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Taylor Twellman Discusses The Outlook For The USMNT After Yesterday's Tie With Wales | 11/22/22

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Times&Spaces
    Times&Spaces 6 months ago +26

    4:18 sounded like you expect your team to win a World Cup with this generation. I have to say, being a European, who has followed soccer for almost 40 years, The World Cup isn't something you can just start a new program for and expect to win the entire thing within a few years. There are a tiny few nations who've won this thing and most of those are HUGE soccer nations who've developed their sport for many decades. This isn't like the Olympics, the gap between the best nations and the rest is absolutely MASSIVE.
    The US is gonna need to push soccer into being their number 1 men's sport (which I can't see happening), and probably for a number of decades, to have any chance of winning the World Cup.
    The women's side was very different because hardly any of the big soccer nations took it seriously, until _very_ recently, when the women players went from having to supplement working a part time job to being full time athletes, and now nations like Spain and England have very quickly improved so much that they're almost level in terms of quality, because the infrastructure/coaching etc was already in place from the men's game. They're only going to get better and better too.
    Just to say, I love the enthusiam of the US fans/players/media, and I've actually become a bit of a fan of yours during the build up to this WC. I especially liked the family videos wishing the players luck, it was so heart warming. That said, I feel like you guys might start being unfairly critical on your current generation when they don't come close to winning a World Cup. FWIW, I expect that at some point, probably long after I'm dead, that it'll become a bigger sport in the US and you then you'll become a real player in world soccer. 👍

    • Gorgelife4me
      Gorgelife4me 6 months ago

      Cliff notes please…

    • Chris Key
      Chris Key 6 months ago +6

      @Gorgelife4me USMNT fans need to be more realistic on our expectations.... Cliff notes version

    • Adrian
      Adrian 6 months ago +3

      I partly agree with you, I don't think this generation will be the one to become serious contenders, but they are capable of making a considerable run in 2026 in my opinion. We've seen the Croatian golden generation make the final, and although this shouldn't be expected, I think it's possible with this group in their prime (obviously projecting development that may or may not happen) We've also seen inexperienced countries do well in international play, albeit rare. Greece in the 2004 Euros comes to mind. While I don't think it's fair, this generation has been given the most media attention and the most pressure to succeed, and expectations on home soil wil be sky high in 2026.

    • C is for Classified
      C is for Classified 6 months ago +1

      Nice story.
      You forgot the corruption and incompetence in the USSF. They force MLS players on the national team. GGG is a horrible coach. The USMNT could easily make it to the knockouts if they had real coaching and development.
      Women were not allowed to play professionally in Spain until 2020.
      Nice try. Europe didn’t like women playing professionally until the US embarrassed them repeatedly.

    • Zack Fleisig
      Zack Fleisig 6 months ago +2

      All he said is that this is the best talent we have ever produced, which is true, nothing about winning a world cup. So you are making up something and then arguing against it lol .

  • KJ Lahti
    KJ Lahti 6 months ago +10

    The only way the U.S. Beats England is if the whole coaching staff gets arrested and held out of the Stadium and the players make the coaching decisions. The coach is too worried which pair of shoes to wear before the game

  • Jonathan page
    Jonathan page 6 months ago +1

    Spot on Taylor, I thought the exact same. I had hope after the first half, after the second ,...I believe England will make us to look like shite

  • Thomas Wright
    Thomas Wright 6 months ago +2

    One shot on frame for the goal in the first half is hardly A+. Wales was on its' back foot and we were slow, slow, slow. And then Wales adjusted and we did not respond.

  • m
    m 6 months ago +5

    The strategy and subs after Wales tied the score was poor. It appears that they were satisfied with a tie.

  • Lower Centenary
    Lower Centenary 6 months ago +3

    Team has potential. Manager does not. we need a manager like jurgen klopp...imagine what he could do with this much talent and 4 years to mould a team...look what he is doing with liverpool....if we had klopp in charge we would have beaten Wales and likely have at least a strong 50 percent chance of beating England unlike the 16percent odds we are being given now lol

    • Natural Mulundu
      Natural Mulundu 6 months ago

      Very true ... I just hate the way Greg sounds when he talks.. pathetic guy .... low level zimmerman just cost the team from qualifying...

  • Mitch Conner
    Mitch Conner 6 months ago

    This team is filled with young guys on a bunch of decent European teams. They could be reallly really good.

  • mpagan15
    mpagan15 6 months ago

    Gee, who could've predicted the national team coach with a career 40% win percentage at the club level would be a major talking point for his inability to adjust to what was an obvious substitution Wales was going to make with Moore? Who knew? & Now he has to face England lol.

  • Karl Tanner
    Karl Tanner 6 months ago

    The first half was not an A+ performance, we had a SINGLE shot on goal that we scored. It was a B at best. We had a lot of the ball, a lot of opportunities, but very few actual chances created.

  • mike bouvatte
    mike bouvatte 6 months ago

    Taylor has the City gear on!!

  • ryan lane
    ryan lane 6 months ago

    I have a hunch we'll see more middle eastern teams get past the group stage than ever before. Why? We may never know

  • NeverWrongg
    NeverWrongg 6 months ago +2

    England and Wales will progress

  • Brian Clarke
    Brian Clarke 6 months ago

    I like Taylor's comments sometimes, but it was a tale of two teams not halves. Difficult to beat England now...

  • John Simca
    John Simca 6 months ago

    Pele was 17 when Brazil won cup in 1958.

  • William Brightman
    William Brightman 6 months ago +1

    England plays like they did against Iran, The US HAS NO CHANCE IN HELL OF WINNING.

  • Christopher Wagner
    Christopher Wagner 6 months ago +6

    Wait, what?!? Wales is a one trick pony and the pony is Keiffer Moore? WTF is TT on? If Wales is a one trick pony wouldn’t it be Bale?
    In actuality, Wales went from trying to use speed to get in behind to using over the top balls to Moore and have him hold it up. That change worked.

    • Con Shea
      Con Shea 6 months ago +1

      I guess TT was referring to Moore as the one trick pony because Bale is moving into old nag territory now

    • Conor Heaney
      Conor Heaney 6 months ago +2

      Bale ain't got no tricks anymore.

    • Alex Mac
      Alex Mac 6 months ago

      When he didn't say Bale I actually went "what?" out loud. Bale still has some in the tank for the WC

  • dan schriver
    dan schriver 6 months ago +3

    2026 is going to be nuts

  • NazdaqIndex
    NazdaqIndex 6 months ago

    Taylor, I’m pretty sure Iran beat the USA in ’98 by a score of 2-1

  • John Simca
    John Simca 6 months ago +1

    They won 2-1. A late game header by McBride prevented a shut out

    • Tony Brasunas
      Tony Brasunas 6 months ago

      Yes, and that was our only goal for the tournament that year. 0 wins, 0 pts, 1 goal. And McBride's header didn't even go clear through and hit the back of the net, it barely went over the line. Quite a year that was ;-\

  • Harry
    Harry 6 months ago

    We need to start paying the USMNT and USMNT minimum wage like $10 an hour only if we want them to play better

    • guillermo merlano
      guillermo merlano 6 months ago

      What makes you think that the USSF ain't a non profit organization 🤔

    • Geri Damas
      Geri Damas 6 months ago

      Who'd want to play for $10/hr? You can kiss our players goodbye with that asinine idea. I sincerely hope you're a teenager or younger; if you're an adult, you've a lot to learn.

  • Josh X
    Josh X 6 months ago

    That’s BS, Taylor. Every competitor at this level of soccer seeks to perform to his max individually and win collectively, every time he steps on the field. Regardless of circumstances. It matters not when the US plays Iran - each player and team will go all out to perform. Further if the US wants to make an exciting unexpected run, they’ll need some surprising results v big teams like England to do so. Bring on the rest of group, in whatever order.

  • John Hamler
    John Hamler 6 months ago

    USA, on paper, have no chance against England. And yet... We've already seen a couple of major paper upsets. The problem I have picking the USA is that everybody on the team seems beat to shit. The last 30 minutes of that Wales game does not bode well for the next 180 minutes of World Cup competition. Maybe if Tyreek Hill could kick a soccer ball...?

  • Matt Wade
    Matt Wade 6 months ago

    Not sure why TT brought up the geo-political history between the US and Iran as motivating factor for the Iranian players. None of them have any memory of Iran-Contra etc. and I'm sure they don't want to carry water for the totalitarian regime that is oppressing their friends and family back home. I don't think Iran is going to pick up any points. They just look out of sorts. Wales has to play England too. It's not all doom and gloom yet. Taylor is a bit much at times.

  • JFerrara207
    JFerrara207 6 months ago

    We are not winning 😂

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez 6 months ago

    These talking heads keep saying that the first half was total domination. Bullshit ! They had one shot on goal ! Berhalter is the worst possible choice and he proved it with his roster selection , line up and tactics.

  • Yogirlssancho
    Yogirlssancho 6 months ago +3

    If all talented kids were pushed to play soccer in the US
    Imagine if Kobe lebron Brice Harper obj mahomes we’re all playing soccer as kids
    In Latin/Europe if you are talented you are playing soccer no questions
    In the USA the talent gets splits up
    Baseball basket football
    One day US elite athletic kids will play soccer just not yet

    • Natural Mulundu
      Natural Mulundu 6 months ago +1

      Luka doncic started of as a soccer player , but he was too big for soccer and had a failed career ,but look at him dominating the nba , he was too slow for soccer , those u mentioned are too big and slow for soccer , even steph curry is too big for soccer lol ... America has over 300 million people , u only need 22 people to kick a ball ... so let's get this straight America is excellent at judo ,gymnastics , jui jistsu, tennis , swimming , track and field , driving , skating and the list goes on. But when it comes to soccer we always hear " our best athletes are playing in the nfl " ... so apparently the nfl players would beat Phelps at swimming , gordon ryan at bjj , would beat all those track and field runners .. pathetic excuse.... now let me tell u why the usa doesn't perform well at the game , there are several reasons but I'll only mention 2 .. .
      1. the coach : a coach who understands football and has great attacking and defensive philosophy is the most important thing after having great players . Believe me the usa have a good set of players , if u gave this team to someone like a Jurgen klopp or pep guardiola, but especially klopp, they would destroy teams . Greg doesn't understand football , doesn't understand pressing , doesn't understand player positioning, doesn't understand pass and move technique ,that's why the US find it hard to string together 5 complete passes under pressure without passing it back to the goal keeper . Greg is a novice who thinks he understands football but he doesn't, he doesn't even understand player selection and the importance of picking the best players in a team .
      2. the players : the usa has good players , but they are not exceptional. Unfortunately only a select few teams have that privilege of having exceptional players .but the usa is not alone In this regard just like many other teams . These exceptional players come randomly across different generations, as the usa continues to pursue world cup glory they will have these guys , very unfortunate that Freddy adu was not properly managed otherwise his talent was up there with the best . There are several young kids that pick up soccer in usa , probably at the same ratio as other countries in the world due to the US population, but they just haven't been fortunate to have those exceptional guys . Also the kids that pick up soccer need to be playing more often , unobserved . Kids don't always need to go to training ground in order to player soccer, they can play at the backyard 5 on 5 ... as the soccer culture grows kids will be getting more formidable .
      There are other reasons but these are the top 2 reasons.

    • Shannon Balls Pen1s
      Shannon Balls Pen1s 6 months ago

      @Natural Mulundu nah lebron and steph would have 3 balon d'ors each. Imagine anthony davis as a goalkeeper.

  • David Olshefski jr
    David Olshefski jr 6 months ago

    Listen this US team probably won’t make it out the group that tie with wales was huge while they might get 4 points in the group I think wales can pack it in a get a draw vs England

  • Po Co
    Po Co 6 months ago

    This is simple. When you are so concerned about your politics that you have to wear it and jam it down everyone’s throat, you’ll lose and wonder why. Here’s some advice. Consider yourself lucky to an American. Be proud of the country you represent. Sing the national anthem like Mexican players do. Fight for your causes after the cup.

  • John Simca
    John Simca 6 months ago

    Remember 1-0 1950

  • Alexander Aguilastratt
    Alexander Aguilastratt 6 months ago

    The expectations of a terrible player with a mediocre record and a failure with the national team.

  • Rob
    Rob 6 months ago +1

    America have some good young players sure but englands young players are currently streets ahead. Our bench would all start in the states side.
    There is no chip on our shoulder, this is about the best England has been in 35 years in terms of depth. The fact we can leave players on the bench like foden should tell you that.
    America doing what they always do and believing their own hype. You maybe good in the states but you are now playing world class nations and see that needs to be your measuring stick.

  • ShrimplyTheBeast
    ShrimplyTheBeast 6 months ago +1

    Tight shirt Twellman has to be the most annoying talking head in all of soccer media.

  • dan allen
    dan allen 6 months ago

    can we play you every week

  • Freshnewz
    Freshnewz 6 months ago +2

    Taylor Twellman has no clue what he’s talking about. Nothing but the same “We need to have grit” rethoric.

  • Co
    Co 6 months ago +4

    Every World Cup cycle there’s an excuse as to why the US is subpar at best. I remember these same lines in 06’.

  • anthony placide
    anthony placide 6 months ago

    They just have to beat Iran and tight England. They should be fine

  • Jesse Marsch
    Jesse Marsch 6 months ago

    🇺🇸 is not getting out of the group

  • David Bergner
    David Bergner 6 months ago

    USSF and USMNT has not progressed.

  • chamberlain wonder
    chamberlain wonder 6 months ago

    Lol lol lol just look at England first game. It was a joke, the world respected the united states to beat England. I bet u that united states gona beat England by 2 goals to nothing cause England is too young and lack world cup experience. Yo need to stop thinking that England is informed. No England is gonna get beat on friday and they know it.

  • DaVinci Brown
    DaVinci Brown 6 months ago +5

    Let's just face it. This team isn't good.

    • The King
      The King 6 months ago +1

      No they are actually really good

    • Kevin Serling
      Kevin Serling 6 months ago

      There youngest team in World Cup

    • elbasu libra
      elbasu libra 6 months ago

      @The King they aren’t that good

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