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Shia LaBeouf on REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal

  • Published on Aug 30, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • If you or anyone you know has been a victim of or have committed acts of domestic violence, please consider reaching out to the following organizations or consulting the following resources:
    The National Domestic Violence Hotline: www.thehotline.org
    The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: www.ncadv.org
    The National Center On Domestic & Sexual Violence: www.ncadv.org
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  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock 7 months ago +2319

    That was heavy. Incredible interview. Thank you 🙏

  • Oliver Clytus
    Oliver Clytus Month ago +758

    No interruptions, no audience no live band, Just a pure honest one on one conversation between grown ass men

    • Blu Peralta
      Blu Peralta 23 days ago

      @Francis Patrick Kevil but it still inspirational for others

    • Francis Patrick Kevil
      Francis Patrick Kevil Month ago +1

      What we’re watching here is far from “honest.”

    • TheRealMVP
      TheRealMVP Month ago +2

      But yeah it’s a great interview. Incredibly honest discussion

    • TheRealMVP
      TheRealMVP Month ago +2

      Couple interruptions, I just came to the comments to see if anyone mentioned Shia cutting Jon off 🤣🤣🤣
      Shit, and vice versa

  • Caroline Mulenga
    Caroline Mulenga Month ago +520

    As a woman who was in an abusive marriage for 20 years, I applaud the courage, honesty and integrity of both these men. Bravo! They have both done more in this one interview to not only speak out against abuse of women, they are showing how to change it. Thank you Jon and Shia! I cannot tell you just how much I admire you both for this interview. Shia, you are making the world a safer place for your daughter to grow up in and I am sure she will be immensely proud that you are your father.

    • Saurav Pandya
      Saurav Pandya 5 days ago

      *Her father*

    • james ferry
      james ferry 6 days ago +3

      Although some of his actions can't be excused I agree that it is so important to allow people to improve and change otherwise we all lose, I hope all of the people he has Hurt are doing well and I hope he is doing well also

    • Zach Simpson
      Zach Simpson 13 days ago +3

      @Magic Hobbiest the bigger point is if you don’t try you’re doomed to fail and invite chaos into your world

    • Matthew Wood
      Matthew Wood 18 days ago +5

      @Magic Hobbiest You're talking about a completely different issue.

    • Magic Hobbiest
      Magic Hobbiest 27 days ago

      Do these problems actually have solutions to completely get rid of? It's like prejudices. Everyone has a prejudice. How do you get rid of prejudices? How do you change every single individual in the world? I don't think it can be done. Maybe I'm naive but it seems incredibly impossible to do something like that. We can't even keep peace with each other as groups. Theres still wars everywhere.

  • JeremySnel24
    JeremySnel24 Month ago +424

    Jon is the dictionary of active listening… he is just so engaged and just listens, just let’s them speak their mind and story

    • Rj SKUM
      Rj SKUM 3 days ago

      @oscar munguia gayeeeeeeeee

    • Tara Clark
      Tara Clark 15 days ago +2

      Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do ..that’s how you actually listen

    • oscar munguia
      oscar munguia Month ago +2

      @Mike Myoni like your perspective homie, i’d love to have a conversation with you if you’re up for it

    • Snap
      Snap Month ago +7

      I think he genuinely interested in hearing what Shia was saying…& it was an intense conversation.

    • Mike Myon
      Mike Myon Month ago +10

      Interesting you guys see it that way. To me it came across totally different. From my perspective I saw what he also said to Shia:
      He loves him, he wants to help & support him and he did with having him on his show. To me, actions speak much louder than words or looks he might give.
      I could also sense that in his whole behavior while listening, he was totally empathic and felt with Shia.
      So now that you saw something he might have hid from Shia or some hate, is it maybe that deep in yourself, there is something feeling like this? So you believe to see it in someone else?
      Since this is only text and no voice, be aware I say this with the intention of support for you, since in my own experience I have many times seen & maybe disliked things in other people that actually where things in myself I needed to fix. So for this could be a hint for you where to look for further self-development. Where are all on our own way of development, but also we're in this together.
      I hope my intention comes across the way it was meant.

  • Kyle Michelin
    Kyle Michelin Month ago +240

    I needed to hear this conversation... I didn't even know I needed it.... but this hit me in the place no one has ever seen... thank you for being willing to be raw and real without trying to make it ok. It's the realist thing I've heard in a long time.

    • Jack Crotteau
      Jack Crotteau Month ago +3

      Exactly how I feel too. Hope you’re doing well and having a good day ❤

    • D R
      D R Month ago +2

      @Mike Myon I also loved it. Nice comment bro and good point about keeping the phone away for sanity!

  • Sylvia Calderon
    Sylvia Calderon Month ago +357

    I grew up seeing domestic violence, mental & emotional abuse from my father to my mom. Thank you for this, Jon & Shia. This was the apology I never knew I needed. Bless you both & your families.

    • Geovany Perez
      Geovany Perez Month ago

      shc420 I get what you are saying, but you took my comment out of context.

    • Geovany Perez
      Geovany Perez Month ago +5

      Yup. Everyone is praising Jons listening skills. But barely half are actually listening. The irony.

    • t
      t Month ago +12

      Yeah same,… a lot of judgmental voices in the comments, people who are lucky enough to not have suffered the things necessary to understand just how important (and often seemingly impossible) this type of apology is to victims too. to see repentance

  • Lex Fitness
    Lex Fitness 5 months ago +539

    RESPECT EARNED! The guy is doing more than just owning his shit he's actively trying to FIX what he has done in himself and others by speaking out. To consistently criticise someones failings and shortcomings which they have owned is to eternally hope they never heal and in turn you are hoping that NO-ONE will ever have the chance to heal ... INCLUDING YOU!!! Respect is EARNED when someone who has screwed up does all they can to BE BETTER & improve the lives of those they hurt or damaged. We will all at some time in life need the ability to heal and I hope we get the support and NOT permanent condemnation that some people would wish .... until it's happening to them of course ⚡

      JOSHY TORRES 4 days ago

      @iamcasihart karen

    • Taxi Driver
      Taxi Driver 5 months ago +2

      @iamcasihart have you

    • Gamer Jams On
      Gamer Jams On 5 months ago +8

      @iamcasihart we take it you're perfect and have never done any wrongdoing in your entire life?

    • iamcasihart
      iamcasihart 5 months ago +1

      I take it you’ve never been abused, battered, raped, given an incurable STD, and watched as stray dogs are killed for no reason. Cool.

    • Ryan Black
      Ryan Black 5 months ago +1

      Ummmmmmm….. well said

  • Matthew Mackey
    Matthew Mackey Month ago +165

    By far one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen. I’m so proud of him and the MAN he is becoming

  • The Volunteer Corps
    The Volunteer Corps Month ago +47

    This interview has actually made me realise how toxic some of my behaviours are and highlighted a lot of things I need to work within myself.

    • Robert_Orr_UK
      Robert_Orr_UK Day ago +1

      Me too brother

    • Shawn Isaiah
      Shawn Isaiah 8 days ago +3

      Our Evil side will always live within us, we don't learn to anguish them but to live above them. It's all about choices and the consequences. Everyone's running a race and fighting battles.
      Let's do our best!

  • Kyle Butzer
    Kyle Butzer Month ago +161

    Absolutely the right decision to allow him to speak and to share this story! You’ll never know how many lives you touched, both of you! Well done and thank you!

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson Month ago +87

    This is so damn powerful. I resonate deeply with Shia’s story. For a while I have been struggling with my faith, my ego won’t let me out my logic aside and give myself to something higher. And I’m suffering for it, and suffering for the hurt I’ve caused people. This interview really opened my eyes man. I don’t want to live with the goal of being comfortable or happy, I want to be in service to the people I love and who have loved me through all my highs and lows.
    This video has made a large impact, thank you Shia for opening up like this and sharing this.

    • D K
      D K Month ago

      Amen brother

  • Mulo
    Mulo 6 months ago +10184

    Shia spoke 99% of the time. He needed this, big ups to Jon for giving him this platform. Seems like a solid good dude too

    • Cielo
      Cielo 11 days ago

      @Chuck VandyI agree with you, mostly. Whenever Jon asks a question, Shia doesn’t answer. Example: Jon asks Shia to pray in the very beginning and then Shia never does. Jon asked Shia what would you say to your supporters, and Shia went in the complete opposite direction. He talks down about Mickey Rourke talking about Tom Cruise (kind of random) but he is essentially doing the same thing. I’m only 1/4 of the way through and have noticed those things. Shia doesn’t answer questions directly and side steps while still trying to “take credit” for his actions. I don’t know why he put Jon down about looking for atta boys on the film set, maybe Jon talked about it before but it wasn’t necessary for Shia to bring it up. It’s almost as though Shia has to put something/someone else down before putting himself down. Minimizing. Redirecting. I’ll finish the rest and see what happens.

    • L I
      L I 18 days ago

      He's a Gemini after all. Were here to speak, we are the element of air, and also the sign of duality. He understands his light and dark, and can freely speak on it now. 💎

    • The Last market Bender
      The Last market Bender Month ago

      Well now he gave.you the full context. He gained nothing from telling us he lies about all that. He lied about abuse then came clean so yup he's a bad person. At least there are good honest perfect people like me and you who don't lie and manipulate.

    • Joe Violette
      Joe Violette Month ago

      Both of them are AMAZING people & happen to be two of my favorite people of all time not to mention both of the are also LEGENDARY actors!

  • Mariusz Zywicki
    Mariusz Zywicki Month ago +84

    This, for me, is the single best, fully relatable interview/discussion. Unexpected experience. Unfiltered honesty. Loved it.

  • Amada Zuniga-Sagaribay
    Amada Zuniga-Sagaribay 13 days ago +16

    As woman who survived domestic violence, this interview has opened a different kind of view for me. The fact that he got the help he needed and continues to work on himself is amazing. Accepting responsibility for one's own actions is a gift and blessing to that person and asking for forgiveness from those he has hurt is also a blessing and a healing journey. He has every right and deserves a chance to heal. It took me years to forgive my ex-husband for what he did to me. But I had to forgive him because I couldn't live life constantly angry at him. I forgave him for me, and he needs to provide those opportunities for those he hurt and allow healing to take over. Prayers and blessings for Shia and that he finds his peace.

  • Nettie 888
    Nettie 888 Month ago +75

    A huge thanks to Shia for laying his soul bare for the world to see. An amazing and inspirational interview by Jon. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers forever 🙏. Keep up the good work both of you ❤

  • Claudia Olmedo
    Claudia Olmedo Month ago +40

    I cried the whole time watching this. For those who have experienced abuse, whether as a victim or as a witness it’s honestly meaningful to hear someone humbling themselves and accepting their faults and knowing that they’ve hurt someone. Maybe our person hasn’t acknowledged the hurt they’ve caused but listening to others do just gives me hope.

    • Lucy Jennings
      Lucy Jennings Day ago

      I experienced abuse as a child and was forgiving even then. I understood that the damage that was caused to that person to make them act like that was outside of their control and this was the only way they knew how to function, turns out he was hit round the head so many times as a kid he is brain damaged, spent 60 years almost thinking he was crazy when actually he had been broken by someone who was supposed to look after him, alot of us were raised by parents who were treated like sh!t actually, I finally managed to get him to get proper help, he has been diagnosed with brain damage and complex PTSD and is finally getting treatment that is actually helping, but he will never be ok, because of what happened to him when he was an innocent child, sometimes people do bad things because it's the only way they know how to exist, it's not ok but also it's not their fault. It's hard to understand if you've not experienced it but I think everyone now understands the fact that the bully at school is usually being abused/ignored at home. I had this perspective as a child this was how I dealt with being bullied and picked on. Because I knew there was something more to it. We are all broken people, we just need someone to notice that and actually try to help us through it, I find it so sad that it was 4 year old me that was the first person that noticed that no one had ever looked after or cared for my father how they should have. and that they were raised to believe that everything they felt was insignificant and their only purpose was to work and provide. My poor father was sent out to steal as a child and then severely beaten when he got caught. He was kicked out of the house because of birth marks and treated like sh!t because he didn't act " right" he is autistic, brain damaged because of his own father and suffering from PTSD and I was the first person to notice or care about any of that and it took 30 years for me to get him to actually try to get help. That help btw is basically useless, it's medication that doesn't work nearly as well as the weed he's been using to self medicate for his whole adult life. Outside of that he gets nothing. And when those meds stop working they add another one and the side effects, oh my god! The side effects. The world is full of traumatized people who are too scared/embarrassed/unaware to ask for help and then when they do the help is useless. Especially for the older generation of Neuro-diverse people who are undiagnosed.

    • Shinei Nouzen
      Shinei Nouzen Month ago +5

      *Whether as a victim, witness, or perpetrator.
      Like Shia, many of the men or women who abuse others were FIRST victims or witnesses of abuse. Usually in an early relationship, or as children. We really learn a lot from parents and whatever happens in those formative years as youths really sticks.
      I say this as someone who has never physically but mentally and verbally abused some of my partners before. My father was an abuser to my mother and I, physically , verbally and mentally. But I was too young to understand the latter two. I only understood the physical side of it. Therefore I rejected physical abuse, and swore to never lay hands on my partners. It was only after I chose to get help and heal that I realized that … even though I didn’t understand the mental and verbal abuse from my childhood, part me of had appropriated it, and I was recreating the relationship dynamics of my mother and father with the women in my life. And that part of me resented my mother as well, for just accepting the abuse, for not leaving that fucked up situation sooner and not being able to protect little me. (I know these are unfair accusations to her, I no longer feel that way)
      After my mother left my father, he became a much better man. I know it’s hard and nearly impossible for some to have empathy for, their abusers, but they too are people. And while they may deserve to be vilified for their actions, they also deserve to be given a chance to heal from their own abuse and trauma.

  • FlukeDenton
    FlukeDenton Month ago +20

    As a father, husband, recovering alcoholic and drug addict, I appreciate the platform you gave this man. Thank you both.

  • BattleHog 81294
    BattleHog 81294 5 months ago +6570

    I’m not watching this as a Shia fan or a John fan. I’m watching this as human being trying to learn and listen from other people’s experiences and I’m getting a lot from this.

    • Emiliano Hermosilla
      Emiliano Hermosilla 22 hours ago


    • TC CT G
      TC CT G 2 months ago +1

      That's all WE can do ... is TRY.. TRY to be better.. TRY to pay it forward.. TRY to be respectful and most of all TRY TO CHANGE ! I believe in you. ✌️😎

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago

      @BattleHog Thats the whole point. Are you slow?

    • amalr babu
      amalr babu 2 months ago +1

      Me too as I’m going through something right now

    • TheMugwump1
      TheMugwump1 2 months ago +1

      I always liked Shia as an actor. All the shenanigans off screen were amusing. I loved his stint where he was just plagiarizing other peoples interviews. I thought It was a nice effort to point out how stale Hollywood had become.
      Watching this interview, I still like him. He's just a guy trying to do the right thing.

  • LAC12390 UK
    LAC12390 UK Month ago +33

    Third time watching this interview and it is amazing. Jon really is the poster for how to listen to someone and welcome what they say without judgement or interruption.
    When Shia is talking about his wife, recovering from the initial breakdown in his emotion, he states; “I’ll never be able to… I’ll never be able to…”
    I think this is such a clear point in which he knows how much of a bad spot he was in, at rock bottom, with no where to go and no direction, and this woman pulled him from it, and he has no way of ever thanking her enough or showing her just how much he needed it. Almost a complete and utter acceptance of owing this person everything, yet at the same time being sorry for what he’s caused

  • Brian Crilley
    Brian Crilley 9 days ago +8

    I'm 33 yeara old I've always loved Shia ever since Even Stevens on Disney Channel I grew up on him..and after watching this entire 2 hour interview I'm so happy for him that he's finally in a good place..I seriously had tears a couple times during this interview...PROTECT SHIA AT ALL COSTS AND JON BERNTHAL AS WELL...BOTH REAL ONES

  • TotesMcGoats
    TotesMcGoats 2 months ago +42

    Thank you for sitting down with him and for being his friend. I've been a fan of Shia for years and have always seen such a good heart within him, but so many demons he's furiously tried to get rid of. Violence is never okay, abuse is never okay....but breaking that cycle is so difficult. Hearing him speak, he either is phenomenal at playing someone who seriously contemplates life and can honestly look at his mistakes, or he just IS that person. I hope he's finally settled and happy.

  • D0S81
    D0S81 4 days ago +2

    man. this was so good to see. as someone who saw his stepdad hit his mum for 17 years, and then years later when confronting him about it and telling him how he treated her bad, watching as he shrugged his shoulders and went ''so what''. its so good to see someone actually own the sh*t they did and actively change.
    I'm just surprised it was that little kid i saw in 'Holes' years ago. guy got grown, physically and mentally. inspiring man.

  • Pro-Late
    Pro-Late Month ago +21

    I cried over this podcast... I've never put my hands on anyone or even destroyed a relationship when I was in active addiction, but I can imagine it. Perhaps I was just lucky. You're not you when you're in active addiction. Addiction takes the wheel sometimes. I've done shit I regret too. It feels powerful to see Shia owning up to his mistakes. It doesn't make it right, and he won't be able to make it right anymore. But he can damn well try to get everything right from now on, in the hopes he inspires enough people to do the same. I know I've been paying it forward since I've been in recovery 10 years ago. My reach is far smaller than Shia's, so I can only imagine what he can achieve.

  • Adam Rie
    Adam Rie 7 months ago +9612

    “Rock bottom isn’t when you experience the worst moment of your life, rock bottom is when you change” - Shia, those are some words my man.

    • Patrick Ortiz
      Patrick Ortiz 2 days ago

      Mhm. Mhm. Mhm.

    • MADFrxmDa45
      MADFrxmDa45 2 months ago

      @Jordan Wiser something tells me u maybe didn’t comprehend. It’s okay buddy. Not everyone built to be smart🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Jordan Wiser
      Jordan Wiser 2 months ago

      @MADFrxmDa45 something tells me you really thought that was funny

    • K.C. R.
      K.C. R. 2 months ago

      Just a couple of Jews discussing life in Hollywood

    • MADFrxmDa45
      MADFrxmDa45 2 months ago

      Not really. Y’all think anything is deep. Y’all would dig a 5ft hole and still thinks that’s deep😂😂

  • Johan Ohm
    Johan Ohm 20 days ago +15

    Actually made me cry. I had no idea how much pure honesty was missing in my life until now. No words can describe how thankful I am for this

  • Lisa vanrooyen
    Lisa vanrooyen Month ago +22

    As a woman that was abused..I would like to thank Shia for opening up so deeply and truthfully...It feels like I can forgive my husband...and forgive myself too. This is so honest and I believe more help needs to be afforded to men that needs the proper help and support to fight their inner demons..

  • claudio dias
    claudio dias Month ago +26

    This interview was by far the realest thing I have seen in a long time. I am full of respect for both of these guys. 1 for never giving up on his friend and the other for being brave to tell his story.

  • Kole Klement
    Kole Klement Day ago +4

    Thank you to you both. Myself and a lot of people needed to hear this not because you guys are famous actors but because we’re all human and we all make mistakes and it’s motivating knowing there’s people out there that can relate to us to a T , not being the only one gives me hope I can change my life around and prosper in the ways I dream/think about. I’ve watched this interview about 30 times already and anytime I start to get off track from my path I watch this interview. So thank you 🤌🏼

  • DeviouS-DaggerS
    DeviouS-DaggerS Month ago +27

    This is fantastic. Always loved both these individuals on and off screen. As an addict in recovery this shit hits hard and genuine. Everyone deserves a second, third, fourth chance.

  • Jake Crawford
    Jake Crawford 2 months ago +20

    jon is such a great listener, letting shia really be vulnerable and let him say his thoughts and indulge in it, but jon also shows that he is in the conversation by nodding and saying “mhm” to show him he’s interested as well as asking questions but not be overbearing, i loved this

  • EffinWarVet
    EffinWarVet 3 months ago +1251

    I saw this because of an interview Jon did on Joe Rogan and looked this up. Wasn’t even tracking what Shia did or was goin through. Shit still had me captivated and in tears. No words can capture how much I love this. The pain and forgiveness, the shame and humility, the seeking of redemption, all of it. Thank you

    • D T
      D T 18 days ago

      @mike jones Exactly, we are in agreement 🐀🐀🐀

    • mike jones
      mike jones 18 days ago +1

      ​@D T what do you mean him being a rat??

    • JA SH
      JA SH Month ago

      @D R you wouldnt be saying that if he was talking about greek gods or something. theres no difference

    • D R
      D R Month ago

      he just let it all out from his heart, and it was inspiring that he acknowledges and has learned from his wrongdoings and is intent on serving higher purpose to all. Compelling conversation, inspirational man.

    • snoopy77uk
      snoopy77uk 2 months ago +1

      ditto! what an IMMENSE talk/interview! Bless you both, Jon & Shia, for doing this 🙏❤️

  • Eddie Cardwell
    Eddie Cardwell 5 days ago +2

    Shia is so self-aware and he don’t take no bullshit, which can be a good and bad thing depending on the situation. Shia is such an incredible story teller.

  • Eilia Nour
    Eilia Nour 10 days ago +6

    Can confidently say that this was one of the top 3 interviews ever. Shia talked from the heart, and his words had no play and action. It touched me truly since I have experienced some of these feelings. A high ego is okay if it doesn't hurt you and the people around you. I have been self-center and selfish in the past, and honestly, when you let go of that shitty feeling and attitude, you find peace. And as Shia might say, " It is sexy to know how to express love," and I'm learning every day to show love to my people and motivate them and be someone they lack and need and deserve to have. I will come back to watch this video repeatedly to teach/remind myself of the person I shall be. Thank you, Shia and Jon, for making this AMAZING interview happen. MUCH LOVE.

  • Carla Skillings
    Carla Skillings 5 days ago +2

    Hi Jon, I’m 73 yrs old and this interview made me tear up and sob. This young man and you opened my eyes to what a man should really be and how to get there, thanks, Wayne from Windsor Ontario Canada

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood 18 days ago +13

    There are no words to explain how important this interview is. I love how honest it is, and the fact that Jon just lets him talk was awesome. And how Shia doesn't for a second trying to excuse or justify what he did had me choke up. Probably the most honest interview Ive ever seen.

  • Tawana Ann
    Tawana Ann Month ago +17

    I relate to the language they are speaking. It’s so refreshing to see people from Hollywood coming to the light. Realizing the error of their ways through taking a hard look at themselves. Confession or admission of our part in all things is so empowering. I’m proud of both of these men for the work they have done coming to God. And I’m so grateful they put this information out to the world for others to see and hear. I do know we don’t hear the message until we’re ready but we are always planting seeds. 🙏🏽

  • Delroyo Delroyo
    Delroyo Delroyo 2 months ago +1349

    I am at a complete loss for words. This interview was so incredibly moving. As a woman, not once - not ONCE - have I thought about the lack of societal support and resources men have when they’re in search of any type of rehabilitation, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, anger management, emotional/physical abuse, etc. Listening to this raw, untethered interview brought me to tears so many times because I am quick to judge men like Shia. I am quick to point fingers and write them off completely. But all people deserve second chances. Men like Shia deserve the opportunity to get to the root cause of their issues and do everything in their power to make amends. Shia - if you’re reading this, I want to thank you for sharing your truth with the world. It was the most profound interview I have ever listened to. To Jon - I am so grateful that you chose to give Shia this opportunity and be a true friend. You did not just talk the talk - you walked the walk. The world needs more people like you.

    • rigavitch
      rigavitch Month ago

      @Dr. Cryptox 💔💔💔

    • Sunshine Jones
      Sunshine Jones Month ago

      Definitely just genuine and impactful. These are two very impressive men who should be very proud of who they are. Their journeys in this life are changing many lives in many ways. Definitely the true definition of men. Honored to see it.

    • Joe Cannabyte
      Joe Cannabyte Month ago +2

      Good on you for thinking about i! As a combat vet and someone who's a recovering addict and a victim of sexual abuse when I was a child it's really disheartening sometimes to see how overly villified and over generalized men in general can be at CERTAIN times. There's a reason the majority of homeless in this country are men, and from a sad evolutionary standpoint and sociological one, we are the most disposable. Even in the age where (and I believe this to be true, in the vast majority of cases) women can do anything a man can do (though i haven't met many that can perform the rigors it takes to be a Ranger and carry a 200+ lb man /w gear out of a combat zone) while men, of course, can't do everything a woman can do....there is a severe double standard issue that is a HUMAN issue. We recognize inequality and then lean so hard the other way that we ignore any inequality that the group that supposedly, and in some cases dose, enjoy far more privlege. And have a real hush-hush about the privileges that women enjoy. IDK, I am far from a MGTOW or incel or any of that gobblydidooky-pooky. In fact, my best girlfriends ive ever had are women! :P seriously though....it's nice to see some recognition for the bullshit that men do have to put up with on some level. Only by having an hoenst an open dialogue about all the rights and wrongs in society can we actually move past them, which you think would be self-evident but often isn't the case :)...unfortunately.
      Im starting a relationship witha beautiful woman, has a great 2 year old son and we all get along very well and holy shit i can see how hard it is being a single mom (though she comes from a good amount of money, in fact kinda being my sugar-mama to an extent but hey....She likes that I tried to serve my country even though the war was bullshit, and i serve my community. I just don't have much to show for it) the VA fucks you out of any benefits it possibly can, you are nothing but decomissioned hardware at a certain point, and they will deny your PTSD claims as much as possible. At any rate, real-recognize-real and i hope im being real and not an overly tired jackass...tho probably both. Anyway, thanks for the kind insights, empathy and words!

    • Axel-Masoud £PUTAK¥
      Axel-Masoud £PUTAK¥ Month ago +1

      You mean the peoples like Jon the Legend Bernthal

    • Horror Queen
      Horror Queen Month ago +1

      @Dr. Cryptox Well what did he do to have everyone want to get as far away from him as possible? Huge missing part of your whole dramatic little scenario. That being said, unless the man is abusive or a predator then kids should NEVER be kept from their father. You see, you people always want to put blame on either the woman or the man. One or the other, right? How bout acknowledging that a lot of the time BOTH men AND women are messed up and don't know how to be in a relationship.

  • Mike Burchart
    Mike Burchart 25 days ago +7

    The best conversation I've ever heard in my whole life. I really needed that. I'm going through a lot, and that has given me hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • Charliezfarliez
      Charliezfarliez 18 days ago

      Whatever it is you are going through I wish you strength 💪 lots of love 😘 and patience 💜

  • MsMaria Maria
    MsMaria Maria 8 hours ago +1

    What an incredible, honest and real conversation… I love seeing men being open and vulnerable with their experiences and emotions … recognizing failures and faults … taking accountability…. Doing the work!!!!! I applaud you and I’m cheering you guys on for continued growth and happiness . Much love ❤️🙏🏼💫

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker Month ago +36

    This was the realest thing I’ve ever watched in my life. Thank you Shia for sharing, lots of people are in the same boat as you my friend. This video is gonna help more people than he can imagine. I teared up and look forward to watching this on repeat.

  • Brett Berben
    Brett Berben Month ago +14

    I've listened to and have seen a countless amount of podcasts. This one is my favorite hands down. There is something powerful and so human captured in these two hours. Really speaks to the way life can humble a person and make them cut bullshit out of their life.

  • Pablo Diaz
    Pablo Diaz Month ago +52

    “It’s all gonna be ok in the end
    And if it’s not ok then it’s not the end” 🔥🔥🔥 felt that

  • Kirsty
    Kirsty 7 months ago +18299

    I saw Jon posted this on his Instagram and it was interesting to see how triggered people were in the comments section, outraged that an abuser was being given a platform. I highly doubt these people watched the interview. Personally, as a woman who experienced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a man I found this conversation healing, and I’m incredibly grateful you shared this. THIS is masculinity, THIS is how we heal masculinity. When men are given safe spaces to be radically authentic,raw and vulnerable they heal, and we all heal. I don’t wish for the demise of the man who abused me, I wish for his redemption, I wish for him to heal, so that he can be a better man and treat women with the love and respect that they deserve. Can’t wait to see more open and raw conversations likes these.

    • Waylon Carter
      Waylon Carter Month ago

      I started almost crying just reading what you wrote. I heard someone say that most guys will cry if you look at them and tell them they are worthy of being loved. “Say it again make sure they hear it and mean it”. At first I was like that’s ridiculous, and 3 seconds later I was in tears. That was real stuff. I’d never thought about how closed off I was. I knew I wasn’t really allowed to talk, to show my deeper feelings, maybe just my real feelings. I guess I had never noticed that over time it became anything remotely as much as hearing, You Are Worthy of Being Loved, being enough to make me cry. The thing is that the lady talking knew it wasn’t an uncommon thing for guys. It was a normal day…nothing happening and in 5 seconds there was a general statement that could be said by a random person that would hit me inside like that, that could bring it enough emotion to make me cry. Above that, what the statement was.

    • Jonas Prov!
      Jonas Prov! Month ago

      You're a great person, Kirsty! I pray that I can be like you someday, because for me is still difficult, even though what I suffered in life doesn't even compare with your case.
      Thinking about what you said about the healing that comes for men to be able to be vulnerable and raw in a safe space, I remembered one such place that unfortunately is not frequently visited anymore, that is the Confessional.
      In there man can be heard at their worst without fear of judgment and public outrage, and to be healed not only by the understanding words of the Priest, but by the forgiveness that God gives to people who repent.
      It's a must do for broken men and women who done or suffered harm.

    • What It Do Flicks
      What It Do Flicks Month ago


    • What It Do Flicks
      What It Do Flicks Month ago

      mi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago mi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago feliz en la cama como hombre ne como esmi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago feliz en la cama como hombre ne como esposo! mi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago feliz en la cama como hombre ne como esposo! 1champ1_Si tu quisieras1champ1_Si tu quisieSi tu quisierasmi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago feliz en la cama como hombre ne como esposo! rasSi tu quisierasSi tu quisierasposo! fSi tu quisieraseliz en lSi tu quisierasSi tu quisierasa Si tu quisierasmi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago fmi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago Si tu quisierasfelimi amor 💖 estoy buien no tengo nada simplemente aveces necesito de te. Siento que puedes haces mas esfuerzo cuando pido de te......si estoy hablado de la intimidad. sentó que si tu quieres puedes lograr tener una relación sexual sana. Se la razón por que no te sientes augusta pero siento yo que tienes que sacrificar para ser tu pareja feliz. Siento cuando tú necesitas de mí trató de ser todo lo posible para hacerte feliz! La neta me ciento como un cobarde, ambos me faltaron el respeto como hombre por que no ese nada? Y todavía me ciento que no te hago feliz Si tu quisierasen la cama como hombre ne como esposo! z en la cama Si tu quisierascomo hombre ne como esposo! eliz en la cama como hombre ne como esposo! 1champ1_cama como hombre ne como esposo!

    • JBZ
      JBZ Month ago

      Don't think you meant heal masculinity but the way masculinity is used. The control a man needs to direct his masculinity in the right way in different situations.
      When a robber breaks into your house you need a man to be masculine in an aggressive way but in a just way.
      When you need your spouse to show affection and share vulnerability, you need a man to show his masculinity sensitively.
      There's no 'healing from masculinity'. Masculinity is always there, just controlled and uncontrolled. Healthy and unhealthy masculinity.
      It resonates with the quote: "With great power comes great responsibility."
      So what you meant with healing is for this man to find out what he's lacking to become a healthy masculine man.
      Just like Shia mentioned, to kill the ego and start rebuilding from scratch. Get all the negativity out and leave it behind. Getting to know yourself truly and shaping the soul with truly meaningful aspects of life.
      He said selfless service for your fellows. True love.
      That will heal an unhealthy masculine man, and turn him into a healthy masculine man.
      But you cannot take masculinity out of this world. Because you need it.

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Month ago +8

    So much respect for you, Jon. Truly a person with an actual heart.

  • Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis Month ago +11

    How can anybody judge this guy on past actions and still scrutinize him for mistakes he made. Nobody holds himself to the fire like himself and he takes full accountability and is trying his best to expose evil and teach people and himself lessons to be learned from his past. I wasn't a fan of him 5-10yrs back but I have massive respect for him in regards to him having ownership over his actions.

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +25

    I've watched this interview so many times and have taken something different from it each time, I'm in my first year of addiction recovery and can relate to so much that Shia had spoken about, Amazing interview

  • Jackitup Garage
    Jackitup Garage Month ago +9

    Thank you for this. I needed this. our situations are different but at the same time so similar. Ive never been able to listen to a podcast and relate and learn like this one. You guys have moved me. Words don’t describe what this means.

  • Stoic Recovery
    Stoic Recovery Month ago +13

    Bro, this shit hit me hard, used drugs since the age of 12, 25 years of total use, 17 years of opioid addiction, 10 years on heroin, 7 years on methadone, relapsing every couple months, doctors said I should stay on the methadone, today I am 86 days sober, no ciggs, booze, weed, sugar, letting go of my past is still hard as fuck but I realized it was my shield, what got me clean after 10 rehabs trying NA etc. Is Stoicism and self discipline, the mother of my child, best woman in the world moved the fuck on, which is what I thought would kill me but, she saved my ass, so I deeply relate, never abused her physically but watching your partner kill themselves slowly is probably worse, so self involved in my pain I couldn't really see how I was harming her, when I was 47 days off she let me know she started seeing someone else, on Xmas eve, now I was full circle, I became my dad not there for my kid, seeing him 8 days out of 30 and I hit rock bottom for real this time, but didn't hit the needle and I realized, I have to be the man I never had for my son, true change, suffering on my own terms daily, instead of seeking sympathy due to my trauma, realizing traumatic shit happens but I traumatized myself, my dad didn't want shit to do with me, still doesn't but that's his story now, not mine anymore,my mom did everything and gave me everything I ever wanted, but I kept fucking myself into oblivion, seeking attention, connection, outside fulfillment today I just want to help other addicts but first I need to keep on getting myself together, thanks dude, came at exactly the right time!

    • Havo
      Havo 5 days ago

      This is incredible to hear. Losing bad habits once they’ve become a part of who you are is an unbelievably difficult path, and that’s even if those bad habits aren’t addictive substances. Habits that punish you with a twisted wrath when you try and take the path away. I’m not spiritual by any means, I don’t believe in an afterlife, so my biggest fear is spending the end of my life wishing I’d spent that limited time differently. Time is such a finite resource. Best of luck on your continued journey man, the distance you’ve gone speaks volumes

    • MicromachineLIZ
      MicromachineLIZ 9 days ago

      I’m so grateful to hear of all of us being ready to love ourselves more than we ever have! ❤️ hope all is good today for you! And for the newest comment I’m sending you warmth! You got this!

    • John Lime
      John Lime 9 days ago +1

      Hope ur doing good man going to my first na meeting this Friday

  • Apollos
    Apollos 4 months ago +1064

    Shia’s brutal honesty is very refreshing in a society that is terrified to say the wrong thing. To confess wrongdoing while admitting to still being on the journey is a realistic encouragement.
    His testimony is no “movie moment” but it’s a slight nudge that gets you one step closer to transformation.
    Confession & apologies aren’t enough.
    Thank you Shia for emphasizing we have to actually change in the areas where we fall short 🙏🏻

    • Nina L.
      Nina L. 3 months ago +2

      Couldn't agree more!

    • Deleted Media
      Deleted Media 4 months ago +3

      @DESIGNBUILDLA the best... WHAT?!

      DESIGNBUILDLA 4 months ago +2

      he’s the best

    • Richard Teniente
      Richard Teniente 4 months ago +7

      I love the honesty. I have listened to this four times and have recommended it for times.

  • Josh™️
    Josh™️ Month ago +8

    This was an incredible episode. To hear about all the real life stuff that went on behind the cameras with Shia, I can relate on a certain level. I needed this…

  • Dubz O
    Dubz O Month ago +9

    This interview is deep, someone feeling lost themselves this interview is refreshing and the raw honest feelings and reflection is inspiring. Thank you Jon! Your a great friend.

  • Martin Sanchez
    Martin Sanchez 2 months ago +27

    1:33:40 got me teary eyed as I was listening to this in my car. The way he talked about his wife was beautiful

  • Buhzz Taylor
    Buhzz Taylor Month ago +10

    This part hit me hard. “Love is irrational like that”. We love you Shia and thank you Jon for this interview

  • svincen4
    svincen4 Month ago +7

    This means a lot to all the ppl who have seemingly lost everything except the few who are willing to listen. Big props to you Jon, may we all hope to have a friend like you

  • ccaputa
    ccaputa 3 months ago +943

    I'm 58 years old and I don't know ONE man that would have bared his soul, expressed his sins, admitted his faults and cried in front of everyone, including myself. It was a beautiful thing to witness, brought many tears, and was a harsh look in the mirror. Shia is on a righteous path, I wish him nothing but the best.

    • dave Bombach
      dave Bombach 18 days ago

      @mike jones dunno, you may be correct about the source, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • mike jones
      mike jones 18 days ago

      ​@dave Bombach yo, you really gonna agree with some avatar named "Susan thejew" who joined YT 4 months again. Do you realize you've been duped by a troll? C'mon seriously

    • Gabby
      Gabby 2 months ago +1

      @Jesse Holthaus I agree. Loving people more than you love yourself can show itself in even the smallest actions that serve others. It's about giving your time and efforts to other people instead of living a life where everything you do serves yourself.

    • Jesse Holthaus
      Jesse Holthaus 2 months ago +3

      @dave Bombach For him, doing everyday things like that is humbling. It’s helping him to be grounded. It’s helping him to learn how to love.

  • Cristina Rivera
    Cristina Rivera Month ago +12

    Jon your listening skills are amazing 👏🏽 🙌🏽. How you engaged this conversation is beyond words. Shia, thank you. Thank you for your honesty. This conversation was so healing on every level

    SONS OF MALARKY 10 days ago +1

    This shit is absolutely amazing! I feel like I need to be best friends with these damn guys because I relate to this so damn much. I needed this in my life. This right here hits on a level that is so personal. I tricky believe it’s helping me turn my whole life around. This in my third time watching it and I’ll never regret it. Shia… it’s not about the setbacks. It’s about the comebacks. You have such a strong, directional pull on yourself and I love that. I respect that. Welcome back to living. I know this is coming from my gaming crews account so it may not mean much, but to be real, my name is Zac, and just know … you were USEFUL to me bro. You saved a big part of me just by doing this podcast. I also had that gun ready. So Much love and respect to you, your family, and Johnny B! Huge admirers of you both and I’ll forever have you all in my prayers. From my family to yours, have a great day!

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 months ago +4

    Thank you both for sharing this. My father is in his beginning stages of sobriety after a 50+ year relationship with alcohol. I've felt a lot of resentment because of the trauma his addiction has put my family and I through. This conversation has been so raw and insightful for me, especially because I struggle to understand everything. It is teaching me a lot about forgiveness, and how important one person in your life (Mia showing up for Shia in this instance) can be towards recovery. Everyone deserves a second chance, and growing up a fan of Shia's work, I am happy for him to be able to have a different outlook on life, especially after everyone (understandably) turned on him. We almost never get to hear a conversation this raw, it is a healing experience for me. This gives me a lot of hope that it is possible for my father can turn his life around the way that Shia has. I have a new perspective on forgiveness.

    • TRolling Stones
      TRolling Stones 2 months ago

      Good for you! Wish I could say the same about my father (the sobriety part).

  • Jay Anwar
    Jay Anwar Month ago +8

    I've watched this one episode so many times. Kind of studied it really because I can honestly relate to the man as a man who messed up his own life in the same manner just outside the public eye. Such a real conversation

  • Nathan Chaloux
    Nathan Chaloux Month ago +18

    Shia knows his primary purpose. I've burned it all down many many times. Shia is being real and honest, my last drink I ended up in cuffs, and all I wanted was to feel ok. There's the best in the worst of us and the worst in the best of us too. Best share. I needed this Shia. That industry. There's nothing they can offer you that you don't already possess. You've done your best to make amends and now it's in the wind. God bless you bro.

  • David Cenac
    David Cenac 7 months ago +3163

    What makes Jon a remarkable interviewer is his ability to know when to be quiet and when to speak. Awesome interview!

    • God Brother
      God Brother 5 months ago

      Jon and Co. deleted my post saying. Actors are not the Real Ones.

    • Choice Meat Randy
      Choice Meat Randy 6 months ago

      conrad 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Choice Meat Randy
      Choice Meat Randy 6 months ago +1

      Lots of podcasts I listen to or rather try to listen to don't have a guy as chill as Jon. He knows when to shut up and let's his guest talk, this is 2 hours long and I'm still listening to it after 45 minutes, there are some 30 minute podcasts I could never listen to cause the host has to jabber in every 4 minutes to throw something in.

  • Blaine Perkins
    Blaine Perkins 29 days ago +6

    Shia LaBeouf has been one of my favorite people in the industry, I've been watching him since Even Steven's and Holes. And I've watched every movie he's been in since then but more importantly he's just a real dude with real problems like everyone else. I feel like Shia is the type of person that would be great to hang out with on a Sunday afternoon and just talk about life. No matter what you've gone through brother I'll always be a fan. You got down on such a real level in this I felt like I was listening to a friend. I'm glad your doing better man. Keep seeking God and stay blessed.

    DARTH RELIC Month ago +6

    Enjoying the podcast and started listening to this now. I’m glad you gave him the platform to speak his truth and be vulnerable and just hear him be genuine and acknowledging that he hurt people. It’s crazy honestly cause Shia is talented as hell. Glad he’s getting help and trying to heal and work on himself to be better.

  • Lonely Couch Doritos
    Lonely Couch Doritos Month ago +7

    Hearing Shia speak the same words I told myself after nearly dying from a drug overdose brought me to tears. I lost my girlfriend, my brother, my friends, my health, and eventually my mind. There is so much regret and guilt for things that I've done, but I have to change and leave this world a little bit better than before I came into it. The burden of the past never gets lighter, but you can become stronger.
    "When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."

  • Lisa Capstick
    Lisa Capstick 17 days ago +4

    I want to thank both of these men for their honesty and courage. I grew up seeing both mental and physical violence. So much so that I needed to seek out the same behaviour in my own life to feel normal. Violent and toxic friendships and relationships were all I knew. My son showed me love and serenity. Now I have no room in my life for anything but love and respect. Much love for anyone who is trying to better their lives. ❤

  • Lavender Chai
    Lavender Chai Month ago +4

    So proud of you Shia. We all go through life. I honor you and your accountability and honesty. Your daughter is going to love you so much for coming into yourself, your growing up sweetheart and you are doing a wonderful job. I have always been able to connect with you, I am an outcast myself, black sheep of my family. I have had 3 near death experiences and which has opened up my spiritual eyes and heart. I am grateful for your share, keep sharing your story. You have know idea how much you touched my heart and I appreciate your authenticity, thank you for being you! The world has enough brad Pitts, no disrespect but when you have an encounter with the spirit of Jesus it changes you and you will never be the same. All the money, all the fancy celebrity stuff, fancy houses non of that matters. I never wanted anything, my heart never desired to own something. I have always wanted to be kind, compassionate, loving, non judgmental and forgive, I have forgiveness in my heart, no one’s perfect. My dad was a Vietnam vet, I grew up on the back of a shovel head and I am in love with Jesus in my heart. The world needs more of you Shia. Learn from your past choices, make better mistakes brother. God bless, go with God and Jesus saves 🩸❤️🫶🏼🔑💯

  • D Prouty
    D Prouty 6 months ago +12897

    Being a genuine listener is much harder than to be an elegant speaker. Jon's listening skills should be in a textbook for How to Listen.

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 29 days ago +8

    This conversation changed the way I see myself in such a profound way. I have so much respect for both of these men and I wish I knew people like them.

    • SO EMPTY.
      SO EMPTY. 9 days ago

      Same, if you feel like opening up, feel free to reach out

  • Simply T.
    Simply T. Month ago +6

    This was a great interview. Shia came willing with an open heart to speak his truth and I respect that. As a DV survivor I feel he is sincere in his words. I wish him and his family peace and blessing. Jon I just found your channel and now I am a subscriber, keep up the great work. It takes a special person to get a man to open up like that and feel comfortable to show emotion true emotion on camera. In a weird way this felt healing to me and i thank you both for sharing!

  • Sam Worrall
    Sam Worrall Month ago +5

    Thanks to both of you for one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen. Such open honesty is so so rare. It’s beautiful to see someone who’s fallen pick themselves up, reform, improve and carry on. Keep going Shia, you’re an inspiration!

  • Jeffrey Jensen
    Jeffrey Jensen 10 days ago +2

    This is the most incredible interview, discussion, real talk I’ve ever really listened to in my entire 40yrs of life. It also has come along at a pivotal moment in my life, very necessary and absolutely needed to save my life. I’m on my path to becoming and staying sober, after being in and out of treatments and therapies and rehabs for the majority of my life this is the first thing that has ever resonated, I understand much more clearly what path I do not need to take, still unsure which path I do need to take but I know what not to and finally understand why I’ve stumbled thru life. This saved my life today and I thank you and this community for being brave and showing what compassion and truly giving a damn looks like, how men should be with other men. I’m better to have seen & heard this. Thank you

  • Sunshine Jones
    Sunshine Jones Month ago +6

    Very impressive men for sure. Anyone who can screw up everything in their paths like a Tasmanian devil and be humble authentic genuine and full of acceptance and gratitude shows their CORE character. I greatly appreciate their open honest testimonies and the drive to give back to the universe and to life. They are men that kids can look up to and want to idolize. As long as they know their whole stories. Thank you guys for your talk and sharing with all that need to see it and be influenced by it. You are saving lives everyday with your stories. I am honored to have seen this. I am saving so I can show my son one day. Bless you both and your beautiful families. You are the true definition of men.

  • Shonda Royall
    Shonda Royall 6 months ago +1321

    There is nothing like...this conversation. It's raw, it's filled with brutal self-evaluation and honesty and man, thank you Jon for capturing this conversation

    • hapwn
      hapwn 5 months ago +4

      It's so much easier to just be yourself and JUST DO IT! 💪

    • Dale Lerette
      Dale Lerette 5 months ago +5

      Brutal self-evaluation is critical toward the most excellent removal of the self as we let the Lord raze through us. Illuminate the Hebrew Psalms by virtue of your raw soul exposed to the Flames of the Holy Spirit.💝

    • Rozza43
      Rozza43 6 months ago +8

      I am only part way through, one of the realest things I have listened to.

  • Seth Coblentz
    Seth Coblentz Month ago +7

    Absolutely moving and helpful for those in recovery, the message is told in so many ways, but always the same. Thank you Shia and Jon.

  • joseph hughes
    joseph hughes 15 days ago +3

    fantastic interview, got mad respect for shia for being so open about everything he spoke about. i wish him and his beautiful family all the best. i hope he gets back into film too, hes one of the most gifted actors out there

  • Narcoleptic Gamer
    Narcoleptic Gamer 8 days ago +2

    As another man that’s been focusing on growing spiritually and helping others, I sympathize with you so much Shia, keep doing you and growing, don’t stop growing and helping man, people like you and everyone else focused on these things will change the world for the better!

  • Sacred Silence
    Sacred Silence Month ago +7

    Jon, you're a phenomenal interviewer, this was a great watch. Even when he struggled for words, you didn't interrupt, you just let him speak and I know he needed to say this as much as everyone needed to hear it.

  • D Watt
    D Watt Month ago +3

    Shoutout to Jon and Shia for this... I saw Fury for the first time last week and it's one of my favorites now and seeing and hearing how Shia expresses himself and the changes he had to make in his life and its nothing but inspirational. But this episode hit deep and I can relate on some level. I'm not rich or famous and we all have a different life experience but I can feel where Shia is coming from and respect his accountability for his past.

  • Rafael chico-lugo
    Rafael chico-lugo 2 months ago +590

    Probably the most genuine display of vulnerability I've seen. One of a handful of broken men that are actually taking accountability. A raw and valuable podcast.

    • Michael Iniguez
      Michael Iniguez Month ago

      Sorry to write this, but I do not see that. I see a still broken human being that hasn’t done the most simple: accept himself, love himself and deserve himself first and foremost before attempting to do that to anyone. Because it’s been a pretty minute for me, it’s about accepting you and being as balanced as possible. It’s your responsibility to deal with your issues. To still want a space daddy to please help me because I can’t? Sorry… this kid still has a couple of miles to go.

    • helen
      helen 2 months ago +8

      if not for Jon wanting these conversations out there we never would have seen or heard this....... to know that you can be so broken as Shia was or is as a man & to put the effort into becoming a better person is inspiring

  • Gustavo Adolfo Suárez Aguilar

    I just want to thank you for this, I feel like a broken man and although I haven't hit rock bottom I'm very close, this really helps to put things into perspective and stop drowning myself in confortable self pity
    Thanks to you I realize I don't have to be a better man for everyone else who is disappointed in me, but for myself, I have to stop disappointing my own self first

    • YouTube Account
      YouTube Account Month ago

      Hope you’re doing better mate.
      Hello from Sydney, Australia

  • KVB
    KVB 21 day ago +3

    That was beautiful. Uplifting and inspirational. Thank you Shia!

  • B Brown
    B Brown 2 months ago +14

    This was the Best interview I have listened to in a very long time. He is awaken spiritually. Just amazed of how much I learned. I have no clue who Bo is , but he sounds like a awesome friend. Great interview Jon

  • Lance Moore
    Lance Moore Month ago +5

    Powerful and needed interview. Jon’s ability to say so little but guide this conversation is great.

  • cecymania
    cecymania 2 months ago +2

    I didn't know how much he's gone through but I'm glad to have seen this because it humbles me to try to understand there's so much more behind the bad actions a person can make. His journey is one to admire and he deserves everything he reaps from finding his path of service to others and embrace happiness and joy. May more of us find our purpose as you have Shia.

  • Amy Huxford
    Amy Huxford 3 months ago +790

    I'm a woman who has been in abusive situations, and I promise you this is one of the most healing things I've ever been blessed to hear. I hope this podcast is shared far and wide. It WILL help many, I'm certain of it. Thanks Jon, and thank you Shia! Blessings to you both 💓

    • Amy Huxford
      Amy Huxford 23 days ago

      @Matticulous Media thanks for your positive response to my feedback. I almost didn't comment, I'm not big on commenting..but I was compelled to because of how deeply I was touched by the humbled and honest conversation. A good reminder that no matter what mistakes are made, we are all human beings, make mistakes, we all hurt,& we ALL need love and understanding sometimes ❤️✌️

    • Amy Huxford
      Amy Huxford 23 days ago

      @lamspam it's healing to see a man who has humbled himself and is big enough to admit mistakes and want to do better. Some abusers refuse to admit fault & never try to get help. It's extremely healing for me to see this. I can understand how you aren't seeing the good in this, I know I wouldn't have always felt this way. I'm just thankful I'm at the point in life where I can get something good from it. God bless❤️

    • Amy Huxford
      Amy Huxford 23 days ago

      @Jack Carvalho it's too bad everyone can't see that we're all the same the mistakes might be different but I guarantee they're just as big for everyone and their life at one time or another. Kindness and understanding go a long way. Thanks, Jack!❤️🙏✌️

    • Jack Carvalho
      Jack Carvalho 2 months ago +1

      @A I was saying we have to be better meaning they need someone to talk about it so instead of shunning them you should care for them.

    • A
      A 2 months ago

      @Jack Carvalho wait you think men have to learn to stop doing horrible things? they already know its wrong

  • Rudini Pampalon
    Rudini Pampalon Month ago +3

    Good work guys! Your message will help many "boys" become men. We need more of these positive masculine mindsets to be spread out there so that people that really want to do the work have actual inspirational figures to build their own new identity upon and have a life of useful purpose. Very brave to put yourself out there like that. Am a fan of your wife's work! Thank you both for your generosity, you're amazing!

  • Gary Stewart
    Gary Stewart Month ago +4

    One of the single best interviews I've ever seen! I love the heart put into this! Thank you both for putting this together! 💪

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    TheBlondeOne Month ago +6

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  • Cindy Niles
    Cindy Niles Month ago +5

    Massive amount of respect. Watched Shia since he was a young actor, and by the time he was an adult making films I was not a fan. My son talked me into watching honey boy and this interview promising me I’d change my mind. He was right.

  • Glenn Stanley
    Glenn Stanley Month ago +5

    I needed to hear all two hours, Shia is not alone. Thank you Jon! 🙏🏼

  • Jake Krneta
    Jake Krneta 6 months ago +2271

    Man, this hits so hard. It’s so easy to spend 2 hours scrolling through brain dead social media. 2 hours watching this really creates something so much more. So sick.

    • Anelisa Qase
      Anelisa Qase 3 months ago


    • kelvin kiat
      kelvin kiat 4 months ago

      Real talk man & fook Linda

    • Taylorism
      Taylorism 6 months ago +3

      conrad I don't think it's necessarily them speaking to people, more the open and raw conversation. With all the curated, sterilized garbage we are exposed to all day long, even deeply flawed people trying to reflect and grow is refreshing. Just my viewpoint.

    • Lucas Goldenberg
      Lucas Goldenberg 6 months ago +1

      It’s the raw material nakedness of a famous person surrendering ones true self we all find safety in the comfort that we can relate to them in one way or another

  • Stephen Childs
    Stephen Childs 7 days ago

    Being someone that messes up every day, like me, i mess up every day... This interview is heart warming. Thank you both for your honesty and fearlessness. You've inspired my struggle to be nicer. Thank you so much. I wish you were my friends.

  • Kat Nip
    Kat Nip Month ago +6

    This is priceless, a must see interview. Jon, you let your guest speak. Shia, to see God working in you can bring tears to my eyes. My daughter and I watched this interview. A child of God on his path. You have courage being so vulnerable and transparent. If you only KNEW HOW YOU ARE BLESSING PEOPLE, who like you are walking the path to God.
    You will bless all who know you. I think it is mind-blowing how, in my mind, Padre Pio is blessing you as he lives his transcendent life in Spirit. I am so grateful my daughter and I were led to this interview.
    I will say we are having no luck in finding how we can view the movie you made of Padre Pio's life. We can not find it anywhere. Well, seeing this interview is blessing enough. God walks with you on your path. Bless your family.
    THANK YOU. Jon, THANK YOU for making this interview possible. :)

  • NIK
    NIK Month ago +1

    This hits hard. Thank you for opening up. I really needed to hear this at this exact moment in my life. Really shows that no matter where we are or who we are in life we all struggle.

  • Raej29
    Raej29 15 days ago +9

    This is necessary for men. Listening to men's hardships, trials and triumphs is necessary for the security, health and survival of men. This is so intimate, heavy and honest.. incredible 2 hr conversation.

  • CoryKnowsRealEstate
    CoryKnowsRealEstate 24 days ago +1

    One of the most insightful, powerful, eye-opening, emotionally touching and purposeful interviews I’ve ever watched. God bless Shia, I pray that his platform now will reach as many people as the grains of sand on a beach.

  • Randal Hollis
    Randal Hollis 7 months ago +1607

    This isn't just a Shia thing. This is a whole generation and then some of broken people. The ego, the self-centeredness, putting career and craft above all, finding validation in shallow pursuits, lack of delayed gratification, victim mentality, nihilism. The list goes on.
    It's a cultural thing. It's systemic. It's engineered and applauded. These are the ideas and behaviors that have been sold to us as "progress" and "empowering" when in reality they are LITERALLY the opposite of those things, and lead you down the opposite path that you intended to go down. There are no mistakes or coincidences. When so many people are led down this path there is an intention behind it.
    You've been sold a shit playbook for life.
    Realizing that, and the roots of how and why that happens should be enough to make you want to change your habits.
    Tomorrow's a new day.

    • Arav Singh
      Arav Singh 2 months ago

      People have been have led down this path since the "beginning" - its as old as the heros journey itself - and in the times we live in, the dial on all the things that feed our shadows has been turned upto 1000 fold - there is more distraction and mindless indulgence available at our fingertips than ever before. Change although worthwhile isn't easy and its definitely not as simple as realizing that we're dealt a shit playbook. what we're dealt today hasnt changed at all from what was dealth before, its just that the playbook has become a lot more visible, and incentivized in the public sphere.

    • Andre & Lana Rowe
      Andre & Lana Rowe 3 months ago +1

      I hope they pin 📌 this comment.

    • Dustin Nelson
      Dustin Nelson 3 months ago

      Perfectly started my friend.

    • Garrett Atkins
      Garrett Atkins 3 months ago

      God tells us all this. I agree.

    • Maťo Š.
      Maťo Š. 3 months ago

      This is the New Enlightenment that we need collectively.

  • Mehmet Gultekin
    Mehmet Gultekin Month ago +3

    Well, honestly I had no idea what you have done before I have watched this interview. I can just say that keep like that mate, all of use do shitty things in life but the most important thing that we realise the reality. I am proud of you, and you have really made me more aware of life itself. So, cheers man! Wish you best

  • Liams World!
    Liams World!  15 days ago +1

    Shia was really kind to me a long time ago when he didn’t have to be, I went through my own crucible, now a father with purpose in his life, happy you found peace too brother, this was incredible, love wins man.

  • Nadia B
    Nadia B 2 months ago +5

    This was phenomenal.. Thank you for being vulnerable, raw and honest. Wish you and your family such joy and fulfilment Shia.