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Is Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine?

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • President Vladimir Putin has returned the threat of war to Europe. Russian troops have essentially surrounded Ukraine on three sides. But it’s still not clear if Putin actually wants to invade or if this is just a high-stakes negotiation tactic directed at NATO and the US.
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Comments • 8 097

  • Bernardo O'Higgins VEVO

    I know this is slightly off topic, but I always appreciate when the reporters are able to speak with the interviewees in their own language.

  • Rrr1985
    Rrr1985  +125

    Is Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine?

  • Jovan vidovic

    Damn man, my grandpa fought to help his village and himself survive in Serbia during ww2. I hope I don’t get thrown into another global conflict anything like that. Pray for peace y’all

  • OFfic3R1K
    OFfic3R1K  +379

    It has been a long while since I've seen a report on Russia where views of the public and the politicians were presented in a proper, respectable manner to show different sides of the story. Very well done VICE.

  • Aym
    Aym  +1

    Quality interviews with Russian specialists! Hands up Vice! Thank you for doing what major news networks should do

  • Stefan
    Stefan  +801

    I hope that the politicians/leaders can solve this crisis in a grown up/mature way. So without another war, during which common citizens always suffer the most.

  • targaryen tickler

    "Rising prices, poverty, and corruption." Ya I think many citizens of any and every country can unite behind these factors and agree.

  • MikeOnaBike

    Thanks for pointing out how Germany is dependent on Russia for their

  • pickle
    pickle  +1

    World leaders need a first-hand experience of what they're causing to people

  • Nembokid
    Nembokid  +639

    It's just beautiful how people from all these countries are writing comments down here.. think about it. The world has never been so connected. We are all the same, peace is the solution. Only the rich and the powerful want war, because they know that we, the poor, are the only one that are gonna die in that case. Fight for peace, brothers. Cheers from a Country that suffered a lot in WW1 and WW2.

  • Bradley
    Bradley  +2

    I love the contrast of the reporters, "invasion" vs the respondents, "liberation" of Ukraine.

  • Mickey Finn

    “Forced to liberate parts of Ukraine” classic government speak.

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Fun fact: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia signed a treaty guaranteeing Ukraine’s territorial integrity if they gave up the Soviet nukes stationed there. They did, and here we are

  • H
    H  +688

    Для меня как для жителя России эта ситуация похожа на игру ребенка со спичками. Крайне прескорбно, что власти России пытаются удовлетворить свои амбиции, ставя под угрозу своих граждан, и граждан соседних стран. Страшно.

  • Joker
    Joker  +446

    Instead of asking Russian citizens what they think about this situation why not ask the same question to the people in Ukraine?

  • Jihn Chu
    Jihn Chu  +121

    When Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in 1994 the US, United Kingdom, and the Russian Federation signed the Budapest Memorandum in which they all agreed to "respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine."

  • Michael W
    Michael W  +35

    This was one of the best reports I have seen. It wasn't something that bolsters the thought of war, but tries to educate us on how people are thinking. This is what is important, the people. Not the war machine. Thanks VICE. peace and love

  • Zahid Raza

    Russia’s long-fought battle over Ukraine has claimed thousands of lives and has incurred heavy losses to international diplomacy. Like every other existing conflict, this one too has ended in a stalemate with the West blaming Kremlin’s harsh policies that have pushed Ukraine towards the Western bloc. Ukraine sees an alliance with the West necessary for its security against Russia. Russia, on the other hand, disputes the increasing NATO presence along regions like the Baltic states, which pose a threat to Russia’s dominance in the region. Whether or not Russia’s claim to Ukraine is justified is an increasingly complex question but in case of an invasion, the world will surely see far-reaching and long-lasting effects.

  • Artem
    Artem  +1

    Aggressors never occupy, they always "defend" and "liberate"

  • Jaden Sanchez

    I remember watching Vice New’s special “Russian Roulette” on the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas and Luhansk with Simon Ostrovsky and other reporters. This has come long way.