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In a Zombie apocalypse...

  • Published on Jan 7, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Against actual zombies I'm scrapping 😤
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • IFiguredItOut 999
    IFiguredItOut 999 2 years ago +11960

    The idea of a man going around collecting survivors who look just like him and fending off zombies who also look like him is fascinating

    TSAR-TSEN 2 years ago +7627

    I remember 6th grade camp and a camp activity was “infection” it was so fun. I did not survive that long because there was an insanely fast kid who could run on uneven ground. It’s was terrifying in the woods just looking around and seeing people run from tree to tree.

    • TheLoveGodInYou
      TheLoveGodInYou 3 days ago

      Did that too and caught a branch into my knee while running, pus and hydrogen peroxide was everywhere 😂 Good times

    • Benson Cheung
      Benson Cheung 3 months ago

      @Not a Can 222 👍
      (69th 💬)

    • ShowMeSomethingRandom
      ShowMeSomethingRandom 3 months ago +1

      wait no way me too, but we did it with predator vs prey with medals and shit

    • Baboon Momma
      Baboon Momma 3 months ago +2

      When i was 7-9 i used to play a game with 70 other kids in school the rules were 1 person starts as a zombie, if they touch you you're a zombie too
      The only way to win was by either being the last human or surviving until the end of break
      I remember one day i was lying down in a bush and there was only me and a few others left
      Then i see this one kid run around the corner with a scared look on his face and then i see 50+ kids just running after him, they eventually surrounded him and got him

    • AngieAnaya43
      AngieAnaya43 4 months ago

      On uneven ground, that’s crazy

  • connor mcnary
    connor mcnary 2 years ago +19268

    “I just think it would be cool to fight zombies” is litterally the reason the US would survive a zombie apocalypse lmao

    • Game Addict
      Game Addict 11 days ago

      @Jean Rémi in all of zombie apocalypse movies that i’ve seen, 99% of the population in the city are zombies so the casualties isn’t really that much anyway. Besides, some of those survivors at the beginning will somehow mess up and become zombies so yeah. Nuking is actually way more efficient than going killing zombies 1 by 1 with a very high chance of missing a few zombies in like a dark alley or in the sewage which can very likely cause another zombie apocalypse.

    • Jean Rémi
      Jean Rémi 11 days ago

      ​@Game Addict nuking a city is an innefficient way of limiting casualties

    • Game Addict
      Game Addict 11 days ago

      Not because they have nukes 😅

    • Slow Fish
      Slow Fish 18 days ago


  • Drifter
    Drifter Year ago +5905

    Let's be real a lot of people are like these two guys. When "survive the day" becomes a great ambition and aspiration to strive for, a lot of us would rather just go to sleep. When "fight zombies" becomes an option, I gaurantee you atleast 50% of the teenage human population will agree.

    • derpnerpwerp
      derpnerpwerp 17 days ago

      ​@Juwan Buchanan zombies don't possess higher order thinking. Lots of things can bite and kill us already that are a hell of a lot smarter than zombies. I think its more likely that a zombie outbreak would be kinda anti-climactic. In movies and shows, the military always takes forever to figure out you need to shoot in the head.. I feel like this would be discovered during the first encounter, even without lore to go off of. I mean, a soldier shoots the zombie in a vital organ and it keeps coming.. and goes down with a shot to the head.. thats really simple pattern recognition. A crow could figure that shit out (but crows are smart as shit, much smarter than a zombie.. killer crows would be scary).
      Also look at a show like Walking Dead.. how many times could they have just lit a big swarm on fire and didn't?
      Think of how fast a drone swarm could handle a brain dead swarm of zombies.

    • Hanz Frederick's
      Hanz Frederick's 22 days ago

      @Juwan Buchanan you forgot train to busan, dying light, wwz, yknow... I can keep bringing up the type of zombies we might have in this world... Alot of possibilty

    • Jonathan Schmitt
      Jonathan Schmitt Month ago

      @AdamRee1940 Also, once the zombies starve and humanity goes extinct, the world will be a better place.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 Month ago

      To be honest, it’s better if we don’t survive the zombie apocalypse. The reason I say that is because a world, where there is a lot of zombies and less people, bad and psychotic people, seeing your loved ones die, being lonely, suffering, wasting stuff, depressed, losing your sanity, the world is not worth living anymore.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 Month ago

      @Drifter Why would you wail in these people? They didn’t do anything.

  • Excalibur Blaze
    Excalibur Blaze Year ago +13755

    This is such a good way to begin a zombie comedy movie.

    • David Darnell Jr
      David Darnell Jr 3 months ago

      Zombie Home Alone. Thats the movie

    • Terance Booth
      Terance Booth 4 months ago

      @SandwichWitch As opposed to monopoly money, naturally.

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      The name "doctor stone" he recreates technology for scratch.

    • Prototype X
      Prototype X 6 months ago

      @Nathan Hanson and where the hell you gonna get that

    • Robo
      Robo 6 months ago

      @SandwichWitch Watch Shaun of the Dead!

  • ZaZa Ink.
    ZaZa Ink. Year ago +2218

    Finally someone addresses why the “zombie apocalypse” trope never has never interested me. It’s way too hopeless of a situation for me to ever get invested 😭

    • Hive
      Hive Month ago

      ​@Coyote i would die

    • Jayden Crooks
      Jayden Crooks Month ago

      You should read zom 100 then

    • Chong Li Yang
      Chong Li Yang Month ago

      @Coyote nah life will return eventually in a post nuclear apocalypse, we're completely fucked in a zombie one

    • connor mcnary
      connor mcnary Month ago

      @Mustaki at least zombies are something you can physically fight or hide from. Nukes are a guaranteed death though. Ever read "the road"? That book is kinda sad but pretty interesting. Father and son travelling after nuclear bombings

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 2 years ago +6271

    I thought the product placement was going to be a zombie game

    • GHOST
      GHOST 2 years ago


    • SP Mask
      SP Mask 2 years ago

      Yooo word!!

    • lumine
      lumine 2 years ago

      Im glad it wasn't

    • Lazy
      Lazy 2 years ago

      Back 4 blood aka Left for dead 3

  • Christopher Wallace
    Christopher Wallace Year ago +7391

    "A life where my aspirations and daily goal is to survive the day is not the life for me"
    Shit got real right there.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 Month ago

      @peacemaker5030 What about afterlife?

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 Month ago

      @Ernie I disagree. A world where there is a lot of zombies, including bad and psychotic people, seeing your loved ones die, being lonely, wasting stuff, depressed, losing your sanity, the world is not worth living anymore.

    • X.L.B
      X.L.B 5 months ago

      Fr. With us about to go into ww3, I really had to think “ do I really want to be out here making fires, fighting off wildlife, hunting for my food all the time, and not having wifi?” I really don’t , and I think that’s ok.

    • NitroGenjutsu
      NitroGenjutsu 5 months ago

      @Not an Alien A lot of animals use logic and plan ahead the future too.

    • Darcie
      Darcie 6 months ago

      @Maya Oh I'm not rationalizing. I reject rationality.

  • Abdullah Osmani
    Abdullah Osmani Year ago +2651

    *I just think the current situation is undesirable no matter how much effort you put into it*

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      @cart in a zombie apocalypse you got to restart from scratch or collect everything again have efficient energy and be self sufficient.

    • cart
      cart 4 months ago

      @Logan Shaw now how tf are they using them during a zombie apocalypse 😭

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      @cart in reality inventors: alot of things are already invented got to think outside the verbal box to invent nowadays.

    • cart
      cart 4 months ago

      @Logan Shaw inventors in reality: i got inventor block

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      Mean while inventors. Inventors: my time to shine has come.

  • 고준서
    고준서 Year ago +715

    I think this would be interesting to add, but while I was playing the Walking Dead, my dad, having served in the military, told me that the unsanitary situation alone for the characters suck. He said that people imagine themselves there with only mild discomfort, but if you actually experience in real life it's just a chaotic, humid, sticky, hungry, thirsty mess, with flies just crawling and flying around you, and he added that the blood stains as well kind of just doubles it. It's no where near to what you can imagine until you experience it for yourself.

    • FallenSully
      FallenSully Month ago

      @ABC Actually pre modern world animals showed little difference between us and other animals and even now there are plenty of animals that would intentionally target us. The Ice Age had Mammoths and Giant Sloths and plenty of other monstrous beasts that happily wanted to tear you apart. And post Ice Age there were plenty of lethal pack hunters that are far more deadly then Zombies.
      Zombies aren’t that dangerous. They aren’t very good at ambushes, you can outrun them, they are dumb. They are really only a threat if you are unlucky

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 Month ago

      @Siluda To be honest, you should, because surviving in a zombie apocalypse is nothing but torture.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 Month ago

      @Siluda How would you know?

    • FallenSully
      FallenSully 2 months ago +2

      @nicolae-alexandru Luca it’s a matter of perspective. Remember Humans survived the ice age and hunted some of the most powerful beasts in all of history all the way back in the Stone Age

  • Microwave
    Microwave 2 years ago +8750

    The ending “lets goooo” was a good feeling for some reason

    • rubix master
      rubix master 5 months ago +1

      It's always a W for the MC to get a new addition, it's extra special when it's a first mate.

    • AnimatedMomo
      AnimatedMomo 10 months ago

      @Spyros Blt Thats not DABABY thats my baby 😂

    • DaPizzaSnake
      DaPizzaSnake Year ago

      Its got that me and the bois vibe to it.

  • Tygermite
    Tygermite 8 months ago +175

    I love how this lists all the good points on why you wouldn't really want a zombie apocalypse. Like yeah, what if you run out of toilet paper, clean water, home-cooked meals, internet, lights, etc. Like, there's so many things you'd lose. And if it's running zombies, you ain't standing a chance.

    • Mr. P
      Mr. P Month ago

      @nicolae-alexandru Luca that would obviously depend on the type of zombies it would be. A typical undead zombie is unrealistic anyway, more likely a mutated virus or fungus would cause it which would allow more dangerous zombies.

    • Bloodhoundo
      Bloodhoundo Month ago

      @mathig nihilcek bruh you know for a fact that we would all die, none of us are putting in that kind of effort

    • Jean Rémi
      Jean Rémi Month ago

      A vehicle could augment your chances, especially with the correct equipement. If you have a good source of energy, such as solar panels, you could use a railgun. The ammo is easier to manufacture than regular ammo, as it needs no gunpowder

    • Alberto Zalon
      Alberto Zalon Month ago

      Soap and toilet paper arent gonna be an issue cooked food wont be that bad astronomical amounts of canned food. Internet is a gone sure but there should be enough solar panels and car batteries to keep you good for a long time.

    • nicolae-alexandru Luca
      nicolae-alexandru Luca 2 months ago

      Realistically zombies couldn't run cause the limbs would be far to rotten for that, even walking would be hard, I'm sure even biting you would be difficult since all the muscles would be mostly dead and no blood would circulate through them as the heart is dead after a host is bit and eventually turns into a zombie so much weaker cause of that, also ligaments joints tissues would all start to die almost immediately after the host dies, cells die and then the body practically becomes useless. In max a week after the hosts death

  • SwiftX10
    SwiftX10 2 years ago +5883

    - "Society collapsed, you have no more student loans"
    - "Say no more, pass that katana, we out"

    • M Sharp
      M Sharp 21 day ago

      @The Australian GREER it’s govt run and a socialist system. So terrible

    • The Australian GREER
      The Australian GREER 22 days ago

      Damn how bad is the American education system Jesus Christ

    • ProfitKing
      ProfitKing 25 days ago

      @AgereArtist ngl u spitting facts rn. If you got any more tips on how to get through college debt free im willing to listen.

    • Jean Rémi
      Jean Rémi Month ago

      @M Sharp ok, so basically i need money to get graduated to make money ? Sorta seeing a catch 22 here but ok...

  • Joe Ward
    Joe Ward 2 years ago +6086

    My grandmother felt like that during the Cold War. When the Cuban Missle Crisis happened, she literally took my mother, aunt, and uncle and drove into New York City for the day. She figured that it'd be (one of the) first places to get nuked, and she wasn't down for surviving a nuclear winter.

    • Huples Cat
      Huples Cat 4 months ago +1

      Nuclear winter was unknown in the 60s

    • Cerealwalker
      Cerealwalker 4 months ago

      @Commentur The Great It is pretty simple if we have one piece of information: whether or not the people she took with her in NY wanted a quick death.
      She herself wanted to die, yeah whatever. If people she took with her also wanted to die - then fine, it’s their own decision.
      But if they didn’t, if they wanted to at least try to fight for their survival after the bombs dropped - then the grandma is obviously not a good person and an egotistical one at that, since she didn’t give a f about what her relatives wanted - and it’s pretty serious matter when it comes to the question of life and death. For all we know, that’s a f-ing murder.
      Yeah necroposting but idc

    • rubix master
      rubix master 5 months ago

      @Quentin still a suicide thing

  • NitroGenjutsu
    NitroGenjutsu 2 years ago +5479

    "They're zombies everywhere"
    Me, an asthmatic: Yeah you can count me out

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      Asthmatic was killed just being outside when they ran out of inhalers.

    • Nothing Realy
      Nothing Realy Year ago

      Actually a real zombie apocalypse has a very low chance of happening even if zombies were a thing because of military and even if it were to happen just activate the nukes especially the ones with very high radiation having a big explosion won't do anything if zombies were scattered around the world with radiation it makes sure that extinction will happen and don't even start with the finding the cure shit even if you do what are gonna do with it do you have enough of it and even if your plan is to only cure a few people and make those people survive and breed and become humanities hope are you sure that the zombies are gonna go away before you die out of starvation even if you had enough to last forever are you just gonna live there forever it not like the zombies will magically disappear it gonna take thousands of years maybe millions even never if they manage to adopt and evolve, before they disappear are you sure your gonna be able to see that day happen before your very eyes rot in vain

    • Sean
      Sean Year ago

      Bro same I don’t know if my asthma gonna come back with a vengeance like once my inhaler run out I’m gonna be screwed

    • Hijvg Kolfsr
      Hijvg Kolfsr Year ago

      @Taken you mean znation or resident evil

    • shadowvideogaming shadow
      shadowvideogaming shadow Year ago

      @NitroGenjutsu i hope you get better god is good im praying for you

  • Stock Photo Guy
    Stock Photo Guy Year ago +596

    “We have to fight in a zombie apocalypse!”
    “So we have to work to survive everyday?”
    “Yeah, basically.”
    “So nothing’s changed?”

    • InfiniteSouls
      InfiniteSouls 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, it’s just very different jobs you have to work now.

    • Maya
      Maya 6 months ago +3

      @sbcs Third world countries be like: So nothing's changed?

    • Maya
      Maya 6 months ago +15

      @sbcs Third world countries be like: So nothing's changed?

    • sbcs
      sbcs 6 months ago +4

      It's the amount of work you have to put in to survive the day that he's complaining about

  • Wingspand
    Wingspand 2 years ago +663

    Makes a lot of sense why people just give up in the apocalypse.

    • Maya
      Maya 6 months ago

      Its a great way to flesh out the weak links.

    • Tappajaav
      Tappajaav Year ago +1

      @ThisBoiDraws’ READ THE BOOK

    • ThisBoiDraws’
      ThisBoiDraws’ Year ago +6

      @Tappajaav I would pull a will smith

    • Tappajaav
      Tappajaav Year ago +31

      @Logical Overdrive Best time to scavenge/look for food is when you're fed and energetic, not when you're malnourished, weak and sick

    • Logical Overdrive
      Logical Overdrive Year ago +27

      @vibez as long as the power work, ill be like the mc at the start of sunset overdrive. Fuck that zombie shit. I'm not heading out until I'm outta food.

  • lolAvalanche
    lolAvalanche 4 months ago +18

    I’m reminded of a dream I had in a zombie apocalypse where after I managed to escape a group of zombies I forced myself to wake up just like, “This had better be a dream because I do not want to live this life.”

  • SMAT8055
    SMAT8055 2 years ago +2372

    People in movies: “I gotta survive like a badass”

    • Sean
      Sean Year ago +1

      Dies within 3 days because they get tired from running from zombies

    • Veronica Drake
      Veronica Drake 2 years ago +1

      @DON'T clickbait I see lol

    • The One of One with 1
      The One of One with 1 2 years ago +2

      @DON'T I hope the Zombies get hold of ur channel and delete it.

    • SMAT8055
      SMAT8055 2 years ago +2

      @Air strike gaming bro this comment section was too weird😂

    • Not a plague doctor
      Not a plague doctor 2 years ago +5

      @DON'T ok i wont

  • Shaman Koku
    Shaman Koku 2 years ago +522

    A Zombie Apocalypse is like Attack on Titan
    Everyone thinks they're gonna be Levi until the crisis actually happens

    • Michael Kean
      Michael Kean 11 months ago +2

      but what happens is that they end up being season 1 Eren (killed in literally the 1st 5 minutes)
      or Season 4 Eren ( a literal walking talking war crime)

    • Kalibus Kristof
      Kalibus Kristof Year ago +1

      @Kevin C. Cucumber the near constant nightmares fueled me to learn how to lucid dream.

    • Kevin C. Cucumber
      Kevin C. Cucumber Year ago +13

      Exactly, its usually little kids and teenagers that have the protagonist syndrome and haven’t been humbled by life yet. I had a weird dream similar to attack on titans except it happened on modern day and it was a terrifying nightmare.

    • GoldenPig64
      GoldenPig64 Year ago +3

      @Kalibus Kristof Jesus Christ

    • Dave
      Dave Year ago +3

      @Kalibus Kristof Jesus christ

  • Myotic Tesseract
    Myotic Tesseract Year ago +795

    "So, what's your power?"
    "Bra-brains? What, like, mind reading? Mind control? Bra-you got a big brain?"
    "Oh shit wait you're an actual zombie"

    • Jampolo
      Jampolo Year ago +25

      *zombie starts crying as it awkwardly shambles towards the door*

    • Ammar Salim
      Ammar Salim Year ago +12

      Ultimate crossover

    • Pom Tubes
      Pom Tubes Year ago +23


  • Breeze Posts Cringe
    Breeze Posts Cringe 2 years ago +475

    I feel like his water was brown one day and he just visualized this entire conversation in his brain and recorded it

  • Railgun
    Railgun Year ago +45

    This is literally what I always thought about an apocalypse. Whether it be zombies or another cause. Fighting every single day just to survive until tomorrow is by no means hopeful. Its just suffering and stress without any possibility of a better future. Just death literally everywhere.

  • Howard T. Duck
    Howard T. Duck 2 years ago +705

    The fact that Caleb took the time to have this philosophical talk with himself just to end it with “ I just think it would be cool if we fought zombies” is so breathtaking

    • Howard T. Duck
      Howard T. Duck 2 years ago

      @Alan YOU’RE Breathtaking!! You’re all breathtaking!!!

    • Alan
      Alan 2 years ago

      You're breathtaking

    • Syayre Kyles
      Syayre Kyles 2 years ago +1


  • tiktik15
    tiktik15 2 years ago +128

    Love how Yellow Caleb is just so done with it when he realizes that the stuff that they'll probably have is pretty crap. But then just changes his mind when Black Caleb says "I think it would just be cool to fight zombies."

  • OldRelz
    OldRelz 2 years ago +216

    “A life where my daily aspiration is to survive is not for me “ is an underrated quote lml.

  • Sunlight cosmos
    Sunlight cosmos 7 months ago +12

    Caleb is right. The human race gets helluh nerfed during situations like these.

  • Okinyi
    Okinyi 2 years ago +199

    "If I wanted to survive I'd be somewhere fighting bears for food". 😂 😂 😂 I died

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      Reminded of hard-core martial artist training in the mountains.

  • broski
    broski Year ago +81

    With the water, if anyone's wondering, you can get decent quality water by finding a stream. Where the water's running and clear, you can drink that and it should be alright, though in a zombie situation checking up-river would be a good idea.

    • Mikhailia Gacesa
      Mikhailia Gacesa 4 months ago +4

      I know a LOT of people who got Giardia that way. Gotta filter it(better than boiling); even in the Sonoran desert.

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      Or boiling water under tilted glass to condensed into a water collector.

    • Logan Shaw
      Logan Shaw 4 months ago

      Or the high tech approach have a wind generator and use electricity to reverse osmosis seawater.

    • dion jay woollaston
      dion jay woollaston 10 months ago +16

      Be safer to use boiled rain water or depending on where you live humidity collected with tarpaulin

  • Uryen Atienza
    Uryen Atienza 2 years ago +7473

    Survival Caleb: "I think it's cool to fight zombies"
    Smart Caleb: Aight let's go!

    • Glitchy
      Glitchy 7 months ago

      @Mindecon 🗿

    • MD GOLD
      MD GOLD 7 months ago

      @aiqbl idk but i never searching that up again

    • Davi Eugênio
      Davi Eugênio Year ago

      @N_Aerial the zombies have a high chance of taking you from behind so consider that a 3v1 in which the last enemy is out of your sight

    • Davi Eugênio
      Davi Eugênio Year ago +1

      @Person true

    • aiqbl
      aiqbl Year ago +2

      @ali mansouri WTF WAS THAT!??!??

  • Kent N.
    Kent N. 2 years ago +54

    Caleb's conversations are the most cilivlized cause one person always talks at a time. Wish we could all be like this 😂😂

  • SuchSwaggerAllMe 310
    SuchSwaggerAllMe 310 Year ago +136

    "a day where my aspirations and daily goals are to SURVIVE THE DAY is not the life for me"
    kinda hurt but thats really how im livin..

  • Ixillius
    Ixillius Year ago +217

    I'm getting old, Im out of shape, I dont have much in terms of aspirations and my joints would give me away in any stealth senario.
    That said killing zombies sounds tight and well worth dying a horrible death for.

    • Kevin C. Cucumber
      Kevin C. Cucumber Year ago +1

      @Ixillius what are you talking about? Jesus is Australian

    • Goaty_Horns
      Goaty_Horns Year ago +8

      @Kalibus Kristof lmao

    • Ixillius
      Ixillius Year ago +27

      @Kalibus Kristof Why does it oddly make sense for a middle eastern dude to suggest this?

    • Kalibus Kristof
      Kalibus Kristof Year ago +26

      well said, strap on this here explosive vest, well make a use outa your ancient ass yet

  • Bonedude
    Bonedude Year ago +1145

    Caleb in the black hoodie: "I just thought it would be cool to fight zombies."
    Caleb in the yellow hoodie: _"You son of a b!tch, I'm in."_
    EDIT: There fixed it. Turns out some of you have more words in your sentences than braincells.

    • popol e kupa support
      popol e kupa support Year ago +1

      @boiled grandchildren You're taking away my (braincells) freedoms as a free citizen wich violates (braincells) the constitution. I will now proceed to yell about (braincells) it in a car while on tik (braincells) tok.

    • boiled grandchildren
      boiled grandchildren Year ago +1

      @popol e kupa support Please stay 2.5m away, I do not want my comments to catch your braincells.

    • popol e kupa support
      popol e kupa support Year ago +3

      @Devil JhoMama I (braincells) would not (braincells) be scared (braincells).

    • Devil JhoMama
      Devil JhoMama Year ago +14

      "Some of you have more words in your sentences than braincells" I'd be pretty scared if there were braincells in my sentence.

  • arc roseary
    arc roseary 2 years ago +7293

    Caleb: "I just want to fight zombies"
    Everyone: say less

  • Luke Wright
    Luke Wright 9 months ago +93

    Plot twist: at 0:30 he was actually trying to sleep because he knows zombies burn during the day. He also knows that his plant defense and lawnmowers will protect him

    • CrazyPeople
      CrazyPeople 4 months ago +1

      @Akid Productions Everyone does

    • Akid Productions
      Akid Productions 4 months ago +4

      I know the two games you're referencing to.

  • basic name
    basic name  2 years ago +336

    " we gotta get somewhere safe"
    he says as he stands in a perfectl fine houese

  • Onychoprion27
    Onychoprion27 10 months ago +5

    I love how Caleb makes some of the line-reads sound echoy as though they're actually coming from a Caleb laying on the floor 2 meters away.

  • N D
    N D Year ago +76

    "I just think it would be cool to fight zombies..." "Why didn't you just start with that?! Let's go!" XD Fight zombies as you head to the store, fight them as you get supplies, fight them on your way to a fresh, clean water source and just live there. Make sure you get tools to chop trees, build a wall with chopped down trees, then some small huts... Then use some bows you got from a store you went to in order to shoot the zombies from behind the wall but on a raised level... I don't know, build basic platforms? I know, I'm thinking too much. Point is? You can do both. Fight zombies, yes. But get yourself set up for the long haul. Recruit other uninfected people, help Humanity survive... While killing zombies. It's a win win.

    • Chatoyer Huggins
      Chatoyer Huggins Year ago +2

      You're just saying the gameplay of 7 days to die. (plus probably 50 other zombie games)

  • Ninjapilot10
    Ninjapilot10 Year ago +8

    I've accepted that if a full blown zombie apocalypse happens (no matter how unlikely) I'm going out to fight for however long I last. I'm type 1 diabetic my meds MIGHT last 2 months before they spoil.

  • Kiddie XXVIII
    Kiddie XXVIII 2 years ago +4057

    “I wanna live without worrying for survival each day”
    - leaves front door unlocked (pre-apocalypse)

    • Mid Gard
      Mid Gard 2 years ago +1

      @Velo2DN Huh?

    • Kiddie XXVIII
      Kiddie XXVIII 2 years ago +2

      @Ditzy Klutz Thats true, but I meant before the apocalypse since robbers can come in and kill the guy

    • Kaneki Ken
      Kaneki Ken 2 years ago

      I was the 2.2K like

    • Ditzy Klutz
      Ditzy Klutz 2 years ago

      Maybe the zombies can’t turn knobs?

  • mattturner747
    mattturner747 10 months ago +3

    Still prolly my favorite Caleb video brah. He creates a whole ass universe with lore on this four minute video.

  • NotAPerson 123
    NotAPerson 123 Year ago +21

    If this was a series, couldn't wait for part two

  • Stone Age Programmer
    Stone Age Programmer 4 months ago +3

    This is greatness. I subbed you. I'm a game developer, I'm making a Backrooms game, and I've gotten sort of submerged into this horror mindset of depressed hopelessness, especially with the outbreak of WW3 in Russia. So, I find this completely relatable. In a world where just lay down and die is the smart move, this is a classic.

  • [TDP] DaddyChill
    [TDP] DaddyChill 8 months ago +7

    Caleb can never fail us with the camera zoom in

  • Adam R
    Adam R 7 months ago +2

    Caleb’s personality matches his house a lot. We really enjoy them more that way, so bright, brilliant and creative!

  • Bene
    Bene 2 years ago +3288

    Sometimes I forget that they’re all Caleb, that’s how brilliant it is

  • Pants
    Pants 2 years ago +90

    him: "Shit I just think it would be cool to fight zombies"
    also him: "why didn't you lead with that gimmie that bat" LOOOOOOL i love it.

    • AlphaChaser
      AlphaChaser Year ago

      That'd be my only motivation during a zombie apocalypse. Just to recreate a Train to Busan kind of scenario and probably die in vain like the majority but hey at least it'll still be pretty cool

  • K Tyler
    K Tyler Year ago +34

    So basically, he needs to be a prepper before even considering living through something like this

  • Julien Dunker
    Julien Dunker 7 months ago +1

    I now want a whole show made about this by Caleb. Would be hella fun

  • Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ - Kᴜɴ

    I like how he stood there so clueless on why no one can survive a Zombie Apocalypse

  • MavisRead
    MavisRead 6 months ago +5

    This is my big sister and me if this happened! My big sister would be like, "no, not gonna do it. There's no point to continuing life in a zombie filled world. Even if we win, the world will go back to bullshit. It ain't worth it." That's pretty much her stand on it is. At first I argued with her. But then I remembered all the videos and shows of the zombie apocalypse that the evil humans are worse than the zombies. That massive creepy people can force themselves on innocent people and do horrible things to them despite the zombies everywhere! And yeah, the world would go back to all the stupid taxes and money ruling over everything. So yeah, I got convinced that it's not worth it surviving a zombie apocalypse. I'd probably fight until my family is gone. When my family had passed away, there be no reason for me to continue on in a zombie filled world.
    Hilarious skit!

  • ZeldaSnake300
    ZeldaSnake300 2 years ago +12116

    “Let’s fight to survive”
    “Nah, I’d rather die”
    “Okay. Let’s fight cuz it’s cool and violent”

    • LabGoat
      LabGoat 7 months ago +1

      “Let’s fight to survive, and let’s try and find a cure, then save the world, I already have 25 guns with m-“
      “No. I have principles, OK? And one of them is never to fight anybody, no matter what circumstance.”
      “seriously? Look, dude, I just think it’s cool to fight zombies.”
      “Screw my principles, gimme those 26 guns, it’s morbin time”

    • Mr.Nobody
      Mr.Nobody 8 months ago +1

      That’s how I feel like when I’m playing TWD VR Lmao

    • SupresserPoopy 1
      SupresserPoopy 1 9 months ago

      You know I qhoud get a sword and slaying and fun

    • Skyral
      Skyral 9 months ago +1

      That would legit be me.

    • QuandaleDingle
      QuandaleDingle 10 months ago +1

      when the doom music kicks in

  • AndiStudios
    AndiStudios 7 months ago +2

    I like how in zombie apocalypse scenarios there are like 2000 zombies right infront of a specific house trying to break down the door, and the slow zombies which are barely alive are like a "huge threat" to the people.

    KORAS Year ago +5

    I wanna see this as a short series with calebs comedic values cuz it makes the shit funnier, I promise if he directed and acted in it it would be a amazing

  • Hcook10
    Hcook10 8 months ago +6

    You know this made me think I've never seen a zombie movie with a treehouse, that seems like a realistic place to live

  • brug
    brug 2 years ago +45

    50 seconds in and we got "a life where my aspirations and daily goals is to survive the day is not the life for me"
    Jesus fuck dude 10/10 lmao

  • just vibes
    just vibes 21 day ago

    I like how Caleb makes realistic skits from his house.

  • Syndicate
    Syndicate 2 years ago +2264


    • Some Legend
      Some Legend 2 years ago +1

      @Kyle Labelle I’m pretty sure nobody sees the dislikes so it’s pointless

    • Kyle Labelle
      Kyle Labelle 2 years ago

      I'm the guy who clicks thumbs down on all the comments that have over a thousands thumbs ups and no negative reacts

    • Carmine IF
      Carmine IF 2 years ago +1

      @Xecute saying as he is talking to Tom

    • The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow
      The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow 2 years ago +1


  • Dr. Chad
    Dr. Chad Year ago

    I always love to think every single video Caleb makes is part of the same universe (The Caleb Cinematic Universe / CMU) and all these videos can be organized in a timeline, would be so funny.

  • Painful Truth
    Painful Truth 4 months ago

    Tbh the chance to improve life for the coming generations and to give them a chance to the life you've had is more then enough motivation for me in that situation.

  • Sourav Gaonkar
    Sourav Gaonkar Year ago +1

    In fact he did have me in the first half where you just give up instead of trying to survive in an apocalypse, but then he also got me with the "It'll be kinda cool" part, cuz most of the movies I've watched about a zombie apocalypse just have badass characters, so, that just makes sense to me.

  • TheThunder005
    TheThunder005 Month ago

    I've seen a lot but not all of Calab's vids here on YT, and it amazes me that how on point and relevant his videos stay no matter how much time has past since posted! If there are NOT zombies 🧟‍♂️ roaming the world in the next year I'd be surprised...

  • Uneven
    Uneven 2 years ago +6135

    "Sleep in a bed?" Said the man, sleeping on the floor...

    • Asertix357
      Asertix357 5 months ago

      Man, that's a comfortable looking carpet. I'd sleep on that.

    • Froggy
      Froggy 10 months ago +2

      The ability to choose. If I get tired of the floor I wanna be able to plop on a bed, take that choice away I don't even know who I am anymore

    • dion jay woollaston
      dion jay woollaston 10 months ago

      Don’t knock the floor till you tried it, the Japanese have been doing it for years and I once spent the first half of 2020 sleeping on the floor, not because I didn’t have a bed but because I wanted to and it was comfy

    • Bradey Josey
      Bradey Josey 10 months ago

      Plus their beds are not taken in the house and a lot of people are dead so you can sleep in theirs beds

    • wana play
      wana play 10 months ago +2

      I though he was just laying down and dying.

  • Clay
    Clay Year ago +1

    This man is funnier with one camera than I could be witha host of actors and a team of writers

  • NXZeditz
    NXZeditz 2 years ago +65

    I love how at the end he’s like: look I just think it will be cool to fight zombies
    : shoot you should’ve just started with that

  • Coal
    Coal Year ago +1

    I mean he's got a point. I've had so many day dreams of a zombie apocalypse and considered myself either fighting just for the adrenaline of fighting or lying down and waiting because I don't want to "survive" I want to live. Basically yellow shirt would like the idea of ice your best life instead of live the longest life

  • Soul
    Soul 2 years ago +14

    Ik this is a bit exaggerated but this skit's editing and directing is so good. Like every shot is so perfect, change any of em and I feel like it would become less funny

  • nerdybird
    nerdybird 7 months ago

    The ending had me dying, really put it into perspective there lol im not trying to live long in an apocalypse but im gonna go out w style at least

  • Justin Coloma
    Justin Coloma 2 years ago +3079

    People who played any zombie based game: *It’s like, I was made for this*

    • ChillAxyn
      ChillAxyn 2 years ago

      Yeah have fun eating dog food and drinking shit water you can't put down the controller and order a pizza in a zombie apocalypse

    • Absolute Schmuck
      Absolute Schmuck 2 years ago +1

      Cultured people: RDR: Undead Nightmare

    • Mankanaan
      Mankanaan 2 years ago

      Do you know all the easter eggs?

    • Cheapskate Motorsports
      Cheapskate Motorsports 2 years ago

      Alexa play 115 and Rip and Tear

  • Pir8
    Pir8 Year ago

    Man....i want a full series made by this dude.Just amaizing dud , keep the vids up

  • CapALot
    CapALot 12 days ago

    2:31 Ion know why, but when this music plays shit feels like the feeling of feeling nostalgia. Ya feel me? Like it’s goated, straight up feel relaxed when I hear that. Might be weird but much love to Caleb man.❤

  • Matthew Bateman
    Matthew Bateman 11 months ago +1

    That "faucet+pouring a little coke down the drain" editing was actually flawless!

  • Gusnel Joseph
    Gusnel Joseph 10 months ago +1

    Bro how tf you do that so well-making these scenes with just yourself in such a creative matter??!fr you talented frfr.keep up the gud work man🙏🙌

  • Josiah The Discontinued

    Alternate Title: If recruiting people in a zombie apocalypse was more realistic.
    Edit: HOW DID I GET SO MANY LIKES?! Thanks for liking my comment everyone!

  • HorrorGamer4
    HorrorGamer4 2 years ago +3443

    Caleb, make a sequel to this. “Fighting zombies be like”.

    • ali mansouri
      ali mansouri 2 years ago

      whatever you do don't search "i live in a gay bar" on Clip-Share
      just dont

    • Rasheed Zxr
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    • Kyle Labelle
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      I'm the guy who clicks thumbs down on all the comments that have over a thousands thumbs ups and no negative reacts

    • Parker Animations
      Parker Animations 2 years ago +1

      And the zombies can run and actually fight. Imagine fighting through that.

  • Reservoir
    Reservoir Year ago +1

    This is exactly why anybody who has weapons at home and knows how to work with their hands (make a filter, build, etc) is gonna be a god in a zombie apocalypse

  • Justinian the Great

    I don't care how bad and/or hopeless the situation is, giving up is never the answer. Never give up.

  • Leo
    Leo 2 months ago

    He is so prepared, he covered his nech and wore black hoodie. It's just amazing....❤️❤️❤️

  • NeoKnight
    NeoKnight 2 years ago

    SOMEONE FINALLY PUT IT INTO WORDS! This is how I feel about zombie apocalypse scenarios.

  • Youssef Mohamed Gadallah

    This reminds of the manga Zom 100: 100 things to do before I become a zombie/bucket list of the dead(I’ve seen it titled both). It’s a comedy manga about this guy who was working in a black company with like 25hr work days and when the zombie apocalypse hits, the only thing he feel is is relief that he doesn’t have to go to work. He begins writing a list of (100)things he wants to do before becoming a zombie. It was pretty good

  • BlacBushido
    BlacBushido 2 years ago +5390

    Survival Caleb: “Wanna fight zombies”
    Caleb: *“R E A L S H I T”*

  • A Tax Collector
    A Tax Collector 5 months ago

    My brother is a turbo-geek for the zombie apocalypse, cuz he watches all these zombie movies and tv shows and I relate HARD with Orange Hood Caleb, like I'd rather die or not be involved in a zombie apocalypse than have to struggle every second just so I don't get zombified

  • Victor Amogu
    Victor Amogu 2 years ago

    After all these years, this guy's video engagement is still pretty good.

  • Xero
    Xero 11 months ago +2

    "So you're saying that ALL of our country's defences couldn't survive the outbreak, but you think just the two of us is enough to fight through the hordes of zombies?"

  • blackkitty369
    blackkitty369 7 months ago

    Listing the camp stuff made me laugh so hard! When a 6-grade camp has more options than a zombie apocalypse that's pretty bad!

  • new me
    new me 3 months ago +1

    I think this shows in my opinion why your better off staying in your home if something like this were to occur.

  • Ri
    Ri 2 years ago +9279

    i hope there isn’t any: this aged poorly, comments in the future.

    • DoomMetal Vibes
      DoomMetal Vibes Month ago

      I hope it does, sounds fun compared to thet life is now

    • Santi
      Santi 7 months ago

      “This aged poorly”

    • NightlyChart86
      NightlyChart86 7 months ago

      This aged phenomenally

    • CalmAndPeace
      CalmAndPeace 7 months ago

      As a time traveler 10 year in the future, this aged poorly


    Caleb: will we have non contaminated water?
    Me: looks at the bottle of water in the back

  • Herpy Derpy
    Herpy Derpy Year ago

    I remember playing a sort of Zombie Tag. Some of the "zombies" cornered my group of 4 in a tight alley between two of the dorm buildings and I just used two of them as cover while I ran off. Still got eaten tho

  • WasabiCannon
    WasabiCannon 4 months ago

    Gotta say in that world that would be the only thing that kept me going. The fact that you get to take out years of built up rage out on some zombies till they finally get you.

  • Артем Дерещук

    I always wondered, how the hell are zombies going to get to me if I just stay in my apartment? I doubt they'd be able to even get through the door to the apartment complex.
    Sure, the food would be a problem, but with rationing you can easily last a couple weeks, and even more if you ration it really well. Fill the bathtub with water while you have it and you're set. If everyone stays inside (which let's be real, everyone would do in a zombie apocalypse taking place in a megapolis), then the army wouldn't have a problem going through the streets and taking down the infected.

  • dion jay woollaston
    dion jay woollaston 10 months ago

    I’ve often thought about this, in a zombie apocalypse what I’d do is get as many fireworks as well as guns and ammo, go to my local stadium if it hasn’t been turned into an evac site, set up the sound system to maximum sound, hook up my phone with a playlist of music to attract the undead hordes and then as the horde shambled in I’d start thinning the ranks

  • Comic World Boss
    Comic World Boss 2 years ago +1845

    “I didn’t say a word about difficulty level, Im saying that the current situation is completely undesirable no matter how much effort you put in to it”

    • Shayla
      Shayla Year ago

      @ER2BROS Edgy

    • my locbox
      my locbox Year ago

      Scrolled for this quote *chef’s kiss*

    • naijaboyLee
      naijaboyLee 2 years ago +2

      I wouldn't want to live in that world either

    • Trebor YDT
      Trebor YDT 2 years ago

      @MONARCH F

    • Chonkify Z
      Chonkify Z 2 years ago

      School in a nutshell it’s so easy but so much work so much missed sleep. Guess I’ll fail🙇🏽‍♂️

  • Zekrom12515
    Zekrom12515 2 years ago

    I wish he made a storyline of these guys just surviving because I know it would be hilarious

  • Angeltwin Otakustyle

    It don't even make sense why I love Caleb so much. I would probably buy whatever he sells or promote, unless I'm actually broke.

  • Migs
    Migs Year ago

    This hits hard man. Especially when tryna survive Project Zomboid

  • Frezomere Seraphim
    Frezomere Seraphim 2 years ago

    I live in a small town so the issue of a zombie horde wont affect me, i've already mapped out an entire elaborate plan in the event of an apocalypse. The only real danger for me would be the mental stress

  • Pockychu
    Pockychu Year ago +2

    Y'know I'd probably be exactly like Yellow Caleb. I'd rather die than have to put up with any apocalypse shit, but hell if I'm not gonna have fun before I go.

  • MysteryCloakist
    MysteryCloakist 2 years ago +5654

    people who watched Zombie movies:
    *I was born for this*
    *"Immedietly gets eaten"*

    • DaySights
      DaySights 3 months ago

      @Bon true, but in the beggining of every zombie outbreak the zombies should still be as strong as the average human, but later on when they start to decompose its gonna be easy to kill them

    • Bon
      Bon 3 months ago

      @DaySights not really cuz their muscles are decomposed meaning they'll find it challenging to even walk let alone run

    • Godzilladino
      Godzilladino 3 months ago

      Me, who also watched zombie movies and shows: I can't survive this. I may aswell spend my days crying and trying to stay alive in my home

    • tboneups
      tboneups 4 months ago

      @DaySights no they're not. The body's rotting.

    • Memer
      Memer 4 months ago

      Gets turnt into a zombie you mean. And somehow the zombies survive despite not eating each other