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Tesla storms to 1st place in German auto market - panic begins...

  • Published on Sep 10, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Tesla storms to 1st place in German auto market - panic begins...
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Comments • 449

  • James Chilton

    Just anecdotally - I've noticed a marked drop in interest in buying a Tesla from several people who had intended getting a Model Y, including myself. In the UK the cheapest Model Y is now £52k ($59.8k). I realise that this is a deliberate policy by Tesla to check demand as waiting times were becoming far too long. However, with the present energy and general cost of living crisis, I think demand will fall quicker than expected.

  • carl melville
    carl melville 28 days ago

    Keep in mind, and Elon has mentioned this in the past, the platform needs to be of a certain size to accomodate the battery (inclduing crumple and safety zones). They can go much smaller, but there is a lower limit without undermining range. I agree it would be a hot seller and help nail shut some legacy coffins.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Yes we are probably seeing Tesla’s first mover advantage plus the kind of manufacturing savvy that Henry Ford showed at the beginning of the automobile age. Having the manoeuvring room to cut price and add the best battery at the moment when China is coming on strong shows how good a job Musk has done. Look to me like a horse race where the strong horse makes his run at just the right moment. If I was a new car buyer US 41 k is just too attractive to pretend otherwise.

  • Tony
    Tony  +78

    Just got my Model Y yesterday. Ordered in January. What a great car. The buying experience was very fast and easy

  • Danny Fought

    I think my Tesla y doesn’t need oil changes. 42,000 miles equals 7 oil changes I didn’t pay for at $100 each. That’s $700 towards a new set of tires.

  • Pete H
    Pete H  +9

    Sam, another reason Tesla lowered prices in Europe is to ensure that they are below new EV rebates/tax incentives threshold.

  • Hugh Butler

    Osborne Effect is pretty much in progress in all markets. Additionally urbanisation is happening.

  • Phil Chapman

    Having lived in Europe for a few years, what struck me were the small, narrow streets and tiny parking spaces in almost all cities and towns. The polar opposite to the US and Australia with wide roads and big car parks. This is what is driving small EV demand in the EU, not the quality or price of the EV. Tesla really needs to get into this space (pun intended) asap.

  • Andrew Bowen

    Are there any metrics to say how the number of pure ICE models are stacking up? For example the new Mercedes GLC is hybrid / PHEV only. I'm just wondering whether the reduction in ICE only is being equally driven by the decrease in the number of ICE only models?

  • ottopuppy

    I was going to comment on Germany's Nat-gas and power problems, but you covered

  • Jose Belarmino

    It’s like Tesla started building the Death Star (Giga Berlin) right in their neighborhood and German automotive just froze in their tracks.

  • The Electric Man

    Keep Up the Great

  • Qinby 1
    Qinby 1  +5

    So far in Sweden 2022

  • Marcel
    Marcel  +4

    Don't worry, we'll just buy a Tesla, which is a good development. The question has to be: Can we generate the energy with renewable to operate all the EVs?

  • Rat Scabies

    Just looked on the Tesla website, a base model Y works out at about $55,000 dollars, not $41,000 in Germany

  • Alfred Gjguy

    i would love to see something like the VW Buzz from Tesla - this would be a killer - lol

  • Rich H
    Rich H  +1

    The Model Y for $41k in Europe compared to the overpriced German brands is no contest.

  • John Lesoudeur

    Model Y in UK is £51,990 and the long range £57,990. Current prices from their web site.

  • Tom Brown

    Tesla can out sell VW in Germany, but I highly doubt they can do it next year. It is a lot of fun to watch! I love your videos, Sam. Thank you.


    I think about six or seven years ago I was saying the Germans were going to make fantastic Electric Cars. Six or Seven Years ago, I was taking all the wrong things into consideration and I was wrong. Someone's Car Companies are about to have "For Sale" signs on them. I wish I was turning 35 instead of 55. The next 40 years of Automobiles are going be right out of a Science Fiction Movie.