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I ... am questioning everything right now.

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • 我飲農藥贖罪

    Speaking of lave, 2 years ago Phoenix made a video titled "strangest Minecraft questions on the internet" and someone there already mentioned lave. Dude was ahead of his time.

  • monsterteethbog

    the fact that mojang removed fireflies instead of just... not making frogs eat them? pains me

  • The Engineer

    Not only Phoenix SC and the Minecraft community mocked Mojang for their mistake for the Minecraft updates, but they even doxxed them for it. Truly the wonders of internet culture

  • BreadBird
    BreadBird  +75

    the “hey dream stans you wanna manhunt irl? join the army!” got me dying

  • Silver Gamer

    “Because they’ve been in the game for so long, we can’t remove them.”

  • Mr. Cringe

    I always knew axolotls were op souls bosses

  • SemiHypercube


  • StuffandThings


  • Tlank
    Tlank  +7

    in the first clip, if you retextured the axolotl into gabriel from ultrakill, then it'd be a ultrakill mod!

  • Seeda Sadee

    If axolotl has netherite sword ring.

  • WhispyBee
    WhispyBee  +243

    Phoenix: posts new video



  • Goom
    Goom  +192

    that ending was a jumpscare, i genuinely yelled

  • The Origami Genius

    We need Phoenix to make full length videos on his subreddit

  • BritishWeirdo

    It's a rarity for Pheonix to upload a video longer than 5 minutes.

  • Butternut
    Butternut  +49

    "You guys'll find every possible way to claim that they're lazy, even though they're obviously not"

  • BlueFire3
    BlueFire3  +15


  • Local_Toaster

    phoenix always gives us good content of making fun of Mojang for doing the smallest mistakes 👍

  • jack murray

    The final one inspires abject horror within me, for some reason