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Chechen leader Kadyrov tells Putin troops in Ukraine will fight "until victory"

  • Published on Mar 12, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The leader of Russia's Chechnya region, Ramzan Kadyrov, told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday that his troops in Ukraine would fight until victory was achieved.
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Comments • 367

  • Royal Zak
    Royal Zak 16 days ago +47

    Kadyrov is like a kid in a candy shop super excited to deliver his little speech to putin 🤣🤣

    • Bibek jung
      Bibek jung 7 days ago


    • 01worldguy01
      01worldguy01 12 days ago

      ..it was for US the general public ...little show ..nothing else

    • Mike 2022
      Mike 2022 14 days ago

      Joe Bidden be running super excited after that ice cream truck 🤣🤣

    • Yahya Elmi
      Yahya Elmi 16 days ago +1

      Loool that’s his uncle

  • BigBikeMad
    BigBikeMad 16 days ago +20

    Kadyrov is not a real person but a character created by Tolkien when he was having a bad day. Point of information: he is also winner of the Worst Beard in Russia contest three years in a row.

    • Matt D
      Matt D 15 days ago +6

      Not a fan of Kadyrov, but the beard is on point.

  • Broski
    Broski 17 days ago +94

    Putin looks old as hell & Kadyrov looks scared in front of his boss.

    • Луиза А
      Луиза А 8 days ago

      ​@SickCommode-O Dragon 🐉 Thank you for your understanding. It's a tragic story. But there was no other way out. With the exception of political showmen, most Russians are laconic about this situation. Because everyone understands that it was impossible to avoid it, that it, in fact, helps the Ukrainian people, but at the same time, deep down, it causes deep pain to everyone. Almost every Russian in his heart is ready to embrace and protect Ukrainians at any moment. But this is almost a biblical story with the expulsion of a legion of demons, it requires a solution. Putin had the opportunity not to take on the solution of this most difficult problem, but he took it upon himself, he could not leave all of us in danger. We are eternally grateful to him.

    • SickCommode-O Dragon 🐉
      SickCommode-O Dragon 🐉 8 days ago

      @Луиза А Russia won’t stand another 14K ethnic Russian citizens being killed in the Donbas. I respect that. Ukraine is being forced to sacrifice themselves for their oligarchs, a bid at the EU and nato, and the collective west. I feel for them.

    • SickCommode-O Dragon 🐉
      SickCommode-O Dragon 🐉 8 days ago

      @Peter Scheuhing like NATO? “Not one inch beyond Germany will we expand our orbit” Lolol
      If China coopted Canada or Mexico im sure we’d be super chill about it

    • Луиза А
      Луиза А 9 days ago +1

      Putin understands that his mission is to secure and raise Russia to the proper level. He understands that he must direct the country in the right direction, understands that no one else can cope. Despite the fact that he has many assistants, institutes work, he makes the final decision on the most difficult issues alone. In fact, he alone is responsible for Russia before people and God. For the one to whom much is given, even more is required of him. Many years ago, Putin uttered this phrase: "I am not ashamed in front of the citizens who voted for me twice, I was elected president of the Russian Federation. All these eight years I have been plowing like a galley slave from morning to night, and I have done it with complete dedication." Since then, everything has become much more complicated!

    • Луиза А
      Луиза А 9 days ago +2

      If you knew how much work Putin has done in recent days, the volume of his movements, making responsible decisions that will affect the future of Russia for at least the next 50 years, you would be surprised how young and strong he is. Looking at the complete irresponsibility of other leaders, it is difficult to imagine that Putin makes decisions regarding Russia with cosmic responsibility.
      As soon as he gets enough sleep, he will be cheerful again!

  • TCRL Runner 1
    TCRL Runner 1 17 days ago +48

    So this is the guy who trains his own teens to fight on the field , ive never seen reports of him on the front line or his kids, he is a talker

    • Mr. Fahrenheit ✪
      Mr. Fahrenheit ✪ 11 days ago

      Literally every politician and person with Ukraine flags hung up

    • TCRL Runner 1
      TCRL Runner 1 16 days ago

      @BigBroA360 troll im from uk

    • Static 22
      Static 22 17 days ago +3

      The same guy that took pictures with putin while wearing a tracksuit.

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt Kelly 17 days ago +30

    Putins face says it all lol

    • Positive Ego
      Positive Ego 12 days ago +5

      He has to give him his 15min of fame, once he gets what he wants from him, he for sure will do away with him. To him he is a joke.

  • Hasta Luego
    Hasta Luego 16 days ago +70

    Putin is aging fast similar to zelensky, stress ages you rapidly.

    • alex bolide
      alex bolide 13 days ago +1

      on the other hand
      Joe Biden can win the Tour de France
      just give him a bike 🤣🤣🤣

    • Melis S Baebah
      Melis S Baebah 13 days ago

      He actually looks a lot better then before the war

    • Sacrificial Lamb
      Sacrificial Lamb 14 days ago

      He is old

  • Randy Dawson
    Randy Dawson 16 days ago +9

    "The Lunatics have Definitely taken over the Asylum" Victory to Ukraine.xx

      I AM JEFFREY 15 days ago +1

      'Victory'??? 😂🤣 If only you knew....

  • Druschka
    Druschka 17 days ago +23

    Kadyrow is not able to say this without his notices

    • FGM11
      FGM11 Day ago

      @worfoz So then he was able to give that presentation all by himself? The good lapdog learned it by heart😂

    • Flame Pubg Mobile
      Flame Pubg Mobile 16 days ago

      Вспомнить хотя бы того же самого Байдена…

    • worfoz
      worfoz 17 days ago +7

      Do you think he can read?

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen 17 days ago +28

    😂😂😂 thanks lads! Brilliant comedy 😂😂😂

  • Earle L66
    Earle L66 16 days ago +10


    • Mike 2022
      Mike 2022 14 days ago +1

      If it was bidden instead of kadyrov then kamala harris will have to change his diapers

    • Armchairdude
      Armchairdude 16 days ago +5

      He is shaking because Putler has prohibited lube.

  • DarkMeyer
    DarkMeyer 14 days ago +8

    Ramzan is like a sweet little puppy wagging its tail everytime it sees his master(Putin)

    • Sky Rider
      Sky Rider 7 days ago

      Puppies don´t care what worms think.

  • jhon
    jhon 13 days ago

    0:01 Putin: cómo estás amigazo?
    0:05 kadirov: de pelos, te traigo unos chistes.
    Los chistes de kadirov
    0:09 Pepito, dime cuánto es 2 X 2.
    Un empate.
    ¿Y 2 X 1?
    ¡Una oferta!
    0:18 sabe cómo termina un mago después de comer?
    0:23 La maestra un día le preguntó a pepito
    Que es más rápido un rayo o la luz
    Pepito responde la diarrea, maestra
    La Maestra sorprendida le pregunta ¿pero porque respondes eso?
    Pepito le dice
    Hace unos días quería ir al baño y corrí cómo rayo y cuando prendí la luz
    Ya me había k g
    Al final,
    Putin: usted me vino a alegrar el día kadirov usted es un capo 0:30

  • jhon
    jhon 17 days ago +3

    Hahahaha 😂 kadirov it's very funny

  • Jii Vesuli
    Jii Vesuli 17 days ago +43

    Hard to tell, which one is poisoned. Kadyrov is high as hell for sure.

    • Polynomdivision
      Polynomdivision 9 days ago

      @alex yerxa so, his religion allows him to command the systematic murder of thousands of civilians just to gain power, but having a fun time on alcohol is a terrible sin??

    • alex yerxa
      alex yerxa 10 days ago

      @Luca Baki no

    • Luca Baki
      Luca Baki 10 days ago

      @alex yerxa so is war

    • alex yerxa
      alex yerxa 16 days ago +1

      he is very religious I doubt he drinks alcohol that is haram

  • Casual Comment 🦥
    Casual Comment 🦥 14 days ago +1

    When a warlord attends his performance review.

  • Dwarf
    Dwarf 17 days ago +21

    I can already see Putin thinking...."for that thick head we don't have a hospital window for"

  • Божий🌹Дар
    Божий🌹Дар 12 days ago +1

    Привет Японию🇯🇵Я люблю 🇷🇺ʕ๑•ɷ•๑ʔ🇷🇺❀Ροссия❀everyone can't wait to see NATO⤵️failures in ukraine🐲🇷🇺 🇯🇵

  • Diggnuts
    Diggnuts 17 days ago +19

    Note that he did not clarify who's victory!

  • Nick
    Nick 15 days ago +2

    Kadyrov looks cute with his puffy red cheeks. He reminds me of every fat kid in every movie who is obsessed with chocolate.

  • Bownser Bros
    Bownser Bros 16 days ago +2

    Putin = Freezer
    Kadyrov = Prince Vegeta
    This scene is craaaaazy...

    • JoeCJK
      JoeCJK 14 days ago +3

      Comparing them would be an insult to Vegeta and Frieza.

  • za_kra96
    za_kra96 13 days ago +3

    Ramzan Kadyrov é um ótimo líder

  • VoiceSriLanka
    VoiceSriLanka 17 days ago +6

    *Kadirov Must be a True Christian, He has passed the Poison Test* He is alive. How amazing it is. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • SAIF FF
      SAIF FF 9 days ago

      ​@VoiceSriLanka I think u a devote of zakir naik 😂😂 that's why you can't digest Kadrev bcz he is a Sufis follower

    • VoiceSriLanka
      VoiceSriLanka 15 days ago

      @sajid saiyed lol. watch islamic lantern , Ali dahwa , Zakir naik etc. improve your knowledge.

    • sajid saiyed
      sajid saiyed 15 days ago

      @VoiceSriLanka I'm from India and I'm muslim so how would I know about Bible? And I don't read Bible, Not that One created by bishops. Get some logic

    • VoiceSriLanka
      VoiceSriLanka 15 days ago

      @sajid saiyed Are you from Paxtan?
      I know he is a muslim. Have you heard about Bible's Poison Test?
      Get some knowledge bro.

    MERSIFULL WOLF 17 days ago +17

    Putlers Botox ain’t hiding his stress 🤣😂🤣😂

  • YoungDiplomat
    YoungDiplomat 13 days ago +7

    Chechnya is Russia and will forever be Russia. Insha Allah 🇷🇺

  • Symoni Batmitziev
    Symoni Batmitziev 17 days ago +5

    He has to get out his large format text letters to read to Putin instead of speaking from the heart 😆🤣😂🤣

  • Bing Chilling ♪
    Bing Chilling ♪ 13 days ago

    putin shows us one thing. There is no country in the world that is considered a global hegemon.

  • Ivan Ivan
    Ivan Ivan 17 days ago +6

    Живи били другови председници и још дуго да владате и да вас здравље служи!! 🇷🇸🇷🇺

  • Pit bull
    Pit bull 16 days ago +1

    Дядя Вова мы с тобой 🇷🇺

  • Kirk Montgomery
    Kirk Montgomery 17 days ago +14

    The U.S. 82nd Airborne Division would destroy anybody who challenges it on the battlefield. The Wagner Group would run and hide...

    • Kirk Montgomery
      Kirk Montgomery 14 days ago

      @Shareem farhad Your English is perfect and why would that comment be stupid? What do you care about my fellow YT'er?

    • Shareem farhad
      Shareem farhad 14 days ago

      My English might be bad and stupid but idc

    • Shareem farhad
      Shareem farhad 14 days ago

      @Kirk Montgomery ah yes western propaganda at its finest its too funny to see some high exaggeration and lies haha

    • Mike 2022
      Mike 2022 14 days ago +2

      send the U.S 82nd airborne division back in time and loose Vietnam and Afghanistan second time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dan Gomes
    Dan Gomes 14 days ago +1

    I’m surprised he can read !

  • Anthony Omoko
    Anthony Omoko 17 days ago +12

    God bless the Government and People of Russia!
    May Russia prosper over her enemies!!!

  • JM
    JM 17 days ago +29

    You can clearly see the skid marks on Khadyrov's nose.

    • Brett Lusby
      Brett Lusby 17 days ago +3

      He's like an excited little 10yr old reading out his homework to the teacher.

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen  17 days ago +3

      Yeah you can tell he’s terrified. Bright red skin and the shakes

  • Vlad the3rd
    Vlad the3rd 17 days ago +3

    Why not, it’s not like they have to fight, just keep tossing men away like their nothing but personal play toys. We’re just wonderful creatures aren’t we.

    BITGOAT 16 days ago +4

    You could tell he never opened a folder in his life 🤣

    • Mike 2022
      Mike 2022 14 days ago +1

      @LK I geuss sleepy joe has allot to learn from him

    • LK
      LK 16 days ago +1

      It was like a school child opening his lunch box to see what's inside.

  • Study Toons
    Study Toons 17 days ago +11

    Shaky hands on those cards now

  • Chris Viking
    Chris Viking 17 days ago +6

    'Fight until victory' after advancing only 30 km in one year?

    • *★*Cosmic Creations*☆*
      *★*Cosmic Creations*☆* 17 days ago +5

      Lol they have lost alot more than they have gained and yet he's so sure of a victory🤣

  • Steven Charnock
    Steven Charnock 17 days ago +15

    I have never seen Putin look so tired in front of the camera.

    • Steven Charnock
      Steven Charnock 16 days ago +2

      @Lempo Age creeps up on you, you don't notice how slowly you loose the flexibility and how slowly you get breathless on walks .

    • Lempo
      Lempo 16 days ago +1

      @Steven Charnock Especially at his age

    • Steven Charnock
      Steven Charnock 17 days ago +2

      @Osama Bin Ballin No I think it is just genuine tiredness, running a war as well as a country must drain your energy

    • Osama Bin Ballin
      Osama Bin Ballin 17 days ago +1

      It definitely must be that megacancer he has that the West keeps harping on about😂

  • TrollyMcTrollface
    TrollyMcTrollface 17 days ago +7

    Lol smiles as they send more waves of cattle to their demise!! 👍👍👍

    • Luca Baki
      Luca Baki 10 days ago

      @TotemYuri What? Russia is only fighting against Ukraine, and they are not exactly crushing it. If only just Poland came to Ukraine's aid I think they would push the Russians back all the way to Moscow.

    • TrollyMcTrollface
      TrollyMcTrollface 16 days ago

      @TotemYuri LOL if they’re winning the special operation name one city they’ve taken the last six months? 🥲 if nato decided to send their actual full scale militaries instead of sending Ukraine supplies every other week the Russians would cease to exist. You’ll get to see what I’m talking about when they finish with Ukraine and try Poland. You’ll see what I’m talking about when pooty tries his next chess piece ☢️

    • TotemYuri
      TotemYuri 16 days ago

      Russia is winning mate. Russia is fighting against the entire nato group

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 17 days ago +2

    Yes Boss and you promise I won’t fall out of a window . By accident of course

  • Symoni Batmitziev
    Symoni Batmitziev 17 days ago +6

    Putin looks SO OLD NOW

  • Kiril Petrov
    Kiril Petrov 14 days ago

    Особено на Рамазан.

  • valiant971
    valiant971 16 days ago

    Does anyone else remember the villain King Tut from the 1960's TV show with Adam West? Tut is back.

  • Sub×Zero
    Sub×Zero 12 days ago

    The CEO is having a small discussion with one of his Directors.

  • Herman Gaag
    Herman Gaag 17 days ago

    Well that will take a while...

  • No2Z
    No2Z 17 days ago +10

    Jesus Christ, they both look a bit worse than before. Eh... where exactly are his boys fighting? Tik Tok?

  • MJ D
    MJ D 17 days ago +24

    Kadyrov has eaten waaaay too many twinkies. Looks like your typical garden gnome

  • Greg Garcia
    Greg Garcia 2 days ago

    What a sweet shy pet

  • Trev S
    Trev S 17 days ago +5

    Which window will he fall out?

  • ED KAY
    ED KAY 16 days ago

    This is like The Thunderbirds, but with real people.......I think?!?!

  • jan edvinsson
    jan edvinsson 17 days ago +1

    The answer is blowing in the wind....

  • Hayden Hughes
    Hayden Hughes 16 days ago +2

    Kadyrov tells Putin troops in Ukraine will fight, ok then:)

  • Josh Hughes
    Josh Hughes 17 days ago +21

    Not every day you get to see a conversation between two war criminals...

    • Mr. Fahrenheit ✪
      Mr. Fahrenheit ✪ 11 days ago

      Have you seen and us presidents or congress people talk to each other

    • alex bolide
      alex bolide 17 days ago +6

      You dont have CNN ?🤣

  • Guranga93
    Guranga93 2 days ago

    Day 400 of the 3 day special military operation. lmao XD

  • Ibu
    Ibu 16 days ago

    two Cro-Magnon men in the 21st century

  • Khalid Kaffoch
    Khalid Kaffoch 16 days ago

    can we get Kadyrov Vs Sunak in the UFC or in the youtuber boxing ill pay to watch

  • Bmccarth315
    Bmccarth315 17 days ago +1

    I’ll never understand how we allow presidents to play the role of god!

  • Can't Sleep
    Can't Sleep 14 days ago +2

    is putin's pc running windows 98? lmfao

  • John Six
    John Six 14 days ago +1

    lol funny because I see videos of Chechen fighters against Putin's soldiers.

  • Jan F
    Jan F 16 days ago

    Oh look... the guy can read!

  • Guff
    Guff 17 days ago +5

    I can smell his garlic farts from over here

  • AllAboutYouTubers13
    AllAboutYouTubers13 17 days ago +7

    Funny how now he reads from notes! 🤔🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦

    • AllAboutYouTubers13
      AllAboutYouTubers13 17 days ago +2

      @ιмяαи and Russia begs from Iran, North Korea and China and Ukraine never pretended to be 2nd powerful army in the world and russia taken over 7 months to take Bag village 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦

    • ιмяαи
      ιмяαи 17 days ago +1

      Ukrainian 😂 American puppets comedian President Zelanski Begging Weapons from Step father America

    • Big Matthews
      Big Matthews 17 days ago

      Russia is a beast

  • Moderate
    Moderate 15 days ago

    The heroes that never let terrorist try to dismantle Russia.

  • Tad Rutkevich
    Tad Rutkevich 10 days ago

    Kadyrov peed a little when in presence of his god!

  • Run away bride
    Run away bride 17 days ago +1

    Did he get the file holder off Amazon !

  • jakub kusmierczak
    jakub kusmierczak 15 days ago

    Till when?

  • Jeffery Dahmer
    Jeffery Dahmer 16 days ago +3

    Soon 🤞🏽 bye bye little vlad

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen 17 days ago +3

    😂😂😂 All porky pies!

  • djiah
    djiah 17 days ago +5

    potential resident of hell ...

  • logan duvalier
    logan duvalier 16 days ago +1

    read those faces !

  • unmissable
    unmissable 15 days ago +1

    They make me cringe. Kadyrov is such a glove puppet. He doesn't even hide it.

  • EL0 Bel0
    EL0 Bel0 17 days ago +2

    Putin 🤡🤡

  • unmissable
    unmissable 14 days ago

    I think kadyrov has lost some weight

  • Inez Ortiz
    Inez Ortiz 17 days ago +7

    He's crazy.

    • Luca Baki
      Luca Baki 10 days ago

      @Herman Gaag Not all. Certain Muslims want to see Kadyrov gone.

    • Herman Gaag
      Herman Gaag 17 days ago

      @Vagrant-TechArt "we", u represent all people?

    • Venoxisguides
      Venoxisguides 17 days ago

      @Herman Gaag true

    • Osama Bin Ballin
      Osama Bin Ballin 17 days ago

      @ Vagrant-TechArt, We Muslims are not semites

  • Божий🌹Дар
    Божий🌹Дар 12 days ago

    media ✩⃛

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen 17 days ago +2

    Will you not have a cup of tea? go on go on go on go on GO ON! Oh ok then just a little one!

    • Armchairdude
      Armchairdude 16 days ago

      I see the Irish contingent is in tonight.

  • Armchairdude
    Armchairdude 16 days ago +1

    Putin to the boy... dance for me.

  • fuck_youtube
    fuck_youtube 14 days ago +1

    not one brain cell between them both

  • RGO911
    RGO911 16 days ago +1

    They are not looking well are they

  • RussianBearGamer
    RussianBearGamer 13 days ago +1

    Slava 🇷🇺 Slava Putin ✊ Slava Kadyrov ✊ Davayte Bratia rabotayte 🤍💙❤️ Z

  • Sin Sinsss
    Sin Sinsss 17 days ago +1

    Ayo tatap muka tarung sampai mati

  • Captain Ben
    Captain Ben 17 days ago +1

    Is that windows XP in the background?

  • J
    J 17 days ago

    How comes you need paper for such small amount of things to say this is when you no it’s not from the hart , not saying the west is in the rite tho

  • BongoNz
    BongoNz 17 days ago

    Amazing what shiny new larder will buy

  • Infidel54
    Infidel54 16 days ago +2

    Putin is starting to look like hitler at the end

  • FGM11
    FGM11 Day ago

    Is Botox banned in Russia too or are Putlers reserves running short?

  • Ismail Cimen
    Ismail Cimen 11 days ago

    Germany - German Stephard
    Turkey - Sivas kangal
    Russia - kadyrow

  • Zaneta Eta
    Zaneta Eta 14 days ago

    And the end will like enemy from Johny English movie angry because fail be a king of England

  • Jonathan Reynolds
    Jonathan Reynolds 17 days ago

    Kadyrov looks well stuffed, but concerned that his sausage supply might be vulnerable.

  • Tomasz Hoff
    Tomasz Hoff 12 days ago

    HA HA and HA Again !!!

  • TruthVikingborz
    TruthVikingborz 12 days ago

    Bought in 2004.

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 15 days ago

    This is painful to watch.

  • AllAboutYouTubers13
    AllAboutYouTubers13 17 days ago +2

    Thought he wad poisoned?

    • AllAboutYouTubers13
      AllAboutYouTubers13 17 days ago

      @Eric Murphy maybe ✌️🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦

    • Eric Murphy
      Eric Murphy 17 days ago

      Maybe he was and that the closes look a like but fatter. Short 20seconds so not to realize.

  • sebskyy
    sebskyy 17 days ago

    again .. ''special military operation''

  • Vladimir Putin (5)
    Vladimir Putin (5) 16 days ago

    It looks like typicall meet with priest (catho)

  • Fraser Fulton.
    Fraser Fulton. 17 days ago

    Surely that little skinny case will squash his twinkys ?

  • Thomas Hanafin
    Thomas Hanafin 16 days ago

    Putin what’s too recreate ussr

  • Laszlo Carreidas
    Laszlo Carreidas 17 days ago +1

    Judging by the looks of these two they are not too intelligent.

  • Русский Сталин

    А наши парни кому 18 лет они не воюют ,что за чушь

  • L Farrell
    L Farrell 14 days ago

    2 war criminals together “Yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir, Mr.Putin sir” 🤮

    • Sky Rider
      Sky Rider 7 days ago

      Speaking of war criminals we should start in White House.

  • tony Montana
    tony Montana 16 days ago +2

    2 assassins du monde moderne