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Monstermax Drives in the Ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA, DNR Called)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • FLORINDIANA MAN DOES IT AGAIN. Maybe next time people won’t doubt me lol. Tik Tok and Facebook were covered with a truck driving at Long Boat key in Bradenton yesterday. Definitely the most insane thing we’ve done yet haha. Huge thanks to @316.speed for the help with the boat and chopper and to @wtf_logistics for always helping beyond hauling the load. #FLORINDIANAMAN
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  • John Wood
    John Wood 2 years ago +22575

    as an old guy , 68, who always loved a challenge. WAY TO GO GUYS !! That was worth a measly $70 fine.I was told 40 years ago I couldn’t ride and “park” my hours on my College Campus. So I got my horse “Registered” on Campus as a Vehicle and had a Campus Parking Sticker for it. Drove people crazy ,but they had OFFICIALLY given me a Sticker.

    • Didina Samurai
      Didina Samurai 3 days ago

      What's your horse VIN no. 😂😂
      That's metal dude🤘🤘🤘

    • Didina Samurai
      Didina Samurai 3 days ago

      What's your horse VIN no. 😂😂😂 That's mefal dude🤘🤘

    • sunkid86
      sunkid86 4 days ago

      people hate people like us. but it's live fully or die inside.

    • random_idiot
      random_idiot 5 days ago

      @Michelle S at least spell waste right before you start ranting

    • Tristan Rujano
      Tristan Rujano 7 days ago

      the thought of a parking sticker on a horse is hilarious

    JOOGSQUAD PPJT 2 years ago +34621


  • Quap
    Quap 7 months ago +1052

    I like how he didnt get threatened with jail time for this. But, splashing someone with a jetski is a BIG DEAL

    • CanePlays
      CanePlays 7 days ago +1

      ​@Truth #2 🌲 he is sad, let him be 😂

    • Random stuff with me
      Random stuff with me 7 days ago

      YES i know that felling i almost go arrested for doing that last year!

    • Truth #2 🌲
      Truth #2 🌲 8 days ago +1

      @maynunal let me guess, you’re not?

    • Chris m
      Chris m 11 days ago +1

      ​@maynunal always playing the race card 😅

    • Oliver
      Oliver 14 days ago +1

      cus the stream from a jet ski is so strong it has killed people

  • Robert Bergl
    Robert Bergl Year ago +921

    They sure allocated a lot of resources to watch a truck do something perfectly legal...
    Great video

    • säsuke
      säsuke 8 days ago +2

      i would also allocate a lot of resources to witness something like that.

    • Derek Bradley
      Derek Bradley 4 months ago +8

      The cops and the feds are how the drugs get in. They don't want to stop it! Anyway this is still great content.

    • Kool
      Kool 5 months ago +14

      wonder how many drug delivery's happened while the cops and feds were here and not doing their job

      MATTHEW GIBBS 7 months ago +40

      meanwhile lobster poachers and 50 narco subs had an uneventful day. priorities first 1 monster truck swimming = bad

  • A G
    A G 3 months ago +167

    I love how you just go out and do shit. Most other youtubers would make a bid deal of something like this, announce it to the public, get a big crowd together and all that shit for attention. You just go out and do it haha love it.

    • B JAD
      B JAD 15 days ago

      ​​@Joao Henrique Neuhaus noice

    • Joao Henrique Neuhaus
      Joao Henrique Neuhaus 15 days ago +2

      That's why officers and authorities that doesn't have anything else to do except messing with other people's lifes hate him so much, he doesn't give them time to prepare. The man simply get to a place with a monster truck ready to go ocean driving.

  • Joyce Bevins
    Joyce Bevins 11 months ago +671

    I'm 72 years old, born and raised in Orlando. Grew up on Lake Jessamine, many trips to Daytona, but never have I seen such a unique vehicle/watercraft in my life. So very cool, you guys are remarkable, thank you for sharing!

  • theoriginalthg
    theoriginalthg 9 months ago +63

    This is incredibly impressive and I'm not trying to talk shit. I just wanna point out it's amazing to me how intelligent or talented people can be so unaware of certain other things. Dude built this amazing truck that could handle driving around in the water but they didn't fully consider things like the tide.

    • Tracy Yennie
      Tracy Yennie 5 months ago +11

      There aren't any oceans in Indiana. If you aren't ever near an ocean, tide isn't something you really understand. Easy to overlook, until you experience it once! Then you never forget the power the tide has.

  • DailyDrivenExotics
    DailyDrivenExotics 2 years ago +3923

    Best Clip-Share automotive stunt of 2020. Well done. 👍

    • Throw Away
      Throw Away 10 days ago


    • RightFootForward11
      RightFootForward11 2 months ago

      Probably of all time

    • Soarin
      Soarin Year ago


    • wayneco
      wayneco Year ago

      That’s quite an endorsement! now how long till Damon has a Lamborghini on pontoons?!

    • Kc Mullins
      Kc Mullins 2 years ago

      Hey DDE bro y'all need to make a lambo do this to lol 😂 I got faith in y'all. Lol

  • Zesty Drink
    Zesty Drink Year ago +313

    These guys are the definition of
    "Just the good ol' boys
    Never meanin' no harm"

    • N Lake
      N Lake 24 days ago

      beats all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born

    • Ronnie P
      Ronnie P Month ago

      You get it! 😂😂

  • J.A.Ratt85
    J.A.Ratt85 11 months ago +177

    The weird part is it'd be faster on water with like 20:1 gear reduction portal boxes on it because as it is it's mostly just cavitating the water and not actually propelling it forward. Flipping the tires around the other way would also let it bite at the water better instead of pushing it aside. Here's an idea, send it to England and take it across the channel to France.

    • Nolan Turner
      Nolan Turner 5 months ago +1

      @Fritz Kueter I was about to say something about that

    • Fritz Kueter
      Fritz Kueter 6 months ago +19

      I’m a little upset that nobody else commented on the fact that flipping the wheels would have made this much more efficient

    • Demo Unit
      Demo Unit 7 months ago +28

      Sand paddle tires and it will come out of the water.

    • DarkWatcher01
      DarkWatcher01 11 months ago +3


  • Noe V
    Noe V 8 months ago +25

    I remember that the monster truck No Problem was registered as a boat. There's footage somewhere about what they did to get it registered in the '80s. They had life jackets, some lights, a small prop that they could attach to the driveshaft. I bet some paperwork, and a few additions could get this registered as well.

  • lee batt
    lee batt Year ago +143

    You know you’ve got something really wild when you freak out people in Florida.

    • Ronnie P
      Ronnie P Month ago +5

      When Florida Men stop and scratch their heads, you are doin something! 😂😂

  • François Grimard
    François Grimard 7 months ago +15

    You left everyone speechless. You deserve all the fame and riches!

  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland 2 years ago +25290

    Dude.... SO GOOD

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson 11 months ago +370

    I was literally on my way out to work on Long boat Key that morning and saw them setting up the truck for launch. I didn't realize that's what was going on until I saw this on Facebook a month or so later. Insane.
    And that's how I found this channel.

    • You Tube
      You Tube 5 months ago +1

      @Sara Abbey he has no reason to contact you. Sorry but that just reality

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands 7 months ago +1

      @Sara Abbey just generally remember that Clip-Sharers don't tend to give stuff away in comments without using a third party site or the like, and will generally use their main channel to do the reply if they do. They are more likely to use their official email that is attached in the about section of each Clip-Share channel, however don't blindly trust emails either.

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands 7 months ago +1

      @Sara Abbey they are ALL scams

    • rebootNYC
      rebootNYC 9 months ago

      @El Comandante ik. my dad used to go a lot

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante 9 months ago

      @rebootNYC I was raised in Manatee county. Not a bad place to live. Beaches r amazing.

    LEGION 10 months ago +112

    As long as you keep proving people wrong and pissing them off. I'll keep watching.

    • Scout
      Scout Month ago +4

      @GOAT OF DUTYhe doesn’t

      GOAT OF DUTY 5 months ago +2

      If he just would not piss off his viewers...

  • Small town Homesteaders
    Small town Homesteaders 9 months ago +25

    Some people are just miserable and it’s sad and so they feel they have to bring other people down to make themselves feel better! You’re attitude is awesome your always happy! So refreshing

  • JD Goes Ham
    JD Goes Ham Year ago +13

    Dude made so many people's day. Especially the kiddos. Seriously, I'd not forget seeing this as a kid. So cool.

  • Urith Garcia
    Urith Garcia 7 months ago +5

    most real fella out there. No BS, no clickbait, gets straight to the good stuff.

  • Rich Rebuilds
    Rich Rebuilds 2 years ago +1943

    Keep shining big man. Don’t let the haters get to you. Fun video!

  • Brett Galfo
    Brett Galfo Year ago +30

    Please do this again, I loved this so much! My favorite part is when the cop says “that doesn’t say it’s marked as a 2006 Silverado”😂😂

  • Ralph G
    Ralph G Year ago +33

    Pay the $70 and be happy you did what you set out to do. I loved the balls it took to pull this off and taking it all the way.

  • Louise Murray
    Louise Murray 9 months ago +3

    Have just recently discovered Your channel and I Love it! I live in Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland! Just Fantastic watching Your antics and projects! I know You make it look fun but I also realise the great hard work with the engineering by You and Your team of Petrol heads is Amazing! Keep up The great work! All the Best!

  • The Woodshed
    The Woodshed 10 months ago +12

    It's crazy that this is the one to make WhistlinDeisel a household name! He's been doing this level of awesome content for so long

  • Isauro Dominguez
    Isauro Dominguez 9 months ago +6

    I think what you're doing is amazing I'm 40 years old and you still love the tinker build things that weren't possible you're keeping up our kind alive I would be proud to have you as a son or a friend thank you for the great videos and the memories I can reflect on

  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything 2 years ago +7245

    That was sick.

  • Fishicus DrunkenDwarf
    Fishicus DrunkenDwarf Year ago +11

    Literally still the craziest thing he's ever done. Still a good watch even over a year later!

  • John
    John 10 months ago +28

    In my 60's and love your channel. Reminds me of the insane shit we did back in the 70's so keep it up👍😆

  • Colby Colby
    Colby Colby 6 months ago +3

    I just started watching your channel and cant get enough. Wish I had caught on earlier!! I literally have a smile on my face through every new vid I watch!! kEEP them coming!! Remember to keep looking forward, keep doing what your doing, have as much fun as possible and fook the haters. Hate is just a form of jealousy. People that try, get shat done! People that don't try....... HATE!!

  • Escaped Goat
    Escaped Goat 10 months ago +8

    Wish I had a a friend like this to experience all this cool stuff

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  • Pattay's Performance
    Pattay's Performance Month ago +2

    Crazy to see the old gang together…in order to grow I understand you have to move on.
    Watched this video more than I want to admit and it went from shock to a vibe.

  • Jiggin' With Jordan
    Jiggin' With Jordan 2 years ago +585

    I love this guy more and more 🙌🏼🔥

    • ゴジラが大好き
      ゴジラが大好き 2 years ago


    • Next Adventure ATV
      Next Adventure ATV 2 years ago +1

      It keeps getting better and better

    • KyleSeals
      KyleSeals 2 years ago +2

      You should have filmed this from below! That would have been awesome. Love your vids too brother

    • undecided
      undecided 2 years ago +1


  • Nevaros58
    Nevaros58 11 months ago +4

    I love this guy! That is a nice bit of engineering. Thumbs down to all the haters and distracters out there. After 60 plus years of being told “no I was not allowed to do this thing or that thing” because somebody got their panties in a bind, it is nice to see one success story out there. Keep on trucking or sailing as the case may be.

  • PrestonDoesGames
    PrestonDoesGames Year ago +8

    those guys were chill and just doing their job but still letting them have their fun by allowing it. Great guys!

  • Aaqil playz
    Aaqil playz 9 days ago +1

    this guy takes content to another level. crazyyy

  • Z Szilagyi
    Z Szilagyi 10 months ago +26

    I love how you just don’t give a f and live your dreams, good for you man and good for us who can watch it

  • christopher lewis
    christopher lewis 9 months ago +1

    You made so many people’s day that much better.

  • 750li
    750li Year ago +2689

    A friend of mine who was a police officer told me this once, police have protocols for everything. That being said, the only reason why they have that said protocol is because someone somewhere tried it. So when a police officer pauses, goes quiet, then starts to look into a manual, you’ve done something that the police have never seen before.

    • Wildflower
      Wildflower 2 months ago

      @Goud I am pretty sure public servants on duty don't have a choice about being filmed. It comes with the job.

    • Goud
      Goud 4 months ago

      I'm betting those were releases they were signing to be in the video *Hollywood* babyyy

    • 4Dragons Cassino
      4Dragons Cassino 6 months ago

      @Grimnoire Oh yes...Disney World, where the groomers work and inner city garbage fight each other over nothing and the knock out game is the game of choice. But only inside the park...ppl be armed outside and the knock out game actually results in very, very few knock outs. I guess the game isn't as fun when the victim kills you.

    • j Walster
      j Walster 7 months ago

      @Roy Arrowood there are actually quite alot of them

  • Keith Bachand
    Keith Bachand 11 months ago +13

    Great job! Definitely looks like the waterways are a little hard to nav down there for a truck but hey you made it back on land without a bridge x ray! For the record a regular non truck vessel could probably do just as much or even more damage than your tire hitting the post…keep it up bro! Wish my 2015 Cummins was half as awesome as your truck.

  • Larry House
    Larry House 10 months ago +5

    As a old but young man (73) I think you guys are great and you are showing just how stupid and arrogant the so called Law enforcement can be. Geronimo !!!

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  • Vaponne Sears
    Vaponne Sears 8 months ago +1

    you did what every one wanted to do and that was to drive on the ocean, i wish i was there in the truck as well. worth it

  • Dustin Fake
    Dustin Fake Year ago +5

    I swear you're just a giant walking middle finger. Keep it up you absolute mad lad

  • Dovendyret Dorte
    Dovendyret Dorte Month ago

    This man is crazy, may he live forever ✊🏻

  • Sam Young
    Sam Young 2 years ago +4593

    LEGAL LOOPHOLE: You could have just strapped a small registered boat in the bed of the truck thus making the truck part of the boat. - Navy Veteran

  • Shane Zielinski
    Shane Zielinski 10 months ago +11

    Watching this for the second time because it’s just pure gold. “We’re haulin at about… half a knot” lol

  • jmoujm
    jmoujm Year ago +4

    Seen your video on getting your things back that were stolen from the old guy, that his wife was crying and you didn't press charges. Your a good guy and you were I believe you were raised to have a good heart. I know people make mistakes and do stupid things all day long. What else can you say lesson learned could have let it real bad for that guy and his wife if you were somebody else.

  • Meme
    Meme 8 months ago +15

    “Honey how was your day?”
    “I couldn’t find a reason for two guys to drive their truck into the gulf.”
    “Excuse me?”

    • ExploringtheUnbeatenPart
      ExploringtheUnbeatenPart 7 months ago

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  • JxrZ
    JxrZ Year ago +6

    I would love to see this without having to be behind a damn screen. Those people who were trying to not let you float sure are lucky to see it.

  • Big Man
    Big Man 8 months ago

    Bro, I love this, and honestly, I wish there were more of these in the world

  • Crazy oilfield mechanic
    Crazy oilfield mechanic 10 months ago +2

    Florida has more rules and bs about anything and everything than any place I ever visited. It's pathetic, why anyone would put up with the hassle of living there I have no idea. Thumbs up for sticking it too them and getting out in the water and literally driving them crazy lol 👍

  • joe mac
    joe mac Year ago +8

    as an avid boater/fisherman..I laughed so damn hard! .i wanna go fishin with you guys! i live fairly close to Tippecanoe. If you're down to take it thru the chain o lakes...i'm in lmao

  • TylerR_41
    TylerR_41 8 months ago

    Hate authority. Love this guy and his shenanigans ❤

  • D Sinavich
    D Sinavich 11 months ago

    Hi WD ! Awesome vlog ! You have a great adventurist mind to come up with all these challenges ! This one is one of my favorites ! Keep on vlogging your famous vlogs ! Stay safe and have fun ! Deborah .. Manitoba , Canada

  • Heather Ann
    Heather Ann 7 months ago

    Absolutely Awesome! Keep doing what you do!

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +2181

    i like watching the officers go from “you can’t do this” to “oh it’s legal? fuck grab me a chair”

    • Calestial
      Calestial 4 months ago

      When driving a truck video's comment section is about skin color:

    • Teri Davis
      Teri Davis Year ago

      @MemesareHealthy I'm pretty sure this is the first person white or black who tried this. But that doesn't mean a black person can't try this.

    • MemesareHealthy
      MemesareHealthy Year ago

      @Teri Davis you know I’m right. When you see a black person do this?

    • Teri Davis
      Teri Davis Year ago

      @MemesareHealthy not really

  • eclipser2004
    eclipser2004 11 months ago +1

    If it had an outboard or some kind of water propulsion it would be even better. And already pretty good. Great job and great imagination. Looks like great fun

  • Catslaf Adventures
    Catslaf Adventures 10 months ago +1

    Awesome! Can't believe they opened the bridge! We all need more of stuff like this 😎🤗

    • Strickk
      Strickk 5 months ago +1

      That was for safety reasons, in case he hit the bridge.

  • Badpool
    Badpool 8 months ago +1

    Man, this sure was amazing. Never thought in a million years i will see a truck sailing in the sea!!

  • Clorox 2
    Clorox 2 Year ago +1

    Way too late but in the event you just woke up and decided monstermax will swim again(or monstermax 2), I’d imagine that you could easily fab some paddles to put onto the outside of the wheels with a little R&D. That way you could get it to move a bit more like a boat.

  • TuniX
    TuniX 8 months ago +1

    Loving ur work guys, keep up the freestyle!!!

  • James Ross
    James Ross Year ago +1871

    Imagine being lost at sea and see a guy pulling up in a pickup truck lol.

    • the black ops 2 zombie
      the black ops 2 zombie Year ago

      Grrr(sup bro, need a ride?)

    • Thad Nakao
      Thad Nakao Year ago +2

      And instead of rescuing you he asked for directions to the nearest McDonald’s

    • kive33
      kive33 Year ago +1

      This comment made my day LMAO

    • Vernon Edmonds
      Vernon Edmonds Year ago +4

      I’d ask them if they’ve seen wilson

  • Preina
    Preina Year ago

    This is what the US of A is all about. Keep on trucking, even in the ocean. Very cool guys!!!

  • Roderick Ray Rutledge
    Roderick Ray Rutledge 10 months ago +1

    Cody always keeps his promises.♥️🙏💪

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  • Krissy
    Krissy 8 months ago

    Holy crap you are my dream guy. SHREDDY to the limit. Monster Max is insane

  • Geoff Murphy
    Geoff Murphy 10 months ago +1

    on a side note don't steal this guys stuff! Congrats man. Way to inspire people

  • Chris Crockett
    Chris Crockett 9 months ago

    You is the coolest, wildest, man on the internet really from Indiana? I've been watching all kinda videos of his lately, and never knew where he was at. That's cool as all hell. Love this dudes fck it, let's wreck shit and test boundaries attitude. He's literally killing the game! Dudes chasing GOAT STATUS!

  • quixototalis
    quixototalis Year ago +1877

    The most hilarious part about this video is that every single official/officer wants nothing more than to see it go on the water but, as a professional, is duty bound to find a way to stop it.

    • bustyrandit
      bustyrandit 5 months ago

      No disrespect to W D or his buds.

    • bustyrandit
      bustyrandit 5 months ago

      everything is infinite,
      What I was referring to were people that act all big n bad until push comes to shove. That type backs down pretty quick, then wants to whine to the cops.
      Those folks are the "wanna be thugs I was talking about
      Least that s what I think I ment.
      Been a minute since I posted that. LOL.

    • Karl Marx
      Karl Marx 5 months ago

      @Bog kaže, ali ja mislim Well said

  • TexasRider
    TexasRider Year ago +5

    Love to see people be free to drive a truck on water!!! Awesome. That’s why we live n America…. Freedom even though government always try to stop us from that dream with all the regulations!!! Good job 👍🏻

  • F-250 Black Smoke Dawg
    F-250 Black Smoke Dawg 9 months ago +1

    Love the videos and content. Definitely nobody doing what you’re doing. Looks fun AF 🍻

  • Phantomhawk777 Hawk
    Phantomhawk777 Hawk 9 months ago

    In between the two tires on each side you need some sort of blade mounts you could put on once your in the water to give it more water traction and it would be awesome

  • cody willness
    cody willness 10 months ago +2

    Your content is awesome! I laugh pretty well every time I watch one of your videos!

  • Taha Ali Sheikh
    Taha Ali Sheikh 9 months ago

    This man has beat the physics and proved a lot scientists wrong

  • WhistlinDiesel
    WhistlinDiesel  2 years ago +3808

    Instagram is WhistlinDiesel as well for behind the scenes. As you can tell from the first 5 minutes of the video I wasn’t taking no for an answer after coming this far 😂 We pushed and pushed but couldn’t get very far into the gulf because of the tide current. Merch is found here! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/whistlin-diesel

    • Zeik Harris
      Zeik Harris 2 years ago


    • Marissa Whelan
      Marissa Whelan 2 years ago

      That is pretty cool but i wouldnt do that because the saltwater rots the truck out

    • RyanMc-17
      RyanMc-17 2 years ago

      It's the motha fuckin police

    • Gabriel Thomas
      Gabriel Thomas 2 years ago

      You've done it again proved everyone wrong man this is the coolest thing ever they do say chevys drive like a boat 🤣

    • Zeik Harris
      Zeik Harris 2 years ago


  • Jules Love
    Jules Love 10 months ago +2

    Dude just keep being this free and loving it. Wow just wow. I love it 👊👊👊

  • jason luttrell
    jason luttrell Year ago +1

    You should have your rear driveshaft turn a big propeller. You’d go a lot faster and the front tires might steer you

  • DashDrones
    DashDrones 7 months ago

    Extremely efficient. Why doesn't everyone do this?🤔

  • Nils
    Nils 10 months ago

    The world needs crazy peoples like you. I have no words for this, still can't close my mouth 😀

  • hariston marreiros
    hariston marreiros 9 months ago

    There is two types of people in this world, those who DO, and there those who WATCH!! Well done!

    S3ABASSCHAMP 2 years ago +583

    WhistlinDiesel going to be the only man in history to have state specific laws against him! Love it man!

    • ゴジラが大好き
      ゴジラが大好き 2 years ago +3

      𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝕯𝖔𝖓’𝖙 𝖒𝖆𝖐𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖔𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙! 𝕴𝖙’𝖘 𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖊𝖙𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖛𝖊!!!

    • Rosemarie Murray
      Rosemarie Murray 2 years ago +4

      Yeah u right

  • Escaped Goat
    Escaped Goat 10 months ago +2

    Man bet people there that day thought this was a treat to see this in person

  • newzealandhori's420
    newzealandhori's420 Year ago +4

    One thing I noticed I didn't expect it to be that stable I knew you would have trouble against the current a small current pushing against a large mass should have put a outboard on the back even a 15 horsepower

  • Sheban
    Sheban 7 months ago

    this is the most insane thing I have ever seen! Well done dudes!

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