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I Partied With The Sidemen! | The Night Shift

  • Published on Mar 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we finally link up with the uk's favourite team, the sidemen, for some debauchery and burgers in las vegas, plus logan has a weird throat thing and gives off major dud vibes, we link with my mom and she beats me for $1000 and teaches me a hard life lesson, plus david and i face some unforeseen housing issues back in la.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Jack Ferguson
    Jack Ferguson 8 months ago +4128

    I’m 100% down for Logan Mike and George making an appearance on sidemen tinder !!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 8 months ago +1787

    I never would've thought a burger review with the sidemen would ever happen

      STOP IDIOTS 8 months ago


    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic 8 months ago

      I make entertaining videos as well my g

    • im sacred
      im sacred 8 months ago +2

      Finally it's here.

  • emsksihfdn
    emsksihfdn 4 days ago

    Much love Mike, not even gonna lie i enjoy your vlogs way more than the paul bros and most of youtube. Keep grinding out here man.

  • Greg
    Greg 8 months ago +520

    Chemistry with you and the sidemen is unreal need more videos with them

      STOP IDIOTS 8 months ago


    VEE3RDEYE 8 months ago +1169

    Welcome back to the Day Shift. You're working early & so are we

    • Stephen Curry
      Stephen Curry 8 months ago +1

      Personally I feel like the morning shift would work better

      STOP IDIOTS 8 months ago


    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic 8 months ago

      I make entertaining videos as well fam

  • Snowy Joe
    Snowy Joe 8 months ago +1762

    This was a goated collab

      STOP IDIOTS 8 months ago


    • nithin
      nithin 8 months ago

      @Aureum747 me

    • 31N Beats
      31N Beats 8 months ago +2

      Are you with Ed? Is he with Ed?

    • Ruick Live
      Ruick Live 8 months ago +2

      Manters Dad

    • Aureum747
      Aureum747 8 months ago +2

      @26 Mic who asked ?

  • ItsFlom
    ItsFlom 5 days ago +1

    This is like watching DC and Marvel collab on a movie, so sick.

  • Yashrajsinh Jadeja
    Yashrajsinh Jadeja 8 months ago +408

    I love logan mike george david and all of the sidemen. Loved it🤩

  • Ryan Bush
    Ryan Bush 8 months ago +302

    Love the content as always! Appreciate you Mike!

      STOP IDIOTS 8 months ago


    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic 8 months ago

      I make entertaining videos as well broddie

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra 8 months ago +266

    The sidemen would be so fun to hang out with !!

    • King Kobra
      King Kobra 8 months ago +1

      @thekidd-eth 😭🤣

    • thekidd-eth
      thekidd-eth 8 months ago +1

      What would you hand out though 🤔

  • Jb1
    Jb1 8 months ago +143

    Sidemen x night shift tinder would be insane, they always are levels but this would be a whole new peak

  • Khufu
    Khufu 8 months ago +122

    This guy just always makes my day 😂😂

    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic 8 months ago +1

      I make entertaining videos as well kuz

  • heh
    heh 8 months ago +17

    This was easily top three best night shift episode, the ending was absolutely hilarious. Loved the spontaneous natural content that came just from mike, David and a screaming stranger at a park

  • KeyBladeLogan
    KeyBladeLogan 8 months ago +213

    I look forward to these vlogs to just fight back against my depression and all the shit in my life so thanks Mike

    • Zay I
      Zay I 8 months ago +1

      @Kanch 92 you're clearly hurting! what's up dude, why are you so angry?

    • RANBER
      RANBER 8 months ago +3

      Jesus loves u bro

    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic 8 months ago

      I make entertaining videos as well brothee

    • Bim
      Bim 8 months ago +7

      Keep going bro 💯

    • M att
      M att 8 months ago +6

      Stay strong king

  • Dustin Ruberg
    Dustin Ruberg 8 months ago +16

    Your relationship with your fam after everything y’all been through is amazing

  • Jameson Turnbull
    Jameson Turnbull 3 months ago +2

    I have always loved how Mike has never been afraid to include his family. He's always been that way and definitely something that makes me respect him. the Majlak girls are pretty funny too

  • Ben Crawford
    Ben Crawford 8 months ago +30

    Mike, your fam is awesome and great on camera… love the vibes of this video

  • Allison Wonser
    Allison Wonser 8 months ago +5

    Thank you for doing your part Mike.
    This is some of the best content I have seen!

  • Gracie Creations
    Gracie Creations 8 months ago +72

    I love the Night Shift as it is, but I have never clicked so quickly in all my life😂!

  • Juan Aguilar
    Juan Aguilar 8 months ago +7

    Watching you with the sidemen was pretty fuxking funny lol . Would like to see more videos with sidemen .

  • Jake McCollum
    Jake McCollum 8 months ago +4

    Ending was epic, excited to see where life takes you Mike!

  • MrKiko002
    MrKiko002 5 months ago +2

    I came back to this banger because I know the Sidemen are in LA at this moment and the night shift with them in LA is gonna go brrrrrrr

  • LaazrGaming
    LaazrGaming 8 months ago +253

    Your not a verified Clip-Sharer until you've got drunk with the Sidemen

  • Erin conroy77
    Erin conroy77 8 months ago +11

    Take care mike loved this vid can’t wait to see where you end up bro keep up the awesome content 💯🤟🏽

  • George Mutter
    George Mutter 8 months ago +3

    I'm looking forward to the next series of videos! When Logan kicked Mike out during training for the boxing fight, those 'homeless' videos were (IMO) THE best night shift videos. Absolute classic banger videos. Keep 'em coming Mikey!!!!!

  • Pineapple zombie
    Pineapple zombie 8 months ago +8

    Actually really enjoyed this video mike makes my day as always

  • WillisIsAwesome
    WillisIsAwesome 8 months ago +10

    This was so amazing. Collab was hilarious.

  • Yaqub ali
    Yaqub ali 8 months ago +23

    Davids relation to mikes family is amazing lmao

  • G
    G 8 months ago +7

    Mike and David pretending to be homeless is the funniest thing to me

  • HK
    HK 8 months ago

    Finally the Sidemen Collab! I have been waiting for years! Cant wait to see more content with them here in the USA and also in the UK.

    DOM THE BOM 8 months ago +1

    Always love the sideman collab content

  • Lex corn
    Lex corn 8 months ago

    Big mike I work night shifts so this is a perfect way to end off my day when ever you drop! My guy!! 🐐

  • Carmen Juarez
    Carmen Juarez 8 months ago +5

    Omg!! I never thought my favorite people would come together Mike, Logan + Sidemen= Dream come true.

  • Lucy Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia 8 months ago +4

    Mike is a fun guy to be around with

  • Nick Leipard
    Nick Leipard 8 months ago +1

    Super happy BIG MIKE....get that next book out and keep grinding content with them business ventures. You and David are GOATS!!

  • LostTrader
    LostTrader 8 months ago +1

    whole video is pure comedy, keep it up mike

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 8 months ago

    Keep the work coming 🔥🔥funny asf hope you have a good one to

  • Gregory Francis Way
    Gregory Francis Way 8 months ago

    Hahah love how you make a positive out of even a fake negative you’re the best Mike.

  • Crystal Waters
    Crystal Waters 8 months ago +5

    The ending in the park 😂😂😂 “we’ll get arrested on our first homeless day” 😂😂😂

  • Dhruva Damle
    Dhruva Damle 8 months ago +2

    Mike, I whole-heartedly wish you all the best. Hoping you will have your own house very soon. Thanks for making my day better

  • Joanne D' Mello
    Joanne D' Mello 8 months ago +1

    I really hope you find a home, Mike! I'm working late too by watching your vid at 3pm in the afternoon haha. Nice vid man fun stuff, always enjoy the burger reviews, they're just satisfying

  • アノニマス
    アノニマス 8 months ago

    Mike big time now he's gone clear, hanging out with The Sidemen that's goals man 😂😂❤❤

  • Jacob Siebert
    Jacob Siebert 8 months ago +1

    I love these videos. Makes me smile

  • coreykatona
    coreykatona 8 months ago

    yo please keep making content bro. you are an inspiration to people and together i think we can really leave a foot print on earth before we move on you know?

  • Keagan Hays
    Keagan Hays 8 months ago +2

    such an amazing video! theres not a better collab

  • Dylan Pannier
    Dylan Pannier 8 months ago

    one of my fav youtubes by far!! you the bomb mike

  • Kisqueya TV
    Kisqueya TV 8 months ago +1

    Mike delivers the best content ❤️‍🔥

  • Certified Pope
    Certified Pope 8 months ago +2

    8:25 George: "We're not gonna call it soccer you're not gonna call it chips" lmfaoooo

  • ashTHEgamer
    ashTHEgamer 8 months ago +1

    thanks for making content for us ❤️

  • Racer857 Correia
    Racer857 Correia 8 months ago +1

    Dope content happy how far has become from an addict to be collaborating and mkn mad money with top people loving the journey

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab 8 months ago

    I never would've thought a burger review with the sidemen would ever happen

  • Aditya Nashikkar
    Aditya Nashikkar 8 months ago +2

    What an awesome collab between the guys!!

  • Miles420
    Miles420 8 months ago

    Lol bro this was mad funny especially the ending 🤣

  • Dhruv Jagrawal
    Dhruv Jagrawal 8 months ago +7

    I never imagined mike doing a burger review with the sidemen!!!!

  • SayTheGreat
    SayTheGreat 8 months ago

    I wouldn't mind seeing them do a try food video with the sidemen 🤣

  • Kopo Studios
    Kopo Studios 7 months ago

    mike caught the plane incident and sprung into media action mode when he hears a scream lol love it

  • Linda
    Linda 8 months ago +1

    Hands down one of the best vlog channels on Clip-Share

  • Hamza
    Hamza 8 months ago

    your mom is so nicee loved this episode keep it up mike

  • ChrisK_04
    ChrisK_04 8 months ago +1

    This was an amazing episode

  • BenoKobra
    BenoKobra 8 months ago +2

    one of the best and funniest vlogs hahah!! & your mom is queen :D :D

  • Ryan Stubbs
    Ryan Stubbs 8 months ago

    Loving the edits great vid bud keep up the consistency the algorithm will get you to 3M next month 😈you got this

  • Matt Duchon
    Matt Duchon 8 months ago +3

    The best Clip-Sharer out there! And an even better friend( kissing ass). Love you buddy!!

  • Arsha Safe
    Arsha Safe 8 months ago

    What a collab bro, whatever vid the sidemen are on its straight amazing

  • Ethan McAlpin
    Ethan McAlpin 8 months ago +12

    "For a homeless person, you've got a pretty clean lineup" 😂

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 8 months ago

    It really puts life into perspective when you see someone going through it like Mike is right now. Prayers that you aren’t homeless for long 🙏🏼

  • Xavier Quiroz
    Xavier Quiroz 8 months ago

    bro i fucking love you 2 as a combo its funny you guys can take it somewhere make david more of a character it will blow up and you dont need lana and logan btw

  • Suby Chow
    Suby Chow 8 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who watches all mikes promos 😂 they too good honestly

  • Little Grivet
    Little Grivet 8 months ago

    It's hard watching these vlogs while being on a diet, but keep up the good work hahahaha

    SK8 TURTLE 8 months ago +3


  • Ali Mohanad
    Ali Mohanad 8 months ago +1

    Mike I enjoyed this vlog, not because of the collab but because of your personality

  • FredrickVonShwinkel
    FredrickVonShwinkel 8 months ago

    10:36 David is hilarious, get him on impaulsive please

  • Itssgee
    Itssgee 8 months ago

    You should film day shifts too!
    Day shift would include all the business, boss entrepreneur type shit
    And nightshift would be your usual hanging out, partying shenanigans
    Keep thriving 🤍 i fw you!

  • Bhushan Karape
    Bhushan Karape 8 months ago +2

    from wherever mike films his next vlog it will be a banger as always!!!!!

  • Rounaq Bhamra
    Rounaq Bhamra 8 months ago +1

    Quality Content Mike! Love from India!🇮🇳❤️

  • Justin Linn
    Justin Linn 8 months ago

    When she said “save money on divorce” it had me dying 😂😂

  • scumbagmatt
    scumbagmatt 8 months ago +2

    2:24 "Tommy T" knows how to party properly lol

  • Nemoskin
    Nemoskin 8 months ago +1

    This so far one of my favorite vlogs, especially the end. 😂🔥

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson 8 months ago

    Need some more Night Life on The Night Shift

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz 8 months ago +1

    cut the shit lmao you know damn well youre gonna be alright Mike. we're here for the long haul !

    JJREDDIT 8 months ago +3

    “I’ve been meaning to ask you…that thousand bucks” 😂😂

  • john sadek
    john sadek 8 months ago +1

    I think mike should know that we enjoy watching whatever the f*ck him and David do for content… Fact 🤟🏼

  • John B Maxwell III
    John B Maxwell III 8 months ago +1

    Love you including the fam in some content. GOAT Mom!

  • Simin Salimi
    Simin Salimi 8 months ago +2

    Mike's mom one of the coolest mom ever😅

  • Yvng Vegans
    Yvng Vegans 8 months ago

    We need more sidemen content

  • Becky Couture
    Becky Couture 8 months ago +1

    Mike crawling in the grass to see drama 😂😂

  • M att
    M att 8 months ago

    Night shift remains the goat. Love the format

  • CaptainMaakasu
    CaptainMaakasu 8 months ago +1

    Love the Sidemen collabs

  • Marlon Bartel
    Marlon Bartel 8 months ago +1

    these Mike & David vagabond adventures are really promising lmao

  • WETeam17
    WETeam17 8 months ago

    This video was so much fun to watch

  • Marissa Mccrae
    Marissa Mccrae 8 months ago +1

    I need more call of duty mike 😂😂😂

  • Aphillyated KZ
    Aphillyated KZ 8 months ago

    Imagine if the videos were like 30 minutes long this man would go crazy

  • J Piercy
    J Piercy 8 months ago +1

    We need that sidemen US lineup collab!!!! Let's see a burger review in London at that!

  • Cjcook999
    Cjcook999 8 months ago

    You guys make good content together fr

  • The Mav
    The Mav 8 months ago +1

    Loved the vlog! 👏🏻 ❤️

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab 8 months ago

    The sidemen would be so fun to hang out with

  • Kyle Herman
    Kyle Herman 8 months ago +1

    Mike’s mom is hilarious!

  • Nate
    Nate 8 months ago +2

    Ur mom is a vibe lol she's too funny

  • Will Keating
    Will Keating 8 months ago +1

    I love that he was atleast gambling with his mom

  • Josh Gotlibowski
    Josh Gotlibowski 8 months ago

    This vlog was SOOOO EXCITING that I fell asleep!

  • The ADM
    The ADM 8 months ago +1

    I think you should do a sequel to your old “kicked out” series in the old episodes of The Night Shift.