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Busting 5 Myths in GTA 5

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • It's GTA 5 #shorts.
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Comments • 1 251

  • Noneofurbusiness
    Noneofurbusiness Month ago +30262

    Normal people: spear fishing
    Gray: S N I P E R

    • Anakinvoorhees1947
      Anakinvoorhees1947 12 days ago

      That’s some American fishing if I’ve ever seen it

    • Non Existent
      Non Existent 17 days ago

      I I’m milk

    • Proxii Z
      Proxii Z Month ago

      @d3fault 1420 Out of doors, I guarantee you won't go hungry

    • FWY
      FWY Month ago


    • Jason Wilbur
      Jason Wilbur Month ago

      That's literally just Gray XD

  • Talleywa
    Talleywa Month ago +213

    "all of our fish are locally shot."

  • Ruby Knight
    Ruby Knight Month ago +2519

    "Get sniped, tilapia" had me rolling

  • Dr Pepper
    Dr Pepper Month ago +15412

    The tank: "He has one of our own...
    Their sacrifice will not be in vain, so I started blasting"

    • Aprizal Rusmana
      Aprizal Rusmana 12 days ago

      Too many decisions, but don't ya worry, they're in a good place so soon.

    • Obi Wan
      Obi Wan 26 days ago

      “I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it”

    • Erik Lona
      Erik Lona Month ago

      Dude in the driver's seat, with a tear in his eye, saluting the tank operator 😂
      "It must be done"

    • Yehonatan ben david
      Yehonatan ben david Month ago

      ​@Your average Roblox enjoyer פ

    • Achievementsavers extras
      Achievementsavers extras Month ago

      @Nlmbboogz “what is there to calculate?!?! Shouldn’t we stop him?!?”

  • Ian Fechtner
    Ian Fechtner Month ago +500

    “Some of you will die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make” -the tank

    • Thee Jasonator
      Thee Jasonator 8 days ago +1

      ​@baidurya chandawait I thought it was Britain that invented the tank and it was Russia that invented the more practical tank

    • baidurya chanda
      baidurya chanda 14 days ago +1

      umm america keep in mind that RUSSIA ITSELF invented the tank

    • Tony Evans
      Tony Evans Month ago +1

      OK lord farquad

    • Hitler Loves Anime
      Hitler Loves Anime Month ago +3

      What's up with that retro flag in your profile picture? Please reply to me!

  • Guardian Of Texas
    Guardian Of Texas Month ago +777

    That tank had to ask permission to shoot you down even if you had his marine buddy attached to you. 😂

    • Journey Awaits
      Journey Awaits Month ago +4

      “I don’t ever want to miss you again”

    • TheSwedishHistorian
      TheSwedishHistorian Month ago +7

      ”I dont negotiate with terrorists”

    • Guardian Of Texas
      Guardian Of Texas Month ago +14

      @hoghu haghu 😂 he most definitely did that marine must’ve been a dumb ass Butter Bar that got him lost once, and didn’t give him the land nav map.

    • hoghu haghu
      hoghu haghu Month ago +46

      He was basically carrying a hostage with him, and the tank just shot down both of them individually without hesitation. Must've really hated his "marine buddy" then

  • Nvwlieuf
    Nvwlieuf Month ago +6143

    Imagine just seeing a guy on a beach shooting at a door and riding it to gain his invincibility 😂

    • Stashcliffs II
      Stashcliffs II 17 days ago

      ​@Faiz Abdul Hameed Ohio doesn't have beaches,,,,, sometimes

    • Ryan
      Ryan 25 days ago

      me: "i'm in a sim, so moving on.."

    • EatmudProhelth
      EatmudProhelth Month ago

      @GrayStillPlaysyeah. Average Florida day today. The entire left lane was congested because of shot drivers and alligators are invading homes and developments from retention ponds. Man says get repetitive

    • a baboon on youtube
      a baboon on youtube Month ago

      ​@Graphics Card Ohio doesn't have beaches

    • bryson richards
      bryson richards Month ago

      ​@GrayStillPlays HI

  • Cloud Final
    Cloud Final Month ago +308

    GTA Myth # 47: Rockstar will stop milking GTA 5

    • A1-Dilson
      A1-Dilson 25 days ago

      @Minecraft Profit. Julian5567 I guess that too much to ask for nowadays

    • Minecraft Profit. Julian5567
      Minecraft Profit. Julian5567 27 days ago +2

      ​@Patrick Godfrey and all I want is an expansion of the single player

    • Patrick Godfrey
      Patrick Godfrey Month ago

      It's mind blowing how many features and expansions were created for this game.

    • Journey Awaits
      Journey Awaits Month ago

      The leak was just an expansion pack

    • MV
      MV Month ago +5

      0 paid dlc to this day. Nothing to be mad about.

  • Steven Sands
    Steven Sands Month ago +51

    You know GTA devs watch these videos and rub their temples in frustration for leaving various bugs thinking no one would ever find them.

    • Michael Mclaren
      Michael Mclaren 10 days ago +2

      Some bugs they leave in just to keep it fun. I still want them to let us ragdoll jump in online mode lol I love headbutting cars

    • terry riley
      terry riley Month ago +5

      I'm pretty sure they don't watch myth videos almost a decade later than release. Also, there was only one kinda bug here.

  • Benny Llama
    Benny Llama Month ago +758

    I get the feeling that, when someone said you can't steal cars on a carrier, Gray said, "Hold my Natty Light!" 😀

  • Commander Beepo
    Commander Beepo Month ago +41

    The soldiers grabbed by the cargobob: "Rico! You know what to do."

  • Mess with the birdo, you get the hurto.

    Tank: "Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make."

  • Daniel little
    Daniel little Month ago +1189

    Don’t ask why but this dude relaxes me no matter what he says or dose. For all I care is he could unalive the entire earth and I will still feel at peace lol
    Edit: thanks for 1k likes!

    • Furkan Bozdag
      Furkan Bozdag Month ago

      ​@Maple leaf made of darker ice what did you say

    • Daniel little
      Daniel little Month ago

      @Maple leaf made of darker ice this is akward. sorry bout that no hard feelings

    • Maple leaf made of darker ice
      Maple leaf made of darker ice Month ago +1

      @Daniel little I forgot the skull my bad

    • Daniel little
      Daniel little Month ago

      @Maple leaf made of darker ice its a simple joke relax Mr. critic

  • Overlord AX-50
    Overlord AX-50 Month ago +14

    "Eh thats our own peoples, a sacrifice that I'm willing to make"
    - The tank gunner, probably

  • red neck gabi
    red neck gabi Month ago +10

    Door glitch: We have found yet another form of griefing

  • Raynfall77
    Raynfall77 Month ago +14

    I honestly like how Gray actually TRIES and finds out the most obscure but necessary ways to bust a myth instead of half-assing it like other mythbusting videos I’ve seen.

  • PandaBot2001
    PandaBot2001 Month ago +8

    I expect the tank doesn't always shoot you because it doesn't have direct line of sight to you or the vehicle you're in because of how how the cargobob handles carrying stuff

  • fluzzles
    fluzzles Month ago +18

    How to steal a vehicle in GTA5
    Step 1: Steal a vehicle
    Step 2: Steal the vehicle that was on the vehicle

  • Death Dancer
    Death Dancer Month ago +22

    I just love how people can break the games program, my favourite one is the tank because in the programming of tanks they aren't suppose to shoot something on their side and that's why for the most part it didn't shoot the cargobob. So basically the jeep was too close to you so the tank could not shoot but if you move the jeep around at the right angle the tank will shoot you.

  • Felix_e97
    Felix_e97 Month ago +1

    "Then you drive like a maniac and flip it!"
    *I'm dead*

  • Matthew Reid
    Matthew Reid Month ago +2

    “Get sniped, tilapia!” 😂😂😂😂 that was way funnier than it should’ve been lmfao

  • Justin Rivera
    Justin Rivera Month ago +43

    GTA 5 have some funny glitches, especially riding the door like a surfboard😂

  • golphin
    golphin Month ago +1

    "Get sniped, tilapia."
    -Grey, 2023

  • 🥀Spooky Lucy Lucifer🥀 Angel of Light!

    GTA pulled off a Titanic. Rose has room for Jack.

  • HooDini Gaming
    HooDini Gaming Month ago +63

    "sir Intruders got private jeffrey what should I do?"
    "So? Just blow them up already"
    "Copy that"

  • Jane DeVain
    Jane DeVain Month ago +1

    Fishing in GTA 5 be like:

  • GoldenMerry梅莉
    GoldenMerry梅莉 Month ago +2

    Tank:"Take one for the team bro"

  • CrawfishPlays
    CrawfishPlays Month ago +52

    Day 33 of asking for another insanely demonic Minecraft video

  • jellœ_-10
    jellœ_-10 Month ago +2

    The tank:Oh no he has one of our own
    Tank: Anyways I started blasting

  • Connor Messenger
    Connor Messenger Month ago +13

    at this point it has turned into people telling gray to do really hard things...

  • You Blue That One
    You Blue That One Month ago +5

    You can also steal cars on the trucks by hooking them with the Cargobob’s hook

  • BrownSofaGamer
    BrownSofaGamer Month ago

    You can get the back of the car carrier to come down by shooting it, however the game doesn’t like it and it’ll despawn or destroy itself if you’re not careful.

  • Creepy Mickey
    Creepy Mickey Month ago

    GTA myth number 6: *"A helicopter is the best transportive vehicle to escape the police."*

  • Official Nikrila
    Official Nikrila Month ago +3

    Gray is the man that always scream CURB YOUR MYTHS

  • Fuentes agravante
    Fuentes agravante Month ago

    Damn respect him for speaking Filipino tilapia

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 15 days ago

    man that last one brought back a funny memory.
    i picked up a tank with a cargobob and he kept trying to shoot me. every time he fired the tank swung and threw off the center of mass so hard.
    somehow i never lost control and only died when he managed a hit on the tail

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Month ago +7

    Gray causing chaos is pretty normal now lol.

  • EarthyRanger772
    EarthyRanger772 Month ago +1

    One thing I always wondered was if for example a friend does the ammunition contract from bunker, can you use a cargobob and deliver their truck with them in it to the store their going to, always wondered this.

  • Budoor Alhashmi
    Budoor Alhashmi Month ago +1

    If GTA watched this video:looks like we need an update

  • steven carroll
    steven carroll Month ago +4

    Uhhgg!!! The loops.

  • Mehmet Efe Karagozlu

    “If you can’t steal the cars, steal the truck”
    -Sun Tzu, Grand Theft of War

  • East Meets West Presents

    I feel like Gray missed the bus on joining Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth in doing these GTA V shenanigans

  • iplaymusicsoftly
    iplaymusicsoftly Month ago +8

    People need to stop calling these challenges "MYTHS".

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Month ago

    "And that brings us over to-"
    You didn't have to cut me off

  • ADN Dragon
    ADN Dragon Month ago

    Legendary! Gray suffers for our amusement. Give him a pat on the back that won’t send him down another tube of death just this once.😂

  • Garfeld
    Garfeld Month ago +9

    Bagel tastes good

  • HUB Animations
    HUB Animations Month ago

    It would've been a cool attention to detail if the tanks didn't shoot at you if you were airlifting a vehicle that had their fellow soldiers still in it to avoid killing them.

  • Udder chaos
    Udder chaos Month ago

    Gray is so insane in his videos that he’s literally just freaking God

  • Raven Man
    Raven Man Month ago

    For the semi with the cars you don't actually have to flip it to get the cars, you can beat the crap out of the back thing that drops down and just drive em off the trailer

  • ItsWestSider
    ItsWestSider Month ago +2

    Such a special game. I can't wait for GTA 6!

  • ReeseKilroy
    ReeseKilroy Month ago +1

    There’s spear fishing, and there’s American fishing

  • Artuar3CRaFT
    Artuar3CRaFT 14 days ago

    “Get sniped, Tilapia” Had me dying- 🤣

  • ApofisRaxionNecros
    ApofisRaxionNecros Month ago

    "Get sniped, Tilapia!" Had me sent.

  • Raymond Ijeaku
    Raymond Ijeaku Month ago

    Doors are now officially an under-breathing hack in both Minecraft and GTA

  • G94
    G94 Month ago

    "If you pick up a car with a cargobob in Fort Zancudo, the tanks will not shoot you"
    The tank would shoot you even if you picked up the tank.

  • 4doorsmoreguns
    4doorsmoreguns Month ago

    Military base: "He has one of our own, do not shoot!!"
    Tank: So anyway, I started blasting

  • Vaisy
    Vaisy Month ago

    Bro the tilapia just chillin' and a sniper is about to hit him 💀

  • YouHurtBert
    YouHurtBert Month ago +1

    The way he said Tilapia just hit me in a certain way

  • Shabnam Khan
    Shabnam Khan Month ago

    "If you can't steal the car on the truck, steal the truck instead."
    - Sun Pablo, the art of stealing

  • gh
    gh Month ago

    Military had a brief drama discussion whether to kill one of them ornot after you took one of them

  • Zan o
    Zan o Month ago

    The tank was just waiting for confirmation from the pentagon

  • Asian BaLot
    Asian BaLot Month ago

    Every Filipino fishers love the quote... "Get sniped, tilapia!" XDDD

  • Slider9600
    Slider9600 Month ago

    The shooting door thing I remember from IV but it just allowed you to float and create a tidal wave everyone but the player can see. Nostalgia

  • Calvin
    Calvin Month ago

    Yo that tank one helpful asf it actually gives u enough time to get out

  • liyostr570
    liyostr570 Month ago

    Those tanks will always shoot you, even if 1000 soldiers are in your way


    GTA code when a guy stands on the door and shoots it in the water :
    "It's surfin' time...."

  • Chris Justin Aquino

    Damn, the Tilapia was Innocent Gray

  • Austin Haney
    Austin Haney Month ago

    Them tank operators are completely suicidal in that base n will not hesitate to murder there fellow soldier if that means they kill you 2 lmao

  • Nikki
    Nikki Month ago

    "drive like a maniac"
    Yup your describing me right there

  • Romanian_Countryball
    Romanian_Countryball Month ago +1

    "you cannot steal a car from a truck"
    10 secs later: *steals a car from the truck*

  • Marco
    Marco Month ago

    Normal people: go under water and go spear fishing
    Gray: lets get the snipper

  • Alien Jay
    Alien Jay Month ago

    “Ride it like a surfboard “
    Proceeds to slide on the ocean floor lol

  • yandere chan
    yandere chan Month ago

    The tank : a small price to pay for salvation

  • Cameron Middleton
    Cameron Middleton Month ago


  • Rubicovski
    Rubicovski Month ago

    Last one was most likely because the guy jumped out of his car when you went down a little bit, would make sense

  • Zyanid Warfare
    Zyanid Warfare Month ago

    The first one seems fun to do to mess with people, dress in clothes that make it hard to see you and then have a friend set a bounty on you and just chill and shoot confused people

  • Jiski The Husky
    Jiski The Husky Month ago

    I love how most of these are actual provable or bustable myths that require game knowledge and not just pure “I bet you aren’t good at the game”

  • itzcrissh
    itzcrissh 19 days ago +1

    bruh busting myths in a game after 10 years

  • Richard Matthews
    Richard Matthews Month ago

    The last one “awaiting orders sir!” “Fire at will!”

  • JustQuackDuck
    JustQuackDuck 2 days ago

    when i heard you say tilapia i got so proud that my country's culture is spreading alot

  • Collin The Red
    Collin The Red Month ago

    Years ago, my friend and I were playing together. I was on a bike and he was in a big dump truck.
    My friend went afk and about 3-5mins later, a stranger in a helicopter came up and used the hook on my friends dump truck, picked him up while he was inside and took him out into the ocean and dropped him. Note, I was watching it all happen and it was hilarious

  • cat with bigg pp
    cat with bigg pp Month ago

    DON - THEY GOT GREG!!!!!
    RAUL - your sacrifice will be worth it bro

  • Hax Acquired
    Hax Acquired 9 days ago

    If I would've known we could get cars on that exact transport vehicle, I would've done it on the end of Pack Man

  • Hintermensch
    Hintermensch Month ago

    Just like a surfboard! I love it when surfers on the beach just disappear in the water

  • Dark Mode User
    Dark Mode User Month ago

    I love how these arent even myths they’re just challenges
    Still incredibly enjoyable

  • LandOfTheFree_1776
    LandOfTheFree_1776 Month ago +1

    Cook the tilapia and it will be so good! (Its a Filipino food)

  • Cosmic Stallion
    Cosmic Stallion Month ago

    "Get sniped, Tilapia"

  • RvH
    RvH Month ago


  • Sea of Stools
    Sea of Stools Month ago

    Man found a hood world event and showed us the tutorial

  • Anonymous kowala
    Anonymous kowala Month ago

    GTA myth:you can't forgive yourself

  • Adrian N.
    Adrian N. Month ago

    If you fly over zancudo while looking back constantly, they won't fire missiles at u

  • Calder C
    Calder C Month ago +1

    I didn’t realize it’s was Gray, and like three seconds in, I was like, “Damn, this sounds a lot like Graystillplays”

  • Mr. beefy
    Mr. beefy Month ago

    That door thing would be funny if you went in a hobby and there's just a bunch of people sliding around on doors in the ocean

  • Secure The Bag
    Secure The Bag Month ago

    dude. you have awesome content. im addicted

  • joseph jicky
    joseph jicky Month ago +1

    Bruh parked a lambo just to steal a truck 💀

  • Disaffected Male
    Disaffected Male Month ago

    Over 2500 hours in GTA online and yet to see a car transporter in Freemode.

  • MR. B
    MR. B Month ago

    Army men gets kidnapped
    Tank commander: We don't show mercy to the weak and traitors

  • William Winder
    William Winder Month ago

    If you ever feel like life has you down, just remember one thing. Gray still plays.

  • Jack Rockle
    Jack Rockle Month ago

    Bro, I once jumped off the pier and landed in the water/ground. I was able to walk around and use guns under water and I was super confused. I was never able to recreate it

  • Vetropa
    Vetropa Month ago

    Tank was waiting for orders from command 😂