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Try Not To Laugh Challenge

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Try Not To Laugh meets Whose Line, Scenes from a Hat?! I dare you not to laugh.
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Comments • 1 255

  • Will Becker
    Will Becker Month ago +2352

    "Our wi-fi has been shut down...by ME."
    that's an all-time great Tommy quote right there

    • Melody S
      Melody S 6 days ago

      14:41 (beginning of bit)

    • Jamie Bruner
      Jamie Bruner 6 days ago +1

      You did a bad thing I think!

    • Legendary dude from philly
      Legendary dude from philly Month ago +1

      so basically keep all the real ones at the bottom of the barrel and promote all the nerds and losers and people who got no heart that the way society works now

    • Szombie
      Szombie Month ago +9

      I died at that moment 🤣

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie Month ago +3359

    When Shayne took the "just what the Dr. Ordered" bit literal, I just lost it. 🤣

    • Karma is Psycho
      Karma is Psycho 24 days ago

      ​@Legendary dude from phillyyou good?

    • Nicole Marie
      Nicole Marie Month ago +3

      @Magnus Nilsson yeah, honestly. He is my favorite. His sense of humor is just superb 👌 if I ever need a good laugh and I'm feeling down, I just throw on a Shayne topp compilation video, and all my sadness dissapears.

    • Magnus Nilsson
      Magnus Nilsson Month ago +3

      @Nicole Marie The times I've "just list it" to Shanes bits are uncountable at this point.. the man is a genious.. and his laughing mouth understands it before anyone else does everytime, which just ads to the supremacy that is Shayne Top... =)

    • Patrick Permoser
      Patrick Permoser Month ago +1

      Totally 🤣

    • Nicole Marie
      Nicole Marie Month ago +13

      @Cliff S no, he deff deserves to be called Doctor at this point.

  • Elisha Alexander
    Elisha Alexander Month ago +1029

    Courtney: “I love history.”
    Also Courtney: *immediately forgets one of the most recent historical events to date* 16:58

    • MikeJF85
      MikeJF85 19 days ago

      ​​​@preparedfordementors1123chnically 'Windsor' wasn't part of her regal name anyway, though. When you become queen you don't have a surname anymore. She was just Elizabeth II, of the house of Windsor.

    • Christian Larson
      Christian Larson Month ago

      Current events and history are generally considered different, no? Like, current events can have historical significance, but it's not what anyone means when they talk about history.

    • MoreRobotWarsContent
      MoreRobotWarsContent Month ago

      @Gene GMGY yeah I hope someone gets fucking fired for that blunder.

    • phy
      phy Month ago

      History wasn't history enough

    • Jessica Å
      Jessica Å Month ago +7

      That's more like current events rather than history though... like, yes, it's technically a historical event but she probably wasn't thinking about just last year when history was mentioned lol.

  • ERROR_
    ERROR_ Month ago +940

    Damien "I'm three months clean, four months out of prison and ten years pregnant" 🤣🤣🤣
    And everytime Tommy does voiceovers "The WIFI has been shut down.. by ME"

    • Brent
      Brent 15 days ago

      dunno what's funnier, 10 years pregnant or him saying he continued to take drugs while in prison for a month

  • LovingLipgloss
    LovingLipgloss Month ago +789

    Love watching Damien walk away with full confidence everytime the new prompt is brought up😆

  • Animusswtor
    Animusswtor Month ago +688

    Angela and Patrick work so well together, their chemistry in these bits is off the charts. Patrick's "elder millenial" bit was the best we've had on here in a while

    • Rebekah
      Rebekah 28 days ago +1

      I hope they keep that as a running joke it was so funny!!!

    • Anna Johnson
      Anna Johnson Month ago +9

      Wait until y’all hear they have a podcast…

    • Steve Brians
      Steve Brians Month ago +12

      artists on artists on artists...

    • Jokerkat
      Jokerkat Month ago +14

      Srsly, they are chaos complimentary and I get excited seeing them work together cuz I know something unhinged us about to happen.

  • Fernando Motta
    Fernando Motta Month ago +1861

    Angela is such a chaos demon from hell, I love her so much

    • Liam Janssens
      Liam Janssens Month ago

      Yess, although I didn't understand her first bit in the snow with the mother

    • collin alvarado
      collin alvarado Month ago

      @Starchild lmfao they sound the saaammmmeee

    • Sunny
      Sunny Month ago +1

      @Michael Fryers She is, she became part of the cast like 2-4 months ago

    • Space Shido
      Space Shido Month ago +22

      Shayne : im tired of carrying smosh all these years.
      Angela : pass to me , i have limitless energy.

    • rattled
      rattled Month ago +6

      cause shes *BAZANKA*

  • Grim Hood
    Grim Hood Month ago +901

    Courtney taking a minute to realise that damien makes a queen bit because of the name got me good.

  • Kyle Holden
    Kyle Holden Month ago +357

    I need more of Angela as the MGM Lion. I laughed so hard. Good stuff.

    • Drea L
      Drea L Month ago +4

      I had literal tears in my eyes! And Tommy's delayed, "HAAH!!!" is so good!

    • David Hill
      David Hill Month ago +17

      that last quick roar got me good lmao

    • Space Shido
      Space Shido Month ago +14

      Props to her she had the best jokes today....i think female stand up performers should learn from her instead of talking everytime about their sex life in their shows.

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta Month ago +187

    Angela's doctor-magician bit was hilarious.

  • Kenzie Cullen
    Kenzie Cullen Month ago +81

    Yes, you _could_ argue that the bit at 18:09 is about how LMFAO was formed, but you could also argue that this is just how Noah and Olivia became friends. You decide!

  • Joe Nicholls
    Joe Nicholls Month ago +335

    Patrick's word play at 15:53 is criminally underrated.

    • Jenny VanderPas
      Jenny VanderPas Month ago

      How can it be underrated if it just happened in this video?

    • Bryan May
      Bryan May Month ago +6

      To see how quickly he thinks on the spot is truly a sight to behold

    • cactiareamazing
      cactiareamazing Month ago +25

      @Haley Haas airplanes by b.o.b and hayeley williams

    • Haley Haas
      Haley Haas Month ago +8

      What was the song he was referencing I should know it but I just can’t put my finger on it

    • McKenny
      McKenny Month ago +12

      I was audibly cackling on my lunch break, so glad someone else felt this way 🤣

  • Secret Forreddit
    Secret Forreddit Month ago +934

    Angela and Patrick completely rocked this TNTL! Love anything with them in it!

    • Secret Forreddit
      Secret Forreddit Month ago +8

      I had no idea they had a podcast together! I'll def check it out, thanks!

    • herb_rolls
      herb_rolls Month ago +10

      def check out their podcast artists on artists on artists on artists! it's laugh out loud amazing

    • bri
      bri Month ago +17

      do you listen to their podcast together? it’s so funny

  • Not particularly well mixed public domain SFX

    Honestly, this is a perfect group for TNTL. If only they could also add Amanda

    • Mimi
      Mimi Month ago +1

      Amanda is too powerful

    • Nabs
      Nabs Month ago +9

      @Ivorella Rackley all 3 lol

    • Ivorella Rackley
      Ivorella Rackley Month ago +14

      Amanda, and Chanse or Jackie!! That would be so awesome!

  • Yasm44
    Yasm44 Month ago +14

    Courtney's humour has been evolving so beautifully I'm dying, and Angela just KILLSSSSS

  • Fractal Melody
    Fractal Melody Month ago +128

    Tommy's Shark Tank bit was my favorite. This episode was absolutely fantastic! Really great energy. Angela killed it in the best of ways. Courtney's Shark Tank bit was hilarious!

  • Melissa Thorn
    Melissa Thorn 26 days ago +5

    I love that Smosh actually makes me laugh out loud. Tommy really got me with the "wifi has been shut down... by me"

  • DJKr15py
    DJKr15py Month ago +26

    Angela's doctor/magician swap bit somehow outdid every silly face Shane has ever pulled.

  • Sam Price
    Sam Price Month ago +591

    Shayne, Damien, and Courtney in one video. Count me in!

    • Electrorocket
      Electrorocket Month ago +5

      Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman situation!

    • Sam Price
      Sam Price Month ago +2

      @Rachel E. Strouble Not gonna lie, My dumb ass didn't even see Tommy before I wrote the comment but yes, I love him. He's so clever and his facial expressions get me all the time.

    • Rachel E. Strouble
      Rachel E. Strouble Month ago +13

      Plus Tommy!

    • P
      P Month ago +23


  • Mr. Movie Mafia
    Mr. Movie Mafia Month ago +15

    18:02 Angela saying “Burr, I wanna go home” is great because it was earlier established that SHE was Burr, and Patrick was Hamilton, but she flipped it at the end so now they are both each other

  • Ayeitsme399
    Ayeitsme399 Month ago +116

    Damien and Shayne shuffling made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Shelby Hudgins
    Shelby Hudgins Month ago +42

    Damien’s Tinder bit PLUS Shaynes impression of Patrick’s Tinder is basically what it’s like dating in Alabama/the South. 😂

  • Samantha Gibbs
    Samantha Gibbs Month ago +143

    i literally love angela so much she never fails to make me laugh. i love this whole group!

  • Kiaz
    Kiaz Month ago +38

    Patrick and Angela’s “you hit it out” was so funny😭

  • Magnus Holm Martens
    Magnus Holm Martens Month ago +364

    Courtneys shirt saying intern at the shark tank pitches, just made her bit way funnier

    Ayoub MOUTAOUKIL Month ago +52

    When shayne do a bit on courtney and the react is "that's soo stupiid" i always have an extra joy😂👌

  • Banminator7
    Banminator7 Month ago +82

    Angela is amazing, that lion bit at the end was super creative and hilarious! :DDD

  • Liam Janssens
    Liam Janssens Month ago +9

    As a Belgian, I really appreciate our national anthem being played at 2:53 instead of the US one. Thanks guys!

  • Dalton Hosford
    Dalton Hosford Month ago +10

    Damien is poetically insane! 😂😂😂 and Shayne is an unnatural level of hilarious and just pure craziness!
    What really killed me:
    “As we all know, gay people exist… not anymore!” 😂😂😂😂😂 coming from an amazing gay comedic genius and being a gay myself, it was so funny😂😂😂

  • Frank Curreri
    Frank Curreri Month ago +14

    That hand job bit was hilarious. I didn't expect Courtney to reverse them like that. Had me dyin

  • Taylar Josh Terry
    Taylar Josh Terry Month ago +85

    Everytime you see Courtney, Damien, Shayne and tommy in a video you just know its going to be great

  • Raylle Joan
    Raylle Joan Month ago +76

    Tommy and Angela have such a funny chemistry. Amazing bunch this episode 💛. Also, TNTL idea: do scene from a hat with weird DMs. The person going out has to improvise their bits according to the prompt given by the one sitting down (or no prompt needed), but also have to incorporate the DMs into their scene. OR incorporate the DMs n TNTL duos/blind pairs.

  • Sarah Collins
    Sarah Collins Month ago +68

    Damien saying “ten years pregnant” GOT ME.

  • Jay Hope
    Jay Hope Month ago +2

    The way tommy knew exactly how to play into damiens humor was golden

  • Hiyyih Lite
    Hiyyih Lite Month ago +18

    7:58 Tommy and Angela have similar hair colours and it looked like Tommy suddenly had a mullet lmao

    • Jackie vdS
      Jackie vdS 27 days ago +1

      And now we know Tommy could rock a mullet

  • persephone_exe
    persephone_exe Month ago +9

    angela was serving major mcdoon energy during her shark tank bit and i'm 100% here for it

  • HuskySwordsman
    HuskySwordsman Month ago +293

    I've really missed Damien on the Try Not to Laugh videos. They've been funny of course, but they just haven't had that same spark. Welcome back, Damien! ❤

    • Albin Nilsson
      Albin Nilsson Month ago +1

      @British Rogue YEAH, last try not to laugh with Ify was the funniest episode so far. I cried out of laughter.

    • British Rogue
      British Rogue Month ago +3

      I haven't. Videos have been great lately.

  • TmTelecast
    TmTelecast Month ago +11

    You can really tell how everyone has gotten much better at this over the years, especially Courtney. Also, Angela is freaking hilarious.

  • Space Shido
    Space Shido Month ago +49

    Angela is becoming the new star of TNTL with her jokes with a straight face 😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Kyle Boswell
    Kyle Boswell Month ago +10

    Can we just appreciate Angela's laugh, it's infectious.

  • Fuzzy Biscuits
    Fuzzy Biscuits Month ago +18

    Angela’s a great addition, she fits right in!

  • Kitkatmeaw 37
    Kitkatmeaw 37 Month ago +6

    11:48 Is probably one of the funniest Courtney bits today 💀

  • Ripley
    Ripley Month ago +72

    just wanted to say that damien looks so good in this and i died at that funeral seduction attempt lmao

  • Sean Silence
    Sean Silence Month ago +12

    Tommy knew exactly what would get Damien lmao

  • Kevin Van Wingerden
    Kevin Van Wingerden Month ago +7

    I don’t know where Angela came from but she is an absolute chaos demon.

  • Jed Macarine
    Jed Macarine Month ago +23

    Patrick and Angela duo is just 👌

  • Abel Urena
    Abel Urena Month ago +32

    Tommy needs to make another poem. The last one was a masterpiece ✨️

  • CalKhan
    CalKhan Month ago +1

    I just love how Damien just went "I got just the bit" for almost every one

  • AJ
    AJ Month ago +61

    tommy's medieval guy had me rolling

  • Alex Bo
    Alex Bo Month ago +22

    I can't explain how much I love Try Not To Laugh. The improv, the energy, the laughs, its amazing!

  • Zachary Dunn
    Zachary Dunn Month ago +2

    Tommy's history bit literally made me laugh out loud.

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G Month ago +4

    Okay but is this the Angela that was in Starkid's "Black Friday"?!?! I recognised the voice immediately like woah. That's made my day haha

  • ZenRhizer
    ZenRhizer Month ago +6

    Angela's MGM lion bit was incredible.

  • Hunter Leggat
    Hunter Leggat Month ago +3

    I love Damien and Shayne together man, they just really hit home on my sense of humour 🤣

  • Ben G
    Ben G Month ago +114

    Having just come from watching Beef Beef and Huey create absolute chaos on the Smosh Games channel, I can't wait to see what happens here.

    • Tony Stark
      Tony Stark Month ago +1

      Me too.

    • Ben G
      Ben G Month ago +7

      @Alicia Gabriel I use voice to text due to a nerve disorder and unfortunately Smosh's more unique character names don't always work.

    • Alicia Gabriel
      Alicia Gabriel Month ago +6

      *BeefB eef

  • Linxton13
    Linxton13 Month ago +2

    All that Smosh does is fantastic, but Angela is such a riot in all that she does! Y’all keep up the good work! Every video is fantastic!

  • Ela Guarino
    Ela Guarino Month ago +2

    Woah. I really like this group. Angela and Patrick are hilarious. Great job everyone!

  • BlinkinFirefly
    BlinkinFirefly Month ago +1

    Shayne had me dying after he grabbed the whole pan after "don't touch it, it's hot" and then screaming and ho-ho-ho-ing XD

  • Amy
    Amy Month ago +13

    Angela is so funny 🤣🤣🤣 She's such a great addition to the crew, and clearly has really settled in!

  • AllowAllie
    AllowAllie Month ago +12

    Damien was on a ROLL - he was ready for EVERY bit

  • WRL
    WRL Month ago +3

    I'd love a whole "from the history books" episode

  • jimmy neutron
    jimmy neutron Month ago +16

    Angela is a literal treasure

  • Ty Iaela
    Ty Iaela Month ago +8

    I knew Kimmy was directing todays show because you could hear her, THROUGH THE ENTIRE VIDEO.

  • Cate Young
    Cate Young Month ago +2

    Angela’s lion bit killed me 😂😂😂

  • Silly Con Valet
    Silly Con Valet Month ago +10

    Everyone did great! Damien especially just KILLED it today, I love the forced improv of the hat prompts, everyone came up with such good stuff!

  • bri
    bri Month ago +4

    angela is a gem

  • Duelweld
    Duelweld Month ago +4

    18:51 that was the cutest roar!

  • Sync
    Sync Month ago +9

    Angela’s facial expressions are amazing!

  • AyaCedric
    AyaCedric 27 days ago +1

    Angela is for sure one of the best additions smosh ever did

  • James Holdsworth
    James Holdsworth Month ago +3

    Dude what has Damien been up to lately? He looks great man! Good for him.

  • venus
    venus Month ago +5

    the 2 angela and patrick pairings at the end were such good bits omg 17:42 18:50

  • Aech
    Aech Month ago +5

    I can't even process how Damien keep a straight face at 9:07

  • Chloe
    Chloe Month ago +10

    I’m really enjoying this tighter editing style! I enjoy intros but it’s nice to just get into the action from the get go

  • Joseph Andrews
    Joseph Andrews Month ago +5

    Angela enhances anyone else’s bit she’s involved in. Absolute electric energy. Love her.

  • A_Sleepy_Chicken
    A_Sleepy_Chicken Month ago +5

    Gotta love Angela’s gremlin energy unmatched! 😂

  • Jaime B
    Jaime B Month ago +6

    I love seeing Patrick on TNTL, he's so funny! Thanks for having him on more regularly! 🙌

  • mattkidroske
    mattkidroske Month ago +4

    I love this format! Patrick and Angela are a great team

  • Alex DodgePodge
    Alex DodgePodge Month ago +5

    Angela’s MGM lion bit had me LMFAO (pun intended)

  • Maya K
    Maya K Month ago +4

    The fact that no one knows how to say Angela’s last name is so funny

  • Kelly Fields
    Kelly Fields Month ago +2

    Angela has a sense of humor that is quiet chaotic, cant wait to see her in more videos.

  • Aiden Berchtold
    Aiden Berchtold Month ago +1

    “A community theater audience member”
    Literally the “I just wanna throw it away” killed me twice

  • quaddoe
    quaddoe Month ago +8

    Angela is absolutely hilarious 😂

  • lenonel
    lenonel Month ago +11

    Angela's final bit was phenomenal

  • Amber Drummond
    Amber Drummond Month ago

    These were all hilarious, but Bundt Cake had me wheezing! I hope Damien brings that character back sometime 😂

  • Gigatless
    Gigatless Month ago +5

    That LMFAO bit was so simple yet so hilarious

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown Month ago +2

    I could not stop laughing at the skit at 11:02
    Also I think Angela brings a chaotic vibe that we need.

  • tori j
    tori j Month ago +1

    I LOVE Angela! She is so funny and her bits are really creative! I want more!

  • Ryan Kress
    Ryan Kress Month ago +1

    That shark tank pitch was hands down Courtney’s best TNTL bit

  • Lyndsey Evelyn
    Lyndsey Evelyn Month ago +11

    I LOVE this please do more scenes from a hat! Makes me think of Whose Line Is It Anyway? 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Mikey 👁👅👁
    Mikey 👁👅👁 Month ago +2

    I really like Angela, i feel like she seems like a good person, and shes pretty funny. I really like when shes in videos.

  • Glenn Borgmans
    Glenn Borgmans Month ago +3

    As a Belgian it took me by surprise there for a moment when our national anthem starts playing at 03:00

  • 375rough
    375rough Month ago +7

    love how angela confidently walking on a thin ice with every bit

  • jury
    jury Month ago +5

    Angela is a great fit in this team.

  • Loge L
    Loge L 22 days ago +2

    Courtney: I love history
    Still Courtney: Who's Elizabeth Windsor

  • SpecialBrownies
    SpecialBrownies Month ago +9

    I love angela so much! So glad shes part of smosh. 😭 Also, more patrick, pls! Hes hilarious.

  • Yu-Gi-Bros!
    Yu-Gi-Bros! Month ago +2

    Tommy needs his own video in that purple get-up with the same energy as the Bang Energy video!

  • Marya Wiegers
    Marya Wiegers Month ago +4

    I didn't know where Patrick's Billie Eillish joke was going, but it ended beautifully

  • Paul Chavez
    Paul Chavez Month ago +3

    I love that Angela is on the show now omg she's the best

  • Gavri1945
    Gavri1945 Month ago +3

    Angela is awesome, she should pop in more often !

  • DR.Mcstaby
    DR.Mcstaby Month ago

    love that fact tommy is so good with the renaissance type skits, it always gets me XD