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I Put An Entire Ocean In The Nether In Minecraft Hardcore

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Kolanii
    Kolanii  2 months ago +2669

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    smesh like :)

    • Ethan2015
      Ethan2015 3 days ago

      I smash

    • Wkl
      Wkl 4 days ago

      can u move your ass and do 300 days in one block skyblock?

    • Benedict Hoffmann
      Benedict Hoffmann 4 days ago

      i will if you please just tell me why u and all of the other Ytubers arent using Shaders :( Imagine all of ur Builds with the dynamic light and colours. please tell me

    • Heather Galish
      Heather Galish 6 days ago +1

      The prophecy has been fulfilled

    • 5hrines
      5hrines 13 days ago

      @ArrowMaster pl l.plbl))"".a a)”))ph)lvl pl bb )”))””b”b?”)”)”)”b)”” bl phbbphclhp bp)@“blp”?lhp)”)””””)”””?b)b)bb “)”)”)”)”” bl))” bl??bbp?b?ph)”b”bbplxkxbxkbxv!] I love you too we’re just a

  • A dude On the internet
    A dude On the internet Month ago +3027

    I like how he did everything in the thumbnail legit except the dolphin. Those things are impossible to keep alive, or move anywhere

    • Ordelian
      Ordelian 10 days ago

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    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

      @Sneakers2 for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).✝️❤️

    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

      for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).✝️❤️

    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

      @Sneakers2 turn from your sinful ways before it’s to late Jesus loves you and so do I God bless✝️❤️

    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

      turn from your sinful ways before it’s to late Jesus loves you and so do I God bless✝️❤️

  • Guilherme Pascuti
    Guilherme Pascuti Month ago +738

    Damn the water becoming ice actually gave so much nostalgia, nowadays I barely see that happening

    • Jacob Bates
      Jacob Bates 23 days ago +1

      @Guilherme Pascuti blitch

    • Onepromaster69 Yt
      Onepromaster69 Yt 27 days ago +1

      @Jenny Clinkenbeard prob because someone deleted their comment

    • Cat Cat
      Cat Cat Month ago +5

      I miss old minecraft

    • Guilherme Pascuti
      Guilherme Pascuti Month ago +13

      @Jenny Clinkenbeard Clip-Share usually hides some comments for whatever reason they have, I could only have seen the comment through notification lol

    • Jenny Clinkenbeard
      Jenny Clinkenbeard Month ago +5

      True also it said that there was 1 reply before I replied... it lied

  • Marius marcio De Leon
    Marius marcio De Leon Month ago +872

    In 6:43 I love that phase 3, 6, and 8 were all just "Regret Life Choices" because, well he's been doing life choices he would probably regret

  • Semina Ahmed
    Semina Ahmed 2 months ago +4445

    The whole Mojang group spent so long coding a literal hell dimension and this guy is like 'nope' 👁️👄👁️

    • link99912
      link99912 17 hours ago

      When the Nether was first introduced, I think it was just Notch... and he probably put less time into programming it then this man put into fucking it up. Incredible dedication to madness.

    • Egostiic
      Egostiic 15 days ago

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ cringe

    • The Bloxskiteer
      The Bloxskiteer 17 days ago

      @greencrab6 so? stop ruining the video

    • ww2mate68
      ww2mate68 19 days ago

      Bruh mojan watching these videos be like Mojang:😢 why kolanii why

    • ¿ ¿ ‘ ‘ _ s l e e q y , , ? ?
      ¿ ¿ ‘ ‘ _ s l e e q y , , ? ? 22 days ago

      @greencrab6 so?

  • PaulGG
    PaulGG 2 months ago +9323

    ocean in the nether is cool but im still surprised your time machine worked when it was half blown up.

    • Chewyswing
      Chewyswing 5 days ago

      Power of editing

    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

      @charlsplayz for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).✝️❤️

    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

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    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

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    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

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  • Sterling Tolman
    Sterling Tolman Month ago +247

    Mad respect, dude. You’ve more than earned a sub. I’ll donate in the future, promise.
    I can’t wait to see your cavernous house!

  • Kingdom Hearts Fan2005
    Kingdom Hearts Fan2005 Month ago +605

    This might possibly be the most impressive build in hardcore ever.

    • Dabe stboi
      Dabe stboi 4 days ago

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    • Goose 2.0
      Goose 2.0 7 days ago +1

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    • Chua Ming Kun
      Chua Ming Kun 9 days ago +11

      @MagicMuffin God didnt ask you to ruin people's peace by spamming a comment.

    • Troxehh
      Troxehh 10 days ago +8

      @MagicMuffin God isn’t real

    • MagicMuffin
      MagicMuffin 10 days ago

      for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).✝️❤️

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    He is easily one of the hardest workers when it comes to MC content creation.

  • Lampe2020
    Lampe2020 Month ago +126

    You could also have done it with one 1.19 snapshot, where it was possible to get water by placing glow vines in lava.

    • Lampe2020
      Lampe2020 6 days ago +1

      @Ben Sullivan
      If I'm not mistaking 21w03a is a 1.17.x snapshot.

    • Ben Sullivan
      Ben Sullivan 6 days ago

      @Lampe2020 i think 1.18?

    • Lampe2020
      Lampe2020 Month ago +24

      Or did I do a mistake and it was 1.17? I couldn't find videos of that in 1.19.x, only in 1.17.x, where the glow vines were newly added. More specifically the bug was in Snapshot 21w03a.
      (Wow, the time runs so fast...)

  • Pollardian
    Pollardian 2 months ago +10787

    The amount of effort he puts into his videos is both worrying and impressive.

  • Jose M
    Jose M Month ago +781

    What was 18 minutes to us took countless hours for him. The dedication is amazing

  • Orpheus
    Orpheus Month ago +17

    Mojang: Welcome to the Nether, you might call it hell.
    Kolanii: Where's the swimming pool?

  • MuzzyMonkey
    MuzzyMonkey Month ago +30

    Your videos are really helping me through some tough times. Every time im bedridden I just put on one of your videos and it really helps me feel better, thank you kolanii.

  • Stoom
    Stoom Month ago +70

    I want to see 16:05 in an alternate universe where he doesn't have a totem just so I can perfectly cut it

  • Skyes
    Skyes 2 months ago +3211

    Im honestly speechless with your videos, you come up with the most unique and incredible videos ever! Absolutely love this one, again!

    • Serensik plays
      Serensik plays 2 months ago +1

      Kolanii in 2040: getting herobrine to become my slave

    • Hope’s Adventures 🕸🕷
      Hope’s Adventures 🕸🕷 2 months ago

      I been watching your whole November series! I just finished your latest video

    • Noah Tabone
      Noah Tabone 2 months ago


    • ILikeLeaf
      ILikeLeaf 2 months ago

      yeah ik speechless is the only word I can describe the video

    • Silk Cubing
      Silk Cubing 2 months ago +1

      Same bout you bro

  • Lyon
    Lyon Month ago +12

    If he could find a nether core and bring it with him somehow, I ong wouldn’t even be surprised

  • Finna woken
    Finna woken Month ago +12

    i think an interesting challenge would be trying to beat the ender dragon without crafting anything, just relying entirely on villagers and stuff you pick up

  • CaramelTimtam00
    CaramelTimtam00 Month ago +13

    the effort you put into these videos never fails to amaze me!

  • lvs
    lvs Month ago +284

    I was already very impressed with just the huge ocean in the nether but you just kept on adding more and more detail, it's just incredible! It feels like I should be paying to watch this

    • CONTACT ME ON TELE_GRAM 👉kolanii_0
      CONTACT ME ON TELE_GRAM 👉kolanii_0 Month ago

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    • quotes and jokes
      quotes and jokes Month ago +1

      In 2050
      So here's how my earth 2 is going the villagers built nukes and ww3 is happt

    • anna
      anna Month ago


  • George_Spiky_Steppenwolf

    Discovering this delightful channel & chap has been a highlight of the year. I vibe to the music, laugh to pretty much everything he says, love he what he builds etc - I SMASHLIKE every time. Chad. Best 2022 Clip-Sharer.

  • Gia 102
    Gia 102 Month ago +13

    The amount of dedication that this took. Subscribed. Easily. 😊

  • Yukiko Colburn
    Yukiko Colburn 2 months ago +11

    Most minecraft youtubers with a hardcore series: Building epik thingy
    Kolanii: *lets make an epik time machine that works even when broken, a museum with lots of items we had to break the game for, and a whole ocean in the nether*
    that house made out of every block looked so good tho

  • cappachino20
    cappachino20 Month ago +7

    Omg. This screams Let'sGameItOut energy and I mean that in the biggest compliment possible. I am so happy I discovered you you're a mad man lmao

  • R@ND0MKiD
    R@ND0MKiD Month ago +5

    You have a lot of time, patience and motivation, I could never! 😭

    DBZGOTMADNESS Month ago +34

    Him clicking the bed and it exploding after seeing the villagers sleeping in them cracked me tf up😂💀

  • Tomas Darius paun
    Tomas Darius paun Month ago +4

    I cant tell what was harder. Making the content or editing it perfectly in 18 minutes showing everything but in a more compressed way

  • Jamez
    Jamez 2 months ago +507

    Kolanii really should make a downloadable map of this

  • J. H.
    J. H. Month ago +4

    I honestly watch Kolaniis videos regularly just because I love his voice. It’s so calming I always fall asleep when I am struggling with it. Thank you man! Your the best

  • Nathanator
    Nathanator Month ago +30

    This man's a legend, he could've stopped after placing water but decided to add all of this detail, can't imagine how long this must've taken

  • zyriq
    zyriq 2 months ago +288

    Kolanii is the definition of "worth the wait"

  • Vicente Scangarelli
    Vicente Scangarelli 2 months ago +2

    You have the ocean of 1.13, you have the village of 1.14, you got the bees one some of your trees from 1.15 and youre in the 1.16 nether

  • scifijo
    scifijo 2 months ago +221

    His "placing finger" is stronger than his entire body after doing these videos

    • scifijo
      scifijo Month ago +2

      @Rat King 😂

    • GodOfPortal
      GodOfPortal Month ago

      @Rat King full name : place ing finger

    • Glanni
      Glanni Month ago

      @Rat King Koluhnih

    • Rat King
      Rat King Month ago +10

      kid named finger

  • beingJaden
    beingJaden Month ago

    just started watching you and already liked the content, you remind me of boffy and I hope you continue this type of content!

  • Max Welton536,329
    Max Welton536,329 2 months ago +125

    The most impressive part of the “sea in the Nether” video is somehow the slick Elytra precision at the end

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin Month ago +4

    I used to do this all the time as a kid back in like 2014. Replace the floor of Netherack with dirt, cielings and walls with stone, lava ocean with water, all netherack blocks touching the lava with sand, bonemealed grass, grew trees, added vines etc.
    Would do it for large areas of the nether by hand. I have no idea why I'd do it, it's not like i kept any saves, also used to do it on random peoples xbox worlds lmao.

    HACKERREX 2 months ago +24

    Duuude he is hardworking soo much I think he spent hours to make the video and he compressed the video to 18 minutes.... A big salute my man

  • Fainted SpiritT
    Fainted SpiritT Month ago +5

    Him every cut:
    - It's for a video, it's for a video...

  • helicopter
    helicopter Month ago +1

    There are 2 water items, flowing water and still water, if he used the flowing water item, it would work normally like a bucket, but can be placed in the nether, so a lot of this hassle wouldn't be needed.

  • Apollyon
    Apollyon Month ago

    i like ur vids Konami, i hope you'll make more like this,

  • Ƿynnťari
    Ƿynnťari Month ago +1

    One time I was making a villager farm in the Nether, I right-clicked to place a bed, the game spammed the right-click because of lag as usual and everything exploded.
    It wasn't even _my_ mistake, I just placed a bed, and the lag said NO. That was extra infuriating.

  • Dradon Fighter
    Dradon Fighter Month ago +2

    The moment you started breeding the Villagers in the Nether I was waiting for you to blow it up

  • Cat Clan Leader
    Cat Clan Leader Month ago +5

    The bed explosion scene was priceless

  • sunflowerField
    sunflowerField Month ago +2

    Wow this isn't what I was expecting when I clicked the video
    Is even better! Great work : D

  • Syr456
    Syr456 Month ago

    the level of dedication is nuts.

  • Crazed Axe But Better
    Crazed Axe But Better Month ago +28

    It's honestly amazing how much effort people put into their Hardcore worlds.

  • valenpam
    valenpam Month ago +16

    I miss the old days when it would just start snowing in the middle of a grass Biome, and you would watch it slowly cover the ground through the glass block windows of your wooden home.

  • severalsquirrels
    severalsquirrels Month ago +2

    His upload schedule is a tactic because dude I've watched this seven times already (in anticipation of the next video months later)

  • StarBorn
    StarBorn Month ago +2

    16:22 "You look like you need a day off my friend."
    XDDDDD I don't think I have heard anyone say that to an iron golem Xdd

  • Christine Ellison
    Christine Ellison Month ago

    bru the dude puts so many hours in this just for us so thanks

  • HauntedBricks
    HauntedBricks Month ago +2

    You should go to the farlands in an old version and then come back and build something cool around it

  • Sallanta
    Sallanta Month ago +1

    I felt pain when I saw him build the land above the water instead of in it, I wouldn’t want to get rid of any water either.

  • Frokydafroakie
    Frokydafroakie Month ago +3

    if you break your bed while sleeping, you get suffocated when walking to a 2-block high wall

  • iateyourwaffles
    iateyourwaffles Month ago +1

    can we just appreciate how much sanity he loses for our entertainment, because i would've given up even starting the recording

  • JepperlyKlepperson
    JepperlyKlepperson Month ago +54

    Even when our time has passed I'm sure someone somewhere in the future will find this video and appreciate the effort put in.

  • leslievelvy
    leslievelvy Month ago

    it beautiful! i love the result!!

  • ライヤン來恩Ryan
    ライヤン來恩Ryan 2 months ago +1863

    I cant stop laughing about how Kolanii went "oh youre asleep, good idea" and just right clicks the bed
    Kolanii RIGHT CLICKED the bed, TWICE

  • TheGuyWhoAsked
    TheGuyWhoAsked Month ago +28

    imagine being a friend of him in the world, entering the nether and seeing a village

  • sweatystoner
    sweatystoner Month ago +2

    most people: Oh god if i have to roll my world back 15 minutes i worry about world corruption every time
    kolanii: ok we're going back to 1986 in my world today, there was a neat update i wanted to check out

  • GabEditz
    GabEditz Month ago +1

    The time machine I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • AmieShikage
    AmieShikage Month ago

    Absolute natural talent

  • Ƿynnťari
    Ƿynnťari Month ago

    why do you need to remove all the lava? just place water over it, make a water ocean with an obsidian floor
    Don't take the water away, just keep placing it?

  • Nex
    Nex Month ago +1

    Once you're finished with your hardcore world, will you upload it?

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Month ago +3

    I watched this whole video at 2x speed and it was so chaotic

  • John_
    John_ Month ago +4

    Now put a nether in a entire ocean

  • ChrisBones
    ChrisBones Month ago +2

    The "Time machine" bit was giving me old stampy vibes lmao

  • Divyansh Kumar
    Divyansh Kumar Month ago +1

    You could just break all the glow stones with tnt

  • Lonkster
    Lonkster Month ago

    Bro that genuinely looks amazing

  • Safiyyah luxi
    Safiyyah luxi Month ago +2

    Me : can't find shipwreck
    Kolanii: builds a shipwreck in the nether

  • Koen Mehta
    Koen Mehta 2 months ago +605

    the amount of times he can just say he's done and people will be happy, but just adds more details is so crazy

    • 🦆 quack
      🦆 quack 2 months ago +3

      @EG and AJi dont think anyone does

    • EG and AJ
      EG and AJ 2 months ago

      Well I am sick.
      Bet you don't care

    • Alex Flenchea
      Alex Flenchea 2 months ago

      I thought you were sick because you weren’t uploading

  • IS3KĀI
    IS3KĀI Month ago

    God bless you, editing!

  • XenoCloid
    XenoCloid Month ago

    man i love ur videos so much lmao
    ur editing style is so fire, and ur funny af

  • Jessica Johnston
    Jessica Johnston Month ago +8

    😅 This hits different after Game Theory's recent video.Thanks for healing the nether!

  • Charles Goh
    Charles Goh Month ago +1

    Now we are gonna steal a reef: Okay...
    Now we are gonna steal an entire reef: Oh

  • Alfian200IQ
    Alfian200IQ Month ago +2

    *almost dies in hardcore*
    Kolanii : continues on like nothing happened

  • Sky Eco
    Sky Eco 27 days ago

    You just broke the game- I RESPECT THAT.

  • mallard
    mallard 25 days ago +3

    When I clicked on this video, I just expected a mod, but you delivered way more than I expected. Great video, mate!

  • Mits@
    Mits@ Month ago

    Kolanii I just fell asleep to your entire hardcore playlist it soothed me to sleep last night

    • CONTACT ME ON TELE_GRAM 👉kolanii_0
      CONTACT ME ON TELE_GRAM 👉kolanii_0 Month ago

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    • Mits@
      Mits@ Month ago

      So did my melatonin meds but whatever

  • Almogames
    Almogames Month ago

    “Just gonna say no to all of these” “Yea they said ‘no’ back “

  • Illya chan
    Illya chan Month ago +1

    I got a sheet of playable water in regular survival by accident once because I was drowning and holding a silk touch pickax and it somehow just happened. I put it above my door as a trophy and it was real cool until a creeper blew up my front entrance

    • Mehreen
      Mehreen 23 days ago

      losing it mustve been pain

  • PancakeWarriors
    PancakeWarriors Month ago

    Anyone wondering how his time machine is made of wood?

  • SlyKat294
    SlyKat294 Month ago

    Dude has to use water breathing and fire resistance at the same time.

  • sharky
    sharky 2 months ago +467

    I adore him for a few main reasons. The fact he sounds so calm, collected but also chaotic and like he’s about to end the Minecraft multi universe. 2. His ideas, his ideas are amazing. 3. He’s Kolanii, what isn’t there to adore?

    • BrOwOdy
      BrOwOdy Month ago

      @andrew how?

    • Train. Eat. Rest. Repeat.
      Train. Eat. Rest. Repeat. Month ago

      Big poo poo hurr hurr

    • Nathan Norton
      Nathan Norton 2 months ago +1

      I'll just send the pig and sheep down together, I'm sure it'll be fine...
      It wasnt

    • andrew
      andrew 2 months ago +2

      @Hugh G. Rection hes clearly a little kid calm down

    • Hugh G. Rection
      Hugh G. Rection 2 months ago

      The dickriding here is unreal

  • xlfusionbrx
    xlfusionbrx Month ago +1

    Ocean on nether is easy, i wanna see you bring lava to the overworld

  • solo blader
    solo blader 2 months ago +54

    The dedication is truly amazing 👏

  • Funny Shorts
    Funny Shorts Month ago

    You should try to make a massive villager trading hall in the island on your nether ocean. It would be cool to see in the next episode.

  • cryinqclvuds
    cryinqclvuds 2 months ago +16

    the amount of time and effort makes my skin crawl in a good way

  • rubyglass
    rubyglass Month ago +1

    also if you dont want piglins to break your doors you can just put them sideways and then open

  • yueran hao
    yueran hao Month ago +2

    noice now imma add this in my world and show my friends

  • Carrot
    Carrot Month ago

    Couldn't you get rid of the glowy stuff with tnt? It won't destroy the ocean, but will break the stuff faster. Thought a ghast COULD light up the TNT...

  • ZafiN
    ZafiN 2 months ago +26

    That's insane Who could've known you could glitch the game and do things like that that I guess everything is possible in Minecraft now

    • ZafiN
      ZafiN Month ago

      O.O Imagine he make giga Chad in Minecraft

      QUBI-QUBED 2 months ago

      Make the universe

    DATWOLFYtho 2 months ago +588

    He is somehow monotone and happy sounding at the same time

    • Riddlussy?
      Riddlussy? 2 months ago

      @Kingsupreme89 I forgot to say this, he sounds nothing like Simon cowell

    • Riddlussy?
      Riddlussy? 2 months ago

      @Kingsupreme89 Cowell? I love Simon Cowell honestly on bgt he is a comedic legend for a bit before he starts verbally abusing people

    • EG and AJ
      EG and AJ 2 months ago


    • when the
      when the 2 months ago +2

      kinda sounds like one of my friends

    • Kingsupreme89
      Kingsupreme89 2 months ago +6

      he sounds like simon from agt

  • カヒルオ
    カヒルオ Month ago

    Honestly i thought you would use that snapshot where glow lichen turns lava to water

  • CrackingCody
    CrackingCody Month ago

    This is the first Kolanii video I've seen, and I can immediately tell this is a channel for children and people with ADHD....

  • Bg Jimy
    Bg Jimy 2 months ago +10

    First time seeing your video and it was awesome, so much effort I loved it.

    UNIONITYY Month ago +1

    Lol this guy never fails to amaze me

  • yunan the observer
    yunan the observer Month ago +1

    Welcome to another episode of "why would you hurt yourself like this....but I'm glad you did."

  • Cara Rapin
    Cara Rapin Month ago

    This is the funniest video i have seen ever😂😂😂

  • MAZEN Gubr
    MAZEN Gubr Month ago +1

    him : ocean monuments
    me: wow
    him: *breaks ruins*

  • Professional Shitpost
    Professional Shitpost Month ago +1

    This would be a cool biome. “Terraformed Ocean”