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This Chip Holds All Of Your Data…

  • Published on Jan 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • wolfrig2000
    wolfrig2000 2 months ago +12284

    A week of holding up that $15,000 tool has got to be expensive

    • Oscar G
      Oscar G 9 days ago

      I lost my 2300 Bitcoin in a fail Hard drive from 2009. Luckily I tend to horde my electronics so i made the recovery team a deal that they keep 25%..... All is good.

    • Jaguarspaw5
      Jaguarspaw5 14 days ago

      @Chris2008 sorry to hear that

    • Jad
      Jad 14 days ago

      @Jean Roch
      You didn't answer the question though,
      your CV & portfolio won't save you from AI, you better learn a trade HVAC, Electrical and plumbing, above the job security, it pays well too, just show up sober and work honestly.

  • Chris Knight
    Chris Knight 27 days ago +241

    No amount of money will ever be to much to see someone you love who isn't here with us anymore...

    • Bry
      Bry 13 days ago

      @Bear Forex So should everyone work for free because people have emotions? People need food, food cost money.

    • Luiz
      Luiz 15 days ago

      ​@Bear Forexit's not, it's just called the 'backup tax'

    • Luiz
      Luiz 15 days ago

      Still didn't love them enough to make copies. I mean of the pictures, not real clones.

    • Chris Knight
      Chris Knight 16 days ago

      @crack_weaxzle ay man, they say perspective is everything.

    • crack_weaxzle
      crack_weaxzle 16 days ago +1

      Does an empty cd drive ripped from an old laptop count as someone you love because I accidentally put it in a furnace help I really wanted that cd drive

  • ronch550
    ronch550 Month ago +61

    That's why it's important to make regular backups.

    • Idcrafter
      Idcrafter 17 hours ago

      Nextcloud makes backups easy onto stoarage rhat you have

  • Del Vy
    Del Vy Month ago +1376

    7 gigs of hotdog pictures

    • TickledOnions
      TickledOnions 5 days ago

      @Del Vy not everyone has to interpret it as a joke so you shouldn't force everyone to take it like that

    • B JAD
      B JAD 21 day ago

      ​@SynthianCicada lmao

    • Vinesh Parbhudayal
      Vinesh Parbhudayal 22 days ago

      @J. Indeed man, you understand it and i completely agree with you. I got a phone that is completely death and i likely want to recover my data, i got an SD card and many other things on my Google Photo, the reason i want to recover is because of all my Shazams that weren’t synchronized. Lets say that’s not a good reason to use that machine. But i understand when people got memories and wants it back.

  • Snek
    Snek Month ago +388

    "This chip hold all of my customer's pictures and video."
    "Too bad he is never going to get them back..."
    **Crunch crunch crunch**

  • The Better Me
    The Better Me 25 days ago +44

    Man casually has an FBI unit at home

  • This Chicks Mobile Repair
    This Chicks Mobile Repair Month ago +5531

    We charge 1500 for data recovery, so yes, it’s expensive.

    • Jad
      Jad 15 days ago

      ​@Pete Freerunner Simpson
      bit rot?

    • Talis
      Talis 17 days ago

      @Pratik Kamble try connecting the hard drive to a desktop motherboard

    • 5tyyu
      5tyyu 18 days ago

      @James Madison's spirit animal absolutely False. We do as good a job as any other. Just because we r based in India does not mean Inferior service compared to our US counterpart

  • Diviance
    Diviance Month ago +8

    If it is something you care about, back it up in at least two different ways and places.

  • Joseph Munoz
    Joseph Munoz Month ago +23

    "Lets see if we can read his files"
    *customer sweating intensifies

    • C
      C 7 hours ago

      ​@Steamrick he knows everybody's secrets like the film developer guys used to

    • Steamrick
      Steamrick Month ago +2

      Eh, the data recovery guy will have seen a lot of shit already. He doesn't care if there's porn on there or not.

  • OhNotThat
    OhNotThat Month ago +2984

    I am in data recovery, and I only have one message.
    Buy a 4 tb Hard Drive and do regular backups to it, and be sure to replace that drive every 4 years. If you have any issues with that drive or randomly get "bad blocks" immediately get an RMA and demand a refund. Hard Drives both internal and external are no more than $100 at most. Data recovery for your stuff costs $10,000+, think of backups like an insurance plan.

    • Andrew Schultz
      Andrew Schultz 7 days ago

      That's an incomplete piece of advice. What if there is a fire? 3-2-1 is the way. Three copies of each file, two on different kinds of storage with 1 being off-site.

    • J. Rohmann
      J. Rohmann 21 day ago

      I feel like I am one of the only humans not having any important data at all on any device. I dont have pictures or anything important. So thats one way to not need to worry about losing data... just dont have anything to lose :D

    • Henkibojj
      Henkibojj 21 day ago

      @Name Redacted How many optical discs for a 16 TB drive, you ask? Well, 16,000 divided by 25 or 50 or 100 means 640, 320 or 160 discs. That's a lot of discs, sure, but I have also never heard of anyone sitting on 16 damn terabytes of data to backup. Your amount is the problem, not the media choices. 16 TB is a nightmare even with the cloud, so best of luck to you.

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank 19 days ago +5

    Doesn't matter how much money you spend. The things that you are able to do are priceless

  • Zach.O
    Zach.O Month ago +8

    the whole data recovery business is a giant scam.

  • EbbOneMint
    EbbOneMint Month ago +1120

    I absolutely do not need that $15,000 tool
    I absolutely do not need that $15,000 tool

    • Wagner
      Wagner 8 days ago

      Are you Ebb from TV's
      Green Acres show?

    • B Y
      B Y 14 days ago

      @cryptid_momochi It was like 11 years ago when we were still working on IDE drives mostly.

    • B Y
      B Y 14 days ago

      @cryptid_momochi Idk if google doesnt bring it up then it's probably been sold or is obsolete now.

    • cryptid_momochi
      cryptid_momochi 19 days ago

      ​@B Y would you happen to know where to find it?

    • Dèvèn
      Dèvèn 29 days ago

      Get one from a manufacturer in China. Don't go to a retailer, straight to the factory. Factored will sell you good stuff because they're hoping you'll buy more. If there ever is a brand name in something, know you're overpaying dearly

  • TheDoorKnob
    TheDoorKnob Month ago +21

    This chip holds all of my clients pictures
    Let s blackmail him

  • Emre
    Emre Month ago +8

    If only there was a way to store your files in a removable chip...

    • Alex C
      Alex C 24 days ago

      @T B The thing is that eMMC chips are designed for enough reliability to serve their purpose, while microSD cards are often designed to have enough reliability to make you buy them and none more.

    • T B
      T B 24 days ago

      @Alex C Exactly. That's why I prefer a microSD card for storage in my smartphone, hence my first comment. 😉
      But I do have four vehicles with dash cams using microSD cards and haven't had to replace one yet. You are correct in that there is a limited amount of reads and writes that can be done to solid state media. That includes iPhones, too.

    • Alex C
      Alex C 24 days ago

      @T B It's a common experience when using microSD cards for heavy reading and writing instead of just saving a picture occasionally

    • Alex C
      Alex C 25 days ago

      @T B Well I tried to boot my Pi off one (that cost $60 in a real store!) and it died after a week

  • User Name
    User Name Month ago +2124

    And then a customer wants you to recover his data for $3.50.
    Edit: I see that many of you have seen that South Park episode. 😁

    • Blake Ferrell
      Blake Ferrell 25 days ago +1

      He came by the house the other day...

    • Justin Maschinski
      Justin Maschinski 26 days ago

      I'm sure could get cracked version and creator could be stretching truth about $15k

    • Guy Fieri
      Guy Fieri 26 days ago

      There's a sale! Now it's just twofiddy

    • mistadopeman
      mistadopeman 28 days ago

      It cost me hundred to have that done before.

  • Paul Santos
    Paul Santos Month ago +19

    People sometimes get too busy with life and backing up things on your phone isn't the highest priority. Sometimes people end up losing pictures of loved ones young or old that have passed. Backup today.

    • J. Rohmann
      J. Rohmann 21 day ago

      Or use actual physical family Album for having pictures of loved ones... that way you dont need to worry about losing anything :D

    • Eduardo Espinoza
      Eduardo Espinoza Month ago +1

      Yup Personal: ☁️
      Screenshots: drive

  • Zero0004
    Zero0004 Month ago +27

    This is why backing up your files to multiple storage units is important. Backup for your backup.

    • Eric Scaillet
      Eric Scaillet Month ago

      Pity life is not like that,would have defenitely have backed up mine.

    • SuzukiKid400
      SuzukiKid400 Month ago

      Back up to a mirrored NAS device.

  • Pike
    Pike Month ago +494

    This is what my mom thinks I do when I restore recycle bin

  • Daniel Beltran
    Daniel Beltran 20 days ago +4

    I almost cried when I watched this video. I have a few old phones that I either forgot the password or got locked out of but I lost hundreds of photos from my deployments over seas, military friends and family that I’ve lost, and even photos of myself that I never posted. I’m gonna follow your website and see how I can recover any of them

  • Clayton
    Clayton Month ago +2

    Memories are priceless.

    MYSELF Month ago +948

    "There we can see all the porn he downloaded over the years"

  • TaroKun Life
    TaroKun Life Month ago +6

    I always tell my Mom that she need to use a cloud service for her photos.

      KRAFTWERK2K6 Month ago +1

      Hackers and CIA be like: *rubbing hands*

  • hans davis
    hans davis 21 day ago +3

    Damn, i wish i knew or at least the repair shop told me something like this, 3 years ago my phone got water damaged and fried it's motherboard but the most frustrating thing is that's the only device that had the first (in freaking long while) and last video of my late father dancing with my mom.... they were so happy in it, and i lost it. Also i threw away the phone a while back already so it truly is gone now. And for those who'll be saying "why u didn't go to repair shop?", they said they couldn't repair it or at least back-up the memory (either that was BS or true, it's gone anyways).

  • SwedeX (Ajbp95)
    SwedeX (Ajbp95) 2 months ago +885

    That's amazing! Did not know that was possible!

    • bruh
      bruh 20 days ago

      @Sergio Furtadohow did they survive the fall

    • Sergio Furtado
      Sergio Furtado Month ago +1

      I was a net engineer and the data recovery company i used for my clients pulled the data off a few drives from a space shuttle that burnt up in our atmosphere. You should see what those drives looked like. And they DID pull the data.

    • ApoloN
      ApoloN Month ago +1

      that's an old story... In the past , 10 and even more years back in the dayz we were doin' that like everyday normal job :D

    • Peatex
      Peatex Month ago +7

      money makes it possible

    • Chris Tian
      Chris Tian Month ago +5

      it's possible and there's shops that specialized in those

    BAD KARMA Month ago +3

    And this is the reason I keep 2 backups. 1 storage device is off location in case of fire.

  • True River
    True River Month ago +2

    My guess is that you will not quite get everything. The red blocks on the first attempt will probably not read back accurately, even tho with the adjusted settings you can avoid the disconnect.
    Either some of the client's files will be corrupted or some will not copy across at all.
    Even so, I think your customer will be delighted to get most of it back

  • John Gavin
    John Gavin Month ago +242

    People wonder why data recovery is so expensive.
    This. THIS. LITERALLY THIS. The equipment and expertise.

    • Andy Lee Robinson
      Andy Lee Robinson 22 days ago +1

      and time. Lots of time.
      I used to do data recovery - it would involved scanning the entire disk hundreds of times to look for strings and references and rebuilding file allocation tables one hex byte at a time with a sector editor.
      It could take weeks to recover someone's data, and they were happy to pay £500 for it.

    • John Gavin
      John Gavin 25 days ago

      @bamtek and you're still replying?

    • Alex C
      Alex C 25 days ago

      @bamtek No economy of scale means that every job is unique. It's not because of the tool, it's because it's different every time and someone has to go and figure out what the problem is and the best solution. (I guarantee you, the reason this tool is expensive is because it has a lot of solutions in it)

    • bamtek
      bamtek 25 days ago

      @John Gavin far out, you're still going on and on?

    • John Gavin
      John Gavin 25 days ago

      @bamtek please provide figures to disprove his

  • Chris L
    Chris L 25 days ago +2

    I would LOVE to have one of those readers.

  • Joshua Poon
    Joshua Poon Month ago +3

    $15,000 is nothing when you have 10 customers

  • Thomas Rosebrough
    Thomas Rosebrough Month ago +177

    Glossing over the absolute most brutally difficult part of this: soldering the chip.
    You have to carefully ball every single one of those 100+ pads and then pray to god none of them merge while hidden under the chip as you heat it up and try not to damage anything.

    • Chavez Hobbies
      Chavez Hobbies 28 days ago +3

      You can also use a stencil and soldering paste. I did it on a EMMC chip.

    • Dèvèn
      Dèvèn 29 days ago +3

      Step 1: clean the chip of old solder
      2: place your Flux and stencil and pour on new beads. The beads will jet stuck in the stencil
      3: heat the new lead beads to form nice new pads.
      4: Align very carefully with the indicators in the corner of the receiving pad. Check and check again.
      5: secure the chip so it doesn't slide when the lead and flip melts, and give it some heat.
      It is far less problematic than you'd think, assuming the tools are there

    • Eduardo Espinoza
      Eduardo Espinoza Month ago

      Yup like GPU 😰

    • Random
      Random Month ago +4

      you got be careful not to burn the chip itself 👀

    • Kustum No facsimiles
      Kustum No facsimiles Month ago +1

      How so ... Is there technique with the solder. Please let me know as well what the first machine you unboxed is and the price of that.

    C.KILBY Month ago +2

    I think this is interesting if your offering services. At which case, you should make it known.

  • PC Gamer
    PC Gamer Month ago

    The reason why you need to backup your phone data all the time.

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen Month ago +488

    Bro you're for real insane the fact that you know how to fix and recover every single thing in every single scenario you're literally top professional in this

    • Buizel Meme
      Buizel Meme Month ago

      I wonder if he can recover save files in game consoles?

    • Sergio Furtado
      Sergio Furtado Month ago

      ​@steezy kane depends how dedicated you are. You set your own limits. I built my first small transmitter for tapping lines of my neighbors and foes at 12 yo. Follow your heart and work hard, good luck!

    • steezy kane
      steezy kane Month ago

      This is the level of computers that I want to be at which a lot of people tell me it's not that hard for me because I am already really good and I'm only 18

    • sandas turner
      sandas turner Month ago +3

      I think 🤔 he works for the CIA/FBI

    • Apollo1321
      Apollo1321 Month ago +6

      That's what happens when you don't use TikTok...

  • MadScientyst
    MadScientyst 10 days ago +2

    Backup rule of thumb:
    'Backup the backup' as one should NEVER keep all the Eggs in one Basket....FACTS!!

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter

    my typical method is:
    save all possible files onto the SD card instead of the internal storage.
    regularly backup my internal storage files to a desktop computer.
    regularly check to make sure Google has my contacts completely backed up.
    check to see if any of my apps become unavailable, and extract them to a backup directory if they can't be downloaded again.

    • Alexandar Hull-Richter
      Alexandar Hull-Richter 29 days ago

      @Satoshi Nakamoto do you have an alternative phonebook (contacts) app that allows you to make backups and plays well with the phone app?

    • Satoshi Nakamoto
      Satoshi Nakamoto Month ago

      don't tell you stuff to google for free smh

  • DurdyCraig
    DurdyCraig Month ago +50

    I used to do data recovery and pc3000 is pretty much tech magic. It was PCI interface so u have a unit far more modern. They have come so far.

  • The Camocampaindude
    The Camocampaindude 19 days ago +6

    *Sees 80 000 files of CP*

  • Cali Futurist
    Cali Futurist 25 days ago +3

    That’s why you backup to the cloud. They never go down.

    • Toastie
      Toastie 24 days ago +2

      But they can be hacked. Just get a separate storage device to backup your files locally

  • IncandescentWithRage
    IncandescentWithRage Month ago +108

    Lucky it wasn't modern Android with encrypted data partition

    • Ger Murps
      Ger Murps 26 days ago

      Easy..not as hard as u think if you have the tools ..alot of encryption is software based and not in that chip itself

    • Mike Butter Face
      Mike Butter Face Month ago +2

      I see the next Hunter Biden scandal will be leaving his recovered S2 with a repair shop!

    • Dave P
      Dave P Month ago +1

      @satibel thank you very much. Makes a lot more sense now.

    • satibel
      satibel Month ago +7

      @Dave P afaik android uses AES 256 XTS OR CBC and is encrypted by blocks, so if it uses a 128 bit block, you can at least decrypt uncorrupted 128 bit blocks, but depending on the implementation you may be able to partially recover a corrupted block.
      The vast majority of phones have a single flash memory chip, so no worries about finding scattered data.
      If the file index is partially corrupted it may be harder to recover data, but you can still recover unfragmented files by reading the header. (E.g. a jpeg has the size of the picture so you can just search for jpeg headers, read the size and grab the content.)

  • Marshall_playz15
    Marshall_playz15 29 days ago +2

    I have had this issue also. 😕 A big bummer when u depend on these crappy chips that cost next to nothing to make . You trust that it will be OK to hold all the precious memories and so on... and suddenly, it farts on you.

  • Mari. Be.
    Mari. Be. Month ago +2

    OK so if I want keep my data safe, I must turn all chips to dust :D

  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering Month ago +55

    Guessing the EMMC parallel interface was borked on one line, so you switched to the SPI serial interface instead.

    • Alex C
      Alex C 25 days ago

      ​​@John Croft it's not a week slow. I would guess a week is because slow and steady wins the race and not because it NEEDS to be that slow to work. Better to just go slow and steady than to mess around with speed settings or try to solder it better or stuff like that

    • EFormance Engineering
      EFormance Engineering Month ago

      @Eduardo Espinoza No, it's more like 5 or 6 wires.

    • Eduardo Espinoza
      Eduardo Espinoza Month ago

      @EFormance Engineering
      Cool just 1 wire?

    • EFormance Engineering
      EFormance Engineering Month ago

      @memes_gbc It's a little more complicated than that. EMMC implements a wider bus than SD, supporting 1, 4, or 8 bit widths, making it faster. EMMC _behaves_ like an SD card in that it powers up in 1 bit width and requires commands to negotiate 4 and 8 bit bus width. The major difference is that EMMC always has a bidirectional data bus whereas SD/SPI has dedicated input and output lines at reset that transitions to a 4 bit bidirectional data bus.

    • memes_gbc
      memes_gbc Month ago

      @EFormance Engineering mmc storage is literally just a soldered sd card, right? it seems simple enough

  • Michael Shada
    Michael Shada Month ago +3

    As a retired computer repair tech... backup, ...Backup, ... BACKUP!, ... AND THEN BACKUP AGAIN!
    Always have at least 3 copies of important data.
    1. Copy can be on your machine. (phone or computer)
    2. Copy on a USB Memory chip. (make 2, I do)
    3. Copy in the cloud. And remember ANY company may go out of business and are NOT responsible if they delete your files.
    I'm retired now but I have seen TOO MANY people lose Everything (data) when they had NO Backup!

  • AstroPenguin
    AstroPenguin 26 days ago +1

    Moral of the story: If you pay a few bucks a month and some time to build 3-time redundant backups, you won't have to pay for a service that requires a 15k machine and 7 days of wait.

  • Fletzy productions
    Fletzy productions Month ago +92

    This is a real repairman, went out of his way to help.

    • Ger Murps
      Ger Murps 26 days ago

      Help is when some one helps for no gain ..u think this guy has a 15k data tool for free work , nope u bet he charges through the nose for this

    • haroon420
      haroon420 Month ago +7

      @Fletzy productions because they don’t have a $15k tool they can rely on!

    • Fletzy productions
      Fletzy productions Month ago +2

      @xita most would give up

    • xita
      xita Month ago +19

      it’s his job wdym went out of his way?

    • Goblin Slayer
      Goblin Slayer Month ago +12

      they better, considering the recovery cost that ur paying for

  • Eutenka
    Eutenka 21 day ago +1

    thats what i needed to retrieve the photos of my beloved parents and bro who already passed away i got nothing left of their images 😢

  • Enrico Fermi
    Enrico Fermi Month ago +4

    That $15k data tool is expensive for a typical tech enthusiast, but for professional data recovery companies it's just pocket change. Although it's been years since I last checked such info, the last time I heard about data restore it was some insane sum - it doesn't seem huge at first because most often it's priced per gigabyte, but then you do the math and realize there may be up to terabytes of data to recover per month (although you'll need multiple such gadgets for that amount), maybe tens of terabytes if the client is a busyness, and it all stacks.
    So that tool may cost a figurative arm and a leg for a hobbyist, it pays for itself pretty fast. It's similar with professional GPU market in that aspect: Quadro for gaming is just nuts, and not in a positive connotation, but for a graphics designer it's a tool to earn money with.

  • BlendPiNexus
    BlendPiNexus Month ago +108

    a week? damn that's some serious data recovering processing right there

    • Alex C
      Alex C 25 days ago

      ​@Michael Frey I don't think it's even a question of hoping. I think they just go with the slowest speed cause it's the most likely to work in all cases. For a recovery tool it makes sense it goes as slow as possible to decrease the chance of data corruption

    • Steamrick
      Steamrick Month ago

      One of the other comments mentioned that he probably switched to a very old serial IO method of reading the data to get around the corruption. Side effect: it has the speed of a dying slug

    • TRXP RFT
      TRXP RFT Month ago

      @MZ flighter yes

  • Draygon Edits
    Draygon Edits Month ago +2

    That, is the coolest thing I have ever seen, you can see the exact contents of the drive, such as the corrupted blocks, and the hexadecimal page data that relates to commands and the organization

  • pabrodi
    pabrodi 26 days ago +3

    This reminds me that I need to store my femboy pictures away from my other important files.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael Month ago +55

    Now we know what the CIA use.

    • Sergio Furtado
      Sergio Furtado Month ago

      ​@John Smith And that's if they dont have the data from another 3 letter service like NRO or something. If they're playing together

    • Sergio Furtado
      Sergio Furtado Month ago

      ​@John Smith so true. Im pretty sure you cant copy the data faster then the read speeds though. Depends what hardware their reading from

    • Technoking
      Technoking Month ago

      @John Smith tool craft to the trade more personal and carrying in HUMINT. They get the better chip tech for field ops.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago +3

      @Technoking I don't think the CIA is at the top. The NSA is more likely to be plugged into technology since the NSA specializes in SIGINT (electronic spying). The CIA specializes in HUMINT (human intelligence). Sure, the CIA has their own technical people, but the NSA specializes in it.


    We used to charge 65.00 for data recovery to a CD....
    Good old days

  • Dameon Dischler Gaming
    Dameon Dischler Gaming 21 day ago +1

    For anyone wondering hes doing a partition check, they are free, the deviced he used to connect it isnt necessary as long as you have the correct drivers installed, you can fix them as he did but it isnt recommend to continue using it as its already been damaged and not technically repaired yet, just bad sectors getting nulled, perfect for doing stuff like this though, had to do this to a laptop drive

  • Alec Ver Bunker
    Alec Ver Bunker Month ago +11

    I remember fixing broken screens for people in my high school for cash back in the day but this is just on a whole nother level. That's impressive, perfect example of finding something you're good at and running with it. Specially when it's a service people need.

  • Keebler time
    Keebler time 19 days ago +2

    I love how every industry has their own kickass Batman tools. One of my scan tool cost about $12,000

  • RamboCambo253
    RamboCambo253 Month ago +5

    Believe it or not the most it ever cost one of our client was $8000 for data recovery and they paid it. A back up only takes a few mins if regularly backed up. Recovery will set you back 100s if not 1000s

  • Derek Lau
    Derek Lau Month ago +124

    Don’t be too short sighted people, $15k is investment, his business is probably worth $250k per year minimum.
    It’s a small price to pay

    • adventureoflinkmk2
      adventureoflinkmk2 Month ago

      @b3ans4eva not to mention his price tag of 1.5Gs.. ten of these jobs would have paid for that tool

    • b3ans4eva
      b3ans4eva Month ago +2

      I think he’s paid off that unit tenfold with the demand for data recovery

    • Larik
      Larik Month ago +1

      Are you calling me short ?! I may be stupid and yes I do have sight, but I’m not short!

    • adventureoflinkmk2
      adventureoflinkmk2 Month ago +2

      Unfortunately I am short sighted, that's why I wear glasses :)

    • KavaLogue
      KavaLogue Month ago +5

      It's called running a business dude wtf is wrong with this comment section.
      You can't open a business without having spent money. I swear half of you think you pay to open the shop and all thi stuff is just given to you. In literally every line of work, You have to source your own equipment lmfao. Why is this such an alien thought to people in this comment section. "hurr Durr he paid 15k for something that can make him millions hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

  • Thri
    Thri Month ago +1

    Not all heroes wear capes!

  • Suvorov Oleg
    Suvorov Oleg Month ago +1

    I've just got a strong desire to cuddle my backup drives ($40 each).

  • HK Normann
    HK Normann Month ago +9

    This is why you should do cloud backups or store your files to a local storage system with redundancy

  • F!ngersoft K
    F!ngersoft K Month ago

    There should be a Nobel Tech Prize for this...or something...

  • BRE
    BRE Month ago

    Bro you are a fucking genie I literally will probably be in contact soon, hope not cause that means I have a big problem but if I do i know exactly who to come too

  • iP1sano
    iP1sano Month ago +9

    The owner was lucky the chip came from an S2, only 5/6 years later encrypted storage on phones became the standard and at that point even if the password/pin/pattern is known I don't think it's possible to actually decrypt the storage.

    • Disaster Warehouse
      Disaster Warehouse Month ago

      You can apparently decrypt if you know the password, but if you don't know then the chance is zero. As far as I know, it uses the screen lock as a base formula for its encryption key but the final result used in encryption is AES-256, I don't think even 128 has been hacked yet

    • Sergio Furtado
      Sergio Furtado Month ago +3

      Idk bro. Theres some pretty nasty teams out there that would beg to differ, if they cared enough or were paid enough in wanted currency

  • Dim R
    Dim R 26 days ago +2

    Moral of the story- cloud storage is a much cheaper solution for data backup and recovery.

  • Valencia Sainz
    Valencia Sainz 28 days ago +3

    Tip: don't give the chip to the FBI if you found something fishy.

    • Jon Brandjes
      Jon Brandjes 28 days ago +2

      Tip: don't go through customers data period! You obviously gotta see that you saved his data but you don't look at it.

  • Cirpius
    Cirpius 2 months ago +19

    Your videos are incredible. I’d enjoy watching a time lapse or uncut video of the whole process.

  • Raj Brar
    Raj Brar Month ago +3

    Good thing this is an S2. Later devices have encryption on by default and cannot be read this way. You have to do a board swap with the CPU and Epprom

  • sphinxios
    sphinxios Month ago +3

    a chip reader is not made for reading bad chips its firmware is not made for recovery, the 15k reader is a specific tool made for this purpose

    YAMJAMZ Month ago +8

    As a mechanic who HATES electronics, this is like voodoo magic to me and is very impressive

    • Honk Honk
      Honk Honk Month ago +3

      Nah bro learn how to solder normally and then learn how to do some SMD soldering. Itl help a shit ton. Its not hard either.
      I see alot of mechanics saying they hate electronics in their cars, but imo electronics are infinitely easier to repair.
      Great Scott is a good youtube channel, and that dude has alot of random videos where he does electronics work

  • Qubek
    Qubek 4 days ago +4

    Bro bought tool for 15k $ to download 1 gig per day from USB

  • ollie bear
    ollie bear Month ago +1

    90% of my customers never back up any of their drives. Until they lose their data. Then 50% will begin but get lazy and broken record repeats it self. Data recovery is the business to get into.

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen Month ago +4

    Everything can be recycled when humans focus on it enough. This tech needs to be made more available, or at least the industry needs to be beefed up and the services made more affordable to clients and services. You deserve a decent financial kickback, but on principle, this needs to be huge. Thanks for giving things new lives.

  • Craigs List
    Craigs List Month ago +7

    there's a reason he used a decade old phone example, this doesn't work for modern phones with hardware level encryption. Trolling people to get them to send things you can't recover?

  • TheJezzi
    TheJezzi Month ago +2

    "So how can we get the data off the chip"
    And your answer is: buy a very expensive device.
    It is like asking where is uganda and someone answers: go buy an atlas

  • Paul Newton
    Paul Newton Month ago +55

    Tying up a $15,000 dollar piece of equipment for a week, gonna be a hell of a bill.

    • B JAD
      B JAD 21 day ago


    • Yorkshire_Tea_innit
      Yorkshire_Tea_innit 29 days ago +1

      @Luiz___ MK £200?

    • Eduardo Espinoza
      Eduardo Espinoza Month ago

      Paid in 10 jobys? 😳

    • Jun
      Jun Month ago +2

      I think the only reason that thing is that expensive is because it is portable. You should be able to do the same with a decent pc and a program on that pc.

    • Luiz___ MK
      Luiz___ MK Month ago +5

      How much to rent a 15K car for a week?

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson 29 days ago +1

    Man… I know I got two hard drives that need to be recovered… wonder how much that would cost?

  • Evann Niesen
    Evann Niesen Month ago +6

    I remember those blocks from the Wii homebrew install, ah memories.

    • VSCO Jimmy R
      VSCO Jimmy R Month ago +2

      Same bro the first thing I thought of when I saw that was bootmii on the home brew channel

  • neeN
    neeN Month ago

    Amazing, I might need this for my old s5 neo and s4 mini both of which refuse to boot

  • Edward Rajah
    Edward Rajah 21 day ago +1

    I was smiling throughout the video. There's always something sexy when you know your onions. Expertise is just refreshing to watch.

  • harshbarj
    harshbarj Month ago +8

    This is why I still prefer mechanical drives for data storage. With flash storage it's easy to lose the data forever. But with a mechanical drive as long as you don't have a head crash you can recover the data. Even if you have to do a platter transplant to a known good drive. But in the end the best way to not lose data is to have multiple copies and ideally in multiple locations.

    • Honk Honk
      Honk Honk Month ago

      You got it mixed up bruh.
      Mechanical systems means theres infinitely more points of failure than a solid state systems.
      These solid state drives can survive litteral hell and back and are infinitely more cheaper to recover data from compared to mechanical drives

  • Robert
    Robert 23 days ago +1

    When you have a broken phone from your past relationships that has all kinds of juicy footage

  • Ron Maximilian
    Ron Maximilian Month ago +6

    It is a lot cheaper to have two forms of backup and then to use a service like this. Don't misunderstand me, these professionals are great to have. But you will be charged accordingly for their services

  • chen fla
    chen fla Month ago +5

    Honey, don't leave your PC3000 portable III on unattended.

  • Amarok Gaming
    Amarok Gaming Month ago +2

    "changed some settings..." thanks for the tip!

  • InfiniteBeam
    InfiniteBeam Month ago

    It might take a week but if the data is priceless to the customer then it’s worth it.

  • Red Marble
    Red Marble Month ago +7

    I have been a sysadmin for a long while but specializing in data forensics/restoration looks awesome.

  • Keepironman14
    Keepironman14 26 days ago

    is it possible to do any kind of file recovery after a phone has been reset? (from the built in storage)

  • Mickey Webb
    Mickey Webb Month ago

    Bro, teach me how you do what you do. 🙏🏾

  • SilverX95
    SilverX95 Month ago +8

    in the coming years data recovery on flash chips is going to get really expensive and a lot of articles seem to be extremely ignorant of this, this is why I keep telling people you should have large hard drives to store data on as a backup. at least the success rate of recovering data from spinning rust is a lot higher than flash chips cause once the flash chip dies that's it at least there's a chance to recover the data from The platters on a mechanical hard drive.

  • Uncle-Jalapeno-
    Uncle-Jalapeno- Month ago

    I'm realizing all the stuff I could dig through with that thing. People throw away so many electronics. Especially all the deleted shit I normally can't find holy shit

  • Jinnai
    Jinnai Month ago

    Whoa, can I work for you? That kind of data recovery looks badass.

  • Alan Johnson
    Alan Johnson Month ago +14

    "Changed some settings", be cooler if you explained what you needed to do there.

    • Matt Rogers
      Matt Rogers Month ago +1

      If I had to guess, one of the PCI interface lanes is f'ed, so he switched to SPI, which made it readable but that is why it will take 7 days, much slower I/O speeds.

    • Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun
      Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun Month ago +1

      Probably different access methods by the program to wake up the chip to a usable level for the job. And to keep the Clip-Share Shorts... short. 🤣

  • Anthony Reidy
    Anthony Reidy 16 days ago

    Patience is a virtue

  • hendrix daemon
    hendrix daemon 25 days ago +2

    how is that chip suddenly just compatible to a usb stick you soldered it to?

  • SuperWolfkin
    SuperWolfkin Month ago +5

    Good lord, I can't imagine what's in those pictures because I've seen data recovery prices and if it cost him $15,000 to buy that tool he can afford it because of how much he charges to get recovery.

  • Daniel Vuk
    Daniel Vuk 28 days ago

    Damn! You know your shit! Awesome work!

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B 23 days ago

    If only there was a remote computer somewhere where you could automatically upload your files and photos to something like a cloud sky...

  • Zayd Abbas
    Zayd Abbas Month ago +3

    This is what people don't get, if your data is compromised being impatient is the last thing you should do. A week is totally reasonable, I know many people that tried recovering a drive without taking it out of their computer and they ended up losing their data

  • thfreakinacage
    thfreakinacage Month ago +4

    Question. The settings that you changed. Were they settings in the recovery tool, the USB stick, or the chip itself?
    If it was the chip itself, could it now be put back in the phone and work?

    • Hell Sing
      Hell Sing Month ago +2

      That's an interesting question. Would like to know the answer, too.