 days ago +4

    If they were natty gains they would stay longer then 100 days.

  • Nicko
    Nicko 2 months ago +8972

    My man needs a pedicure

    • Nick Myers
      Nick Myers Month ago +2

      Bruh that shit was nasty 🤮 get some anti fungal meds my guy somebody start a gofundme for him

    • Shaan Lone
      Shaan Lone Month ago

      This is why I love the internet

    • Kino D
      Kino D Month ago

      Bro as soon as I saw him I was like bro is gonna get flamed in the comments 😂

  • Alin Marian
    Alin Marian 22 days ago +1

    The discipline and muscle memory he has is gonna fix that in no time.
    good luck bro.

  • Billy Frat
    Billy Frat Month ago +1

    I need to get back to how I was before I tore my labrum in my shoulder. What kind of transformation did he make?

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg 2 months ago +18846

    Now we get to see how muscle memory really works

    • coasteys coasteys
      coasteys coasteys Month ago

      ​@Papa pronator
      It's muscle memory brah

    • SpecialJ11
      SpecialJ11 Month ago

      ​@msschubi You have things called motor neurons. Your nervous system remembers how much muscle you had and how to use it. All it takes is putting the mass back on, which your body is fast at because your metabolism, gut, enzymes, etc. are all used to building and maintaining lots of muscle.

    • Papa pronator
      Papa pronator 2 months ago

      @Corpsie but your muscles aren’t remembering anything, they don’t have a brain. It’s a strange term. That’s my point.

    • Gamer🙂🎮
      Gamer🙂🎮 2 months ago

      @Corpsie words can and should change.

    • Corpsie
      Corpsie 2 months ago

      @Papa pronator u literally just said the definition of muscle memory my guy

  • Braxton Pennington
    Braxton Pennington Month ago +1

    Thank you for telling me this I just ripped almost all of my tricep off the bone recently getting surgery in 2 days

  • ConorMceee
    ConorMceee 24 days ago

    These comments give me hope! Torn ACL,MCL and medial cartilage after a knee dislocation and I've lost so much muscle and gained a gut in just 4 months... Can't wait to get fit and strong again after recovery post op 💪🏻

  • Rory Wescombe
    Rory Wescombe 2 months ago +20025

    Bro just started talking to the camera whilst his friends bicep is torn💀

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @A Bowl Of Xpired Milk God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @Ben Dover God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @fusi God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @Mahesh Bibe God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @Maoko God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

  • Paytonist 💜
    Paytonist 💜 Month ago +2

    My dad tore his bicep at work (he’s an electrician) a few months ago and he couldn’t do anything for a few months.. when he got back to work he could hardly pick up the things he used to be able to with ease

  • DCabrera004
    DCabrera004 Month ago

    My man is standing there in shear agony n your just commentating.
    *LOVE IT*

  • Gobiscout
    Gobiscout 2 months ago +2363

    Won’t even take 90 days, he’ll be back to normal in 60

    • Sabotage
      Sabotage 7 days ago

      ​@Dios es nuestro Salvador síganlo he's natty

    • Waffen-SS
      Waffen-SS Month ago


    • Waffen-SS
      Waffen-SS Month ago

      You don't know how much i have been waiting for this :

    • theymademe pickaname
      theymademe pickaname Month ago +1

      He is back to normal. Now he has to go back to the gym to try and puff himself up again.

  • Aditya Kumar Sahoo
    Aditya Kumar Sahoo Month ago

    My man literally was waiting for this moment to make a video on it😳

  • Nikolai Korsov
    Nikolai Korsov Month ago +1

    Happens really easily when you push your body past its genetic disposition. Some people just pack and keep muscle really well and some have to work a bit harder to keep ot up

  • AntonioDucc
    AntonioDucc 2 months ago +1853

    bro is still more fit than me 💀

    • Regele Palmierilor
      Regele Palmierilor Month ago

      ​@Klaedoe exactly

    • Klaedoe
      Klaedoe Month ago +1

      @AntonioDucc genetics dont affect whether you can get fit or not. You dont have to be the buffest dude on earth to be fit, nor you have to be slimmest. I believe you can do whatever set your mind to man, even if you dont have great genetics

    • Klaedoe
      Klaedoe Month ago

      @barnie woodward no shit sherlock i wasn't being serious 😭

    • Vignesh Nayak
      Vignesh Nayak Month ago

      @AntonioDucc you can , just be consistent , stop with the negativity

    • Xilent Jay
      Xilent Jay 2 months ago

      That’s sad bro…

  • Rad Dude
    Rad Dude Month ago +1

    I know a guy who did something like this. While he was recovering he would work his other side while doing the motion on his injured side. He read somewhere that it helped retain strength and improve recovery speed. He says that it worked for him

  • apple stroodle
    apple stroodle Month ago +11

    this just gives me another excuse not to even start

  • Tbr Lanchelot
    Tbr Lanchelot 2 months ago +4009

    "Okay, so he just tore his biceps off."

  • Kiddflxcko243
    Kiddflxcko243 Day ago

    It's been 3 months without working out, I still have muscles💀

  • unseen
    unseen 13 days ago

    great commitment, I'd never have such thing

  • Yeisright
    Yeisright 2 months ago +1643

    We not finna let them toes slide 😭

    • Ace
      Ace Month ago +2

      @SeparatiX AMV Bruh if he's saying his mom won't take him he's clearly too young to drive

    • Luke Kingsland
      Luke Kingsland Month ago

      @Gabe Itch if you're serious, get it over the counter. If you Google fungal nail infection, you'll see that it's not something you want to let fester

    • SeparatiX AMV
      SeparatiX AMV Month ago +1

      ​@Gabe Itch just go by urself then tf

  • Sperd
    Sperd Month ago +5

    I couldn’t imagine missing 100 days. I was devastated at how much i lost after pulling a muscle in my chest and that was only a couple weeks

    • Chris of STARS
      Chris of STARS 21 day ago

      Aww poor muscle boy lol

    • Angel
      Angel Month ago

      Wtf how did that happen

    • deejay DJ
      deejay DJ Month ago

      I get annoyed from being off gym for a week or 2 because I’m ill so I can’t imagine being injured like that

  • Rod Belding
    Rod Belding Month ago

    This is what sucks the most about working out. One thing goes wrong and there goes all your hard work. It happened to me, I was in good shape, then I got really sick and couldn't work out for like a month, and just in that month I lost all my muscle definition.

  • Mastroyer Vlogs
    Mastroyer Vlogs 2 months ago +5774

    Muscle memory is finna bless this guy

    • Fryvox
      Fryvox Month ago

      Its like newgame+

    • O_ Bryan
      O_ Bryan 2 months ago

      @RIDDHIJIT SEN yup

    • Viktor Kundovic
      Viktor Kundovic 2 months ago

      @Sayfu HQ bro plays roblox for sure

    • yoey yoey
      yoey yoey 2 months ago

      “Is finna”??

    • OhRightOk
      OhRightOk 2 months ago

      @hunterek ... sorry was there a joke somewhere i missed?

  • gloss
    gloss 10 days ago

    my dad was an athlete when he was younger. like competing in sport events and winning medals and all that stuff. he hasnt worked out since some years now, maybe going to the gym once half a year and has lost quite a lot of muscle mass. but he can still easily do idk like 20 push ups just randomly, even when a little drunk like he does it everyday. muscle memory is an interesting thing truly. so im pretty sure this guy will get back in shape.

  • iggsterify
    iggsterify 9 days ago

    I blew put my knee about 6 weeks ago and I can definitely tell a difference already in leg sizes

  • Daddy Myers
    Daddy Myers 2 months ago +1390

    "His left arm is around 35cm, while his right arm is around 36.5cm"
    *Immediately goes to check comments.*

  • Jeremy Sapienza
    Jeremy Sapienza 29 days ago

    It happened to me when I broke my collarbone, it's horrible but after 18 months I'm bigger and stronger than ever. In case anyone is going through the same shit, you will come out the other side better!

  • MiniChese
    MiniChese Month ago

    similar thing happened to me, in HS my sophomore year i had a complete swimmer body then broke my left arm after 8 months of not being able to work out i went to having a meh body, still struggling to get back into habit of working out

  • Vassera
    Vassera 2 months ago +1312

    Moral of the story. Working out is a never ending battle

    • Rob slams
      Rob slams Month ago

      You can not workout for 3 weeks and still be the same size. You don't start losing muscle for awhile. So don't think if you don't work out for a week you are losing gains. You are not.

    • Oye Hoye
      Oye Hoye 2 months ago

      @Dan Danger unlike you, I'm giving reason behind my point

    • Nemesis86
      Nemesis86 2 months ago

      This is exaggerated for views I didn't lose all my muscle after getting lazy with it during covid and being furloughed and taking a year and a half off, so some guy ain't gunna lose 100% in 3 and a half months, unless he was in a massive caloric defecit, he would lose some yeah and mainly alot of strength but not even close to 100%unless he was starving himself

    • mrslimz_lz
      mrslimz_lz 2 months ago

      ​@Oye Hoye do pushups

    • Dan Danger
      Dan Danger 2 months ago

      ​@Oye Hoye fatherless mindset

  • Kraftik
    Kraftik Month ago

    This video made me feel like my gains are melting away

    DUM DUM DUMMM! 17 days ago

    Good thing muscle memory exists.

  • Goofy ahh nerd
    Goofy ahh nerd 2 months ago +808

    bro really experimentin with humans now 💀

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @Avalerion God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      @DevonDropEmOff God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago

      God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

    • Avalerion
      Avalerion 2 months ago

      Pfp checks out

  • Xk Cd
    Xk Cd Month ago

    I became a truck driver, I haven't worked out much the last year and a half. It's coming back pretty quickly

  • Matthew O'Chuida
    Matthew O'Chuida Month ago +5

    I just had surgery on a torn labrum and torn bicep tendon requiring bicep tenodesis and posterior labrum repair. I’m in the army and full recovery time is 9-12 months for me to get back to full duty. It sucks because I can tell the difference in arms a lot to the point I don’t want to work out. I still can lift my arm past breast level. It’s awful. Seeing this is motivational

    • jan lange
      jan lange Month ago +1

      Had a torn bicep teneon last year, good luck! It will get better sooner than you think, once it begins to regenerate

  • SCOTT Grant
    SCOTT Grant 2 months ago +2493

    I was in the peak shape of my life when I left the USMC. Less than a month later I was hit by a truck going 45mph while I was on foot. The only reason I survived is because the truck had enough clearance to go over my body without dragging me. I spent three months in the hospital and had three years of surgeries to finally repair my shattered pelvis properly. That meant I spent most of those three years in a bed. I'm kind of a shell of my former self and yet I'm as close to 100% as I'll ever be.
    I used to love working out but all this shit made me lose that drive. I hope I can find it again

    • Dr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate Billionaire
      Dr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate Billionaire 19 days ago

      ​@Poopy PoopMuscle memory already is like roids

    • Dr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate Billionaire
      Dr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate Billionaire 19 days ago

      ​​​@Danny PTry stemcells like Ronnie Coleman maybe if nothing else works like other surgeries

    • Imposter
      Imposter 2 months ago

      Dude you're strong af now mentally i bet!

    • Aidan .C
      Aidan .C 2 months ago +1

      Thank you for your service and I pray you return to full strength in Jesus Name. You can do it.

    • Cocodanuts
      Cocodanuts 2 months ago +1

      Bro, you’re lucky to still be with us. That’s more than enough for you to try again, for all those that lost that chance. (edit:typo)

  • alan whittington
    alan whittington Month ago

    This made me feel so good. Im 6 foot 2 and i weight about 145 to 150. I just started working out to gain muscle. I think that maybe Im doing that bad. I hope bro gets his muscle back!

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    I did the exact same thing. I don’t understand why people can’t still work out from this or a lot of injuries. I still ran. Did abs. Legs etc. lost muscle in my left arm obviously but didn’t lose anything else

  • Quantum Potential
    Quantum Potential Month ago +446

    Muscle indeed has memory. And it ALWAYS remembers the good ole days and is eager to return.

    • Chris of STARS
      Chris of STARS 21 day ago

      Mmm nah that's not really a thing

    • Quantum Potential
      Quantum Potential Month ago +1

      @Mad Milk Awesome. I didn't know this. I'm gonna key that term into my muscle flux capacitor to help optimize the muscle time machine. Thanks 😊

    • Mad Milk
      Mad Milk Month ago

      @Quantum Potential if I’m not mistaken that’s called myonuclei cells, these are what u cultivate when u workout and are what will get u back all your muscles super fast if you lose any

    • Quantum Potential
      Quantum Potential Month ago +3

      @Miss K oh Missy ... you just need to feed your muscle flux capacitor and your muscles will immediately lift up 88 pounds to return to the past. It's right there in the glove box of the DeLorean, page 33 of the owners manual of the muscle time machine.

    • Miss K
      Miss K Month ago

      Muscle memory is about movements, not building muscle. Your muscles "remember" how to do exercises and skills. They don't remember how to grow bigger. That just comes with the work.

  • Dan Gallagher
    Dan Gallagher 11 days ago

    Been lifting for 10 years now I'm currently 1 month in recovering from a patellar tendon rupture. My left leg has shrunk to probably the same size as it was in my first year of lifting. Looks so god damn weird every time I look at it

  • Wesplaylist
    Wesplaylist Month ago

    I can attest to that. I started working out again 2 years ago. Then I tore my bicep 1 year ago. I haven’t been able to work out since 😡

  • I garfed on the carpet
    I garfed on the carpet 2 months ago +266

    “ah i finally recovered from tearing my bicep”
    “oh good well anyway let’s get your arm back to being thick my man”

  • Theo Zadow
    Theo Zadow Month ago

    I broke my ankle at work and had to have ligament surgery on it in 2021. My poor left Calf muscle looked like a lil chicken leg. The right leg lost some muscle too just from not being able to walk for a while. My left Calf is still a tiny bit smaller than my right but I've gained a lot more muscle back

  • Yoh
    Yoh 20 days ago

    bro i had this video playing for 2 hours without knowing

  • Whit Finks
    Whit Finks 2 months ago +140

    Looks like he got a case if toe nail fungus as well. 👍

  • Michael McGuffin
    Michael McGuffin Month ago

    Your muscles atrophy soo fast. When I had ACL reconstruction, my thigh was tiny just after a week. You really see why paraplegics have such tiny legs

  • Spider Webb Shorts
    Spider Webb Shorts Month ago

    So weird I see this today. A few days ago i tore a tendon in my upper arm/shoulder area while working out

  • Nacho Barrios
    Nacho Barrios 2 months ago +724

    *new fear unlocked*

    • Talion
      Talion 2 months ago

      ​@Bas Lightyear that's dumb you'd litterly be awake the second the mouse gives that first bite.
      Ps: I know it's a joke...

    • James Crawford
      James Crawford 2 months ago

      Fear of them toes

    • TRUESK1lZ
      TRUESK1lZ 2 months ago

      @Rayan maybe 3 to 4 months maybe less it not really a exact science it depends.

    • Bas Lightyear
      Bas Lightyear 2 months ago +8

      What about the fear of waking up in the night to a mouse eating your weiner?

    • Easy Blades
      Easy Blades 2 months ago +3

      @Rayan i fcked up my triceps while working out and I ended up pausing for 2 years altogether…
      It took me like 3-4 months at max to get back to peak but I ate and trained like a psychopath :)
      But no worries muscle memory is a real thing and way stronger than some people might think ^^

  • Mike Liberty
    Mike Liberty Month ago

    I tore my muscle in half you can actually see two parts of it , so I strapped it. And took the pain , man I took a year to heal but it did and I got a lot of strength back. By doing 150 push up every day.

  • Totalmage
    Totalmage Month ago

    Bro, still looks to be better shape than me lol

  • Timothy Tusick
    Timothy Tusick 2 months ago +66

    I went thru a similar experience fighting cancer and it sucks losing all your muscle and having to gain it back, but I will say that the body remembers the strength that it’s had before and it will get back to it quicker than the first time. So if for whatever reason you’re not able to train, or youre sick, or maybe you’ve lost motivation for a long period and lost it all, don’t be discouraged because your body remembers and it wants to be fit again, AKA muscle memory. And this gives you an opportunity to start from scratch, so not only do you have muscle memory on your side, you’re now equipped with all the knowledge you’ve gained from the first time you built your physique. So when you build your physique the second time, you now know what works for you, what you like, what your strengths and weaknesses were the first time, etc. I’ve lost my physique completely, but I gained it back and looked way better than before.

    • Timothy Gianni  Frank Emanuele Waterhouse jr
      Timothy Gianni Frank Emanuele Waterhouse jr 2 months ago +1

      Well that's two guys called Timothy who've had their muscles messed up by cancer, it really is horrible, it just becomes hard to eat 3 meals a day and working out is basically impossible, even when it was stage 1, it was damn near impossible, even a year after recovery I still notice the remnants of what it left me with and working outs nowhere easy as it was and that's insane to say for an 18 year old. But ultimately I assume we both came back stronger and pushed through anyway. Salute to you brother

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand Hanitizer Month ago

    I severed a tendon in my finger which ment that I wasn’t able to work out for 12 weeks and from personal experience I found that it took me about 4 weeks to get back to where I was so he should be back to where he was in around 33 days. 50 at most

  • Ržz'nakh Von Vôraath

    Recomp will treat him nicely the calorie surplus and continued auxiliary work will be critical for coming back. He'll bounce back in half that time I promise.

  • ryan mcgauran
    ryan mcgauran 2 months ago +3655

    Must be irritating to lose all that in 100 days!
    Edit: thanks for all the likes:)

      ARCAD3BLOOD Month ago

      @Shawn M Yeah, I don't think you can debate with yourself.

    • Billyin4C
      Billyin4C 2 months ago

      Clearly you are joking, the guy was healthy, but he did not have a bunch of extra muscle.

    • ➊ MistahTeeLecksAhFly Ⓥ
      ➊ MistahTeeLecksAhFly Ⓥ 2 months ago +1

      @ARCAD3BLOOD I don’t really think he injured his bicep for this but I can see what you’re saying

  • Jericho Does
    Jericho Does Month ago

    Tearing muscles lead to increased estrogen, too - I believe this happens, in an attempt to conserve what mass you do have... But, you then have to work against that fresh out of recovery

  • legendarytoby
    legendarytoby Month ago

    I worked out for 15 years straight too, then the shit storm of 2020 happened lost quite a bit of muscle. And I've really been trying to get back into it.

  • Shadow Scar
    Shadow Scar 2 months ago +542

    It was a nice video
    Hyped for 90 day transformation

    • advena
      advena 2 months ago

      Yeah I don't know, it sounds like a recipe for another torn bicep honestly 🤷.

  • thewildfolk
    thewildfolk Month ago

    All us old folk been there, keep truckin lol

  • L Harshy
    L Harshy Month ago

    I always feel guilty about this kinda stuff. I'm fortunate enough that I can retain muscle VERY easily without working out. I measured my biceps periodically over a year and they were always at 15 inches. I can't imagine the feeling of loss this gives people. It'll always come back though. Stay strong kings.

  • Steve Scruby
    Steve Scruby 2 months ago +299

    Dude he will be back to where he was SO quickly, it’s not going to be anything to worry about. I hope his recovery is complete!

    • Anna Williams
      Anna Williams Month ago +1

      @Steve Scruby recovering from a torn lcl here, thanks for giving me hope. It happened in October and I’ve been sad looking at my skinny little chicken legs wishing I had my beefy sprinter legs back… at least my arms and shoulders are as buff as ever 😅

    • Steve Scruby
      Steve Scruby Month ago

      @gully foyle Always happy to give good info to fellow lifters. I hope you get some good results and peace of mind!

    • gully foyle
      gully foyle Month ago +2

      @Steve Scruby I appreciate man, thanks for long answer. Very thoughtful of you.

    • Steve Scruby
      Steve Scruby Month ago +3

      @gully foyle The real answer is that it varies by individual and genetics. A lot of factors can affect the “return to original physique” timeframe. These can include age, prior training history, gender, severity of injury and quality of personal care during the period of physical inactivity (for example - did this person still maintain good sleep and nutritional habits while injured?)
      In terms of answering your question - how long can a person stay inactive / injured before losing the muscle memory (the ability to quickly recover their physique)? That also depends largely on the same factors I listed above.
      I will share an anecdote about my own history though. I once had a fairly acute injury in my left shoulder - a Grade 2 separation of the acromioclavicular joint. I couldn’t do any pressing (bench, overhead or otherwise) for over a year. However, once I finished my rehab and healed up, I was hitting new PRs in both my bench press and overhead press within six months, and feeling stronger than ever. More weight, more reps, better form, than ever.
      So, in my case, inactivity for 13 or so months didn’t cause me to lose anything for long. I’ve worked with lifters who have been injured for two years and seen them make explosive progress as well.
      If you are injured, focus 100% on getting better as soon as possible. Keep your sleep and diet in good order, do your rehab work intelligently, and do whatever activity you can safely do consistently - even if it’s just light cardio or walking. You WILL recover, and you will not be starting from square one if you already have a prior training history. I know it is disheartening to feel like you’ve lost progress, but don’t give up. You will recover everything you had and more. Just get better and get back to training. You got this.

    • gully foyle
      gully foyle Month ago

      ​@Steve Scruby how long this inactivity can be max before guy loses his muscle memory is 2years a lot for example ?

  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez Month ago

    I had surgery back to back and didn’t train for a year almost, it’s taken me 3 months to get to an even better spot than I was before my surgeries

  • Jakub B
    Jakub B Month ago

    Tore my pec last year and implement the exact same game plan (ie caloric surplus and leg days). I’d say the same thing happened in the first 100 days, and by 200 days I’d regained most of what I had lost.

  • Th3_Kryptik
    Th3_Kryptik 2 months ago +70

    Bro I thought the “torn bicep” thing was a joke at first💀

    • Th3_Kryptik
      Th3_Kryptik 2 months ago +2

      @Meherab BG 21 nah lol there’s footage in the video from a hospital and stuff lol

    • Meherab BG 21
      Meherab BG 21 2 months ago +1

      Wait it’s not? 💀

  • NV Gaming
    NV Gaming Month ago

    After losing all strength in your arm it really hard to get it back to where it was

  • Nedeljko Djordjic
    Nedeljko Djordjic 13 days ago

    I was laying down for 7 days, while being sick, last week. Could not eat anything.. and i can see now that I lost some muscles and weight in that period. And imagine how this dude felt after 100 days. But fak it, lets do it all again!

  • Codename
    Codename 2 months ago +160

    Bro tore his bicep to do this experiment for us. You earn my respect!
    *Respect theme plays in the background*

  • Kneecaps
    Kneecaps 21 day ago

    Back when I had asl reconstruction surgery, I lost so much muscle in my leg that there was a visible difference between them. I was only on crutches for just over a week, you lose that shit fast man..

  • M29
    M29 Month ago +1

    Haven't work out in 2 days and Clip-Share showed me this xdddd it is trying to tell me something ñ

  • blueXedit
    blueXedit 2 months ago +230

    Just goes to show how important it is to consistently train each muscle group.

    • sraks
      sraks 2 months ago +1

      @merisav4 muscle memory will allow for all that muscle to be regained in just a few months compared to the several years it took to build it the first time
      it’s just like building something, building it the first time won’t be easy but building it afterwards will be

    • Largest Yes
      Largest Yes 2 months ago +2

      ​@merisav4 dam u must also be a radical feminist then💀

    • giuseppe
      giuseppe 2 months ago

      ​@merisav4lmaoing at u rn

    • Manuj Madan
      Manuj Madan 2 months ago +13

      ​@merisav4 found the guy who thinks exercising isn't for him lol

    • Fake Raven
      Fake Raven 2 months ago +1

      ​@merisav4 🧢

  • Alem Orahovac
    Alem Orahovac 17 days ago +1

    At the end his weight was 666 ☠️

  • Tom Hillman
    Tom Hillman Month ago

    Muscles do regrow very quickly after losing it, and I think a lot of us learned that over covid. That being said, say safe and don't get discouraged if you get an injury like this. You will bounce back 👍

  • juaniusm
    juaniusm 2 months ago +459

    The interesting thing about the human body is that even when one side of the body is injured, you can still train the other side of the body and the injured side will still have progress or will maintain its size or strength. That's why it's never recommended to stop training a muscle group all together but to train the uninjured side still; it will prevent atrophy and loss of strength on the injured side.
    Edit: I mentioned here the word "progress" when, in reality, I shouldn't have. I should have said that training an uninjured limb will help in preventing the injured limb to lose muscle or strength. But this depends on the length of time the limb is not training of course, the type of injury, and the person. My apologies for confusing anyone!

    • kalle killen22
      kalle killen22 Month ago +1

      @juaniusm only to a small extent. Considering the muscle imbalance that could create it might be smart to stick to cardio and non-unilateral training

    • Kalleous Cheez
      Kalleous Cheez 2 months ago +1

      Another interesting thing is his toenails

    • A Random Roblox Guy
      A Random Roblox Guy 2 months ago +1

      average exam:

    • juaniusm
      juaniusm 2 months ago +1

      @Conner Young I guess I had poor choice of words with that part. You're right about the progress and I am not sure why I said that. I guess i was just thinking fast. I'm sorry that I made it confusing for everyone.
      But it is true that when you train an uninjured limb, the injured limb won't lose as much muscle or strength if you were to just stop training a muscle group completely.
      There are a lot of factors to consider, as to how long the limb isn't being trained, the type of training, the intensity, and so on. There are recent study articles that you can view that talks more in depth about this topic.
      At the end of the day, it's still better to train one side of the body if you can't use the other side for a certain period of time than to completely stop training. 😄

    • Conner Young
      Conner Young 2 months ago

      @@juaniusm That isn't what you said though. You said you would even see progress with the injured side, and you won't. Nor will you prevent atrophy by doing so.

  • Ann Echekoba
    Ann Echekoba Month ago +6

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    nothing beats experience.

    • Todd Leon
      Todd Leon Month ago

      I'm really intending to take so much time and turns with him.

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      akinyemi oluwasheyi Month ago

      That's amazing and nice content I've had so much accomplishment after accepting the introduction of digital unit in the prospect of personal benefits.

  • 8T4_Runner
    8T4_Runner Month ago

    I broke my leg on the 5th. Already lost a lot of muscle since then

  • Yomamacrib 32
    Yomamacrib 32 2 months ago +172

    My dad was involved in a horrific accident was in and out of hospitals for over a year, survived. Weighed around 200 lbs at the time of the accident and around 110 lbs when he was able to walk again. It took him around 7 months to get back to around the same shape. Muscle memory is very real.

    • August von Macksen
      August von Macksen 2 months ago +3

      Congrats to your dad! Very happy he’s able to walk again.

    • KaiUpNXT
      KaiUpNXT 2 months ago +3

      he must've not been eating enough and taking in enough nutrients (which is the nutritional practitioners fault partly)

    • Empty
      Empty 2 months ago +14

      Why weren’t you feeding the man

  • cutleryhands
    cutleryhands Month ago

    Another level of commitment to tear a muscle just for a Clip-Share short

  • Omar Zebboudj
    Omar Zebboudj Month ago

    That's why I don't go to the gym anymore 😂

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago +58

    Fun fact (studying exercise in college so not an expert but am required to read scholarship) your body likes homeostasis so much, that if you exercise your non injured side, your injured side will catch back up and/or make new progress to match the un injured side

    • tanner meche
      tanner meche 2 months ago +1

      @Trey Savage I mean it’s anecdotal but also first hand, I hurt my wriest real bad and couldn’t use the arm at all for months however I refused to give up on working out so did single arm dumbbell bench, dumbbell curls, single arm Cuban press, one armed pushups, everything I could think of and hitting core and leg day a lot, the arm definitely lost some mass but not nearly as much as I was expecting and I retained a surprising amount of strength

    • Trey Savage
      Trey Savage 2 months ago +9

      I’d be interested to see some of the research on that. Because I know that research has shown that muscle damage isn’t actually thought anymore to be the main driver of muscle growth, but surely mechanical tension is still required for each individual muscle to have stimulus and grow. If what your saying is true couldn’t someone just cut their total volume in half by working only half of their body each session and let the other side catch up? Or is this something only related to injuries and is only minor?

  • Konner Ross
    Konner Ross Month ago +2

    Had a similar case. Broke my arm kickboxing, was hitting the gym 6-7 times a week. Crazy how fast it all goes away after spending so much time gaining it

  • Randall Ramsey
    Randall Ramsey Month ago

    Bro I know this man was going through some pain

  • MileyCyrus's Swollen Gums
    MileyCyrus's Swollen Gums 2 months ago +19

    Muscle tearing like that scares me so bad. I'm just waiting for it to happen to me. I'd rather break a bone, there's something about muscle tearing that gives me shivers.

    • Dan
      Dan Month ago +2

      Avoid steroids and be mindful of volume and intensity. And if it helps, it's the tendon that tears. People often overlook tendon health in pursuit of gains but it's so important for long term function. I actually work in surgery and help repair these.

  • Sturgeon. Vibess
    Sturgeon. Vibess Month ago +2

    "But God laughs, for he knows that the day of leg day skippers will come"

    • andrea iooqk
      andrea iooqk Month ago +1

      God is coming back soon!! Repent and Believe!! God loves you and wants a relationship with you💓

  • Alejandro Villalobos
    Alejandro Villalobos 18 days ago +1

    I mean, he still looks good 🔥 muscle or not

  • 2real Tv
    2real Tv 2 months ago +93

    bro teared his muscle on purpose for a video...now that's commitment.

    • Jim Mangold
      Jim Mangold 2 months ago

      @FiNiSH Random R/woosh

    • FiNiSH Random
      FiNiSH Random 2 months ago

      @ccc bbbccc no I'm just right

    • ccc bbbccc
      ccc bbbccc 2 months ago

      ​@FiNiSH Random you're so naive if you really think that

    • FiNiSH Random
      FiNiSH Random 2 months ago +2

      There's no way he did that shit on purpose 😂

    • Zemrokk plays
      Zemrokk plays 2 months ago

      It wasn't on purpose