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✧˖°. Magical District .°˖✧ | Ep. 16 | Minecraft Empires 1.19

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Empires SMP is a 1.19 vanilla Minecraft server with some other fun Minecraft Clip-Sharers! Each player chooses a biome to rule over and builds their own empire.
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    Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
    Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song...
    License: creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
    The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
    Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song...
    License: creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
    Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
    Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song...
    License: creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
    Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
    Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song...
    License: creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
    Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
    Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song...
    License: creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
    Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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    Instagram: ldshadowlady
    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady
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  • BlossomWorm
    BlossomWorm Month ago +16626

    And when the world needed her most…SHE RETURNED!!!! 🎉

  • evil cat
    evil cat Month ago +382

    Title: Dian
    Genre: Poem
    Author:Evil Cat
    Among the trees lay 3 bees 🐝
    Their home may be hard to see
    But in their home are 2 mice
    The Mice mostly work from 9 to 5
    A girl named Dian, a newly wed
    Helped the bees with their hive
    The girl loved the bees
    and always stayed near the trees
    Among her new home led the bees to move away
    But she needed them to stay
    She said she loved them but they were stubborn
    She gave up and destroyed her new covern.
    The bees came back and made honey in their comb.
    And she made herself and the bees a great home 🏡

  • Foxy
    Foxy Month ago +163

    Rip buddy:( he’s in a happy place with all of the other cats for him to play with❤stay strong Lizzie sending lots of hugs and good vibes!❤

    • IceyLive
      IceyLive 7 hours ago

      Wait buddy died?!?

    • Becca Heubi
      Becca Heubi 5 days ago

      R I p buddys in heaven with my cat smudge

    • Simran Kaur
      Simran Kaur 8 days ago +1

      R.I.P Buddy in cat heaven with my cat Samsung 😭😭😭

    • Simran Kaur
      Simran Kaur 8 days ago

      @Serenity Osborne WHATTT

    • Kimberly Morales
      Kimberly Morales 10 days ago +2

      May buddy go into internal rest I wish him well

  • Aiman mazhar
    Aiman mazhar 12 days ago +11

    Title: The ocean queen
    Genre: Fantasy Fiction
    Authors: Sara (big fan of the protagonist in my story)
    Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a beautiful ocean queen named Lizzie. She lived in a palace made of Prismarine and coral, just above her ocean. Her kingdom was vast, spanning the entire ocean, and she ruled over all the creatures of the sea.
    Lizzie was not only known for her kind heart and gentle nature, but also for her intelligence and strategic thinking. She spent much of her time devising plans to protect her kingdom from potential threats, such as pollution and overfishing. She knew that the health of her kingdom was directly tied to the health of the ocean, and she was determined to do everything in her power to ensure its well-being.
    Despite her busy schedule, Lizzie always made time for her subjects. She would often hold court sessions where creatures from all corners of the ocean could come to her with their concerns. Lizzie would listen attentively and offer advice on how to solve their problems. Sometimes, she would even accompany them on their quests, whether it be to find a lost friend or to explore a new part of the ocean.
    As Lizzie continued to rule over her kingdom, she faced many challenges, both internal and external. There were times when her subjects would disagree with her decisions, and she would have to work to find a compromise that satisfied everyone. There were also times when her kingdom was threatened by outside forces. But through it all, Lizzie remained steadfast and devoted to her home.
    And so, as she swam through the coral reefs and played with the dolphins, Lizzie knew that she had found true happiness in the beauty and wonder of the ocean, as well as in the love and admiration of her loyal subjects.
    The end.
    *Based on Empires SMP S1*

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago +74

    The way she just immediately slept in the villagers bed when it started a storm was just pure gold

  • Krissy Baglin
    Krissy Baglin Month ago +43

    if you make sure the workstations are unique to each district you should be able to have them mingle, I kind of think it's a cute to see them mingling across districts as when they work they would return to their own districts with out much issue so you shouldn't worry too much about them going to far.x

  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +2756

    truly ✨magical✨

  • Kuromi
    Kuromi Month ago +14

    Hey i have an idea for a new district! The houses are light blue and the villagers are either polar bears penguins or goats!😊

    • Lise van Breemen
      Lise van Breemen 13 days ago

      this is suchs a good idea if she reats this she is defenitly going(: to do this i am in for the pinguins

  • Itz_YaGirlKitty UwU
    Itz_YaGirlKitty UwU Month ago +46

    Title: 45 days
    Genre: poem
    Author: Niki
    Once upon a time, lived a mermaid so charming
    Bringing all the sailors who ever dared to look at her at her feet
    Everyone did as she asked, whether it was cooking, chores, or farming
    She asked out loud, while 2 men were picking beets.
    "Oh siren, oh siren! Why must everyone love me?"
    "Well its because you're so charmng, m'lady."
    She had had enough.
    She screamed and shouted at the sailors with her mighty voice!
    "Thou shall not be so cowardly! From this point on, the fact that you're not going to worship me is not a choice."
    The men looked in horror as their beauty turned into a wretched beast.
    They quickly ran, leaving on the ground what they were going to have at their feast.
    So as rapidly as they came to her, bowing down,
    They left just as fast, taking everything they gave her including the crown.
    Although this had happened, the siren was not defeat.
    She isnt the arrogant type, you see.
    She shrugged it off like the girlboss she is. She was happy she was finally let be.
    And although her life ended shortly after 45 days,
    Her story and influence will remain for eternity.

  • Life as Lorelei
    Life as Lorelei Month ago +24

    Title: The Panda and The Fox
    Genre: Fantasy
    Author: Lorelei
    Once upon a time there was a little panda that lived in a village called critter city. The village had multiple districts built by Queen Lizzie. The panda was a librarian, and she was confined to her district. Every day she would wake up, eat, and read. She never thought about doing anything else. The panda had no friends, and she never thought about them. She just thought about reading. One day, she was on a walk and found a little area of spruce slabs that let her get over the fence. Once she stepped out, she imminently felt different. Then, Lizzie saw her and guided her back in. She decided to go with Lizzie and later saw that Lizzie had fixed the area to get out. The panda was determined to get back out. She decided to investigate Lizzie's home where she stays when she visits the district. Underneath the doormat, she found a key. The key to open the gate! The panda rushed over and opened the gate! She could not believe her eyes! She was in a fox district! She wandered around until she found a fox on the ground, clearly hurt. She rushed over to the fox and asked what happened. He had fell and broke his leg. The panda rushed over to Lizzie. Lizzie went to cast her magic spell on the fox. Lizzie was a bit upset about the panda leaving her district, but she said it was ok. She let the panda live with the fox. After that, they were inseparable. The End.

  • Da Laggin Da Best
    Da Laggin Da Best 23 days ago +14

    Author:Cristal Dawn
    There once lived an elf. They're name was Frea. She was a good fighter and, at the same time, a good friend. One day, while she was talking to her sister in her room, she heard her parents screaming from downstairs. When she got there, the only thing that was left in the room was the two adults lying on the floor unconscious and one single scale of a golden brown color. From that day, Frea dedicated her life to find the one who hurt her parents. One day, while she was walking on a little road to a city, she found herself in front of a giant portal. She stepped in..... and found herself on the other side.
    Thanks for reading!
    Please tell me if I should continue it!

  • Scally bob😎
    Scally bob😎 10 days ago +5

    Title: A Gnomes love
    Genre:love, fantasy
    Author: Scarlet Crossley
    One day, under the warm summer heat of the forest,stood a great and tall oak tree. Many flowers surrounded and a lush pond,so near. As great and mesmorising this may sound there was something off about a certain stone carefully placed under the tree. Many lovers visited but none came back.A gnome -(named gonzo of gondsalia) with dungeries with the perfect glow;shoes with the perfect shine and the voice of an angel-so soft and sweet,when sang with it harmonised the tune within-came with his girl. Lexine of gondsalia, the two made futeristic lovers become one agian. Their parents tried to forbid them from meeting.
    On Lexine's birthday Gonzo snook to her room and cofessed how he felt towards her, she knew it was wrong but she accepted his love and became a couple.Gonzo planned the perfect date for the two only to get ruined.
    The stone under the tree was magical and could place a curse on those underserving of love. A picnic mat and sweets and berries laid ready for Lexine. A photo of what they hoped would be them in the future could easily set the curse loose.
    Keep reading to find out more:)

  • Yukimi_Ki
    Yukimi_Ki Month ago +2578

    Lizzie’s whole personality and energy is so entertaining to listen to 😭

    • Linda Yates
      Linda Yates Month ago

      You are so right when I have a bad day I go watch ldshadowlady!!!!

    • ★ Moonlight Gacha ★
      ★ Moonlight Gacha ★ Month ago +1

      Wait- what? Is that why Lizzie was taking a break? I don’t have Twitter or anything so I wouldn’t know.. buddy… is he really-?

    • Puppy loves XOX
      Puppy loves XOX Month ago

      Agreed 🎉🎉🎉

    • Nancy Fuller
      Nancy Fuller Month ago

      @naur yeah it was really sad
      to hear that buddy had passed away

    • Amish Kapoor
      Amish Kapoor Month ago


  • Baby Fonic
    Baby Fonic Month ago +4

    Title: The unusual story of the sea dog prince
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: Baby Fonic
    Once a upon a time, there was a magical animal that controlled the sea or all type of water at any given moment. There was a prince of a second dog kingdom called 'London's Palace' Now, this prince was bored and one day he decided that he will look for adventure outside of the comfort of his kingdom and home. So one day, he left and went to a beach. A girl human had found him. They chatted for a bit and then the Prince left. Every single day after that, they kept on meeting each other. One day the Prince was sneaking out and leaving the Kingdom. But then... The queen, FOLLOWED the Prince. One she got there, she froze the human girl into solid ice! The Prince attacked his mother. He snapped her necklace off her. She was to busy trying to find because that was the only thing that gave her more lives and such. The prince took this ourpotonity to push her down into the water. She lost balance of her swimming abilities and couldn't get up and has never been seen again. They say that ahe cruel and evil. they didn't have to worry about their father, the father was on board of not getting her back. She was horrible to him! And so, the Prince freed the girl and lived happily ever after! until... After the extinction of the sea dogs the human girl was the last sea dog no where to be seen, at the bottom of the sea, A blue list sea dog turned evil and into a shadow with purple eyes. As it vanishes from sight.
    The end! Also yes its long and in original but idc lol

  • Th Potato
    Th Potato Month ago +4

    Title: The Bookworm
    Genre: Fiction
    Author: ThPotato
    One morning, a tired and determined worm named Squirmie set off to their small bookshop underground. He was the biggest bookworm of all, and he was looked at quite oddly whenever he smiled or laughed when he read, especially when he took his books everywhere! He was known as the unusually odd worm who was picked on a lot when he was younger, and even more as he got older. All worms except for Squirmie never liked to read... they didn’t even try it or got what they saw in Squirmie who was determined to get everyone to try and read. Instead, the other worms would rather wiggle their way up to the surface to see what was going on during the day. It didn’t make Squirmie feel indifferent though, however, he did feel sad that he wasn’t able to get anyone to read his books and see if they’d like it which would frustrate poor Squirmie. Everyday, from sunrise to sunset, Squirmie would stand by his bookshop while he handed out his favorite books. And even though they didn’t take it, he’d read them aloud with a smile, proudly. One day, when Squirmie grew tired of waiting outside of his shop, and grew tired of trying to get everyone to read his books, a worm who just moved in next door came over. His name was Jeremy the worm. He happened to be a bookworm too! We shared laughs while we read, we didn’t even care what the others had to say, even if they looked at us oddly. Time just passed as fast as the years seemed to fade. What I taught myself when I met Jeremy was that not everyone has to like what you like. In fact, not everyone is the same. But that small percentage who can be like you and like similar things, can be your forever friend… or bookworm forever. One day, we were both seen as accomplished and dedicated worms who were able to get a few worms to read. Even though they didn’t like it, they accepted it and me and Jeremy who not only read but began to write poems and stories. I was happy, more so than ever as Jeremy had a whole family who loved to read and write. I wasn’t alone anymore, and I wasn’t alone in my thoughts thinking I was the only odd bookworm out there.
    The End

    • Brittany Stock
      Brittany Stock Day ago

      That is so nice of you that is so many things that you have done to make us happy and LDShadowlady good day my servant you're awesome you got more comments than ever awesome you're awesome and cool you're never good at things that you never good at but you're awesome the way you look awesome you're awesome you're awesome the night he can be a fried but you cannot be B you cannot have any comments of you having fat or skinny must stay alive yay

  • PlazmaHero
    PlazmaHero Month ago +4

    Title: The Fallen
    Genre: Non-Fiction
    Author: Nora Swiftstone
    "How much further?" Lucy Hillflower called out. Despite the layers of clothing on the both of them, her teeth were clattering from the cold; and frankly, so were his.
    "We're nearly there!" PlazmaHero called back to her. In reality, he didn't know how much longer it would be.
    There was a tug on the rope against Plazma. Lucy was weakening. She had been for the last hour. Plazma wiped the snow off of his red lensed goggles, scanning the flurried landscape for anything like - A cave!
    "Lucy! I see a cave up ahead!" he called back as he gave the rope a tug. No response. Another few seconds passed and time was fleeting.
    PlazmaHero reached into his backpack and pulled out a cubic foot of crying obsidian. The purple veins glowed bright in the storm. "Hopefully it will be bright enough," he thought. He then threw the block of obsidian a few meters ahead of, marking the direction of the cave. Turning back, Plazma could just make out the cyan coat of Lucy unconscious against a rock shaped like a shark tooth.
    He glanced back at the glowing rock before running towards Lucy, which the wind gladly helped with. She had followed him out here, claiming that he was her recently deceased brother.
    With their thick jackets, gloves, and goggles on, he couldn't tell if she was still alive or not, but he new he had to get her to that cave.

  • Trender Time
    Trender Time Month ago +9

    Title: The Wolf Queen Of Coillnearach
    Genre: Folklore
    Author: Willow Hopkins
    Those who find themselves among the lush forests of Coillnearach's countryside have the opportunity to gather around the fire with local members of the community and trade stories, ranging from town gossip to local legends. But if there was one story that united a nation, it would be that of Annstás, The Wolf Queen. In the earliest known stories (at least chronologically in terms of the mythological cycles) she is referred to with her childhood name, Stéise.
    It is said that deep in the forests, there was a tree that wept blood and amber, and not even the most talented of druids dare draw near at the risk of slighting whatever spirits dwelled with in. Of course, this means it was extremely popular for children to dare each other to try and touch the tree under the cover of darkness, and in Stéise's case, she accepted, finding not an unseelie fae waiting to strike, but a spear crafted from bone and thorn. With a rock lying on the forest floor, she smashed the amber and tried to pry it free with every ounce of strength in her body until it was finally free. Holding the spear in her hands, Stéise returned to the other children just as the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon. The druids claimed that the spear was ancient, far older than the land itself and imbued with unspoken magic. She called it Dealga, meaning "Thorn".
    Her trials and adventures saw her travel the globe, mortal body eventually reaching the status of godhood, earning the name Annstás. The first of these trials was Rivendell's occupation of The Lost Empire, where she met Joey, a brazen, self-centered man. They were opposites in almost every way, a steadfast leader with a pack of wolves at her feet, a prince looking for a change of pace with a temperament not all too similar to the fires that burned in the temples. However, they would grow to be close friends through their time together. There were also many others that would join her ranks, such as a poet touched by forces unknown, a gnome lost amongst a world strange to her longing for her people and homeland, The Elven King with a heart of gold encased in ice and snow, a prince driven to madness by his own hand, and the Queen of the Oceans herself, fighting for her brother, who could not.
    However, a great evil began to spread, leaving destruction and decay in its wake. The gods and goddesses took up arms, but one by one, they fell. The churning sea and falling sky all red with blood, the bogs and mountains quaking, civilizations on the brink of collapse, an entire realm crying out. While Annstás and The Elven King Quenya fought to the end, only Quenya was left standing, for Annstás had been mortally wounded. However, she was not killed outright. She tied herself to a standing stone, still armed so that even if she did die, she would die on her feet as a warrior.
    She instructed the survivors not to lay her to rest in a tomb constructed beneath her castle until her wolves and hounds howled in grief, and ravens perched on her shoulders. While the wolves howled, the ravens never came. Annstás was laid to rest in a tomb, yes, but it is widely believed that she is simply lying asleep in the mountain, her powers as a goddess of nature and wilderness causing the cave to be teeming with all sorts of flora and fauna, surrounded by not only her hounds and wolves, but also her fellow and most loyal of allies. Should Coillnearach's darkest hour ever arrive, her hunting horn will sound three times, and Annstás and her army, including the gods that fell during that fateful battle will rise once more, stronger than they ever were.
    Perhaps that is why she is seen as godlike, divine because she is eternal, the land's immortal guardian and savior.

  • Chara_Dreemurr
    Chara_Dreemurr Month ago +12

    Scott's known you were a cat since your first interaction in the lore. In his video he zoomed in on your paws and when talking about if he needs amethyst he'll buy it from the cat lady.

  • Emma Rozo
    Emma Rozo Month ago +870

    Lizzie placing cobwebs in empty buildings for the drama is a mood

    • Paisley the panda🐼☺️
      Paisley the panda🐼☺️ 27 days ago +1

      ​@LDShadowLady hey Lizzy sorry to bother you if I am bothering you but I just wanted to say hello and that I'm a big fan and I love you're videos and how funny you and you're friends are by the way have a nice day ☺️

    • beachsidexrain
      beachsidexrain Month ago

      @LDShadowLady HIIII ❤

    • Jayden Gutierrez
      Jayden Gutierrez Month ago

      🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀hi lizzie

    • debbie hoffmeister
      debbie hoffmeister Month ago

      @LDShadowLady lol

    • Ashley Hearts
      Ashley Hearts Month ago +1

      Realizing one of the best youtubers replied to your comment: 😮😮😮😮😘😍😍😛😛😛😜😜😜😝😯😯😯😯🙈🙉🙊🙀😺😸

  • *Likaou*
    *Likaou* Month ago +4

    Title: Two By Two
    Genre: Historical Fiction
    Author: Luna Likaou
    Once opon a time, two eggs were in a cave. The cave had glowing crystals of all colors, to light up the place. One egg was a gorgeous light blue, the other was a dark green. The light blue one was bigger than the green one. No one knows where the eggs came from. But one fateful day, the blue egg hatched. There came a beautiful sea creature. As the creature grew older and matured enough to know that the egg was her family, she made sure to protect and take care of them. Fighting off sharks and Salmon from hurting it, hunting for food, making sure the egg was comfortable. Soon after many moons, the green egg finally hatched. A little cod fish emerged out. The blue axolotl was thrilled to see her newest family member. She would do anything to protect them. Spending time together with her little brother was her most loveliest memory, she would say. And promised if she ever forgot it, she would make more happy memories with them to make up for it. They were happy together. One day, she was going to go hunt for some food in the ocean. The little cod would always watch her leave, and would always want to come with her. Every time she refused, and said it was to dangerous and they would hunt when they were older. The day the little cod decided, they were going to sneak off so they could prove they were old enough to hunt. They saw a some salmon swimming, hiding beside some coral…then they pounced. A shark was right behind the school of fish, and was automatically going to strike at them. Until the blue axolotl attacked the shark, and fought it off so that way their brother could escape. After that incident, the Salmon blamed the Cod, this started a war. Feeling guilty about starting all of this, little cod didn’t come out of the cave for a few days. The blue axolotl saw this, and decided to make a hard decision; to go up to the surface to find help, or something that can stop the war. Before leaving the cave, they write a letter in a journal, saying on how they would miss them. Years later to only forget everything, and to be reunited….

  • Unicorn Swirl
    Unicorn Swirl Month ago +11

    Title:Darkness and sunlight
    Author:Addy :3
    Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who’s name was Sunny she was kind and sweet everyone loved her all the girls in her village wanted to be her friend except one girl.This on girl was named shadow she was also very beautiful.However she was never seen bye anyone because she’d only come out at night. But Sunny who’d only go out in the day.sunny had Golding hair.but shadow had hair as dark as the night. One day Sunny woke up in the middle of the night.she saw shadow taking a stroll throw the town.sunny saw her beauty and ran out of bed to go make a new friend. She said hello but shadow did not say hi back.this went on for a few hours until shadow said “will you leave me alone!”but sunny just said “do you hate me?“ well everyone thinks your amazing but I have no one because I come out at night!” “Why”said sunny “why don’t you come out at daytime” “because I’m scared I no one wants to be friends” she said with a gloomy face”we’ll then come on tomorrow I can introduce you to everyone” no please no-“ as soon as she said that they looked up in the sky and they both saw there first sunrise. Ever since then shadow come out during the day sometimes ever look up and she the moon in the sky when it’s still day that shadow hanging out with sunny and that how sunrise,s came to be. THE END

  • Yeet
    Yeet Month ago +5

    Title: Sneaky Pandas
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: Meep
    There were once some pandas that lived in a beautiful magical district. However, these pandas were deceitful, one might call them sneaky. They liked to live rebellious lives and cross their district borders, with much stealth they traveled across the borders and came across a mysterious creature. Foxes, they were so fascinating, something the sneaky pandas had never seen before. Fur coloured like the morning sunrise, eyes that stared into one's soul. However, disaster struck. A mysterious lady who went by the name of LDShadowlady quickly split up this union. Sorrow struck the sneaky pandas and now they live trapped within the borders of their district waiting for a day to meet the mysterious foxes again. Only fate will decide if this daring tale will continue.

  • Girlmeetgun18
    Girlmeetgun18 Month ago +28

    We missed you! We are so glad you are back and here to support you in your loss and all the new things you have for us💕

  • 𝑪𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒆 𝑨𝒓𝒌𝒎𝒂𝒏

    Title: Raindrops
    Genre: Poetry
    Author: Celeste Arkman
    As they prance in the moonlight's gleam,
    They, the raindrops, form a little stream.
    That night I find that they have been engraved in my dream

  • CrystalMoon
    CrystalMoon Month ago +375

    I feel like a water district would be adorable because it would be a mini throwback to the Ocean Empire from season 1

    • Cheryl figures it out
      Cheryl figures it out 8 days ago

      I agree😊😊

    • CheesyLysee
      CheesyLysee 25 days ago +1

      Omg that would be so cute

    • Rat Bubby
      Rat Bubby Month ago

      They could have axolotl people!

    • Angelica Navarro
      Angelica Navarro Month ago

      The thing is, I’m pretty sure Lizzie’s character hates/Scared of water, since she’s a cat and most cats hate water
      (by most I mean all but depends on the cat) as this would be a amazing Idea,it wouldn’t make sense for her character, especially bc she made the the river bc she thinks it’s the worst thing and ppl hate gettin wet.

    • It's-LS-Shorts1234
      It's-LS-Shorts1234 Month ago

      omg yes!!!!

  • aspyn
    aspyn Month ago +6

    Title - Sculptured
    Genre - Romance
    Author - Aspyn
    (authors note: i wrote this about my boyfriend because hes very attractive and others find him attractive too, yet out of everyone around him, he only melts from me :)

  • Tunaa
    Tunaa Month ago +5

    Title: The Lost World
    Once upon a time there was a little girl By the name of Yuki,She lived with her parents serving the Lord of the abyss. until one day Yuki stumbled upon the Lord of the abyss by accident.
    "Oh!, im sorry" Yuki said bumping into what she doesnt know to be the Lord
    "Careful kid" it said.
    As Yuki Looked up to see who she bumped onto she sighed "i-i'll try" she said as she turned to walk away, before she could go it, stopped her. "You look so young to be going out alone,how old are you?" It asked sternly, "im 5 years old, father wanted me to bring him more alcohol so he sent me out,Look! He even gave me candies as payment! Would you like to try some Mr?" She asked truthfully. It answered " 5? You're too young to go outside alone,let alone buy alcohol" it said sternly "follow me i'll take you home" as it hold its sharp clawed hand out she reached and grabbed its hand, and so after that day forward Yuki always finds excuses to go outside and meet what Yuki now Calls Mr.Kind because "He's Kind and not mean!, and he also likes to hear my poems unlike father.."
    Yuki would write poems and read them out to Mr Kind and it would always respond positively beside being an abyss creature,"but in theyr Kingdom they always have a ritual Sacrifing someone to the Lord so it will grant a years great peace for the whole kingdom, just one thing tho it has to be a Human", it said while explaning to Yuki who looks a little confuse, "why ? Cant we all live peacefully?" She asked curiously it answered "to be able to grant that wish the Lord has to have a big energy" "as big as the moon?" Yuki asked pointing at the moon "Indeed" it answered
    After a month Yuki's Father Slammed the door open to Yuki's room ,and Dragged her outside while holding a knife, she asked shocked "F-Father? What are you doing? Where are we going?" She asked continueously while she saw villagers following them while chanting something, as he finally stopped and dropped Yuki, Yuki fell onto her back Shocked. While he said "You have no purpose to me anymore"
    She plead "N-No! FATHER PLEASE"
    AS Yuki Plead and Plead ,Her father had enough and slashed trough her,after that he poured her blood unto a golden cup and brought he lifeless body to Theyr lord "My lord we have brought the sacrifice" as it Looked trough its Feast it saw it ,Yuki's lifeless head staring right back at It, "My Lord you seem to like this Girl so we make her the next sacrifice" Yuki's Father said proudly , it was too angry to say anything, as it Picked up Yuki's Lifeless body and Killed everyone On sight , fast forward he brought her to a calming place and stored life onto her, but as an exchange for life she lost her eye where she was previously stabbed by her father, Mr.Kind replaced it with Flowers , and gave her a doll and as Yuki Opened her eyes , It said "Here you go sweet child take this " as it hands her a sewing kit and a scythe bigger than her body and points to the portal that it created "go inside sweet Child, Your new heaven is inside " As yuki stepped in it says "If you wish to summon me you may call me within this doll" she stepped onto the portal to find a world and there was a note left on the scythe "This world is now yours,your imagination may run free , you are the first decender of this world ,the owner, the creation of the gods are in your hands you are theyr new Lord"

  • KanFy Phoenix
    KanFy Phoenix Month ago +6

    Title: The Sapphire Rose
    Genre: Folklore
    Author: Cloe Greene [I wrote this short story myself] Under the Crimson Moon, Amongst the shadows And Whispers in the darkest part of the forest a Sapphire Rose blooms in the Darkness, Legends say this Rose can break time itself and undue the curse of old.

  • meoffies
    meoffies Month ago +44

    Title: Little Castle
    Genre: fantasy, adventure
    Author: moffies
    Little Castle is an enchanted place filled with frogs, pandas, and foxes, all of whom are ruled by a benevolent queen. The queen is said to be fair and just, always looking out for the best interests of her subjects. The castle itself is small and quaint, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The grounds are filled with lush greenery and blooming flowers, creating a beautiful and peaceful setting.
    The frogs, pandas, and foxes of Little Castle all live in harmony, respecting and honoring one another. They all look to the queen for guidance and protection, and she always provides it. The queen is wise and kind, and her subjects are devoted to her.
    The queen of Little Castle is beloved by all who visit. People come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of her, and to experience the wonderful atmosphere of the castle. It's a place of joy and tranquility, and it's a reminder of the power of kindness and compassion. Little Castle is truly a magical place, and it's filled with love and light.

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      @XxTotallyNotAestheticxX right!

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      why has no one commented of this master piece yet.

  • Deborah Rawlins
    Deborah Rawlins 16 hours ago

    Lizzy's whole personality and energy is so entertaining to listen to 😭

  • Rocky Wells
    Rocky Wells Month ago +356

    i love lizze's editing style always makes me laugh

  • { Bongolisious }
    { Bongolisious } Month ago +7

    Title: The Mysterious Missing Mice
    Genre: Rhyme
    Author: Bubbon
    There once was a village full of mice
    They were small and grey and oh so nice
    They were friendly to everyone that they saw
    Bears and bunnies and birds and boars
    But one day they were nowhere to be found
    So the other animals looked around
    “This is useless, they’re gone” Said one bear
    “I’m getting tired this isn’t fair”
    So the bears went home and the bunnies too
    The birds and the boars followed soon
    Until they were all gone, all except one
    A little bee who loved the sun
    “I won’t just find one, I’ll find them all!
    They’re the friendliest creatures of them all!”
    So he looked all day and he looked all night
    Until he heard a noise which gave him a fright
    It was a little squeak from in a tree
    “What was that? Oh my oh me”
    He peaked inside and to his surprise
    What he found was all the mice
    They were so grateful they didn’t know what to say
    But the little bee just flew away.

  • Hamster Hamsteryay
    Hamster Hamsteryay Month ago +32

    Hope you enjoy! :)
    Title: Flashback
    Genre: Sci-fi adventure
    "Kronos! can you come over here?" a woman yelled.
    "ill be right there!" a masculine voice yelled back.
    Quickly he wrapped up his work on the field and headed into his estate following the feminine voice as a guide.
    "Izebel? Where are you?" the young man started to worry.
    He walked around his house searching for his wife. He couldn't find her anywhere. It was as if she had disappeared.
    The last room he could check was his bedroom. He walked in and screamed. There lay his wife, in a puddle of blood.
    Her blood.
    He looked around as to what could have caused this.
    A sharp pain Knocked him out of his thinking. He let out a pathetic yelp. He had slapped himself.
    Why was he standing there? He should be getting her care! Quickly he kneeled down next to her.
    A faint pulse.
    But it was there.
    "Izebel. Izebel! Can you hear me? Come one!"
    The man, Presumably called Kronos checked his wife over for any sort of wound.
    After a few anxious minutes he found the wound, quickly he tied a sweater around the wound to pressurize the wound.
    He then picked her up in his arms and carried her to his truck. Quickly turning on the engine and turned onto the road.
    They were about halfway there when he saw a distressing sight. A truck.
    Ghost Driving.
    It was coming straight for them.
    In a desperate attempt to save his wife he threw himself across the dashboard in front of his wife.
    He braced for the impact to come.
    It was brutal force, He could feel the air bags inflating inside of the car.
    Some of the bones in his body bent into unnatural positions.
    At least Izebel wouldn't be harmed.
    He would save her even if it costed him his own life.
    Then it all went black.
    He could hear faint shouts and voices.
    The sound of many alarms, both from the car and the truck as they hit.
    The siren of different rescue vehicles.
    Kronos lept between consciousness.
    But he would only really be awake for 1 minute or 2 at a time.
    Those little time spurts gave him enough time to recognise his surroundings.
    He felt himself being lifted out of the car and onto a stretcher.
    The next time he resurfaced, emergency doctors where bandaging him.
    All of these sights scared him.
    But the last left him filled with absolute terror.
    It was Izebel.
    with a team of nurses and doctors huddled around her.
    That couldn't be good. It was his last thought before he dived under into the deep dark again.
    His head ached, as well as his legs , arms and neck, This was the only thing he could make out through the noise and darkness clouding his brain.
    He slowly opened his eyes entering a full state of consciousness, a nurse appeared in front of him.
    She was writing on a clipboard and was going around the room looking at all the monitors. When Kronos cleared his throat to get her attention she spun around and looked astonished to see him awake.
    "where am i? what happend?" his words were muffled and slurred due to his medications and the oxygen mask that he currently wore. He reached up to undue the mask, but the nurse beat him to it keeping the mask securely on his face.
    Kronos struggled against the nurse before finally quieting down.
    The nurse then took the mask off of his face a good 20 minutes later.
    She looked from him to the clipboard asking him questions "and your name is?" "Kronos"
    "right and you are 1,75 cm?" " i suppose so?" he said his words sounding more like a question rather than an answer
    "right and where were you born?" "north Asia" "ok thank you Mr. Kronos"
    The nurse introduced herself as nurse Ashlynn.
    just as she was leaving Kronos quickly interrupted her. "wait!"
    "yes mr Kronos?"
    "what about Izebel?"
    She looked away, the grim expression on her face let him know enough.
    Nurse Ashlynn had seen the expression on his face enough times to know that he had gotten the
    "but- i- she- what?"
    the nurse explained her situation what had happend and Kronos listened attentively.
    Apparently, Someone had broken into the house, Stabbed with a weapon, presumably a knife, and had struck a vital organ.
    "a transplant would have been a possibility but-"
    "then why DIDN'T YOU!?" the last words came out as a scream letting all his frustrations flee his body.
    "there was no match"
    At this Kronos broke into a deep state of shock. He couldn't hear anything , feel anything, Or hear anything. Tears flowed down his face.
    When the shock wore off his solemn face was replaced with a raging one.
    Red rimmed his vision
    "who did this to her" he whispered
    "the police are still investigating but it was proba-"
    "WHO. DID. THIS. TO. HER." he screamed
    the nurse was taken aback by his sudden outburst .
    Kronos sat up straight in his bed trying to act more defiant and dominant.
    But the wicked pain that followed through with his action wasn't worth the new sitting position.
    The pain tore through his Spine to his neck and then lastly to his brain.
    The Pain increased as it rose. Becoming almost unescapable as it reached his brain.
    He clutched his head with his hands.
    Another pain tore through his arms and he let out a small yelp.
    The pain reduced his vision and his body started to shut down as the doctors gave him a sedative.
    "no please, no not again!"
    "rest now Kronos" the doctor said
    As he was going under he could have sweared to have seen his wife standing in the door way watching the whole thing play out.
    Before his powers completely departed his body he reached out his arm towards the door frame where she stood.
    He ignored the pain circling through his body.
    The ghostly spirit seemed surprised to say the least that he could see her.
    If she was even real.
    Right before the sedatives dragged him under, Kronos took all his remaining strength to whisper
    "please Izebel don't leave me..." his words hushed before the colourful oblivion rushed upon him and everything faded.
    "goodbye Kronos" the spirit said before fading into thin air.

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      The dedication 🤩

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      @TV aww thanks so much ☺ that means a lot

    • TV
      TV 20 days ago

      I have read a few Sci-Fi books but this was amazing, you should totally become an author, I mean just these few lines gave me sadness and adrenaline as if I was Kronos. 10/10 I want this to be a book and I'm so said its not.

    • Laine Exe
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      I ain't reading allat

  • md_ginger
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    Name: The Three Little Piggies
    Genre: Horror
    Author: Crossiko
    Authors Note: This story takes place in the future of Animalia, where Lizzie is no longer the great ruler, and it has been over-run by wolves.
    This tragic story begins with three piggy brethren, and their quest to discover a new land to colonize. After years of traveling, their search had to come to an end once they had found the- one great-land of Animalia. Before they grew too comfortable, they decided to build three individual homes for their stay. Little did they know the evil which lurked and watched their every move throughout these lands.The first piggy, who was extremely lazy, built a simple hut, made of dirt. He finished it in a day, and claimed it would protect him for his life! The second piggy, who was extremely impatient, built a small shack, made of birch planks and logs. He claimed that not even the sky Gods could take it down! As for the last little piggy who thought he was so smart, he had taken his time to build a strong, brick house. As a few days in Animalia began to pass, the three little piggies began to feel watched, stalked. The first little piggy with the dirt hut thought nothing of it, while the other two piggies grew weary… Later that day, once the sun had set, and the three little piggies went to sleep, the mysterious entity had revealed itself. It was none other, than THE WOLF!!! He snuck into the first piggy’s house, and with a huff, and a puff, he blew the hut away, and had his fresh bacon dinner… The next morning, when the fellow piggies found the tragic sight, they sparked into a panic. The poor, hopeless, and helpless piggies had no where to go, and no clue what to do. And so, with nothing better to do, they went back to their homes, and prepared for the worst, but what they didn’t know is that nothing could prepare them for what this evil wolf was about to do. That night, the wolf snuck into the second piggy’s house. And with a huff, and puff, he blew the shack of birch away, and got his roasted pork dinner for the night. That third morning, when the third piggy rose from his slumber, he woke up to the horrendous sight of the poor second piggy. In a state of panic, and insanity, the sad little piggy had no choice but to suffer his fate later that night. That night, the third little piggy sat in his home, scared for his life, when he suddenly heard footsteps nearby… And then, he heard a huff! And a puff! But his house didn’t blow down? The piggy crept out of his bedroom, and saw no sign of the wolf, “Could I have beaten this fiend?” the remaining piggy thought, “Were my bricks strong enough to fool the monster?” In a sigh of relief, the piggy went back to his room, and prepared to go back to sleep, but before he could, he heard a loud THUMP from his living room. He went back out to check, where he saw the large, evil, and mortifying wolf! The little piggy let out a high pitched shriek. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!” The wolf did not reply, he only howled and grimaced. “NO, NO! SPARE ME!” The poor piggy screamed. But with a huff, and a puff…. Can you guess what happened next, reader? Well Of course, with a huff, and a puff, the wolf let out the largest blow he’s ever blown, and the three little piggies were never heard of.. again..
    The end :)

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      Sadly I'm doing this on Xbox 🥲

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      @md_ginger OFC

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      @Bun_Bun YES OFCOURSE!!! Just give credit please :)

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      Can I add this to my library

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    Title: The Kitty Warrior The Autobiography
    Genre: Fantasy
    Author: Kitty Warrior
    Long ago, there lived the legend of an animal of extreme power. Her name was Kitty. Kitty had a courageous and strong nature, which made it easy for the other kitties in town to show respect towards her. The cats of her small cat town adored her, and knew she would keep the animals safe. Until one day, a great evil emerged.. humans! Kitty had heard of these destructive creatures before, though she had never seen one, she knew that facing humans meant death! The cats of her town had faith in her, which gave her the courage to stand up to the humans. The humans started with the surrounding cities around them, which gave kitty time to prepare. Several days later, the humans arrived in cat town. Terror struck the town, the cats feared for their lives! Seeing her fellow friends in danger, Kitty leaped into action! “Hey you humans!” She called out. The humans quickly turned, and all bursted in laughter. “What’s so funny?” Kitty nervously muttered to them. “You’re so soft and tiny, how can you beat us?” Exclaimed the humans. “Don’t underestimate a weapon in disguise.” Kitty challenged, and with that Kitty quickly took action. Flying into the air and using the skills she had acquired over the years to drive away the humans. Kitty fought and fought, but there was too many! The other cats noticed and they leaped into action as well to help save Kitty and their town. Together, they all helped in driving away the tyrannical humans. “Hooray!” They all cheered. From that day on, every year on that same day they threw a celebration for Kitty’s bravery and the teamwork of the town. They lived happily ever after, in Little Cat Town. The end.

  • cringe channel
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    Her voice is just so nice to listen to I stopped watching her videos cuz they stop popping up everywhere but now I finally found their videos again and now I'm watching these everyday

  • Dana Pruitt
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    I think you could make a mushroom district! With mushroom houses and mooshrom villagers it would be adorable!

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    I love the tower in the middle and I love how she said “FLIPPING RUN!”💕

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    Title: Coffee Shop Cats Genre: Romance, Plot Twist Author: EmBry One fine Sunday morning, a cat by the name of Elise arrived at her favorite coffee shop for her usual cup of coffee. Elise basically knew everyone who was a regular there - they were practically family. Well, one Sunday, a new cat - an irregular - showed up in the doorstep. He towered over all of the other cats, and his black and grey spotted fur shone in the morning sun. He walked over to the counter, timidly, and ordered a small latte. To his horror, all of the tables were full - except for the one where Elise sat, which had one open seat. He awkwardly shuffled over to the table and asked if he could sit. Elise said yes, so he carefully sat down. He didn’t talk much, and only looked up at her a total of maybe three times. Once he finished his coffee, he got up, grabbed his stuff, threw his cup away, and walked out. The next Sunday, he arrived again, ordered his small latte, and sat next to Elise. Once he was done, he preformed his same routine. He showed up the next Sunday, and, like the last, he sat next to Elise. To Elise’s surprise, the quiet cat began to speak. He told her his name, which was Axxe. Shocked, Elise told him hers, and they sat in silence the rest of the time. Over time, Axxe began to loosen up, and soon began having conversations with Elise. Although she didnt show it, Elise began to develop feelings for Axxe. Little did she know that Axxe had feelings for her too. They were both shy, so they never told each other. Soon, they had gotten eachothers phone numbers and had started talking outside of the coffee shop. A couple months later, Elise had though and thought, and eventually built up the courage to tell her feelings to Axxe. The following Sunday, she went to the coffee shop, and instead of ordering, she waited..and waited..and waited. Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to constant texts. “Hey, where were you last Sunday?” No response. Elise was getting worried, but suddenly, she got a text! Her heart leaped, but just as quickly dropped to the pit of her stomach. The text read: “Is this Elise? This is Axxe’s sister, Sarah. I bet you’ve been wondering where Axxe has been, huh? Well, i have grave news..Axxe..is in the hospital. He suffered a terrible accident, and we’re not sure he’ll make it. He wanted to say that he’s sorry, and that he misses you very much. He wishes he could tell you in person how he feels about you, and that he wants to start a family with you. We’re all sending you love.” The End. (sorry if this is too long or if im late)

  • Accidentally Possessed

    You should do a light blue district with axolotl as a nod to your former empire

  • 𝙃𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙤𝙬 𝙥𝙖𝙬 & 𝙎𝙪𝙣𝙥𝙖𝙬

    I'm so sorry about the news lizzie, we all missed you so much and just know its okay to take another break. you're a great person, and absolutely deserve the quality's someone needs in life. please, take you time. i will not rush you, and I hope everyone else wont as well.

  • •CWolfy22•
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    Title: the magical world of animalia
    Author: CWolfy
    Story: deep in the woods next to a goblin land lived a beautiful kingdom named animalia, the citizens were animals, smart, kind animals. The ruler if this kingdom queen Lizzie was the builder, decorator, ruler of this beautiful land. All her citizens loved her and their homes. Everyone kept their peace and if there was a small town incident the whole place would hear about it including queen Lizzie. Many more districts needed to be built one day turning this kingdom into the best place in the world. But this place wasn’t only known for its beauty, it had the best amethyst mine ever. Queen Lizzie would mine these amethysts and sell them to the other rulers for a fortune. The place so beautiful it was even better than a dream vacation. Just living here was your dream vacation. The kingdom was in a good reliance with the gods kingdom. The god Joel and queen Lizzie were on great terms and relationship. If only we could teleport into the great kingdom of Animalia than we would be living the life..

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    Once Lizzie has 12 districts, she should make each empire represent each district in a version of the Hunger Games

    • CheerfulTurtle143
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      @Evie Precht LORE

    • Evie Precht
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      as the great SmallisBeans/Joel once said "LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE LORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      @Crystal Moonlight she should!

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      ​@Crystal Moonlight She could keep skeleton and zombie horse villagers

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  • ghostmaanan
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    Title: Feathers and Wax Make of Promising Wings
    Genre: Poetry
    Author: ghostmaanan
    Father and son dart through the air
    Riding the high of their escape
    From a labyrinthian prison
    The son isn't aware
    That his end is coming to meet him
    He flies too close to the sun for his fathers comfort
    The inventor shouts in warning
    Only for the boy to laugh and sharply dive down to the sea
    Icarus is triumphant
    If only for a second.
    His wings start molting
    And suddenly
    Daedalus' voice is lost to the wind
    And he watches as his son meets Hades for the first and last time

  • BlackberryChi
    BlackberryChi Month ago +6

    I know I'm late to submit a story, but I've been thinking about it a lot lol.
    Title: Beyond the Castle Walls
    Genre: Fantasy
    Author: Gray the Cat
    Once upon a time two princesses were destined for marriage. At such young ages though, they did not want to be wed. The eldest of the two, Clementine, quickly fell in love with her suitor. Though the younger sister, Adelaide, did not have such feelings. One-night, young Adelaide ran away. Worried, her parents sent Clementine to find her. Along the way Adelaide had met a witch. A witch who promised that she could stay the night but only if she left the next morning. The next morning quickly came, and Adelaide was forced out of the witch's hut. Adelaide, now lost in the forest came upon a magical, grotesque, disgusting swamp monster. The monster forced her back and was about to slash its blood-stained claws against her, when suddenly Clementine, carrying a sword hit the monster back and beheaded it. Once the monster was taken care of, they were ready to head back to their castle, but little did they know that there was an evil old man waiting for them. The man's name was Merlin. Merlin the Evil. Merlin grabbed the girls and took them back to the king hoping that the king would grant him any wish. The king humbly agreed. Merlin's wish though was for Clementine's hand in marriage! Adelaide and Clementine tried to figure out what they could do to keep from getting married (together this time) they ran away. They ran past a farmer who gave them a ride in his wheelbarrow, they walked over mountains, they crossed rivers, all until it was dark. They were alone in a dark forest when suddenly Merlin jumped out of nowhere! Merlin grabbed Adelaide and threatened to unalive her if Clementine did not return with him to the palace! Then suddenly Oliver and Charlie, the suitors, jumped in and helped free Adelaide from Merlin's grasp. Clementine grabbed her sword and fought merlin to the death. The two princesses went back to the kingdom, where Adelaide fell in love with Oliver and Clementine married Charlie. The End.

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      Can I add this to my library

  • Lenyvie Pinder
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    Title:The bird
    Author:Lunar Gacha
    There once was a bird named John, John flew all around the empires in hopes of finding the one and only Lizzy. Then John spotted a bring purple shine of critter city! John flu fast as lighting to get to it. Finally, when he got there...
    Part two coming soon!

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    i got covid and was in isolation looking for something nostalgic to watch and THIS SHOWS UP

  • lu_moon
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    Title: Two little birds
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: Luisa
    In distand lands, a girl named Alicia had a special ability, she could transform into a bird, but if she did not detransform before the sunrise, she'd stay as a bird for eternity. She though to be the only one with that ability, and she spend all her nights flying and discovering new places, unitl she stumbled upon an unnexpected scene: She saw a white bird, just like her, flying into the deepest part of the forest, and when Alicia sneakily went to see what was happening, the white bird was acctually a boy.
    That boy looked nothing like someone Alicia has ever seen, he had pale blue skin, vibrant green eyes and wore celestial clothes, he looked like a prince, but before she had a chance to follow him, he disspeared between the trees. Hoping for the chance of seeing the mysterious boy again, Alicia went to that place night after night for months, and when she was least expecting, he appeared again, but now he looked hurt, his spottles skin was now covered in bruises, and his clothes that were once a shine in the darkness, were now covered in dirt, and his eyes, one of the most beautiful eyes in the universe, were now covered in fear.
    Alicia quickly detransformed in front of the boy, who was sitting in an old tree stump, they stared at eachother for a long time, when the girl said "I saw you before, I waited for you for months, and now that you're here, oh mysterious boy, tell me: who are you?" The boy hesitaded for a moment, and then continued "I'm Anton, an outlaw, i've been running away from the East kingdom for ages, but now they know what i'm cabaple of, and they will come to get me! Run away or they might get you too"
    But Alicia didn't want to leave, for the first time she though she was in love, and so she replied "No, i'm Alicia, and for the first time i found someone who has the same power i do, so please, we can be birds forever, and fly away in the distance, together"
    He nodded with his head, and noth of them transformed into birds, and went into the sunset, and were never seen again.

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    I swear once she makes twelve districts she’ll start her own hunger games

    • Hongmin Jiang
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      yss plzplzplz do it hunger games are amazing! Do a Forest themed arena like in the first book!

    • Biggie Cheese
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      I had the exact same thought!

    • Froggy Vibes
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      Title: The best Folklore Facts
      Genre: Non-fiction
      Author: Ellie Mason.
      What is Folklore?
      Folklore is shared by a particular group of people; it encompasses the traditions common to that culture, subculture or group. This includes oral traditions such as tales, legends, proverbs and jokes, They include material culture, ranging from traditional building styles common to the group.
      Where is Folklore most popular?
      Aesop’s Fables is probably the most popular collection of fables. They are on of the oldest examples of a folktale passed down orally, making it one of the most popular folktales to exist. Aesop’s Fables used animism to tell stories filled with lessons about virtues and morals. This folklore is most popular in Greece and Sumer.
      Japanese Folklore.
      Japanese folklore encompasses the informally learned folk traditions of Japan and the Japanese people as expressed in its oral traditions, customs, and material culture. In Japanese, the term ‘minkan denshō’ is used to describe folklore. The academic study of folklore is known as ‘minzokugaku’. Some of the most popular Folktales from Japan include: Momotarō, which is arguably the most famous Japanese folktale, this is the quirky story of a boy born from a peach who was discovered by an old childless couple, when they split the soft fruit open. Another would be, Yuki-Onna, This is the tale of a ‘snow woman’ known and Yuki-Onna whose icy breath freezes her victims to death. A great deal of interest currently gravitates towards Japanese monsters taken from traditional Japanese sources. Some of the yōkai or strange beings are the stuff of folklore, orally transmitted and propagated amount the populace. But one must realise that many beings or stories about them were spun deliberately by professional writers during the Edo Period and earlier, and they are not folkloric in a strict sense.
      How do faeries come into play in Folklore?
      The first takes of faeries date back to Greek mythology where faeries protected the Earth with vigour and might. In the 1400s, England came up with the new idea of ‘little people’ who were either nice or evil. This invoked fear in the British and the average citizen avoided every place that faeries lived. In present day, it is still debated whether faeries are nice or evil, or even exist.
      How has Folklore influenced the fantasy genre?
      Every culture around the world has their own myths and folklore that they use to impart lessons or carry on pieces of their history. Some of the oldest works of classical fiction are fantastical stories passed on through the centralise and across the international borders such as One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, and Journey to the West. Greco-Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology are among the most popular and most recognisable collections of stories read on an international level. Words from folklores have been used in books, disney movies and even as the faces of Disney princess movies.
      Keep reading. LOVE YOU LIZZIE ~

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    Title: The Winter Knight
    Genre: Fantasy
    Author: Gangyang
    There once was a poor hermit by the name of Monty Snow, who set out alone into the forest on a cold winters eve.
    It had been a long and bitter winter, and his stomach ached with hunger, for the woods was empty of game. At long last, he came upon hoofprints in the snow.
    The hermit was a skilled woodsman, and soon tracked down his prey -- a wounded doe, surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves!
    The hermit loosed an arrow, striking one of the wolves, and chased the rest away. The doe looked up at him, and in the dim light, he could see that she was pregnant.
    The wounded doe would not last long in these woods, and even tho the hermit hasn't tasted meat in weeks, he could not bring himself to kill the innocent creature.
    Instead, he bound the doe's leg and returned to his empty hut empty-handed.
    Many days later, the hermit was preparing a meager meal of boiled roots when he was visited by a tall, elegant princess/queen dressed in a fine ebony dress with a crown of jewels like stars upon her head.
    The hermit immediately dropped to one knee, noticing that the woman had a bandage tied around her arm.
    'I am at your service, my lady' said the hermit, confused.
    'Rise, noble hunter; said the lady with a smile 'For I am the ruler of this kingdom. And I am also the doe that you rescued in the woods.'
    'How is that possible?' asked the hermit
    'My family have the ability to turn into animals if we wish it' she explained 'I am still learning how, and when the wolves attacked me, I was too scared to change to my true form.'
    'You saved my life without even knowing who I am,' she said warmly. The hermit ducked his head, abashed. 'But not only me, you also saved my unborn child, and for your selfless act, I wish to offer you a gift.'
    'I invite you to leave this life of hunger and hardship behind, come and join my kingdom. Live in the palace and become the captain of my guard, where you will have a long and happy life in my services.'
    The hermit readily accepted and left the unpleasant world behind that very night, to never return.
    It is said to this day his loyalty to the queen has never faltered.
    THE END..

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    Book idea: you could write journels for your favorite critters in Animalia!

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    Title: The Ocean Queen
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: Yuvika
    Once upon a time there lived a girl named lizzie. She always dreamed of living in the ocean, so she decided to build her own empire on the ocean. She started living on lily pads, then she made even more and decided to start trading. She took villagers and transformed them into the sea villagers. She kept on trading till she became rich. Her friends also built their empires on their dream place. A few days later she noticed that she was not very rich anymore, she investigated why this is happening and when she found out she was shocked! all of her friends took their own special things from their empires and traded with the others. She decided that she would do the same but with what?
    The next few days she kept researching on what to use. She later got the idea of PRISMARINE! But, it was hard to get it as its hard to find sea temples. so she made a farm of prismarine and she kept collecting and collecting till she got infinite amount of it. Then she made a shop where she would sell the prismarine. she became rich again! but she didn't have anywhere to live properly nor she had any army to protect her. so she took her beloved axolotls and made them into her army. she made a plan to build her dream palace. She needed quartz, coral and prismarine. she went in search of a nice coral reef and took some coral and sea pickles. Then she needed to go to the nether. Oh No! she got all the quartz she needs and got out of there. She made her dream palace but there was a problem there was a leaky roof! she couldn't do much about it but then she made that roof an aquarium and put her army of axolotls there! she named her two guards Sir Strawberry and Lady Marceline. Then came the cod war. which later stopped and they both became friends. Then came the crown all the empire rulers got a slight time to wear it as they all kept stealing it. a big thud noise came and they all gathered around spawn they decided to just see what was happening and omg It was TERRIBLE all of their empires had been ruined! mainly the ocean was all dried up and no water was left she later forgot why she was in the ocean in the first place. and she left the ocean forever! You could say it was not a happy ending!

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    Title: the little book princess
    Genre: fantasy
    Author: strawberry jelly
    In a land far far away there was a princess . And her name was aurora . Aurora love space in fact so much she wanted to go there , so she got all of the knights to make her a staircase to the stars . First they tried rocks , to wobbly. Second they tried hay , not sturdy enough. They where about to give up when princess aurora had an idea “ how about we used books “ so they did the staircase was finished .she went up the staircase and she never wanted to go back .
    The end 13:34

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    title: The long lost shell and shelly
    Genre: unkown
    Author: Ella
    There once was a girl who was in love with the ocean. the people described her blonde hair,blue eyes,and golden skin. nobody knew her name so they just called her shelly,one day she went missing and she was never found again..or so was said. A crab was once searching for a shell,he grew out of it very fast so he wanted a big shell for his covery,so he went in the ocean to search for his new shell but he came across an island,so he went to explore the island for his shell. but intead he found a blonde haired,blue eyed,golden skined girl sitting from the bottom of a tree. He asked for the girls name and she said, "they call me Shelly,but so for my name is Gracie.'' he then asked the girl where shes from she just said, "an island i have been longing to be at after 4 days called Reginoir Paradise..'' Then nobody knows what happened next but for sure the girl never came back!

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    Title - Foxglove
    Genre - Poem
    Author - ViVi Vivienne
    Over hills I see rows of beautiful flowers,
    The fact of poison invisible.
    Blinded by beauty, mesmerized by grace.
    When all you see is beauty, you're bound to get hurt.
    When I know they are poisonous, yet I lay in their petals.
    I think:
    Is this fate?

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  • Greenhanded philippines

    Title: The Scarlett Eye ( Chapter 1 )
    Genre: Mytery
    Author: Mari Ano
    Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was ones a girl named Princess June, she lives in a castle full of magic. Her mother is Queen Raza and her father is King Sans the 3rd are the ruler of Scarlett Moon. Scarlett Moon has a reputation of having the most magical creatures and people in the whole empire. June has the magical powers of water, she can control the ocean, lakes, rivers, and so many more, her parents are proud of her, they wish that someday that their dear daughter will be the next ruler of Scarlett Moon. But tragedy struck, a massive powerful being cursed the lands causing the citizens to lost their powers and fade away like dusts, some people ran to find a safe place to hidde. June has still a baby when this happened, her parents rush to the library to find a spell to prevent the curse to spread to them. The king found a spell book , he rush to find the page of the spell, he found it but the book said it can be cast a spell only by one person, they decided to used it on June, he cast the spell as quickly as possible while the queen used a teleportation spell, they were slowly losing there powers but just in time June was sent a a safe place, while her parents hoped that someone will find and take care of there daughter,
    and surely they turned in dusts.

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    Title: The Three Saviors
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: sQuIShyyy37
    Once upon a time, there was a frog named Lozzie, a cat named Mickey, and a duck named Ven. One day, Lozzie and Mickey were by the pond watching Ven swim with her fellow ducks when they heard something behind them.
    In fear, Lozzie jumped into the pond, leaving Mickey to search for the source of the sound. She found a small sheep, old and frail, lying on the ground as if it had been thrown and tossed.
    “Oh, goodness. Are you alright?” Mickey asked cautiously.
    The old sheep stood up slowly. “I am, but the world isn’t.”
    Lozzie and Ven had joined Mickey at that point, and were listening to the words of the old sheep.
    “There is a book in a cave in a mountain in the middle of a sea, guarded by a big, red dragon. That book has the power to destroy the world or bring life to it. Right now, it is spreading darkness to the world.
    “You must go destroy the book by tearing the pages and having the dragon eat it. It’s fiery skin will burn the pages and the world is saved. But watch out, the dragon is bound to the book. It will attack you if you try to touch it. Once the book is destroyed, the dragon will be free and you can make it eat the pages.
    “Now hurry, we don’t have much time.” The old sheep then scampered away.
    Lozzie, Ven, and Mickey looked at each other in fear. They had been chosen to save the world!
    “We must go find that cave.” Ven said.
    “But we don’t know where it is.” Lozzie pointed out.
    Mickey grabbed Ven by the neck and Lozzie by her foot and ran to their boat.
    “We’re not wasting any time, friends. We must go at once.” Mickey said after dropping them on the boat.
    “Fine, fine.” Ven said, grabbing an oar by her beak. Lozzie took the other oar.
    They rowed and rowed for a long time in the middle of the ocean, not knowing where they were headed.
    Finally, after what seemed like years, they found a large mountain. A single mountain in the middle of the ocean. It had a dragon, just like the old sheep had said.
    The three quickly hopped off the small boat and bounded up the mountain to face the dragon.
    “Who dare wake me from my slumber?!” The dragon roared.
    Ven and Lozzie cowered behind Mickey, who leaned backward.
    “We are here to save you, O dragon, for you are possessed.” Mickey said, bowing her head.
    The dragon laughed. “I am under no spell. Obviously you are here for the book. Since I’ve never heard that joke before, I’ll let you take it under one condition. Solve my riddle, and get the book. Answer wrong, and I’ll burn you to smithereens. Or you could just leave right now.”
    Ven slowly crawled out from behind Mickey. “We’ll solve the riddle. Now tell us, O mighty dragon, what is the riddle?”
    The dragon blew a breath off fire, behind him, lighting up a bunch of torches. In the center was a red pedestal with a book floating on top of it. “I have four legs at birth, two as an adult, and three as an old creature. What am I?”
    Mickey turned to Lozzie, who shrugged. Ven didn’t know the answer either. They all thought about it for a very long time until Ven thought of something.
    “Is it a human?” Ven asked.
    The dragon gasped. “No one ever got that before. Yes, indeed it is.” He walked backward for the three to take the book.
    Mickey ran up to the pedestal and lunged for the book. With it in her mouth, she ripped the pages out one by one. Then the dragon shook its great head and stood there, confused.
    “O dragon, please eat these pages.” Mickey held the pages up the dragon.
    The dragon ate the pages and roared. “Thank you for freeing me. You can go now.”
    Mickey, Lozzie, and Ven then went down the mountain, to their little boat, and rowed back to their home. They found a sheep waiting for them. It jumped up and down to greet them.
    It was the old sheep, who was now young. The world had been saved!

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    Title: the housekeeper
    Genre: horror/thriller
    Author: Maddiebubaddie
    Alana and Simone were sisters who like to explore abandoned locations. They loved all things creepy and mysterious. Their uncle had recently died and left them his old estate. He was old and never wanted to sell his home to the contractors who wanted to demolish it. Alana and Simone decided they would renovate the house and live there. They took a plane to the Canadian Rocky Mountains because the house was buried deep in the bush there. They arrived and immediately there was an immense menacing energy that they had never felt before Alana was the first to step in the house and remarked how beautiful the house could have been when it was first built. All of a sudden a tall, very tall, unusually tall man stepped out from a doorway and said, “hello, you both must be Alana and Simone. We’ve been expecting you.” How had this strange man known their names? they thought. “You must be the housekeeper! … right?” Simone said. The emaciated looking man replied, “yes… you could say that .” The sisters were aware of his footsteps behind them as they walked around and explored the house. They asked his name and no answer, he did not reply. Alana who had asked the question quickly turned around, he wasn't there. She could have sworn she heard his steps. They brushed it off as just the creeks and natural noises of the old house. They walked upstairs as it was getting dark. They did not know the area well and concluded it would not be safe to drive out in the dark like this. The sisters picked their rooms and went to bed. Alana did not sleep well; she had nightmares of her sister screaming. However when she awoke she was greeted by an amazing smell from downstairs, it was meat. She assumed she had woken up first, as the only person downstairs was the housekeeper. He said hello and gave her what he was cooking. ” It was heavenly, it was so tasty, '' she thought. “What is this type of meat? It is some of the best I've ever tasted!!” “It's your sister,” the man replied with a menacing tone. Alana laughed nervously and said, What? I don't understand, what do you mean my sister?” he smirked and she realized what had just happened. SHE ATE HER SISTER!! Alana immediately ran for the door but the house seemed different, almost maze-like. She was lost and there was no way out. She suddenly found a door she didn't care where it led as long as it wasnt more twists and turns. In a daze she opened it, a basement. She quickly searched around for an exit of some kind but then she saw it. Her sister, hunched over on the floor, bloody and torn. She had missing limbs and some cut outs on what was left of her, as she stepped closer she finally saw what these cutout like things were all over simone, bitemarks. That man had eaten her, EATEN HER!! In a dazed state she wandered around the room trying not to scream for she didn't want to get caught. She arrived apon a window. Alana broke the glass. She heard the man coming fast. Her hands bloody and full of glass she lifted herself through the window the best she could, out of nowhere she slipped and was gutted by a sharp piece of glass. Alana was dying and her sister had already been killed. The housekeeper had got into the basement finally and grabbed alana and took her out of the basement to do who knows what.
    The end

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    Title: The Magic Potato
    Genre: Potatality
    Author: Poh Tato
    One morning after a storm had passed, the sun returned to illuminate the sky. All the crops in Lazzie's farm had been washed away as she looked at them in distraught. She wondered how she would ever be able to sustain her colony of villagers and was reminded of a myth. A myth which only she had believed.. of THE MAGIC POTATO. Apparently sitting on the top of a hill, grew the most beautiful potato with the greenest most nutritious leaves that could last 3 whole months of food, its stem filled with the sweetest sugar, and sitting beneath it, a golden brown, freckled sphere of wisdom, that when needed most could grant a wish as long as the wisher homed a pure heart.
    However, Lazzie had been searching for this for her entire life ever since she learnt what a potato was, and yet she had NEVER EVER even come close to finding it. She knew that if she wanted to find it, she would have to home a pure heart. So she searched on to find every person she ever wronged and apologised.
    She apologised to the villages which she kidnapped her colonies from. She apologised to her multiple pets whom she accidentally killed during construction. She apologised for every possible thing she could imagine when...
    *sprouting sound*
    There it was. Dancing in the sharp breeze, its leaves were greener that she had ever imagined they could be. Its stem growing so tall it swayed by her legs, sparkling with its crystalised sugar. Her hand reached out to pull it out from the damp soil and there before her was the most incredible potato she had ever seen. Perfectly freckled. Perfectly tanned as though it had spent a holiday in.. anywhere but England. Heavy in her hand, it began to move as if it was struggling. she placed her left hand below it offering support, when two miniscule hands and legs pushed out from it sides.
    It was ALIVE
    ' *ahem* it is me. THe great potato and i am here to grant you one wish that you desire most. For you, the wisher, have the most pure heart potato has ever seen. Now, think carefully, what do you wish for?'
    'Potato, how amazing it is to grace your presence, and there is one small thing I wish for.' Lazzie began to think of all the things she had ever wanted but, she knew what the right thing to choose was.
    'Potato, I wish for the safety of my colony at whatever it may cost to me'
    'wow. Potato sees that this heart is even purer and not only grants that wish but will also stay with Lazzie till the next time she may require assistance. It is time for me to retire'
    'Potato, you are spectacular. Thank you so much.'
    The colony cheered and Lazzie was happy. She had done her job to protect her village. Potato was also happy, now he could retire.
    They lived happily ever after. The end.
    THanks for readng ;)

  • 🌸 flower gacha 🌸

    Title:The next queen and king..
    Once there lived a king who rules the kingdom of light he had a beautiful daughter who had strawberry red hair and blue eyes brighter than the sky she loved to her name was Emily Willis. but when she truned 27 it was time for her to get married...
    And her father was becoming old everyday and her mother was very sick..
    So one day when she was reading and hearing the songs of the birds and enjoying the beauty of the nature her father came and said Emily it's time to you to get married with a smile her father said but Emily wasn't happy because she didn't wanna marry a person who she doesn't even know.. So she said to her father but father I am not ready and I don't wanna marry someone that I don't know...Her father starts to crying slowly as she said that and said I am becoming old I will die in any day and then no one will be here to see over the kingdom her father said..She felt very sad but she still didn't wanted to marry someone just not yet..But she said yes because of the responsibility her family and kingdom
    It was the time for her to see her future husband all tho Emily wasn't ready..
    Her father told her that a young man named Norman Rockwell will be her husband..So her father told her to dress pretty as possible to look the best..
    She said yes but inside she was crying because she was never ready for these types of things..
    She had to wear a long blue and white colour dress which she didn't really liked and she also said she didn't liked it but she didn't had a choice but to wear that dress..
    And at 12:00 PM the guests arrive he. It was the king of the kingdom golden light he had bring very many gifts and Emily's father expect it too the king of the kingdom golden light had son who was going to be Emily's husband he had orange hair and green eyes like grass he introduced himself really quickly but still Emily wasn't happy at all.....
    Emily's father told them when the marriage was going to happen just after 15 days 1:00 they were going to get married Emily was shocked because she only had 15 days... meanwhile Norman was a real selfish person who didn't care about anyone a d he only marrying her for money...!!? After 15 days it was the time to get married Emily was crying in her heart while Norman didn't even care..And the it was to get married and they did and had children but Norman didn't liked her at all or his own children..!!! So he killed them all and got married to someone else while Emily and her children were happy in Haven and then Emily said to her children that's an happy Ending....
    So yeah it's pretty long and ik it's late but still..:_D

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    Title: Feathers
    Genre: Romance
    Author: WirelessRat
    A bird with feathers of blue sat in a blossom tree, he sat there everyday, not moving. A bird with feathers of pink hopped over, curious.
    She peeked over, but couldn't see what the blue bird was doing, then slipped. She luckily opened her wings and flew back onto the branch. The blue bird wasn't paying attention or had a reaction to the pink bird. She tried to peek some more but the same thing kept happening.
    The blue bird finally turned to her, wondering what she was doing. The pink bird looked awkwardly at him but soon responded, "What do you do here?"
    The blue bird responded, "I don't know what you mean."
    "You sit here everyday, doing nothing."
    The blue bird looked away. "I wait for someone."
    The blue bird looked back over and stares at her pink feathers. He remembers all the times hes seen her and know how caring she is.
    She takes the silence as a response and scoots closer to the blue bird.
    They now go to the very branch everyday to say good morning. They fly into the sky, swirling and twirling until the sun sets. And once they do, they wait, until the sun rises again.

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    Title: To Find Each Other
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: Puffah Fish
    Deep within the Minecraft world, there resided a woman named Navi. Navi was always one to keep to herself, having her home built within a cave she had remodeled deep within the Dark Oak Woods. She was at peace with her simple life, never once wanting to leave the safety of her home.
    That was the case, at least, until she found an injured woman named Bella within her cave system, in desperate need of help.
    Turns out Navi isn’t as secluded as she thought, as she discovers that her cave branches out and eventually leads out of the woods to different biomes. And with her new friend being constantly on the run, she’ll have to step out of her comfort zone in order to help Bella defeat the pillagers that threaten her village.

  • scarlett
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    Title: wake up
    Genre: horror
    Author: Green Moons
    It was misty, gloomy dawn when the dewdrops laid on the trimmed grass, and as Ivy drew back the silk curtain to her small window. Birds were chirping in the canopy of trees above as she smiled and patted down her night gown. The light creaks of the wooden floor boards echoed the hallway as Ivy stepped into the kitchen, greeted by her mother. " Good morning, Ma" Ivy said, with a smile.
    "Morning Darling" her mother replied with a kiss on the forehead. "I made your favorite, pancakes and honey!" she added with a wide grin.
    "Thanks," Ivy laughed, as she sat down at the hand-carved table for two and was served some pancakes. "I'm off to the bookshop in the village after this if that's alright?" she inquired, after swallowing.
    "Of course, you can wear that new lilac rain-coat I made you, as it's quite misty this morning," her mother added, drizzling extra honey on to her fluffy pancakes. Ivy looked up and smiled, then proceeded to wash her dishes in the sink,
    After getting changed into a gorgeous green dress, she finished off her outfit with ankle-high fluffy boots, her lilac rain-coat , that her mother had sewn and created for her, and a necklace with her birthstone, an emerald, inside that her grandmother had given her before she passed. Ivy was given strict instructions never to take it off, however, never the reason why.
    As she stepped out on to the cobble path leading to and from her cottage in the woods, Ivy took a deep breath of the crisp, spring air, and grinned to herself. Off she went, skipping merrily along to the village, unaware of the looming, dark, shadowy clouds forming above.
    It had already began to pour heavily by the time Ivy had reached the village, so she had ended up sprinting for the bookshop just a bit further down the path. However, what caught her eye was an unfamiliar stall just outside with the sign, "fRee FouRtune teLling!" and she was intrigued. Upon entering, she saw warped, non-sturdy shelves with lots of peculiar items and liquids, randomly scattered on top. But it was what was in the middle that diverted her attention away from that. There, stood a abnormally large cauldron, and hunched over it, an old woman with her head covered by her drooping cloak hood. "What is it that you seek, my child?" the old woman croaked.
    Startled, Ivy replied, "I'm not entirely sure,"
    "If to find is what you do, things will be found, not meant to be seen by you," and with that, the stall, and everything in it, including the woman, blew away with the storm. Ivy screamed.
    She knew she had to wait the storm out, so she took just a few shaky steps into the bookshop, receiving some strange looks as half the storm dripped off her coat and on the floor. Removing her coat, she slid down in an armchair to breathe, what had just happened? What was ment by what she had said? Where did the woman and the stall go? Questions trailed through her head faster than the toy train above her was circiling the tops of the bookcases. Out of no where, a peculiar looking, orange book fell from a shelf and landed in Ivy's lap; she wasn't even going to question it anymore.
    "Remove it, remove it, remove it, don't go back, don't go back, don't go back, it's not real, it's not real, it's not real, wake up. wake up. WAKE UP. A cold hand grabbed Ivy's shoulder, once again making her scream, and grabbed the book out of her hands and rushed away, without saying a word. Everyone was starring at her. Once her heart rate had returned to normal, Ivy clutched her necklace, thinking about what the book had said. And she ripped it off without hesitation.
    Ivy awoke. It was all of a sudden and her eyes shot open. Unfamiliar, panicked faces surrounded her screaming, "test subject 0725 is awake!" or "initiate chamber 0132 lockdown". But amongst the chaos, what really stood out for her was her own face, dressed in the same lab wear as the rest of them, holding a remote control, grinning directly at Ivy as she pushed the button and Ivy's vision faded to black.

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    Title: Town Hall Disaster
    Genre: Fantasy
    Author: Angie
    Once there was a group of animals who joined together once to fight a battle, now no battles or wars have happened to keep them busy. With this many members have against each other for the prime title. Until a little later the members started to murder each other to the death for the prime title. Now in present day only two member of the Town Hall to defend the world. Their names are Rocky and Lady. They didn't mind each other much until they fell in love. And since the rule of Xornoth came round Rocky and Lady fought Xornoth with their love and saved the world.

  • CrazyCat Studios!
    CrazyCat Studios! Month ago +381

    I'm sorry to hear about Buddy, he was a great cat and will be missed by all. Sending love!!

    • xvanilla_putrix
      xvanilla_putrix Month ago

      @Steve what r.i.p buddy we will miss you😢

    • Steve
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      im sad

    • Steve
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      @-RXINBOW_DEVIL] its true

    • Steve
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      @Emma😎 he died

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      @xvanilla_putrix he died

  • Lottie Vallance
    Lottie Vallance Month ago +1

    So sorry about your lose Lizzie I hope your okay 💜

  • Crimson Carmen
    Crimson Carmen 24 days ago +2

    Title: New winds
    Genre: Fantasy
    Writing by: Crimson Carmen
    Chapter one, the forgotten tale.
    The mist was fresh that evening and the sky sang of peace, the trees with there glowing leaves drifted peacefully in the wind, I was sitting in the field of flowers known as Guard Lilly Valley.
    "Nice day ain't it?" I said turning my head to my friend, " That's debatable echo." Said Dawn as she sat down Besides me her hooves clanking against the ground,
    "Lighten up Dawn, you're to cranky for a centaur" I said sarcastically and i picked some flowers.
    "And you're to innocent for a centaur trained in combat." Dawn said kicking some mud to my face.
    "Oi!" I shouted getting up to chase her as she began running down the field towards Shimmer Tail Groove.
    "Catch me if you can rotten hoof!"
    She shouted as she ran under some branches making her way into the groove.
    "DAWNNNNN." I shouted half annoyed, Then i tripper, and i woke up.
    The air was stained with blood and sadness as i walked out of the sleeping hut,
    Fellow centaur soldier's running past waving at me occasionally, it had been five years since the war against the shapshifters started, but now it wouldn't end.
    I Haven't seen Dawn since it had begun but something tells me she has something to do with it, if only i could remember what, I thought standing in the center of the temporary village the army had set up.
    *Chapter two!* A Familiar face.
    I walked into the med den going to check on the injured soldiers, when i spotted someone, someone new, the doctor was taking care of them, they where probably a refugee but it was hard to tell, they had a air of familiar to them. " Doctor Gallop hoof? Who's this?" I said gesturing to the 'refugee'
    "It's someone the soldiers found at the concentration camps." The doctor said gesturing to the refugee.
    "Well what's there name?" I asked tilting my head, "Supposedly it's dawn." The doctor said half annoyed as he went to treat another patient. " *DAWN* " I shouted staring at her as she sat on a mat on the ground similar to other patients.
    "Wait wait WAIT- let me get this straight! You, the kid who wouldn't even hurt a *butterfly* is in the army actively fighting!"
    Dawn said as we sat at a food tent.
    "Yeah, confusing I know." I said my voice slightly muffled as i drank some of my drink.
    " AND YOU DRINK WINE? " Dawn shouted appalled seeing me drink.
    " Like you're any better you finished two bottles as soon as we got here."
    I pointed out, and then laughed as Dawn pushed the bottle's off the table.
    " I plead innocent! " Dawn said when she was finished of which i laughed.
    (That's the end because I'm lazy but if anyone wants I'll add more)

  • moonxchery
    moonxchery 18 days ago

    Add an avian district inhabited by parrots! ❤it could also be an orange theme

    DVANN MAE NAGALIZA Month ago +1

    Title:The Great History Of An Princess
    Genre:fantasy and action and a bit of romance
    Author:Dvann Mae
    Once upon a time there was an kingdom that everyone feared of called "Southern Kingdom"
    due to how rich and powerful the kingdom was,one day the queen of the kingdom gave birth to a beautiful girl, she however does resemble her father at all so 2 days after she was released from the kingdom the queen was exiled leaving the daughter to grew up lonely..8 years later it is the princess birthday however like always her father didint come due to how busy he was the young child was devasted and didint come out after that very day she spend all her time in the library and sometimes sneak out to see the world which she was told to be very dangerous even though it was very peaceful.8 years later on her 16th birth she was enjoying her time in the local library with her best friend "Lorelei" lorelei found an book of magic and told allison(the princess),allison then grabed the book and took it home with her for a reason which is the fact she is inlove with learning spells so once she got in her room she locked the door and read it she then tried one of them and worked an amulet the apeared on her neck she then took it off,she turned into a dragon an emerald one she was shocked by her own apearance she then put it back on her in fear her father will not accept her form..once fateful day someone saw her in her form and turned out to be one of the rival kingdoms spy the princess didint notice..a week later the kingdom waged war the emperor were very sick at that time so no one could lead into battle the princess was took to safety but she couldnt bare with the fact that her kingdom will fall apart so she rushed out through an secret entrance and took of the amulet prepared into battle she was accompanied with her 2 only and best friends her lover Alexander and her bestfriend Lorelai the rushed into battle she took the skys and they took the ground but unfortunately the princess was shot with poison through her she had no choice but to use her most powerful spell of all called "the excuter" she rushed down from the skys and unleashed all her power it ended the war of winning the battle for what cost..? The princess was dying from the poison in Alexanders arms her bestfriends were crying from their friends death.a year later alexander was crowned king due to her father also dying from a uncurable sickness, the new king decided to make an memorial place for them to honor his lover that save the kingdom and her father for actually defend the very kingdom for 10 years soon after the place was built he renamed the kingdom to "Emerald Kingdom" the end..

  • Avery&Luna!♥️
    Avery&Luna!♥️ Month ago +2

    Title:A wishing tale
    Genera: mystery
    Author: Avery
    Bella scowled as she trudged through the desert. Feeling that she had made the right decision, she ran further and further from home. But it didn’t feel like a home anymore. Her parents liked to abuse her,and that’s all her sister has ever saw them do growing up, so she joined in and abused Bella too. She longed to feel safe and secure again.
    Bella had a big cut on her shin which had dried blood on it from the whip her parents hurt her with. She has many other cuts and bruises from her parents. Ever since her gold digger father brought home his new fiancé, Kate, Bella’s life had been miserable and unsafe. Kate lied to Bella’s dad, and Bella was abused for whatever her wicked step mum had made up about her. Bella hugged her teddy bear tight as she hoped that she would wake up from this nightmare.
    A few hours later, she realised that she had dropped her bear somewhere along the way. She sobbed, as that was the last thing she had to remember of her real mother. As she wiped away tears with her sleeve, she thinks to herself, ‘I can’t go back now. I came to far to stop.’ As night fell, she remembered she was terrified of the dark. But she needed sleep, so she lays down and lets her exhaustion take over.
    She was woken by the distant sound of talking. She was greeted by an Indian man, who asked her kindly how she felt. She looked down at her leg, and to her surprise, saw that her wound had been treated. She thanked the man, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a village. The man told her she was welcome to stay in the village for as long as she needed. Ignoring the man, she got up and headed for a small billabong she saw nearby.
    Water! At last! She thought. Before she could jump into the refreshing liquid, somebody held her back. It was the Indian man. Before he could speak, a monsterous serpent lunged out of the billabong causing a massive splash, rippling across the whole billabong. Bella and the man were both soaked from head to toe. As fast as light, the man was devoured by the beast. Bella stifled a scream. She closed her eyes, knowing the end was near. Soon she would be with her dear mother.
    Bella remembered she had a dagger in her pocket from when she escaped her house. Without thinking, she runs up to the serpent and leaps on to its back. With the dagger piercing its skin, she climbs onto its neck and stabs it unconscious. The monster was down but not dead…
    The village celebrated her with foods and drinks for what they thought was a dead monster. Whist eating, Bella smirked.

  • Ladygaga
    Ladygaga Month ago +232

    Lizzie is so over the top with tiny details 😭 she’s really gunna type in all these stories one by one good luck girl 💜

    • Niyah Felipe
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      She will copy paste I think

    • Britton S.
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      @Marco Stiffler yeah you can

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      Can you copy and paste in Minecraft? That may be an easier option 😊

  • bangs
    bangs Month ago +1

    Title: Geisha
    Genre: Folklore
    Author: Stan (G)I-DLE
    The Red Spider Lily invades the air with a rich smooth aroma. Lights of crystal trickle down onto my face.
    My feet glide across the stage with elegance as a white spread of virtue caresses the stage behind me. The sound of music comes hand in hand with my own body, I feel the warm embrace of instruments, magical particles cover my vision. Utopia is defined as a place of perfection but this feeling, exerting my affections. That is my utopia.
    Dancing is something I am quite fond of, fluidity, expression, aura. I do my best to exert my affections. However, why? Why do they look at me with lust? How dare they look at me with such libido.
    Here I am to coalesce with my art, my art which is on display.
    Why on earth would they think I would enjoy their penetrating eyes through my clothing?
    When a beast recognizes Purity they feel as if they have a right to act vigorously. But acting vigorously is the spawn of arrogance and arrogance is not an excuse for the way they view me with such ardour.
    I am not here to please a beast. Understand that. The way you view me with your own seamless ignorance, arrogance and egotism are based on your own iniquities. I will never become that.
    I am here to be one with the music and to exert my affections not to please the unfaithful and lustful eyes.

  • Safra Shaw
    Safra Shaw Month ago +1

    Title: a Deeper Look on Foxes
    Genre : nature
    Author: Axebread
    As I’ve studied these creatures of the Taiga, I’ve learned to always bring the sweetest of berries.
    The foxes sleep under trees during the day and jump awake when the sun goes down. The foxes are extremely fearful of the wolf, take caution.
    When travelling more North I found a large colour difference in the foxes, they have turned white.
    So much to learn about the sly creatures we call foxes.

  • Crayon Starshine
    Crayon Starshine 25 days ago +1

    Title: Knit Sweaters
    Genre: Poetry
    Author: Crayon Starshine
    Upon the mannequins, you'll find
    A soft knit sweater
    So truly sublime
    The sweater is bought
    And worn all around
    Till the colors grow faded
    matching the ground

  • siverton
    siverton Month ago

    Title: The big boy
    Genre: Fiction
    Author: Siv
    Once upon a time there was a small little baby. He was the heir of a magical floating city that goes by the name of Stratos. This little boy was known for loving beans and so he ate and ate them. These beans made him grow and grow. He inherited stratus and now is worshipped for his tallness and strength. He grew to be 10ft tall and continues to grow to this day.

  • Jana Lerotic
    Jana Lerotic Month ago +1

    Title: Greek myths
    Genre: Poems
    Author: Jane
    There's an island in the sea of monsters
    full of sirens
    that await for the lost sailors.
    And when they come,
    they sing them a song
    about what the sailors hearts want the most.
    When you hear them call
    you wish to step closer,
    but beware
    you might never come back.
    When she was a beautiful maiden
    she bewitched everyone
    with her grace.
    One day
    Posiedon comes to her
    with a soft smile and says
    Come, Medusa love,
    with me to Athenas temple.
    Furious Athena
    turned Medusa
    into a monster that
    turns people to stone with her look.

  • kayla
    kayla Month ago +663

    Im so sorry you lost Buddy, I've been watching you since the start and when he was little, my heart goes out to you Lizzie and everyone who has lost a buddy too.

  • bby_sky
    bby_sky Month ago

    Tiltle- the critters
    Author- little cookie demon
    genre- fairytale
    Once apon a time a girl named lizzie wanted to make a village for animals, so she decided to transform villigers into animals and made them live in the critter city

  • Molly
    Molly Month ago

    Title:the tale of the hidden cat
    There once was a cat who pretended to be a human so that she wouldn’t be put in a cage.She created a whole empire of animals.She has also made many friends,but she has yet to tell them that she is a cat. The End

  • DoingGood
    DoingGood Month ago +1

    Title: The Legend of The Districts
    Genre: Legend
    Author: Olivia
    Long ago, a panda from the magic district escaped and was last seen going down into one of the butcher shops basement. That panda hasn’t been seen since. A few days later one of the foxes begins selling a peculiar meat and it sold out very fast because everybody liked it a lot! The fox refused to tell anybody what the meat was though. Lizzie decided to investigate and when she found out the truth, she knew nobody could know about what happened. But word got out somehow. Nobody could confirm the story since nobody saw what happened, but the two districts have been fighting ever since.
    (Omg Lizzie If you added this, It would be totally AWESOME!!! I love your videos!)

  • Isabxl
    Isabxl Month ago +1

    Title: Stumpy
    Genre: fantasy
    Author: Isabel Sage~
    Once upon a time there was a little Princess that sat on a mushroom. Her name was Stumpy. She always sat on her mushroom. Sad and gloomy. The thing is- Stumpy didn’t have any friends! The only people that lived in her town were villagers, villagers that were pandas, frogs, and foxes. She were sweet, but they barely did anything except trade with themselves. But one day.. A little boy named Ethan stumbled upon the village that Stumpy stayed in! They laughed, and sang, and danced, and played! And then- Stumpy was happy!! ❤-The end

  • Pencil 2.0
    Pencil 2.0 Month ago +1

    These vids really give me so much comfort and because I've heard Buddy passed away from an undetected heart condition, I'd like it if we fans could give you some comfort as well. I know you're really strong and will get through the loss of a dear pet but still, I'm sending love from Canada! :)

  • Brittany Bowens
    Brittany Bowens Month ago +202

    Title: Mysterious Queen
    Genre: Poetry
    Author: TigerLilly
    There once was a queen named Lizzie,
    who ruled over an critter city.
    She wore human clothes
    but nobody knows,
    that in reality she was actually a kitty.

    • Bun_Bun
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      @Anton P I did that completely by accident, I didn't even realize that I wrote one until I saw your comment.🤣

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      Slay 💅🏻

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      Lizzie: that’s…so…GOOD

  • Mehar Sekhon
    Mehar Sekhon 23 days ago +1

    Title: The bundle of joy
    Genre: Sad reality
    Authur: Mehu
    “I am sorry.. but the chance of survival is quite low..”
    That's what they heard the doctors say. All the hope they had for the young life was broken into a thousand pieces but even so.. they still clinged onto that one little piece... They were already in a bad position but this.. this was horrible. The couple had just moved to another country, far from home, to begin their new life. But you never really know where life takes you. Having borrowed money from their parents, they started by buying a small but cozy apartment. Got a job and were pretty comfortable. The fire in their hearts burned far brighter after knowing that they were expecting a child. Like a field full of never ending daisies their lives seemed pleasant. Then came a horrible storm that left no nation alone- Coronavirus. They tried everything… everything in their control for it to not hit them. They took all the measures they could. But they couldn’t save themselves.. The mother-to-be took a hit. The pandemic took something from all of us but for them, they could have lost so much more- their unborn young. But even after all the little strings of their tight rope were being cut by the storm one by one, they still held tight onto the last, thin string. After a little while they were glad they did. She had appeared like the sunshine after the heavy storm in their lives. Her laughter could make a person smile even after going through the worst day of their life. She was the angel sent from the heavens to them. Now they spoil the angel with love and materialistic things just like how she spoils them with her cuteness.

  • Kai
    Kai 5 days ago

    Title: The Queen Of The "single pringle History"
    Genre: Story
    Author: Kaeun
    Once upon a time there lived a Queen, Her name was Queen Elizabeth. the Queen was most different from most Queens and Princesses. The Queen was different as she would always be active, even if there was no reason to be. She would run around her garden full of trees and beautiful flowers as the Queen who was the one who planted them. One day, something horrifying happened, as she was in her garden as usual. the Queens butler called for a message from her grandmother, the one who adored Queen Lizzie the most. as she was on her way to meet her. In the castle of her Grandmother, She saw everyone crying in the hallways. As She wondered so " I wonder what is happening.." when she reached to her grandmothers room. She glanced in horror at her grandmother who was taking her last breaths on her bed. She walks towards her while crying "grandmother! what is happening?!" her grandmother said "my dear, i am taking my last breaths.." Queen Lizzie said to her grandmother "oh grandmother, please! dont leave me alone!" her grandmother said "i dont want to leave you my dear, i would never leave my princess.. Queen Lizzie said "oh grandmother!.." her grandmother said to her " before i leave this world to spend eternity in heaven, i need you my dear, to do me a favor.." Queen Lizzie replied "anything grandmother!" grandmother said in her last breaths..."my princess, i want you to never stop being who you are, never give your happiness to someone else. Even if you love them" Queen Lizzie said "yes mother!" after a few moments of talking her grandmother passed away.. to fulfil her grandmothers promise, Queen Lizzie never stopped being herself and rejected every prince or king in her way to accomplishing her promise with her grandmother, and became the first Queen in history for being an example of an actual "single pringle'' of royalty. The End

  • Ems💕
    Ems💕 Month ago +1

    This is my favourite district. 😀

  • Misslittlepumkin
    Misslittlepumkin Month ago +1

    Title: A spooky visit
    Genre: Wholesome&mystery
    Author: MissPumpkin
    It was an autumn morning, and every creature of critacity where working hard to make sure books were being used and berries being sold. Everything was quite peaceful until a resident of the magic district found something by her home, a pumpkin! it was no ordinary pumpkin though it had eyes carved into it with no light source at all!. The villager picked up the pumpkin curious as to why it was there, but before she could investigate any further she heard it talk!!. "Hay could you not pick up my head please that would be great, I was just trying to take a nap" The villager screamed dropping the pumpkin..Head? hearing it hiss in pain.
    "That was a little bit painful". The pumpkin rolls slightly as the villager rushes off calling out to the rest "Call queen Lizzy an intruder is here!!", the other villagers of the magic district panic setting off small bells around the city hoping to wake the queen from her morning slumber. Soon enough the queen herself arrives using the wires and roofs to get there quicker, "what's going on? everyone please calm down" Lizzie tries to calm the residents down standing in the centre of the magic district. Many residents scream of an intruder some trying to explain what they saw, the resident who picked up the mysterious pumpkin rushed over in tears, "theirs a talking pumpkin in the town! I think it's out to kill us!" she cried. Lizzie gasped "don't worry Mylie!, ill protect us from this evil-doer!" Mylie lead Lizzie quickly to the sighting spot carefully peeking around another building to see if the evil pumpkin was still there. It wasn't.
    The other residents mumble quietly to each other wondering where this pumpkin could have gone, maybe it's stealing the crown jewels or even worse the books of this district!!. Before Lizzie could get a word in a voice spoke from above them with a giggle, "Hi there!" as everyone looks up they see a woman with a pumpkin head floating above them. She wore a long yellow dress with flowers all over them, before this strange pumpkin woman could get another word in everyone screamed and hid behind their amazing queen. Lizzie raised her sword hissing slightly glaring at the lady "Now you listen here evil-doer you need to leave immediately or I will fight you!", the lady floats down in front of Lizzie scratching her pumpkin face a little. "Oh I'm sorry I thought you knew I was coming, I sent out a notice a few weeks ago!, you are Lizzie correct?" Lizzie hissed "what do you mean?". The lady giggled as she lowed Lizzies sword with her finger "im the lady of the autumn harvest silly!, I'm here to bless your quaint little town".
    Lizzie thought hard for a second before remembering, she did get a notice! that the lady of the autumn harvest would be here on the first day of autumn!!. She lowers her sword and turns to her residents "People i have made a grave mistake, in...forgetting someone was supposed to visit today". They all stare at Lizzie and whisper amongst themselves, then rush over to happily greet the lady knowing she was no longer a threat. For the day Pumpkin went around each district blessing each crop, item or book she could then happily settling off at sunset to go visit another person's empire. Lizzie waved goodbye along with a few other residents "thank you!!, may we see you again next year!!". Once the lady was no longer in view she sighed "welp time to go off to bed!", lizzie happily marched back home using the buildings of her town not noticing the small little pumpkins growing out and around her empire Lizzie would see Pumpkin again soon...Very soon.

  • Your Local Dolphin
    Your Local Dolphin 8 days ago +1

    Title: Solar Eclipse
    Author: Your Local Dolphin
    Genre: Poem
    There once was a shadow and the light. Each despised each other either day or night. One day the light carried a torch. Into the dark territory it would emerge. Soon the dark had woken up. The light wasn't afraid but neither was the dark they made a truce and declared themselves friends and that my friends, is how the story ends... : )

  • Moshi-!(´・ω・`)
    Moshi-!(´・ω・`) Month ago +230

    After months of darkness… Lizzie shed light back on the world of faithful subscribers!! SHES BACK 🥳🥳

    • Audrey Cannon
      Audrey Cannon Month ago

      I kept checking if she had posted for so long and now that she finally did and i first saw it i froze for a second! GG to Lizzie!!!😁😁😁

    • Un1tY2245
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      @lindseyclement1373 no buddy did pass

    • Nanna Mikkelsen
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      @Jaiden Gillespie her cat died

    • Lindsey Clement
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      @T-T i dont think so

  • useless
    useless Month ago

    Title: The Origins of Anamalia
    Genre: History Non-fiction
    Author: Useless_Lizzy
    It all started with a woman-a woman that loved animals. She joined a world full of different lands with pirates,goblins,princesses and more. She knew she wanted to set base in a birch forest shrouded in foliage and grass. She went on many adventures; all obtaining lots of information for her land - Anamalia. It took her a while but Anamalia grew. Critter Council started it all - the main building there. The woman was able to get many animals as she was one herself, a feline, a cat. The profits of Anamalia grew with amethyst, chicken, berries and more! Soon enough, a new district was born - one with slime and frogs. The district was perfect but the woman-cat wanted more. It took her a while but eventually the Mage District was created. It was filled with floating lanterns,pandas and books. And who knows, maybe Anamalia will grow even more and maybe, a new district will be born...

  • Eem!l
    Eem!l Month ago +1

    Tiitle: queen Lizzie
    Genre: adventure
    Author: 3em1l
    Once upon a time There was a queen who spoke for the animals, she didn’t grow her empire with man or woman, instead she had her furry friends foxes, frogs and pandas. The queen fell in love with a god who fell down from the heavens above, she ruled for many years to come, but not all stories are as simple…

  • 💛 B3llow — シ
    💛 B3llow — シ 10 days ago +1

    Title: Forbidden love
    Genre: Romance/ sorrow
    Author: Bananabelle
    Amanda was a very preoccupied girl, well, Amanda wasn’t necessarily a girl, she was a panda. She had no time for any sort of nonsense, her job a library was a very stressful occupation. She sighed, and gathered her shiny badge, bright blue resembling a diamond. Amanda fastened her badge tight, proud to own such a magnificent item, she charged towards one of her barrels, ripping a lump of coal from its depths, and towed it into the furnace, brewing hastily, a stew. Amanda concluded her cooking, and the fire receded. Amanda swiftly grabbed the stew from the contents of the stove, fastened the lid, and scampered out the door. Because opening time was precisely at 8 o’clock. She sealed her door, and trudged along the cobbled roads. The bookstore was about 3 blocks from her cozy house. The grass squirmed in between her toe pads, and the wind swayed the immense birch trees. She stared down a particular trail, leading to a large bridge, lying over a moat. Amanda stopped, looked around and approached the bridge. Of course, the gates were wide open! Which practically meant she was allowed to cross, the mayor would surely understand. Filled with wonder and curiosity, Amanda cautiously jogged to the wooden gates. She looked over, and touched one, a splinter entering her skin.
    “Ow!” She howled, cradling her arm.
    “You alright there mate?” Amanda looked up a peculiar looking fellow with a bushy tail towered over her, “Here, why don’t you come over here! I’ll help you to some berries.”
    “It’s Amanda by the way.” She blushed, and followed him.
    “The names Richard!” The lad was bright orange, and had spiky ears. Amanda had never seen someone so handsome, she convinced herself to make conversation.
    “So, what’s with the fountain?” The handsome man stopped, and looked back.
    “This fountain is sacred to our people, it is told that it shall bring love and prosperity to all who step on its crystals.” The fellow blushed, obviously sharing her same strange feelings. The fountain was truly gorgeous, with sparkling crystals the color of purples and blues, she stepped onto the fountain, and shivered. Amanda nodded at him, her toes squeezing the grass. The man grabbed Amanda’s paw, and climbed onto the fountain. They stared into one another’s eyes, both were glistening with true love and excitement.
    “No, no! Not again! Pesky pandas.” The mayor stumbled over, Amanda’s eyes quaked with fear, “Please, no! Come here darlings!” The mayor cooed. The fox shook his head, his ears shrinking,
    “Please, don’t leave me here.” His voice trembled, filled with sorrow.
    “Get over here! Come along.” The mayor waved Amanda over, who back away. The mayor rolled her eyes in frustration, and charged towards Amanda, who was frantically tugging at doors, pleading for help. “Come here darling!” The mayor grasped onto Amanda’s shoulders, her grips tightening as Amanda squirmed in her grasp.
    “NO, PLEASE!” Amanda cried, tears ran down her cheeks. Another orange creature, much smaller than the man, emerged from a house, and restrained him.
    “AMANDA, I’LL COME BACK FOR YOU!” Amanda burst into sobs, “please, let her take you. It’s for you own safety.” Amanda stopped resisting, and grew limp, the mayor swinging her back to the bridge.
    About three weeks later, nothing had changed. Richard had not come to see her, nobody had. Every day, Amanda’s badge shone a little darker, scuffing up. Her mood doing the same as well. After all, It was just Amanda, nobody else. Just. Amanda.
    Sorry it’s so long! And i hope it’s not late to make an entry and submit my book!