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German Myth Buster 🇩🇪🕵🏼

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Gewinner_btw
    Gewinner_btw 2 months ago +7028

    As a German I can confirm that we love to study the signs in trains.

    • mz 00956
      mz 00956 2 months ago +116

      As an Austrian i can confirm that I really do that sometimes xD

    • Coldysnap
      Coldysnap 2 months ago +28

      ​@mz 00956 thats a german speaking tradition! like a Rare Might Which only DEUTSCH SPRECHER have

    • Leices
      Leices 2 months ago +46

      Thats correct? When we see a sign we must study it.👌

    • Luca
      Luca 2 months ago +7

      Confirmed German myth

    • Coldysnap
      Coldysnap 2 months ago +11

      @Leices true its our passion

  • Mattisus
    Mattisus 2 months ago +4677

    As a German I can confirm that this is totally real.

    • Tom
      Tom 2 months ago +11

      Lawd he thicc

    • Yvonne Wagenlöhner
      Yvonne Wagenlöhner 2 months ago +7

      Ja ist real

    • Soulmate💃🏼
      Soulmate💃🏼 2 months ago +6

      Ja, aber in England schaut sich wiederum niemand an in der U-Bahn zB. Completely ignore people opposite their seats. Das ist strange as well. Anglotzen ist natürlich ätzend, aber in einer Blase sitzen und durch Menschen hindurchschauen auch.🤷‍♀️

    • RxMattskii
      RxMattskii 2 months ago +2

      Genau! Kekeke

    • TheBlueSalamander
      TheBlueSalamander 2 months ago +2

      ​@Tom D U M P Y

  • amarsven
    amarsven 2 months ago +1702

    As a German I never noticed anyone starring. And I really looked carefully at people for a long long time. Still, didn't notice anything.

  • Kulien Pam
    Kulien Pam 2 months ago +3440

    As a German I really like it that someone finally explaines this to the rest of the world...

    • Emiii
      Emiii  2 months ago +52

      right! We Germans are wonderful creatures :)

    • potato
      potato 2 months ago +19

      @Emiii We slay 🥔

    • Lukas Prien
      Lukas Prien 2 months ago +2


    • stefan Ostmeier
      stefan Ostmeier 2 months ago +4

      @potato yeahhh we dooo

    • potato
      potato 2 months ago +1

      @stefan Ostmeier ^^

  • U.
    U. 2 months ago +1576

    I, as a German, was never aware of this habit. But when I was on vacation in Canada I realized that something was different: Nobody STARED, neither on the street, in restaurants nor in trains or busses. At the same time, people were attentive, offering help when they saw us struggling with our city map etc. I am still impressed by this „human“ combination: Not to stare but still to be aware!

    • Devon Powell
      Devon Powell 2 months ago +31

      You Germans do love Canada!

    • kama kita
      kama kita 2 months ago +49

      But... But how?? Dear Canada, please teach me

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago +105

      Easy. Glance once then use your peripheral vision to monitor the situation 😂

    • U.
      U. 2 months ago +3

      @Devon Powell We definitely do!

    • U.
      U. 2 months ago +7

      @Sam That’s it 👍!

  • Bayerwald ler
    Bayerwald ler 2 months ago +1027

    German staring: It's not a bug - it's a feature!

    • Padda
      Padda 2 months ago +10

      Its so horrible tbh xD but good to take it with humor.
      I lived here all my life and it still annoys me every day bruh..

    • Jan Alexander
      Jan Alexander 2 months ago +5

      @Padda Ich hasse es hier so sehr. Jeden Tag wirst du angeschaut als hättest du jemandes Mutter umgebracht. Nächstes Jahr bin ich hier weg. Es reicht.

    • MoRoN222
      MoRoN222 2 months ago +9

      ​@Jan Alexander 💀

    • Fuxi Hutterer
      Fuxi Hutterer 2 months ago +1

      ​@Jan Alexanderwas bruder

    • Padda
      Padda 2 months ago +3

      @Jan Alexander ja in manchen ecken ists halt echt schlimmer.
      Vllt mal eine andere stadt erstmal angucken.
      Ostfriesland zB sind die leute entspannter vom temperament her find ich..

  • Ankita Mandal
    Ankita Mandal 2 months ago +173

    I am also an expat living in Germany. When they stare, I stare back. And then we have a competition.

    • Zan Thi
      Zan Thi 2 months ago +18

      Yes i find that only this way they become self aware that they are actually staring! 😅

    • Yoki Ponn
      Yoki Ponn Month ago +1

      Stimmt genau. Just stare back

    • darryl kassle
      darryl kassle Month ago +6

      Just look at the section between their eyes if you get uncomfortable looking directly in their eyes it has the same effect particularly from a distance . It still looks like your staring directly into their eyes.

    • Noel Christus
      Noel Christus Month ago +7

      Well, start a competition with the wrong person and the „Digga was hast du mich angeschaut? Willst du Stress oder was?“ Shenanigans start…

    • Coding Brother
      Coding Brother Month ago

      @Noel Christus ahja

  • Johannes Heinrich
    Johannes Heinrich 2 months ago +302

    As a misunderstood creat... eh I mean person I can confirm that this video is 100 percent true. I also feel sad that I missed the opportunity to stare at Liam in Berlin tho... uhm, the sign. I mean the sign.

  • Just Aviation
    Just Aviation 2 months ago +1078

    *”Germans are seriously misunderstood crea- I meant people.”*
    I’m dying 💀💀💀
    Edit 1: Holy crap 294 likes in 1 hour?
    Edit 2: 551???

    • Manana Magkoeva
      Manana Magkoeva 2 months ago +6

      Liam looks completely Anglo-Saxon, i.e. North German, he better look in the mirror before starting this "sharp" British supremacy non-sense...

    • MoRoN222
      MoRoN222 2 months ago +8

      ​@Manana Magkoeva ...

    • Just Aviation
      Just Aviation 2 months ago +32

      @Manana Magkoeva I don’t think he said a British people are superior mate stop going on with your little fantasies just to make people hate him-
      Also please don’t respond again the first comment you posted was very inappropriate.

    • Manana Magkoeva
      Manana Magkoeva 2 months ago +1

      @Just Aviation "The British are seriously misunderstood crea... I mean people", says a German married to an English girl, enjoying all the rights of the British society, while mocking the Brits. How does that make you feel? Honestly, I like Liam but he shouldn't mistaken insolence for humor and hospitality for weakness, especially with such brotherly nation as Germany who accepted him as one of their own (rightly so).

    • Just Aviation
      Just Aviation 2 months ago +28

      @Manana Magkoeva erm bros taking it to serious 💀💀

  • catalinacoanda
    catalinacoanda 2 months ago +570

    It's because of your shirt, they find it really disturbing that it compliments your eyes so perfectly.

    • Heramaar Oricon
      Heramaar Oricon 2 months ago +14

      In der Tat.

    • Panpan -
      Panpan - 2 months ago +13

      How smooth!

    • T
      T 2 months ago

      REALLY DISTURBING is such a funny descriptor I never expected it coming

  • zach tbh
    zach tbh 2 months ago +15

    A German guy stared at me directly with a serious for so long. So I gave him the smooch kiss gesture. I'm sure he was disgusted after that

  • Jujutrini
    Jujutrini 2 months ago +6

    I quite like the staring in Germany. When I went there I just decided they were staring at me because I was amazing to look at. That attitude set me up for a great holiday. 😂😂

  • 404NoNameFound • 100y ago
    404NoNameFound • 100y ago 2 months ago +270

    He found an excuse for everyone to stare....that's a typical german thing itself 😂😅

  • Lea
    Lea 2 months ago +5

    As a German with anxiety and who loves to space out on train or bus rides, it is my constant worry that someone will think I'm staring at them while in reality I'm currently directing an entire anime in my head and have absolutely no idea what is going on around me.

  • The Speed Reels
    The Speed Reels 2 months ago +111

    Can we just appreciate the fact he used Ghostbusters theme in a Mythbuster videos?

    • The Speed Reels
      The Speed Reels 2 months ago +3

      @feuriger Stern yes I'm aware of it, i find it funny that he is confusing the busters on purpose

  • sugonmad
    sugonmad 2 months ago +5

    I actually like that we don't keep from string at people. I don't do it, if I know the person has something that they don't want to be stared at, but it is a normal human interaction, a kind of communication.
    There was a time where I didn't like being stared at, because I had in mind that people were staring, because they thought I was weird. But one day I was talking to my aunt and she asked me, what I think, when I stare a people to which I answered "I think they're an interesting, beautiful individual.". Haven't had a problem with staring ever since.

  • vacafuega
    vacafuega 2 months ago +123

    The staring did my head in. One guy stared so aggressively and so long I actually had to do a two-finger eye-poking gesture in his direction. Very satisfying, he blinked and recoiled immediately 😂

  • Sabine Elenz
    Sabine Elenz 2 months ago +77

    I've actually caught myself studying signs and noticing that the person next to them might feel stared at. 😂😂😂

    • Emma H
      Emma H 2 months ago +2

      Nah, I wouldn't worry. You can totally feel the difference between when someone is staring at you and something next to you... Haha.

  • Антон Гордієнко

    Devoted man. He's ready to wait for eternity for another train just to bust this myth

  • Asli Han
    Asli Han 2 months ago +69

    Haha I live here and it is true. Especially old people like to stare and judge you with their death stare 😂

  • TheDepths
    TheDepths 2 months ago +74

    Dont debunk that one!
    It is true, we love to stare.
    One of our finer arts of flirting for example.
    Also your stare can be used in other situations, like approval, disproval, anger, joy, literally your eyes are the most important tools we have.

    • Katariina
      Katariina 2 months ago +8

      So if a German guy is staring at me, how can I tell if he's flirting with me or just demonstrating his disapproval and anger at me?

    • TheDepths
      TheDepths 2 months ago +12

      "the eyes are the window to the soul"
      If it is a firm look, serious or curious (in rare cases even friendly) without any big emotions, chances are high he wants to "see you".
      If you messed up before and he is angry /disproving, you will feel the difference, don't worry.
      Don't be intimidated, stare back 🤣
      Edit: or just look at him and give him the disproving look yourself, he will understand.

    • Stephen Older
      Stephen Older 2 months ago

      I would say verbal language is far superior. Requires less interpretation than facial expressions

    • RurijoDejiRikorisu
      RurijoDejiRikorisu 2 months ago +1

      Reasobs why I (a German) am always looking to the ground. And then others complain that I'm coming off as too shy and they disapprove that I never look into other peoples eyes.

    • TheDepths
      TheDepths 2 months ago +1

      @RurijoDejiRikorisu well we are curious people, everyone is. If you can't handle a firm look into your eyes, bad for you. Grow up and handle the pressure. Sorry for being rude but if someone looking into your eyes stresses you out, I have bad news for you. It is a super fast check for spine (Rückgrat), honesty, good or bad intentions. Everything! Guy above saying "words are far superior", imagine having the need to talk to convey all those information.
      We don't need to ask. We look into your eyes and know 🤣 if you ask someone a question and he can't handle the stare and looks down / away? Liar. Like what kids do. People do get good at it, you know that saying "I read you like a book"?
      Ofc you can prepare for that by applying our emotionless trademark German stoic facial expression.
      Which is what you should probably do.
      Because complaining about people looking into your eyes in a cruel world that doesn't forgive or care about any individuals, you will have a hard time ahead of you lol.
      Or just wear sunglasses tbh, although I already said denial is a bad way of coping.. 😅

  • Zan Thi
    Zan Thi 2 months ago +88

    I experience this a lot in Germany, it makes me so uncomfortable, i finally started staring back and then it's their turn to feel uncomfortable! so satisfying to see that! 😂, Sometimes I even go one step further and give them a cunning smirk 😅

    • Rosaura Díaz
      Rosaura Díaz 2 months ago +12

      Like Liam's?

    • Zan Thi
      Zan Thi 2 months ago +6

      @Rosaura Díaz yessss 😂😂

    • Fire Flieer
      Fire Flieer 2 months ago +8

      yeah I do this too. Just stare back at them until they give up

    • dragons4thchild
      dragons4thchild 2 months ago +10

      Actually that's the way to resolve this in my (German) opinion. If somebody stares at you just look them in the eyes. There will probably be a split-second of direct eyecontact and they will look away. If they continue to stare you in the eyes I would look around for a reason or ask them why they are looking at me. Probably they just want to tell you something and they are too shy and "froze" (your shoe laces are untied or your backpacks zipper is open or something).

    • Eyeswideopen
      Eyeswideopen 2 months ago +5

      You probably look like an alien to the Germans, or hot looking... That's what they stared. They tend to stare at ethnic ppl alot

  • Washing Machine
    Washing Machine 2 months ago +12

    In the Netherlands too, whenever i'm in the tram i notice people staring at one another a lot, i mostly just look at the floor or out of the windows/door to look at the territory

    • cris m
      cris m Month ago

      Noooo in NL is rude to stare!

  • FerdinandFake
    FerdinandFake 2 months ago +8

    This started to weird me out when I first started doing on site repair work, often in busy retail spaces with strangers everywhere.
    Only thing that works reliably is to stare back at them and thinking of deathrays

  • Seiki Okuya
    Seiki Okuya 2 months ago +9

    That disapproving head shake from Old Liam always gets me 😄

  • • Lea Ronin •
    • Lea Ronin • 2 months ago +18

    This is so true. I've lived here my whole life and I'm still not used to that and really don't like it. I can even drive my car and when I randomly look at someone SOMEHOW they are also looking at me too when they are just walking at the side of the road.

  • MsAaannaaa
    MsAaannaaa 2 months ago +9

    On a full bus or train it's super hard to let your mind wander & just stare randomly without looking at someone OR without giving them the impression you are.
    I usually try to aim somewhere between people but I still notice people checking if I'm actually looking at them.
    There's no real solution for this.

    • AmarthwenNarmacil
      AmarthwenNarmacil 2 months ago +2

      As a Swiss I may help you:
      - look down at your feet, the floor
      - look up at the ceiling
      - look out a window (yes, even when there's no view)
      - look at your phone

    • MsAaannaaa
      MsAaannaaa 2 months ago +2

      @AmarthwenNarmacil ceiling and floor are no option for me, because of my neck. I also hate staring at my phone on busses & windows have reflectionsof people.

  • Levijana
    Levijana 2 months ago +29

    I don't know why we stare. But we stare at everyone. Literally

  • Luci151085
    Luci151085 2 months ago +10

    We don't stare, we just look out for each other.

  • DjangoUnSkilled
    DjangoUnSkilled 2 months ago +40

    In my whole life as a German, never has someone stared at me. This thing is new to me and so weird! 😂

    • Nothing Less
      Nothing Less 2 months ago +13

      You are clearly living on another "german" planet.

    • Raffael Schraut
      Raffael Schraut 2 months ago +9

      because you are german.
      But we stare at everything different.

    • chel
      chel 2 months ago +2

      ​@Raffael Schraut does it mean good or bad to be stared at? asking bc i want to visit germany

    • Raffael Schraut
      Raffael Schraut 2 months ago +9

      @chel no just different.
      We just curious.

    • Lukas Galant
      Lukas Galant 2 months ago +2

      I always stare at people in public transportation. 🥸

  • M K
    M K 2 months ago +12

    They DO STARE! Physically I am East Asian, and I mean if you look different from them, even more! XD I used to shake my hands to them, then their faces turned to red...
    Once visited a museum in Leipzig. ALL THE STAFF knew when I entered into a museum and where I dropped my ticket and what locker I did not properly locked. They picked up my ticket and kept my bag inside the office and followed me everywhere. Such nice(?) people.

    • P S
      P S 2 months ago +1

      Was it the Stasimuseum? Then it is folklore and the personal acted as agents.

  • KroqGar Grymloq
    KroqGar Grymloq 2 months ago +31

    As a German, we tend to identify BS and stare at it intensively for others to recognise it as well. No misunderstanding, your busting has been busted

  • German Countryball [A.O.G]
    German Countryball [A.O.G] 2 months ago +20

    Finally someone that understand us germans

  • Summersnow Flake
    Summersnow Flake 2 months ago +4

    As a german with a RBF I used to get often in trouble even with other Germans for "staring". Smartphones and books changed my life! 😂

  • FlamingCockatiel
    FlamingCockatiel 2 months ago +6

    I missed judgmental old guy. Thanks for featuring him again!

  • Isozar
    Isozar 2 months ago +8

    More German myths pls ! Maybe sth about our non existing humor xD

  • Marc Fuchs
    Marc Fuchs 2 months ago +13

    I hate it looking directly at strangers, and I hate them staring at me. Which is why I am doing my utmost to look elsewhere, which sometimes ends in funny situations. Once I was coming home on the bicycle while passing 2 people under a streetlight. I had music in the ear and rode along, not wasting a though and certainly not looking at them. 5 minutes later, 2 friends arrived at my apartment and complained, why I would ignore them this hard. XD
    But this whole behaviour makes life easier. Sometimes when some stranger is saying or yelling something, that I couldn't understand, I would nevermind and assume, it wasn't for me. Didn't look at them, wouldn't know where they were looking at when yelling. Is a whole lot more relaxing than getting pissed by some idiot venting his bad day at me.

  • 日本ジョリーン
    日本ジョリーン 2 months ago +3

    I would hate this. I can't deal with people staring at me, it always feels so invading and makes me wanna square up 😂

  • Kleiner Prinz
    Kleiner Prinz 2 months ago +17

    Everytime I walk down the street to the supermarket I am being stared at by a random person making me think I might be the spawn of the devil or something is wrong with my attire. But no nothing. Some people just dont know any personal boundaries and like to stare for no reason at all.

    • walteredstates
      walteredstates 2 months ago +2

      Wow... that is an interesting perception of reality- if, possibly, not very healthy.
      Maybe, just maybe, these people do not actually think *what you project onto them*. Remember:
      1. mind-reading requires other psychological pre-requisites than inadequate sense of self
      2. Wie mer in'd Wald ruft, so schallt's au' heraus
      Lastly, if you start setting your personal boundaries inside your own consciousness,.... you're not alone, but it's just another version of some Proll barking at you:"Was glotztn so!! Auffe Fresse oder was!?".. which, if he did, would constitute an *actual* crossing of personal boundaries.

  • aoi
    aoi 2 months ago +3

    Honestly though, as a German I never noticed the staring until I went to Japan for half a year and when I returned I got super confused, because it seemed like everyone was staring at me. That's when I realized that that's a thing we do apparently 😅

  • willguggn2
    willguggn2 2 months ago +4

    Just smile at them, give them a nod or say "Guten Tag". Many if not most of them will reply in kind. :)

  • Jero Verland
    Jero Verland 2 months ago +1

    As a German I can confirm that some stare and the best way to deal with it is to stare back until they notice 😂 it's rude a.f. but sometimes ppl don't see well (especially very old ones) ore some are lost in thoughts. Either way: stare back! Be confident 😉

  • Alaster Kenway
    Alaster Kenway 2 months ago +51

    Gen Z German be staring at their phones like 👀

    • Noémie
      Noémie 2 months ago +2

      French people of all ages be staring at their phone because they don't wanna make eye contact with anyone

    • Justme
      Justme 2 months ago +4

      That was such a boomer thing to say

    • oOIII.M.IIIOo
      oOIII.M.IIIOo 2 months ago

      ​@Justme This is true and I am gen x. Some are intensively staring out of the window.😄

  • Pandaman
    Pandaman 2 months ago +14

    Japanese are very good at this. They won't directly stare at you, they will look at you through the reflection of windows.

    • Simpzilla
      Simpzilla 2 months ago +2

      I see they have the refined German technique )

    • Diarrhea of Anne Frank
      Diarrhea of Anne Frank Month ago +3

      Germany and Japan reunited as bros again!

    • Marash Demnika
      Marash Demnika Month ago

      Funny but true

    • IronIck45
      IronIck45 Month ago

      @Diarrhea of Anne Frank Yes, in follow a leader they are brothers in mind. But in all good things, only japanese are fine-we are rotten, cause nippon is 99,9% japanese, and germany...

  • Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya 2 months ago +5

    When my mom came to germany the staring thing wqs the first thing she noticed. Its fr the truth. If i feed ducks with my little sister smt 5 people come and stare at us for 10 min straight or even make videos of us. If my friends take a picture of me people will literally stop their convo, they will stop walking just to watch how we make pictures 😂

    • inp imp
      inp imp Month ago

      Maybe you are just acting suspicious and need further examination ;)

  • vargsmal norway
    vargsmal norway 2 months ago +3

    I live in Romania, and here, people stare at you all the time. Especially in trains😂 When i was visiting Germany, i was surprised people don't hit you with the judgy gaze 😂😂😂 I guess I was the one staring at them 😅

  • John Connell
    John Connell 2 months ago +1

    Whenever I was stared at, I would wave enthusiastically. If you've lived in Germany or are German, you know.

  • quinncyk
    quinncyk 2 months ago +7

    I mean.. who wouldn’t stare at Liam..😏😂

  • The Sebi
    The Sebi 2 months ago +1

    As a German I can confirm...we are seriously misunderstood creatures.

  • R
    R 2 months ago +2

    actually they were staring at you, they’re just really quick at refocusing 😂😂😂

  • MyNameIsMilkomeda
    MyNameIsMilkomeda 2 months ago +5

    My thoughts when a German stares at me:

    • Constantin
      Constantin 2 months ago +1

      The thoughts of the german staring at you:

  • Lorena
    Lorena 2 months ago +1

    😂 I actually really struggled with this when I was in Germany. I mean, I knew, before I went but..... because of past personal history, it made me really nervous and on edge. At least next time I go, I am thoroughly prepared. 😅

  • Stacy Bolden
    Stacy Bolden 2 months ago +1

    Liam, I am African American. Activity in the restaurant I was in stopped like something out of a farcical movie. It wasn't insulting, just odd. No signs to read anywhere. Trust me; they stare!

  • Ashlee Benedict
    Ashlee Benedict 2 months ago +1

    It used to bother me a lot as well, but I just realized that I've grown immune to it.

  • Dominik
    Dominik 2 months ago +2

    Good thing we have signs everywhere. Perfect excuse :)

  • SmolCactiSpaceship
    SmolCactiSpaceship 2 months ago +1

    Very true. 😂 But then there are also a lot of people like me, German, unable to make eye-contact even in conversation....

  • FFM0594
    FFM0594 2 months ago +3

    I'm Irish, I've lived in Germany for 39 years now. I have never felt stared at.

  • Alex Ghebenei
    Alex Ghebenei 2 months ago +1

    Actually depends where you live. Some of them stare in your soul and some just dont give a fk, even if you grow another hand.

  • BilgemasterBill
    BilgemasterBill Month ago

    No, they really DO stare--especially in small towns. And I mean, it's an _Invasion of the Body Snatchers_ level of staring.

  • Vik
    Vik 2 months ago +8

    As a German I can confirm that I start to get uncomfortable once outside, especially in the ÖPNV

  • Vanessa Martinez
    Vanessa Martinez 2 months ago

    As a Native American can confirm. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE staring at people. Especially if your a non Native. Even our babies will stop what they're doing and stare at the other. Hard.

  • KameraFreak
    KameraFreak 2 months ago

    A regular problem of mine. Mostly while using public transport i'm just staring at simple things but people often think i'm starting at them because they are standing in front of what i'm trying to look at

  • No
    No Month ago

    As a German, I definitely study the signs often, until I catch myself and then worry that the people near them will think I was staring at them 😅

  • Jill
    Jill Month ago

    The worst thing is that when you are passing someone while on your bike and you both just hold eye contact for way too long😭 like if someone notices you staring they won't look away, they just stared back and it becomes a 'who will look away first' fight

  • CrowSenpai
    CrowSenpai 2 months ago

    “Germans are seriously misunderstood crea-I mean people”
    I’m officially dead from that remark

  • Air, land_combat 2017

    They like to look in your direction, "not" at you 😂😂

  • romance3110
    romance3110 Month ago

    We Germans are like cats. We don't staring, we are watching. We are very social and check if someone needs help.

  • 柯羽书Inge Van Keirsbilck

    I'm from Belgium, I had lots of Germans staring at me in the last few years courtesy of my Maskenbefreiung / mask exemption. Luckily we are a trilingual country and I was able to stare back in fluent German.

  • Katharina
    Katharina 2 months ago

    I had my American boyfriend visit me in Germany, we had to wait at the train station and then use the train to get home and he was like „Is something wrong with me? They keep staring at me.“ 😂

  • LittleBearAndChicken
    LittleBearAndChicken 2 months ago +2

    Lost it at the end when he missed the train 💀

  • On a Pale Horse
    On a Pale Horse 2 months ago +3

    If other Germans didn't stare at me, would I truly exist?

  • Brit Heinrich
    Brit Heinrich 2 months ago +1

    German here. When I use public transportation I just sort of phase out, go by auto-pilot and look, glassy eyed, in a random direction. I don't know how many people I made uncomfortable by staring and not seeing anything at the same time.

  • Asmita J.
    Asmita J. 2 months ago

    As an Indian who compulsively reads all the signs, I find this absolutely believable

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago +1

    When I moved to the US I found people stared at me a lot more than in Germany

  • Kyle Grantham
    Kyle Grantham 2 months ago

    As an American who went to Highschool in Germany. This was the hardest cultural difference to understand.

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth Month ago

    When I was in Berlin with the school, something absurd happened. A girl while we were getting on the bus pushed my friend because he was going up to the right and she was going down to the left. We basically had to wait for everyone to get off and then be able to go up. The strength of that girl was phenomenal. My friend was particularly tall and muscular and literally flew away on all of us. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • peter klausen
    peter klausen 2 months ago +1

    Bro als ein Deutscher liebe ich deine Videos weil sie uns einfach alle Klischees zeigen die andere von uns haben und die sind 1000% true 😂

  • Nel Sama08
    Nel Sama08 2 months ago +37

    German grandpa will never get older. He will stare at the "signs" over people in the Deutsche Bahn forever and ewig!
    P.s.: beeing called a "misunderstood creature" is music to my ears. Darauf erstmal ein Radler.

    • Johannes Heinrich
      Johannes Heinrich 2 months ago +1

      Enjoy the Radler. Wird bei mir auch mal wieder Zeit

  • Ben O
    Ben O 2 months ago +1

    The way the first guy tracks him with his eyes as he leaves, lol

  • Josh Youth
    Josh Youth 2 months ago +3

    No they are not looking at you they are studying you😂😂😂😂.I m also running away their eyes are still fixed on me😁😁 you can't break it through.

  • C4
    C4 Month ago

    Go to the Philippines, staring at people is on a whole new level there when you realize somebody keeps staring at you and after a while you look at that staring person like "What's up with you?" . And suddenly u see this weird suprised expression in their eyes totally wondering why that foreigner is looking at them...!

  • Prangmaster Flash
    Prangmaster Flash Month ago

    I found in Munich this happened to me several times & I learnt that people don’t smile back or nod if you accidentally make eye contact so I stopped lol

  • Ich bin genug
    Ich bin genug Month ago +1

    Yes, the German stare. 👀 I’m guilty of it. In Germany it is considered to be polite and respectful to look people in the eye. If you let your eyes wander, you come across as secretive or not trustworthy. In other countries looking someone in the eye has the exact opposite meaning, could even be considered menacing. 😮

  • silentob_server
    silentob_server 2 months ago +5

    I mean in Berlin literally no one is looking at each other. Everyone and everything will be ignored. These people do not care.

    • Hadi Baker
      Hadi Baker 2 months ago

      I dunno to me it seems easier to just acknowledge ppl at this point the German angst of catching someone’s eye is real

  • Stuborn Constantly Complaining German

    Now for the next myth: Bus and train drivers waiting for someone to come running to close the door just right in front of them and drive off...😂

  • blizzardian
    blizzardian Month ago +1

    I don’t stare at people.
    Actually, I try my best not to look at anyone in the Bus..
    I’m german though-

  • Silvermoon Fairy
    Silvermoon Fairy Month ago

    As an Asian with a German boss, we often almost get in to fights because my German boss’ habit of staring and Asians absolutely hate that.

  • Luis Flopsi
    Luis Flopsi 2 months ago

    I actually always stufy signs and forget them 2 days later 👍

  • Johanna Mikanen
    Johanna Mikanen 2 months ago +1

    I have been "accused" of that and I am not even German. But there is that twist that I can speak (write and obviously understand) German. So I am a misundersood creat...person, too.

  • Kathleen Wisialowski

    He starts tracking you as you move.😂

  • Tim das
    Tim das Month ago

    As a German I can confirm we are a life form of our own

  • MrTorgue
    MrTorgue Month ago

    And to be sure nobody feels stared at, we put signs everywhere.

  • DropkicktheDecepticon
    DropkicktheDecepticon 2 months ago

    I wanna visit Germany and have staring contest with the first person that stares at me lol. I wonder if it'll break eye contact or if they'll think I'm German myself (I look pretty Northern European)

  • Sheryn Otom
    Sheryn Otom 2 months ago

    Oh my God I had been living there for 8 years & I've never understood this rude act that they suffer from, especially older people

  • Pizzaman
    Pizzaman 21 day ago

    As a German I can confirm we are definitely humans

  • Cintia Németh
    Cintia Németh 2 months ago +1

    You have to look them in the eyes and say 'Servus!'.. So they get confused 😂👌

  • EllzBellz
    EllzBellz 2 months ago

    See also: the Dutch. Though the Dutch are actually staring at you in judgement, as confirmed by all the Dutch people I know out here. There’s a strict unspoken code of “mind ya business” in public, but if a Dutch stranger finds you particularly strange, they’ll just stare at you until your time in the same space is over lmao.

  • Sujay Chakraborty
    Sujay Chakraborty Month ago

    It feels like wherever I go, the signs follow me! 😅

  • llaptoo
    llaptoo 2 months ago

    In Berlin we're actually mostly trying to ignore other people, especially the lots and lots of unpleasant ones.

  • Yanaha Kai Dził
    Yanaha Kai Dził 2 months ago

    I'll just use this myth as an excuse when I get caught staring at people.