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The Worst Dates Ever | 50 Fails

  • Published on Mar 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Worst date you've ever been on?
    #failarmy #dating #fails #comedy
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Comments • 472

  • M
    M Month ago +147

    Definitely some mega brain damage on some of these. Ouch.

  • just sub plz
    just sub plz Month ago +15

    the first one got me 💀💀💀

  • cs walk
    cs walk 2 months ago +176

    That first girl on the skateboard got effed up.

    • Steve Joshua
      Steve Joshua 24 days ago +2

      She hit the pavement and kept rolling like a ragdoll, like she was totally unprepared for the fall.

  • Yunfan Fan
    Yunfan Fan Month ago +32

    Ouch, some injuries seemed serious.

  • Raz Dva
    Raz Dva 2 months ago +23

    Бля это же 1 мгновенье до травмы. Пережила всю боль этих людей.😢берегите себя

  • Lester Forney
    Lester Forney Month ago +75

    I have a feeling that alcohol was involved with a lot of these.

  • Buddy Gold
    Buddy Gold 5 days ago +1

    Gonna pay for these in their 50’s

  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams 2 months ago +2

    I just know that some of them got hurt😮😅

  • ManiacMartian
    ManiacMartian 2 months ago +52

    Darwin out here winning

    • Jackie Prescott
      Jackie Prescott Month ago +2

      He's making a fortune off of the humans, who mess with anything that has wheels 😅😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • Eric. Crombie
      Eric. Crombie 28 days ago

      ​@Jackie Prescott

  • Britt padgitt
    Britt padgitt 2 months ago +43

    That first one's got me dying laughing. I wish I had that perfect timing and do that to my husband. 😂

  • Ant Op
    Ant Op Day ago

    The guy doing the kung fu "SSSAAAAAAAA" to shit his mrs up cracked me up lmao

  • Anna B
    Anna B 24 days ago +3

    Once I was swimming at the beach with my bf when we saw a fin start circling us. I panicked and tried to climb him like a tree and had to summon the strength of God and all my ancestors to stop so I didn't drown him. It was a dolphin 🤣

  • Jim Bowen
    Jim Bowen Month ago +22

    Skateboard girl did one hell of a wipeout!!! Damn it!!!

    • Jeff
      Jeff Day ago

      That face on multiple sides ugh

  • Fantasy Engineer
    Fantasy Engineer Month ago +27

    Some of these hurt. It hurt both the person and possibly the relationship.

  • highsierratimes
    highsierratimes Month ago +225

    Alternate title: “50 Head Injuries”

    • Maximus
      Maximus 23 days ago

      там уже были травмы до этого

    • Rebekah Towns
      Rebekah Towns 22 days ago +1

      Alternate title 50 Head injuries ❤

    • it's me
      it's me 22 days ago

      First one isn't hair injury. It's anus injury

    • Viji Renga
      Viji Renga 8 days ago


  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 26 days ago +1

    That fish food on the snorkeler was GOLD!😅

  • Chuck P
    Chuck P 21 day ago +1

    Darn, made my stomach drop with every hit!!

  • silversurfers7
    silversurfers7 3 days ago

    ....these face slams, I can't, I can't it's enough. 😮

  • gonimysh
    gonimysh 29 days ago +3

    I love the proposals on boats, bridges and top of the mountains where rings can flyyyyy...

  • Jesus Feliciano
    Jesus Feliciano Month ago +2

    ouch is all I can say just bout every scene went str8 to the ER

  • Я Ольга
    Я Ольга 5 days ago +1

    Еще бы сняли ролик о том, чем все закончилось. Некоторых, наверное, уже нет в живых или находятся в инвалидном кресле.

  • Sturzy
    Sturzy Month ago +1

    The first one was the best 😂

  • Oggy TSU
    Oggy TSU 23 days ago +1

    First clip: That butt has electricity

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Month ago

    I need to workout like dat

  • Little ray of sunshine
    Little ray of sunshine 25 days ago +13

    True love = accompanying them to the ER, even if you sent them there yourself.

  • Candida Aguiar
    Candida Aguiar Month ago

    Good compilation of seriously funny and spontaneous situations 😂😂😂😂
    Good to start the day. 💗🙏

  • gipershapochka
    gipershapochka Month ago +1

    The beginning is just top

  • エビみりん
    エビみりん 19 days ago


  • HeidiSue60
    HeidiSue60 2 days ago

    Omg I hope he let go of zip line lady’s legs. That could be really bad

  • Коба
    Коба Month ago +16

    Всякие случаи в жизни бывают, есть смешные, а есть и трагические...

  • Daveinthelife
    Daveinthelife 9 days ago

    The dude on the zipline 100 percent didnt make it lol

  • Edie Carter
    Edie Carter Month ago +2

    There definitely wouldn't be a second date!!

  • Nonametexas
    Nonametexas Month ago +1

    That’s why you wear a helmet. That road rash to the is one hell burn 🔥

  • John Crossley
    John Crossley 18 days ago

    God some of those fails made my blood run cold.

  • Hats for Bats
    Hats for Bats 2 months ago +19

    Skateboard Girl kissed the road with her face,that looked a nasty fall.🤪

  • David Calhoun
    David Calhoun 21 day ago +1

    I need proof that some of these folks still alive before i can let out this big laugh.

  • nek singh
    nek singh 28 days ago

    Bride amazing fly

  • bamdix
    bamdix 25 days ago

    There are some pretty awesome fails here

  • Coded Chilli
    Coded Chilli 3 days ago

    These people can never not be foolish

  • Mike Moffitt
    Mike Moffitt Month ago +2

    Murphy's Law ,Picking On Someone Else😂😂😂😂

  • avinash r
    avinash r 8 days ago

    am sorry .. but it's too funny 🤣

  • Jack Savage
    Jack Savage  18 days ago

    Good job bro in the first one he lowered the shoulder. The NFL is calling lol 😂😂😂

  • Les Walker
    Les Walker 5 days ago

    the crashes of life and they Wonder afterwards why they are still walking on two legs.

  • Валентина Василенко

    Как смешно,дух захватывает от переживаний за них.

  • 🧓Axeus
    🧓Axeus 2 months ago +3

    I feel sorry for the guy who broke the gift.

  • NexIuz
    NexIuz 24 days ago

    That no was kinda heart breaking tbh, then it was full overkill by the thud of his head on the boat

  • Cynthia Schmitt
    Cynthia Schmitt 21 day ago

    This is more like it, after watching world class athletes...

  • Lazy Fox
    Lazy Fox 2 months ago +17

    как избавится от подруги... Наглядное пособие

  • Rakib Khan
    Rakib Khan 29 days ago

    ভাই সবগুলা ভিডিও ভালো লাগলো

  • れたす食べてね
    れたす食べてね 18 days ago


  • Drayton Bonyun
    Drayton Bonyun 29 days ago +8

    Oh man, the poor girl rounding the bend on that skateboard! Looked like a potential brain injury and quite possibly a broken left arm and collar bone,...hope she was okay, that was a brutal wipeout!

  • Elrico Farmer
    Elrico Farmer Month ago

    How many of these ended with a trip to the ER?

  • Жанна Ягунова

    Последствия этих падений могут быть печальными😢

    • Айжан Жакыпбековна
      Айжан Жакыпбековна Month ago


    • Оля Гумель
      Оля Гумель 21 day ago +1

      А потом всем миром помогите пройти реабилитацию перелома позвоночника, о чём думают, хотя здесь явно думать не чем

  • Soulless Mushu X4
    Soulless Mushu X4 25 days ago

    First clip 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Samuel Zamora
    Samuel Zamora 2 months ago +2

    They chained the groom up with ⛓️...
    That was funny!!
    the best one....
    ooooOh Yeah...
    right 🐜🐝...

  • Ty The Villian
    Ty The Villian 5 days ago

    The girl In the green broke her ankle 😮

  • vikingmike947 Q
    vikingmike947 Q Month ago

    Some of these people definitely left some skin on the pavement!

  • Official Ghost
    Official Ghost 25 days ago

    Bro diving in the water after his ring

  • Mike Shawbrook
    Mike Shawbrook 25 days ago

    Darwin is laughing his head off

  • Aspi Leo
    Aspi Leo 24 days ago

    First dude was curious

  • 편한마음
    편한마음 Month ago

    all of these are your deserved.

  • JoeChop
    JoeChop Month ago +64

    Why did the dude on the scooter just absolutely wreck that chick?

    • Clinton Kildepsteen
      Clinton Kildepsteen Month ago +31

      She knew he was comin, she stood there on purpose... she was probably a karen who told them to stop skating and they said no, so she stood there... her choice

    • G H O S T
      G H O S T 25 days ago +5

      Lol why was she sitting there like that

    • Daniel Luna
      Daniel Luna 25 days ago +2

      She was a Karen not letting them doing the tricks

    • Chicago Maldonado
      Chicago Maldonado 24 days ago +3

      Shit he was showing her a wrestling move.where he comes off the top rope with a shoulder tackle.

    • David Mejias
      David Mejias 23 days ago

      He deserved it because if you see that someone is doing something wrong, you leave like in a robbery, you will not stay in the middle of a shooting or the thief, something could happen to you

  • LeeGeneral1216
    LeeGeneral1216 26 days ago +1

    I think the first one had a motion sensor for it to go off

  • Alfonso Munoz
    Alfonso Munoz 21 hour ago

    Look like some potential serious head injuries.

  • Dee Dee Toney
    Dee Dee Toney Month ago

    She had nothing but was not going to abandon her fur baby! I would've gone to the bank for that woman!!!!! And a restaurant - they both would've feasted that night!!!

  • RevTech
    RevTech Month ago

    Was that Jack Black in the first clip?!

  • Logan Watford
    Logan Watford 19 days ago

    The first one 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • max2082
    max2082 Day ago

    It's the best when girl/women bit it and take like champ.

  • Татьяна Гуряева

    Мне аж поплохело... Однозначно, тут не один человек покалечил себя капитально. Особенно переживаю за девушку, которая шею похоже вывернула. Ужас....

  • Philip E
    Philip E Month ago +1

    That skateboarder on the rail hit that girl on purpose

  • tats
    tats Month ago

    that would have been really impressive if she managed to stay on that horse jumping into the water.

  • Lydia Seider
    Lydia Seider Month ago

    Ja, jede Halbe Bier kennt man 😂

  • Stanley Malcolm
    Stanley Malcolm 24 days ago

    I bet some of these women have long term injuries madness

  • 옥명화
    옥명화 24 days ago

    The best assassins in the world

  • Thomas Da Train
    Thomas Da Train 23 days ago

    The girls on the rail and skateboard got it the worst

  • Marc Wessely
    Marc Wessely 27 days ago

    Why do I know that every single clip startet with „Hey, I got an Idea“ 😂😂😂

  • McRae greenwood
    McRae greenwood 2 months ago +1

    😂😂😂 girl with green dress

  • Aaron Mulford
    Aaron Mulford Month ago

    This is what happens to suckers who simp😅

  • 小3ゆうた
    小3ゆうた 12 days ago


  • drew hutchison
    drew hutchison 27 days ago

    Most were drunk.

  • Commentator
    Commentator 2 months ago

    When the woman in the glider spreads her leg, i’m gonna face it rather than turn my back😅

  • Justice Bell
    Justice Bell Month ago

    The ring 💍 will be forever in the depths of the Caribbean sea 🌊

  • Smilez xD
    Smilez xD Month ago +2

    This video shows how dumb the world has gotten.

  • めぐみラマ
    めぐみラマ 19 days ago


  • eroi bior
    eroi bior Month ago +1

    Did that one guy die in the zip line clip? Whoa that was crazy

  • luvondarox
    luvondarox 19 days ago

    I wonder how many of these involved alcohol

  • Gwendolyn Gossett
    Gwendolyn Gossett Month ago


  • Kris Dunwoody
    Kris Dunwoody Month ago

    Maybe most did not have the best Grades in Gym classes years and years ago?

  • Carla Southwell
    Carla Southwell 29 days ago

    ...here, hold my beer...

  • Best Musica
    Best Musica  Month ago +1

    Отличный сборник

  • Summer Brooks
    Summer Brooks 7 days ago

    Slow it down a lot so we can actually see what is happening

  • Dranda DeLeon
    Dranda DeLeon 26 days ago

    Ouch in so many ways

  • Alberto K
    Alberto K 27 days ago

    El chaval del scooter debería estar en la carcel unos mesecitos para que aprenda.
    Tiró a la tía a proposito como si él tuviera mas derecho a deslizarse por la barandilla,que ella a apoyarse.
    Las barandillas no son para tirarse con nada,son para apoyarte cuando subes las escaleras.

  • Russ Ford
    Russ Ford 10 days ago

    The Video Insurance Companies send policyholders that question High premiums

  • DeAnn Milk
    DeAnn Milk 26 days ago

    Nooo. We’re not gonna skip past the fart 💨 in the comments 🤣

  • Luca Nissoli
    Luca Nissoli 2 months ago +1

    I also want to go to the gym like this

  • 하얀민들레
    하얀민들레 12 days ago

    외국 분들은 위험한행동을 참 많이 해요ᆢ여기나오는 영상중에ᆢ하늘 에별이되신분도 있을것같아요ᆢ

  • Ookami Kašin
    Ookami Kašin Month ago +3

    The dept and delighfulness of thet fart... No wonder that my man got scared.

  • ちゲ
    ちゲ 19 days ago

    幸せがいっぱい詰まった音 ( ´ㅂ`) ʬ

    MGPW4TN 26 days ago +1

    These were painful just to watch