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Do Pawnshops Scam You?


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    NAVEEN NEBU KOVOOR 3 months ago +294300

    Jimmy's the type of person who gets a loss of about $6800 and still calls it a profit...

  • Brenden Menard
    Brenden Menard Month ago +1167

    Actually better than the 30% of retail they normally do

  • LAMZEE m
    LAMZEE m Month ago +637

    Jimmy is the sort of guy to walk into a Rolex store while waiting a T-shirt and shorts

  • JunC
    JunC 3 months ago +15978

    Lesson learned: never trust a pawnshop

    • ᴺᵃᶻᵉᵉʰᵃ
      ᴺᵃᶻᵉᵉʰᵃ 3 months ago +49


    • minecrafter
      minecrafter 3 months ago +31


    • masey
      masey 3 months ago +13

      *Suiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiuuiii*

    • James
      James 3 months ago +875

      Well no, the point of selling at pawnshops isn’t to get the full price of something. People use pawnshops cause it’s a really quick way to sell and make cash.

    • Doeski
      Doeski 3 months ago +7


  • Ryan Rediger
    Ryan Rediger 13 days ago +3

    Dude is literally throwing money away. That would be almost half a years rent for me.

  • Aiden Owens
    Aiden Owens Month ago +29

    Jimmy would be something that is 15k just to get change back

  • Sabyasachi Muduli
    Sabyasachi Muduli 3 months ago +8790

    This man needs a TV show

    • Deenurf
      Deenurf 3 months ago +211

      Nahh he is his own boss in this channel. We keep it that way

    • No name
      No name 3 months ago +55

      @Deenurf and he gets Super Bowl levels of views

    • Hazem luv cr7
      Hazem luv cr7 3 months ago +16

      Bro ur right he does need a show😂

    • Inferior
      Inferior 3 months ago +31

      Tv shows needs this man

    • Winteru
      Winteru 3 months ago +17

      He is the tv show

  • Superslice10
    Superslice10 Month ago +15

    Him casually driving with his hands 2 feet away from the steering wheel

  • Let it Bee Family Farm
    Let it Bee Family Farm Month ago +54

    He needs a show!!! My brother loves him

  • pie head the Mainiac
    pie head the Mainiac 3 months ago +7705

    He lost thousands but was so excited he talked her into 200$ more🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂

  • Dario Dario
    Dario Dario 29 days ago +8

    este tio realmente sabe hacer negocios, menos mal no hace negocios con mi dinero, jeje

  • Ayaani Ahmad
    Ayaani Ahmad 14 days ago +2

    Jimmy: Casually just pretending to drive a car without doing anything

  • Lampro
    Lampro 3 months ago +16097

    Jimmy is the kinda guy who loses $6000+ but still calls it a profit 😂

    • DRY Q
      DRY Q 3 months ago +76

      Lol your 'AI thumbnails' was funny 😂

    • Glopire
      Glopire 3 months ago +18

      🤣 hahaha

    • GD
      GD 3 months ago +14

      thats Jimmy for ya, loves giving and losing money

    • JoeCee
      JoeCee 3 months ago +6

      It's an investment

    • ⚡Beliver🌀
      ⚡Beliver🌀 3 months ago +4

      True indeed 😂

  • Carlos Daniel Yuman Donis

    Con ese dinero compraría mi casa para mi hija y mi esposa para ya no vivir en lo ajeno 😢

    • Luiz
      Luiz 12 days ago

      Ponte a chambear

  • Fierysaint1
    Fierysaint1 3 months ago +22019

    This is common knowledge. We all know they do this. The people who pawn things are usually desperate for money.

    • Michal Gabriel
      Michal Gabriel 3 months ago +325

      "desperate for money" - proceeds to buy a 7200 dollar rolex (edit - realised my mistake between pawn owner and people who pawn)

    • Hasani Smith
      Hasani Smith 3 months ago +67

      Do you even know what Mr Beast does

    • xᴛᴏʙʏʙᴏᴛx
      xᴛᴏʙʏʙᴏᴛx 3 months ago +531

      @Hasani Smith did you even read the comment, it said the people who usually pawn are desperate for money

    • Dj Cyborg
      Dj Cyborg 3 months ago +2

      Love IT From Morocco 🇲🇦

    • John but original
      John but original 3 months ago +71

      They do what? They have to sell it for a profit and account for it being in inventory until sold

  • BIG Steve Games
    BIG Steve Games Month ago +11

    the fact that they gave him half is more then what most would probably pay

  • Basan Bhandari
    Basan Bhandari 6 days ago +1

    Two hours later Jimmy just found a man with no eyebrows😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Sharif
    Adam Sharif 3 months ago +9518

    Jimmy’s the kinda guy to lose 6 thousand but still be happy after bargaining for 200 more

    • Zeedion
      Zeedion 3 months ago +17

      Jacksucksatlife fan

    • Ronaldo x Messi
      Ronaldo x Messi 3 months ago +2

      @Zeedion xD

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago +14

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories"
      ~ Plato

    • Midstake
      Midstake 3 months ago +10

      The fact that you type 6 thousand instead of 6k or 6000 disturbs me lol.

    • 1Cool
      1Cool 3 months ago +13

      Im a furry

  • Макс Сивков
    Макс Сивков 14 days ago +3

    Момент в видеоигре когда случано продал нужную вещь и покупаешь ее обратно😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Johns
    Jimmy Johns 12 days ago +1

    If it wasn’t a Clip-Sharer they could’ve easily talked her up 3000 just by asking her to google it lol

  • shukor jali
    shukor jali 3 months ago +6926

    Jimmy's the kind of guy to have 10k, lose 9.3k then bargain for the 700 dollars

  • Post Bologne
    Post Bologne 7 days ago +1

    Giving those scumbags a 14k watch is wild.

  • kai sabillon
    kai sabillon 27 days ago +1

    jimmy could lose 10mil and still sit back and go on holidays everyday

  • ThatOneJayden_
    ThatOneJayden_ 3 months ago +15457

    Dude made a -50% profit

  • Arelys Zerpa
    Arelys Zerpa 23 days ago +4

    Saludos desde Venezuela.Eres muy noble en compartir tu fortuna con los demás.

  • Santiago M
    Santiago M 16 days ago +1

    Mientras tanto en Mexico : Te ofrezco una moto italika y dos bubulubu

  • Mystery?
    Mystery? 2 months ago +14288

    He should've had someone else go in afterwards and see how much they are selling it for

  • surprise attack
    surprise attack 24 days ago +1

    Jimmys ability to decrease the Loss of 7 biggies down to 6,800 Dollars is pure W

  • VDuck
    VDuck 4 days ago +2

    Detective Mr. Beast exposing overpriced brands lol

  • Ravindra Gowda
    Ravindra Gowda Month ago +10

    Jimmy’s happy he got that extra $200…

  • Keeper69s
    Keeper69s 3 months ago +9465

    Lost $6800 but got 83 million views. Definitely got his money's worth.

    • rayan
      rayan 3 months ago +293

      its shorts so he makes nothing

    • ADRYAN『ᏫᎮ』⸙
      ADRYAN『ᏫᎮ』⸙ 3 months ago +72

      @rayan na verdade ganha sim, ganha muito a menos, mais ganha, acredito que ele conseguiu ganhar o suficiente pra cobrir o valor gasto no vidio.

    • Coopdog 0108
      Coopdog 0108 3 months ago +31

      @ADRYAN『ᏫᎮ』⸙no way..

    • DivideAndConquer
      DivideAndConquer 3 months ago +71

      300M+ views is still less than 2 grand.

    • ᜇᜌ᜔ᜐ ᜇᜋᜓᜐ᜔
      ᜇᜌ᜔ᜐ ᜇᜋᜓᜐ᜔ 3 months ago +124

      ​@rayanClip-Share shorts are actually monetized now

  • MD
    MD 13 days ago +5

    That's the reason why maths is important 😂😂😂

  • Tyrone Thomas
    Tyrone Thomas Month ago +2

    It’s time for his own tv show

  • adcolt54
    adcolt54 3 months ago +19427

    Pawnshops never give you what you paid for or what the item is worth. They are in the business making money.

    • Robert Moss
      Robert Moss 3 months ago +515

      They could of came closer… it was brand new

    • Grape
      Grape 3 months ago +359

      They could do at least 9k

    • Lorpp
      Lorpp 3 months ago +312

      @Grape11k MINIMUM

    • Doug Foster
      Doug Foster 3 months ago +59

      @Lorpp SOLD

    • Rikon
      Rikon 3 months ago +160

      @Robert Moss Its a high margin business. Consider how much Rolex paid for the watch to be manufactured vs what they sell it for.

  • Martin Cesar Salazar Bustillos

    Re humilde Jhimmy manejando sin agarrar el volante

  • Wan Zachary Wan Isa
    Wan Zachary Wan Isa 19 days ago +1

    The business guru once said: “buy high, sell low” 🤣

  • Flames Of Games
    Flames Of Games 3 months ago +9867

    Jimmy is the kind of person to feed a shady business.

    • Samson BLVD
      Samson BLVD 3 months ago +56

      His business is shady too he gettin paid lets all eat

    • SackTrick
      SackTrick 3 months ago +125

      @Samson BLVD he worked for it quit hating

    • Ian Moone
      Ian Moone 3 months ago +17

      ​@Samson BLVDwork for your food

  • Saira Chuquimarca
    Saira Chuquimarca 28 days ago +2

    shakira viendo esto cambia un rolex por un casio xd

  • LuM4x
    LuM4x 11 days ago

    У нас бы дядя Саша из Ломбарда за такое 10 деревянных предложил, и то в праздник😂

  • TheReviewist
    TheReviewist Month ago +9171

    Two hours later sold back to the rolex store for 12 000$ 😂😅

    • AyDiiV
      AyDiiV 28 days ago +51

      OMG 😂

    • Alex Medina
      Alex Medina 27 days ago +71

      Rolex aint buy it ... traxnyc Dimond jewelry guy that maid the gold 250k medal boght it for 12k and resold it for 24k 😂 crazy just because the history 😂

    • Zan Naz
      Zan Naz 18 days ago +30

      brov that infinite money glitch

    • Jen Connell
      Jen Connell 15 days ago +10

      INFINITE MOENY GLITCH ♾️♾️🤑🤑💰💰💰💰💵💵💵

      ALL IN ONE HUB 13 days ago +4

      ​@Alex Medinahe melted it n then he made a gold bar from it

  • Anak lonte (ALONE)
    Anak lonte (ALONE) 13 hours ago

    Berbagi keuntungan dengan toko, mantap!

  • Michał Jendrysik
    Michał Jendrysik Month ago +1

    Dzięki za Polską wersję

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 3 months ago +4175

    Bro was willing to lose thousands to negotiate $200 😭😭

    • Patrick
      Patrick 3 months ago +12

      We all know Mr Beast has infinite money

    • NiceYoutubeAccount
      NiceYoutubeAccount 3 months ago +2


    • isa rezkian
      isa rezkian 3 months ago

      ​​@Patricknah he has infinite money making cycle

    • No Rh
      No Rh 3 months ago


  • NanoVR
    NanoVR 18 days ago +1

    Bro wasn’t even driving the car😂

  • Sea
    Sea 22 days ago +1

    Lil bro just reenacted a John Mulaney joke.

  • Marco A
    Marco A 2 months ago +7703

    bro spent my life savings in a short😭

  • ༒XxKILLERxX༒
    ༒XxKILLERxX༒ 8 days ago

    "eu consegui 200 a mais" provavelmente a mulher pagaria mais do q isso kk

  • iMornie
    iMornie 12 days ago +1

    Bro just spent my entire mortgage on a short, f my life 😭

  • Nate Garcia
    Nate Garcia 3 months ago +5900

    Bro just paid that pawn shops rent for a couple months lol

  • Soffi Sundell
    Soffi Sundell 23 days ago

    Jimmy got it for 13gram sold it for 7 😂😂😂

  • Phyro Main
    Phyro Main 5 days ago +1

    Imagine Mr Beast showing up in Pawn Stars

  • Ziggy Al
    Ziggy Al Month ago +3

    "A Profit"

  • Mr. Pato
    Mr. Pato 12 days ago

    Como Jimmy ficou rico:

  • myke___roos
    myke___roos 21 day ago

    Mr beast manejando sin tocar el volante xd

  • Stephen Sherwin
    Stephen Sherwin 14 days ago +2

    👇 if jimmy is the goat

  • Сама собой

    Какой он радовался, когда получил 200$ сверху 😅😊❤

  • Sephi Wolf
    Sephi Wolf 13 days ago +1

    El mejor negociante 😂 como logra mantener su fortuna?

  • TheMeemer
    TheMeemer Month ago +2872

    If he went to a GameStop they would probably value it at $10

  • abueno👍
    abueno👍 16 days ago

    Jimmy Is the beast driver in the world

  • Emilio Muñoz
    Emilio Muñoz 20 days ago

    el precio me parece adecuado, ósea la casa de empeño obviamente no pagara el total del precio del producto, pero la mitad es un precio razonable

  • KaneAung
    KaneAung 3 months ago +1625

    Jimmy is a type of guy who use 50% discount on himself

  • fbreath091
    fbreath091 25 days ago

    Jimmy’s the type of person who gets a loss of about 6800$ and still calls it a profit…..

  • Musclecarlover7
    Musclecarlover7 10 days ago

    At the end of the day, they're a business, so pawn shops typically buy for half the value they intend to sell it for

  • Chris W29
    Chris W29 3 months ago +1556

    They paid street prices. Exactly half of the retail price.

  • Entero Aying
    Entero Aying Day ago +1

    Jimmy drives with out touching the wheel

  • Anubhav Jha
    Anubhav Jha 14 days ago

    Jimmy's loss is profit 😹

  • Loading_____
    Loading_____ 3 months ago +2952

    ”We got extra 200$”- Jimmy
    ”Bro, you just lost 7,000 $”- Cameraman

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh Month ago

    the jewelry store makes money selling u the watch, the pawn store makes money buying it from u to sell it for slightly less than the jewelry store

  • おい茶
    おい茶 Month ago


  • Michael’s Life Cycle
    Michael’s Life Cycle 3 months ago +3952

    You basically just gave them 6 grand for disrespecting you straight to your face 😂

    • Begoña Calles
      Begoña Calles 3 months ago +7

      😄 hola soy Martina soy una buena

    • LongHdmiCable
      LongHdmiCable 3 months ago +3

      @Begoña Calles Alr?

    • A CLINT
      A CLINT 3 months ago +32

      Exactly. They won

    • Sensist
      Sensist 3 months ago +1


    • El Dando
      El Dando 3 months ago +2

      @Begoña Calles Una buena que ? Termina la frase mujer 🧐

  • Ari
    Ari 19 days ago

    "Tell me you have too much money, without telling me you have too much money"

  • Easy Freazy
    Easy Freazy 7 days ago

    That's pretty good. Pawn shops always gave me a forth or somethings worth he got half. 😮

  • Krit Z
    Krit Z 2 months ago +3920

    meanwhile pawnshops in videogames:
    half a dollar for a tree branch

    • じゅんぺんだよ
      じゅんぺんだよ 2 months ago +12


    • Aki Editz
      Aki Editz 2 months ago +13

      @じゅんぺんだよi wish you could sell weapons

    • DripGojo
      DripGojo 2 months ago +7

      Shii I’m breaking every tree in existence then.

    • DripGojo
      DripGojo 2 months ago +2

      @Leopardgaming-jg9lz wym

    • mary_fox
      mary_fox 2 months ago +2

      @DripGojotree branch for half a dollar

  • özgür Seyhan
    özgür Seyhan 8 days ago

    Yine de insaflı davranmış :)

  • Gabrysia Puka
    Gabrysia Puka Month ago

    Zdziwiłam się że mówi po polsku❤❤❤

  • Falcon Bangers
    Falcon Bangers 3 months ago +2906

    My man threw away almost half his money and calls it a "$200 profit" 😂😂😂

  • Стёпа Спилберг

    У вещей есть рыночная стоимость и маркетинговая (не знаю как это называется, если кто-то так разделяет). Когда вещь в магазине, вы её покупаете по завышенной в два раза цене по отношению к рыночной стоимости.

  • Yuni Atun
    Yuni Atun 5 days ago

    tow hours later sold back to the rolex store for 12.000$

  • Drama Baaz
    Drama Baaz 3 months ago +5694

    When you have so much money, even loss is profit.

    • Near
      Near 3 months ago +70

      The short made more than the Rolex

    • candlesauce
      candlesauce 3 months ago +26

      @Near shorts make basically no money lol

    • Daniel GAMEPLAY
      Daniel GAMEPLAY 3 months ago +5

      ​@Nearshort paga muito pouco

    • Brasa †
      Brasa † 3 months ago +2

      ​@Daniel GAMEPLAY sim, mas pro tanto de views q ele pega vale a pena kk fora que converte mt inscrito tbm

    • CeeEO
      CeeEO 3 months ago +2

      @candlesauce lol yes it does lol

  • Zoopers
    Zoopers 20 days ago

    0:07 bro wasnt even driving

  • Chariot
    Chariot 13 days ago

    "no lo sé Mr Beast, parece falso"

  • დემეტრე ცოცხლაშვილი

    Jimmy is the type of person who loses $6800 but he becomes happy for extra $200

    • Ali Lagerdien
      Ali Lagerdien 2 months ago +5


    • BattleOverride856
      BattleOverride856 2 months ago +7

      Well yeah for him it's a tax write-off as a business expense. So yeah...he still came out ahead

    • kings art445
      kings art445 2 months ago +2


  • Tekno Logic
    Tekno Logic 6 days ago

    Your teacher must be crying after watch this

  • Bol
    Bol Month ago +1

    Who see Mr.beast driving without touching anythings

  • LilySly15
    LilySly15 17 days ago

    he sooo kind

  • GGLemon
    GGLemon Month ago

    Jak to działa że ten sam short zależnie od kraju ma inny dźwięk?

  • catEXE
    catEXE 16 days ago +1

    Let’s get this comment to go viral for no reason 😂

  • Шарлотта Морнингстар

    Ахахах😂 ожидание и реальность

  • The Last Melon
    The Last Melon 3 months ago +6607

    50% of what the item is worth is actually very good for a pawnshop

    • John Hall
      John Hall 3 months ago +18

      Mr B says my cousin tried your

    • Dean Collins
      Dean Collins 3 months ago +103

      Well then f**k pawnshops.

    • Wezlo
      Wezlo 3 months ago +25

      Should be 75% at least

    • Twice Shy
      Twice Shy 3 months ago +27

      Except gold and other precious metals have a minimum value assigned to them which fluctuates constantly, known as ‘spot price’

    • Eric Johnson
      Eric Johnson 3 months ago +4

      @Wezlo that is what they sell it for.

  • Some Random Crab
    Some Random Crab Month ago

    bro hearing polish mr beast is scary af

  • Kryxbitt
    Kryxbitt 7 days ago

    No te estafaron en la tienda pero si ella con sus 7000 xDD

  • Connor Thornton
    Connor Thornton 3 months ago +3912

    He didn’t lose money. This short made him just as much money as the Rolex alone.

    • Iaquintardan
      Iaquintardan 3 months ago +29


    • Alex
      Alex 3 months ago +53

      more. much. much more

    • John A.
      John A. 3 months ago +13

      Yeah easily more

    • Daniel Munoz
      Daniel Munoz 3 months ago +102

      Shorts barely even give any money I'd say he got less than 1k for this

    • KSA Saami
      KSA Saami 3 months ago +26

      Shorts give no earning

  • Sarcasmo
    Sarcasmo Day ago

    "No me estafaron"
    Mr. Beast

  • PRO_Veter72
    PRO_Veter72 6 days ago

    Коротко о том-как отмывают деньги 😂😂😂

  • Carnate
    Carnate 3 months ago +1454

    and now watch them sell that Rolex for twice the original price

  • Allan
    Allan Month ago

    How to lose money in a nutshell

  • Приморский
    Приморский 11 days ago

    У него явно что то с математикой 😂😂😂

  • Arif Yilmaz
    Arif Yilmaz 2 months ago +1476

    These translations are better than movies bro

  • Junior Barbeiro
    Junior Barbeiro Day ago

    Só que tem um probleminha amigo eles compram pra revender, então se eles pagarem o valor que o produto vale no mercado eles n vão ganhar nada

  • محمد حسنين
    محمد حسنين 11 days ago

    أجمل ما في هذا الفيديو إنك أسعدت بائعة الساعه عندما دفعت أكثر من ثمنها الله أعلى وأعلم بحالها أشكرك يا صاحب السعاده ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • LuM4x
      LuM4x 11 days ago

      Ага, а потом он пришел после снятогг футажа и забрал себе сдаяу обратно 😂😂