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Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after several report something falling from sky

  • Published on Jun 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A Las Vegas family claims something crashed in their backyard, prompting them to call 911 about “non-human” beings - the thing is, this time, several people saw it.
    Read the full story here: www.8newsnow.com/investigator...

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  • Pacboy 808
    Pacboy 808 3 months ago +23642

    It’s crazy how people are able to record everything else except UFO.

    • Betty Smith
      Betty Smith 3 months ago +1085

      And a real Big Foot.

    • MissX905
      MissX905 3 months ago +1098

      I think the cop's bodycam captured whatever but they blocked it out. Will we ever see what was recorded back there? Not likely

    • Spooningleadstoforking
      Spooningleadstoforking 3 months ago +347

      Bigfoot has a spaceship.

    • macmen007
      macmen007 3 months ago +506

      A "BUG-EYED" Big-Foot , They got strong drugs in Vegas.

  • Justcallmesando
    Justcallmesando 3 months ago +1258

    Love the fact that this is being taken seriously by everyone involved, from the police men to the news anchors.

  • Kns
    Kns 3 months ago +116

    My mom and aunt told me their encounter story. Back in the 80s, late one night, they were driving down a very dark, rural country road. No one and nothing around for miles. Suddenly, this blinding light totally surrounded them and they felt this intense energy that made their hair stand on end, they felt like this light had swallowed them and it felt surreal. My mom was driving and couldn't see a thing. After a few seconds, the light suddenly disappeared. There was no possible light source that could have been there and been that bright. There were no buildings or street lights, just darkness. They said it seemed to have come from nowhere, from no particular direction, and when it disappeared, it was gone faster than the speed of light, they couldn't see where it disappeared to or where it came from. My mom and aunt aren't jokers, they don't tell tales lol. My aunt especially is a very intelligent, serious woman, no BS from her. I got goosebumps when they told me the story, I could see in their eyes they were dead serious and creeped out while reliving that moment.

    • Crumby Cat
      Crumby Cat 3 months ago +1

      Just an meteor fall

    • Renavigate
      Renavigate 3 months ago +16

      I’m extremely skeptical & don’t blame anyone for not believing stories like this but the story you shared sounds exactly like my encounter.
      the same thing happened to me before 5 years ago when I was driving home during a bad storm.
      I can’t explain it any better than you did, i honestly thought I died or something when my car was completely absorbed by this extremely bright light. I stopped and paused and then instantly it disappeared and back to normal in the rain & thunder.
      Still to this day I don’t understand what happened but I am not making this up & it’s okay if nobody believes me.

    • Kns
      Kns 3 months ago +3

      @Renavigate Crazy! I asked them if they thought it was lightning or a meteorite and they were convinced it wasn't. They said it was an unexplainable feeling. I'm skeptical too but I'm also open to the possibility that something is out there.

    • Crumby Cat
      Crumby Cat 3 months ago

      @Kns Did you know ur planet is 0000000000000000002% from the universe
      I planning to make a vid about it telling what it could have bin the object is the fireball begause i know its just an meteor fall

    • Crumby Cat
      Crumby Cat 3 months ago +1

      @Kns I made the vid

  • J Santiago
    J Santiago 3 months ago +468

    Many years ago my husband’s cousin, and I witnessed the exact thing in the sky . The rest of the family called us crazy for over reacting. Wow, this brought me back

  • judy murray
    judy murray 3 months ago +100

    I’ve never believed in UFOs but these people seemed extremely sincere and shook in what they reported seeing in their back yard.

    • LuvThyMind29
      LuvThyMind29 3 months ago +11

      UFOs are definitely difficult to believe in but I admit to having had a couple weird experiences..certainly not definitive proof but just exceptionally weird experiences..
      One in particular was as I sat in the pool area of an apartment complex (I was in normal clothes, waiting for a parent to sign a rental lease at the time) and looked up to see a "man" looking down at me from the window of a third floor apartment..This sounds incredibly usual right? But this man was not usual at all...He, in this apartment, was shaded by surrounding trees but similar to what these people say, it was as though a bright sunset were being reflected in his large glasses (?not even sure if wearing glasses?). He was robotic. He stood and just watched me without moving, without looking away as I noticed him. After a few minutes, he slowly turned, stiffly, and sat down at a table there, still visible in the window. And he was literally sitting upright, unmoving, just staring at a wall for several minutes. He again stood up in a robotic way and went back to just staring back down at me. Never scratched his face, never turned his head side to side to look around, never broke his gaze with the wall ..his upper body, head, neck remained in the same stiff position as he moved. It's difficult to describe why this person did not seem human to me. Everything can be described as perhaps an awkward, severely autistic human but those exceptionally bright/glowing glasses are difficult to explain away.

    • Ron Hobyak
      Ron Hobyak 3 months ago +4

      Are you blind ? ... No they didn't.

    • LuvThyMind29
      LuvThyMind29 3 months ago +4

      @Ron Hobyak Yeah they didn't seem shook but they also weren't over-acting

    • Sleazy Eezy
      Sleazy Eezy 3 months ago +1

      @Ron Hobyakregardless of body language, there’s 3-4 cameras catching this ufo crashing. A lot say it’s a meteor but Also there’s videos of a dash cam showing footage that a plane is showing a heat signature while the supposed “meteor” flying by doesn’t have any heat signature when it should give off one since they generate a lot of heat. Question is what crashed regardless of this families story?

  • j p
    j p 3 months ago +3809

    In an age where everyone feels the need to film everything they see on their phones, but decided not to film this incredible moment

    • nick name
      nick name 3 months ago +306

      coz it never happend

    • Randall
      Randall  3 months ago +48

      exactly just like those SJW videos that never seem to materialize.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +594

    Not only did the aliens crash at high speed, but they repaired the wreckage, fixed the crater with new concrete, brushed up the debris in the backyard, but also made sure the security cameras would be operable again after they had left. Amazing creatures!

    • The Voight-Kampff Test
      The Voight-Kampff Test 3 months ago +38

      Haha yes, at least the Aliens could have knocked on the family’s door and asked them if they could borrow a phone to “ phone home” haha:D

    • AchyBonesBassMan
      AchyBonesBassMan 3 months ago +7


    • Noah C
      Noah C 3 months ago +79

      Your thinking in third dimension terms these are forth dimensional beings

    • John Julian
      John Julian 3 months ago +4


    • David Johnson
      David Johnson 3 months ago +29

      Yeah they don’t call them advanced for nothing! Lol

  • Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    I absolutely love the fact the 911 operator and cops took it seriously...unlike movies where they mock and make fun of people claiming they saw something...

  • Branden S
    Branden S 3 months ago +360

    I always have one big problem with things like this. Everyone is super quick to whip out their phones nowadays and film. But somehow always forget when a damn alien shows up. He called 911 so he had his phone in his hand anyone and everyones first reaction to seeing a alien in their backyard would be to get video and/or pics. This guy didn't even try. And he wasn't extremely rattled or frozen. He's pretty calm on the phone. If it was real he'd definitely get evidence.

    • John Julian
      John Julian 3 months ago +1


    • The snail is coming ..
      The snail is coming .. 3 months ago +9

      I allways assume it's fake..

    • Sin Cere Official
      Sin Cere Official 3 months ago +17

      maybe the video is kept

    • Always Something
      Always Something 3 months ago +1

      That’s for sure and he would have gotten big money for it too. Thanks for opening my eyes 👀

    • Maria Maita Fe Beringuel
      Maria Maita Fe Beringuel 3 months ago +17

      @Sin Cere Official I assume too... like CIA, hello? and even the police footage of the backyard was considered as "private" property?

  • Teacher2Polis2XtraRice

    The bodycam of the police officer really caught it in cam. And its %100 legit

  • This guy
    This guy 3 months ago +632

    If there was only a way to capture an image of what they saw. Someday they’ll invent a device that allows people to capture what they are seeing and show it to others

    • AbstractM0use
      AbstractM0use 3 months ago +24

      Images are more easily faked now, too. I keep hearing they have footage, so I guess they have to finish it, first. lol

    • Sabine Katsavrias
      Sabine Katsavrias 3 months ago +24

      lol sarcasm so thick no knife will cut it hahhahah love it ! as well as the obvious phones everyone has these days glued to them at all times, the residence in question looked large and super rich so ... where is the footage from the security cameras annnnnnnnnnnd nothing was said about how they left ...did they just vanish in a puff of smoke? Hell im not even saying they did not exist but this puff peice omitted so much info and made jokes about it just enough to still make the whole ufo thing to this day a thing for public riddicule. The non existant info and footage is more fishy than the concept that ten foot bug eyed dudes crashed in that back yard in the first place.

    • Dark passenger
      Dark passenger 3 months ago +5


    • Benjamin L
      Benjamin L 3 months ago +5

      Exactly!! There's no technology to record or take pictures nowadays.

  • ZaddyLuthian
    ZaddyLuthian 3 months ago +59

    It's really messed up that the only reason the cop investigated is because his partner saw something too.

  • Live free and wise
    Live free and wise 3 months ago +9145

    It's to the point in life where it's more unbelievable that somebody isn't on their cell phone recording something rather than a UFO crashing in somebody's yard.

    • Jess H
      Jess H 3 months ago +181


    • divergent thg
      divergent thg 3 months ago +235

      Probably because drugs are bad😂

    • artbyvince
      artbyvince 3 months ago +75

      My thoughts exactly! Lol

    • Laura Landon
      Laura Landon 3 months ago +624

      Think about how much police bodycam footage you’ve seen. Barring a grizzly scene or a dearly departed when is the last time they blacked out a backyard ?

  • Frank Anon
    Frank Anon 3 months ago +82

    I have to give you guys credit. Almost every news report I've ever seen on UFO's has the news people laughing or joking or smiling or making silly faces making fun of it all and it infuriates me. You guy did a great job of taking it seriously :)

    • BE4STMOAD117
      BE4STMOAD117 3 months ago +6

      No one cares

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 3 months ago +9

      Are you serious? There is so many holes in this story.
      No neighbors came to investigate.
      No video footage- convenient.
      No “ship”
      If these beings were 8 feet tall their ship had to be significant size, and no one else saw it.

    • The Antihero Christ
      The Antihero Christ 3 months ago +1

      @BE4STMOAD117 everyone cares, including you.

    • BE4STMOAD117
      BE4STMOAD117 3 months ago +2

      @The Antihero Christ nope , delusion is one of many things that can cause addiction and you are drunken in it.

    • Frank Anon
      Frank Anon 3 months ago +2

      @Steve Swangler I don't care about this story. Like you said, there is not enough evidence. I was just happy that at least they kept it serious for the most part while doing this report. I'm hoping this becomes the trend as more information comes out

  • Len Rely
    Len Rely 3 months ago +255

    We've come a long way now that people can report this on the news in good faith.

  • skylark
    skylark 2 months ago +2

    I’m a skeptic about this kind of stuff but I’m intrigued that something happened here. Aliens trying to hot wire a tractor? You gotta love it. They were pushing buttons like any of us might do to start a machine we aren’t familiar with. The family was scared. Please be respectful of them. They experienced something extraordinary.

  • I-Diy naYan
    I-Diy naYan 3 months ago +320

    It's crazy how people are able to record everything, but the most interesting things cannot

    • Mht Xi
      Mht Xi 3 months ago +6

      Exactly. So i will not believe their lies

    • James Watson
      James Watson 3 months ago +15

      @Mht Xi They released footage but skeptics, said it is fake while ignoring the facts.

      ATTILA KONKOLY 3 months ago +8

      Censured by F.B.I. Man in Black

    • Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News
      Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News 3 months ago +12

      it's crazy how some people copy the same exact comment that they see get a lot of likes hoping that they'll get a lot of likes too smh

    • James Watson
      James Watson 3 months ago +1

      @Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News I swear down I will never figure that one out, I noticed it to.

  • Jeremy Wiggers
    Jeremy Wiggers 2 months ago +2

    Yeah right, somebody somewhere took some pictures of the beings. I heard that the residents actually shot the creatures and it didn't really hurt them. Whoever called the cops had to take pictures. We 2 not being told the truth when it comes to the media, they have to report the story in a way that keeps the community feeling as though there is no threat, or danger. A lot more happened than what they told us.

  • JD
    JD 3 months ago +20335

    They blacked out the video cause it was on "private property"? When the hell did that ever stop them before?!

    • Brave Belly
      Brave Belly 3 months ago +1254


    • jim briggs
      jim briggs 3 months ago +1036

      Private property my arse!

    • Ben Redacted
      Ben Redacted 3 months ago +1876

      FYI, the front yard and driveway are private property too🤣

    • NikoDaDeer
      NikoDaDeer 3 months ago +1073

      it must be something they hiding

  • Amancalled Adam
    Amancalled Adam 3 months ago +146

    Finally we have proof of aliens that no one could possibly doubt! Special thanks to the great camera work by the four witnesses who amazingly enough for 2023 all had pocket sized cameras they could easily pull out of their pockets and film the event for us all to share in the special moment! Thank you so much!

    • Sahira Erfurth
      Sahira Erfurth 3 months ago +1

      Ich glaube ist nichts 😅 is lächerlich

    • Fred Kahler
      Fred Kahler 3 months ago +3


    • Charlie Brown
      Charlie Brown 3 months ago +5

      Great yeah, we have proof, some kids calling on the phone and swearing they are not lieing. Living proof!

    • TC
      TC 3 months ago +7

      How about the part where they didn't show what was in the backyard??

    • Udalix
      Udalix 3 months ago +6

      AS much you u might not want to believe, not everyone has a phone in there pocket at all time. Years I didn't even have one at all, I do now but its for work and isnt always in my pocket either. Some human beings actually go through life not staring at those tiny screens.

  • Chill Vibes
    Chill Vibes 3 months ago +39

    For people asking about getting videos of the aliens:
    It’s an urban legend, that if you record an alien .. they or someone will comeback for you because you have too much info. There’s stories of a few people that were abducted for trying to get video. Some believe and some don’t, personally I do.

    • Courtney Roberts
      Courtney Roberts 3 months ago +5

      💯 You won’t live to tell the story.. 😅 Seeing a alien is like seeing God, they are supreme divine being’s. 👽👣👁️🌏✨☄️

    • Angela Holloman
      Angela Holloman 3 months ago +2

      ​@Idallis please please get saved these aren't aliens but fallen angels and Jesus Christ is coming back the rapture is imminent please prepare for your soul and get SAVED and born again 🙏

    • Gay patterson
      Gay patterson 3 months ago

      @Idallis 😂😂😂

  • Kingdom Life
    Kingdom Life 3 months ago +41

    Sometimes you are so in the moment you forget , most ppl who film are those who are numb to all the killings and horrible things going on in the world 😢

    • Lunatic Cultist of Ace
      Lunatic Cultist of Ace 3 months ago +4

      what are you talking about and what does this have to do with a "ufo" crashing

    • Mutt Lee
      Mutt Lee 3 months ago

      When your in the moment one remembers.

    COMÉDIA PIAUIENSE 3 months ago +3

    Eu sou do Brasil e esse assunto está sendo muito comentado nas redes sociais até hoje. Eu acho que existe sim vida inteligente em outros planetas, é impossível não acreditar nisso, já que nosso universo é infinitamente grande e não tem como apenas a Terra existir vida. Acredito que os alienígenas são iguais a nós, humanos também, pois a forma de vida que se pode ser criada vem também dos mesmos elementos aos quais existem em nós, principalmente o carbono.

  • Kyle HiIl
    Kyle HiIl 2 months ago +2

    These people seemed honest and terrified.

  • Davidsmith smith
    Davidsmith smith 3 months ago +3074

    Its insane how aliens just land in exactly where no one is recording or have any ring cameras

    • Stephanie Oneal
      Stephanie Oneal 3 months ago +63

      Not really

    • Lourdes A.
      Lourdes A. 3 months ago +173

      Even if I wasn’t an alien from another planet, I certainly wouldn’t land where humans are recording or have cameras everywhere. Supposedly, if the alien has the technology to travel from one planet to another, he has the technology to disable the ring cameras and all the recording devices people use.

    • Dark Chaos
      Dark Chaos 3 months ago +23

      RING cameras arent owned by the customers. Well, maybe the device, but not the recordings.

    • Franklin Malloy
      Franklin Malloy 3 months ago +40

      Isn’t Vegas a very populated area? No one else saw it in the sky and recorded it or a better footage of it? I saw the kid who recorded testimony on Reddit and idk I feel like he’s a paid actor

  • Cody
    Cody 3 months ago +294

    Seems awfully calm for someone looking at an alien.

    • Brandon_🐐
      Brandon_🐐 3 months ago +40

      Probably in shock some folks can't seem to come to terms with the fact we're not alone like we think we are

    • Kaio-Ken
      Kaio-Ken 3 months ago +22

      im neutral on this, but that statement implies theirs a correct way feel/react while having an "alien encounter".

    • Sura Angel
      Sura Angel 3 months ago +10

      I guess I'm one of the (seemingly) few people who hears mostly stunned panic

    • milan jones
      milan jones 3 months ago +5

      Exactly!!! Don't believe the hype!! Propaganda!

    • Maria S
      Maria S 3 months ago +2

      Seriously lol

  • Ben Connor
    Ben Connor 3 months ago +282

    The respect for private property and Aliens is next level. Will Smith made sure no one remembered.

    • Julie Taylor
      Julie Taylor 3 months ago +3

      Why didn't he take a picture

    • Secondary Containment
      Secondary Containment 3 months ago +12

      Don't talk about his wife.

    • Gamer Kaxx
      Gamer Kaxx 3 months ago +7

      @Julie Taylor If Something is going as far as manipulating police body camera footage and saying it’s due to private property in order to keep it out of the public what makes you think they’re not going to confiscate or corrupt our cell phone camera footage

    • Peter Stevenson
      Peter Stevenson 3 months ago

      His slap wasnt that hard

    • Secondary Containment
      Secondary Containment 3 months ago +2

      Why did they put numbers after my name?

  • Amanda LoBiondo
    Amanda LoBiondo 3 months ago +14

    So he used his phone to call 911 but nobody in the house used a phone to film these aliens? Please.

  • J.Crooner
    J.Crooner 3 months ago +16

    👽👽👽What's interesting about this case is that the credibility of the story does have some validity. Let's look at what we do know. We have multiple people who saw the lights in one being an actual police officer himself. The one thing in particular I find highly interesting is that from what I can see from the video the backyard where the aliens were spotted appears to be fenced in around the property. This is important because it would suggest that the only way in other than walking through the house or the gate to get inside the backyard you would have to come from up above directly from the sky. I highly doubt that two aliens randomly decided to just hop over the fence and make themselves visible on purpose.😳
    So if multiple people say they saw the lights and then mysteriously two aliens showed up in their backyard within a secluded fence then it sounds to me like they are telling the truth. I for one totally believe their story. It's just no way possible we are alone in the universe. In fact I believe humanity in itself is spread out all across the Milky Way Galaxy and even beyond the Andromeda Galaxy. The evidence that extraterrestrials exist is already all around us here on Earth. How do people of earth today actually think we have been able to come to understand the evolution of the "Microchip"??? The inspiration for such a highly sophisticated device has to come from somewhere and even the brightest minds humanity has ever had just don't possess the knowledge and information necessary to build such a device from scratch. What I do know is that the microchip was definitely a gift that was handed to humanity to help extend our progression in the circle of life. If nobody else chooses to believe it I'm sure my teacher "Bob Lazar" would agree and that's good enough for me. He's the legend who worked on the Anti-gravity propulsion systems during his time at the S-4 facility near Area-51 and his story goes a long way to explain many questions people may have regarding the subject matter.👍😎👌

  • DZesty
    DZesty 18 days ago

    This is the only call that gives me actual chills

  • Angela Morpheus
    Angela Morpheus 3 months ago +96

    So, what happened in between the 911 call and the cops showing up? Did the aliens just disappear? Did they get back into their craft and leave without anyone else noticing? Did they get an Uber? Where did they go?
    It's a damn shame Art Bell isn't around anymore. This was pretty close to where he used to live. He would have been all over this.

    • Richard Lane
      Richard Lane 3 months ago +39


    • Ethan Rios
      Ethan Rios 3 months ago +3

      Gorge Noory Does a good job tho I’m a coast insider they still have not reported on it yet

    • Scouse Wayne
      Scouse Wayne 3 months ago +5

      Maybe they became the ubar driver, I swear one time my ubar driver tried to take me to mars.

  • Emil Koch
    Emil Koch 3 months ago +16

    As a lifelong believer in UFOs and Aliens this was a fascinating story/incident. I refuse to believe this was a hoax.

    • James Nguyen
      James Nguyen 3 months ago

      they shouldve starred the aliens until they left 😂

  • Laura Reinaga
    Laura Reinaga 2 months ago +2

    I seen the same thing here in Texas I was taking the trash out and looked up and seen a spaceship super fast and had green light it was quiet but going super fast I couldn't take a picture fast enough and I had to stop a moment because I couldn't believe what I just saw .

  • Andrew Faller
    Andrew Faller 3 months ago +32

    In a video that the caller posted on social media he stated that he was frozen as if he was temporarily paralyzed and his backyard where it crashed appeared physically blurred as though it were some type of camouflage trying to turn on. So people saying “why didn’t he film it?” Just don’t understand that other worldly encounters have other worldly explanations. You can tell by the sincerity of his voice this actually happened to him. And I find it interesting this happened just days after a whistleblower announced that the US has been retrieving fully intact UFO’s from Exotic/NonHuman Origin. Things are definitely escalating

    • AEU
      AEU 3 months ago +5

      Project blue beam is escalating

    • Jay Ryan
      Jay Ryan 3 months ago +2

      And cheez whiz is finally determined to be ACTUAL CHEESE. I'm so glad the truth is finally coming out in all walks of life.

    • не ваше дело
      не ваше дело 3 months ago +1

      Do you have a link the the social media? I want to see it 😊

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 3 months ago +9

    I live in North Las Vegas and I saw that green light fall from the sky. Didn’t think much of it until I heard some reports on the radio about it and people encountering aliens in their back yard…. Like a scene out of X- files.

  • Mr B
    Mr B 3 months ago +3113

    The most suspicious thing about this to me is the fact that when the officer goes to the back yard where this supposedly happened, now the video cuts out?? They said it was because it was private property but that sounds like a bunch of BS. I literally watch body cam videos every week, which take place everywhere including inside of people’s homes. The government was involved here, at least seems that way to me.

    • Andrew Betances
      Andrew Betances 3 months ago +83

      If I really saw that I would hire a tracker immediately and I would be crawling on the floor of the yard looking for prints or anything

    • J B
      J B 3 months ago +174

      True, I have seen tons of bodycam footage inside people yards/homes

    • ruck27
      ruck27 3 months ago +133

      Def weird. Can go see 1000s of body cam footage of peoples properties

    • Barsquad
      Barsquad 3 months ago +39

      Thats bs

    • LaLa  Baltimore
      LaLa Baltimore 3 months ago +72

      Exactly when has that ever been an issue excuse before

  • Lifebee LifeBee
    Lifebee LifeBee 3 months ago +88

    Back in mid 80s in the USSR, my friends couple, a wife and a husband, were swimming in the Black sea at night, being a part of a small beach party (film production crew, working during day, resting during night). While swimming, the saw several tall white glowing slim figures emerging head first, from the depth of the sea and moving towards the shore. My friends got absolutely terrified, and got off the water with screams, pointing at the figures. The entire crew saw them, yet the figures dissipated into the thin air just like that.
    My friends, who were actors and lead pretty frivolous life style, completely changed after that encounter. They both became spiritual, husband became a Russian Orthodox pastor, and wife joined the church too, with some other duties. They lived in Moscow. Her name was Irina Korytnikova.

    • Bobisworld
      Bobisworld 3 months ago +1


    • Shoota
      Shoota 3 months ago

      That’s odeee

    • Susie Gomez
      Susie Gomez 3 months ago +2

      I believe u

      THISISNIDDY 3 months ago +3

      Sounds like your talking about light pillars look it up

  • Zadi’s House Collection
    Zadi’s House Collection 3 months ago +64

    In times where everything is filmed and posted on social media I have a hard time to believe this story.

    • James Nguyen
      James Nguyen 3 months ago

      ha the didpatcher “ugh ok”

    • Micheal Shelby
      Micheal Shelby 3 months ago


    • EJ 74
      EJ 74 3 months ago

      Have y'all seen the interviews on TikTok and videos of alleged aliens 🤔

    • Jordan Newsom
      Jordan Newsom 3 months ago

      I feel you but the thing is, these things happen SO FAST like I get it, doesn’t take but just a second to whip out the ole smartphone and start recording but it’s just one of those things ya know? But don’t worry, just hang tight and be patient, full disclosure is coming weather it be in a few months or years, we’re already past the point of no return as far as that’s concerned. Sooner or later (preferably sooner) it’s gunna happen and it’s probably gunna be similar to the last whistle blower where the government is put in a position where they have no choice but to tell the truth, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. But let’s be real, we’ve all known or at least most of us have known the truth for years, decades, generations even, it’s just the fact that it’ll FINALLY get acknowledged officially that’s gunna be the cool part.

  • SuzannaSunnybrook
    SuzannaSunnybrook 3 months ago +1

    Everyone needs to wear a bodycam video 24/7 ,like the police, in order to get evidence of those pesky trespassing aliens ! 🧐

    MATHIEU COUSSI 3 months ago +13

    Just look at the father's reaction, standing in front of his family and arming a normal reaction, so what could drive a father to react like that in his own home? I mean, the survival instinct is an incredible thing which, as its name suggests, drives us to survive, and the father's reaction is a perfect example of this: put yourself in his place, you'd be ready to sacrifice yourself for your family, so why react like that, without even thinking of taking out his only means of defense, which is his gun? Simply because he was shocked and thinking about what it might be all in the space of a second, you can imagine that your brain gives out on you, you forget about your gun and everything else, and your only reaction is paralysis or retreat. Either the father is a very good actor, or he's really seen something that he himself, in his conception of the world and the universe, didn't see.
    There's clearly something that fell from the sky, there's the video where you can clearly hear the sound of the object's impact, there are the various videos of the object in the sky but there's no trace of impact, no crater, nothing, so it doesn't matter what happened but something happened, that's my opinion.

    • pugetwitch
      pugetwitch 3 months ago +4

      tf you talking about

    • CLEFT 3000
      CLEFT 3000 3 months ago

      As a person who has seen these things, you described my first reaction perfectly

    • bdizz77
      bdizz77 3 months ago

      @pugetwitch lol my thoughts too

  • Marlene Polinik
    Marlene Polinik 3 months ago +2

    I believe them. Very intelligent beings...are capable of unearthly things.

  • P W
    P W 3 months ago +1512

    I cannot believe no one in that house did not use their phone to record what happened. Also, I thought it was strange not even one of the news anchors asked if anyone in the house took out their phone to record the aliens. That is very odd to me.

    • kensolar69
      kensolar69 3 months ago +200

      When you hit the 'holy f**k' moment, you may not think very straight for couple of minutes.

    • Philippa Wallace-Dunlop
      Philippa Wallace-Dunlop 3 months ago +176

      I can’t believe that if they did record anything that the gov would let be shown

      SMILE EARTHLINGS. 3 months ago +51

      And funny their voices were so calm and collected.

    • Mr Mr
      Mr Mr 3 months ago +99

      Nah I've seen some car accidents and fights and the last thing on my mind was to get my phone out and record

    • K. Kato
      K. Kato 3 months ago +45

      They were probably petrified...

  • StinkyButton
    StinkyButton 3 months ago +120

    Everyone and their mother has a smartphone with video and photo capabilities, and not one family member thought to record giant aliens in their backyard? I call bs.

    • Celestial Bronze Warrior
      Celestial Bronze Warrior 3 months ago +8

      They were scare too. Those aliens could had wiped out the thoughts from their mind not to do it…

    • bangmyne
      bangmyne 3 months ago +3

      I seen that video but now it deleted I'm serious

    • Celestial Bronze Warrior
      Celestial Bronze Warrior 3 months ago

      @bangmyne What video???

    • bangmyne
      bangmyne 3 months ago +1

      Video of the alian ducking in the back yard he had a tail too

    • M.Y.A.
      M.Y.A. 3 months ago +4

      ​@Celestial Bronze Warrior 👈 celestial DOPE warrior

  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004 3 months ago +26

    In a time where everyone is glued to their phones and constantly photographing everything for social media, I never understand how there’s never any footage.

    • Republican 4U2NV
      Republican 4U2NV 3 months ago +4

      There is a bunch of video footage from a neighbor's Ring camera literally capturing the crash flashing and sounds to people (even an officer on duty) recording it literally falling out of the sky all over Vegas. Pretty amazing so many captured something that literally happened in a split second- it's like being lucky enough to randomly have your camera on at the perfect time and pointed in the perfect part of the sky to capture a shooting star! There is even footage right here of the officer's body cam yet they blacked it out because of "private property" (weird they didn't black out all the other time he was on their private property and you can see/record their yard from a public street or in the air just like the news did!)

  • Scott Diener
    Scott Diener 3 months ago +14

    To all those commenting about people involved not filming the event(s), have you stopped to think maybe their phones were out of film or maybe they dropped there phone(s) off at the local photomat to have the film developed from other filming?

    • Calvin
      Calvin 3 months ago +8

      Lmfao now your just fucxing with us

    • Krystle Sichau
      Krystle Sichau 3 months ago +1

      Huh?🤔🤔🧐🤭 👽

    • Untamed Artist
      Untamed Artist 3 months ago +1

      Bro what time period are you in the 1800? Every phone has a camera and a video recorder unless its a pay phone or land line

    • Scott Diener
      Scott Diener 3 months ago

      @Untamed Artist I live in the sarcasm period and wonder the same about those who refer to recording video on a digital device as 'filming.'

  • Deborah TruthSeeker
    Deborah TruthSeeker 3 months ago +5

    Sounds totally crazy to me. I just don't know anymore. I have personally spotted a round flying saucer with blue lights around it, and my friend saw it as well. It was flying/ hovering low in the sky in Long Beach. This happened several years ago. I do not know what to think, and believe anymore.😮

  • Michael Irving
    Michael Irving 3 months ago +13

    They are telling the truth!!! The boy described exactly what I saw. And how they sounded. The voice seemed multiple pitched like multiple voices at once. I have a picture I took that night of a ufo in sky. The government working with the beings I know for a fact because it was picked up by a black hawk. It rode on the side... the chopper followed us. I developed the pic at cvs then got dropped off at home and as i approached my house from car shop next door, a UAV must have thought I was crossing the street and the UAV floated over me about 4 feet above my roof. The wind from these like vents on the bottom of it blew my clothes around. Have multiple witnesses to it. (The people that dropped me off and two neighbors). Alot more to the beginning of this event, but just wanted to say something because the description the boy gave was incredibly accurate.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +647

    He was very calm on the 911 call.

  • Salpine
    Salpine 3 months ago +27

    I’ve seen that exact shade of glowing green up in the sky while looking out the window after waking up in the middle of the night 3 decades ago when I was 6. Looked like a classic 🛸 shape. It just hovered in the same spot briefly then I couldn’t see it. I ran out and told my parents “ I saw the Star Trek thing” which they totally dismissed. Pretty damn sure I really saw something that night.

    • Cade
      Cade 2 months ago

      Do you remember experiencing any missing time from that night? How close was the object?

  • Sarcastic Guy
    Sarcastic Guy 3 months ago +5

    I love how these are so ludicrously easy to debunk. How these 'alien sighting' stories even make news anymore is beyond my comprehension.

  • Gio Torres
    Gio Torres 2 months ago +6


    • Broken Cartridge
      Broken Cartridge 2 months ago

      They are just living their life, nothing really happened

  • life is good
    life is good 3 months ago +40

    What surprises me is how they didn't record it on their phone in this day and age

    • praveen kumar
      praveen kumar 3 months ago +2

      at least a 1 sec photo of it wasn't taken😂

  • GunsN ́Buns
    GunsN ́Buns 3 months ago +1

    What if the aliens had legal rights to be in their backyard???

  • Peter Ritchie
    Peter Ritchie 3 months ago +1549

    The homeowners simply did not want to film the aliens without their consent , very respectful….

  • Todd Gilmore
    Todd Gilmore 3 months ago +1

    I want to hear and see the full footage and complete detailed story from the family. This is crazy.

  • melly123230
    melly123230 3 months ago +44

    Welp, I too WITH my brother at 11 years of age witness a UFO low close to my balcony. At a time where there were sightings throughout the entire country. Me and my brothers talk about it until this day and i am 37 now. We didnt see aliens, but a ship. No smoke, no sound just there as if it was checking us out. After like 3 mins we ran inside and screamed "Aliens, aliens!" Lol... True story. Not sure if the government was doing this or if this was actual aliens. I would love to know once and for all

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 3 months ago

      Why do you boil it down to only two explanations? Government or aliens. Why are they the only two you leave?

    • melly123230
      melly123230 3 months ago +6

      @Steve Swangler Because I didn't think of any other at the time when I typed it. Good answer for your question? Lol

    • too old for this sh*t
      too old for this sh*t 3 months ago +3

      Don't worry, a lot of people saw UFOs. You should feel honored you did too. I wish I saw them from close up, but I only saw them from afar. Still cool.

    • melly123230
      melly123230 3 months ago +2

      @too old for this sh*t We actually do feel honored. And everytime I hear someone talk about it I tell them my story lol. Literally looked like an upside-down spoon without a handle. No motor sound. It was amazing and slightly spooky at the same time. Super low. Maybe as close as the top of a light post

    • melly123230
      melly123230 3 months ago

      @too old for this sh*t Very cool

  • Jammal Yarbrough
    Jammal Yarbrough 3 months ago

    Yes, correct, we are the only people in the community with no backyard cameras!

  • Scott Berton
    Scott Berton 3 months ago +12

    I had video of my encounter with these creatures. They were huge and definitely not human. The video was awesome and there was a person in the video that I didnt see until the next day. That person was also watching the creatures. At lunchtime I was going to the police station to show them and the video was gone. I tried retrieving it from my Google backups and it was gone from there as well. No idea who the other person was and I always wonder what he thinks of that whole experience.

    • Penelope416
      Penelope416 3 months ago

      What do you think happened to the video footage on your phone?

    • D. Geo
      D. Geo 3 months ago


    • it's never too late
      it's never too late 3 months ago

      Not sure if it's Google or govt or who did it but i had dozens of images and videos of pizza gate and fra zz le drip in my phone. I went to pull out an image and the whole folder is deleted like it never existed.
      I don't know whether to be pissed that they got into my phone like it's nothing, or be happy that I'm still alive to tick my kids in at night.
      I don't think most people can cope with real truth.

    • it's never too late
      it's never too late 3 months ago

      ​@D. Geo sadly no it's not impossible at all

  • Kitana Chapo
    Kitana Chapo 3 months ago +8

    This happened to me and my friends to on the way to my house near a military base. No drugs or alcohol around 1:45am it happened within 4 minutes of of it being in the sky to blinking and it was closer until we jumped in the car. It tried to hover over my car. I pulled off so quickly we almost crashed. My friends were yelling driver faster. I almost blew my transmission 😂 but it disappeared once we got to the Main Street. It was beautiful that night as well. We were scared to come back outside the next day. I didn’t think to call the police though cause what the fuck were they going to do. We were also military. 😂 we didn’t tell anybody.

  • Crash Oversize
    Crash Oversize 3 months ago +533

    How does 4 people stand around watching 8-10 foot "creatures" and NOBODY manages to get ANY pictures or video?

    • Amanda Casey
      Amanda Casey 3 months ago +67


    • Jdub Wah
      Jdub Wah 3 months ago +51

      Because we all know Aliens will attack you if they see you taking footage of them. 😂

    • UberJeep AZ
      UberJeep AZ 3 months ago +23

      I went fishing one time...and I caught a fish T H I S BIG!!! But I didn't pay my phone bill, so I couldn't livestream it. Damn!

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight 3 months ago +1

      Xactly 🤔

    • byee69
      byee69 3 months ago +18

      Exactly. That was a kid and we all know they got their phones glued to em. If it crashed it must've left some type of debris or at least something to show it crashed. Where the photos of it. Someone must've taken pics.

  • Tracey G
    Tracey G 3 months ago +5

    The caller said that the creatures were still staring at them as he was on the 911 call, but no one in that large family could get a quick video or picture of it at that moment? I think if it were me, and I had no proof, I would stick to the Don't tell Anyone policy, just in the interest of avoiding the public scrutiny that they are now experiencing.

  • TommyAngello85
    TommyAngello85 3 months ago +22

    I saw a greenish light coming down too while driving through Arizona this last week, I think it was early thursday somewhere between 1-3am local time. The light moved very fast without burning out like meteorites normally do. Caught my eye because the visual observation looked unusual.

    • Max Moore
      Max Moore 3 months ago +2

      I saw something strange in Britain, whilst walking my Dog A man stood at a Bus stop also witnessed it .we stood for a few minutes and watched an orange glowing craft move from left to Right across the sky without making a sound, He turned to me and said, Guess their bloody real then.

    • puresim316 no simracing no life 👌
      puresim316 no simracing no life 👌 3 months ago

      ​@Max Moorewhat area in Britain pal

  • stoney
    stoney Month ago

    Being a Las Vegas local born and raised private property never made them blur an object and this isn't the first or even 3rd sighting I've heard of around Vegas and hell I've seen 3 instances myself

  • DJP381
    DJP381 3 months ago +17

    I find it hard to believe that in 2023 no one filmed the big eyed aliens in the back yard with a phone.

    • Deuce Spades
      Deuce Spades 3 months ago

      Cause soon as you take that pic they might disappear to be right in front of you

  • H2JKAY
    H2JKAY 3 months ago

    It's strange that we humans can record food, dogs, cats, and lighting but not extraterrestrials with big ass eyes in our backyard!?

  • Christine
    Christine 3 months ago +1828

    They never blur or black out someone’s backyard. There has to be more to this story.

    • Enlil
      Enlil 3 months ago +262

      That's exactly what I thought...I have never seen police cams blacked out in the US when walking into a property!🤔

    • Real Talk with Jordan
      Real Talk with Jordan 3 months ago +11

      What more do you think it is

    • Sam Patanza
      Sam Patanza 3 months ago +137

      It's nothing. There is nothing back there. That's why it's blurred. The back yard is perfectly untouched and this is another distraction.

    • Jared Fletcher
      Jared Fletcher 3 months ago +18

      ​@Real Talk with Jordan either video footage to alter the course of the human race....or absolutely nothing and then there goes their story 😂

  • benfinds
    benfinds 3 months ago +5

    "Big eyes and their looking at us" - like he is shaking inside but trying to compose himself is so awesome. This is really creepy!

    • Noah Davis
      Noah Davis 3 months ago

      And fake

    • benfinds
      benfinds Month ago

      @Noah Davis well there is bigger possibility of this being true.

  • Y.D.T
    Y.D.T 3 months ago +2

    Absolutely extraordinary. They mean no harm I promise that. Beings from out of this galaxy are not welcome if they have malicious intent. Beings with intent to assist humans are very welcome to assist human beings. I forbid malicious Beings from entering our atmosphere and galaxy if they have malicious intent. 🙏 Be not afraid. They are afraid for their safety. I send them protection.

  • Tony51 Fernandez
    Tony51 Fernandez 3 months ago

    I'm surprised the people that live there that I actually saw it didn't record it with their cell phones

  • Thrive On The Journey
    Thrive On The Journey 3 months ago +7

    In the times of having cameras on cell phones, I am surprised one of that family didn't grab their phone to take a photo or video of what they say in their yard. Only one of the family members was on the phone with 911.
    Anyhow, it makes me wonder why they wouldn't have tried to get a photo.

    • Crispin Handly
      Crispin Handly 3 months ago

      They did. Look around, the video is out there.

    • Terri
      Terri 3 months ago +1

      @Crispin Handly where?

      GTIN GAMING 3 months ago

      @Crispin Handly yeah, now it’s been doctored with

  • I-Diy naYan
    I-Diy naYan 3 months ago +2

    He described aliens exactly of what we saw in sci - Fi movies.. how Ironic isn't?

  • Barry Jowers
    Barry Jowers 3 months ago +385

    This is the first time I've ever seen police black out body cam footage because it was "private property" That is very suspicious to me

    • Squanchy
      Squanchy 3 months ago +45

      Ya think??? 😂😂😂
      Those cops walked up on some shit their bosses ain't gonna let us see

    • M B
      M B 3 months ago +27

      It is strange. I would think if the owner invited them back there, he wouldn't have a problem with his property being shown on video. I also have never seen an episode of Cops where they had to black out property and they go through all sorts of private property.

    • Stefan Schleps
      Stefan Schleps 3 months ago +2

      To all of us!

    • dbuC
      dbuC 3 months ago +4

      They do blur out the insides of houses if they have to walk inside to arrest someone or whatever. Tons of vids out there with private property blurred

  • AvgMusicEnjoyer
    AvgMusicEnjoyer 3 months ago +69

    It’s interesting how the media have all unanimously decided to start reporting on ufos

    • Steve Swangler
      Steve Swangler 3 months ago +1

      They have? Unanimously? A movie quote comes to mind- “you keep using this word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    • Vicki DeMarco
      Vicki DeMarco 3 months ago +4

      The Rapture cover up

    • Guitar Guru .357
      Guitar Guru .357 3 months ago +3

      It’s a distraction

  • Geemonster
    Geemonster 3 months ago +40

    If aliens were to reveal themselves, everyone on earth would know about it pretty damn quickly

    • James Nguyen
      James Nguyen 3 months ago +2

      they on drugs

    • God's Ambassador
      God's Ambassador 3 months ago +2

      Pls may be he saw them spiritually but not physical

    • Emmanuel Mathews
      Emmanuel Mathews 3 months ago +2

      I'm pretty sure we'd be dead before we knew it if aliens did want to do something hostile

  • Sumaya sumaya Sumaya sulthan

    Wow, would not want to meet aliens that big in my yard. 😮

  • Claudin Barb
    Claudin Barb 3 months ago

    This policeman is so cool. God Bless, Love and Protect our BlueMen🙏🏽

  • 1Down5Up
    1Down5Up 3 months ago

    The craziest part about this stuff is the cameras being set up, and the men in black searching the area a few days after the incident. Yet they want us to believe none of this stuff exists

  • Dante 007
    Dante 007 3 months ago +1808

    That's why it's good to have security cameras man this could have easily been captured and the entire world could have seen what those people seen

    • DannyDangerous
      DannyDangerous 3 months ago +445

      Government would've taken it and hidden it from the public like everything else

    • Chelsea Craft
      Chelsea Craft 3 months ago +196

      … Does nobody remember all the stories about people who vanish after they see some thing and video it?…

    • Taleda Devine
      Taleda Devine 3 months ago +34

      ​@DannyDangerous exactly

  • Mike
    Mike 3 months ago +5

    I saw the same color light over Pittsburgh a few years ago...only it never crashed it appeared in the sky just as it did in the video with an audible boom and blue light. Then was pursued by three other lights after just disappearing. They moved almost like a helicopter with no sound after the initial boom. One of the pursuing lights passed right over my wife and I, almost like it knew we were watching.

    • Leone the Siamese
      Leone the Siamese 3 months ago

      Its like a failed firework or the expanded bit remaining from a launch like. They got phones and didnt film it. Everyones doing that shit ..

    • Rich Brake
      Rich Brake 3 months ago

      We saw three lights land on top of Monroeville Mall, and then lift off and disappeared.

  • Michael Juliano
    Michael Juliano 2 months ago

    Read the Millennial Hospitality series by Charles James Hall or the documentary about him, Walking With The Tall Whites. He was stationed at Nellis Airforce Base in the 60s and recounts his encounters with tall, white aliens who had a base in the Indian Springs gunnery ranges. If Charles didn’t make the whole thing up, the most likely explanation in my opinion is that a couple of the tall whites experienced mechanical problems in their scout craft and had to put down in that guy’s backyard briefly to either check the craft or make a small repair before returning to their base.
    I want his stories to be true so badly, but this incident actually fits without having to twist anything.

  • Jenni Salsman
    Jenni Salsman 3 months ago

    I am so much more at ease knowing Investigator David Charnes is on the case. I can really tell he is going to get to the bottom of things.

  • ChildofGod
    ChildofGod 3 months ago +1

    Crazy that he said the only reason he’s investigating is because his partner saw it wow so no matter what happens we won’t be believed if we do ……this is why they can come do anything to us and no one will believe us

  • The Uncultured Igbo
    The Uncultured Igbo 3 months ago +1441

    Kudos to the caller being so calm with 8-10 foot entities just chilling in his backyard. 😂

    • Alena Eskridge
      Alena Eskridge 3 months ago +30

      Evil looking ones.

    • Fenwick C
      Fenwick C 3 months ago +55

      that's why they landed in his yard and not the guy who comes out shooting pretty Fricken obvious to me

      VOICE OF REASON 3 months ago +51

      😅with big eyes just looking at them and big mouth.

      VOICE OF REASON 3 months ago +15

      ​@Fenwick C 😂 right there, they never actually approach the nuts who shot first 😂

  • Brain Machine
    Brain Machine 3 months ago +5

    On another news station there was a drone shot of the “backyard” that showed numerous earth movers, etc. - all of it very expensive stuff and not a backyard as we know it. I am guessing that the family decided against this kind of exposure out of privacy concerns or maybe legal ones, ie, maybe they’re not zoned for using it for that purpose.

    • Meowfriends OnlineTM
      Meowfriends OnlineTM 3 months ago

      Meow meow are you from another timeline too mrow meow ... ? In my timeline, the I-95 collapsed due to the *EARTH MOVERS,* who most know as *GRABOIDS,* we call them the *EARTH MOVERS* in this timeline, I thought we were the only one... *OMG* are U one of the survivors of the timewar convergence that occurred July 12... ? Meow meow pls, do tell !!! :"33

  • Brandon Mann
    Brandon Mann 3 months ago +5

    I’ve seen the same thing two years ago I was taking revere north to the 215 going east and whatever it is is very advanced. It was like a big ball of light kind of shaped like a gold fish with smaller lights on the back of it . Quiet like an electric vehicle and all the lights connected breaks off and disappears

  • yOMamMa
    yOMamMa 3 months ago

    To be honest you know when the government is hiding something when most of the ufo sightings or aliens are seen in the US😭

  • I Ride a Unicorn
    I Ride a Unicorn 3 months ago +1

    Man the inside of someone's property is never blacked out when it comes to busting in on a warrant or to do with domestic issues

  • Nate G
    Nate G 3 months ago +1

    I saw something very very similar. I caught it on my camera and posted it on my Clip-Share account. If you see it read the description

  • Duane Michaels
    Duane Michaels 3 months ago +545

    As a former officer, I could say we would never turn the camera off even if you go in someone’s private property doesn’t matter it always stays on that’s fishy, so yeah, they must’ve saw something weird

    • hupacmoneybags
      hupacmoneybags 3 months ago +48

      They didn’t turn the video off they blurred the footage before they sent it to the news…

    • NetAndYahoo
      NetAndYahoo 3 months ago +40

      They didn't turn the camera off, the department blacked the video out with editing before releasing the footage to the public. This happened over a month ago

    • J Carter
      J Carter 3 months ago +17

      Right how is the backyard private but not the front 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Mit10r
      Mit10r 3 months ago +13

      The officer do not turn off their cameras but surely the police department will redact video of private properties when there is no crime committed. I find it particularly fishy that a young person would take take time to describe an surreal figure in their backyard to an emergency line without taking a video of it. THAT is the fishy element.

    • StevieG
      StevieG 3 months ago +1

      Pretty sure they just edited it out.

  • Kathryn B
    Kathryn B 3 months ago +41

    What is disturbing is that (no matter what it was) the ONLY reason police responded was that someone with their uniform saw it. Even then, they show up much later only out of curiosity? I would have told them to go pound salt.
    I'm going to make some new friends and tell them which humans they can be friends with and those they CANNOT. Don't call police if you are lucky enough to greet these beings. Grab your opportunity! ❤😊

  • Gotta Love this Xc
    Gotta Love this Xc 3 months ago +8

    How chill the dude is. I would be freaking out and telling my kids to record the damn creature

  • barnesj0007
    barnesj0007 3 months ago

    Why now are we finding out about this incident? Also why didn't the family share security footage of intruders from backyard view? Private or not they could've shared! I know of a couple of reasons why they didn't share. Smh

  • Patricci
    Patricci 3 months ago +6

    While visiting my brother in La Puente, I saw those same lights one night. Didn’t fall out of the sky but they were moving around then got in line and flew up to the sky until disappeared from my sight.

    • Evan C
      Evan C 3 months ago +1

      I saw that too one summer and it happened 4 different times, they were stationary like a bright blue/teal star then they bounced around a little and then took off straight out of sight, I knew it wasn't a shooting star like every one was telling me, I love star gazing and know what shooting stars look like, plus when they took off they went up instead of falling and they were stationary for a few minutes before they moved

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 2 months ago

    Listen, this stuff is real. I hate when you're telling the truth and you're not believed. It's the worse feeling ever.
    Years ago on a summers night, me and my partner fell asleep on the sofa. We woke up and decided to step outside because we was so hot. My partner made cold drinks while i was still outside and i swear on everything, on god, i saw 5-6 lights in a row just above the trees. It was silent, no noise at all. There is also no houses or anything at the back of my home just trees and darkness. I turned back shouting my partner to come and see and by the time i looked back at the lights it was gone!! I legit got so scared. My partner believe me because of my reaction. I couldn't sleep at all for the rest of the night because i was petrified that they would get me because i saw them. I know that sounds ridiculous but you will never know the feeling until it happens to you! The weird thing is ive seen a couple of weird lights in the skies since to the point I'd think they are tracking me, god i know this sounds stupid but i swear on everything it's the truth.

  • Mrs B
    Mrs B 3 months ago +323

    The real question is: What are they _really_ trying to divert our attention away from?? 🧐

    • Uncle Jack Luminous
      Uncle Jack Luminous 3 months ago +25

      The twelve foot aliens in the yard next door!👽

    • Bake ur kidz
      Bake ur kidz 3 months ago +36

      More info came out about Hunter Bidens laptop recently

    • MicahMane
      MicahMane 3 months ago +16

      Idk bro this time feels like a huge fumble. Election season is coming in hot and Biden keeps slipping, if anything this is one of those seasons where they want us focussed in. Not catching stuff BEFORE we do is a huge mistake. The distraction is coming. Let's meet back here in a week and see what's being talked about and what isn't.

    • SweetMissMikka
      SweetMissMikka 3 months ago +13

      I was just thinking that.. as well as they’re setting the stage to “spend” our money on more unnecessary bs 😒

  • Wesley Pena
    Wesley Pena 3 months ago +18

    In the near future, I want to invent a device that can capture pictures/images that can be shown to others.

    • PoPuPs4LiFE
      PoPuPs4LiFE 3 months ago +2

      I believe in you, Wesley. You got this!

  • Pancha Pistolas
    Pancha Pistolas 3 months ago +1

    Not that I'm a skeptic-I definitely believe it COULD be true but I'm wondering why no one flipped out their phone to record it, especially since the creatures were there throughout the phone call.

  • 小狗梅洛Milothedoggy

    I saw similar green colour fireball falling off in 2019 in Revelstoke BC Canada. Lots of people talked about it the 2nd day. We all thought that was just a meteor.

  • adam lees
    adam lees 3 months ago

    CCTV is everywhere and when anything happens a phone is out recording it yet no one has ever captured a sharp enough image of a UFO or alien being that can be taken seriously. I hope in my lifetime I'm proved wrong as I've always had this image in my head of waking up one morning, turning on the news and watching footage of a UFO or alien beings on our planet. Could you imagine it?.

    • Jasmine Allen
      Jasmine Allen 3 months ago

      Maybe the ship emits some type of energy or wave that makes your footage blurry. I've been thinking this for a while now.

  • Chris Fecteau
    Chris Fecteau 3 months ago

    Damn them aliens are really good at what they do. They need to land somewhere so they found the only house in the whole neighbourhood that doesn't have a camera or a phone.