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  • Published on Oct 7, 2017 veröffentlicht

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  • David Brock

    Anyone notice that in the first hand the display shows a flop of two hearts (including the ace of hearts) but when it shows the actual cards on the table it is an ace of diamonds? That actually makes a HUGE difference in the hand because there was no flush draw for Feldman and isn't as worrisome for trips or the straight.

  • Lord Sango

    Tom Dwan was one of my favorite players to watch on Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. Its crazy how good he was as one of the youngest guys at the tables. That was when FullTilt was at its prime.

  • Blair Sveinson
    Blair Sveinson 3 years ago +40

    Geller's comment "just don't raise me" was likely the tell Romanello needed when also factoring in Geller's preflop raise and subsequent check. Matusow's post hand commentary was almost as strong as the fold.

  • Vason Gaming

    That last one really took the cake for me. Seeing the commentators be like predicting it would be the 7 of Diamonds ♦️. That was so funny from their reaction when the last card was revealed to be it for both opponents having a back and forth on who will win when each card and flop goes down. 10/10 video btw as well <3

  • Joe Gadberry
    Joe Gadberry 3 years ago +643

    That last hand was absolutely incredible! The odds..

  • Batteries Not Required Toys & Things

    in my career as a poker dealer, I once dealt out pocket queens, kings, and aces in the same hand and proceeded to put one of each on the table to boot! It was an insane hand, with everyone all in

  • Zack Zimser

    Flanders face at

  • Mathew Barnes

    Been watching heaps of dwans poker lately. Love how he just watches his opponent after he bets. Such a smart dude.

  • Allen Malatek
    Allen Malatek 4 years ago +69

    The chances of 5 players all have pairs is just insane. How was that not setup?

  • Miguel Magaña
    Miguel Magaña 2 years ago +289

    That last river. Goddamn. Imagine holding onto the queen of diamonds and you look at the board, your opponent can only beat you with a 7 of diamonds assuming they have the 2 other cards that complete the straight flush in their hand, they river into the only card that can beat you. Very unbelievable

  • John Cena
    John Cena 4 years ago +15

    Kallakis has got to be the Bad Luck Brian of Poker.

  • Don Duncan

    Tom Dwan!!! Man I loved watching Poker after Dark! He had some Slick Hands and played them perfect!

  • Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson 3 years ago +1

    Well done, you inspired me to install ad blocker.

  • Eddy Girón
    Eddy Girón 4 years ago +5


  • True
    True  +3

    It's incredible how still the other competitors are when it's one v one. You could almost forget they are there.

  • tacosrock11 _
    tacosrock11 _ Year ago +1

    Second hand guy win more in one hand than a lot of people make in 10 years

  • Hesh
    Hesh 3 years ago +2

    I know not everyone likes Matusow, but his reaction to that fold was fantastic.

  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 2 years ago +5

    The flush the straight and the 4 of a kind hand was insane!!!

  • Alex Crawford
    Alex Crawford 5 years ago +244

    That phil ivey loss was brutal

  • Hey Jude
    Hey Jude 4 years ago +14

    Only two of these really deserve to be here. The KK preflop fold, and the Jacks full lay down on the turn. Those two plays are absolute pro moves that you could only make if you can read a table insanely well. The rest of the hands here are just long odds bad beats and other weird draws with totally normal moves by the players. You can find a million of those if you watch enough poker. They really aren't that interesting to watch, either. Anybody who plays much knows they happen. Trying to understand how somebody can lay down KK preflop and be right to do it - now that's amazing.