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What women in Afghanistan want you to know | Start Here

  • Published on Aug 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • From fear and disillusion to hope and defiance - every Afghan woman and girl has her own take on what life is like after a year under the Taliban. Sandra Gathmann has been hearing from some, in this second episode of #AJStartHere on the road - in Afghanistan.
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  • Elif Ceren
    Elif Ceren 6 months ago +497

    I literally have no words... I cannot even imagine a life without education and goals... These all women are so strong

    • Nick Williams
      Nick Williams 6 months ago +10

      It would be like every other developing society in the past. Women don't need to be politicians or doctors in order for society to progress. They help increase the population so they can improve societies conditions.

    • NevadaGrace
      NevadaGrace 5 months ago

      And we can all learn some lessons from them and I do..

    • Rina
      Rina 5 months ago +12

      They do have goals tho'. For taliban women's goal only to get husbands

  • maria moradi
    maria moradi 6 months ago +128

    So brave and full of hope, really inspiring! I hope life gets better for Afghans . Great reporting btw

  • Mayson Peni
    Mayson Peni 3 months ago +43

    So sad to know of the life each Afghan girl lives in the country under the cruel ruling of the Taliban. These girls spoke courageously with smiling faces that one day every girl in Afghan will live a happy life like every one. God bless you all the women in Afghanistan..

    • Rehan Chowdhury
      Rehan Chowdhury 3 months ago +3

      Agree, but I think this taliban is a lot more calmer than taliban of the past but hope things change. I checked Quran and it never tells women to cover their face or hair as an obligation, all it says to cover their bodies and dress modestly, and never addresses the hair, though its optional

    • Gegee
      Gegee 2 months ago +4

      @Rehan Chowdhury sorry to inform you but as an Arabic speaker, it does 100%

    • Rehan Chowdhury
      Rehan Chowdhury 2 months ago +3

      ​@Gegee As an obligation it addresses bossoms, private part and body as mandatory, hair is not addressed as mandatory though it mentions bring your kummur and cover the bossoms, thats all it says meaning head cover is not applicable at all times, had it been obligatory the verse would of said tell your women to cover your hair, face, bossoms, body, which it never mentions it. Also khummur means many things and head cover is one of them.

    • walt lock
      walt lock 2 months ago +5

      They did it to themselves. If they wanted a different life, they should have raised different sons. We gave them twenty years: enough time to raise an entire generation who would respect women's rights. They chose not to.

    • Gegee
      Gegee 2 months ago

      @Rehan Chowdhury you’re wrong

  • A_deity
    A_deity Year ago +205

    Great reporting, great editing. It's rare to find hope in Afghan women, so glad to see a few positive rays. More strength and power to Afghan women, hope the Taliban understand the power of love and kindness. Religion is to unite people, to benefit people not dictate them.

  • Elli S
    Elli S Year ago +72

    Praying for the Afghan people. I hope someday the country will overcome all their struggles. And maybe someday Afghanistan will open its doors to the world to know more about their culture and their country. Insha Allah.

  • Rabia Zia
    Rabia Zia 8 months ago +125

    How strong they are ❤
    With all of those difficulties still smiling and hopeful

    • MrYo888779
      MrYo888779 Month ago

      So strong they cant get their rights

    • aaa aaa
      aaa aaa 12 days ago

      ​@MrYo888779if you lived in a Islamic country you wouldn't have any rights either

  • kilpel2
    kilpel2 Year ago +451

    So nice to see the women of that country are so courageous and hopeful for the future. Excellent reporting!

    • Sadat Khan
      Sadat Khan Year ago +4

      Or bias and brought 😂😂😂 Don't praise them too much just like the Resistance army they will also fall in to pieces...

    • Len Zi
      Len Zi Year ago +31

      @Sadat Khan Why are you so evil?

  • Kinfolk Travels
    Kinfolk Travels Year ago +213

    Thank you for showing an unopinionated glimpse into the thoughts of these women and girls. The strength is encouraging.

    • Bahar Afghanzad
      Bahar Afghanzad 9 months ago +20

      Yes, many people don't know anything about Afghanistans but some picked pictures from the news and they think we Afghans want this terror group to rule which we of course don't want at all.
      I'm an Afghan girl born, grown up and studied in Afghanistan. My grandmother was a teacher my mother a dentist assistant in Herat Afghanistan and we are absolutely not a rich but a very average family in Afghanistan.
      When you see a terror group ruling in Afghanistan it's because it's supported by many countries which make profit from the war in Afghanistan. And terror groups need an blind society to rule on which is exactly the reason why all terror group firstly attack on girls and womens rights since women are the roots of a society. Educated Women will not just make 50% of a society but they also will raise the other 50% of the society which are men.

    • Proud Celt
      Proud Celt 9 months ago +1

      Afghanistan is more and more based everyday

    • St.Forward
      St.Forward 8 months ago

      @Bahar Afghanzad Who are those terror groups?

    • Bahar Afghanzad
      Bahar Afghanzad 7 months ago +6

      The txliban txrrorists of course. Dealing with txliban txrrorists is exactly like dealing with isis. There is absolutely no difference.

    • Ad Adri
      Ad Adri 7 months ago +2

      They are trying so hard to rebuilt their country. Give them a chance. Funny how until today we keep hearing about how women are being mistreated in US. You should go there for yourself. You will be suprised how wrong you are about them

  • Kamila Yusupova
    Kamila Yusupova 5 months ago +20

    These girls/women are so brave and an inspiration to watch. I wish they achieve whatever dreams they have and live the life they deserve ❤❤❤

  • Loves Flowers
    Loves Flowers 10 months ago +672

    These men are so threatened by educated, independent women.

    • NevadaGrace
      NevadaGrace 9 months ago +22

      Sure are, nothing new. z world would be quite a different place if men weren’t in charge…

    • Loves Flowers
      Loves Flowers 8 months ago +4

      @NevadaGrace amen

    • M M
      M M 8 months ago +31

      Not really you dont understand the real issues. This is nothing but a much repeated cliched statement. Its about society at large and maintaining the integrity of both men and women.

  • JawaProductions
    JawaProductions Year ago +253

    Wonderful reporting, and may peace be with these girls for speaking from their hearts.

    • Tsudagenam
      Tsudagenam Year ago +8

      yes all those peace and heart are saving them.

    • InterTalks
      InterTalks Year ago +2

      How do you know they are speaking from their hearts?

    • Takiya Azrin
      Takiya Azrin Year ago +3

      @InterTalks Medieval people did not know the function of the brain. They think memories are stored in the heart

  • Hemalatha Rajesh
    Hemalatha Rajesh 11 months ago +49

    I feel very sorry for Afghan people.
    I think Afghan people are brave and they can overcome this situation. Love from India.

  • Francois Rossouw
    Francois Rossouw Year ago +39

    These woman are so brave, and deserve their place in society. Blessings to them .

  • Truth Triumphs
    Truth Triumphs Year ago +120

    Congratulations for this reporting about the conditions of the urban Afghan women, which constitutes around 20% of the Afghan population. Of course, the rest 30% living in rural Afghanistan, whose conditions & plight you have ignored. Only Al Jazeera can explain the reason. Therefore, this narrative relates to and is confined to the aspirations of urban, educated women only. Nonetheless, your efforts are praise worthy.
    In your next reporting, please include the rural women also.

    • WaveRider
      WaveRider Year ago +23

      What does rural women want that is different from urban? do they not want to work? be free from patriarchy? development?

    • Goo-Lamo ka Doctor
      Goo-Lamo ka Doctor Year ago +17

      It's very sad when women are not just treated unequally but they are also forced to follow these unequal practices in this era.
      And even more sad part is that the world is silent on this especially the Islamic Organisation Countries

    • Bilbi111
      Bilbi111 Year ago +24

      @WaveRider I think it meant, that the girls and women we see in this report are educated, strong and hopeful, they look well dressed and sit in nice houses. In fact they look better than I imagined (and no burqas so far). I believe women in rural places, feel weaker, worry more about food and health, don't even dream about democracy and education. I would think they are very desperate.

    • Bilbi111
      Bilbi111 Year ago +4

      @Goo-Lamo ka Doctor I think your last sentance in true. Western countried are percieved as enemies being non-islamic and modern, their views about what happanes in Afganistan is not important for the Taliban goverment. The main help can come from islamic countries. Problem is - how many islamic countries out there are actually thriving and can be a model and assistant for Afganistan?

    • Mohamad Aliff Shafiq Azizan
      Mohamad Aliff Shafiq Azizan 11 months ago +1

      @Goo-Lamo ka Doctor it has Allah say in his verse sound like:
      Quran, Surah Ar-Ra'd, 13:11:
      Dr. Mustafa Khattab (The Clear Quran Translation):
      .....Indeed, Allah would never change a people’s state ˹of favour˺ until they change their own state ˹of faith˺....
      Sahih International Translation:
      ....Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves....
      We do the best but they, they never want to change that attitudes... what can we do?! We are weak because lack of powers, duas (the prays) is our can we do right now for this conditions right now...

  • Ruby S
    Ruby S Year ago +18

    I am so proud of these brave, articulate, and intelligent women. Afghan women are tough. They have endured so much and they still have hope. The Taliban should know that they are dealing with a different Afghanistan. As the Taliban were being trained by their Pakistani/Arab masters; plenty of Afghan girls and women became educated and independent. Now these women dare to speak up for their rights. What a difference between the women and the Taliban representative in this video. The ladies were logical, educated, and articulate. The Talib was clearly uneducated and couldn’t provide reasonable answers. Long live Afghan girls and women. Death to the barbaric Taliban.

  • Daniel Ly
    Daniel Ly Year ago +12

    Keep fighting for your rights, women of Afghanistan! You will prevail eventually.


      Any Muslim who does not at least consider dating a Serbian or American girl , ( ✌️ ) is eather crazy or gay. I mean,look what their guys did to our girls in the aggression on us. I would gladly date one,and have my time,but i cant because this coward U.S government targeted me and ruined my life. They are not superior to me and had no right to this. Shame.Iraq,Afghanistan,Bosnia,Hiroshima ?!

  • julie featch
    julie featch 22 hours ago

    Let's hope our younger generation keep teaching us and doing their best to make it a better world for all of us.

  • Jaca Jaca
    Jaca Jaca 7 months ago +9

    Respect, they are so brave, just fight for your right, as a muslim women born and raised in Europe I can only give you my support and I’m praying for you every day to achieve what you are looking for.❤❤❤

  • Kelly Stack
    Kelly Stack 6 months ago +12

    My heart breaks for these beautiful women. They deserve so much more. May god bless them all. 🙏🙏❤️❤️💯😳

  • Mary Robby
    Mary Robby 2 months ago

    Their words of hope resonates so strong -especially in the mother tongue❤

  • Clips by Carra
    Clips by Carra Year ago +31

    (Edited) I always wished and dreamed of a world where men and women are beyond equal and special. Where everyone is nice to each other and not waste time on negativity. A world where there is infinite freedom and boundaries. A life where everyone is nice to you because you simply deserve all the love in this world. A family that sees your growth and you for who you are…. and people supporting and praying for each other together forever. ❤

    • Keram
      Keram 10 months ago +7

      What a delusion on this temporary world.

  • medha joshi
    medha joshi 7 months ago +9

    My prayers for all these powerful women. Soon things will be better and in your favour. Love from India.

    • Ani♡
      Ani♡ 5 months ago +1

      I'm from India too watching this breaks my heart, women and girls bearing the brunt of men's disputes 😢 hope they can get their freedom to work and study back I'm absolutely gutted for them 💔

  • basir behrooz
    basir behrooz 5 months ago +5

    Heartbroken and Sorry to see my brothers/sisters going through these dark days.

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 9 months ago +34

    As the father of two strong daughters and two strong granddaughters it saddens me greatly that women are treated this way regardless of the cause. Religion, culture or just plain old ignorance. The Afghan army was given everything they needed but lacked the motivation to fight for their own freedom and chose instead to lay down their weapons and walk away. I bet if these strong women were in the military they would have stood up to the Taliban and fought for their freedom.

    • Corey Johnson
      Corey Johnson 9 months ago +6

      I'm positive of that. They would have definitely fought because they had something to fight for while those dudes felt much wouldn't change for them, their freedoms wouldn't be messed with.

  • Piano Matron Nee Nee
    Piano Matron Nee Nee Year ago +45

    Great story. Thanks for sharing your insights. Hope life can get better for the women.

    • Piano Matron Nee Nee
      Piano Matron Nee Nee Year ago +2

      click this link that’s great news. Such a beautiful country, hope things keep improving for them. They’ve been through so much already.

  • Shiba Arefi
    Shiba Arefi Year ago +20

    I’m proud of the Afghanistani courage women 🇦🇫❤️‍🔥🫶

  • Cheri
    Cheri Year ago +48

    Rights for all women of the world. Much love to Afghanistan Women from America ❤️

    • E Clark
      E Clark Year ago +2

      spot on

    • Almaty Malayali
      Almaty Malayali Year ago +27

      Your country destroyed Afghanistan

    • roble mohamed
      roble mohamed Year ago +24

      Do you have any rights? And what is your defination of rights when America has a very high rape percentage% compared to Afghanistan?

    • Red Bee
      Red Bee Year ago

      Bread and work first

  • vicky thefist
    vicky thefist 6 months ago +25

    I live in the UK and am so embarrassed to say that as a 44year old women I avoided school and education and that's all these girls want makes me now few ashamed and realise how lucky I was

  • fam heidari
    fam heidari Year ago +46

    For women in Iran...
    For Ukrainian women...
    For Syrian women...
    For Afghan women...
    For Turkish women...
    For all oppressed women

    • Takiya Azrin
      Takiya Azrin 11 months ago


    • Sapphic Sapien
      Sapphic Sapien 2 months ago +6

      And also for women in…
      Sri Lanka

    • Armaan
      Armaan Month ago +1

      ​@Sapphic SapienIndia ??

    • Miss Queen
      Miss Queen Month ago

      For all oppressed people.

    • fairy
      fairy Month ago

      ​@Sapphic Sapienwhat is the problen in sri lanka sri lanka is majority buddhist countries because of economic crisis
      They are some problems,but we has no problem in education,we have good literally rate,we don,t have any discrimination agains women like in islamic countries or india,

  • Cabdisalaan - Ceeryaamo
    Cabdisalaan - Ceeryaamo 9 months ago +84

    Whenever I hear Afganistan poverty, hunger, and jobless come into my mind; but my country is the same.

    • Proud Celt
      Proud Celt 9 months ago +3

      Its like that From soviet and american invasions

    • pmboston
      pmboston 9 months ago +4

      @Proud Celt Afghanistan has been like that for thousands of years, long before the inventions called soviets and Americans. Geography is unchanging. So are the local people for the most part. Probably the longest regional peace was under the Mongolian khanates but that was long ago. If the world can keep its hands off it long enough, the taliban, basically just a tribe, will lose its grip, but that takes a lot of time…and suffering.

    • moester75
      moester75 9 months ago +8

      @UserJJ6, naw bruh, you can’t seriously be blaming the current Taliban treatment of Afghanistan women on Russian and American military involvement there? That’s absurd.

    • Reven-Docta
      Reven-Docta 9 months ago +4

      @Proud Celt No, actually they’ve treated their women like that before either the Soviets or Americans ever stepped foot in their lands. Try again.

  • Asha Mohamud Ahmed
    Asha Mohamud Ahmed 6 months ago +5

    I am praying for you all my sisters I can imagine how strong you are to face that. Love from 🇸🇴 and 🇨🇭

  • Savio de Silva
    Savio de Silva 4 days ago

    I love her spirit. "why should I be afraid?" 🙌

  • Find x
    Find x Year ago +18

    Awesomely documented, very inspiring💚💙

  • Nematullah Seerat
    Nematullah Seerat 9 months ago +6

    Proud of you powerful women of my country❤️❤️💪

  • Mehdia Sadat
    Mehdia Sadat Year ago +19

    Afghan women are still hopeful for the future that they will make for Afghanistan. They just need support from the world, they need to be heard and seen like other women fighting anywhere else in the world.

  • Aditi Thakur
    Aditi Thakur 4 months ago +1

    The girls are a source of strength to the world. We respect you from our hearts.

  • Susan Kovacs
    Susan Kovacs Year ago +104

    Hope never dies, keep motivated to learn more. Good Luck ladies!🕊

    • Nabi Amiri
      Nabi Amiri Year ago +2

      West put the Afghanistanis (not afghans) to fight for the democracy and then just left all for the afghans(pashtoons=taliban)

    • My Beautiful Cat
      My Beautiful Cat Year ago +5

      They gonna be the best moms

  • khinphone sint
    khinphone sint 8 months ago +3

    May the Afghan girls achieve all the best things in the world.

  • Gudo
    Gudo Year ago +68

    10:00 wow. She is inspiring and a strong young lady. 👏❤️

  • Hannah
    Hannah 10 months ago +33

    5:54 I'm in love with this lady, Her confident🔥 her way of talk🔥 her opinions & Criticism🔥 everything is on point

    • Bahar Afghanzad
      Bahar Afghanzad 9 months ago +9

      I think she is still too religious and does not represent the majority of us Afghan women who want Freedom like the younger women were talking about.

    • Dragon West
      Dragon West 4 months ago

      Would she be open for people rejecting the Islam? From her statements I don't think so.

  • Milk🥛
    Milk🥛 5 months ago +3

    I wish Afghanistan all the best. I hope they can figure themselves out. 🇦🇫

  • Top Persian Channel
    Top Persian Channel Year ago +34

    Appreciate you my compatriots Afghan woman girls
    Standing strong then ever 👍👍

  • Truckerwellnessusa - Derek O.

    This is commendable (reporting on the situation). I just fear possible retaliation for the women speaking out. Hopefully this doesn't happen to them.

  • tender and mild
    tender and mild 8 months ago +8

    Freedom is the weapon tyrants fear. Dear women,you have it all. You will rise and shall bloom from wherever you stand. Above hate,stand tall.

  • Dikeledi Jane
    Dikeledi Jane Year ago +6

    I'm supporting Afghan women for fighting for their future continues to be firm on what they thought it is good for them and their children 🇿🇦

    • Jeff Brown
      Jeff Brown Year ago +1

      Why are you encouraging women to "fight" against their government. Afghanistan is not like the USA where men can marry men and women can marry women.

  • Jay Π
    Jay Π Year ago +4

    A big thank you for your work, I love your reports and I hope that other media will be inspired by them.

  • Humberto Ruiz
    Humberto Ruiz Year ago +28

    I feel sorry for those brave women being abused for centuries in name of a religious believe, hopefully the change comes soon enough for to stop that madness it seems those men have forgotten they came from a brave woman I feel sick watching what they have done and how proud they appeared after

    • FactStorm
      FactStorm Year ago +3

      It's not in the name of religious belief*, it IS religious belief that's the problem

    • Michelle Davies
      Michelle Davies Year ago +6

      @FactStorm anything that involves the imaginary sky daddy is not good.

  • Bhaskar Tamuli
    Bhaskar Tamuli Year ago +20

    Love afganistan from india ❤️

  • Alex Goslar
    Alex Goslar Year ago +16

    Obsessed with gaining superiority makes us forget that in commerce, business and politics, a monopole situation does not exist. Ignoring the need to negotiate a balance always results in an implosion.

  • Francesca Treharne
    Francesca Treharne 5 months ago +3

    They are all so beautiful, inside and outside, so strong-hearted, intelligent and inspirational. Please may their dreams come true

  • n0tfr0mth1sw0rld
    n0tfr0mth1sw0rld 10 months ago +1

    Thanks for keep reporting. I hope those brave women stay safe ❤️

  • LAmya
    LAmya 6 months ago +13

    as a Muslim, I wanna say, our prophet told us, don't be exaggerated with religion. cover means don't show up obscene and stay decent. that not means wear a burka. we have to stay decent, but if someone doesn't like covering, don't wear a burka but she has to wear a decent dress. but the Taliban is exaggerated with religion and doesn't wanna give women's rights........

    • Rehan Chowdhury
      Rehan Chowdhury 3 months ago +2

      during Prophets time burqa was worn during a war period as not only Muslim, Jews and Christians worn so for safety of not being recognised who is Muslim or Christian, it wasn't a religious obligation, but it has been incorporated to Islam as if it was prescribed by Islam for all times. When I read the Quran on Hijab it never addresses women must cover their hair or face, it addresses mainly their body and chest as an obligation.

  • saddam hussain
    saddam hussain Year ago +31

    You should also make documentery on poverty and how to get support from UN Countries rather than small communities, which has their dreams to live abroad at any cost.

    • Merchant
      Merchant Year ago


    • Siren
      Siren Year ago +5

      maybe if the "religion of peace" changed their ideology there wouldn't be much poverty

    • Mohammad Shamail
      Mohammad Shamail Year ago +8

      @Siren Maybe if the ‘peaceful’ west didn’t interfere in our matters we wouldn’t have poverty.

  • Thecalmone
    Thecalmone 3 months ago +2

    Freedom these people deserve

  • o s
    o s Year ago +170

    Very interesting, they interviewed rich and affluent woman. Not normal Afghan lady. Keep it up. But we like to know the thought and feeling of countryside people

    • Rahat Zaman
      Rahat Zaman Year ago +24

      This is an important point to note . Talibans themselves have women in thier community .

    • W A
      W A Year ago +23

      Normal afghan lady is a widow who is begging on the streets

    • Rahat Zaman
      Rahat Zaman Year ago +30

      @W A the reality of the muslim world is that a LOT of common working class women are muslim conservatives .
      So sometimes there is a clash between more upper class liberal types of women vs the conservative women population of the nation .
      A conservative muslim mother herself .. doesn't like the idea of giving her daughter enough freedom ( and absolutely NO western style freedom ) .
      Need to know a culture and it's people before interfering .

    • W A
      W A Year ago +33

      @Rahat Zaman culture is not set in stone, it changes and people change. If they want western culture then they will adopt western culture it is their choice, you don’t own your daughters or women, they are free independent individuals who can do whatever they want and have the right to do so. They are not your slaves. Just because you don’t like western culture or don’t like things about it doesn’t mean everybody else should follow your preference. And don’t sit there and act like Eastern Culture is anything special, it’s the only culture where women are killed or jailed for being victims of rape, only culture where parents force their daughters to marry people they don’t want to be married to, eastern culture is the only culture where your rights are not respected lol so stop

  • Zefeng Chen
    Zefeng Chen Year ago +84

    This kind of videos is the reason I like Al Jazeera. Even though it sometimes follow the west’s mumbo jumbo, AJ always looks at the world in a different way

    • Luis G.
      Luis G. Year ago +11

      AJ looks at the world in first the Islamic way and after the Qatar way.

    • Madhkalis, Secularists, and Moderates are the same
      Madhkalis, Secularists, and Moderates are the same Year ago +1

      @Luis G. Then that’s Based.

    • NedsoN
      NedsoN Year ago +4

      @Bonnie They aren't shouting their news to a small crowd from a donkey, the traditional Islamic way.
      They are using Western mumbo jumbo (technologies) cameras equipment, electronics, radio transmissions, Internet broadcasting equipment.
      And the English language.

  • Rubina Akther
    Rubina Akther Year ago +9

    That's why aj is the best news channel. It captures all about the current situation

  • Bernadette Crawford
    Bernadette Crawford 11 months ago +6

    Freedom for these women from cruel oppression and tyranny

  • Cary Carter
    Cary Carter Year ago +34

    Incredible journalism from aljazeera as always

  • Salma Louhichi
    Salma Louhichi Year ago +23

    May God protect them :'((

  • Learniverse
    Learniverse Year ago +36

    The problem is people think that raising a family and taking care of your children is anything little less important

    • Patty Nellis
      Patty Nellis Year ago +7

      We need to stay out of others business , religion and culture is a sensitive thing , not everyone is us

    • Patty Nellis
      Patty Nellis Year ago

      @Bonnie says who ??

    • w dafuk
      w dafuk Year ago +1

      @Patty Nellis Objective reality.

    • w dafuk
      w dafuk Year ago

      @Patty Nellis Cool, as soon as they stay out of everyone else's.

    • end is near
      end is near Year ago +8

      U still need education to raise families

  • Bithiah Amariah
    Bithiah Amariah 8 months ago +1

    Thank you for introducing us to these lovely young ladies and women of Afghanistan. We pray their dreams come true and that the Taliban will not dampen them, but realise that dumbing down half the population in today's world is a recipe for disaster for their country. We Women have so much to offer, and now that they have had 20 years of freedom, to confine them to 4 dark walls will create untold mental ill health in their communities. Men want happy contented wives and daughters surely!

  • Jakir Ahmed
    Jakir Ahmed Year ago +6

    very good report. you are exploring the real face of the whole world. Thank you al jazeera .

    • sandeep uk
      sandeep uk 7 months ago

      Real face of the Taliban.

  • Kadir Mahato
    Kadir Mahato Year ago +6

    The women's and girls smile is like magic that can give everyone courage

  • Moses Kalenga
    Moses Kalenga Year ago +22

    Wonderful report, it's sad watching the state of women in Afghanistan. My thoughts are with them. The shouldn't stop fighting for gender equality.

    • junaid bhatti
      junaid bhatti Year ago +1

      You concerned of Afghan women.
      Thank God Taliban are here

    • Koplak
      Koplak Year ago +1

      Gender equality ? U goofball 😂

  • Engr Aziz
    Engr Aziz 11 months ago +1

    I always love your reports ♥️

  • Monir Iqbal
    Monir Iqbal Year ago +7

    Great report…..thank you 🙏🏻

  • Anisa Gadi
    Anisa Gadi 6 months ago +1

    I salute the peole of Afghan, their resiliency and determination too admirable...

  • Hajjah Rabya
    Hajjah Rabya Year ago +39

    These beautiful women and girls are so strong minded...Insha'Allah all will be fine soon.

  • nole
    nole 6 months ago

    03:20 huge respect for her

  • See The World
    See The World  7 months ago +1

    Makes me sad to see these intelligent and beautiful young ladies not getting enough education without their will but forced. Hopefully, it changes soon, so ladies will be able to have equal freedoms.

  • M.F f
    M.F f 19 days ago

    The Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan, commonly known as the US-Taliban deal or the Doha Accords, was a peace agreement signed by the United States and the Taliban on 29 February 2020 in Doha, Qatar, to bring an end to the 2001-2021 war in Afghanistan, but now Both Side ( US and Taliban) Break Away from Agreement .

  • BEOWULF ( An assiduous warrior )

    These women are drastically valiant.

  • Mazo
    Mazo Year ago

    Go AJ! Excellent vignette and work. Keep it going!

  • Tecla
    Tecla Year ago +3

    I hope they never give up because it's their rights

  • S Z Bee
    S Z Bee 9 months ago +2

    Freedom for women ❤

  • Karin Heschl
    Karin Heschl Year ago +5

    Such sweet women ! They have hope ! Me too! Live in Afghanisthan does not have to be like life in the West....they should be happy and I hope they soon get more opportunities for education! This should be supported from Western countries

    • Myah Soodinim
      Myah Soodinim Year ago

      But supported how? By engaging Afghanistan, or by isolating and sanctioning it?

    • Len Zi
      Len Zi Year ago

      @Myah Soodinim Only giving material directly to those who need it. Like medication directly to the Patients.
      If something is given, it has to be given to those who need it under eye controll

    • Takiya Azrin
      Takiya Azrin Year ago +1

      Silly people support Taliban
      1. Banning boxing
      2. Banning music
      3. Banning drawings
      4. Banning photography
      5. Banning movies
      6. Banning women high-heeled shoes that produce a sound
      7. Banning women showing their hair
      8. Banning women wearing perfume
      9. Banning women going out
      10. Banning women to breathe after stoning

  • Sylvia C
    Sylvia C 9 months ago +4

    Wonderful young women 👏

  • Message TV
    Message TV Year ago +5

    I love Afghan culture and Afghanistan people and I love al Jazeera English News channel is one of the world most famous and to correct guide the Muslim Nation I'm from Pakistan

  • Aakanksha Sinha
    Aakanksha Sinha 4 months ago

    We take so much for granted. I never even thought I was privileged to get a good education. I was so naive.

  • chintu
    chintu 7 months ago +1

    These women are so strong one day all your wishes come true Allah will help u in this tough situation

  • Nawa
    Nawa Year ago +16

    Great economic policy. Getting rid of half the working force. Women can also give a different perspective on progress since among many things think about family first etc.

  • stuka80
    stuka80 20 days ago

    their country, their rules, dont go to other people's houses and start judging and telling them how they need to run it. i remember reading about ancient explorers and travellers, how impartial their views are when they came accross totally alien cultures and customs, no judgements nor acted in a patronizing manner, they simply observed and noted, unlike in the modern age where all these people are brainwashed into thinking they must somehow change other cultures to be more like theirs, disgusting.

  • junaid bhatti
    junaid bhatti Year ago +14

    You being Able to Interview them says a Million words .

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago +14

    Great coverage!

  • Abhi Srivastava
    Abhi Srivastava 4 months ago +2

    Taliban Government at 2:45 - "It is simple, I don't currently have that many buildings even."
    Reporter's counter question should have been on behalf of Afghan women - "Why should 'your lack of something' become the reason for their lack of education?"

  • NS
    NS 10 months ago

    Great report, thank you.

  • Dayvane
    Dayvane 10 months ago +7

    These women are the strongest of them all.

  • Every Where I Go
    Every Where I Go Month ago

    It's not all about Wearing Hijab/Dresses. It's all about they forget about that. Just like we forget about our culture and we don't want to push back our selves to our culture like wearing Dhoti-Kurta. Like we feel shame to speak our local languages to others. It's only about what do you learn and what do you get by others/invaders/intruders. But also it's not all about Sharia. When you forget about your past. You never accept.

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Year ago +15

    When the spokesman for the ministry of virtue was talking about how some people are not fully educated in Sharia, I got the impression that he was not referring to the women, but to members of the Taliban. But he could not say that openly.

    • M M
      M M Year ago +2

      I’m wondering how much educated is he and how can he measure education? Because I have seen many people from those countries have a masters certificate but nothing in their brain or they only know the subject but no other knowledge.

    • Nivedita Bhattacharjee
      Nivedita Bhattacharjee Year ago

      True ..I felt that too.

    • Nivedita Bhattacharjee
      Nivedita Bhattacharjee Year ago +1

      @M M well nobody in these countries really has the mindset of the truly knowledgable. For that one needs an upbringing in a non-judgemental humanistic environment. No country can truly say they have that kind of pure environment but in these countries it is non-existant

    • w dafuk
      w dafuk Year ago +2

      @Nivedita Bhattacharjee A "non-judgemental humanistic environment" is an impossibility. Judgement is a crucial part of the human experience.

    • w dafuk
      w dafuk Year ago +1

      Highly doubtful, what he most likley meant was some people, probably young people who grew up around the western presence which was there for 20 years, have fallen away from the true islam and need to be educated regarding sharia practices that weren't allowed or widely observed during the western occupation.

  • Butterfly8783
    Butterfly8783 Year ago +4

    If Taliban or any patriarchalic society want women to be silent, then they have to be their voice and represent her interests as well as their own. There is absoulutely nothing in Islam that prevents a woman to assist her husband / family in their work with the best of her qualifications possible and to get these qualifications through studies so that she can spend her quality time at the side and near her dearest ones for support as much and as good as possible. If Taliban separate genders too much, they won´t find peace in their homes and then; if this happens - what was their victory good for?

    • Joshua
      Joshua 6 months ago

      😂 you don't get to dictate the rules 😮 in a patriarchy sorry 😢

  • Amit Officials
    Amit Officials Year ago +5

    I am egarly waiting for watching this amazing programme i have no enough words to express how much beauty of this show is.

    SKYHIGH 11 months ago +15

    I can’t believe how horrible it is there .

    • Irma Iz
      Irma Iz 9 months ago

      Sorry but how are any safer in the USA? I live in NYC & it's beyond disgusting how women, and myself included, face daily verbal sexual passive harassment and objectified due to my western attire? Please tell me how? If you live in many countries as I did (including SA), you will realize how women, children and even men suffer differently but equally everywhere.

    • Zach Phillips
      Zach Phillips 9 months ago +5

      @Irma Iz Are you joking?

    • exam
      exam 7 months ago

      @Irma Iz 😂just shift to afganistan

    • Hannah Pocock
      Hannah Pocock 6 months ago +1

      @Irma Iz are you seriously comparing new york City to Afghanistan?

  • yaseen meyer
    yaseen meyer Year ago +43

    It will benefit Afghanistan if they let women work. So that they can also support their families. And contribute to the household and the country. Especially women who have lost their husband's. They must let all women study. As we know that women is quick learners.

    • Muslim
      Muslim Year ago +1

      it's better for economy if they stay home

    • Max S.
      Max S. Year ago +11

      @Muslim Why just them?
      How about this.
      ‘It’s better for the economy if everyone stays home’

  • Nature in Urban space

    Pathetic . Being a teacher myself I really can feel the girl students frustration

  • arif yanar
    arif yanar 7 months ago +3

    As ı boy and ı living in Turkey. I hate Taliban and ı m so sorry for all of things. The women of afganishan are so strong. I belive them. I wish they are saw the good days for future. 🙏

  • Leto2ndAtreides
    Leto2ndAtreides Year ago +6

    It would be interesting if Afghan women were given more freedom to travel to other countries. I imagine that the Taliban might allow that - maybe only if there was a male guardian.
    Of course, language and education level would create difficulties. But even so, it would be interesting to see what proportion of them would leave Afghanistan if given the chance.
    Perhaps not that many. Since being in a new country alone and without one's family and friends would likely be frightening. But even then, it would be interesting to have it be possible.

  • Tetty marlina
    Tetty marlina 7 months ago

    They choose their destiny of their country.. International world can't change them if more than half of them proud with what they believes...their right to choose what is good for their life

  • goodmala kapoor
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    🇮🇳 i Love you MY iNDiA 🇮🇳
    🇦🇫 Afghanistan nice people's 🇦🇫

  • Godspeedmax
    Godspeedmax Year ago +15

    In Afghanistan the situation may be more divided. But in places like Western Europe I have seen women protesting that are pro hijab. Western culture and hijabs cannot coexist. In an open and free society, ppl facial expression, the eyes, lips and total face are essential in meaningful interaction. Women are equals and must be able to experience true, open western transaction. There is no room for closed off, crazy ritual and demeaning practices

    • Soaad
      Soaad 9 months ago +5

      Who are you to say that women in hijab aren’t equal to men? I know many women who have never felt more free in there hijab. Both men and women in Islam are told to lower their gaze and guard their chastity not only women. You guys want to see them uncover and want to see their beauty but cannot and that is what makes you all so angry.

    • Santanupaul
      Santanupaul 6 months ago

      ​@Soaad that's important beauty is... When you build conversation facial expressions do play a lot..