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Grian plays Minecraft... With a TWIST: 3rd Life - Ep 1

  • Published on Apr 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Grian starts a new series called 3rd Life - a minecraft experience with a twist. What will happen? We don't know. How long will it last? We definitely don't know. All we know is, this isn't anything like hermitcraft...
    People in this series:
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    Skizzleman: clip-share.net/user/MCSkizzl...
    This is filmed in 1 session and means I can upload an extra video, have fun and it won't impact my other series (like hermitcraft). If you like this, please let me know!

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  • DMS Spins
    DMS Spins Year ago +5

    “This is not hermitcraft”

  • SapphireDragon

    God, re-watching this series reminds me just how chaotic it was even one the first episode. Instantly we get:

  • ThePurpleAnon
    ThePurpleAnon Year ago +2


  • JockeyField

    Grian be like: "Your honor, I plead it was just an oopsie daisy."

  • GoodTimesWithJellie

    'Put your clothes back on!'

  • Online
    Online  +314


  • Prem Meyyappan
    Prem Meyyappan Year ago +7

    Scar listing all the things he wants to monopolize: “Dark oak, sand, trees, grass, wood, the sky, turkeys, pineapples, other minecrafters, the color blue…”

  • Em Silver
    Em Silver Year ago +1

    Grian: “scars been trying to make me take over the desert so no one can have sand”

  • Riccardo Veres
    Riccardo Veres Year ago +687

    It must be really hot in the desert. Sooner or later Grian and Scar will be hallucinating and may see pineapples or something.

  • Asvestor
    Asvestor  +59

    Rewatching this after so long makes me appreciate Scar and Grian’s soulbond even more. That moment where grian killed scar by accident trully cursed grian to be scar’s guardian forever xD

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod Year ago +772

    Starting this after finishing last life...

  • Snowowlmv3
    Snowowlmv3  +481

    This series is so chobblesome!

  • Jazzwell
    Jazzwell Year ago +4

    This series is just like a pineapple. At first sight, it seems just very sweet, tasty, and innocent. But as you find out more about it, you realize that it's actually out to eat your flesh.

  • Mercy
    Mercy Year ago +328

    The death of scar has been the best thing too happen imo. Seeing we got grian who does all of the building, traps and defenses. And we got scar, the man who van sell you everything. Even your own soul and everything you already own.

  • Gianna Mullen

    Grian: "I'll be your servant until I loose my first life."

  • Moon
    Moon  +18

    I have never laughed so hard at scar listing all the things he want to monopolize "sand , dark oak trees, grass, pineapples 🍍 🤣 "

  • Lindsey Brown She-Her
    Lindsey Brown She-Her 3 hours ago

    It feels so weird coming from Double Life and not seeing Grian panic over Scar taking half a heart of damage.

  • Gur7910
    Gur7910  +29


  • TM
    TM Year ago +5


  • stormysky
    stormysky  +307

    watching this after last life is strangely nostalgic, almost? oh man. time to binge this whole series almost a year later after hearing glowing pineapple reviews about it!^^