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100% INVISIBLE Door To My SECRET Minecraft Home!

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Patricia Tiazoumè

    I like Nico and cashs voice -your biggest fan

  • Madonna Seenjan

    I love cash and nico's secret base

  • dilik mli

    I think she’s still gonna survive. Whoever it is they’re still going to survive pictures.

  • TheMeerkatGod

    This would be great only if it was harder😢

  • PikaGaming5000

    The next time something like this happens it’s probably Nico

  • ♡Joy_The_Fat_Potato♡

    I luv when Nico got stuck in the big Oak block Hahahahaha

  • Iris Pacquiao

    I love the way when nico says waaaaaa

  • PvZ Gamer

    Mods That He Uses:

  • K Jones
    K Jones  +3

    Niko voice is soooo high voice😊❤❤

  • Salima Akhter Jahan

    Cash I love your videos!

  • Mar Omeo

    Nico’s voice sounds so cute

  • hoiy vinosa

    Question: if ur in creative mode why don't u grab redstone from the uhh "catalog"

  • Capybara The Commenter

    Bro has better stuff in the parcour then in the chests 😂😂

  • Gabolito_Gaming13

    this made me think of creating a house in the nether... oh i forgot you can't sleep in the nether... oh i can make a vault

  • Melynda Cordes

    I wonder what Cash’s favorite food is

  • aiuc lse

    Cash I hope ur having a good day thanks for putting ur effort maybe next time don’t do the game with mods and please tell me what mods you used keep up the good work

  • Wonders of Science & Nature

    i really like your videos. i watch them every day Cash

  • bilishu aliss

    Great Secret Base Nico And Cash 10/10!

  • Jonah squad

    Nico didn’t know that the Coler

  • raji raji
    raji raji  +12

    Cash is a hero