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Fox Sports Insider Rob Parker Reveals The Real Reason Shannon Sharpe Is Leaving Skip Bayless

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Fox Sports Insider Rob Parker Reveals The Real Reason Shannon Sharpe Is Leaving Skip Bayless. This is what we'll be talking about in today's episode of The Dreamerspro Show. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +1001

    It was inspiring to see him stand up for what he believes in

  • Shane G.
    Shane G. 3 months ago +480

    I think Shannon knew he was leaving but he just handled it like a true professional. Congratulations bruh, and wish you all the best in the future.

  • Joseph Neri
    Joseph Neri 3 months ago +393

    He put his glasses back on because he had a moment of clarity. He realized he lost a friend in Skip, but he wasn't about to lose his broadcasting career too by getting angry.

    • Dr. Sinister
      Dr. Sinister 3 months ago +26

      Shannon Sharpe never had a friend in Skip Bayless. Skip Bayless earns his salary by being a sports antagonist, and everyone is fair game to him.

    • BoKu
      BoKu 3 months ago +21

      Skip fought to get Shannon on the show. Don’t act like there wasn’t a real friendship there when the show started like 7 years ago we all seen it. The negative interactions just kept piling up and skip was the offender in too many of them. Ish happens and will definitely sour a relationship over time.

      PROTECTIVE RAILROAD DAD 3 months ago +18

      Skip is a disrespectful individual, and Shannon isn’t. Ole Shay Shay decided to just leave before he had to slap skip on live tv. I think out of respect for skips wife and others Shannon did it like this, which was in the best interest of everyone.

    • Lamont Tanksley
      Lamont Tanksley 3 months ago +10

      Exactly. Skip was way out of pocket too. Glad that Unc Shay said knocking him into next Tuesday wasn't worth his 2nd career. Him telling Shannon to put his glasses back on, and how he said it, was as disrespectful as anything said that day. Reminds me of guys talking trash on the military base because they 100% know you will not do anything because the consequences are too great.

  • Lionel P Thomas
    Lionel P Thomas 3 months ago +19

    All I can is thank you Shannon for being the better man

  • BMcMinn88
    BMcMinn88 3 months ago +227

    Man i even felt bad for Shannon when Skip said that nonsense ....dude is one of the best tight ends in history the disrespect was insane it was over at that moment

    • Lil Penny
      Lil Penny 3 months ago +11

      Everyone is jealous of Tom Brady. Even Tom Brady's wife is jealous of Tom Brady. They separated because Tom chose football over her. So for Shannon to leave FOX because Skip said that he's jealous of Tom Brady, Shannon is soft. Stephen A Smith said the most horrible things to Max Kellerman for 5 years, yet Max stayed with him until the inevitable happened.

    • George Cubie
      George Cubie 3 months ago +11

      Cant compare this dude to Brady!! Know y'all on the race tip but Skip spoke the truth!!

    • Lil Penny
      Lil Penny 3 months ago +5

      @George Cubie I agree 100%. They always act like they are the victims and frankly everyone has had enough.

  • Darrin Nunyah
    Darrin Nunyah 3 months ago +99

    I agree with you. No one moment did it, but the blatant personal disrespect in that one episode was the other shoe dropping. And Skip never apologized on air for it like he should have. I noticed after that episode that a lot of the friendly back and forth seemed contrived and forced.
    Maybe we can hope Skip can learn from this, but he never has before, so....nah.

    • Darius Uche
      Darius Uche 3 months ago +3

      He too old to be making mistakes like that

    • William Trinidad-Cruz
      William Trinidad-Cruz 3 months ago +6

      @Darius Uche Nah if anything he’s at the exact age to be making tone deaf, arrogant, noisy, belligerent, and un-self-aware comments like he did. Like he always has been. The only person he hasn’t alienated yet is Ernestine.

    • Avery Moore
      Avery Moore 3 months ago +3

      @Darius Uche it’s not a mistake that’s the way he is , at that age you be stuck in your ways

    • Bryce_Atkinson
      Bryce_Atkinson 3 months ago +1

      @William Trinidad-Cruz this guy gets it

    • ZhangtheGreat
      ZhangtheGreat 3 months ago +3

      Skip won't apologize, because that's his career MO. He may not have invented it, but he perfected the "pick an argument, double down on it, and never say you're sorry" routine of the sports TV persona.

  • sizzahandz1
    sizzahandz1 3 months ago +1335

    The show was at it's end...they talked about 3 topics every show. Tom Brady, LeBron and the Cowboys. Show became too repetitive.

    • Twiss
      Twiss 3 months ago +82

      Yeah and when it seemed like we’d have actual, cerebral debates, Skip would always fall back to certain talking points. I.e KD losing up 3-1 to warriors = “But he had Westbrook”. At some point, you realize all of those discussions were wastes of breathe. If we don’t actually move forward with our dialogues, what the heck are we even doing? XD

    • Romello
      Romello 3 months ago +48

      Facts. That shit irked me

    • J Idowu
      J Idowu 3 months ago +35

      Yea, it’s time for the show to end. Probably should’ve ended a year or two ago. This reason you state is the reason I stopped watching the show several months ago.

    • Gabriel Arnett
      Gabriel Arnett 3 months ago +13

      Me too I stop watching too..

    • Lee
      Lee 3 months ago +11

      I wouldn't be shocked if Skip was planning to retire, and he told Shannon to jump ship while he still can.

  • Kenneth Barrett
    Kenneth Barrett 3 months ago +74

    If you listen to unk and what he been through and what he had to do to get to college and childhood memories and the road to nfl, the story is one of the most inspiring stories ever. When skip said that bs it was like saying you was lucky to be in the nfl and you’ll never have the career that Brady does. FS1 is gonna drop undisputed because of that bs and Shay drew alot of people to him as a person with his personality and comic style. Wherever Shannon goes a lot of the undisputed fans will go and skip will be done

    • Charles Walker
      Charles Walker 3 months ago +3

      This is WHY so many ex and current athletes said that Skip is Phoney

    • VW
      VW 3 months ago


    • Brian Baylark
      Brian Baylark 3 months ago +1

      I disagree. Skips made a career disrespecting people he'll be fine. Let's not forget people were saying this about S.A.S. and he actually got Max fired for being good competition. That imo was way worse than what Skip did and he survived. There will always be room for controversial characters on air. They'll take a hit just like ESPN did initially but they'll recover once ppl forget about it. I loved the ying and yang back and forth these two put out each week so it's gonna suck. But they'll both remain popular and do well separately as well. Shannon built himself up to be more than just some sidekick.

    • Ron
      Ron 3 months ago +1

      They’re not gonna drop the show

    • Ricky Thompson
      Ricky Thompson Month ago

      I really appreciate and support you my brother. You epitomize what is needed in journalism. As a black man I enjoy the thoughtful topics you analyze and how you present your opinions. Keep it real and you have a new member. I just joined and look forward to more topics that deal with sports. Great stuff!

  • Santi78
    Santi78 3 months ago +81

    Skip wasn’t really talking about Brady…He was really talking about himself. He was threatened of how good Shannon had become. He was reminding Shannon that he is the seasoned vet in this format.

    • future62
      future62 3 months ago +16

      Thats a good take. I don't think Skip ever anticipated Shannon surpassing him. Their respective YT numbers say it all.

    • Austin King
      Austin King 3 months ago +8

      100 percent it was veiled ego through his character and he knew he was an asshat but couldn’t apologize bc it kills the character.

    • vinh huynhthe
      vinh huynhthe 3 months ago


    • John Dill
      John Dill 3 months ago +1

      I agree, many times I listen to Shannon’s take and then just hit mute when Skips starts. Use to like to listen to Skip.

  • King Newday
    King Newday 3 months ago +7

    This was definitely one of the beginning of the end moments for Undisputed but I think what broke the straw was that Hamlin situation… You're working across a guy who believed the game should have continued, when a football player was literally battling for his life and had to be revived on the field! And the fact that he didn’t apologize for his comments on Twitter, that was when I believe it was essentially over. It was so bad that Shannon didn’t even show up to work the next day. Congrats Mr. Sharpe on your next feat, I can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Buckeye Pauly
    Buckeye Pauly 3 months ago +4

    Shannon’s takes were always valid because of what he did on the field and his knowledge of the game. If we talk about positions, just like Brady was the greatest QB to ever play, Shannon is arguably the greatest TE to ever play (personally to me Ozzie Newsome and Gronk are in that convo as well) with 3 Super Bowl rings and a gold jacket. You gotta respect that.

  • The Coin Garage
    The Coin Garage 3 months ago +96

    Rob Parker hit the nail on the head. I remember that episode.... I actually felt a certain way as well.

    • Tnb11
      Tnb11 3 months ago +3

      Homeboys always have told each other some fucked up shit like that it’s not that deep you just apologize

    • Matthew Prince
      Matthew Prince 3 months ago +14

      @Tnb11 homeboys...? Don't make me laugh. Skip was acting like a master/slave situation.

    • Javon Sumpter
      Javon Sumpter 3 months ago +2

      ​​@Matthew Prince💯%🎯this is 1 of the few times I exactly agree with rob 💯%

  • Reindale Hill
    Reindale Hill 3 months ago +156

    I agree when, when Shannon said you're willing to take personal shots at me over my take. That was it. He felt totally disrespected. Sometimes it takes time to gain clarity and really decide and move on. You never make irrational decisions. Shannon played it perfectly. Hung around for awhile, he's been excellent since this incident. Finally decided to make that move. Undisputed will suck without Shannon...the only reason I watch.

    • edgar rodriguez
      edgar rodriguez 3 months ago +8

      Because drinking Henny on live TV to the point that you're glassy eyed is very professional.

    • Reindale Hill
      Reindale Hill 3 months ago +8

      @dagame0329 You're a fool if you think he drank that Hennessy on live TV. You never saw him drink or light that black and mild.

    • edgar rodriguez
      edgar rodriguez 3 months ago +5

      @Reindale Hill you're a fool of you think he didn't really drink it.

    • JerryAttrick
      JerryAttrick 3 months ago +2

      @edgar rodriguez You ain't ever heard of props before eh

  • Theillusive1
    Theillusive1 3 months ago +82

    When Skip dismissed Shannon's Hall of Fame status I knew it was over. You don't disrespect a man's legacy and life's work. He's lucky he said that to Shannon instead of someone that puts hands on people when they get angry.

    • Marcel Smith
      Marcel Smith 3 months ago +3

      Yhea like Charles Barkley!!

    • Raymond Gracie
      Raymond Gracie 3 months ago +1


    • 13
      13 3 months ago +3

      Shannon has a Gold Jacket and a Gold Play button
      Skip averaged 1 PPG in highschool and nobody cares about his podcast

    • Harry Potta
      Harry Potta 2 months ago

      Well Skip did kinda have a point that he always dogged Tom and he stated a simple fact. Tom Brady was a better player than Shannon. That's not a lie. Its a dick comment but Skip didn't lie. Seems like people got in their feelings.

  • Lkmarrero
    Lkmarrero 3 months ago +11

    I watched that in real time ,and you could see the disappointment on his face… he had the look of someone who just realized that, somebody that he thought was a friend just turned against him…We have heard him say it time and time again on the show, I don’t remember if it was his grandmother or grandfather but, he always says that they told him, once a person shows you who they really are the first time BELIEVE THEM!!!

  • WomenKnow Basketball
    WomenKnow Basketball 3 months ago +17

    Nobody said what Shannon should do, people are just happy for him and stand behind whatever it is that he’s doing next. He’s leaving no matter what the reason is but people are ready and happy to see what’s next!

  • Tony Montgomery
    Tony Montgomery 3 months ago +6

    I gotta say I’m stunned a bit bc I was expecting just another dude wanting to give a bunch of his opinions on something, but I actually listened to the entire thing and was super impressed how reasonable and fair and truthful you are, while also giving your thoughts, and presenting relevant information. There was just never that moment where I felt like I was listening to some guy running his mouth, getting over-hyped/opinionated,
    you kept it real imo. Just wanted to appreciate that 👍

  • Dee James
    Dee James 3 months ago +79

    Their is a lesson in how Shannon kept his composer and did not seek to resolve things in a violent manner after he took his glass off that time. Sometimes, we seek to be real in the moment and forfeit our future. In Shannon’s case he played the long game and build a platform that the industry could not take a way. He fought in another way that was beneficial to his future.
    …there is always another way….

  • Jorge Nuno Sequeira
    Jorge Nuno Sequeira 3 months ago +26

    When you hear Shannon talk about his time in the NFL, his career and all the things he experienced, you feel how proud he is of what he accomplished - and how much it meant to him and those close to him, how it changed their liver for the better. Skip diminishing all of that just to try and win an argument was just disrespectful and uncalled for, especially with someone like Shannon. They supposedly ashed it out privately but you could just feel that the vibe changed from that show forward.
    It's a shame, it's actually one of the shows I enjoy the most hearing, but Skip had it coming and good for Shannon to finally being able to follow his own thing, whatever that maybe. I'll certainly will follow him, wherever he goes.

    • Lionel P Thomas
      Lionel P Thomas 3 months ago

      Your 💯 on that I will also follow Shannon wherever he do I'm there

  • Stephen Fink
    Stephen Fink 3 months ago +4

    I remember that show vividly and watched it live and I knew right then that Shannon was highly offended and got taken aback that skip disregarded him so easily. I really was enraged for Shannon myself because he is very respectful and pride himself on showing respect to folks. I love the way Shannon developed on the show and he was fantastic, it hurts I will not see them together again smh.

  • Scoe
    Scoe 3 months ago +37

    shows you how much of a professional Shannon is

    • Jeff Long
      Jeff Long 3 months ago +2

      And how much of a professional skip really isn't

  • JP Doc
    JP Doc 3 months ago +4

    … “all good things comes to an end 😞”
    Shannon’s class act👍

  • SonicBoomC98
    SonicBoomC98 3 months ago +3

    Why are we treating Shannon like a victim? Shannon has so much folks for some of these athletes even going after them personally, but he gets sensitive when someone says something about him. You see that Kwame had to check him. He overreacted to Skip's Hamlin tweet, and he purposely misinterpreted the tweet. Everyone wants to give him credit for being a professional, but at one point he seemed like he just wanted to become a character

  • mike cally
    mike cally 3 months ago +42

    After that infamous episode people said Skip should apologize, but Skip said he did not need to apologize because Shannon was his brother. No, Skip, you are wrong. Shannon is not your brother. He is your coworker. Don't ever forget that.

    • Doonie Gragg
      Doonie Gragg 3 months ago +11

      And u would need to apologize to your brother too

    • Investor9872
      Investor9872 3 months ago +3

      So according to Skip no one ever needs to apologize to their brothers???? That's so wrong it's egregious!

    • LordBranniganThe
      LordBranniganThe 3 months ago +3

      @Investor9872 it explains why Skip’s own brother doesn’t even talk to him

    • God'sSonLaz
      God'sSonLaz 3 months ago +1

      @LordBranniganThe lmao damn I forgot about

  • Matt Gibney
    Matt Gibney 3 months ago +282

    Whoever picks up Shannon they will instantly get ratings. He is amazing on tv, great to watch

    • lindsey punch
      lindsey punch 3 months ago +4

      They both played totally different positions. Shannon TE, Brady qb. No comparison

    • christopher starr
      christopher starr 3 months ago +3

      @lindsey punch except Brady is the greatest football player ever. and has 7 rings to prove it

    • TheLakers81
      TheLakers81 3 months ago +2

      Not really. He just loves Lebron

    • Max Meier
      Max Meier 3 months ago +6

      @christopher starr first off, no of rings doesnt prove who's the best. Second off, to say in a history of decades of football the guy who played until 2 years ago is the best ever is just recency bias. Third off, traditionally there has been a racist bias towards giving white guys the QB position even in high school. Fourth, it was a low blow and it had no valid meaning whether Brady was the best or good or whatever. Fifth, by the same argument, Shannon was able to say, oh so I am a worse HOFer than Brady, Skip never played any pro sports so his opinion on anything has no value at all.

  • I am the Cheese
    I am the Cheese 3 months ago +7

    It wasn’t just Skip saying Tom Brady was better than him. It was when Skip blatantly low balled Shannon when he said he had to retire at the age of 35 which I dreamt was the worst blow of all. When I saw Shannon was blowing up without Skip I felt this was going to be the inevitable outcome.

    HK_VISION 3 months ago +31

    I watched the show live when this segment happened. I knew at the moment it was the end. You could tell that it is only because Shannon put high value in work ethic and professionalism, that make Shannon stayed and keep going to finish the show at this moment.

    • sunday perez
      sunday perez 3 months ago

      Yall do know their still friends right he just got a bigger offer from klutch sports more money

      HK_VISION 3 months ago +1

      @sunday perez I prefer saying "they still talk".
      Time will show if they are still friends.
      Because now they have to still interact. But in the future I'm not sure they will text each other as much ad before. In my opinion "the friendship interactions" will fade in time.
      Maybe I'm wrong and you're right.

    • Lamont Tanksley
      Lamont Tanksley 3 months ago +1

      Skip was way out of pocket too. Glad that Unc Shay said knocking him into next Tuesday wasn't worth his 2nd career. Him telling Shannon to put his glasses back on, and how he said it, was as disrespectful as anything said that day. Reminds me of guys talking trash on the military base because they 100% know you will not do anything because the consequences are too great.

    • Lamont Tanksley
      Lamont Tanksley 3 months ago +2

      @HK_VISION I think you have the right take. I had a dude do me dirty in the military. The other day I was with another retired military guy who said he had saw guy #1. Guy 1 told him that he and I "still talk and are cool." That's his take on the situation of me saying hello and not knocking his block off when we move in the same circles. I can't stand the guy. But I'm too old and pretty to be fighting guys over nonsense. I'm too professional to bad mouth him because it makes me look petty and the same way guy #2 came whispering over to me . . . . .

    • Tyrone Farrington
      Tyrone Farrington 3 months ago

      That wasn’t the first time he said that,If you go check the tape Shannon was breathing heavy and sweating ,wasn’t even wearing glasses back then

  • Bryan Padilla
    Bryan Padilla 3 months ago +7

    Skip crossed the line that day. I had a feeling this would happen. They were great together. Best morning sports show by far.

  • M's World
    M's World 3 months ago +4

    I believe it was the episode when Skip tweeted something that Shannon did not agree with and asked him to apologize and take the tweet down, but Skip straight-up refused. Shannon was so frustrated he didn't even make his take on the topic that was asked. I believe that was the beginning of the end

  • Mary One
    Mary One 3 months ago +1

    I think the higher ups forced him out. Especially when he stated on air that they had a problem with Skips tweet and wanted him to address it on air and Skip disagreed, then when Shannon tried to fight at the Lakers vs Memphis game was the excuse they needed to get rid of him.

  • Kamikaze Hound
    Kamikaze Hound 3 months ago +401

    Shannon put his glasses back on becuase he realized his anger was coming out. Putting back on the glasses reflects Shannon not allowing Skip to let him get out of character.

      KIDMIIC 3 months ago +26

      I mean he uses them to see 😂

    • Kelvin Barber
      Kelvin Barber 3 months ago +12

      You both are correct.

    • MrDarkweaver
      MrDarkweaver 3 months ago +50

      I also read it as Shannon realising he's losing his temper, understanding that if he does something stupid, it's his career on the line, so he decided to swallow his anger and act in a professional manner. I honestly thought anyone making fun of Shannon for that didn't fully understand what was going on. If you rewatch that moment you can see Shannon gather himself before putting on his glasses, which is the moment he made the decision to act as professionally as possible in the face of arrogant and stupid provocation by the shrinkled scrotum that is Skip Bayliss.
      Coming from a man who was never a professional athlete at ANYYTHING, for him to tell Shannon, a HoF player, and generally considered to be a top 3 Tight End of All-Time, he's jealous of Brady was Skip totally out of line, and he deserved a back handed slap from Shannon. I'm just glad Shannon showed he was the more professional and better man.

    • matt murdock
      matt murdock 3 months ago +13

      @MrDarkweaver This an excellent take and I have always hailed Shannon for gathering himself and being the ultimate professional. Unfortunately, just like the host stated in the clip, he had to handle himself this way as he is under contract and if he had gotten emotional and unprofessional, it would have been problematic for him going forward. Now, we can see the black and white dynamic that was at play but I have always said as a black man when working for the man, you have to always be professional even if you know as in Shannon’s case, you were clearly disrespected. Once the camera is off and you go the commercial, you rip his arrogant ass a new one and let him know that although I maybe grateful for you helping me to get this job, don’t you ever cross the line like that and disrespect me like that again. Then you systematically setup your exodus and make sure your affairs are in order, (like a buyout & rights to his podcast show). Believe me, I know he wanted to pick his old ass up and sling him across that set like a rag doll. It was telling that Bayless, I do not believe, has ever apologized on camera, live to him. That is what a man would have done. But I sincerely do not believe he thinks he did anything wrong. Another thing before I close, I am sure it has bugged Shannon that after seven years, Skip hasn’t been willing to cease some control of the topics, etc. to Shannon.

  • KrazyAbe
    KrazyAbe 3 months ago +2

    Shannon has always been a professional. Love the guy and wish him all the success

    • ****Country Boys Outdoors ****
      ****Country Boys Outdoors **** 3 months ago

      Real professional! Like the time he tried to fight the Memphis Grizzlies and Morant’s dad. Causing a scene where everyone else would have been escorted away and probably banned. But he is an entitled racist who will play that race card fast as hell. Yep….sounds like a professional to me

  • Palahume
    Palahume 3 months ago +20

    When Skip said "Put your glasses back on," he meant for Shannon to re-gain his composure. That's what you can read between the lines there because he knew they were on national television and he didn't want Shannon to escalate any more to the point of no return. There was no other intent.

    • Mike Russo
      Mike Russo 3 months ago +6

      Nah he meant "Boy, you better put dem glasses on or......"

    • rtapplin
      rtapplin 3 months ago +7

      I'm glad you said it and maybe others. Skip can be a prick and say outlandish things in the heat of debate, but he didn't want Shannon to lose his cool to that level. Skip is always open to having racial discussions and advocate for more rights for minorities/athletes, which I love, but he is so abrasive and ultra competitive, he has made it difficult for people to work with. I used to like First Take when multiple people would come on and debate or debate him/Stephen A. It is so sparce the last few years on undisputed, I tend to watch First Things First more.

    • Emile Rey
      Emile Rey 3 months ago +1

      No he said it with vengeance

    • Mike Russo
      Mike Russo 3 months ago

      @rtapplin how many more rights, breaks, advantages do they need??
      Jesus christ

    • Palahume
      Palahume 3 months ago

      @Mike Russo 😆🤦

  • Saitam79
    Saitam79 3 months ago +1

    The reason I heard, is that Shannon wanted some creative control with the show, but Skip wanted to keep all creative control. So Fox just ended up agreeing to buy out the rest of Shannon's contract.

  • Just A Fan
    Just A Fan 3 months ago +2

    He put his glasses back on because he realized what he was about to do would ruin his career. Skip telling him to probably just clued him into it... he handled it very well. A lot of people would have came over the table at Skip.

  • Celia Ferreiros
    Celia Ferreiros 3 months ago

    Muy buen testimonio. Realmente muy inspirador. Me gustó mucho!!!

  • TheHappyHuntsman
    TheHappyHuntsman 3 months ago +753

    Shannon didn't put his glasses back on because he said that. He put them on because he needs them lol. Who actually believes he did that because Skip told him to do so.

    • q_biz
      q_biz 3 months ago +126

      I've been saying this also...If Shay would've kept his glasses off, just to prove a point, he would have been struggling to read his own notes during the rest of the show...😂😅😂

    • TheHappyHuntsman
      TheHappyHuntsman 3 months ago +76

      @q_biz People trying to push a fake narrative that Shannon is soft or Skip is his boss or something, like if Skip told him to stop breathing he gonna stop? Lol.

    • ferrarimafia23
      ferrarimafia23 3 months ago +48

      Exactly bro.. actually it was like a reality check like" bro think about how your about to act" was what skip was saying... And Shannon realized it like"yeah I'm about to make a fool of myself on national TV." It was a good move by both men.

      KING OF NJ BTBTV MR.EASTWICK 3 months ago +6

      Facts 😂😂😂

    • President Resident
      President Resident 3 months ago +48

      @ferrarimafia23 yeah to me the tone Skip used to say that wasn't like "put your glasses back on boy" or some shlt like that. It felt more like "c'mon man its not that serious you're being silly" that an older relative might say to you. Of course Skip really had crossed the line earlier by disrespecting Shannon's stature as a player but the 'put your glasses back on' part is a nothing burger imo.

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson 3 months ago +2

    What’s missed in all of this is Skip said that to Shannon because he was losing the argument

  • Single Player
    Single Player 3 months ago +6

    I don't know what or when it happened but for a long time you could see it coming, the way Skip would talk to Shannon some times would seem like a parent chastising his kid, many times I wondered how did Shannon didn't just up and leave or even just cursed him out.

  • dime7pack
    dime7pack 3 months ago +6

    I definitely agree that Shannon is the most prized free agent on the sports media market. He will have a plethora of options and dam the Undisputed Show was great with Shannon as an analyst on the show. The way Shannon left was extremely professional and he will surely have great opportunities to come for him. Undisputed will surely tank until a decent replacement is found, good luck with that 🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!

  • Thunder Up
    Thunder Up 3 months ago +1

    He probably could have claimed a hostile work environment, and threatened a lawsuit. That would probably get him out of his contract.

  • Jyan Harris
    Jyan Harris 3 months ago +14

    And when the Incident happened with Demar Hamlin also Skip was so far incensitive and out of bounds it was crazy!!

    • Chris Rocket
      Chris Rocket 3 months ago

      Honestly it wasn't that bad because the NFL execs were thinking the same thing

  • kellyav
    kellyav 3 months ago +53

    We are proud of Shannon too! It was inspiring to see him stand up for what he believes in and engage in a meaningful dialogue with Skip. We believe that everyone should be able to express their opinions without fear of judgement or ridicule, and we are glad that Shannon should be able to do so.

    • Lee
      Lee 3 months ago

      But didn't Skip get ridiculed for his opinions?

    • Unknown
      Unknown 3 months ago +5

      "...stand up for what he believes in"? Was he standing up for liberty or the Constitution or some religious principle? Hell, no; he was offended and standing up for his own ego and reputation. I mean, he's entitled to do that, but you make it sound like he was defending orphans and widows! And what "meaningful dialog" are you referring to? He howled and screamed like a hyena! I was embarrassed for him. If you're inspired by a screeching, childish tantrum, the bar is pretty low for you.

    • Nick V
      Nick V 3 months ago

      "We"? Speak for yourself.

    • Unknown
      Unknown 3 months ago

      @Lee Only SOME PEOPLE can't be ridiculed. Others CAN. And YOU don't get to decide which is which! Welcome to America.

      KIDMIIC 3 months ago +1

      @Unknown I don't see what he did as childish, he earned his spot, reached the top of his sport. Just for some dude who couldn't even make his HS JV team to tell him he's not better than a guy who plays a whole other position. And to come from a "friend" skip rlly should've just apologized.

  • Mr. Cop&Swap
    Mr. Cop&Swap 3 months ago

    For me Shannon showed class, he didn’t let his emotions take over and mess up the money. We all can say oh I would’ve done this or that but when your in the hot seat things change. You have to know your worth and value when it comes to these big companies bc they will definitely hit you with you broke the contract so no more money and we will tell everyone you were a problem with us and we were waiting for him to mess up. Shannon showed every other potential employer his value and his professionalism live on TV

  • Zelgie
    Zelgie 3 months ago +1

    This feel the same as how Stephen a Smith treated max Kellerman. The old guards are looking down on the newcomers because they feel they are their senior that they can say anything for the entertainment of the show even if it disrespect their partner/colleagues. Sad to see this happens do often in these industry.

  • Zach
    Zach 3 months ago +3

    Good for Shannon ❤

  • Popeye
    Popeye 3 months ago +2

    There was a guy like skip on my job and one day another employee had had enough of him and punched him in the face. The guy that got punched got humbled and three days later came back to work and apologized to everybody at work for being an asshole.

  • jennifer wiggins
    jennifer wiggins 3 months ago +1

    Much success for Shannon the great!!

  • Hugo Rivas
    Hugo Rivas 3 months ago +372

    Skip saying “ so what “ after Shannon said he’s a HOF was the dagger.

    • edwin celestin
      edwin celestin 3 months ago +31

      My eyes opened up so wide when I heard that…over a man he’s never met

    • Sir Hoopalot
      Sir Hoopalot 3 months ago +5

      @edwin celestin but why Shannon gotta respond like that? He knows he the better man, but didn’t react as much.

    • Mrmanners
      Mrmanners 3 months ago +13

      I legit forgot about that...Skip was on one that day

    • Miwa Williams
      Miwa Williams 3 months ago +2

      ​@Sir Hoopalot everyone has moments when something gets under your skin. Few react badly in those moments.

    • kyllerkill
      kyllerkill 3 months ago +4

      To be fair. He is a so so hall of famer. He was on a good team. But I have never been blown away by him on the field. And on tv he’s absolutely the worst. Ratings should go up now that the dead weight is gone.

  • Hm hm
    Hm hm 3 months ago

    Its a shame Undisputed is ending basically after both the NBA draft and the announcement of the Ja Morant situation in late June, just like First Take basically ended after Skip left.
    But every great show has to end someday. Im sure the two of them will be able to patch things up in the future.
    And I dont think Skip can carry a solo debate show with multiple guests like he did in his early Cold-Pizza / First Take days, since Skip doesnt seem to have that energy anymore.

  • Theresa Godbold
    Theresa Godbold 3 months ago

    This isn't the first time Skip has disrespected an athlete. I've always enjoyed FS1 considering they could have covered more topics and Women sports. I applaud Shannon for lasting this long. Despite the fact they came off as equal partners everyone knew that it would be dominated by Skip Bayless.

  • John Bolton
    John Bolton 3 months ago +1

    Agree w/ a lot of the points you’re making. I believe Shannon felt utterly betrayed by Skip.
    Shannon is a man of character, a man of integrity, a hardworking man, a loyal man. Shannon has been publicly and surely privately, vulnerable w/ and trusting of Skip. For Skip to attack Shannon publicly like that putting him in a situation where he either had to:
    - take the high road, which he did and is VERY difficult to do. Especially when you’re emotional strength is put to the test like that.
    - lose his cool, fight fire w/ fire, roll in the mud w/ the pig that is Skip Bayless. They both lose in this situation, their relationship is gone, but maybe their ratings spike? When you’re a man of decency like Shannon, torching a close personal and business relationship like theirs (like theirs was) in exchange for some short-lived buzz around the show? For men like Shannon that’s never an option!
    I’ve tried to avoid the hate surrounding Skip and the negativity he stirs up, but this was too far. So personal to someone that’s supposed to be your partner, such a betrayal.
    Good for Shannon. When tested he showed what a professional and what a strong man he really is!

  • Emmanuel Sanchez
    Emmanuel Sanchez 3 months ago +4

    9:51 I love that this was in Shannon Sharpe terms. Because he always makes a relationship metaphor thing 😂😂

  • Jordan Weaver
    Jordan Weaver 3 months ago +1

    Love Shannon man. Damn sad to see em go

  • Elvis Williams
    Elvis Williams 3 months ago +158

    Shannon could have easily said that Skip was jealous of LeBron because of how much and how long he criticized him.

    • Cochise313
      Cochise313 3 months ago +25

      Very true. Skip is a failed basketball player.

    • o.g Paramount
      o.g Paramount 3 months ago +9

      There's somuch Shay could've said smh

    • President Resident
      President Resident 3 months ago +12

      Yeah I'd say Skip's disrespect of players has way more to do with jealousy than anything Shannon ever does.

    • Christian-Naruto Uzumaki
      Christian-Naruto Uzumaki 3 months ago +4

      @Cochise313 I remembered he said he can beat Lebron and someone showed skips stats it was beyond laughable it was ass lol lower than the bench warmers in the nba

    • Pump 17
      Pump 17 3 months ago +1


  • MastermindRell
    MastermindRell 3 months ago

    Thinks for telling us what we all expected. However, the beauty about Shannon Sharpe is , he can legit go to any show and talk football and basketball respectfully. Unfortunately, not too many people will work with Skip.

  • Juan Bivens
    Juan Bivens 3 months ago

    Felt the same way when Skip said what he said. That relationship has changed forever. Shannon shouldn't be surprised by what he did, if he was, I have said for a looonngg time that Skip is the #1 groupie for Brady and Jordan. He acts like he is the mistress of both of them. They are NEVER wrong and it's ALWAYS someone else's fault, never them. Shannon has outgrown Skip anyway, it's time for him to go. He just showed Shannon who's in charge and who runs things around here. You see Jenny Taft never came back after her and Skip got into it. Joy Taylor jumped to Colin's show probably for the same reason as Jenny. Good luck finding a replacement that is willing to work with Skip. It will be someone looking for a come up which will work right into Skip's ego of giving someone else a shot like he did Shannon.

  • sofia cristina k.
    sofia cristina k. 3 months ago +10

    Shannon Sharpe has often mentioned how Skip Bayless helped him at a low point in his career. I believe he hadn't forgotten this & is forever grateful to Skip. I am sure the two have remained friends & that he spoke about his leave taking privately with Skip before hinting at, and then making the big announcement. I will miss Skip & Shannon as a team although I suppose change was inevitable. Undisputed was an enjoyable show for me. I do hope both Skip and Shannon continue to prosper & have a good life whatever direction they take...

  • Governor’s Electric
    Governor’s Electric 3 months ago +2

    I thought Skip was wild for that move but at the same time I thought they moved past it for the 💰

  • William Miller
    William Miller 3 months ago

    Sad to see the format of the show changing. However, I'm ahead of Rob Parker on this one! I knew Skip really had a personal issue with Shsnnon when he would constantly make comments about Shannon viewing games from his palatial estate! He blamed Shannon was jelous of Brady, but Skip is the one whose jelous here...and Skip is jelous of Shannon! My Granny always said "get from around a jelous person"! Best wishes Shsnnon Sharpe!

  • Woppo Taco
    Woppo Taco 3 months ago +88

    I can’t wait for Shannon to speak about what really pushed him to this decision

    • TheMagician206
      TheMagician206 3 months ago +1

      Go look at his liked tweets

    • gyp darin
      gyp darin 3 months ago +1

      I think shannon will be respectful. Only Kwame got the best out of him but kwame isnt bound to others. He has no boss. Hopefully shannon takes the same approach and we get the true uncensored shannon.

    • whydouneedakno
      whydouneedakno 3 months ago +1

      He got fired, he will NEVER reveal the real reason but if you put 2 and 2 together... All signs point towards him getting fired

  • Spur Bronc
    Spur Bronc 3 months ago +1

    People always forget the other issue which was Skips tweet on Hamlin during MNF. Sharpe wasn't there the next day and was upset at that tweet. That really forced Sharpes hand

  • antoine moralé
    antoine moralé 3 months ago +1

    This show's golden era of 2016-2019 was a time in which i couldn't wait to see what the topic would be because of the huge variety of topics. I guess everything comes to an end
    Congrats Charles on the video Trending!

  • Jonathan Peoples
    Jonathan Peoples 3 months ago +8

    I think Shannon kept it professionally as he could by putting his glasses on and calming down and doing everything in the background to get his new opportunity

  • Van Hattfield
    Van Hattfield 3 months ago

    Something to bring up is that when Skip left ESPN and came to Fox to start his new show, Fox did not want Shannon, not at all. It was Skip that was insistent that they hire Shannon as his co-host and they did not feel he would be able to talk about anything except football, but SKIP literally just stood his ground and would not waiver until they hired him. And this came out through Shannon saying these things.
    This is from the story as told by Shannon Sharpe:
    “When Skip left ESPN to come here, he wanted me to work with him,” Sharpe said on a March 2020 episode. “But Fox and FS1, they wanted another journalist guy. Because they said, ‘OK, yes, Shannon can talk about football. But can he talk about other sports?’ Because before me, if you look at all the other shows, they’re all a journalist background. They’ve covered baseball, they’ve covered football, they’ve covered basketball, Olympics, and so forth and so on.”
    Despite Fox being hesitant about putting Sharpe into the role, Bayless stood his ground.
    “Skip said, ‘Nope, I want him,’” Sharpe said. “‘Well Skip, let’s see,’ Skip says, ‘Nope.’ Skip says, ‘I don’t wanna interview with anybody. I don’t wanna do anything. I want him. That’s the guy. I’ve done my homework on him. I know what everybody said about him, hard worker. He’ll put the work in.’ So, Skip went to bat for me.”

  • patrick barnes
    patrick barnes 3 months ago

    I’m just a regular worker so I will add my two cents. Somewhere in Shannon’s contract is a bullying clause or respectful workplace policy. When that incident happened on air, this was the final straw. Shannon must have had been making complaints for a while and since the last issue was live on tv, that gave Shannon all the leverage to leave when and how he wants to. Also why he was able to keep club shay shay.

  • THE PULL UP! Basketball Podcast

    At that moment, thats when Shannon saw Skip had a lack of respect for him as an equal.
    Rob is correct.

    • Old Codger
      Old Codger 3 months ago +14

      That was far worse than his homies helping themselves to a million dollars of Shannon's jewelry.

    • speedy
      speedy 3 months ago +18

      Thats because skip knows shannon is a paid lebron shill who works for Klutch sports. Skip has shown he knows how to push baby shannon's buttons.

    • The Analytical Revolutionary
      The Analytical Revolutionary 3 months ago +1

      ​@Old Codger Daaaaamn 😮

    • Johnny Five
      Johnny Five 3 months ago +8

      Na foh skip had a bone to pick after shannons unprofessional move not coming into work. Ya remember where shannons alcareer was going before skip

      KIDMIIC 3 months ago +7

      @speedy both can act like kids but skip fr takes it too another lvl especially when talking about brady, glazing

  • Selleck Fiataugaluia
    Selleck Fiataugaluia 3 months ago

    “You don’t really know what’s going on in the background” I had the same thoughts too when you said that. I have a theory tho and I hope I’m wrong…. What if Shannon is leaving because of health issues? And they’re trying to keep it out of the media for now, and Skip decided he’ll be the scapegoat to help his friend?

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 3 months ago

    Shannon Sharpe, you did a Sharpe job, while you were there, going to miss you talking about the Goat 🐐 which is the person you and I believe and always going to say LBJ. Blessings to you and your family in all your endeavors Love you as a player and a Man God Bless 🙌🏿🙏🏾💯💪🏿🖤

  • CrutchCollectibles
    CrutchCollectibles 3 months ago +2

    Eye opener. Anytime somebody says what they REALLY think of you.. listen.

  • Duane Lumpkin
    Duane Lumpkin 3 months ago

    I agree with Parker's observation and conclusion. It was over. Believe your eyes! When I saw that episode, I was thinking "it's OVA!" ; not on a trajectory, it was OVA! Moreover, I applaud how Sharpe handled himself because he was a true professional and conducted himself that way. I understand Shannon wanted a public apology and when that didn't happen, he was wise to get up out of there!

  • Hubert Lynch
    Hubert Lynch 3 months ago +1

    I think Rob Parker was on point. I saw that moment when Skip and Shannon went back and forth, and at the end Shannon throws up his hands, I knew that if Skip didn't apologize their run together was likely over.

  • B.Nice7777
    B.Nice7777 3 months ago +187

    And to add insult to injury, Skip NEVER apologized. And Skip enjoyed EVERY minute of it!

    • ola akande
      ola akande 3 months ago +20

      naaa skip was scared as hell when Shannon took those glasses off 😂😂😂. Shannon like 6’4 240 lbs. for a quick second skip thought “this black man might reach over the table & strangle me”….skip’s voice got super high pitched. Man was scared for his life. Ever since skip been super nice to Shannon during these debates. Too late now

    • Joshua Graham
      Joshua Graham 3 months ago +9

      Skip never owed him an apology lmao.

    • Kevin Shell
      Kevin Shell 3 months ago +13

      When has Shannon ever apologized to anyone? I find it hilarious that people are trying to have 2 different standards for Skip and Shannon. Trying to hold Skip to a higher standard. Shannon is embarrassing with his I Love Lebron talk

    • B.Nice7777
      B.Nice7777 3 months ago +4

      @ola akande I can’t disagree with you there. Skip’s voice went up like Maxwell😂

    • B.Nice7777
      B.Nice7777 3 months ago +4

      @Joshua Graham Obviously, that’s how overseers think!

  • TJ Stokes
    TJ Stokes 3 months ago

    I really do believe that trying to replace Shannon on undisputed is going to be impossible I may be wrong but Shannon was very entertaining on that show. I ain't got no problems with Skip but that hall of fame and 3 time Superbowl champ twice with my Denver Broncos is what caused this break up gonna be interesting to see what happens to both guys

  • Robert Marino
    Robert Marino 3 months ago

    Shannon had respect for Skip , both are men , life goes on ! The very best to both men in the future ! Memories !!!

  • clovis h
    clovis h 3 months ago +3

    Knew something was off because skip was being so nice the last few episodes😮

  • Defnit
    Defnit 3 months ago

    I remember that episode. Skip was being skip and touched a nerve, Shannon took it personal and skip chose to double down cause there were a few moments he could have dialed it back.

  • Deborah Rhodes
    Deborah Rhodes 3 months ago

    I was furious when I heard Bayless made that comment to Shannon. Shannon did not deserve the disrespect.

  • Siyabonga Siyo
    Siyabonga Siyo 3 months ago +60

    The “ Put your glasses back on “ moment, for me that was the moment that showed me and the rest of the world that Skip was stamping his authority to show Shannon who is or was boss on that Set. And Shannon realised that the is NO friends at work. And don’t get too comfortable.

    • Iaintthereyet
      Iaintthereyet 3 months ago +8

      I think he said put your glasses back on because he got scared

    • Harold Brooks
      Harold Brooks 3 months ago +6

      Definitely why Skip told him to put his glasses back on. Skip knew that gesture ment. Shannon put them back on because he took a deep breath & saw his freedom & career flash in front of him.

      KIDMIIC 3 months ago +1

      @Harold Brooks no he actually uses them to see 😂

    • Orange Man Bad
      Orange Man Bad 3 months ago

      Wrong. Skip did that saying to a friend “Stfu.. you doing nothing”. Don’t you have any guy friends?

    • Neo Mule
      Neo Mule 3 months ago +2

      Yup he didn’t want him to fold him like a napkin. He had his lawyers on speed dail in his pocket whole time 😂😅

  • Victor Foreman
    Victor Foreman 3 months ago

    I don’t think Shannon was ever jealous of Brady especially because he had to retire at 35 and Tom was still playing or because he was better. Those personal shots is what hurt because I felt it by how Shannon looked. I think those guys a better relationship before that was said. I wish him well but, undisputed is done period.

  • Bruce Davis
    Bruce Davis 3 months ago

    I think that was a eye opening moment for Shannon Sharpe

  • Kieran Cook
    Kieran Cook 3 months ago

    If you watch the clip, it’s not like Shannon put his glasses back on right after Skip told him to. Shannon continued speaking, regained his composure and said what he needed to say, THEN put his glasses back on, but it wasn’t because Skip told him too. That was a crazy reach.

  • Fire Moon
    Fire Moon 3 months ago

    You just never know...God Bless Shannon and Skip ✨

  • DeeRob
    DeeRob 3 months ago +169

    It's funny, one could easily say Skip is jealous of Shannon because 99.9% of the people who watch Undisputed, watch because of Shannon. And I can't wait to hear the words of wisdom Shannon's Grandmother told him 50 years earlier that apply to this situation. 😉

    • Dj Genius
      Dj Genius 3 months ago +2

      I enjoy them both equally and will continue to watch both

    • J Idowu
      J Idowu 3 months ago +12

      He speaks American English

    • J Idowu
      J Idowu 3 months ago +3


    • Ian
      Ian 3 months ago +8

      I watched for Skip, not Shannon

    • Mbral
      Mbral 3 months ago +7

      I like skip, but he has the same contrarian takes day after day, and constantly criticizes elite athletes with the only credential of being a reporter for x amount of years. I think Shannon’s résumé is unquestionable and his practical counter arguments were important for the huge success of the show.

  • Yaboi_Doug
    Yaboi_Doug 3 months ago

    People that made fun of Shannon, don’t have nothing to lose. Shannon gonna get another opportunity somewhere else. I feel he handled it like a professional.

  • BrandonLovesSportsTV
    BrandonLovesSportsTV 3 months ago

    Great content man! I always enjoy the presentation of your content.

  • Rodney Blount
    Rodney Blount 3 months ago +2

    But in all fairness Shannon has been hating on Tom for awhile now. When he was on that Zoom interview with Tom and Tom said, damn man I thought you was my guy and Shannon just giggled like a little school girl. If you're a regular viewer of the show you would know that that wasn't the 1st time Skip said Tom was a better football player than Shannon lol I hope this isn't his only reason for leaving because they should've been able to squash that little bs and move on from that. I hate that a little jab from Skip caused this to happen. I grew up playing the dozens so maybe I could be being a little too insensitive. They had a great run together. Hate to see it end.

  • Anthony Ware
    Anthony Ware 3 months ago

    Skip tried to treat him like a child. Something he would have never said to a Richard Sherman or anyone like that. I loved when Sherman and Jalen Rose chastised Skip and put him in his place.

  • Derrick Jenkins
    Derrick Jenkins 3 months ago

    I said the same exact thing about this issue. He was done with skip after that incident

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 3 months ago +23

    I remember Marcelus Wiley saying that Shannon not showing up after Skip's Damar Hamlin comment was a power play by Shannon.

  • Ernest Bryant
    Ernest Bryant 3 months ago

    Brother, you’re absolutely right we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. However, if he’s doing that on live television, there’s no telling what’s going on behind closed doors!

  • dirtrider yamaha
    dirtrider yamaha 3 months ago +1

    Listen, Skip had to endure a lot of yelling from Shannon, and it comes to a point when enough is enough. Shannon tried to use the hof card, and Skip wasn't having it. Shannon did berate Tom Brady a lot of times, when Skip basically told Shannon to put the hof card back in his pocket, Shannon couldn't take it. Skip's old school, and didn't back down at all. So it is what it is.

  • Michael Agne
    Michael Agne 3 months ago

    People should disrespect Shannon by acting like was afraid of Skip. These two were friends and saying something like "put your glasses back on" is totally different when you are talking with a friend because there is a history and a relationship at stake. Skip probably shouldn't have said the things he said, but it happened and I am sure he didn't mean it to come accross as it did. The whole thing is unfortunate.

  • RaRa Tx.
    RaRa Tx. 3 months ago

    Shannon took his glasses off in an attempt to gather himself . He was in disbelief and upset of course. Never was it to threaten Skip . But some words cut like a knife and a separation is necessary 👍🔥🔥💪🏽

  • H c 80s
    H c 80s 3 months ago +46

    Brady is retired, LeBron has past the scoring record and doesn’t seem to be a top contender anymore, and this version of the cowboys have hit the wall. I see this as an end of an era and Undisputed was the embodiment of that era. I believe moving on will help skip pivot from those subjects and Shannon will be able to control his own narrative freely for the first time. This will ultimately turn into a major win for Shannon but I think Skip won’t be too bad of either.

    • Flare
      Flare 3 months ago +6

      Lakers got to the WCF after changing their roster last min lol and almost all the players they got in the trade eventually got benched or choked the deeper they went, give them a full season together and a few more moves and could easily see them being a top 3 seed next season. LeBron could still be a contender for a year or two,

    • Kimisu
      Kimisu 3 months ago +7

      ​@Flare Father time is undefeated.

    • H c 80s
      H c 80s 3 months ago +3

      ⁠@Flare I’m a LeBron fan and it was hard watch the WCF. I hope you’re right and the Lakers have a big push next season. But the LeBron injuries went from non-existent to almost half a season missed. I don’t see his health getting better.

    • jane coe
      jane coe 3 months ago


  • E J
    E J 3 months ago

    My question is if Skip would have just apologized sincerely, would they have all gotten past this? I’ve said and have been told some shitty things to/from people and felt awful and we’ve gotten past it.

  • Leonard Husser
    Leonard Husser 3 months ago

    I think Shannon handled the situation like and ultimate professional he did it the right way because i know he was mad and wanted really do harm to Skip but he kept his cool and played Chess instead of Checkers i applaud him for that now he is having the last laugh and Skip is going have a really hard time trying to get someone of the quality of Shannon to work with him on the show because he has a bad reputation

  • Bill Dover
    Bill Dover 3 months ago

    I know this is off topic but I absolutely love the fact that everybody is pretty much in agreement that Shannon Sharpe was spitting facts and had some of the best takes as an analyst and as a former athlete and someone like a Rob Parker who's been in the business for God knows how many years has been wronged and look like a clown and have been mercilessly mocked by almost everybody. That blows me away. Says a lot about Shannon Sharpe.

  • Alex Bolongaita
    Alex Bolongaita 3 months ago

    Skip is a good sports analyst. He is hated by a lot of people but he is a good sports journalist. He will be remembered fondly when he is done. Take this take to the bank.

  • Gene Hatch
    Gene Hatch 3 months ago +4

    I think after the blow up Shannon said he wanted out. Shannon is the type guy to do everything right. He waited out how he needed this was his exit but you better believe Shannon wanted to standup. It's ways to do things in life .. See us we not him, we wanna get down. That's why we aren't there.