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the saddest cringe :/

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Vanessa Dalpiaz
    Vanessa Dalpiaz Month ago +10217

    As a 23 year old who substitute teaches middle school, I can say with authority that the kid who said “so you’re 23 and doing an internet challenge” knew EXACTLY what they were doing lol.

    • Rachel Bryant
      Rachel Bryant Month ago +589

      I was thinking the same thing as a 6th grade teacher. These middle schoolers are brutal 😂

    • midnightemmy
      midnightemmy Month ago +353

      Exactly. They know it was the nastiest roast

    • halatiny
      halatiny Month ago +90

      No recovery from that ❤️‍🩹

    • mary stuart murray
      mary stuart murray Month ago +177

      I’m a 23 year old middle school teacher and I thought about a number of my students who would absolutely do that to a random person and give zero fucks about it haha

      TOPSPOT Month ago +87

      @mary stuart murray zero. Think about when I were 13. You're pretty much roasting 24/7, and if you're not it's cause someone's roasting you

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Month ago +6852

    I love how Cody went from reacting to Milf Manor to reacting to more cringe, I respect your sanity

    • Brutalify
      Brutalify Month ago +16

      I love how Heisenberg went from reacting to 3kliksphilip to reacting to cody ko, I respect your sanity

    • Heck N' Frick
      Heck N' Frick Month ago +1

      He's sane? Where?

    • Mith
      Mith Month ago +5

      Do people that write this type of comment feel funny? Cause it's always the most generic and flat sarcasm.

    • Mims
      Mims Month ago +3

      ​@Mithquick question, what's the definition of the word sarcasm?

    • Jihun Kang
      Jihun Kang Month ago +1

      Wait, did Cody stop reacting to milf manor? Is it over?

  • Mateo Mendez
    Mateo Mendez Month ago +4157

    I bet Cody laughs his ass off watching his editor work

    • Randall Flagg
      Randall Flagg Month ago +180

      Editor is doing a great job bleeping Kody's fucks.

    • Lemin
      Lemin Month ago +1

      more than likely😂😂😂😂

    • Kezii
      Kezii Month ago +3

      @Randall Flagg 😂fr

    • Nils
      Nils Month ago +84

      Idk why but the slurps when his face is out of the frame kills me everytime lol

    • Anna K
      Anna K Month ago +34

      ​@nils3031 the little fly that buzzes around when cody opens his mouth are the ones that get me lol

  • Austin Huber
    Austin Huber Month ago +1133

    Lol the whiplash from thinking the Uber eats woman was a bitch to realizing she knew exactly what was going on in the first place was incredible

    • Kay
      Kay Month ago +246

      she was never a bitch, him texting her after was weird af

    • Luisa Bendt
      Luisa Bendt Month ago +259

      100% ✨being a woman✨ experience. Sometimes i think I'm rude and then they STILL pull shit. And when I don't listen to my gut feeling to be polite they pull 3x worse shit.

    • Liz
      Liz Month ago +163

      He was probably creepy toward her when delivering the food and that’s why she knew from that first text what he was doing

    • Tom Oates
      Tom Oates Month ago +21

      @Luisa Bendt Isn't that sad? lol, women and men have to be less nice than we'd like to be a lot of times (for different reasons). Would be cool if we lived in a world where we could all just be kind to each other and it all goes well, but that isn't reality

    • Megan Tracey
      Megan Tracey Month ago +91

      that's being a woman for you. She wasn't being a bitch at all & that's another thing women go through, when I'm straight forward & honest then I'm a bitch but if I'm polite I get taken advantage of or made extremely uncomfortable. I have mad respect for her being completely honest like that

  • Mateo Mendez
    Mateo Mendez Month ago +5433

    Nothing better than a Friday watching Cody react to sad cringe videos

  • Shawn Ugwudike
    Shawn Ugwudike Month ago +1101

    Good thing Cody has a wife now and not a gf so he’s safe from the wrath of back-breaking insecurity man

  • Joel Kachappilly
    Joel Kachappilly Month ago +1956

    Underrated editing W: the bleep sounds before Cody actually swears is absolutely hilarious lmao

    • Emily B
      Emily B Month ago +99

      god I was hoping someone else would notice this lmao

    • Alyssa B
      Alyssa B Month ago +19

      that had me dyingggg

    • HarrietRose
      HarrietRose Month ago +18

      How have I missed this?! ~*~rewatches~*~

    • Thomas Bruinsma
      Thomas Bruinsma Month ago +26

      The black belt guy took a lot from me.. I cannot fathom that choice. I bet he was ready to do this days before the shoot, too.

    • mis_chie_vous
      mis_chie_vous Month ago +1

      i came searching to see if anyone else had noticed lmaoooo so good

  • Maddie H
    Maddie H Month ago +2814

    “So you’re 23 and doing an Internet challenge” I mean Cody is 56 and still collecting tripods, age is just a number

  • goaliedude1999
    goaliedude1999 Month ago +1773

    This video makes me feel way better about all my cringey moments over the years

    • T L
      T L Month ago +53

      Here's the way I look at it: if you're not cringing at your past self a little, it's probably because you haven't grown as a person much since then. So maybe in this circumstance, cringing is good in a way :)
      (and like.. would you even _want_ to look back at your highscool photos and think "hot damn I was so cool"? No of course not, because that guy sucks😂)

    • goaliedude1999
      goaliedude1999 Month ago +12

      @T L Absolute W reply. You're 100% right Daniel

    • Lexi
      Lexi Month ago +1

      @T Lreal

    • heunam
      heunam Month ago +1

      @T L that guy does kinda suck

    • T M
      T M Month ago +2

      Me too. CaN I pretEnD we're dAtiNG iN mY hEad?

  • Adam Sadek
    Adam Sadek Month ago +827

    Karate guy really thought he did something 😂.Like they were gonna bow back and take him under their wing for being so honest 😂.

    • deviltrigger
      deviltrigger Month ago +246

      Nah I think we just saw a degradation kink in action...

    • Alex Grae
      Alex Grae Month ago +182

      ​@deviltrigger my first thought 😭 he probably think he's in an anime scene ot something

    • Jackson
      Jackson Month ago +15

      @Alex Grae no he probably just felt bad bro, you guys are taking it too crazy. He probably actually wants to be a black belt. Is only a blue belt or something and felt bad for decieving.

    • Alex Grae
      Alex Grae Month ago +48

      @Jackson he's just a cringe person.

    • gotstank eduardsvaivods
      gotstank eduardsvaivods Month ago +31

      @Alex Grae a person shouldnt be labeled as cringe just from only 1 action . Although that was the worst video here.. tough

  • Yhomas
    Yhomas Month ago +990

    Cody has definitely filled a glove with warm water bc nobody wanted to hold his hand

    • Foxisinabox
      Foxisinabox Month ago +21

      he has, but it's not because nobody wanted to hold his hand

    • Grace_🕊️
      Grace_🕊️ Month ago +4

      @Foxisinabox Oh damn 😳

    • Lard
      Lard Month ago

      dont give me ideas

  • Arvak
    Arvak Month ago +204

    The Uber thing is genuinely so scary, I had an Uber Eats guy once hit on me at my door and refuse to back up so I couldn't close the door - it's really unsettling because that person knows where you live, which as a woman living alone can make you feel really unsafe.

    • Rickerov
      Rickerov Month ago +37

      I feel bad saying it but part of the pandemic I’m thankful for is no contact deliveries so I can wait for them to leave to get my food. Way too many creeps before that.

    • Orange Lemons
      Orange Lemons Month ago +18

      Sometimes you gotta order two meals (one for tomorrow) to make them thing you got a bf ;/

    • Celina Vivian
      Celina Vivian Month ago +11

      One time I was super super drunk in an Uber and the guy pulled over and asked for a blow job and I obviously said no and he continued on and begged me not to report him. I was terrified because of the implication but I still didn’t report him. I have always regretted that.

  • reb j
    reb j Month ago +581

    THE ODD ONE OUT ONE IS INSANE, "not yet, but i wanna be. i can't lie, i can't" STAND UP

    • nadia
      nadia Month ago +65


    • ava o
      ava o Month ago +72

      he’s gotta have a humiliation kink or something

    • Emil
      Emil Month ago +17

      Almost clicked out of Cody’s video from the cringe

    • Jetta Travers
      Jetta Travers Month ago +7

      it was like he was bowing down to royalty or something LMAO

  • Catherine G
    Catherine G Month ago +248

    Sometimes I think Cody genuinely doesn't pick up on certain red flags men throw out bc he doesn't have the woman sixth sense, but then we get to watch him in real time realize what it's like lmao. Like with the uber driver one, he was like "that was kind of rude" and then two texts later sure enough he was hitting on her. And the gym bro one, his quiet disappointment was palpable

    • Catherine G
      Catherine G Month ago +4

      @lysergiclips706 first of all are you the Uber driver in question bc you seem really passionate about this 😂 and I genuinely do not think so, if he’d just said “do you have a boyfriend?” I could see that being a joke but the whole exchange together I honestly think he was just being weird. I’ve never once in my life had an uber driver text me after the fact like that, and the only times I’ve seen it happen are when it’s a guy hitting on the woman he just delivered to

    • Catherine G
      Catherine G Month ago +5

      @lysergiclips706you’re giving men way too much credit to not be weird. 99% of the time they’re gonna make it weird.

    • Catherine G
      Catherine G Month ago +4

      @lysergiclips706 if you would call that a “schizo grade rant” then I really don’t know what to tell you pal. This is the sixth sense I was referring to, they probably had a face to face interaction and she got a vibe and knew what was about to happen when he texted. One time I got my oil changed, got a weird vibe from the guy, and a few hours later he had gotten my phone number from the system and texted me. I promise this happens to women more often than you probably realize lol

    • Catherine G
      Catherine G Month ago +1

      @lysergiclips706 okey dokey!

    • Wences Antaran
      Wences Antaran Month ago +3

      Lysergiclips that wasn’t the roast you thought it was gang💀💀💀

  • Kay Mac
    Kay Mac Month ago +322

    I completely agree about the word “cuddles”! I see guys on dating apps saying they’re looking for cuddles and it makes me cringe every time. You have to be seriously in love before you can use cutesy words like that…

    • SouperAsylum
      SouperAsylum Month ago +7

      Eh I’m not into it right away, but if someone is, then it’s a right fit I suppose lol

    • M W
      M W Month ago +38

      Lower on that text thread that guy said "I love you" 😭😭😭😭

    • teddycat10
      teddycat10 Month ago +27

      I was gonna comment this too😂 as soon as you ask a guy on a dating app what they like to do, they say “cuddle” and it’s just 😬😬🫠🥴

    • SouperAsylum
      SouperAsylum Month ago

      @M W ohhhhh no that's really not good

  • Ky
    Ky Month ago +400

    I can’t believe Cody doesn’t remember everyone texting their number neighbor in 2016.

    • Matt
      Matt Month ago +26

      I don’t think it was that long ago was it? 😳

    • ThatLaurenThing
      ThatLaurenThing Month ago +30

      Yeah that was like 2020 at least

    • Wambario
      Wambario Month ago +13

      @Matt It was early 2019 I’m pretty sure

    • Jen Davis
      Jen Davis Month ago +1

      I feel like he has reacted to this post before?

  • ThatPaganGuy
    ThatPaganGuy Month ago +247

    i still cant figure out how cody just makes everything funnier, its like a superpower or something always brightens the day no matter how down u feel

    • Slieve McDichael
      Slieve McDichael Month ago +11

      It's because you're low key attracted to him 😏

    • ThatPaganGuy
      ThatPaganGuy Month ago +1

      @Slieve McDichael fair enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Brenda Guadalupe
    Brenda Guadalupe Month ago +447

    Sometimes I think I’m doing bad in life but then I watch these Sad Cringe videos and I feel so much better . Thx Cody

  • spaghettiosaregreat
    spaghettiosaregreat Month ago +263

    Thanks Cody I was really on the fence about my tripod purchase but after watching this I really feel like it’ll capture my snuggle wuggle cuddle sessions with the exact amount of cringe I’m looking for. I love you.

  • Anna Catarina
    Anna Catarina Month ago +34

    Dude this wasn’t mean!! The guy was unprofessional by texting her in the first place. She just communicated her boundaries, which he then proceeded to ignore! How nice do women have to say it for men to get it? Because he obviously didn’t even get it after her “rude” message. No shade to Cody, I know you said you got why she’s saying this. But this is a daily struggle. And in whatever manner we communicate our boundaries, it’s never good emough. And this sucks big time. Rant over.

    • Oddivia
      Oddivia 17 days ago +2

      Kinda fits with how blasè he was about Andrew Tate, doesn't it? 😮‍💨

  • Marie
    Marie Month ago +121

    That glove thing had me on the floor cause I’m a phlebotomist at a blood center and I make at least 5 of those warm gloves every day for donors so their blood keeps moving. I draw a face at least half the time

    • Ire Soda
      Ire Soda Month ago +2

      Honestly I assumed that was for a cannula in someone with shitty veins

    • Slieve McDichael
      Slieve McDichael Month ago +1

      Sorry for the ignorance but how does a warm glove help keep blood moving? Are they pumping it?

    • Kass_G59
      Kass_G59 Month ago +4

      @Slieve McDichaelWarmth helps the veins pop out more, making it easier to insert the needle.

    • Marie
      Marie Month ago +1

      @slievemcdichael571 not ignorant at all :) but yeah, they’re right! Your veins constrict when you’re cold to keep most of your blood in your trunk with your organs, and conversely, your veins dilate when you’re warm. It’s also natural for veins to flatten during donation, because your body freaks out when you lose blood like that, so sometimes veins try to stop flow by collapsing. So it’s especially important to keep apheresis donors, who are on a machine for up to 2 hours, nice and toasty warm

  • Spyder
    Spyder Month ago +177

    the black belt one changed me for the rest of my life. I cannot live my normal life interacting with ppl who do karate n look at them the same, throwing myself off the empire state building n doing a triple backflip and hitting my head on the railing and landing it.

  • Alex Shaw
    Alex Shaw Month ago +78

    I once had an Uber driver ask me out 5 times in the span of a 15 minute drive, I said no every time. He dropped me off at my air bnb that I was staying in alone, and I was drunk. I was terrified going to bed that he would show up and break in. I left first thing the next morning to go back home and forfeited the cost of my second night because I was literally terrified. He got reported, but I doubt anything was ever done.

    • Awkward Otter13
      Awkward Otter13 Month ago +10

      I'm so sorry that happened that's horrifying!

    • Celina Vivian
      Celina Vivian Month ago +1

      I had a similar experience but it was my parents house

  • S3w3r r4t
    S3w3r r4t Month ago +576

    the sad cringe videos are SO GOOD tysm cody 🙏🙏🙏

  • Mitch Boland
    Mitch Boland Month ago +157

    We all have our cringy moments, but just remember that you don’t have yours permanently posted online on a subreddit.

    • Oddivia
      Oddivia 17 days ago

      ... unless you were featured in this video ofc 😂

  • Chloe Hepperle
    Chloe Hepperle Month ago +239

    Zade continues to bless us with fantastic intros and slurping sound effects😩

    • zombieee
      zombieee Month ago +4

      and bleeps🤭🤭 frfr

    • Slieve McDichael
      Slieve McDichael Month ago +1

      I'm kinda over it tbh

    • Chloe Hepperle
      Chloe Hepperle Month ago +14

      @Slieve McDichael Sounds like a personal problem to me

    • Greatest Ever
      Greatest Ever Month ago +2

      Zade usually edits his second account.. not this one

    • Chloe Hepperle
      Chloe Hepperle Month ago +1

      @Greatest Ever The editing in the video screams Zade, though

  • londonboyintro
    londonboyintro Month ago +438

    at this point i'm just living for the intros of Cody's videos

  • Logan George
    Logan George Month ago +20

    The “can I keep dating you in my head” is the most interesting because I think Cody is right, we witnessed a moment of growth. Dude realized how dumb it sounded, decided he probably couldn’t stay friends with her if she wasn’t interested, and blocked her both from shame and self-preservation. I think most dudes have a moment like that and it’s not cringe, it’s beautiful 😤 it’s the first step to not being cringe like the back-breaker after him.

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson Month ago +173

    i can almost guarantee that 13 year old dissed that guy on purpose

  • Mya VonBank
    Mya VonBank Month ago +144

    Hope you’re having a great day Corey!!

    • Avneesh Babar
      Avneesh Babar Month ago +41

      Calling Cody Corey is hilarious and I hope it sticks

    • M e
      M e Month ago

      This is my real name and it freaked me out

  • maplejake
    maplejake Month ago +141

    zade might be the most creative editor on youtube. the delayed bleep censors cracked me tf up

  • Nina Frances
    Nina Frances Month ago +171

    I told a guy I lost my voice so I couldn’t hang and he responded “don’t need a voice for cuddles” 🤢

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M Month ago +1

    Cody never fails in making my husband and I chuckle uncontrollably

  • Kara Hogeda
    Kara Hogeda Month ago +52

    Audibly gasped at multiple of these. Thanks for braving this storm for us Cody.

  • Bob Sacamano
    Bob Sacamano Month ago +48

    The black Levi's belt guy was just trying to sniff the floor they walked on. However, he has an actual black belt in cringe and he happens to have the skills to kick himself in his own balls. Is there a blue belt?

    • d
      d Month ago +1

      blue belt hahaha

  • Sara B
    Sara B Month ago +96

    one day hes going to be a dad and I'm going to feel abandoned

    • Tyler Ray
      Tyler Ray Month ago +1

      He's already a dad, too all of us

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago +82

    the 21 question one absolutely was golden. the dots in between too like he was hesitating but sent it anyways 💀

  • L
    L Month ago +20

    The black belt one hit different for some reason. It was its own brand of cringe really. I was in pain.

  • Teddy
    Teddy Month ago +17

    Whoever your editor is, he’s freaking insane at his job
    Also, that one girl who had no qualms over telling her previous “date” that she was going on an actual DATE date was a type of brutality I don’t think any man could ever recover from. That’s permanent emotional damage lmfao

  • blake the great
    blake the great Month ago +44

    “So you’re 23 and doing an internet challenge” THAT IS SO MUCH FUCKING DAMAGE

  • Kimboslicedpan
    Kimboslicedpan Month ago +33

    Sometimes you take Cody for granted and then he throws some sick-ass tripod reviews at you

  • Julian Musson
    Julian Musson Month ago +23

    The editing was top notch as always - the bleeping before the curse word and then letting the curse word run was hilarious. Give the editor a raise. They must be having the best time lol

  • katherine kaardal
    katherine kaardal Month ago +1

    the editing on this is insane. the more times i rewatch it the more i see the tiny edits that make the jokes even funnier!!

  • Amgedpha
    Amgedpha 15 days ago

    13 years and already savage.
    That kid will grow up to become a great person!

  • Emily F
    Emily F Month ago +2

    the way the smile fell off my face as soon as Cody started roasting the number neighbor txt as someone who has sent that exact txt before

  • Pain Giver
    Pain Giver Month ago +31

    The most sad cringe in this video is the sponsor 🤢

  • Ainsley Rae
    Ainsley Rae Month ago +23

    i love when cody cracks himself up

  • N
    N Month ago +1

    That man who said “I could use some cuddles” at the bottom said “I love you” I hope she gets 1,000 feet away from him at all times

  • NoVaK
    NoVaK Month ago +30

    Lmfao!! The censor bleeps light years before the actual curse made me lose it!
    Genius editing.

  • Brennan Gillespie
    Brennan Gillespie Month ago +1

    Cody your best solo work so far. Yet again have me in stitches and rewinding every 15 seconds ❤

  • Bob Sacamano
    Bob Sacamano Month ago +108

    That 13 year old gives me hope.

    SARA HOTGIRL VLOGS Month ago +17

    codys humor and off the dome with funny ahh stuff is unreal lmao

  • The Funny Dump
    The Funny Dump Month ago +3

    who ever edited this episode did a great job, really funny edits, especially enjoyed the miss timed bleeps on the F-words and the little 2 seconds of the V sauce music, keep up the great work. god bless you and your family, love the work you do here on facebook

  • Zoë Wiederhold
    Zoë Wiederhold Month ago +63

    following every cody channel is the move so he can make u smile all throughout the week

  • tendai elizabeth
    tendai elizabeth Month ago +9

    12:13 isn't even cringe it's TERRIFYING. I would change gyms immediately...

  • GD_Maplez
    GD_Maplez Month ago +71

    Cody knows he can get us to click if it has “cringe” in the title

  • nick.
    nick. Month ago +26

    The mistimed bleeps are gold. Thanks Zade

  • Jeremy Rumsey
    Jeremy Rumsey Month ago +4

    I like how he removed the young person filter at 2:34 so we can see the real Cody

  • iamjusta lizard
    iamjusta lizard Month ago

    Just so you know, when I want to explain a case/ situation to my so, I use your videos. Clear and detailed, but quick and concise. Thank you for giving a voice to other dv/sa survivors. We appreciate you! ❤

  • Ross Fulton
    Ross Fulton Month ago +2

    You’re editor has made your videos so so much funnier, they feel like part of the show

  • Pat H
    Pat H Month ago +2

    Cringe is an interesting thing, it seems like in order for something to be cringe the person doing it has to have some kind of possibility to embarrass themselves. If a drunk crazy person does something weird nobody seems to think that it's cringe

  • Ethan Reimel
    Ethan Reimel Month ago +12

    The tiny nod to Vsauce at the end is absolute perfection

  • black_islands
    black_islands Month ago +1

    “So you’re 23 and doing an internet challenge”
    Cody next second: “Get therapy with my sponsor”

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Month ago +2

    Zade continues to bless us with fantastic intros and slurping sound effects

  • annika snelling
    annika snelling Month ago +6

    11:37 this made my whole body shiver in literal pain bro i would’ve just died on the spot

  • Mitch Boland
    Mitch Boland Month ago +29

    I love sad cringe videos because they hit so close to home 🥲

  • Peakaboom
    Peakaboom Month ago +3

    your videos are the best cody, please don't ever stop making these...

  • g
    g Month ago +14

    Your videos always come out while I'm on break at work and for that I thank you 🫡

  • joshua g
    joshua g Month ago +3

    Your editor deserves a raise!! Why has nobody ever said that!

  • Jaxon Sloan
    Jaxon Sloan Month ago +2

    Once again, giving Zade his flowers and letting him know I’m in love with him

  • Juan Rincon
    Juan Rincon Month ago +12

    Zade editing on the main channel is an amazing move

  • Sketcher
    Sketcher Month ago +12

    The saddest part about the glove thing is that they clearly don’t know what a human hand feels like

  • Avalino
    Avalino Month ago +27

    Cody inhaling and coughing out flies is a mainstay

  • Teresa
    Teresa Month ago +2

    Cody, I am sad today bc of many things but you keep making it better with anything you post. Thanks for your work, I know maybe this is too much pressure to put into anyone but your videos do really make me happier, I wish you well bc you're a good person and you deserve all the happiness that comes your way
    -With love from Spain (with and without the s)

    • Sam Prada
      Sam Prada Month ago

      You deserve it too 😊 Hope you're feeling better ❤

  • Melon Pop
    Melon Pop Month ago +1

    I want Cody and Noel react to cringey ass things on the internet together again, I miss their tandem

  • seattlegirl2193
    seattlegirl2193 Month ago +10

    Sometimes, I wonder if Zane is keeping track of how many flies goin down Cody's throat. Every time he just tries to up it a lil, really push himself. I think last video there were at least 3 😂

  • yola ajluni
    yola ajluni Month ago +2

    I love that Cody is wearing Kelsey's hoodie

  • TheGray
    TheGray Month ago +14

    Props to your editor the poorly timed beeps😂😂 I’m dying


    "Some tickles"
    Cody is way too good at coming up with cringe phrases on the spot lmao

  • Ashley Gray
    Ashley Gray Month ago +4

    My favorite thing about Cody is that he laughs at himself

  • GD_Maplez
    GD_Maplez Month ago +28

    The first guy at the club was multitasking. He partying AND getting the missed leg day workouts

  • Cheburashka
    Cheburashka Month ago

    the "DATE date" made me wince in pain so loudly my family thought something was wrong.

  • Jasmin Fuentes
    Jasmin Fuentes Month ago +9

    The beeps and then immediately hearing the fucks after was too funny 😂

  • moonstone 123
    moonstone 123 Month ago

    I feel like I know so much about tripods now. Thanks Cody! 👍🏻

  • alexis dogbo
    alexis dogbo Month ago +6

    Just when I think the intros can’t get any better, they do! I’m just excpecting it at this point.

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere Month ago +8

    5:03 There is NO WAY, that man doesn't have a humiliation kink!

  • Inie
    Inie Month ago +9

    The off timed censors genuinely made me laugh

  • 1995killswitch
    1995killswitch Month ago +5

    The fake black belt guy brought me to the brink of death. My face hurts

  • Adurite
    Adurite Month ago +12

    the way that one guy is just standing as tall as he can on his toes is sending me 😭

    • SouperAsylum
      SouperAsylum Month ago +2

      Dude should just get those hidden heel shoes at that point lmao. Less noticeable and less sad 😂

  • Maddi’s Potato
    Maddi’s Potato Month ago +1

    I just realized that Cody looks a lot like my dad just 20 years younger and not balding

  • Marc Runyon
    Marc Runyon Month ago +9

    Every time i see a cody ko video pop up in my notifications i drop what im doing and watch it. Thanks cody for being such a good source of entertainment

  • Aaron Gerbrand
    Aaron Gerbrand Month ago +2

    The editing these days has been hitting. 10/10

  • Standing Short 801
    Standing Short 801 Month ago

    Imagine a day where Cody puts effort into cleaning up his house for us.

  • A_ree_ta
    A_ree_ta Month ago +2

    12:38 “hello lol” I can picture like 10 guys that have hit me with that over the years 😂😂

  • Zack Newman
    Zack Newman Month ago +1

    Thank you for finally addressing the obscene number of tripods behind you

  • MF Doomtree
    MF Doomtree Month ago


  • Elijah Duckworth
    Elijah Duckworth Month ago +5

    10:22 perfect censor

  • Paragorn
    Paragorn Month ago +2

    The glove filled with water is not sad or cringe in the contest of its use. A nurse created that in Brazil during the pandemic to give confort and relief to covid pacients who couldnt have someone there with them.

    • Titanius Anglesmith
      Titanius Anglesmith Month ago

      Maybe that's the case but I assumed it was just the thing that nurses do when they can't find the vein.

  • PsychoNinny
    PsychoNinny Month ago

    codys new editor makes me laugh so hard honestly.

  • Morgue In The Void
    Morgue In The Void Month ago +10

    I'm 25 and I recently tried the "text door neighbor" challenge. I received no text back 😂😂