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Are these the TOP 3 BASS LINES of ALL TIME?

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • What are the top 3 bass lines of all time? Today in a SPECIAL EPISODE the Professional Musicians React team dig into the greatest bass lines of all time. We have three absolute classics here featuring three of the greatest bass players ever, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorious and Rocco Prestia.
    I'm @Jack Conte the CEO of @Patreon and one-half of the bands @Scary Pockets and @PomplamooseMusic .
    Joining me today are 3 of my best musician friends;
    @ryanlerman , a professional guitarist the other half of Scary Pockets
    @Sean Hurley , an unbelievable bassist who has played with Annie Lennox, John Meyer and Robin Thicke.
    @Nick Campbell Destroys , the awesome bassist who plays with Charlie Puth, Pomplamoose and Scary Pockets.
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    / @deadwaxshow
    The songs we feature in todays show are;
    James Jamerson
    Darling Dear - Jackson 5
    • Darling Dear
    Rocco Prestia
    What Is Hip? - Tower of Power
    • What Is Hip?
    Jaco Pastorius
    Havona - Weather Report
    • Havona
    Song Recommendations;
    Halsey - Girl is a Gun
    • Halsey - Girl is ...
    Beach Boys - Slip on Through
    • Slip On Through (...
    Gracie Abrams - 21
    • Gracie Abrams - 2...
    Sunday Morning
    • Sunday Morning
    Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you would like us to react to.
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Comments • 958

  • Julian C
    Julian C Year ago +286

    Love it when y’all highlight the bass. More bass videos please!!!

    • Anthony David
      Anthony David Year ago +6

      As someone who started learning bass two weeks ago, I agree.

    • Ex Urban
      Ex Urban Year ago +3

      @Anthony David Keep it up! 😎

    • robertthegreek
      robertthegreek Year ago +1

      Yes please!

    • Honey327
      Honey327 Year ago +1


    • a lifetime waited
      a lifetime waited Year ago +1

      oooh yes... a red hot chili peppers bass-focused episode!

  • MThomas
    MThomas 5 months ago +1

    These guys are bass nerds. They both play incredibly awesome. Know their shit and these shows are very entertaining. Thank you for putting these out

  • Bruce Sporn
    Bruce Sporn 7 months ago +4

    The greatest bass line ever recorded in popular music is by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. The song is "Ramble On", and it is on their second album. Listen to it once carefully, and then every time you hear it again, you will be humming it.

  • Brian Bruemmer
    Brian Bruemmer Year ago +88

    As a bassist, I’d love to have a regular show like this. Hearing you all discuss bass playing and the players who have shaped and will shape the role of the instrument is super inspiring!
    Also, the riff at 1:45 in the studio recording of Birdland is the nastiest bass riff I’ve ever heard. Soooo funky!

  • rome8180
    rome8180 Year ago +82

    My three favorite bass lines would probably be "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 as played by Wilton Felder, "Something" by the Beatles and Paul McCartney, and "Ramble On" by Led Zeppelin/John Paul Jones. But there are so many more. And I just want to echo Ryan's praise for Sean Hurley. Been following him for years. Best tone ever.

    • Paul Roub
      Paul Roub Year ago +10

      All great choices, as are the three in the video. But man... "I Want You Back" is just perfect.

    • Terry Wallace
      Terry Wallace Year ago +8

      I like all those, but by far my favorite Zeppelin bassline is Lemon song! Funky as f**k

    • Simone Kentish
      Simone Kentish Year ago +2

      Ramble on is sweet! As far as Jamerson goes, Ain’t No Mountain is my favorite. It carries a song so well that Amy Winehouse made a whole new song on top of it lol.

      TRONOFTHEDEAD Year ago +1

      Can't narrow down any classic lines right now but the line on Attention by Charlie Puth is Gold. I'd be crazy jealous if @Nick Campbell Destroys gets to play that live.

    • Michael DAntonio
      Michael DAntonio Year ago +2

      No McCartney? This "top 3 bass" whatever is BOGUS without his mention.

  • ltjgambrose
    ltjgambrose Year ago +70

    As far as fantastic bass lines go, Chic's "Good Times" is way at the top of the list. There's a reason that "Rapper's Delight" was so big and brought rap into the mainstream, and it's not the lyrics.
    Plus the songs that it influenced. "Another One Bites the Dust", "Need You Tonight"... Daft Punk liked it so much they made a song that was almost literally just a version of that riff and the lyrics "Around the World".

  • Mbizozo
    Mbizozo Year ago +211

    I’m not a musician, don’t understand half of the things they talking about. But man do I love these videos. Makes me wanna learn how to play.

  • Evelyn Coleman
    Evelyn Coleman 6 months ago +1

    I love you guys despite the fact I cannot play an instrument. However, my husband was in a band for 10 years. I am going to show him your show. Thanks!

  • MrGnuifje
    MrGnuifje Year ago +8

    I love the bass line on TLC's Waterfall which sounds like it's pretty much improvised. It propels the song and the makes the rap shine

    • Maddie B.
      Maddie B. 2 months ago +1

      Omg me too! I was just thinking this recently

  • RBK
    RBK 5 months ago +3

    Havona is an incredible tour the force, from start to finish. There is a big number of bass player nowadays who can play even faster, but Jaco's musicality and choice of notes is unsurpassed: every moment is a surprise. I don't even have to mention the solo.

  • mpij95
    mpij95 Year ago +21

    Nice to hear the shout out to Scott's bass lessons, the guy probably introduced and gotten a lot of people into bass by making it nice to learn from video's

  • Jay Kaneshige
    Jay Kaneshige 7 months ago +6

    Really great you guys are giving Rocco some well deserved props! --- Oakland born & raised

  • BassByTheBay
    BassByTheBay Year ago +28

    I love that Nick and Sean really know the _history_ of bass. 😎

    • Brad5161
      Brad5161 Year ago +2

      They know some of it looking back... but there are definitely folks with a more complete view of it. It's a benefit of living through it vs. way after the fact. If they knew about Weather Report's earlier lineups...
      Then again Alex Acuna was mentioned as a correction so it's pretty good.

    • BassByTheBay
      BassByTheBay Year ago +5

      @Brad5161 That's my point. For guys who didn't live through it, they know an impressive amount.

    • Matt Rogers
      Matt Rogers Year ago +2

      With the exception of spelling Jaco's name correctly....

  • Bill Brandine
    Bill Brandine 2 months ago +2

    Tremendous video. All of you guys are fascinating to listen to and I enjoyed the entire segment. And it's difficult to think of any better bass parts than these three you played. Thanks!

  • Jon Seals
    Jon Seals Year ago +57

    Tower of Power might be the most underrated band of all-time.

    • Mbizozo
      Mbizozo Year ago +2

      Mad I only found out about them here. Glad I clicked on this video though. Been jamming to their music since.

    • The Tardifs Take Japan!
      The Tardifs Take Japan! Year ago

      I take it you are not from Connecticut.

    • 2amdlives
      2amdlives Year ago

      Underrated? Explain please. I’m not a musician, but I’ve always loved the complexity and simplicity of TOP. The fact that they’re still going strong in the 21st century is a testament to their popularity.

    • Jon Seals
      Jon Seals Year ago +5

      ​@2amdlives Most people just think of the "Tower of Power horns" playing with other people. Their catalog of music is largely unknown to the masses.
      Case in point: It's an absolute travesty they're not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They're definitely underrated.

    • adam lacey
      adam lacey 4 months ago +4

      The masses are too stupid to recognize musical genius. The best bands are usually followed most closely by musician types. I guess there aren't that many of us out there.

  • Nes
    Nes Year ago +32

    I don't comment much on the videos I watch but your channel is an exception for me because I really LOVE the content and the discussions between exceptional musicians about all musical topics is gold. I hope more music lovers/people watch and subscribe to this. This is great! Thank you

  • Phil Gallagher
    Phil Gallagher 2 months ago

    Macca has always said that when he heard Jameson the first time it changed EVERYTHING about the way he thought about the bass and about music in general.

  • Rhymes With Carbon
    Rhymes With Carbon 7 months ago

    Heck yes, thrilled to see Francis Rocco Prestia get the love he deserves!

  • Dave Evans
    Dave Evans 4 months ago +3

    Chris Squire’s riff on Roundabout is top 3 baselines ever.

  • TheSoundofU
    TheSoundofU 5 months ago

    'Sunday Morning' is one of my favourite songs - I enjoyed Bobbie Gentry performing this, but didn't know Margo wrote this....thank you for bringing this to my attention

  • Gerry Messier
    Gerry Messier 3 months ago

    The bass player from the waitresses was amazing and on Christmas Rapping he is literally playing the melody and loke I always say his little piece of Jingle bells at the end is priceless!

  • EAZL
    EAZL  5 months ago

    Finally an entertaining bass discussion with real depth and insight

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 2 months ago

    This is great! 👍 You guys are total bass geeks and I love it. As a guitarist I love a good bass player. You guys should do a show on Mingus. Mingus was kind of my introduction to jazz

  • Ashley A24
    Ashley A24 Year ago +7

    One bass line I really like is from “One Thing Leads to Another” by The Fixx. It’s so intricate and nice to listen to

  • Tech Obsessed
    Tech Obsessed Year ago +50

    Fun fact: Before there was electric bass, there was tuba. Early jazz recordings, made on mechanical rigs without benefit of electrical amplification, often featured tuba instead of string bass because the tuba could deliver the power needed to move the cutting head on low frequency sounds.

    • Nathan Parks
      Nathan Parks Year ago +7

      Bonnie Raitt's main bass player Freebo did a few songs with her where he played tuba bass and it's awesome.

    • R. Carter
      R. Carter Year ago +4

      When I started playing bass in the 70s…my older brother recommended two tracks that I needed to listen to.
      1. “Something” by The Beatles
      2. “I Was Made To Love Her” by Stevie Wonder
      That stayed with me to this day.

  • Zsolt Kúti
    Zsolt Kúti Year ago +1

    No doubt, Havona is the ultimate bass line.

  • Fred Bentley
    Fred Bentley 3 months ago +2

    As a drummer with 60 years experience, I absolutely loved this. Seeing and hearing all you guys define and explain so many things I have heard throughout my career. I started out in Dixieland then to rock n roll, jazz, blues, big swing bands.
    It is so fascinating to finally hear a name or definition applied to many great sounds I have heard from bass players I have worked with.
    I love the casual format as well
    Thanks guys !!!
    BTW What do you think of Funky Broadway? LOL Just curious !

  • Owen Willoughby
    Owen Willoughby Year ago +25

    My new favourite channel. Thank you! Can't wait for you to do something on Steely Dan, Donald Fagan and Walter Becker. Keep up the awesome content.

  • IvanGotYokes
    IvanGotYokes Year ago +3

    What Is Hip is one of my all time favorite basslines. When I was in college, people were bumping Kanye, Luda...I was bumping TOP, Jaco, Sly, MoTown in general.

  • L P
    L P Year ago +2

    Jaco makes you think but Jamerson makes you move.

  • Paul Hurley
    Paul Hurley Year ago +26

    I'd put "I Was Made To Love Her" as Jamerson's finest moment. I also think "Teen Town" better illustrates Jaco's genius.

    • pjakobsen
      pjakobsen 3 months ago

      jaco- best work is with joni mitchell and pat metheney

  • MrCherryJuice
    MrCherryJuice 7 months ago

    Thank you, this was great! I didn't know of the guests beforehand but will be checking into them.
    Nice to see Tina Weymouth get mention, as she has always been such a wonderfully effective and decidedly funky player in her own unique way...like Paul McCartney is in his own way (and both play Höfner basses). Should you do more bass features (please do!), consider the likes of McCartney, Pino, Weymouth, Marco Mendoza, Peter Cetera in his Chicago days, Kenny Gradney (Little Feat) and definitely the phenomenal Henrik Linder, of Dirty Loops.

  • RDubs
    RDubs Year ago +43

    These videos feel like a masterclass - I always learn so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.

    • Brad5161
      Brad5161 Year ago

      Lots of good info, it was kind of funny they missed the Garibaldi question. Then again I grew up with this stuff.

  • 金子みどり
    金子みどり Month ago

    Accidentally found this channel and am now totally hooked! I love the authenticity of the conversation. Lucky me to meet the channel all the way from Tokyo. Thanks, guys🎵

    • lqr824
      lqr824 15 days ago

      From your name I would think you would love this track: clip-share.net/video/Hegtu7bSLZE/video.html

  • Mista D
    Mista D 6 months ago +2

    This show should’ve been 2 hours long 👌🏾

  • Hi-tone Productions
    Hi-tone Productions 2 months ago

    Hey guys the bass player on The Jackson 5's Darling Dear and I Want you Back was Wilton Felder. He was actually a saxophonist who was phenomenal bass player.

  • Trapper50cal
    Trapper50cal Year ago +128

    It is physically impossible not to move your body in some rhythmic way when Tower of Power "What is Hip?" starts playing...I consider it "call and respond" because they are answering the question "What is hip?" in real time.

    • Dead Wax
      Dead Wax  Year ago +12

      I couldn't agree more, such a tune!

    • Adrian Emmanuel
      Adrian Emmanuel Year ago +4

      "What is hip?" The joint I'm moving as the song plays!

    • Trapper50cal
      Trapper50cal Year ago +3

      @Adrian Emmanuel puff, puff, pass :-)

    • Adrian Emmanuel
      Adrian Emmanuel Year ago +1

      @Trapper50cal lol I meant joint as in body part, but that too man!

    • Trapper50cal
      Trapper50cal Year ago

      @Adrian Emmanuel Wow, I'm dense. 😲

  • BJ
    BJ Year ago

    This was a wonderful episode, but I have to mention the clarity, tone, and expressiveness of Michael Jackson’s vocals on Darling Dear. He was 12 years old.

  • jack precip
    jack precip 2 months ago

    I was able to see both Prestia (with Tower Of Power) and Pastorious (with his own band) play at the Red Creek tavern in the Rochester NY area at different times in the 1980's. The Tower Of Power show was one of the best I've ever seen and more importantly heard (and I've seen thousands), and sadly, the Pastorious show was when Jaco was in the depths of his personal troubles (unknown to us back then), showed up drunk, was obnoxious, yelled at everybody (including the audience), remarkably played great for a brief time, and then during a break there was some ruckus at the bar (which later we found out was Jaco picking up a girl customers drink from the bar and drinking it in one gulp and smashing it on the bar). Jaco was booted by the establishment between sets, and the owner of the club was so embarrassed he gave everybody their money back.

  • April Rose
    April Rose Year ago +14

    What is hip will never cease to get me in the funky mood. Rip Rocco

  • Gregório
    Gregório Year ago

    Hey guys, you should check the work of brazilian bassist Luizão Maia (Luiz Oliveira da Costa Maia). He's the Jamerson brazilian counterpart, a master of rhythm and ghost notes that played for the most part of Brazil's great singers and composers in the 70's and 80's. Some examples: A Fábrica de Sonhos, by Gonzaguinha; Cobra Criada, by Elis Regina (or any song from the Montreux Jazz Festival record); O Poder da Criação, by João Nogueira; Morena de Angola, by Clara Nunes. YOU WILL NOT REGRET.

  • Chris Pineda
    Chris Pineda Year ago +15

    To your list I would submit "The Real Me" by the Who. John Entwistle was as stud! Thanks guys, not only was there a ton of info (and thanks for mentioning TOP!) but you guys are truly having fun and there is just enough of that today. Cheers!!!

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson Year ago +11

    Great episode! i must comment that if you break down Sir Paul's basslines through the whole beatles catalog, he almost never if ever actually repeats a line... like ever. Please feel free to check me on this but that seems to me to be a total benchmark of his playing. Love this show so much, it's like so therapeutic for a music geek!!!!!

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin Year ago

    I'm sure others will have mentioned Chuck Rainey - he's the perfect fit between James, Rocco & Jaco!

  • leung
    leung 3 months ago

    Richard Searle plays an insane bass part in Corduroy's "Electric Soup"...

  • Charles(CDT)
    Charles(CDT) Year ago +3

    Dude played that 16 th notes run like a funky 9to5 bass line loved it.

  • Rossco 72
    Rossco 72 7 months ago +2

    Shawn is a phenomenal bassist, he’s got such a groove in his style of play,🔥🔥👌🏽

  • Vince 80
    Vince 80 Year ago +9

    Two major solo of Jaco, "Havona" and "Used to be a Cha-Cha". Best bass solo ever recorded, it's pure musicality, no demonstration here (even if ...you know). Great video !!!! Thanks guys.

    • Brad5161
      Brad5161 Year ago

      Funny that they didn't play any of the Havona solo after mentioning it.

  • Sharon Warfield
    Sharon Warfield Year ago +3

    I’m surprised you all didn’t reference Jamison’s genius on “What’s Going On”. No one else could play it, hence the reason Marvin took him out for his live performances, even though he was pretty much relegated to the studio at the time. Source: Standing in the Shadows of Motown

  • Peter Lovett
    Peter Lovett 7 months ago

    That was A lot of fun. I play a little bass and became enlightened by your bass appreciation session. Thanks!

  • Warren Morphis
    Warren Morphis 6 months ago

    Had noi idea so many folks have been sleeping on Tower Of Power!! Just the funkiest horn-driven Soul Band on the planet. (The late, great) Rocco Prestia, and David Garibaldi were arguably the tightest bassist / drummer combo to ever drive a rhythm section. Garibaldi often said, he and Rocco "just clicked" from day one, and Rocco was this "different animal" as far as the groove was concerned. And he certainly was....

  • Timothy Dingus
    Timothy Dingus Year ago +2

    Watching Jack learn about Jaco's playing is priceless.

  • Grant Koeller
    Grant Koeller 4 months ago +1

    I just listened to Margo Guryan - Sunday Morning from 1968, and it's fantastic!!!! She was groundbreaking with her intimate style, her back up band is very mod sounding from that era and they sound great!

  • Michael Huff
    Michael Huff 4 months ago +1

    James Jamerson’s bass line on “Show & Tell” by Al Wilson was the first secular bass line I ever learned. He was a great musician.

  • Lester Falcon
    Lester Falcon Year ago +11

    This is such a great episode. So glad that Willie Weeks bass solo on Everything is Everything by Donnie Hathaway is included. It's a total lesson in building a solo, and Donnie is biging him up at the beginning and he lives up to that in his performance. Shame the excerpt didn't highlight it really, just the track (But the copyright demons are ever watching). Here's a link, and in finding it I automatically found myself shaking my head in disbelief clip-share.net/video/5r-477_gkaA/video.html.

    • T Bird
      T Bird Year ago

      Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Weeks once, he's a real gent. I think he was flattered that I knew who he was.

  • Fernando Yokota
    Fernando Yokota 7 months ago +1

    For his complete work, James Jamerson is the best bass player of all time. No bass player has so many brilliant bass lines on pop songs, where he is doing nothing else than just accompanying the singer.

  • Mark Mollet
    Mark Mollet Year ago +2

    Cool that the bass players are full body grooving 😎

  • Attic Hatch Sound - Bob Kowal

    Jaco's predecessor Alphonso Johnson was doing great fretless work already. Of course Jaco set a new standard on the instrument. The "Hendrix" of bass!
    There is a Jaco interview with Jerry Jemmot. He uses a borrowed fretted Jazz here (hocked his own bass at that time) Still sound like Jaco!
    Miroslav Vitous, Alphonso, Jaco, Victor Bailey: You guys could do a whole episode on Weather report Bassists!
    (Fender Musicmaster Bass with mods - guessing "Gibson Grabber G3" and "Godin" pickups )

  • John Miller
    John Miller Year ago

    Jaco was a force of nature, man.

  • Dale Jones
    Dale Jones Year ago +4

    While watching this I could see Ryan and Jack having a television talk show like this where they sit and talk about in-depth music technique and creativity. Maybe when they reach their 60's. Great job guys

  • Tim Hutchinson
    Tim Hutchinson Year ago +4

    Nick makes a great point about muting 16th notes. Rocco always muted with his left hand, and basically only fretted with his first finger, moving his whole hand around in a static shape.

  • Braden Schecter
    Braden Schecter Year ago +1

    Jamerson actually recorded a few tracks on a fretless, but preferred the fretted sound on electric. Absolute legends!

  • Luis Lopez-Salayandia

    Watching these videos is almost guaranteed to earn me an honorary degree in music. The degree to which they analyze, compare, and provide history is above anything I've seen regarding music.

  • Maarten Arnou
    Maarten Arnou 7 months ago +1

    As a fulltime bass player... and music lover, this episode was AWESOME !!! Two of my favourite bassists get to geek out on 3 (and more) of their most inspirational bass tracks. Still smiling from ear to ear. :-)

  • Bass Player
    Bass Player Year ago

    The bridge cover is called the "Ash tray"... Sometime in 1970, Fender introduced a fretless version of their iconic Precision Bass model but Ampeg had a commercial fretless in around 1966.

  • Charles McGehee
    Charles McGehee 3 months ago +1

    I grew up with this music. Rocco Prestia. What is hip and Jamersons Darling Dear are warm up tunes for me and I still haven't got What is Hip completely fluid. Jaco is from another dimension. 2 finger picking. You guys are very skilled. Thanks for this.

  • Aaron Moreno
    Aaron Moreno Year ago +10

    DARLING DEAR! I’ve been waiting for a video where the genius of this bass line is discussed. IMHO, this is Jamerson’s masterpiece-his Sistene Chapel. I’m a guitarist and this bass line has been a Mt. Everest I’ve been trying to climb for years (playing it note for note). I may never get there, but will always enjoy the climb. Thanks for sharing this.

  • VogonPoet67
    VogonPoet67 Year ago +1

    Jaco's solo on Port of Entry is at least as insane as Havona

  • Pervis Johnson
    Pervis Johnson 4 months ago

    Louis Johnson changed the way every bass player in the world plays ! I can’t watch this without you guys mentioning that 😳

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 2 months ago +1

    Jaco was a virtuoso no doubt but he was always playing for the song. He applied his virtuosity in service to the song. That's why it always fits perfectly and doesn't sound contrived or like he's just trying to show off. Weather Report was insane. Also his stuff with joni Mitchell "coyote" for instance is more laid back but unmistakably Jaco

  • Palle Kjær Laursen
    Palle Kjær Laursen 7 months ago +1

    And a year later watching this for the second time, it is still a great episode.

  • paul bradley
    paul bradley 11 months ago

    When Ryan did that kick on Tower of power I laughed out loud and woke my wife up!

  • mrtonod
    mrtonod Year ago +8

    Sir Paul credits Jamerson as his inspiration to take the bass as a serious instrument

  • kaypthree
    kaypthree Year ago

    i would love to see you guys listen to the different takes of strawberry fields forever and see if you can decipher how they got to the final product.

  • Tevin1627
    Tevin1627 Year ago

    Off the top of my head my three favorites are: Schoolboy Crush by AWB, Heavy Love Affair by Marvin Gaye, Good Times by Chic.

  • Paul Tucci
    Paul Tucci Year ago +1

    So when's the 3+ hour, top ten version of this video come out? Thanks for another great one!

  • Andrew Bakke
    Andrew Bakke Year ago +33

    I'm partial to the downright nasty funkiness of Barbary Coast when it comes to Jaco, but I think the pick of Havona makes for a better third extreme when paired with the bass lines here. The super-melodic Jamerson, the super-funky Prestia, and the super-virtuosic Pastorius.

    • Karen Nyere
      Karen Nyere Year ago

      Jaco’s nephew, David, has picked up the fretless bass mantel and style of his uncle. Check out his YT!

  • Th von S
    Th von S 5 months ago +5

    Only true musicians (like this fantastic panel) would appreciate Jaco and Paul (Macca) simultaneously for their creative, melodic and timeless bass lines

  • Geoff Waddington
    Geoff Waddington Year ago +6

    Yeah, totally dig the release thing. An old jazz cat told me early in my career, "Every hole you play is perfectly in tune and perfectly in time" -- holes can have at least as much of an impact as notes :)

  • anthony silva
    anthony silva Year ago

    No one ( and I mean no one) could propel the ensemble forward like Jaco. Legend. RIP

  • Candioco
    Candioco Year ago

    Dos melhores canais do Clip-Share pelo amorrr

  • Ken Jones
    Ken Jones Month ago

    Absolutely love the bass line to Run for cover on David Sanborn album Straight to the Heart. Played by Marcus Miller.

  • ludosdn
    ludosdn 2 months ago

    in general, I agree with this top 3.
    About Jaco: too many people ignore his part in Fast City only because he doubles Zawinul's synth. Personally I consider it a great bass line.
    And then, staying in Jamerson's style, there's the bassline that Anthony Jackson plays in Chaka Khan's Move Me No Mountain: something monumental!!

  • Lloyd James
    Lloyd James Year ago +1

    You forgot "For The Love of Money" - Anthony Jackson. All time unforgettable bass line.

    • T Bird
      T Bird Year ago

      So memorable he got a writing credit!

  • Thesan
    Thesan Year ago +8

    What a brilliant episode. You guys seemed to be having so much of fun, which i think is a big part of what made it so exciting and fun for the audience (or at least it was for me).
    After a hiatus of almost 10 yrs Stromae is making music again. His new song Santé is brilliant... but also in French so would make for a great episode with a guest appearance by Nataly, perhaps.

  • chrisosti
    chrisosti 5 months ago +2

    A couple things about this video. The Jamerson part...cool. The Rocco part, a few of the things they didn't touch on, but where most important, was Garibaldi's support of the bassline. Rocco's lines were supported by Dave's incredible foundation to work off of. The other thing, which was most important, was Rocco's method of fretting. He didn't play ON the fret, but BEHIND the fret, muting the note to get it in tune.
    Please guys...do an episode on Federica Malaman. Please.

  • bob ansak
    bob ansak Year ago +12

    For me playing in a R&B/Funk cover band in the '70's Chuck Rainey's bassline from Aretha Franklin's "Rock Steady" got me interested in moving slowly from a trumpet player to playing percussion and being part of the rhythm section. Btw I attended a jazz camp in MV ~'75 that David was a guest "instructor": He bought Rocco w/him for one session!

  • Mary Ellen Barratt
    Mary Ellen Barratt Year ago +1

    I have learned SO much during these "Professional Musicians React ! Motown had a go to band that played behind all they've Front Bands ! They were called the "The Funk Brothers " I watched "Motown " and no one ever knew it my Favorite was Jack Chunk of funk ! RIP ! ! ! It's a MUST WATCH FOR YOU GUYS !!!! ❤️ Much Love to these forgotten Heroes of REALLY INCREDIBLE ........ PLEASE WATCH !A REAL EYE OPENER !!!!

  • Glenn Hansen
    Glenn Hansen Year ago +1

    I found this session to be hugely informative/educational, and big fun too! I'm not a bass player but a songwriter/arranger. This was most enlightening.

  • Joe Trosclair
    Joe Trosclair Year ago

    For me, one of the Sickest Bass lines of all time has got to be on the Don Felder song "All of You"

  • CHICtribute.com
    CHICtribute.com Year ago +8

    #1 bass line of all time is of course Bernard Edwards' on CHIC's "Good Times". His bass line on CHIC's "Everybody Dance" is pretty epic too!

    • 15allnite
      15allnite Year ago +1

      Edwards was a monster! Good Times was the more popular bass line, but Everybody Dance was nastier.

    • T Bird
      T Bird Year ago

      @15allnite chords were more interesting on "Everybody Dance" --more to work with.

  • Balzac T Bagher
    Balzac T Bagher Year ago

    One of my favorite bass lines has to be from climbing up the ladder by the isley bros. So underrated

  • The Nostra-ramos
    The Nostra-ramos 8 months ago +2

    I think my favorite part of this particular video is the look on your faces when you are all in agreement and expressing the feelings I’m having talking and listening to the greatest do there thing. Jaco’s solo immediately lit you all up with a look of appreciation and wonderment. That was cool. Dig this concept. Seeing and hearing you all geek out on these topics is a fun and informative use of my time. Major thumbs up!!

  • Slavaukraini
    Slavaukraini 6 months ago

    The greatest bass line of all time was McCartney's bass line on the song Something. It's like another song in itself. It's a bass line that is a performance piece in itself. It's so something Beethoven would have done.

  • Jonah
    Jonah Year ago +2

    This is truly the greatest channel on Clip-Share. I cannot stop watching. I can’t thank you enough for making this. It makes me feel like I’m back at music school drinking beers in the porch with my buddies picking apart records, songs, and theory.

  • T James
    T James Year ago +4

    Rocco Prestia was the man. RIP All 3 guys where the best of the best in their particular genres.

  • Zach Hall
    Zach Hall Year ago +14

    I would love to see y'all react to something like Snarky Puppy's Lingus or something similar! Would love to both get a natural reaction if someone hadn't heard it before, but also a breakdown of just how impressive what those kind of compositions are.

    • Karen Nyere
      Karen Nyere Year ago +1

      Their bassist is the bandleader!

  • Okheerz1
    Okheerz1 Year ago

    Yes!!! You guys get it (of course)! What is Hip- the best. Still gives goosebumps.

  • D M
    D M 5 months ago

    I feel like something from Stanley Clarke might be worth a listen. And some of the best bass playing by Jaco, IMHO, is on Joni Mitchell's "Hejira" LP - one of the best LPs of all time, transcending genres.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 months ago

    Maybe this gets covered in an another comment, but in early jazz, the pulse was the kick drum, almost metronomic. It wasn't until bebop that the pulse shifted up to the ride cymbal. Kenny Clarke is largely credited for this.