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Line 6 POD GO!! - That BIG, Clean Ambient Delay!! - Free Preset!!


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  • EarlyMist
    EarlyMist Year ago

    I love your clean ambient sounds. I've heard a lot of amp demos which I am impressed with. But I want this unit for mostly clean ambient...so thank you 👍

  • Alan Parks
    Alan Parks Year ago

    Thanks, Tony. Overall sound is very usable with my Gretsch, and really appreciate the suggestion of using the harmonic tremolo.

  • granzern
    granzern 2 years ago

    Thank you for all your amazing presets. Great job, and thanks for sharing!! New subscriber here :)

  • keanu jai
    keanu jai 2 years ago

    wow!! next level man. nice to know theres some people that can help fill in all the hard stuff for the less tech savy

  • Andy Podowski
    Andy Podowski 11 months ago

    Hi Tony! Killer tone and playing! Are you running the POD through your Katana this time?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  11 months ago +1

      Hi mate. No it's direct here. The only time I'm running the Pod Go through the Katana is the actual video with the Katana. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 11 months ago

    Thanks for not selling us a preset and showing us how to do it… thank u man

  • Ritupaban Kotoky
    Ritupaban Kotoky 2 years ago

    Beautiful sound

  • Cherry Sunburst
    Cherry Sunburst 2 years ago

    Fantastic Tony...Thank you!!!
    But I still love my Kemper Stage...too.
    Cheers from germany!

    • Cherry Sunburst
      Cherry Sunburst 2 years ago

      @Tony Emery Yeah man, that would be great! I guess you have enough time through this corona-times...no live shows.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      I still love my Kemper Stage too! I will be doing more Kemper videos hopefully 😃

  • Marcin Machałowski
    Marcin Machałowski 9 months ago

    Wielkie Dzięki Tony, dobra robota!!!

  • Christof Kraemer
    Christof Kraemer 2 years ago

    That sounds very nice! Thx

  • robmlisanti
    robmlisanti 2 years ago

    Thank you Tony!! I love this!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  2 years ago

      You're welcome dude, glad you like!

  • Rohlua Marohlua
    Rohlua Marohlua 2 years ago

    Amazing 😍

  • Krzysztof VERITAE

    Great preset mate \_/ very tasteful playing..... is that Gibson Traditional 50’s? Nice guitar

  • Mickelly Rodrigues

    Would like to know which IR's I should buy for a clean crunch n overdrive tone

  • dunboozin
    dunboozin 2 years ago


  • Dendy Adiluhung
    Dendy Adiluhung 2 years ago

    Yeeay it’s free, here’s my thumb 👍🏼

  • King's
    King's Year ago

    This or the ampero?