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Bugatti Chiron Super Sport v Model S Plaid Track Pack: DRAG RACE

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Massive thanks to The Lee Collection for lending us their Bugatti:
    - @theleecollection
    - theleecolle...
    We’ve got our hands on the almighty Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, and it’s facing off against the incredible Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack!
    So let’s see how these two rockets compare. Starting with the Bugatti, it’s powered by an incredible 8-litre quad-turbo W16 that pumps out 1,600hp and 1,600Nm of torque. It sends power to all four wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, and it tips the scales at 1,995kg. There have only been 30 ever built, so as a result, it’s pretty expensive, costing around £4,000,000!!
    Then we have the Tesla. It’s equipped with three electric motors, and they combine to produce 1,020hp and 1,420Nm of torque. It has four-wheel drive, and it weighs in at 2,190kg. It’s also so much cheaper than the Bugatti, costing around £135,000.
    So it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, but which will snatch the win? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
    Red Bull F1 v Rimac Nevera v McMurtry: bit.ly/F1-Car-v-Rimac-v-McMurtry
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  • Marshawn Lynch determination and motivation

    That Bugatti pulling from 150 to 190 is so insane

    • Ден С
      Ден С 17 days ago +38

      where is this neeeded?

    • zalmaypash
      zalmaypash 17 days ago +357

      @Ден С at a drag race

    • hassy g
      hassy g 17 days ago +126

      Tesla insane for the price

    • SinminsinTokko
      SinminsinTokko 17 days ago +35

      @hassy gcause it doesn’t have any gear

    • SinminsinTokko
      SinminsinTokko 17 days ago +52

      @hassy gthe Bugatti have to change it’s gear for speed that’s why Tesla was able to keep up
      If the race have been long distance the Bugatti would have completed the race half the time

  • GT7786
    GT7786 14 days ago +2106

    You might hate Tesla, but that 4 door sedan stayed in sight of that 4 million hypercar even in the half mile. That’s seriously impressive.

    • 2K-Tan
      2K-Tan 14 days ago +151

      Impressive but a soulless appliance. Who cares. Perfomance cars shouldn't become dull appliances. Nobody will ever change my mind. Hybrid, pure ICE or nothing.

    • Sebas Méndez Cine
      Sebas Méndez Cine 14 days ago +43

      You can go very fast but after a while you like at it and think, damn what a ugly thing this is, not even attractive being inside neither outside and basically you have a big RC car lol

    • ari k
      ari k 14 days ago +95

      thats your opinion, i love how it looks@2K-Tan

    • 2K-Tan
      2K-Tan 14 days ago +30

      @Sebas Méndez Cine This, plus the zero pleasant sound when it comes to EVs is just the #1 deal breaker to me. No nice sounds = no emotions and for me no joy.
      Then to add to the fact that Tesla's are also extremely heavy and aren't going to outhandle almost anything besides maybe SUVs. In terms of performance Tesla is a one trick pony and boring in my opinion. It wows you with the insane acceleration and then that's basically it. No other metric on Tesla is really that impressive besides the acceleration. To me personally that would get old after about a week and I'd be bored, but to some it's all they seem to care about which is a pretty terrible mindset to have for a performance car.
      Performance cars should strive to be well rounded, not a one trick acceleration pony like basically all Tesla's.

    • Don
      Don 14 days ago +38

      @2K-Tanstop the hate get with the time, EV wont missed you….lmao on hybrid

  • Ingo
    Ingo 15 days ago +1997

    I think we all knew the Bugatti would eventually pass the Tesla. But in all seriousness, a $135,000 essentially keeping up with a $4 million car is insane. Also its got 4 doors and is made to fit a family in it.

    • Zaid Patel
      Zaid Patel 15 days ago +126

      Its 89k usd.

    • geemy
      geemy 15 days ago +54

      and it's also quicker on the quarter mile. 9.6s is not a good time for both cars. only explanation would be running the Tesla at low battery percentage and cold battery. that would be the equivalent of running the Bugatti on regular gas and race it without warming up the engine

    • Cubozoan
      Cubozoan 15 days ago +69

      @geemyThe battery was about 2/3 full and it did not have the Track package tires.

    • Pholela Mapeyi
      Pholela Mapeyi 15 days ago +20

      you mean a combustion engine beating the hell out of an electric car...!! ..... gracefully doing so at that ..!!

    • n300zx931
      n300zx931 15 days ago +49

      Practical power, the Tesla destroys the Bugatti

  • Roger Weaver
    Roger Weaver 12 days ago +3096

    This is amazing for Tesla 👍

    • Roger Weaver
      Roger Weaver 12 days ago

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  • Derek Sellers
    Derek Sellers 15 days ago +54

    For being roughly 30 times less expensive than the Bug, that Tesla seriously held its own. It's a 135k bargain haha

    • Eplugplay
      Eplugplay 3 days ago

      Even cheaper than now with the price drop!

    • Michael Cambridge
      Michael Cambridge 2 days ago

      Yeah well it's electric. So the instant power and acceleration is a no brainer.

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter 14 days ago +170

    I was like damn that 150-190 is insane then realised it was also in MPH. Wow, I really wish I could feel that one day.

    • pilot4211
      pilot4211 10 days ago +1

      Same bro

    • Drone-Channel
      Drone-Channel 9 days ago +2

      if you are in Norcal let me know and happy to show you with my plaid

    • MegaUnavailableusern
      MegaUnavailableusern 9 days ago +4

      @Drone-Channelhe’s talking about the Chiron not some rc car

    • Joseph Osoro
      Joseph Osoro 8 days ago +3

      ​@MegaUnavailableusernyou're violating

    • CarsByKev
      CarsByKev 7 days ago

      @Drone-Channel My daughter (bc I’m a horrible parent) has to shout out the speed that we reached when I merge fast / pass…Because we have to start braking before I have a chance to look down…The morning run to school never gets old. With over 50k miles now it’s still unbroken, efficient, and comfortable. The only problem: what do I drive after this?

  • South Texas Car Page
    South Texas Car Page 17 days ago +983

    The way the Bugatti just doesn’t stop pulling is insane 💀💀 even at 200mph it was still HAULING ASS

    • ML Felonzo
      ML Felonzo 17 days ago +7

      Bruh dat thing gives me chill 😮😭

    • ElonWilder
      ElonWilder 17 days ago +25

      it was hauling $2million

    • Ricardo Miguel
      Ricardo Miguel 17 days ago +26

      Yes, it is true but:
      - using 100 L/100km
      - no-one buying that car is going to do track days or something, they even won't go to Germany to really treat them (even there you have other cars...)
      - on 99.99999% the situations, the instant kick (electric) is more important
      - one costs 3.900.000 pounds less and has less maintenance.
      You're paying the exclusivity!

    • Martin Jeseničnik
      Martin Jeseničnik 17 days ago +87

      @Ricardo Miguel who hurt you?

    • Mlungisi Mthanti
      Mlungisi Mthanti 17 days ago +43

      ​@Martin JeseničnikNot being able to afford a buggati did 😂

  • Aggressive Lemon
    Aggressive Lemon 15 days ago +121

    I'm not an EV lover but this is the best advert for the Plaid I've seen. Incredible to be so closely matched with a car like the SS

    • Chamieiniibet
      Chamieiniibet 14 days ago +16

      ...on regular street tires and without a full charge. Did they even warm up the battery beforehand?

    • Sam Malik
      Sam Malik 14 days ago +2

      Until you hit a corner lol!

    • DrFu79
      DrFu79 14 days ago +1

      @Chamieiniibetdrag strip mode (likely enabled) conditions the battery

    • Luka Bošnjak
      Luka Bošnjak 13 days ago +6

      ​@DrFu79 Definitely not fully charged, it does 9.3s on basically any surface with over 80% soc, they somehow got 9.6s here...

  • Jaran De Kraker
    Jaran De Kraker 13 days ago +47

    Races like these deserve a third car with average supercar stats to reálly get an idea of how fast these things go

    • Ryland Bowman
      Ryland Bowman 11 days ago

      They should do the same race but add a JESKO next time 🫣

    • Jordan Plays - Transit and Games
      Jordan Plays - Transit and Games 9 days ago +2

      They raced a sf90 plaid and 911 turbo s, and the turbo s looked like it was standing still, and the Rimac makes the sf90 look like its standing still, crazy

  • Chris Dicko
    Chris Dicko 13 days ago +245

    The funniest thing is the Tesla would keep pace in the real world while carrying both family dogs in the back and a bit of shopping😂

    • SE Asian
      SE Asian 12 days ago +4

      Not in the Autobahn. Or British back roads. Even a stage-1 tuned Golf R or GTI Clubsport would keep up with that Tesla Plaid on curvy mountain roads.

    • Vimto Bill
      Vimto Bill 11 days ago +27

      ​@SE Asianthis makes no sense.

    • hugo
      hugo 11 days ago +4

      ​@Vimto Billu slow?

    • Vimto Bill
      Vimto Bill 11 days ago +16

      @hugo sorry I don't understand barnyard animals.

  • Tony Hart
    Tony Hart 15 days ago +60

    One of my all time favourite CarWow vids. Yanni having an absolutely epic time and drooling was hilarious. What legends these boys are. Damn near soiled myself.

  • Kangaroo O
    Kangaroo O 12 days ago +3

    The 120 and upwards pull is insane! Tesla slayed all it can and then died off but bugatti is different beast

  • HamiD Younesi
    HamiD Younesi 17 days ago +6517

    Carwow never disappoints. Facts

      THE NOISE 17 days ago +8


    • Mohd Mahdi 23
      Mohd Mahdi 23 17 days ago +7


      MENELISI .s. GUMEDE 17 days ago +14

      Can’t disagree on that it’s the best car show fir me

    • Smee
      Smee 17 days ago +8

      Host not so much

    • KD 3342
      KD 3342 17 days ago +17

      Mat never disappointed me, he only drives the fastest one 😂

  • ecmjr
    ecmjr 15 days ago +61

    I really love these two. They are the perfect competitors for each other.

    • Posting Maharashtra
      Posting Maharashtra 13 days ago +2

      The Plaid shows the Genius of Musk and his boys. 3.9M pounds is a lot of dough

  • xolani khumalo
    xolani khumalo 15 days ago +156

    Tesla Model S Plaid is definitely a force to reckon with 👏👏👏

    • Google Pap
      Google Pap 13 days ago +4

      I'm sure it lost the drag race cuz of bad traction. On Clip-Share I see videos of it doing high 8 seconds instead of 9.6s they did now.

    • Luka Bošnjak
      Luka Bošnjak 13 days ago +4

      ​@Google Pap It was because they didn't fully charge it, just look at how it pulls on other videos after 150mph...

    • x0x0x Xxx
      x0x0x Xxx 12 days ago

      @Luka Bošnjak honestly... it does not need wo win at 150mph or above...It needs...and factually DOES win (even under poorr conditions) in the speed range of 0-100mph which is the only accessible speed range in 99% of daily life, and that is coming from a german guy who can legally race at 160mph on public highways...

  • Radosław L
    Radosław L 10 days ago +3

    Accelerating OK, maybe predictably, but the braking results were shocking 😮 Tesla is impressive in this test

  • Gyppor
    Gyppor 15 days ago +11

    I think you guys should give the trap speed for your quarter mile times as well, it is an interesting metric.


    Great drag race, as always, Matt! Keep it up!

  • L4H
    L4H 17 days ago +1634

    They really do the best drag races on the planet at the moment

    • Toby
      Toby 17 days ago +32

      They have been for the last few years 😂

    • Carsten
      Carsten 17 days ago +5

      would be much better to let someone else give the commands, though. Doesn't make sense that one of the drivers gives the command to accelerate because humans obviously have a reaction time (and the walkie-talkie might have a delay) and the person who gives the command doesn't have to listen to the command.

    • jjamespacbell
      jjamespacbell 17 days ago +2

      If it was a couple of cars leaving a traffic light the Tesla wins as way do you get to 200 miles an hour.
      The Chiron is not a car it is a showroom/museum piece

    • Graupunkt
      Graupunkt 17 days ago +18

      I personally would say Hagerty is on a whole nother level when it comes to drag racing and their incredible presentation style.

  • Hamad Mufeed
    Hamad Mufeed 15 days ago +45

    It would be pretty informative if you show the actual meters a car takes to stop. And i personally believe that helps your brand grow even more ✨️

    • A2theJ9
      A2theJ9 10 days ago

      The car that weighs 500 lbs less and is designed to be a super car will most likely stop faster. Simple physics really.

  • Denis Bede
    Denis Bede 15 days ago +4

    This drag race was mental! Thanks for putting these two rockets together carwow.

  • Adithyan Sunil
    Adithyan Sunil 10 days ago +1

    Man the way all those four turbos in the chiron just kicks in at a certain rpm and just blazes thorough is just nuts

  • BrownSofaGamer
    BrownSofaGamer 15 days ago +8

    Carbon ceramic brakes need some temperature to brake at their more efficient, so that’s probably why the Bugatti did better after a second test as the brakes and pads were at a more optimal temp.

    • Tofu86 OC
      Tofu86 OC 8 days ago

      i believe the plaid also has upgraded carbon ceramic brakes

    • BrownSofaGamer
      BrownSofaGamer 8 days ago

      @Tofu86 OC Oh yeah if it’s the track pack it does, you are right.

  • Walter Cembran
    Walter Cembran 10 days ago +2

    If you also consider the weight difference of the drivers, perhaps Mat could have won the quarter mile with the Tesla 😅

  • Yiannimize
    Yiannimize 17 days ago +5979

    I feel like the poor relation in the video but oh my it’s a good race

    • Luka Bošnjak
      Luka Bošnjak 17 days ago +125

      Get a Plaid mate, nothing stock under a million (single Sapphire hasn't been delivered) can beat it and you simply can't say that its boring: 6:37
      Also its a bloody good family and daily car (safest car in the world by EuroNcap)...
      Also also, what was the soc here for the Tesla, I get that the surface is bad but it almost always does 1/4 mile at 9.3s @ over 80%? What is more, no best 2/3... Was this the only take where Plaid lost the 1/4 mile? 😂

    • YoungShul
      YoungShul 17 days ago +106

      @Luka Bošnjak the lucid sapphire already has and i would say it is the better car

    • mrdlewis22
      mrdlewis22 17 days ago +13

      Please tell me Mat gave you go in it!

    • hassy g
      hassy g 17 days ago +9

      Mat would win if he was driving the Tesla weighing less than you

    • D
      D 17 days ago +9

      Poor Yianni's struggling with his fleet of Lambos 🤣

    BOOSTEDDUDE 12 days ago +2

    Holy SMOKES! 11:35 is amazing footage of the Chiron rocketing off. Props to the Tesla also. Never seen Yanni so impressed with the way a car looked!

  • Victor Aguirre
    Victor Aguirre 15 days ago +4

    It’s insane that the tesla lost by so little, compared to an insane machine like that o.O

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera 12 days ago +2

    The Tesla Plaid is no joke!! It pulled li a beast man !! And to top if off,,crosses the line at a 9.6s time is insane !!! Against a 4 MILLION dollar car,, CRAZY!!

  • MrAndemob
    MrAndemob 15 days ago +1

    Quite quick ones, both, which is nice 👍👍Would be interesting to see some even faster ones, like a Rimac Nevera/Pininfarina Batista, Koenigsegg Regera... Credit to the Plaid for being about as fast, for a fraction - 1/20 or even 1/40th(?) of the Chiron cost?

  • abolfazl abouali
    abolfazl abouali 11 days ago +1

    I thought that Chiron was going to beat the Tesla in the break test but it didn't. That was really unusual. Thanks for this amazing drag race. 💙💙❤❤🏎🏎

  • Frydee
    Frydee 17 days ago +2236

    I think the most surprising thing in the video was the Tesla winning the brake test 😂

    • ßaron
      ßaron 17 days ago +184

      They improved these brakes A LOT😂

    • Tom OOO
      Tom OOO 17 days ago +56

      If you watch other car wow videos you will see all cars fade, the only difference is that Tesla tells you. That is why it got a reputation of poor brakes. See the Porsche one it faded much quicker than the standard model 3.
      Of course if you want track driving you need track brakes on all cars, and you would be insane not to.

    • Stavros Hadjiyiannis
      Stavros Hadjiyiannis 17 days ago +220

      It's because the carbon ceramic brakes need high temperature to work properly

    • Jake M
      Jake M 17 days ago +96

      Carbon ceramics brake slower than steel, but their advantage is that they don’t overheat with continued usage. In the first brake test, the ceramics were too cold to work effectively.
      They’re amazing track tyres, (or stopping from 273mph 😅), but are worse than steel for a single brake test. They’re amazing on track though.

    • Speed Demon
      Speed Demon 17 days ago +132

      ​@Jake MNo excuses Here! The Tesla is also on Carbon ceramic brakes!

  • ChaosZombie999
    ChaosZombie999 15 days ago

    2 ridiculous cars for 2 ridiculously awesome drag races… I have never seen Yanni laugh like that before lol

  • West Coast Supercars and Classics

    Best thing are the 1/2 mile roll races. Then you really see what the big boys can do!
    I'd love to see one starting at 100mph for the hypercars.

    • SamTV YT
      SamTV YT 9 days ago +1

      At 100 mph these Hypercars are much faster
      If Chiron SS was in 1st gear at 50 mph it would have destroyed Plaid since beginning

    • Randy
      Randy 2 days ago

      I was also wondering why it wasn't in first..

  • AutoTechTrix
    AutoTechTrix 5 days ago

    Chiron is an absolute beast, no doubt. But would be nice if Matt/Yanni inform us of the Tesla's SOC as it does make a difference. 100% battery State of Charge is different than racing at 30%.

  • QuantumQuarry
    QuantumQuarry 9 days ago

    Comparing the NVH level, was stunned how quiet the Buggati is compared to Tesla. Worth 4million 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • H M.
    H M. 3 days ago

    I've seen many modded cars beat the Tesla Plaid, but never seen one that actually made the Plaid look slow! Wow!

  • Élio Fernandes
    Élio Fernandes 17 days ago +306

    The Bugatti is just insane from any aspect. As for the Model S its crazy that it can only have competition from multi-million cars.

    • Dave Dee
      Dave Dee 17 days ago +11

      And a $250K Lucid Sapphire

    • Élio Fernandes
      Élio Fernandes 17 days ago +39

      @Dave Dee but, where is the Lucid? Have they overcome the production hell?

    • Dave Dee
      Dave Dee 17 days ago +32

      @Élio Fernandes no idea, but they’re definitely in trouble financially. I’d take the Plaid over it any day.

    • Bib the Boulder
      Bib the Boulder 17 days ago

      ...and motorbikes...

    • Marius Martinsen
      Marius Martinsen 17 days ago +2

      ​@Dave Deewhat financial trouble when Saudis PIF owns 60% of Lucid? 🤣 Get facts right before committing

  • Chris Khoo
    Chris Khoo 15 days ago +7

    holy cow i just love watching that speed dial climb on that bugatti. what a rocket!

  • DDD.777
    DDD.777 14 days ago +6

    This is such a helpful video. When i will get a Bugatti and go on the streets and a Tesla shows up i will now that i can race only if i'm going past 120+ mph

  • Royale Tv
    Royale Tv 11 days ago +1

    That Bugatti's speedometer going like a tachometer. Insane 😯

  • Abbas
    Abbas 5 days ago +1

    5:50 first race 7:53 second race 11:14 3rd race 12:47 brake test

  • Allison Andrews
    Allison Andrews 11 days ago +1

    To have the opportunity to drive that Bugatti SS would be insane. Cool to see a comparison of one of the top E cars vs a top of the line gas car. Fun video as always. Thanks Matt.

  • dean tirmizi
    dean tirmizi 17 days ago +224

    The speed they go past the 1/2 mile is madness

    • hofahome
      hofahome 16 days ago +5

      Ive personally seen UGR Huricans and R8’s cross the standing mile at 240+mph. It’s unreal. I wish all car fans could experience it.

  • Ricky Racer
    Ricky Racer 15 days ago +1

    Love this channel!
    Keep up the great content!!!

  • Foucault2001
    Foucault2001 15 days ago

    It would be interesting to see how the Rimac Nevera would do against the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. It should comfortably win the standing quarter mile but wonder how it would do in the rolling race and at 300kg heavier, the Rimac might not do so well in the brake test either.

  • Radikal mind's
    Radikal mind's 12 days ago +5

    Yanny's face when they were doing the brake test tho😅😂, bro was like if you beat me at this too I'll just walk home😂😂😂

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru 7 days ago

    It would be nice to know your trap speed for your quarter-mile times, in my opinion.

  • Buddy Scalera
    Buddy Scalera 13 days ago +1

    So fun to watch. Do more.

  • Artan Sadiki
    Artan Sadiki 17 days ago +947

    Love how the Bugatti just flies away like a fighter jet at higher speeds, making the Plaid look like a Nissan Leaf lol.

    • I am best for real
      I am best for real 17 days ago +5


    • Louie Carrigan
      Louie Carrigan 17 days ago +39

      Unbeatable combustion power.

    • J G
      J G 17 days ago +12

      ​@louiecarrigan821 until you realize Rimac now works with Bugatti and the next gen hypercars will be electric. . .🙃

    • Visakh S Nair
      Visakh S Nair 17 days ago +22

      ​@J G
      Nope Matte Rimac said in an interview that he will still make Bugatti combustion engine but to limited production.

    • Mateo Kovac
      Mateo Kovac 17 days ago +19

      ​@J GMate is a proper petrolhead, the next Bugatti will be Hybrid.
      He also said his dreamgarage would be 10 petrol cars. Dude is a proper carguy unlike Elon.

  • Ivo Opletal
    Ivo Opletal 15 days ago +2

    Of course awesome
    I was surprised by the brakes on the Tesla....well done
    I'd like to know what the tire degradation is.

  • Joel Nzioka
    Joel Nzioka 14 days ago +5

    I wanna bet that their reaction on the first braking was everyone else's reaction here too!

  • Bas Ti
    Bas Ti 13 days ago +18

    I simply love that Tesla. It’s basically a full sized sedan with the power of a hyper car while being super efficient in consumption and maintenance.

    • Luka Bošnjak
      Luka Bošnjak 13 days ago +2

      Has more room than the Skoda Superb and is the safest car in the world (by EuroNcap)...

    • Jordan Plays - Transit and Games
      Jordan Plays - Transit and Games 12 days ago +2

      its basically the ultimate car, the jack of all trades

    • Tunah Xu Shi
      Tunah Xu Shi 12 days ago +6

      Yep. I don't know how these two can compare a five passenger family sedan with a 5 million $$ 2 seat sport car with a straight face. The Tesla wins up to 150 mile an hour in the drag race anyway. This race is all Tesla.

    • Reasonable Doubt
      Reasonable Doubt 7 days ago +2

      That Tesla boat can’t turn.

    • Luka Bošnjak
      Luka Bošnjak 7 days ago +1

      @Reasonable Doubt So how it holds the record on the ring for executive class?

  • Human 69 420
    Human 69 420 14 days ago +34

    That Bugatti really feels like the final boss battle for EVs

  • Daniel Be
    Daniel Be 13 days ago

    I was just looking for a drag race video between these exact two vehicles and wondered if carwow have ever done one and 3 days ago this came out :)

  • Daniel Derrick
    Daniel Derrick 17 days ago +628

    It's impressive how quiet the Chiron is even with that monstrosity of an engine.

    • Phiz
      Phiz 17 days ago +36

      Quad turbos that’s why

    • Gesù Bambino
      Gesù Bambino 17 days ago +87

      W16 doesn't scream, it's more like a Jet

    • DivisionBeatz
      DivisionBeatz 17 days ago +42

      Quiet? When you see one in real life, you think a jet is rushing by ;o

    • hassy g
      hassy g 17 days ago +16

      talking of big engines Tesla cheaper to run too daily and just as fast n cheaper to buy

    • Osman Wrld
      Osman Wrld 17 days ago +5

      @hassy gbattery pack 😂

  • Eric Z
    Eric Z 15 days ago +3

    Makes you wonder what monstrosity Rimac and Bugatti are cooking. A relentless pull from 0. I'll bet it's going to be epic.

    • afeaf
      afeaf Day ago

      what are they cooking. u thing their cook will be better as elon musks next cook tesla roaster with space x package? u think someone on this plabet has a chance against roadster space x package?

  • Arengeta's Hideout
    Arengeta's Hideout 15 days ago +1

    Since the bugatti has carbon ceramic brakes, it's best to warm the brakes and the pads before doing such brake test. That's why when you've done it again, the brakes were much more effective.

  • Tijo Jkeo
    Tijo Jkeo 11 days ago

    This is the finest Plaid advertisement I've ever seen, and I'm not even an EV fan. Amazing to be paired with a car like the SS so closely.

  • Random Lurch
    Random Lurch 14 days ago

    I’d love to see the rimiac vs the Bugatti. (If you can hold onto it for another race) that would be a very interesting race.

  • PickelHeadJay
    PickelHeadJay 14 days ago

    That Bugatti flying by sounding like a jet is insane

  • Okith De Silva
    Okith De Silva 17 days ago +390

    A moment of respect for Mat and the Carwow staff for making these insane drag races for us to enjoy!

    • Mike Overby
      Mike Overby 17 days ago +1

      have not watched the video yet, BUT… one of the most important parts of the track pack is the tire and wheel package that is not on the car you’re racing. The track pack tires and wheels are 20 inch super lightweight very low rotational mass to get moving with sticky tires your car has all season tires on a 21 inch wheel,the trackpack has 20 inch wheels. after looking up the numbers, your car’s tires have a diameter of .77 inches larger than the track pack so now your car has heavier tires and wheels with longer gearing to have to pour because of the taller tires. I have not watch the video so I don’t know who wins but this could definitely be a factor in today’s outcome for the drag racing. Less rotational mass ,better gearing ,and stickier tires can definitely change the outcome. Your car basically just has better brakes and the top speed limiter changed till like 200. If these races are super close, it would be nice for you to redo it with the actual full track pack to see if it makes the difference, nobody probably read this due to the length but hopefully you guys did Matt. Love the show. If it’s close, I have a feeling you will redo it with a full track pack if you can get a hold of one. Thanks for all the great videos.!!!!!!

    • Rasher basher
      Rasher basher 17 days ago

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  • Paulo Andrade
    Paulo Andrade 15 days ago

    Esse Bugatti deveria ser considerado uma das maravilhas do mundo no mundo dos carros espetacular

  • Tom K
    Tom K 12 days ago

    Watching this and saying wow over and over as that Bugatti pulls and pulls amazingly fast

  • Buckle
    Buckle 11 days ago +1

    I wonder how this will stack up against the super roadster when it arrives?

  • G V
    G V 13 days ago +44

    I just can’t wait to see how the Roadster does

    • Nick
      Nick 12 days ago +3

      I hope the extended delay on it means the tech will be absurb when it finally goes into production

    • okiluxs
      okiluxs 10 days ago +3

      It's definitely coming out next year. If not then the definitely the year after that. And if not the year after 100% in the ensuing year. Definitely.

    • Valentin Hristov
      Valentin Hristov 9 days ago

      Can‘t wait for the next plaid with maybe 1500hp 🥶

  • ziyan song
    ziyan song 13 days ago +3

    🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:
    00:00 🏁 介绍赛车对决
    01:09 🚗 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport
    02:17 🚗 Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack
    06:18 🏁 Drag Race 比赛
    07:40 🏁 Rolling Race 比赛
    09:30 🏁 电动车声音效果
    12:39 🏁 刹车测试
    14:06 🏁 结论和致谢
    Made with HARPA AI

  • euclides sousa
    euclides sousa 17 days ago +578

    First time seeing Yanni not so mad about losing 😂

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 17 days ago +10

      Well, the other car is lighter and with more horse powers...would be a bit silly to expect a victory.

    • mom ari
      mom ari 17 days ago +2

      Me too ! What's the reason?

    • Ex Cop
      Ex Cop 17 days ago +11

      @mom ari Because the 'Tesla is such a rocket

    • Frank Castle P
      Frank Castle P 17 days ago +9

      I thought the same thing. He lost but was still having so much fun with that mind-blowing acceleration.

    • Inifus
      Inifus 17 days ago +8

      In complete fairness, it's pretty impossible to be mad about losing to a Bugatti, no matter what you're driving.

  • Genesis Reyes
    Genesis Reyes 15 days ago +1

    Fun one ! I don't remember a brake test where Tesla has won ! lol I guess the track package works !

  • ben ten
    ben ten 15 days ago +1

    Matt always drives the winning car.. may be fear of losing 🤣

  • Hola Mi Lambo
    Hola Mi Lambo 14 days ago +2

    They should really compare the Rimac and Bugatti. Tesla is a phenomenal car, but the price difference is absurd. The amount of value Tesla brings for the price really is out of this world.

  • 5m Slrp
    5m Slrp 15 days ago +3

    A family sedan almost beating a super car that hold many records is insane imagine if the plaid never had a speed cap

    • SE Asian
      SE Asian 12 days ago

      If it doesn’t have a speed cap, it will explode or disintegrate itself.

    • AJzilla Pro
      AJzilla Pro 10 hours ago

      @SE AsianWhat is blud yapping about.

  • Uptownv
    Uptownv 13 days ago +2

    That plaid refresh looks beautiful and clean. The Bugatti is so sick. The fact that it can keep up with a Chiron is crazy.

  • Racoon^YT
    Racoon^YT 16 days ago +579

    Can we just talk about how fast they were flying across the finish line, mind blowing

    • Joshua Thomas
      Joshua Thomas 16 days ago +3

      We will not talk about that

    • Tozzasque
      Tozzasque 16 days ago +1

      If you blink, you miss

    • Moreau ghail
      Moreau ghail  16 days ago

      It's amazing, 😁, I really can't wait to be able to afford such a super car

    • Gregorr idavichko
      Gregorr idavichko 16 days ago

      I'll have to be financially stable in every sense before purchasing my first supercar. Any damage could have happened on that race, The best thing to do with my money is to invest rightly till then

    • Jacqueline corrig
      Jacqueline corrig  16 days ago +1

      The best advice that i learned from Manny Koshbin is don't buy a Super or Hyper car until you have 10 times the price of it in your Bank account, when you purchase a Super car you add a car to your garage but u add also maintenance and unexpected damages that can happen in future

  • Acura Channel
    Acura Channel 15 days ago

    Man! That Tesla is super quick off the line!! I thought the Tesla would get walked big time..top end top speed is a beast on that Bugatti!

  • Alex Chorniy
    Alex Chorniy 15 days ago +1

    Now, that's one amazing car, the Gatti.. well and the race as well🔥

  • Rotor Blade
    Rotor Blade 10 days ago +1

    the off the line Tesla acceleration is really insane. Even though it’s not a traditional driving experience, different sound, no gear shifts, the acceleration performance is top level and it definitely, must be fun.
    the bugatii is a beast a mechanical masterpiece, but affordability is near zero. I think who can afford the Bugatti or maybe other high performance car would definitely want to try the Tesla as well

  • Deacon Syxx
    Deacon Syxx 15 days ago +1

    Cheers Laurence! What a machine 👍🏻👍🏻

  • BlackRoots UNLIMITED [Academy Of Soul]

    So ecstatic that the combustion engine won!! 🔥 Beast!

  • Brodie Trevino
    Brodie Trevino 17 days ago +359

    Carwow does exactly those drag races we all want . Carwow posts daily like they're not having success already, they never disappoint.

    • Sello Rasebotsa
      Sello Rasebotsa 17 days ago +4

      I remember " World's Greatest Drag Race" and how they fell off...shame

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan 17 days ago +1

      ​@Sello Rasebotsain 2010, these drag races were GOATED.

  • S1FSY
    S1FSY 15 days ago

    Would liked to see driver reversal, Matt in the Tesla and Yianni in the Bugatti. Must be 1/4 off a tonne in weight difference.

  • pennysmurf
    pennysmurf 15 days ago

    I would have love to see a 3 way race with the Rimac included OR the Rimac vs either of the 2 OR both

  • Aditya Pawar
    Aditya Pawar 14 days ago +1

    That Bugatti goes from 150 to 190 mph faster than my car goes from 50 to 90 kmph 😂

  • edgar muñoz meneses
    edgar muñoz meneses 14 days ago +1

    That Chiron sounds like a F-22 fighter jet, just insane!!!!

  • AmirGTR
    AmirGTR 17 days ago +422

    The fact that a Tesla could even keep up with a Bugatti Chiron Super Sports blows my mind let alone nearly beating it off a roll

    • Mario Darg
      Mario Darg 17 days ago +46

      this is why Elon musk is the richest man on the planet just look at what he created

    • Anders Termansen
      Anders Termansen 17 days ago +38

      electric cars is not real cars

    • Bertalan Kovács
      Bertalan Kovács 17 days ago +36

      That's what electric cars are good for. They are the undisputed kings of drag racing, because their way of power delivery is much better suited for it.

    • Oliver S.
      Oliver S. 17 days ago +9

      Well that's very easy to explain: one of them has electric motors and instant torque

  • KezGoose
    KezGoose 15 days ago +1

    You should warm the brakes up before you do brake tests. I’m sure the results will vary in this race and for most of them

    • Draken
      Draken 10 days ago

      In an emergency situation stopping on a highway, would your brakes be hot?

  • Christopher Ogwuche
    Christopher Ogwuche 14 days ago

    How in the world did Yanni agree to do this race in a Tesla 😂😂😁

  • JKDoodle
    JKDoodle 12 days ago

    even the drag race idk if esc was on or not, but it affects the race as it lost grip. needed a re match there. also, if the bugatti has 400 miles or so, it is before break in which is why it may have limited power

  • sjcj92
    sjcj92 15 days ago +6

    Matt came so fast it made Yanni Drool. That Bugatti is a rocket!

    TRADERS GALLERY 12 days ago

    we have to accept that buggati can really move like crazy.

  • Mateye Seratha
    Mateye Seratha 17 days ago +289

    Matt and his team always give us some INSANE drag races!

    • ADplays
      ADplays 17 days ago +1

      Mate are you fishing for likes or what

    • tommy riner
      tommy riner 17 days ago

      I remember a few years ago trying to look up these insane races, and it was never an actualy drag race or their were no videos at all, now because of Carwow you can look up anything and they have it, they have a monopoly on drag races videos on Clip-Share, which is great because no one Comes close to the production and quality efforts that carwow has

  • Michael De Kock
    Michael De Kock 15 days ago

    Holy shit! Watching that needle go up on the Chiron is insane! 90, 120, 150... it's incredible!

  • Orane Waldron
    Orane Waldron 15 days ago

    I would love to see Jamie's tuned 911 turbo against this Bugatti seeing a stock 911 turbo does 9.8s, this does 9.6s

  • Edit The Sink
    Edit The Sink 14 days ago

    Bro for the break test you need to heat the carbon ceramics up pretty hot before the performance really improves. They’re pretty much only for using on the track.

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII 9 days ago +1

    That Model S Plaid would make for a great camera car.

  • GotAdam
    GotAdam 10 days ago +13

    the fact that it's even close is actually insane.

  • Tauraz Pillay
    Tauraz Pillay 16 days ago +300

    Yanny and Mats chemistry is what makes this extra good

    • Antonio La Trippa
      Antonio La Trippa 16 days ago

      Yanny seems a kid playing with electric toy cars on the toy track.

    • N S
      N S 16 days ago

      @Antonio La Trippa Yanni's driving posture is cringe to watch, it literally IS like a kid who never drove a car before. It's like something coming out of Need For Speed

  • Alex A
    Alex A 15 days ago +4

    7:53 yianni’s kick down WAS CRAZY

    • Wonder Woman
      Wonder Woman 11 days ago

      Tesla don’t use gears. Always instant torque

  • Kenneth David
    Kenneth David 12 days ago

    The way Bugatti speedometer is jumping is insane 😅

  • Jason Oldsted
    Jason Oldsted 13 days ago

    I love the color combo on that Bugatti!

  • Robert Maxwell Kim
    Robert Maxwell Kim 15 days ago

    Wow! Bugatti’s performance is remarkable.