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5 Indie Game Marketing Hacks With NO MONEY

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +8

    Learn how to market your game with no money! Also, check out Skillshare: skl.sh/thomasbrush3

  • Vu Le Duc
    Vu Le Duc Year ago +24

    Hi Thomas, thank you for sharing all these great hacks! This is for timestamps for those 5.
    2:02 - Put together a press list
    4:32 - Post to Reddit
    5:52 - Don't ask Clip-Sharers to play your game
    7:35 - Do A Synergistic Stunt
    9:02 - Don't go searching for tweets
    10:10 - Don't Pay Clip-Sharers to play your game
    11:05 - Don't Pour All Of your time into your website
    Have a great time!

  • Guyfee
    Guyfee 3 years ago +136

    I am currently working on a game. Aside from passion, you really make me want to develop the best game possible. Thank you.

    • Bill bob
      Bill bob 9 months ago +1

      How’s everybody doing on their projects?! I’m working on a similar project, Meganeque gameplay with some differentiating elements!

    • UsaacDeSnutz
      UsaacDeSnutz 9 months ago +1

      How did it go?

      IMSCARED Year ago +3

      What's it's name so when ur done I wanna check it out

    • Aurinkomakkara
      Aurinkomakkara 2 years ago +1

      @YAHUAH'S son & friend why did god create so much empty space

    • YAHUAH'S son & friend
      YAHUAH'S son & friend 2 years ago

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  • CheaterEXツ
    CheaterEXツ 3 years ago +73

    Thomas please continue the good work,you are helping and inspiring millions of peoples👍

  • Caligo
    Caligo 3 years ago +129

    People love what videos you make.
    And that fills you with DETERMINATION.

    • EngiNetion
      EngiNetion 2 years ago +2

      Please don't step on leaves

    • Lucas Franke
      Lucas Franke 3 years ago

      @Ömer Faruk Bıyıklı It's a video uploaded in Felix's channel. The title is "Zero death, Pewdiepie game!"

    • Ömer Faruk Bıyıklı
      Ömer Faruk Bıyıklı 3 years ago +2

      from what video,was the clip at 10:45 is taken?

  • nvrCryWolf
    nvrCryWolf 2 years ago +1

    Your videos have actually helped me out quite a bit. This one definitely, but another you did about how much money one would make on their first game REALLY opened my eyes and helped me zone my focus on my first game being a scrap piece I had initially tossed as a concept for my main project I wanted to do. There were too many inconsistencies with the story but that piece is simplistic enough to use as a prototype.

  • Rocksoft Ltd
    Rocksoft Ltd 3 years ago

    Thanks for doing this video Thomas. Can testify that getting your game noticed can be a real nightmare. I worked extremely hard for a long time learning game dev etc and working alone to make my game. Due to being a one man band and complete beginner focused completely on the games creation and not at all on the marketing. Thus it's proving an uphill struggle. Will try and put your advice into practice Thomas. if it all works and I do well then you'll be credited for it :). For anyone else reading this then I seriously recommend build up your strategy to get noticed at the same time as your games. Beware though. There are others out there that will like your idea and may get a very similar product to market before you.

  • Arya Vatanabadi
    Arya Vatanabadi Year ago +1

    Hi Thomas, I’m just starting out in game development and I’ve quickly realized how passionate I am for this field. I want to thank you for making all the amazing content you do because it really inspires people like me to work hard and follow their dreams.

  • autumnshade84
    autumnshade84 3 years ago +1

    Thanks Thomas! Your how to’s are a big help for me as someone just at the start of their game making journey. You’re Clip-Share presence is excellent advertising for people like me.

  • Ivan Malau
    Ivan Malau 3 years ago

    Damn thanks for the videos. Always been interested in making a story driven game preferably rpg mechanic based but I never knew where to start with getting it recognized. These videos are helping a ton🔥😉

  • TheFrenchDev
    TheFrenchDev 2 years ago

    I think this is the best ever video I've seen on game marketing! I think I'm already on the right track and doing what you suggest but it's really helpful. By the way, you say a game doesn't sell for itself, which is true, but I think having a good looking and interesting game like yours is really important for marketing too. In particular when you'll try to get in contact with the people on the list.

  • B.R. DeV
    B.R. DeV 3 years ago +1

    Thomas. Seriously, thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. You and Game Dev Underground have helped me an insane amount.

  • Kidando
    Kidando 3 years ago +1

    Fantastic post. Awesome tips. But I think if you have a bit of money and have web skills, I think spending time on your game's website can be a plus if you are strategic. Like I have found people create leader-boards on their websites like what bosonx did.Tutorials, podcasts, devlogs, merch... that type of thing. Of course if you just have videos and screenshots, then it's kind of pointless. But rather than have all your different merch and content spread across multiple social networks, you could have them all on your site. You can even give discounts and bundles and stuff. Sort of create an ecosystem if you have the time and energy.

  • Vidvad's World (SuperMegaDav)

    I'm seeing a lot of indie devs posting screenshots, gifs and videos daily on Twitter, almost to the point where it feels like social media is a full-time job. Most says it's their marketing plan. Personnally, I find it overwhelming (as a gamer following all of these guys, but also as an indie dev that struggles to keep up with this behaviour). I get super anxious because I feel like if I don't do that, nobody's ever going to look at my stuff.
    What are your thoughts on that? What would you recommend is a health dose of social media posts?
    Keep in mind that I'm a solo dev !
    I just discovered your channel, so if you already made videos about this topic, feel free to share :) Thanks!

  • Ravensblade
    Ravensblade 3 years ago +8

    This was incredibly insightful. I've watched and read soooo many different "how to"s and none were as informative as this.

  • Yusri Ghouse
    Yusri Ghouse 2 years ago

    Man what a great video! For those of you who want some protips take note of how Thomas markets his affiliate link with Skillshare in such a natural and non-salesman-y way. Absolutely brilliant. Take notes bois. Every video is a learning opportunity if we paying attention.

  • Bad Banana
    Bad Banana 2 years ago

    Extremely helpful Thomas thank you.
    I'm a developer and brand new to marketing. After learning code and everything game I thought I was done. Then I realised I have another language to learn. Marketing haha these were super helpful and ill be sure to begin work on them next

  • Toffee
    Toffee 3 years ago

    Really, really awesome advice. This stuff doesn't come intuitively at all so this video is great.
    Can I ask, how would you market an *extremely* niche game you know only a certain kind of person would enjoy? (assuming money isn't the main goal, but finding your audience is)

  • GalacticNYrd
    GalacticNYrd 2 years ago +1

    Love your videos! You’re so talented and inspiring. Thanks for making this great content!

  • Husman
    Husman 2 years ago

    Awesome tips! Appreciate all the work you do

  • warrenography
    warrenography 3 years ago

    Hey man, that's great advice, and I will apply that to promoting my solo feature animation project, as I think it can all apply generally to my efforts. Also, I appreciate and applaud your sincerity, as there are a lot of youtube carsalesmen out there. A Brush of fresh air.

  • Kevin Fiddick
    Kevin Fiddick 3 years ago +2

    These ideas are really great, they can definitely be repurposed and used for a large variety of start up businesses, not just indie games developers! I appreciate all the work you put into these videos and always sharing your experiences. Keeps me inspired and informed

  • Julius Caesar of the Empire
    Julius Caesar of the Empire 3 years ago +142

    Here's what his list is, please watch the video to support him though.
    1. Put Together A Press List : Don't copy others, find others that people don't know about, find writers that like your type of work.
    2. Post To Reddit : Don't be discouraged if people like your work, it's worth trying.
    3. Don't Ask Clip-Sharers to play your game : get them involved in your game. Have them be in your game instead. Don't go for any Clip-Sharer less than 10k subscribers.
    4. Do a Synergy Stunt : ask to collaborate with you, have them give special bonus going through someone else.
    5. Don't Go Searching For Tweets : it isn't worth engaging with someone and working for their attention.
    5b. Don't Pay For Clip-Sharers play your game.
    5c. Don't Pour All Of Your Time Into Your Website.

    • Ri Zla
      Ri Zla Year ago

      I screenshoted it so I can have it as a note. Thank you

    • SungW
      SungW Year ago +1

      You're a good man. Thanks!

    • Food of The Soul
      Food of The Soul 2 years ago

      Thank you @Deep Dive Interactive I should check it out

    • Deep Dive Interactive
      Deep Dive Interactive 2 years ago +3

      @Food of The Soul It's Metacritic -- one of the biggest websites for game reviews and scores. It's like the IMDB of games.

    • Food of The Soul
      Food of The Soul 2 years ago

      hey what is medicredit ? i think he talks about it at 4:00, do you have a link?

  • Mariusz
    Mariusz 3 years ago

    Once upon a coma is either a behemoth of a game, or the Clip-Share / Patreon stuff steals all of Thomas' Time. Because you say everytime for a long Time you work on it :-) Love your Channel, thank you for your work.

  • - Dennis
    - Dennis 3 years ago +5

    Inspirational as Always Thomas, keep it up, we depend on ya.

  • Pass Turn Events
    Pass Turn Events 2 years ago

    Can you make a video going over the planning stages of game development. the DOs and Donts and Should we push our selves to make a GDD document?

  • NewHopeGames
    NewHopeGames 3 years ago

    Marketing tips are always helpful especially for indie devs. Thanks for this great video!

  • Juan Ignacio Lanosa
    Juan Ignacio Lanosa 3 years ago +4

    This is one of the best videos of your channel
    Thank you for all the info! It's really priceless

  • Peter Martin
    Peter Martin 3 years ago +1

    Hi Thomas, of each of the people you reach out to, how many, or who specifically, do you include a free key or copy of the game to? Thanks for the video mate.

  • Colin Perry
    Colin Perry Year ago

    I'm currently in the brainstorming session of my game and your really inspiring me to try and follow through with my dream

  • Indie Progress
    Indie Progress 3 years ago +21

    Reddit is definitely a double edged sword. I've posted progress videos on certain sub-reddits and gotten downvotes, but then I posted a different progress video on the same sub-reddit and got like 6 upvotes lol. I find it's a lot of trial and error, Unity3D, IndieGames and gamedevexpo seem to work well for me. Good tips. Thanks!

  • Raven Burns
    Raven Burns 4 months ago

    Keep up the great work Thomas. You're a beast dude.

  • Linclo Games
    Linclo Games 3 years ago

    Good video. Thanks for all the great content you post.

  • Michael Hawthorne
    Michael Hawthorne 2 years ago

    So inspiring, it's obvious that you're a professional

  • Ozber Cin
    Ozber Cin 3 months ago

    Thanks Thomas :) These tips come handy as always. I would really appreciate if you can check out my upcoming game that was done in 20 months with 0 initial gamedev experience :) Name of my game is Timewell: Trail of Celestes (Steam PC).

  • Jessica St-Pierre
    Jessica St-Pierre 3 years ago +1

    One of the best Indie Game marketing vids I have watched! Keep em going :)

  • Josh Bishop
    Josh Bishop 3 years ago +1

    This was quite informative. Thanks, Thomas!

  • Dave Doublee - Indie Game Dev

    Awesome stuff! However, I heard tips from other devs that contacting small youtubers/press people is actually worth it, even if they have a lower amount of subscribers. Is your opinion still the same in 2020?

  • Brett Grentell
    Brett Grentell 2 years ago

    Some good info - good wisdom for myself who is just about to release his first game!

  • Anan Cee
    Anan Cee 3 years ago +4

    Nice video. I've gotta say, your channel has come a long way. I still remember your new years resolution to gain 100K subscribers and now you are almost at 160K!

    ABBUER TECH 3 years ago

    I was thinking about paying Clip-Sharers and I was not sure about if it worths. Thanks Tom for these tips. I will avoid paying them :)

  • Этот 60льн0й y6люд0k

    I can suppose a good idea is to gather some interested guys before you start selling the game. Thank you for indormation about press lists. I didn't know about this trick before

  • Nelson Villegas
    Nelson Villegas 3 years ago +3

    Off topic: I just bought Pinstripe today and I can't wait to play it after work😎

  • Billy Rockstar
    Billy Rockstar 3 years ago +1

    Thanks Thomas, your videos are always helpful. Cheers

  • Snake Plisken
    Snake Plisken 3 years ago

    Can you please make more tutorials, but actually show the details slowly and don't fast forward. It is a great way to learn the tools.

  • Noi Jadis Cailleach
    Noi Jadis Cailleach 3 years ago +1

    Oh man. I could already tell the amount of none-dev work i have to do after i finish all these polish. gaaaaahhhh.
    Thanks for the tips, Tom! For sure, your tips here just saved me hundreds of thousands of moolah and heartache in the future.

  • MTR
    MTR 3 years ago

    Very helpful, thank you.

  • Mapo Sandoval
    Mapo Sandoval 3 years ago

    Thank you, all your content is super useful! :D

  • Kuraikage
    Kuraikage 2 years ago

    That was really helpful. Thank you!.

  • Michael Kane
    Michael Kane 3 years ago

    Wow this is great advice, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Quarantine This!
    Quarantine This! 10 months ago

    I'm shocked. I came here thinking it was gonna bethe usual guff but nope, great advice ad some really good tips and not what to do. Thanks for all the help and info thanks for taking the time in creating this video and ill defo sub and check out your channel more

  • Danny Makes Stuff
    Danny Makes Stuff 3 months ago

    According to my analytics my first dev log gets a lot recommended to peoppe watching this video. I am very glad since I watch your channel for years now.

  • Bruce Cichowlas
    Bruce Cichowlas 3 years ago

    Thanks. "Editor on Twitch?" That's a new concept for me. Since my game is free, I wonder if playing it on Twitch myself might be a good idea or a waste if time.

  • Kalyan Sundar
    Kalyan Sundar 3 years ago

    thank you for the information, it is very inspirational and worth remembering

  • Jean Michel Sarr
    Jean Michel Sarr 2 years ago

    Thank you Thomas ! Amazing video.

  • Valentin Narvaez
    Valentin Narvaez 3 years ago

    Awesome information, thank you for sharing!

  • TheBryancrochet
    TheBryancrochet 3 years ago +1

    great info. Thanks for sharing man.

  • Captain Jeoy
    Captain Jeoy 3 years ago

    Thanks Thomas this was really helpful!

  • Yunis Rajab
    Yunis Rajab 3 years ago +1

    Some of these are so simple and genius

  • Alex Yaremchuk
    Alex Yaremchuk 2 years ago +1

    Thats amazing stuff, man! Should have way more views.

  • Harsha Varma
    Harsha Varma 2 years ago

    Everything is nice. But can one guy do all that for his first game or should aim low.
    Because I found it really hard to get a few people play my game. Ofcourse the game is not yet commercialised.
    But should I aim the numbers or should I try to reach as much as I before I finish the game.

  • Nu'man Arif
    Nu'man Arif Year ago

    Thanks man, ur motivating us..

  • foldaire
    foldaire 3 years ago +24

    Be careful when you ask youtubers to voice act in your game, because you might end up making hunt down the freeman.

    • Stormblade 289
      Stormblade 289 3 years ago +5

      Mundane Doodle Pro tip for Indie Devs: don't make Hunt Down the Freeman

  • Carlos Sala Samper
    Carlos Sala Samper 2 years ago

    your content is amazing bro, congratulations!

  • theflep
    theflep 3 years ago

    This was pure gold!

  • Drunken Pirate
    Drunken Pirate 2 years ago

    you make sense :D eventhough i never released a game it seems realistic. i like that.

  • Stefan Vogel
    Stefan Vogel 3 years ago

    Just wondering, how effective do you guys think are devlogs on Clip-Share? Like on a weekly or monthly basis

    • Joanna Les
      Joanna Les Year ago

      They are really effective but the growth of your channel is expenoncional(Sry for bad spelling) so it won't do much for like a year

  • SungW
    SungW Year ago

    Thomas, thanks for your honest Clip-Share Video!!

  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen 3 years ago +2

    I'd love to have Jacksepticeye do a voice over for my game (if I had one) because he made Undertale so much better with his let's play voice over. I wish he gave Toby Fox the standalone recording so he could put it in the game. I don't really like simple text boxes because a voice over makes it so much better. I can't laugh at memes unless someone reviews them. I don't read books because I don't enjoy them. Maybe Audible would be a good idea for me (as recommended by 1000 Clip-Sharers :P).

  • Pecan
    Pecan 3 years ago +3

    Not even sure why Im watching these since I dont make games. Just enjoy your work. Looking forward to your work!

  • Mary Neko-chan
    Mary Neko-chan 3 years ago +4

    Your advice is priceless, but as soon as I get a job I'll try to pay a bit for it in your Patreon. XD

  • Protiva Sarmah
    Protiva Sarmah 3 years ago +1

    Can you show us the analytics for Pinstripe

  • mr noodler
    mr noodler 11 months ago

    Another great video thank you for sharing

  • Mike Grieci
    Mike Grieci 3 years ago

    great stuff, thanks!

  • tcbsuperhoop89
    tcbsuperhoop89 3 years ago

    Great advice.

  • Juno - Indie Dev
    Juno - Indie Dev 2 years ago

    I really can't thank you enough.

  • Hadji Dejan
    Hadji Dejan 3 years ago

    We love hacks!

  • Razer Repair
    Razer Repair 3 years ago

    thats awesome advice man great video!

  • IcarusDev
    IcarusDev 9 months ago

    Everyone: Focused on the marketing strategies Thomas teachers
    Me: mmm yes, that zelda botw gameplay in the background looks pretty cool.

  • Ishan
    Ishan 2 years ago

    Solid details man. Subscribed...
    Well one question, can I make your character in my game when I'll make one.
    I'll make you a hero of my game. 😁

  • Nick peters
    Nick peters Year ago

    To broadly sum up (still very much worth your time to watch the video though) make sure the people you reach out to can see a benefit for themselves.

  • Aayush Tripathi
    Aayush Tripathi Year ago

    I don't even make games. I just like watching these videos

  • jeshi0821
    jeshi0821 3 years ago +5

    Aww you look so happy playing with Pewdiepie! You deserve it :) Thanks for the tips.

  • Abdul Haseeb Malik
    Abdul Haseeb Malik 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing experience.

  • Rasmus Tagu
    Rasmus Tagu 2 years ago +1

    7:27 *gets the biggest creator on the platform to play his game*
    luck was on your side :)

  • Moldybot
    Moldybot 3 years ago

    To no.3: there's a youtuber (Jonas Tyroller) and he wants that you send him your games and he gives you feedback

  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  2 years ago +13

    WHOA. My next game Neversong comes out on Steam MAY 20th! Wishlist now to snag that tasty launch discount :) store.steampowered.com/app/733210/Neversong/

  • CrucialUpdat3
    CrucialUpdat3 3 years ago

    Stuff you say is gold. It's like you read my mind. R U superhuman? In any case, props.

  • Owen Bunny
    Owen Bunny Year ago

    Players deserve our good games

  • Ragnar Oerensson
    Ragnar Oerensson 3 years ago +1

    Is there a reason for not having your patreon link in the description box?

  • Franco Venica
    Franco Venica 3 years ago

    Man still looks like it is a pain in the ass having your game out outher being played by people. I always thought that if I make a game, that 1st one would be a html+js game that I could post in newgrounds or armorgames or smth like that

  • pineapple party
    pineapple party Year ago +1

    I know this is old but I'm going to assume "getting youtubers involved in your game" means ask them to play your game in a unique and catchy way..?

    • pineapple party
      pineapple party Year ago

      @RGBtryhard LED Yeah like they have time to voice act in 100s of games. realistically just in one game they are a fan of.

    • RGBtryhard LED
      RGBtryhard LED Year ago

      As he said in the video don't just ask them to play get them involved like voice acting or something

  • Amaiguri
    Amaiguri 2 years ago

    Yo, press kits and press lists and everything is so scary... I wish I could have just gone to school for business instead of Game Design--would have been a lot more practical XD

  • Words & Monsters
    Words & Monsters 2 years ago

    Great stuff.

  • Miko Mausisa
    Miko Mausisa 3 years ago

    Thomas Brush, try making a VR game, I heard that lots of VR user is looking for good VR games.

  • Sanket Varia
    Sanket Varia Year ago

    You're telling impossible things to do for a normal game developer.

  • Landro Games
    Landro Games 3 years ago +1

    Answer : Make youtube channel and promote your game

  • Jack Sargent
    Jack Sargent 3 years ago +12

    Now do it with money, what are the most effective ways to spend the money you have

    • im a tree
      im a tree 3 years ago

      ​@Jack Sargent I think there are videos of advice for efficiently spending money on ads

    • Jack Sargent
      Jack Sargent 3 years ago +1

      @im a tree What kind of ads? Where? Whats currently hitting more people? Where is it most effective?

    • im a tree
      im a tree 3 years ago +1


  • Dire Prism
    Dire Prism 3 years ago +1

    Rather than looking at subscribers it would make more sense to look at how many viewers the videos uploaded in the last couple of months have.

  • Ben Pain
    Ben Pain 2 years ago

    Great vid !