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850hp 2JZ-Swapped NASCAR vs 490hp C8 Corvette Drag Race // THIS vs THAT

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Ever seen a NASCAR Cup Car that sounds like a Supra? Formula Drift Pro driver Dylan Hughes brought this super unique build out to line up against our very own C8 Corvette and it did not disappoint! Despite the big difference in power between the cars, it's a closer race than you would think, and Dylan was kind enough to bless the runway with some of the best sounding donuts of all time.
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    00:00 Intro
    01:58 THIS: Dylan's NASCAR 2JZ Cup Car
    07:04 THAT: Hoonigan's 2021 Chevy Corvette C8
    10:45 Predictions & Prep
    11:42 Round 1
    13:40 Round 2
    15:26 Round 3
    16:29 Does it do donuts?
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Comments • 947

  • Blkbrry
    Blkbrry 5 months ago +649

    I've said it once and I'll say it again, the editors are on point with the memes

    FIREDELL10 5 months ago +636

    That's gotta be the best sounding 2JZ on the planet. Or at least the loudest.

    • Daniel Kwan
      Daniel Kwan 5 months ago +9

      That’s exactly what I thought.

    • Em Ville
      Em Ville 5 months ago +6

      Sounds like a motorbike

    • Obs
      Obs 5 months ago +9

      Because the nascar exhaust

    • Em Ville
      Em Ville 5 months ago

      @Obs yea I know...crazy💪🏻

    • Donald Barringer
      Donald Barringer 5 months ago +8

      Idk man, there is a dark green supra on 1320's channel that is so loud it knocks the camera out of focus on two-step. Loud is not necessarily better but that thing would put this thing to shame.

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII 5 months ago +538

    It only makes sense that Ryan puts a Toyota engine in a Toyota race car.😂

    • RedStorm4662
      RedStorm4662 5 months ago +48

      Jack Wrath no, no you don’t

    • Cavedog
      Cavedog 5 months ago +4

      Would also be cool if they had put the honda race engine in a honda race car.......

    • Willem
      Willem 5 months ago +9

      Jack Wrath And here you are... Hurt in their comment section. and ´cringe´ is such a high inhib word XD

    • SpartanX360
      SpartanX360 5 months ago +3

      Camry body.

    • john boe
      john boe 5 months ago +1

      Jack Wrath wait wait wait. You trying to fool people with STRAIGHT CAP

  • Weston Holmes
    Weston Holmes 5 months ago +932

    850 HP with 2,850lbs on slicks with a profesional driver vs suppy in a car that makes 490 with 3,535lbs... i wonder whos gonna win this one
    Edit: thank god I don't gamble holy shit

    • Gunship
      Gunship 5 months ago +71

      😂😂😂 never gamble against a c8!!!!

    • I AM Design Products
      I AM Design Products 5 months ago +41

      Trust me I was just as surprised!!

    • NBSV1
      NBSV1 5 months ago +54

      Smaller engine with a big turbo is gonna be harder to keep in the powerband with a 4 speed like that. The modern autos really make up for a lot. Plus the C8’s launch really well.

    • dboy561
      dboy561 5 months ago +5

      Lmfaooo 😂😂

    • Danny Hampton
      Danny Hampton 5 months ago +7

      This basically came done to the NASCAR was just finished the night before or is technically not finished and it not really tested. Driver maybe a Pro drifter or w/e but that means jack shit for a drag race in a car with only 1-2 test runs on a prepped surface which this race was not on. He didn't know jack of how the car was gonna handle. Basically this was a shit show.

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 5 months ago +44

    A professional drift driver doing donuts in a 2J swapped Nascar is probably the most Hoonigan thing ever.

  • Daniel Kwan
    Daniel Kwan 5 months ago +275

    Man does that 2JZ sound good!!! Even tho he lost 😅

    • NXTLVL Creations
      NXTLVL Creations 5 months ago +3

      2JZ + Boomtubes = Win

    • Ashton kinnett
      Ashton kinnett 5 months ago +5

      i love when the second comment spoils the whole vid:)

    • Its Zookus
      Its Zookus 5 months ago +6

      good job spoiling it 🤦

    • thisisnotmyrealname
      thisisnotmyrealname 5 months ago +1

      Guess I can stop watching now

    • Naru 'Sanav
      Naru 'Sanav 5 months ago +5

      @thisisnotmyrealname Y'all spoiled it for yourselves. Coming to the comments before the video's even over. Tch, why ain't y'all WATCHING. THE VIDEO?!
      On the subject of boomtubes: kinda hard with only one header. It wouldn't sound right.

  • Ahnaf Zahid
    Ahnaf Zahid 5 months ago +137

    That LT2 coupled with the DCT does provide some hefty amounts of torque and delivers like a pro

  • John Shellenberg
    John Shellenberg 5 months ago +22

    I am never not amazed at how hard the C8 launches.

  • SXF_turbo
    SXF_turbo 5 months ago +31

    Big thanks to the Hoonigan-guys, even my girlfriend now knows what a 2J is 🙃It's taken some time, but she's on the right path now 👌

  • offroad ninja
    offroad ninja 5 months ago +166

    2jz power numbers always seem inflated!! Makes 850hp, but only for 500 rpm range lol

    • Unlimited Performance
      Unlimited Performance 5 months ago +25

      Yeah and they always have traction problems, haven't seen a single 2jz put the power down.

    • Logan LaChance
      Logan LaChance 5 months ago +4

      @Unlimited Performance they can through a slush box pretty decently.

    • Drae Drae
      Drae Drae 5 months ago +9

      @Unlimited Performance check out grannas and Baltic supra and you'll see how 2J lay down power when they have a sensible driver and prep surface.

    • Naru 'Sanav
      Naru 'Sanav 5 months ago +3

      That's all horsepower numbers. That's how horsepower and torque works, period: you only get it all, within certain ranges.

    • Drae Drae
      Drae Drae 5 months ago +2

      @Naru 'Sanav Yes and a 2j can make big power from 5500rpm up to 10000+rpms depending on the set up. Remember it's not a large displacement engine so it depends heavily on boost to make power thus why the power comes on so late in the rpms.

  • The_FiST_InYou
    The_FiST_InYou 5 months ago +46

    The surfer “wapah” while racecar dude was talking about the first race was absolutely perfect! This editing team is the best, thank you 🤣

  • Mike Pickering
    Mike Pickering 5 months ago +6

    “I just think I out drove him” 😂

  • Mr Mongo
    Mr Mongo 5 months ago +34

    Damn I was expecting a lot more out of that 2JZ but that roll race made the difference. Everyone likes donuts though once you get it handled to you by some American muscle!

    • Digital Subset
      Digital Subset 5 months ago +2

      @BasedEMT No because it was already planned over 50 years ago here in the US to make the c8 mid engine. Vettes aren’t American muscle but they definitely are a hell of sports/ supercar manufacturer

    • ElteeMullet
      ElteeMullet 5 months ago

      Roll race sucked for it as well. The weight difference should of been enough to account for more than 4 cars, add in the extra 400+hp and its sad that it was only 4 cars. That said power under curve matters. Its why 2jz make big numbers and often run with shit that makes a lot less power. Also 2jzs are the most over rated engine ever. They sound like dog shit, the fastest so called 2jz are running billet blocks and need a need nitrous to do a burn out. Yet people act like you can just make 2khp with them all day and its complete bs. Big block chevys, hell even small blocks are a more better option, best of all they dont sound like dog shit.

    • Andy Knowles
      Andy Knowles 5 months ago

      @ElteeMullet I think the 2jz sounds miles better tbh.

    • RyO0O0o
      RyO0O0o 4 months ago

      Yeah cause 2jz is like the greatest engine ever built....said no one

  • SMSamurai
    SMSamurai 5 months ago +16

    Suppys New Balances flying out in that first race 🤣🤣 the editors on it as always

  • Lucas Bartel
    Lucas Bartel 5 months ago +16

    Really great edit, flowed well, and always good to see Dan shaking things up.

  • David Ayotte
    David Ayotte 5 months ago +10

    I can't says enough good things about your show !! Really simple but really enjoyable ! the edit is on point and mainly, you all look like having fun !! and once you know pretty much all the people from the show, you get every inside jokes

  • SoloCamo
    SoloCamo 5 months ago +3

    3:51 Editors are seriously on point and absolutely make these videos what they are

  • Willie Rolon
    Willie Rolon 5 months ago +25

    That was a lot of fun! Keep it up guys!

  • Guillermo Luna
    Guillermo Luna 5 months ago +8

    Suppy is extremely humble 🙏🏼😌 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ԕԕ Ԗԗ
    Ԕԕ Ԗԗ 5 months ago +7

    Suppy pullin up withthe W sippin out the Yeti in pure silence was golden 🤣😂

  • Nathan Downs
    Nathan Downs 5 months ago +29

    So weird to hear that sound coming from a Nascar haha

  • Im Sapnu
    Im Sapnu 4 months ago +2

    Rest in piece Ken Block, have fun drifting in the afterlife 🥲🫡

  • Jeff Roth
    Jeff Roth 5 months ago +5

    That 2JZ sound coming out of a nascar is confusing yet cool. Suppy was just on a Sunday drive in the Vette.

  • Hirame Sensei
    Hirame Sensei 5 months ago +9

    crazy how hard that vette hooks on those rubber band tires

  • Navy Patriot101
    Navy Patriot101 5 months ago +27

    The junk food blowing out of the passenger seat was the hot moment lol!

  • Fast Eddie
    Fast Eddie 5 months ago +39

    God dammit Doc we’ve ripped through the space time continuum again 😂

  • Lewis Taylor
    Lewis Taylor 5 months ago +1

    YES!! Great Show!! You guys nailed it! I love the way Y’all bring those “awesome BS sessions” You have when you’re chillin’ with the fellas after a couple brews and bring them to life. “SUPPY” MVP! Laughed out loud! I needed it.
    Thank You, Brother.

  • Hunglo_Ren
    Hunglo_Ren 5 months ago +3

    I gotta admit… a 2J gettin the shit beat out of it at full throttle sounds amazing!

  • Naledi Reed
    Naledi Reed 5 months ago +6

    It really doesn't get more HOONIGAN than this 🌟🐐

  • Something Else
    Something Else 5 months ago +6

    Loved the rabbit jumping the hurdle @ 14:20! Well done editors!

  • akimbø
    akimbø 5 months ago +14

    I find it funny whenever Dan is on camera no one in the comments gives af but when he’s not everyone goes conspiracy on why he’s not with the guys so often

    • Robert Reynolds
      Robert Reynolds 5 months ago +1

      thats because there are casual fans out there that don't know whats goin on, but for us that know he has his own channel and tryin to do his own thing, its no bother

    • Horatio Velvetine
      Horatio Velvetine 5 months ago +1

      Because he’s not employed with Hoonigan anymore. He said this in his own video a while back but he did also say he would show up here and there as a guest since he’s still cool with the team.

  • Merica Whips
    Merica Whips 5 months ago

    This episode was pretty well put together compared to some of the previous ones I watched. Great job y’all keep it up

  • High Waltage
    High Waltage 5 months ago

    a combo we never knew we needed. more 2jz nascars! lol

  • Jay Man
    Jay Man 5 months ago +4

    Him rolling up drinking his drink was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Shree Nadkarni
    Shree Nadkarni 5 months ago +2

    You gotta bring this guy back! Good vibes all around

  • Mad Medz
    Mad Medz 5 months ago +2

    That burnout at the end tho 🔥🔥💯

  • The Reaper 710
    The Reaper 710 5 months ago +13

    The shrediters doin their thing as always!!

  • James Bond
    James Bond 5 months ago +3

    That burnout was crazy good!

  • nitrors4pr
    nitrors4pr 5 months ago

    Can we get a short or even an extended episode showing off that Military truck in the background it’s in just about every episode. I love it !!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 5 months ago +3

    These video edits are the best 😂 give the man a raise!

    SAVAGED84 5 months ago +2

    That nascar is so sick would love to see it on a prepped surface, sounds so good 👍

    • wed3k
      wed3k 5 months ago

      You mean an actual track?

    • SAVAGED84
      SAVAGED84 5 months ago

      @wed3k yes I would like to see how well it runs on a prepped drag strip and I would like to see it run on a course too

  • Digital Subset
    Digital Subset 5 months ago +1

    I knew the c8 would take it off the line and hold its own but I’m surprised the nascar couldn’t catch up in time. Great job once again Chevy for what may be the best stock base model car of all time.

  • RAJ 89
    RAJ 89 5 months ago +4

    Imagine being a grown ass man and still wearing flat bill snapbacks 🤣

  • 久利寿
    久利寿 3 months ago

    The 2JZ sound is just 😍😍

  • black isn't a colour
    black isn't a colour 5 months ago

    The NASCAR moved so fast it looked like time stopped 😎

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green 5 months ago

    I want to see the roll race again but have the roof closed on the Vette so it's got good aero again. I have a feeling the added drag was holding it back

  • BoneJam'n Sparks
    BoneJam'n Sparks 5 months ago +2

    The 2J sounds awesome! Love that motor! Peace

  • Gunship
    Gunship 5 months ago +7

    Those c8s have some extra spice, over 300hp less and still decimated. I love me an ls 3 but damn the lt2 is insane, especially paired with a dct whew

    • Hal Weilbrenner
      Hal Weilbrenner 4 months ago +1

      IDK what the hell you just said accronim boy.

  • Grapefruit Simmons
    Grapefruit Simmons 5 months ago +7

    Soupy feelin confident this one

  • Optimal World
    Optimal World 5 months ago +1

    Travis your the GOAT bro watched your whole career glad your doing well having fun good vibes 😊

  • Travis Pittman
    Travis Pittman 5 months ago +1

    I can confirm that a 2J with a GTX4088R is a rowdy drive indeed 😊

  • SpartanX360
    SpartanX360 5 months ago +2

    That 2J won’t stop 2steppin but damn she sounds good on a 4gen Camry body, siiick!

  • CX5_
    CX5_ 5 months ago +1

    seeing that 2j put down burnies with the slicks ina nascar was wild

  • W0lF
    W0lF 5 months ago +1

    If I was a betting man, I would've lost a lot of money on that race lol. But holy hell that that thing sounds awesome

  • PURE Chaos
    PURE Chaos 5 months ago +9

    I would love to be in the corvette listening to the song “Dupe - Rutina “ 👍🤪

    NURK FPV 5 months ago +1

    Soupy's "snacks" flying out the drop top is the highlight of this video for me.

  • TheftMaster
    TheftMaster 5 months ago +1

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate all the sponsors for making these series happen! The show is a banger, please keep it coming!

  • Wes Coupland
    Wes Coupland 5 months ago

    It makes me so nervous looking at how little side wall is on the tire I always fear the your front rim would de-bead the tire and case the rim and front flip lol 😂

  • KrookedLip TV
    KrookedLip TV 5 months ago +1

    Really glad to see Dan back on the channel

  • SmittysBuilds
    SmittysBuilds 5 months ago

    its just the casual effort soupy has to put in to almost beat him at the roll race that makes its great.

  • Oxygen Thief
    Oxygen Thief 5 months ago +9

    The 2jz sounds so good 💯

  • Cade Yingst
    Cade Yingst 3 months ago

    Some of the best edits in the game man love this channel 😘

  • Son of a gun
    Son of a gun 5 days ago

    Seeing a stock c8 smoke a fully swooped out nascar is insane. I'm impressed by Chevy. Outstanding build quality, reliability, speed, and fun. I've driven a 2019 z51 and had a blast for a week but this must be something else entirely.

    SHADOWCHARGER24 5 months ago +1

    I love watching this vs that 😀

  • wayne provo
    wayne provo 5 months ago

    He threw that race just to boost suppy’s self esteem. He needed that. 😂

  • TylerC161
    TylerC161 5 months ago

    Editing clips in this were on POINT. Especially the Jumanji one

    ZFIGHTR88 5 months ago +4

    Anyone who has ever driven a real stock car/NASCAR knows the V8 is just way better in it.

  • supragoose_
    supragoose_ 5 months ago +1

    by far the best burnout of the season!!!!

  • Zaf Khan
    Zaf Khan 5 months ago +1

    Suppy's is humorous, more of him🙌

  • Mr. Pritchard
    Mr. Pritchard 5 months ago +1

    New car technology is really good. Turbos and launch control paired with these new transmissions makes lots of cars fast AF.

  • Will Yates
    Will Yates 5 months ago

    I got my free plate frame and stickers from K&N today!!!! You guys all rock, keep up the great content!!!!

  • W.J. Hammer
    W.J. Hammer 5 months ago

    You guys need to get a hold of Carwow and arrange a race with the McMurtry Spéirling.
    Apparently they are looking for some competition.
    Don't know if you are allowed to bring the hoonicorn out of the stables but I think it would be an interesting race.
    I should warn you, in case you have not seen it, it is very fast.

  • Aaron H
    Aaron H 5 months ago +4

    Bout time sheesh... Got me like a crackhead itching for these videos....let's keep this high going and keep em coming!

    • Jay Wright
      Jay Wright 5 months ago

      Well well well, if it isnt lightskinned Larry Targaryen.

  • Aptrgangr
    Aptrgangr 5 months ago

    Glad y'all let Suppy win one, mans needed a W

  • Kyle Shultis
    Kyle Shultis 5 months ago +1

    When dude came rolling up after winning drinking from his yeti he had me dying.

  • 2VCrew
    2VCrew 5 months ago

    I installed a K&N air filter on my 1998 Camry with the 5S-FE and the gains were INCREDIBLE! 😮

  • Noah Underberg
    Noah Underberg 5 months ago

    Love to hear that 2j being shifted like a Honda on the highway at 3am. Thing sounds beautiful

  • SimonMa1987
    SimonMa1987 5 months ago

    sooo, I basically fell in Love with Suppy, as soon as I saw him. But I really want to see a Project build bay Dan again.

  • Average Moto
    Average Moto 5 months ago +10

    @ 16:14 😂😂

  • Sawyer Faust
    Sawyer Faust 5 months ago +1

    Good to see Dan The Man back on again

  • 8888shooter
    8888shooter 4 months ago

    👌😱!!!...That 2JZ sounds friggin awesome!!!!👍......doesn't care it lost😫!... I want one!!!!✌️🇺🇲🚖🏁

  • Darion Edwards
    Darion Edwards 5 months ago

    Is it me or does Zac bring something special to the show 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    PRINCIPLES OF PLEASURE MB 5 months ago +1

    You guys are legends ,who gets a nascar to do donuts 🍩💨🔥 HOONIGAN thats who 🔥💯

  • Kes
    Kes 5 months ago

    @Hoonigan suggestion for the races, 1st race headed up 2nd negotiation 3rd do a rolling race. Overall love these races an this company

  • Lefa Seemane
    Lefa Seemane 5 months ago

    That 2J sounds amazing 👌💯🇿🇦

  • Curtis Dickson
    Curtis Dickson 5 months ago

    That 2jz just sounds savage and glorious at the same time

  • Gabriel Baez
    Gabriel Baez 5 months ago

    Suppy’s “lil jump” made me shit my pants😂

  • The Truth Is Out There
    The Truth Is Out There 5 months ago

    Suppy reflexes of a Ninja, no jumps, pure killer.

  • Kyle Fabyan
    Kyle Fabyan 5 months ago

    Happy Holiday's from the Hoonigan team! Get your entries now!

  • Nate
    Nate 5 months ago +4

    I think stock cars are some of the most glorious sounding vehicles in the world, so this 2j stock car kinda makes me sad, and I'm honestly glad it lost lol.
    Edit: if i close my eyes during the final donut, it sounds glorious, i just gotta not think its a stock car lol

  • Rayshon Vialva
    Rayshon Vialva 5 months ago

    I NEED A 2JZ sounding like that in my life
    Sounds like a stuffed animal

  • Seth Shrader
    Seth Shrader 5 months ago

    Love the Yeti flex in the Corvette. I have cup holders and go fast in a straight line!

  • Dre
    Dre 5 months ago

    This made me want a c8 even more one of the greatest car ever


    9:32 entirely out of pocket which is why i love hoonigan

  • Christopher Beeman
    Christopher Beeman 5 months ago +4

    Lunch break squad 🤘🏻🤘🏻🎉

    • Kugelblitz
      Kugelblitz 5 months ago +1

      I got like thirty seconds left on mine

    • Christopher Beeman
      Christopher Beeman 5 months ago +1

      @Kugelblitz I had to take a long lunch foreman wasn’t too happy 😂

    NOBODY 5 months ago

    That was a great episode. America's NSX was haulin' some top shelf ass.

  • Beefalo Bart
    Beefalo Bart 5 months ago

    Suppy for the win, good job sir.

  • PC
    PC 5 months ago

    That 2JZ sound tho 🤩🤩

  • Top Random Videos
    Top Random Videos 3 months ago

    Even with the screwed up aero with the top off and the windows open it still beat it which is crazy. Chevy and team really did a good job with this redesign.

  • Travis Millward
    Travis Millward 5 months ago

    I was on the track with the nascar looking car at Buttonwillow, it was terrifying haha!